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808 Doves
Cat: KNB 01. Rel: 25 Jan 24
808 Doves (5:00)
Crystal Doves (4:44)
Review: Cheesy electro goodness from Canadian edit and remix machine Nick Bike, here indulging the humorous moniker Nicholas Bicicletta for the second of two 7" Kon editions. '808 Doves' comes through with glitzing hits, filter-freqqed lasershots, synth claves, and arpy sixteenths, all chalking up a downtown New York circa 1987 vibe. The free-as-a-bird theme is kept up with 'Crystal Doves', which concocts a sonic landscape picture of cathartic vocal gurgles and subby progressions, all against an epic collage made up of Crystal-Watery recognisance.
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Gespielt von: Smoove
 in stock $19.52
I'm Here Again
Cat: MXMRK 2064. Rel: 26 Jan 24
Thelma Houston - "I'm Here Again" (7" edit By Mr K) (5:26)
The Zombies - "Time Of The Season" (7" edit By Mr K) (5:20)
Review: Wonderful edit king Mr K is back with more of his superb scalpel work on his own Most Excellent Unltd label. This latest 7" tackles some mighty original material in the form of Thelma Houston's gloriously uplifting 70s Motown classic 'I'm Here Again'. It's just as life-affirming and joyous in Mr K's hands with some extra drum weight and drawn-out grooves that will energise any dancefloor. On the flip is 'Time Of The Season' which taps into some golden funk and soul with soaring vocals and big horns over a killer, infectious bassline.

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Gespielt von: Voodoocuts, LEGO EDIT
 in stock $11.87
Tuff Cuts 13
Cat: TUFF 013. Rel: 30 Jan 24
Want You 4 Myself (8:23)
Peg (6:08)
2 B Real (6:51)
Review: LNTG brings another batch of supremely-executed edits to the table; timeless tracks from the vaults given a fresh feel, extended, reworked and reloved direct from the stems. The A-side hears disco-funk royalty reworked to perfection, flipping none other than George Duke's 1979 sizzler 'I Want You For Myself' and exposing its machinic underbelly. On the flip, we hear two party anthems: a nicely beefed-up take on Steely Dan's 'Peg' and a mandatory tributary version of Cheryl Lynn's '2 B Real'.
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 in stock $15.56
Let's Dance Vol 1
Cat: FJMEDITS 01. Rel: 12 Feb 24
Lay Far - "Never Ever Edit" (4:53)
Admin - "Moon Trippin'" (6:28)
Rahaan - "Gonna Get Ya" (5:55)
Delfonic - "Let's Dance The Spank" (5:41)
Review: Funkyjaws Music launches a new edits series here with four absolute dons of the form on one vital 12". It's Lay Far that kicks off with 'Never Ever Edit' which is all horn-led excitement and upbeat disco claps and kicks before Admin's 'Moon Trippin' takes a more slow and soulful approach. When it comes to edits few are more essential than Chicago's Rahaan who kicks off the B-side with 'Gonna Get Ya', a leggy funk number infused with cosmic synth rays and warm piano chords. Delfonic shuts down with the loose percussive jumbles and jazzy vibes of 'Let's Dance The Spank'. A fine start to the series with volume two already in the works.
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 in stock $12.92
Eastside Edits 006
Cat: ESE 006. Rel: 25 Jan 24
Here's My Name (3:35)
Heard It Through Creedence (4:02)
Review: For their sixth addition to the Eastside Edits series, Ontarian hip-hop editors (and here, total reconstructors) Suckaside drop two new versions down the chimney for Christmas. As ever, the cat-and-mouse game of original-track discovery is up; this time, we hear new takes on Snoop Dogg's 'What's My Name' (here reincarnated as 'Heres My Name') and Creedence Clearwater Revival's 'I Heard It Through The Grapevine' (here, 'Heard It Through Creedence'). Both are stereo-centred and bass-bolstered, with new big beats and slick instrumental varnishings providing ample extra headroom for ever-rejuvenative dancefloor goings-on.
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Gespielt von: The Allergies
 in stock $16.62
Robot84 vs The RAFF
Robot84 vs The RAFF (1-sided 180 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: ROB 02. Rel: 08 Jan 24
Robot84 Vs The RAFF - "Get It Right Next Time" (5:46)
Review: London producer Scott Ferguson is the man behind the Robot84 alias. He has a love for 80s gear that very much defines the sounds he makes, from proto-house to darker disco. His self-titled label is back with more of that good stuff here as he faces off with The Raff for 'Get It Right Next Time'. This one has a creeping groove and warm chord sequences that tease and please beneath sweeping Balearic synths and celebratory melodic sequences that build to a crescendo. The drums get the hips swinging and the sprinkling of cosmic magic finishes it off in style making it a perfect cut for open-air dancing by the beach.
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Gespielt von: Rayko
 in stock $11.87
Andres V
Andres V (limited LP)
Cat: MM 51. Rel: 01 Jan 24
Praises (4:18)
Cybermate (3:46)
Listen To The Sound (3:34)
Autun Getaway (2:44)
Funky 2Step (3:30)
Detoxfromtheworld (1:27)
I Need It (2:57)
Junglestroll (1:23)
Review: Andres, or DJ Dez, is a beat-maker extraordinaire. His Cuban heritage and background as a hip-hop DJ for Slum Village mean that he comes at house music from a slightly different perspective than most. Couple that with a vast record collection and next-level ear for samples and he rarely turns out a dud tune. Enter Address V, his latest album on Moodymann's Mahogany label and another masterful one that straddles moods and grooves with effortless ease and rare style. There are crisp house kickers like 'Cybermate,' heavyweight funk beatdowns like 'Funky 2Step' and slouchy and low-slung joints like 'Detoxfromtheworld' amongst dirty hip-hop jams and so much more. Another timeless album from a Motor City great.
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 in stock $26.36
I Feel You (reissue)
I Feel You (reissue) (12" Nachpressung)
Cat: LENG 062R. Rel: 10 Jan 24
I Feel You (7:16)
I Feel You (Mudd remix) (7:13)
I Feel You (Mudd instrumental remix) (6:50)
Review: Payfone's track record to date is exceptional, with the duo delivering some of their most impressive work on Paul 'Mudd' Murphy and Simon Purnell's label, Leng. 'I Feel You', which sees them reunite with vocalist and songwriter Kyd Neirida (who is depicted on the cover and previously featured on 2022 single 'Put Your Face Away'), is another strong offering. Their original mix is impeccable - a slow-motion shuffler in which Neirida's expressive, emotional vocals rise above a rubbery synth bassline, metronomic beats and flashes of effects-laden guitar. Murphy dons his Mudd alias to deliver vocal and instrumental takes that expand the sound further - he is a master of slow-motion Balearic disco after all - with guest musician Michele Chiavarini adding the crowning touch via some gorgeous, life-affirming piano solos.
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 in stock $16.62
Doves Your Love
Cat: KNB 02. Rel: 29 Dec 23
Doves Your Love (4:59)
Crazy Beat (3:39)
Review: Edit master and disco king KON rarely ever misses whether seeing up his own sounds or digging deep to assemble one of his legendary collections. This time out he brings the goodness across a pair of disco house fusions on a self-released 7". 'Doves Your Love' opens up and is a mix of classic Prince and rolling house drums with a funky bassline from 'I Want Your Love' by Chic. A great collision it is too. 'Crazy Beat' then mashes together two more disco and funk classics into something irresistible to dancers.
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 in stock $19.52
Dave Lee's Essentials Sampler
Cat: ZEDD 12372. Rel: 04 Dec 23
Jamiroquai - "Little L" (Dave Lee Re-Blend) (8:14)
Shelia & B Devotion - "Spacer" (Dave Lee Disco Fantasy mix) (9:00)
Review: Long time house and disco devotee Dave Lee comes through on Z Records once more with a sampler from this years ZR Essentials collection. It features two of his masterful reworks starting with Jamiroquai's 'Little L'. He flips into a funked up cosmic delight with plenty of the original's synth flourishes melodic hooks and orchestration all present and correct but with added slap bass, replayed rhodes and beefy new drums which make this a surefire dancefloor winner pretty much anywhere. On the flip comes Dave Lee's Disco Fantasy mix of Shelia & B Devotion's 1979 hit 'Spacer' which has a more retro disco sound thanks to the masterful original work of Chic. Additional clav, new string parts and solo-ing keys give 'Spacer' the extended DJ mix it never had at the time of original release.
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 in stock $14.24
In The Garden Of Mindfulness
Cat: C56LP 026. Rel: 07 Feb 24
Eighty Three (5:00)
Katanaboy (4:46)
In The Garden Of Mindfulness (4:48)
Hangsang (5:31)
Afternoon Bob (4:45)
Bonne Anse (4:57)
Unka Paw (4:54)
Late In March (6:21)
Review: Downtempo maestro Mudd is back with a new album In The Garden Of Mindfulness on the faultless Claremont 56 label. Coming after years of him working with Benjamin Smith, amongst others, it's his first solo album since 2006. His magical touch has not left him here as he explores dubbed out disco, Balearic, cosmic chill out and layers of alluring instrumentation, some of which is provided by Michele Chiavarini. These are widescreen sounds to get fully immersed in as you gaze on at sun soaked jazz guitars, low-lit synths, gently cascading synths hints of psychedelia, funk and soul. Another timeless and sparkling work from the great producer.
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 in stock $29.28
Don't Wait For The Doctor
Cat: ART 006. Rel: 12 Dec 23
Don't Wait For The Doctor (7:52)
Review: The Gallery series of edits and reworks has already dropped some killer cuts, though we're no nearer discovering the identities of the 'unknown artists' behind the imprint and its fine collection of re-appropriated disco workouts. On 'Don't Wait For The Doctor', a single-sided affair, they dip their toes into the sometimes murky world of the mash-up/bootleg remix. Of course, it's a tasteful and well-crafted affair, with our mysterious heroes combining a gently tweaked, effects-laden instrumental re-edit of First Choice Salsoul classic 'Doctor Love', with vocals borrowed from another Larry Levan favourite, NYC Peech Boys' proto-house classic 'Don't Make Me Wait'. The nods to the Paradise Garage legend don't stop there, either, with the infamous laughter sample associated with his DJ sets and remixes making an appearance from time to time too.
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 in stock $16.87
Toxic Funk Vol 13
Cat: BBP 229. Rel: 18 Jan 24
Shake & Boogie (3:29)
Not Today (3:37)
Review: Nuremberg's Jayl Funk is a true torch-bearer for the art of funked up breaks to start a party anywhere and everywhere. He's back on Danish label Breakbeat Paradise with another sure-shot 7" of feel-good vocal grooves that should appeal to a huge spectrum of cats ready to get down, not least the A-side joint 'Shake & Boogie' with its infectiously sunny demeanour. 'Not Today' is a more disco-styled affair with snappy Philly string stabs and a slippery groove you could just sink your teeth into. Just watch out for that epic piano breakdown, it might just raise the roof off the joint.
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Tags: Disco Funk
 in stock $12.64
Poincina (12")
Cat: NATURE 002HBR. Rel: 01 Feb 24
Poincina (edit) (5:05)
Endless Flight (edit) (4:36)
Inside Your Love (edit) (5:36)
Review: Some 14 months on from his first outing for Newcastle-on-Tyne's finest re-edit imprint, former Wild Bunch man DJ Nature returns to Hot Biscuit Recordings with three more tried-and-tested reworks. A-side 'Poincina' is particularly potent, with the exiled Bristolian making merry with a full-blown disco extravaganza built around sensationally squelchy synth-bass, rubbery slap-bass, lolloping beats and soaring orchestration. 'Endless Flight', meanwhile, sees him tweak and extend a sun-baked slab of Brazilian jazz-funk-fusion full of heady female vocalisations and twinkling piano solos, while 'Inside Your Love' is a glassy-eyed, loved-up slab of soulful disco perfection.
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 in stock $18.72
Dancefloor Damage Vol 1
Cat: 326006. Rel: 06 Feb 24
Maqnifique (8:02)
Vince Who (8:25)
Review: Funk, soul and house music courses through the veins of Jamie 3:26 and he always manages to convey that into his irresistible grooves. The best of them come on his own label 326 which is where he arrives now with this new 12" Dancefloor Damage Vol 1. It's a tight affair with just one cut on each side of the wax, starting with 'Maqnifique' which is a steamy, intense disco house stomper with wiry lines and unrelenting grooves. On the flip is a very different vibe - a sunny, flute-led led and jazzy soulful house number with heart-melting chords.
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 in stock $14.50
Fool's Paradise Sampler Vol 1
Mark Knight, Sgt Slick, Beverly Knight - "I Wanna Be Your Lover" (5:45)
Opolopo, Jaki Graham - "Fire" (6:07)
Review: Fool's Paradise is the exciting new label from Toolroom Records' Mark Knight. Coming straight from the heart, it's a natural progression from his hugely acclaimed 2021 album release, 'Untold Business', which saw Mark go back to his roots, paying homage to the more funky, soulful, and vocal house from the 1990s from where he came. With a focus on real instrumentation and production, coupled with great songwriting, this new Toolroom sublabel will be a platform for high quality house music designed to stand the test of time. Launching the new label with a mighty bang and delivering the first in our exciting new vinyl sampler series is head honcho Mark Knight, who joins forces with his Australian Toolroom labelmate, Sgt Slick, and British Soul sensation, Beverley Knight, on a dynamite cover of Prince's 1979 classic, 'I Wanna Be Your Lover'. Respectfully transporting the song onto today's dancefloors, Mark & Sgt Slick deliver a classy uplifting soulful house production, loaded with funky guitars, warm pads and sublime key performances. Adding the icing on the cake and putting her own stamp on things, Beverley belts out one of her signature spine-tingling vocals, garnished with lush harmonies and BV's that would indeed make The Purple One proud. Completing the vinyl package is dance music stalwart, Opolopo, and British soul icon, Jaki Graham, whom together bring the dancefloor heat with their new single, 'Fire'. Powered by a potent soulful house groove from Opolopo, loaded with warm piano hooks, emotive synth melodies and a sublime popping bass hook, 'Fire' see's Jaki flaunt her electrifying vocal talents with a show-stopping performance on this irresistibly catchy song.
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 in stock $15.56
Love Dancing
Cat: TBE 717. Rel: 08 Feb 24
Love Dancing (3:46)
Can't Hold Back (3:55)
Review: Temu's outings on Star Creature offshoot Tugboat Editions tend towards the squelchy, synth-heavy and eccentric, joining the dots between classic electrofunk and neo-boogie. Here he continues that trend, offering up two fantastic cover versions of classic cuts that somehow manage to sound contemporary and fresh despite extensive use of vintage synth and drum machine sounds. On side A he presents 'Love Dancing', a warped and wonky synth-boogie style re-imagining of Loose Joints' 'Is It All Over My Face' that's as potent as it is eccentric. Over the on the flip, he steps it up further on a killer synth-funk-meets-80s soul take on Kano's 1981 Italo-disco gem 'Can't Hold Back Your Loving'. It's simply superb and drips soul from every note.
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 in stock $13.19
Edits & Reworks
Cat: FOSSIL 003. Rel: 02 Oct 23
17 Daze (8:23)
It's A Deep Tune (6:20)
Tough Decision (5:15)
Just The Way (5:41)
Review: REPRESS ALERT!: Nenor returns to Fossils after some big releases on the mighty fine likes of Moodymann's Mahogani, Defected and Strictly Rhythm. And another fine 12" it is too, crafted from his array of vintage samplers, odd bits of music-making gear, a coveted synth collection and a mix of samples and live instrumentation. There is a mix of dusty house drums and soulful sampling to the raw opener '17 Daze', 'It's A Deep Tune' is just that with its distant bird class, jungle toms and warped bass and 'Tough Decision' brings an epic soul sample over more stripped back but compelling house drums. 'Just The Way' closes with an r&b vocal or minimal yet warm drums. The variety on this EP makes it all the more standout.
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 in stock $13.45
Lovely (Edits)
Cat: GSC45 40. Rel: 11 Dec 23
Lovely (Edits) (4:35)
13 (Edits) (5:09)
Review: Galaxy Sound Co. hits 40 releases deep with yet another buy-on-sight 7". This latest entry into the Sample Series kicks off with an edit of 'Lovely Is Today' by Eddie Harris from his 1968 album Plug Me In. It's steeped in delightfully conversational saxophone with rousing chords dancing beneath in a swinging 60s fashion. A real classy gem. On the flip, 'September 13' by Deodato gets reworked and is from his self-titled jazz-funk album. This one is more funky and it's led by some big, proud horn stabs and silky drum rumbles enriched with great synths. Another vital 45 from this fine label.
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Gespielt von: Superbreak
Tags: Jazz Funk
 in stock $11.87
Apericena EP
Apericena EP (heavyweight vinyl 12")
Cat: VOV 18. Rel: 22 Jan 24
Quantity Check (6:37)
Blue Eyes Clear (5:19)
Quantity Check (Ryu's Rub) (5:49)
Nao Fazer Nado (5:00)
Review: The Vinyl Only label rolls on towards its 20th release here with Mar De Novo serving up the irresistible Apericena EP. 'Quantity Check' is a low-slung funker with noodling baselines and nice loose percussive rhythms under some exotic vocals. 'Blue Eyes Clear' is a more lavish and downtempo number of chilling by the Med come sundown and then comes Ryu's Rub of 'Quantity Check' which is more funky and fat-bottomed. 'Nao Fazer Nado' rounds out an escapist EP with some dreamy melodic chill-out sounds that will have you gazing off to the stars.
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Gespielt von: The Owl
 in stock $13.71
Divided Conformelution
Divided Conformelution (7" limited to 300 copies)
Cat: AC 005. Rel: 13 Nov 23
Jurasoc 5 vs Booty Haul - "Divided Conformelution" (3:34)
Booty Haul - "Conformstumental" (3:31)
Review: The Alloy Cuts label is back with another sweet 45rpm that collides some of the greats of hip-hop past into two new fusion and mash-up jams designed to do plenty of damage to dancefloors. First up is Jurasoc 5 vs Booty Haul with 'Divided Conformelution' which has some sick low ends and booming kicks overlaid with funky guitar riffs and hard bars. Booty Haul's 'Conformstumental' then appears on the flip side as the original sample source for the a1. It's more physical with the bars stripped away and still has plenty of raw funk.
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Gespielt von: The Allergies, Voodoocuts
Tags: Disco Funk
 in stock $12.64
Welcome To The Dub
Cat: GAMM 180. Rel: 04 Dec 23
Welcome To The Dub (9:41)
Dubanova (7:05)
Happiness & Peace (5:42)
Review: It's always a good day when Al Kent is back with new music. This one on Gamm, Welcome To The Dub, finds him dubbing out some lush disco sounds. The title cut is a loopy and jazz-funk-infused number with lovely hi-hats and noodling chords all radiating joy and uplifting energy. 'Dubanova' then takes a more low-slung route with a sleazy guitar riff and nice live drums embellished with smartly overdubbed vocals coated in echo. 'Happiness & Peace' is a quieter affair with echoing hits and a meandering lead that encourages your mind to do the same.
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 in stock $17.67
One Dollar
Cat: ART 005. Rel: 19 Sep 23
One Dollar (12:39)
Brief Encounter (12:20)
Review: Whoever Gallery are, they're a wilfully obscure exercise in metatextuality, with the digital frontispiece of this instrumental disco edits EP depicting two gallery punters idly loitering around the blown-up 12" record, as if fawning over it in a white cube. Whatever the case, these are two mysterious post-mid-70s disco-funk edits, which seem to make a mockery of the exclusivity culture endemic to the art world (a maligned practice that goes comparatively uncritiqued in the realm of dance music) - indeed, so far, the tracks have been played out solely by DJ Harvey and Artwork. Obviously, that means this 12" is worth your one dollar... right?!
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 in stock $16.87
Disco With A Feeling: An Introduction To The Heart & Soul Of Independent Disco
Cat: AOTNLP 021. Rel: 17 Jan 24
Ice - "Reality" (3:35)
Cloudburst - "I'm Loving You" (3:38)
Popsicles - "These Are The Good Times" (4:23)
Bileo - "You Can Win" (3:28)
Mahana - "She Really Needs Love" (3:15)
Jerry Blackshear - "Defected" (3:29)
Mr Wigg & Co - "Lot Of Living To Do" (4:32)
Benita - "Time For A Change" (3:25)
Darrell Johnson - "Days Gone Past" (4:12)
Bordeaux - "Paradise's Love" (3:24)
Split Decision Band - "Watchin' Out" (3:15)
Sequence - "Disco Thing" (3:00)
Strivers Show Band - "Love Episode" (3:29)
Love Company - "Love Tempo" (3:36)
Gratitude - "We Are Here To Party" (7" version) (3:46)
Jax Transit Authority - "Life Is A Miracle" (4:56)
Review: Many of the finest independent disco 45s that Athens of the North has reissued were licensed by crate digger David Haffner, so it's fitting that AOTN boss Euan Fryer has given him a compilation of his own. "Disco With A Feeling" contains some of those picks, alongside other obscure favourites from Haffner's sizable record collection. It's absolute fire from start to finish, with the little known private press and small-run cuts tending towards the more soulful and jazz-funk influenced end of the disco spectrum. Basically, it's a must-have for anyone who gravitates towards the rare end of the disco spectrum.
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 in stock $24.78
Celebrate (translucent black & green splattered vinyl 12")
Cat: GCV 017. Rel: 23 Jan 24
Celebrate (feat Kathy Brown & Sheree Hicks) (7:27)
So Wide Open (feat Angela Johnson) (6:27)
Review: More splattered translucent green and black vinyl action from Groove Culture, the in-house imprint of Italian disco, house and jazz-funk fusionists Micky More and Andy Tee. As usual, there's a celebratory, party-starting feel to both tracks, with lead vocals from some genuinely legendary singers only adding to the 'bona-fide peak-time bangers' flavour on show. A-side 'Celebrate', with Kathy Brown and Shree Hicks, starts off as a rolling, bass heavy mid-tempo disco-house number, before the pair introduce some killer disco strings to take it closer to "revivalist disco" territory. 'So Wide Open', with Angela Johnson on lead vox, continues this trend, wrapping punchy horns, disco strings, Bernard Edwards style bass and Nile Rodgers-esque guitar licks around a chunky house groove.
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 in stock $15.81
Condition (double 7")
Cat: AOS 013. Rel: 16 Jan 24
Ken Rogers - "Condition" (V Jagged Sky edit) (4:15)
Lup Ino - "I've Been Working" (4:41)
Belenou - "Sove Te-A" (DJ Steef rework) (3:58)
Bully Boy - "Pasteurised" (5:03)
Review: Here's a cool double pack 7" drop on Act Of Sedition which serves up some snappy edits of heady grooves from the broad church of funk and soul. A-side cut 'Condition' is a much-loved anthem these days thanks to Ken Rogers' original tune soundtracking the most psychedelic bowling sequence ever set to celluloid in The Big Lebowski, and this 'V Jagged Sky' version has some choice zippy effect to only enhance the trippiness. Lup Ino's 'I've Been Working' is a soulful disco house strutter, while DJ Steef's rework of Belenou's 'Sove Te-A' is a mesmerising slice of Afro groove with a rhythm section that'll hook you in hard. Bully Boy's 'Pasteurised' sits pretty on Side D in a subtly pumped up slice of high life goodness to lift the party's collective spirits in no uncertain terms.
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 in stock $18.20
Sgt Slick Recuts Vol 2
Cat: SSRV 002. Rel: 30 Jan 24
That Stranger Called Love (6:28)
Lies That Aren't Big (5:46)
Control Yourself (6:33)
I Only Shoot Love (6:21)
Review: Melbourne's Sgt Slick returns with another four superb re-edits for his Recuts imprint. 20 years deep in the game, accolades aplenty, collabs with some of the finest out there and with a serious string of his own productions to his bow, Sgt. Slick knows what works on the dancefloor. These edits flaunt this intel to a T; tracks one to four are all edited out-and-out classics, with each original cut extended to ultra-dreamy and driving effect.
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 in stock $15.56
Vol 2
Vol 2 (12")
Cat: LZEA 002. Rel: 13 Feb 24
Punches (0:04)
Dreams (0:08)
Feel The Pain
Review: Under the familiar Leo Zero alias, Leo Esltob has crafted countless killer re-edits over the last few decades - though only a limited number have ever been released. Hence the Edit Archive series of 12" EPs, which here reaches volume two. As you'd expect for a man of his experience and expertise, there's much to admire, from the sing-along powder-rock brilliance of 'Dreams' (a tasteful, extended re-work of one of the most famous and celebrated songs of the 1970s) and the re-vitalised Balearic brilliance of 'Taboo' (yep, it's an excellent Sade re-rub), to the loose-limbed-but-locked-in house-not-house headiness of 'Feel The Pain', with its echoing vocal snippets, metronomic cowbells and bubbly synth sounds.
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Gespielt von: Rayko
 in stock $15.56
El Bobo
El Bobo (7")
Cat: MAR 087. Rel: 16 Feb 24
Webster Lewis - "El Bobo"
The Spirit Of Atlanta - "Freddie's Alive & Well"
Review: As the Mad About label hurtles towards release number 100 it looks to the talents of Webster Lewis and The Spirit of Atlanta for two more fiery gems on a very useful 7". There are hints of Library music in the noodling melodies of the A-side jam 'El Bobo'. It has jazz-funk keys and organic drum rhythms gently tumbling below the Rhodes magic up top. The Spirit Of Atlanta's 'Freddie's Alive & Well' then picks up the pace with a more high-speed and 60s-influenced jazz-funk sound featuring some buttery smooth vocals up top. Two effective jams for sure.
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 in stock $15.81
Vol 1
Vol 1 (12")
Cat: LZEA 001. Rel: 12 Dec 23
Love Affair
Let Me Love U
Easy Does It (9:27)
I Work (5:16)
Review: The Leo Zero Edit Archive is here, you can safely assume, to serve up edits from the vast archives of Leo Zero. The first volume is a doozy that kicks off with 'Love Affair' - a lazy and low sung funk burner with noodling bass riffs and a glorious vocal full of happiness. 'Let Me Love U' has a yearning male vocal that is as lovestruck as they come over more leggy mid tempo beats. 'Easy Does It' is defined by its superb string stabs and rolling drums and 'For A Living' closes out with a more house learning disco beat that is fat and fantastic. We can't wait for more.
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Gespielt von: LEGO EDIT
 in stock $16.35
You're In Love
You're In Love (limited 7")
Cat: FUR 7331. Rel: 15 Dec 23
You're In Love (Kon remix) (4:27)
You're In Love (Kon dub) (4:27)
Review: Second time around for Kon's fabulous re-rubs of Twilight's slept-on 1986 disco-boogie gem 'You're In Love', which first dropped on seven-inch almost a decade ago. Vinyl copies of the 45 are hard to come by, so this Ubiquity Records re-issue is most welcome. Kon's takes stick closely to the original - these are multi-track tweaks, rather than revolutionary remixes - while subtly beefing up the groove and highlighting the band's weighty synth bassline. On the A-side you'll find the full vocal take - all sweet vocals, crispy disco drums, colourful synths and clipped, Chic style guitar licks - while the flip-side 'Dub' is a marginally more minimalist, groove-focused affair, with delay-laden vocal snippets and swirling instrumental textures echoing across the sound space.
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Rave Du Brazil/Primavera
Cat: SCRULSD 002. Rel: 06 Oct 23
Tony Lavrutz & Scruscru - "Rave Du Brazil" (4:12)
Scruscru & Los Protos - "Primavera" (3:47)
Review: REPRESS ALERT!: You know that long hot days are fast approaching when it is Brazilian music that you crave. Thankfully the Scruniversal has got us covered with a second release that is as scorching as the first. It pairs MPB, samba and Latin flair with hard-edged hip-hop and funk stylings across a pair of tunes from Scruscru, each one a different collaboration. The first is alongside Tony Lavrutz and has gorgeous vocals and organic percussion paired with cut-up beats and jazzy keys that will ignite any floor on 'Rave Du Brazil.' It is Los Protos's jazz funk groover 'Primavera' that gets the good vibes going on the flip.
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(Our Hearts) Will Always Shine
Cat: EXUMG 11. Rel: 14 Feb 24
Our Hearts) Will Always Shine (3:28)
Mighty Mighty (3:28)
Review: Expansion deals pretty much in good vibes only and that is what we have here with OZONE's '(Our Hearts) Will Always Shine'. It is a 7" that radiates with infectious energy and heartfelt emotion as it seamlessly blends elements of pop, electronic, and dance music. The uplifting melodies soar high, the pulsating beats power things along and the soulful vocals deliver a message of resilience and positivity. The song's anthemic chorus is destined to take listeners to a new level and ignite dance floor in equal measure and it sure does that. 'Mighty Mighty' on the flip is another feel good and upbeat funky disco workout.
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Echoes Of A New Dawn Orchestra - "Substream" (DJ Kawasaki 45 edit) (4:40)
Kyoto Jazz Massive - "This Feeling" (Young Pulse & ATN Mochi Men remix) (4:31)
Review: Take a trip into the beating heart of Japanese nu-jazz with this essential single of two distinct halves ask intrinsically linked to each other. On the A side, Kyoto Jazz Massive's spin-off band Echoes Of A New Dawn Orchestra get their version of 'Substream' reworked by DJ Kawasaki, who creates a razor sharp edit laced with all kinds of funk-oriented grooves, available exclusively on this 7". On the flip, Kyoto Jazz Massive themselves get remixed by Parisian duo Mochi Men on 'This Feeling'. There's pre-existing relationships between all the players on this standout release, making it a cohesive perspective on the corner of the scene Kyoto Jazz Massive and their associated projects occupy.
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Instrumental Dubs #2
Cat: ISLELP 012. Rel: 13 Feb 24
Tracy Kerr - "If U Want My Lovin'" (instrumental dub) (5:21)
Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes - "Today's Your Lucky Day" (dub mix) (7:00)
Idiater Edwards - "Loving Sweet Devotion" (Sweeter mix) (4:32)
Mad Professor - "H2S04" (6:13)
Original Rockers - "Push Push" (The Underwater World Of Jah Cousteau mix) (5:10)
Review: Isle Of Jura propel their Instrumental Dubs series further forward with a second release. Capturing the etheric essence of the 'version' and ready-making it for the present day, the nominal series welcomes contributions and reissues from new and old producers alike. This time around, we're met with a slow, George Kerr-produced cut from 1984, 'If You Want My Lovin', followed by a Brit-funk-esque instrumental from Harold Melvin & the Bluenotes, originally released on the Philly World label. The A-side closes with the 'Sweeter' instrumental mix of boogie bomb 'Loving Sweet Devotion' by Idiater Edwards; then comes the B-side with that indelible Mad Professor flavour, bucking the dub trend with a syncretic of dub, freestyle and disco; and finally, we end on a touch of next-gen psydub bubbling up from The Underwater World (of Jah Cousteau, that is).
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Tags: Disco Funk
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Empty World
Cat: WACK 22. Rel: 30 Nov 23
Empty World (4:09)
Give It To Me How (4:18)
Review: Smoove returns with his label Wack Records and delivers two killer cuts straight from the heart of Motown. Utilizing original multitrakcs from the home of Rick James and The Supremes, Smoove gets his swirv on and delivers two uptempo hip-hop bangers, curveball-tinged with the instrumental backings of Motown. On the A, 'Empty World', we hear an attention-grabbing Nas mashup ('Life's A Bitch'), while the aforementioned artists are equally as well fused on the much more positive B-side.
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Soul Spectrum
Soul Spectrum (hand-stamped heavyweight coloured marbled vinyl 12")
Cat: GATT 1203. Rel: 02 Feb 24
Move On Up (5:36)
Living Disaster (5:40)
Take Me Home (3:17)
Caught In A Trap (4:38)
Deep Fake (edit) (6:01)
Move On Up (STTD remix) (4:24)
Review: Sweden's mash-up maestro Beatconductor returns with six tracks of masterfully cross-pollinated bangers on this hand-stamped white label. On tap we have edits of the likes of Curtis Mayfield, Stevie Wonder, Elvis et al., indicating a worthy breadth of knowledge of both classics and non-classics - but all classily recontextualized in ways only the Beatconductor himself can manage. Set to heavyweight 12" wax on two sides, we're certain this one'll serve you well for drunken Saturday dancefloors and upmarket, warmly-lit Sundays alike.
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Saint Wax Edit Service 3
Saint Wax Edit Service 3 (hand-stamped 12")
Cat: SWES 003. Rel: 30 Oct 23
Chevere Africa
Review: REPRESS ALERT!: The Saint Wax Edit Service is back with another fine helping of disco goodness to keep those dance floors nourished this summer and beyond. 'Candela' opens up with a lung-busting and intoxicating vocal over organic drums while 'Chevere Africa' has a warm Afro feel to its upbeat and celebratory disco beats complete with big horns. 'Ledile' gets even more party starting with its jazzy lines and funky bass work and then things slow down on 'Mameye,' a more steamy and languid affair but still one with plenty of big horn charm. Useful tackle, this.
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Versions :Disco Edits , Versions & Dubs
Cat: RAHAAN 005HBR. Rel: 01 Feb 24
Big Bisou (6:29)
Mamoe Lowe (5:42)
Preto Velho (5:35)
77 (6:43)
Secondo (Versione) (6:26)
Review: If you don't have love for Rahsaan then you don't have love for life. The American is a veteran of the edit scene and someone who can flip any joint into a joyous groove. Here, Hot Biscuit have assembled a limited double 12" that brings together some of his best 'Disco Edits, Versions & Dubs." 'Big Bisou' opens up with a jumble of Afro drums and loose limbed rhythms, 'Mamoe Lowe' then has tribal vocal chants and raw percussive energy, and 'Preto Velho' then brings a little more laid back soul to the party. '77' is a funky disco strider and 'Secondo' closes with some hard assed funk.
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Meji Meji (Folamour remix)
Cat: BAC 011. Rel: 19 Dec 23
Meji Meji (Folamour remix) (4:27)
Sonayon (Disco dub) (5:11)
Review: Bosq and Kaleta's most recent single, an inspired Afro-disco two-tracker featuring 'Meji Meji' and 'Sonayon', has been given the remix treatment. On side A, Folamour successfully re-imagines 'Meji Meji' as a joyous, sun-bright slab of cheery deep house/colourful nu-disco fusion, wisely making the most of Kaleta's infectious vocals, the original disco bassline, and the pair's chirpy horns. Over on side B, Bosq takes over and delivers a delicious 'disco dub' of 'Sonayon'. A little more stripped-back and groove-based than the original nix with breakdowns and special effects aplenty, Bosq makes merry with horns, highlife guitars and more Afrobeat style bass guitar pressure.
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Do Better
Cat: DR 0005. Rel: 06 Feb 24
Do Better (4:00)
Do Better (Monolog reprise) (4:35)
Review: Insatiable funk lovers rejoice! One of the most sought after top vocalist/songwriter Lee Wilson who's known to dominate house music dance charts week after week delivers this time a boogie banger 'Do Better'. The feel-good Original Mix on the A-side boasts a thick boogie synth bassline and uplieing chords that carry Lee's captivating vocals inspiring us with a strong message of positive self-image and self-improvement. The B-side features the monolog remix by multi-instrumentalist Yuki Kanesaka playing all vintage analogue instruments himself bringing that heavy funk to all diggers of sick grooves. Both tracks are upbeat, uptempo and ready to heat the floor.
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Fall Out (feat NAD mix)
Cat: ERC 146. Rel: 19 Feb 24
Fall Out (7:10)
Fall Out (Fresh '86) (6:46)
Fall Out (NAD Discomix) (12:12)
Review: Emotional Rescue's vital Konduko reissue series sadly comes to an end here with a look at the label's final years. In those days it moved away from reggae, disco and boogie towards an enduring electro sound that had a vast and lasting impact on the Miami scene. The biggest tune from that time was when Noel Williams linked with local songwriter Lawrence Dermer aka Der Mer for the track reissued here. 'Fall Out' soon became a hit with its driving electro-funk rhythms. The original sits next to the later Fresh '86" mix as well as a NAD disco mix from Dan Tyler, best known as one of the Idjut Boys. It's an irresistible package of body-popping electro with hooks for days.
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Inside My Love/Hey Mr DJ
Inside My Love/Hey Mr DJ (7" (please note: labels are reversed))
Cat: SC 7065 MISPRESS. Rel: 18 Dec 23
Saucy Lady - "Inside My Love" (3:35)
Monolog - "Hey Mr DJ Featuring Saucy Lady" (4:28)
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I Love Your Edits 1
Cat: ILYED 1. Rel: 06 Dec 23
Bertha (6:20)
Been So Good (5:16)
Love Explosion (5:53)
Cleo (7:17)
Review: Hello to new label I Love Your Edits which is to tap into a rich tradition of tweaking disco gems from days gone by in order to bring them up to date and make them that bit more suited to modern dancefloors. Austin Ato takes care of the first outing and starts with the hard-hitting disco house rawness of 'Bertha' which is a grinding and loopy cut that never quits. 'Been So Good' then brings some funky vocal work and neat guitar riffs and 'Love Explosion' is a classic you will likely already know with its soaring strings. 'Cleo' shuts down with a more funky and jazz-tinged sound.
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Gespielt von: Superbreak, Funkyjaws
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High Class
Cat: MOFUNK 044. Rel: 30 Jan 24
High Class (XL Middleton remix) (3:25)
High Class (Slynk mix) (3:41)
Review: XL Middleton is an absolute don of boogie. He can bend his synths and warp his baselines into fresh new forms and make sure than anyone who hears them has to pop their body non stop. He brings that studio mastery to a remix here of 'High Class' by Sauce Lady that is full of withering sci-fi pads, fresh vocal hooks and bright pads. His version is pretty unbeatable to be honest but on the flip the Slynk mix has a fine go of remixing it with a more upbeat and strident groove.
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Tags: Disco Funk
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Beat Of Your Heart
Cat: SWEATSV 043. Rel: 20 Feb 24
Sweat It Out (extended) (5:37)
Sweat It Out (instrumental) (3:32)
Sweat It Out (club dub) (6:11)
Review: German artist Purple Disco Machine is a studio wizard and something of a throwback - he manages to make tunes that are rich in musicality as well as having plenty of focus on the dancefloor. Each one brims with colourful hooks and catchy grooves and this new one 'Beat Of Your Heart' comes with delightfully soulful vocals from singer-songwriter ASDiS. It's got summer anthem written all over it such is the feel-good nature of the whole thing with both a club dub and instrumental also included for different settings. Bring on the sun!
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Hot Pot 004 Rafael's Edits
Cat: HPR 004. Rel: 08 Feb 24
Heaven (6:55)
Nigeriac (7:01)
Review: Sao Paulo artist and About Disco label head Rafael Cancian once played Motor City Wine party in its native Detroit and was thought to hail from the city itself so synonymous was his sound with what the locals expected. As such he now steps up to Hot Pot with a new pair of edits starting with 'Heaven.' It's a fulsome cosmic disco stepper with low sling drums and plenty of shiny synths as well as soothing vocal coos that help take you to ecstasy. Flip it over and you will find 'Nigeriac' which is a syncopated mix of Afro funk and rock to shake your bones loose.
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Gespielt von: LEGO EDIT
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LVHRTZ 004 (hand-stamped 12")
Cat: LVHRTZ 004. Rel: 02 Feb 24
Waiting For Your Love (7:23)
Waiting For Your Love (dub) (7:07)
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Take A Chance On The Feeling
Cat: PP 107. Rel: 12 Feb 24
Take A Chance (3:54)
Take A Chance (alternate) (4:11)
Review: February is the month of love and so it is fitting that a new 7" drops from our much loved Washington DC label Peoples Potential Unlimited US. Every bit of lo-fi funk and disco this label deals in comes with a healthy dose of romance and this one from Marshall Titus is another case in point. 'Take A Chance' is full of steamy promise and retro-future 80s synth work over crunchy drums. The vocal is alluring and sensuous and the bassline further pulls you in. On the flip is a more raw and affected alternate version.
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Tags: Disco Funk
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RDY #52
RDY #52 (12")
Cat: RDY 52. Rel: 19 Jan 24
Making Love (6:42)
Music (3:33)
Ready (5:30)
Handsome (6:26)
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I Feel Love
Cat: NBD 20104. Rel: 17 Nov 22
I Feel Love
Love To Love You
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Love Is The Same
Cat: ATH 176. Rel: 25 Jan 24
Love Is The Same (4:13)
Love Is The Same (instrumental) (4:05)
Review: It's always a buzz to see a new Athens of the North 7" drop onto our shelves. This first drop of the year comes from label regulars Coast to Coast who had their unreleased and self-titled soul album reissued here back in October 2021. It is the opening track from that glorious record that gets its own pressing on 45 rpm here with an instrumental on the flip. The original from core members Mark Beiner and Ben Iverson, 'Love Is The Same' has glorious vocal falsettos and super sweet rhythms that bring feel-good vibes like no other.
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STR4TASFEAR (remixes)
STR4TASFEAR (remixes) (hand-stamped 12")
Cat: REMIXES. Rel: 21 Feb 24
To Be As One (feat Theo Croker - Venom remix) (6:17)
Lazy Days (feat Emma Jean Thackray - Wallace remix) (8:00)
Review: Str4ta is a joint project that includes Gilles Peterson and Jean-Paul Maunick aka Bluey, inspired by 80s Brit funk bands. In 2022, Str4ta released their third album Str4tasfear for Gilles's label, Brownswood Recordings and this 12" stamped white label offers two dance remixes of two tracks from Str4tasfear. For the A-side, 'To Be As One' is remixed by Venom with vocal by Theo Croker. This soulful house version is jazzy and slightly psychedelic, that gives off a tremendous 70s vibe to it, while the second side sees 'Lazy Days' is remixed by Wallace, adding a bit more of a Latin house feel and features Emma Jean Thackray on vocals. Both versions turn the originals into the perfect dancefloor shufflers for eclectic people. This is the perfect 12" for house, soul and Latin DJs to express their more jazzy side.

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Coyote Special Editions Vol 2
Cat: MWSE 008. Rel: 06 Nov 23
Lonely (8:22)
Western Revolution (6:26)
Love Home (5:22)
Luca (6:31)
Review: It is time to succumb to the sounds of the Magic Wand label once more and this eighth sonic spell is another one that will leave you happily helpless. It finds the Coyote lads step away from their fine work on Is It Balearic? to cook up two top edits. First up they offer 'Lonely' - a broody, steamy and shimmering tropical Balearic workout and then comes the organic and lazy drums of 'Western Revolution' with an iconic gravelly vocal. There are folk-tinged Americana sounds on 'Love Home' and laid-back disco licks on the seductive 'Luca' to make this a summer party essential.
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Congress Productions
Congress Productions (limited 12")
Cat: BK 084. Rel: 27 Nov 23
Congress - "Neptune" (5:46)
Gozalez - "Kevin's Funk" (2:46)
D'ailie - "Live It Up" (feat Janice Hoyte) (5:22)
D'ailie - "Live It Up" (instrumental) (4:13)
Review: This latest is a reissue of a Congress Productions EP featuring their seminal 'Neptune'. The much-sampled early 80s jazz-funk classic comes in original form next to two unreleased cuts. The first is a rare boogie cut 'Live It Up' that has been extended for more dancefloor heft having first been dropped under the D'aile' alias as a B-side. Then comes 'Kevin's Funk' which is named in reference to Incognito trumpet player Kevin Robinson, who played as part of a Congress-associated line-up for this session.
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Wamono Disco: Nippon Columbia Disco & Boogie Hits 1978-1982
Cat: 180GWALP 06. Rel: 25 Jan 24
Godiego - "The Birth Of The Odyssey - Monkey Magic" (5:00)
Ikue Sakakibara - "This Is Hot" (3:59)
Soul Media - "I Will Give You Samba" (4:21)
Hatsumi Shibata - "Purple Shadow" (3:49)
Yumi Murata - "Krishna" (4:55)
Yoshito Machida & Godiego - "Ame Wa Knife No Yo Sa" (3:34)
Pink Parachute - "Disco Great Tokyo" (4:31)
Hatsumi Shibata - "Hazumi De Daite (A Woman In A Man's World)" (3:38)
Review: In the late 1970s and early 80s, disco swept through dancefloors across the world, with musicians, producers and labels in all four corners of the world recording and releasing their own local variations on the New York-pioneered sound. This fine compilation digs into the Japanese interpretation of the sound, offering up a selection of gems pulled from the vaults of the Nippon Columbia imprint. As you'd expect, there are some genuinely soaring and delightfully over-the-top cuts on show (see Godiego's 'The Odyssey Begins - Monkey Magic' and the disco-funk mania of Ikue Sakakibara's bilingual 'This Is Hot'), alongside such forgotten or lesser-celebrated gems as Yumi Moreta's rubbery bass-propelled 'Krishna', the strings-and-synth-drenched brilliance of Pink Parachute's 'Disco Great' and the ridiculously grandiose 'Hazumi De Daitte (A Woman Inside a Man's Body)' by Hatsumi Shibata.
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Gespielt von: THE REFLEX, DJ Kobayashi
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Akure (12")
Cat: ERC 141. Rel: 22 Jan 24
Akure (6:53)
Is Wrong (Apartheid) (4:43)
Cry Africa (10:57)
Hard Working (4:36)
Review: Betty & The Code Red is a life and creative partnership between Benin-born Tunde Obazee and his girlfriend Betty. The pair grew up in Nigeria and would play all manner of instruments to entertain people at the local school before staying together as they went on to live in Italy and the US. Obazee performed at colleges and universities despite no formal training and eventually recorded a selection of tunes together including a small album on relatively new bits of gear like the Yamaha RX7. Especial has collated some of their best work across two new EPs, this being one of them.
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I Would Have To Be A Fool
Cat: ATH 171. Rel: 25 Jan 24
I Would Have To Be A Fool (3:33)
Just Give Love A Try (4:08)
Review: Ben White - not the same Ben White that plays as a defender for Arsenal - was just 25 when he was brought by Eddy Bongo Brown of the Funk Brothers to the Motor City to play with Marvin Gaye. It was five years after that when he lay down this single - his only one, although it is said there are some lost tapes featuring a full album on them out there somewhere. We hope it is found as this is excellent - 'I Would Have To Be A Fool' is a super smooth soul with nice funky rhythms and a hint of disco energy. 'Just Give Love A Try' is a more slow and lavish groove with choral backing and fancy piano.
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Gespielt von: Dave Lee ZR
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Fantasy (feat Jonny Rock Discomix)
Fantasy (4:34)
Fantasy (instrumental) (5:07)
Fantasy (Jonny Rock Discomix) (9:47)
Review: The last of the Konduko series from Emotional Rescue arrives now and quite possibly it is the best of the lot from Noel Williams. His 'Fantasy' saw him work with Larry Dermer aka Der Mer on what is an effective and catchy electro jam that operates at the higher end of the tempo chart with some classic vocoder vocal action to really make it pop. Despite being released originally in 1984 this one still bangs with its emulated TR-808 beats and nagging melodies. The instrumental heightens that and then the Jonny Rock Discomix shuts down with long-form rework that shows why the DJ, editor and all-round amiable bloke is so well regarded.
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Wishful Thinking
Cat: ERC 142. Rel: 22 Jan 24
Wishful Thinking (5:26)
Na Wahala (6:36)
Na My Life Be Dis (10:21)
Memories (6:03)
Review: There is always a good backstory to the music that Emotional Rescue releases and this EP is a case in point. It comes from Betty & The Code Red and Betty was the girlfriend of Tunde Obazee, a Nigerian-born artist who used music as a "non-violent tool to express his socio-political opinions on global injustice." The pair would entertain people on campus by playing anything they could get their hands on, informed by the old Edo folk songs they had grown up around. They went on to live in Italy and the US and start a family as well as lay down self-released songs that have become cult classics. A selection of them feature on this, the first of two EPs from the pair.
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Gespielt von: Piers Harrison
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Keep On Searching For Love
Cat: SJR 53812. Rel: 22 Feb 24
Keep On Searching For Love (6:09)
Eastern Lady (6:41)
Review: A superb 12" slab of rare South London British jazz funk, originally released in the UK in 1984 by Jamaican-born producer Tony Williams, the man behind the seminal Funk Masters' jazz-funk masterpiece, 'Love Money'. Now heard again, 'Keep On Searching For Love' is emblematic of London's 80s dub disco sound, with its every constituent part recorded, arranged and processed to the discotheque-addict's letter. Gated snares and acapella croons abound, with the uplifting vocals of Linda Taylor shining as brilliantly as star at the peak of its supernova. The flipside instrumental, 'Eastern Lady', comes complete with hypnotic bassline, drum machines, synths and stabbing horn lines; both tracks have been lovingly remastered from tape and now come exquisitely repackaged for you to enjoy. Gotta keep on!
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 in stock $15.56
Stand On The World
Cat: NR 14003. Rel: 15 Jan 24
P Joubert - "Stand On The World" (4:46)
P Joubert - "Stand On The World" (4:47)
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Baz Bradley Special Editions
Cat: MWSE 009. Rel: 26 Feb 24
Soul Boys (Acetate edit) (7:40)
Super Maxi (5:23)
Flight 207 (Gate One) (5:15)
Burn The Candle (6:24)
Review: Magic Wand welcomes Baz Bradley for a series of Special Editions that keep blissed-out late summer dancing sessions alive and possible even as days shorten and the sun fades away. He opens up with 'Soul Boys' (Acetate edit) which is an 80s disco jaunt with superb vocals and noodling funk rifts. 'Super Maxi' is a more stripped-back and aloof groove with sung-spoke vocals and hook melodies making for a weird yet wonderful vibe. 'Flight 207' (Gate One) is another slow-motion and dubbed-out disco funker then 'Burn The Candle' has a raw percussive twist.
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Gespielt von: Manu Archeo, Rayko, The Owl
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An Instrumental Need
Cat: GR 12114. Rel: 05 Dec 23
An Instrumental Need (6:45)
Take Me Up (Gotta Get Up) (Lego mix) (6:28)
Review: New York house royalty Ralphi Rosario has got scores of classics in his back catalogue, and now Groovin have cherry-picked a couple that are more than worthy of a scrub up and repress. The record leads with 'An Instrumental Need', an absolute benchmark of piano house perfection which will instantly take a party to a truly positive place, and that's even before the vibes solo comes twinkling into earshot. On the B-side is 1997 stomper 'Take Me Up', which plays to Rosario's strength in whipping up a frenzy with some seriously stripped back disco heat and an anthemic vocal from Donna Blakely.
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Gespielt von: Paul Starey, The Owl
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Lost In The Message
Cat: NINTT 1. Rel: 01 Feb 24
Lost In The Message (5:40)
Get Up Out Tha Water (6:14)
The M8 Track (9:07)
Review: As we roll further into the New Year we're still enjoying the arrival of plenty of new labels. Now Is Not The Time is one of them from the US that takes a bow here with its first EP, Lost In The Message. It's a three-way collab between the legendary Rahaan plus DJ Reg and Jerome O. What they do is chip up classic samples and killer grooves form the worlds of funk, soul, house and disco with 'Lost In The Message' kicking off in freewheeling fashion. 'Get Up Out Tha Water' has oems nice big horn energy and plenty of whistles and 'The M8 Track' is a deeper house sound with a belting diva vocal.
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Believe (12" limited to 300 copies)
Cat: PKWY 15. Rel: 27 Feb 24
Believe (club mix)
Believe (Life After dub mix)
Review: Gospel, FM funk and house collide on the latest offering by The Whole Truth aka. Tom Giles. Following up last year's 'E Da Boss' on Star Creature, 'Believe' is an impassioned plea to the would-be testifier, enjoining them to give over and into their inherent faith, which, if only it weren't for their psychic occlusion of a certain inner harmony, is bound to be fleshed out soon; aside from this sampled command on the vox, the track is effortlessly glitzy and modally shifts between bass harmonies. The inverse club mix is far sparser and dubbier at first, though slowly reveals its inner truth by way of a more stripped-back, mod-wheeled and trigger-padded experimentation.
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Vadillo Vice Vol 2
Cat: RWWAX 015. Rel: 06 Feb 24
Rain (8:36)
Mercy (6:48)
Gold Dust Woman (5:09)
Amigo (6:49)
Review: Rayko is back with a much anticipated second volume of the Vadillo Vice series on Rare Wiri and again it is timeless disco and house for fans of the likes of Tiger & Woods. 'Rain' is slow and rugged with fleshy arps and tinny percussion before an iconic via sample lights up the groove. 'Mercy' is another unhurried but soul drenched sound with low slung drums and claps and airy pads up top. 'Gold Dust Woman' ups the ante a little with extra pace but no less emotion and heartfelt vocals while 'Amigo' closes down with a lovely Spanish twist.
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Gespielt von: Rayko, LEGO EDIT
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Do You Wanna Dance? (feat Felix Dickinson mix)
Do You Wanna Dance? (5:31)
Do You Wanna Dance? (instrumental) (5:27)
Do You Wanna Dance? (Felix Dickinson Discomix) (9:08)
Review: Emotional Rescue returns with the third (and final?) King Sporty & The Ex Tras releases with the first ever-official reissue of the highly sought after cult boogie jam Do You Wanna Dance? Coming as remastered vocal and instrumental, plus again featuring a special Discomix, this time courtesy of acid-disco slayer Felix Dickinson.

Appearing shortly after the success of the band's only album, Extra Funky, Do You Wanna Dance? pointed the way forward, moving further from Disco and closer to the rising electro-boogie sounds that were sweeping the dance floors. The confident up / jump electro drum programming, slap bass and trademark Sporty guitar chops are propelled by a monster swamp inducing synth arpeggio that sings the funk electric, while hip-hop-shout-outs ride the rhythm. If the vocals are too much for some, then the original Instrumental (dub) is also included for those just wanting that infectious groove.

As many will recall, Do You Wanna Dance? featured on Felix's "Originals" compilation for Claremont 56 back in 2011, so when the King Sporty reissue project was coming together there was only one name to be asked for the Discomix. With a long history of DJing and music production, as well the man behind the Recycled Records, Fools Gold, Urban Myth and Bastedos labels, as well many, many releases on the long running and aptly titled Cynic Recordings, his remix arrives on point.

Teasingly drawn out, his mix switches back / forth between versions, the interplay between vocals, guitar, bass and electro-glide synths hypnotically building, with Dickinson's deftly dubbing tripping it out, making the title's question irrelevant, as mind and feet involuntarily move.

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Sweetie (12")
Cat: LL 009. Rel: 06 Feb 24
Sweetie (7:09)
Moshate (11:24)
 in stock $14.24
Baby Baby Please
Cat: ART 001. Rel: 04 Dec 19
Baby Baby Please (7:27)
True Destiny (9:32)
Review: Some artistic edits from a brand new series. We're not sure who the "unknown artist" is behind the reworks (which date from this year and 2016 respectively), but it's clear that they know what they're doing. A-side "Baby Baby Please" is a wonderfully dubbed-out and glassy-eyed revision of a lesser-known Italo-disco/Hi-NRG cover of Harold Melvin & the Blue Notes' classic "Don't Leave Me This Way" that boasts a killer vocal breakdown midway through. Over on the flip, "True Destiny" is an epic, low-slung revision of an obscure disco number that rightly emphasizes the heavy groove pushing the track forward and includes some tasty delay and echo trickery.
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Fritz The Cat
Cat: MXMRK 2063. Rel: 23 Oct 23
Fritz The Cat (Mr K edit) (4:44)
You Believed In Me (Mr K instrumental edit) (4:52)
Review: Mr. K's series of edits continues. Any self-respecting music head is well familiar with the Most Excellent Unlimited series from Mr K aka Danny Krivit by now, and the latest entry into it is another doozy on 45rpm. The A-side features an edit of the title tune from a 1972 Ralph Bakshi animation originally played by a top crew of San Francisco area musicians. It is a steamy funk workout in a Latin jazz style with plenty of reverb and DJ friendly grooves. Flip it over and you'll find a gem from Philadelphia's Executive Suite which In Mr. K's hands is lit up with addictive strings and driving rhythms that never let up.
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Altered State (reissue)
Cat: THANKYOU 030. Rel: 19 Jan 24
Altered State (6:04)
Altered State (instrumental) (5:59)
Altered State (Complete State Of Alteration dub) (11:00)
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In The Trees (remixes)
In The Trees (remixes) (6 track CD single)
Cat: JUNO 1CD. Rel: 20 Mar 07
In The Trees (Carl Craig C2 mix #1)
In The Trees (Jerome Sydenham & Tiger Stripes rendition)
In The Trees (Jerome Sydenham & Tiger Stripes Dark rub)
In The Trees (Jerome Sydenham & Tiger Stripes club mix)
In The Trees (original 1996 version)
In The Trees (Carl Craig C2 mix #2)
Review: In 2007 Juno Records is ten years old, and we've decided to celebrate by releasing 10 singles throughout the year. Each one is a classic dance track featuring new remixes from the some of the most exciting and established names in the business, including Julien Jabre, Spirit Catcher, Dimitri from Paris, Lindstrom, Troy Pierce, Cobblestone Jazz and many more. These releases will initially only be available from www.juno.co.uk and www.junodownload.com. To launch the series we have pulled out all the stops with the re-release of the timeless "In The Trees" by Faze Action, featuring remixes from the legendary Carl Craig and Jerome Sydenham & Tiger Stripes, as well as the brilliant 1996 original mix. A genuinely huge release, this could be the first of 10 future classics! ***Stop press 19/12/07: the Carl Craig mix has been voted #3 in residentadvisor.net's "Top 5 Remixes Of 2007".
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Late Night Tales
Late Night Tales (180 gram vinyl 2xLP + art print + MP3 download code)
Cat: ALNLP 10. Rel: 21 Dec 23
The Pointer Sisters - "Happiness" (3:58)
Commodores - "Girl, I Think The World About You" (4:34)
Rufus & Chaka Khan - "Once You Get Started" (4:27)
Johnny Hammond - "Fantasy" (7:26)
Ramsey Lewis - "Whisper Zone" (3:01)
Leon Ware - "What's Your Name" (4:12)
Ashford & Simpson - "Stay Free" (5:24)
Kleeer - "Tonight's The Night" (7:12)
Dexter Wansel - "I'll Never Forget (My Favourite Disco)"
Sister Sledge - "Pretty Baby"
Jose Feliciano - "California Dreamin'"
Dexter Wansel - "Life On Mars"
Lalo Schifrin - "Theme From Enter The Dragon" (main Title) (2:17)
Marvin Gaye - "Here, My Dear" (2:49)
Patrice Rushen - "Music Of The Earth" (3:52)
Brian Blessed - "The White City" (part 3) (10:39)
Review: The Late Night Tales series is an absolute bastion of late-night parties back at yours after a heavy club session, or maybe even on a Sunday morning to welcome you to a day of being hungover. Everyone who is everyone had made their entry over the years and used the chance to show off a different side to their sound and that is just what cosmic disco funkster Jamiroquai did when he stopped up. Now his fine choices get pressed up to four sides of vinyl for this fine reissue.
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Tasty Recordings Sampler 005
Disko Junkie - "I Like To Party" (5:54)
Discotron & HP Vince - "September" (6:02)
HP Vince - "Got The Groove" (4:09)
House Punkz - "Music In The Night" (4:23)
Serial Thrilla - "More More More" (6:14)
Review: Tatsy Recordings is up to a fifth release and it wants you to sample what it is all about with this fine sampler. It kicks off with Disko Junkie's 'I Like To Party' which will indeed get you ready to party with its lavish grooves. A Nu Disco Mix of Discotron's 'September' then brings more good time feels with its colourful synths and vibrant rhythms. Flip it over and HP Vince has got the sauce with 'Got The Groove' with its loopy bass and classic samples, House Punkz then rework another super smooth soul sample into some disco house beats and Serial Thrilla end it all with the slamming 'More More More.'
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Disco Volante EP
Disco Volante EP (green vinyl 12")
Cat: RNTR 015. Rel: 07 Dec 16
Like It Is (5:58)
Nigerian Affair (6:57)
Long Night Ahead (7:15)
Pajama Stomp (6:36)
Review: For their latest journey into re-edit/original production fusion, Brooklyn's Razor 'N' Tape crew has turned to Munich duo COEO, who have previously impressed via fine outings on Toy Tonics and Let's Play House. The four-tracks here, which all blend samples from classic recordings with their own drums and musical flourishes, all sound like guaranteed dancefloor winners. Check, for example, the breezy Afro-beat-goes-disco cheeriness of "Nigerian Affair", the wonderfully rich keys and organic deep house bump of "Pajama Stomp", and the riotous, high-octane disco-house loop-funk of "Long Night Ahead". Best of all, though, is opener "Like It Is", a sweet, dewy-eyed, string-drenched soul revision that achieves the perfect balance between dancefloor grunt, and paying due reverence to the German duo's horn-heavy source material.
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Disco's Revenge
Cat: KK 011. Rel: 27 Feb 24
Gusto - "Disco's Revenge" (3:35)
Sam Tweaks - "Groovin's Revenge" (4:31)
Review: It's difficult to imagine an entire genre of music taking revenge, not least since it begs the question as to what object or upon whom vengeance is being taken. Confusingly but endearingly still, Gusto's 'Disco's Revenge' from 1995 is actually more caught between UK funky house and speed garage than anything resembling disco. But we could happily entertain the idea that the former two genres are simply more strident variations on the many-faced humours of 4x4 dance music. It makes sense, since it's hard to imagine any essential disco song soundtracking a brawl or secret vindictive plot. First released on Bumble Beats Records, 'Disco's Revenge' was funky enough to attract multiple reworks even back then, and this is apparently still going strong, with Kiss Klassics' new reissue apposing the original revenge plot with one rework and one original from producer Sam Tweaks. Whatever kind of revenge Gusto initially hoped to enact, we can say with certainty that it's not the best, cold kind; since both renditions by Tweaks are hot as hell.
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Gespielt von: The Allergies, Voodoocuts
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Gears: Remastered Plus 6
Gears: Remastered Plus 6 (gatefold coloured vinyl 2xLP)
Cat: HIQLP 2034. Rel: 12 Apr 21
Tell Me What To Do (5:17)
Los Conquistadores Chocolates (6:06)
Lost On 23rd Street (5:50)
Fantasy (6:01)
Shifting Gears (5:08)
Can't We Smile? (4:32)
A Child's Love (fast) (4:33)
A Child's Love (slow) (5:28)
Song For The Family (6:03)
Detroit Rainbow (3:57)
Funky Native (4:08)
Can't We Smile? (alt) (5:37)
Review: Classic jazz funk album from the legendary Johnny 'Hammond' Smith with a special version with six previously unissued bonus out-takes. Released in 1975 and his 32nd long player, it heralded a fresh chapter in his career that saw him exploring more electronic instrumentation and deeper shades of funk in a similar way to Roy Ayers or Bob James. The result was a timeless document that carries motifs of many of today's artists; the harmonies of "Can't We Smile?", for instance, smack of Plantlife while the punctuated piano work and mirrored squiggling synths on "Song For The Family" echoes with Flying Lotus-style whim. Also a key source of breaks for many junglists, Gears is a historic document that's not only played a strong role in electronic music but still sounds incredible today.
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Checking Out
Checking Out (limited 12")
Cat: SJR 53912. Rel: 22 Feb 24
Checking Out (5:22)
Checking Out (instrumental) (4:07)
Review: In 1984, Jamaican-born producer Tony Williams gifted the British jazz-funk scene with two exceptional 12" records, both now rare gems. One of these, Nat King Cool's 'Checking Out,' showcases a fusion of MFSB's 'Mysteries of the World' with quintessential UK Brit-funk vibes. Originally released on the Tai Wan label, this single remains as fresh today as it did in 1984, with its captivating flip-side instrumental. Remastered from tapes, these essential 80s Brit-funk tracks are presented on pristine vinyl, adorned with bespoke repro-labels, and packaged in a groovy Soul Jazz/Funk Masters house bag, which means it looks as good as it sounds.
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Tu Tak Tu Tak Tutiyan (Elado remixes)
Cat: RNT 45011. Rel: 07 Nov 23
Tu Tak Tu Tak Tutiyan (Elado's Gulab Jamun rework) (4:10)
Tu Tak Tu Tak Tutiyan (Elado's 4 AM mix) (4:48)
Review: Elado Gulab Jamun did a fantastic job with his edit of this Bollywood gem to the extent that it has become a real dancefloor gem that's been much loved all around the world for the last two years. Now it makes its way to a 7" vinyl pressing and is backed with his 4am mix of the same tune. This one is a sublime and dubbed out, acid tinged electronic trip that comes with original CD artwork that pays great tribute to original artist Nadim Khan. Another tasteful outing from Razor-N-Tape for this fresh edit.
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Street Player (Dimitri From Paris remixes)
Cat: ZEDD 12345. Rel: 07 Feb 23
Street Player (DFP Super Disco Blend - parts I & II) (10:05)
Street Player (DFP Special dubwize mix) (7:03)
Review: Dimitri From Paris has the kind of masterful touch which makes any one of his remixes buy on sight material. But if you need to know more, on this 12" for Z Records he's taking on the Russian band Leonid & Friends and their cover of 'Street Player' by Chicago. Of course the original was an iconic joint made even more classic by 'that' Bucketheads tune, and you can hear DFP having fun nodding to that iconic bit of 90s chart-topping house in these deadly versions. If you like your disco house fierce and fiery but still delivered with finesse, this record is all you need.
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Solid Street EP
Cat: B2R 013. Rel: 26 Feb 24
Solid Street (6:10)
Solar System (6:00)
Rose Tree (5:51)
Review: B2 Recordings hits release number 13 with DJ Rocca and Lex combing on a trio of fresh house cuts that blend elements of disco, Latin and soul. Up first is the glorious 'Solid Street' which has loose and percussive disco-house grooves overlaid with big synth energy and steamy vocals. 'Solar System' is slower and deeper, with a more rugged bassline and low slung sense of funk that never lets up. 'Last of all, 'Rose Tree' is a ramshackle house arrangement with whistles, Rhodes keys, tin-pot percussion, florid flutes and plenty of sunny energy all making it a real standout. A timeless EP packed with musicality.
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Tuff Cut #08
Cat: TUFF 008. Rel: 30 Jul 20
Go For That (7:24)
Heard It (6:51)
Dreams (6:23)
Startin' Somethin' (7:45)
Review: There's no secret to the success of Late Nite Tuff Guy's long-running Tuff Cuts series. Buyers have simply responded to the consistency of the Australian producer's approach, and the quality of loopy, house-friendly re-edits. This eighth volume features more party-starting fare, from the glassy-eyed extended breakdown of "Go For That" (yep, a Hall & Oates rework) and soft-touch house take on Marvin Gaye ("Heard It"), to the end-of-night bliss of "Dreams", a decidedly warm and rolling rearrangement of the famous Fleetwood Mac cut of the same name. As if that wasn't enough bangers in one place, he finishes with a triumphant rework of disco-era Michael Jackson ("Starting Something").
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Earth, Wind & Funk
Cat: SMS 031. Rel: 04 Jan 24
Strange - "Hard Working" (De Gama Re-drums) (5:26)
Frank Virgilio - "Love Is Positivity" (6:37)
Mosaik Kollektif - "Keep" (De Gama Re-drums) (5:16)
Monsieur Van Pratt - "Funk De Ibiza" (5:41)
Review: The now nicely matured Samosa label out of Italy is back with a 31st offering of its lavish disco and funk fusions. This time out the four tracker features four different artists starting with Strange and 'Hard Working' (De Gama Re-drums) which is a cosmic laced late night stomper then Frank Virgilio gets all romantic and feel good with 'Love Is Positivity.' Mosaik Kollektif opens up the flip with the deep sounds of 'Keep' (De Gama Re-drums) and last of all comes some more freewheeling funk with Monsieur Van Pratt and his 'Funk De Ibiza.'
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Gespielt von: Mosaik, LEGO EDIT
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I Want To See You Dance
Cat: ZEDD 12361. Rel: 18 Sep 23
I Want To See You Dance (9:26)
The Talented Mr Adams (9:26)
Review: This special 12" features two tracks that will not be on the vinyl version of the forthcoming AC Soul Symphony, Disco opus "Metamorphosis" featuring a 20 piece orchestra alongside a whole host of top live players. That makes it an even more vital pick up because both are pure disco fire. 'I Want To See You Dance' has the title's classic refrain repeated over big Salsoul style string licks, funky basslines and soloing piano. 'The Talented Mr Adams' is a tribute to the legendary disco producer Patrick Adams and is a super sweet swooner with golden live strings and brass backing up a loose-limbed rhythm and vamping pianos that get you in the mood for love. These two tracks act as a fine teaser for what's to come on the much-anticipated album from a contemporary version of acts like MFSB and Love Unlimited Orchestra.
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Cat: MCWR 017. Rel: 08 Feb 24
Ancestarians (Physical mix) (7:18)
Ancestarians (Spiritual mix) (4:53)
Champagne Kiddie Pool (6:26)
Sandbox Fossils (6:47)
Review: Blair French is the next quality artist to make their debut on the increasingly vital MotorCity Wine imprint out of Detroit. He brings hints of Balearic as well as signature smoky deep house from the 313 to his work here. 'Ancestarians' (Physical Mix) also has pan-African influences, jazzy melodies and rich organic percussion while the Spiritual Mix is all about going deep into ambient bliss. 'Champagne Kiddie Pool' then looks even deeper into the musical niches of South America with dembow rhythms overlaid with lively claps and cosmic chords. Last of all is 'Sandbox Fossils with driving bass from James Simonson and guitar from Ryan Gimpert.
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Axxanxxan (12")
Cat: CNPY 008-1. Rel: 06 Feb 24
Axxanxxan (6:41)
Axxiove (6:36)
Review: Opolopo and Alafia have hooked up here to work together on a new musical journey that takes the form of these two richly layered percussive monsters. 'Axxanxxan' and 'Axxiove' which arrive on this 12" from Canopy are as addictive as it gets - they fuse Afro rhythms and disco dazzle with synth innovation to create a pair of dance bombs with real tribal energy. The A-side is detailed with metallic bass, choppy guitars and swirling synths that add up to a nice tropical sotmg, while the flip has more prominent drums and hypnotic rhythms that have a subtle cosmos twist. Two gems from Canopy, then.
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Without You EP
Cat: DOG 96. Rel: 08 Feb 24
Lex - "Without You" (6:23)
Lex - "Strip Town" (5:26)
Lex & Locke - "Purity" (feat Guto Fernandez) (5:29)
Lex & Dennis Liber - "No Time For Formalities" (6:20)
Review: While he's been a stalwart of the Athens underground for decades, it's only in recent years that Lex has begun to release music on a regular basis. Here he returns to Delusions of Grandeur following his collaborative EP with Locke, 7 Day Path, in 2022. Fittingly, Locke makes an appearance - alongside Guto Fernandez - on 'Purity', a fine vocal number that sits somewhere between nu-disco and percussive Latin house, while Lex's love of collaboration continues on the late-80s piano house vibe of 'No Time For Formalities'. It's the A-side's solo tracks that impress most. Our pick of the pair is 'Without You', a hypnotic and locked-in acid house roller full of mind-mangling TB-303 motifs, jazzy Rhodes licks and spacey chords, though the deep and funky 'Strip Town' is almost as good.
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Steady On Now
Cat: ART 003. Rel: 25 May 21
Steady On Now (10:20)
Not You Again? (11:33)
Review: The Gallery has these rare grooves up for auction, so they advise you to place your bid quickly. Spoken like true gallerists (or collectors?) this label has presented two previous displays of artistic editing that are still enigmatic to this very day, and their next one retains the high standard in artistic quality. On the A side of this 12' we have the low slung disco disco inferno of 'Steady On Now' packed with a vibrant brass section, cosmic synths and some fine guitar work. On the flip, you're in luck (what more can we say) on 'Not You Again' which has that classic Salsoul kind of vibe all the way, oh and that vocal - good times!
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Stereo:type EP 1
Cat: STV 001. Rel: 27 Nov 23
Baby Call Me (6:38)
Can You Dig It? (6:15)
Want You Back (6:23)
Dancin’ In My Eyes (6:06)
Review: Stereo:type presents its first vinyl release from UK producer Risk Assessment, already known for notable releases on Glitterbox, No Fuss, Midnight Riot and Tinted to name but a few. With four original tracks all ploughing the rich furrow of 80s nu disco vibe that he's been championing of late, with 'Baby Call Me' a glitzy, glitterballl-teasing vocal track with a slice of Cameo-style funk thrown in for good measure leading the charge. 'Can You Dig It?' is loopier and more 'track'-orientated, essential DJ material, while the B-side boasts the filtered, soul-inflected house of 'Want You Back' and the glorious Barry White-esque tones of disco monster 'Dancin' In My Eyes'. Huge on all counts.
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Thriller (gatefold heavyweight vinyl LP)
Cat: 888751 43731. Rel: 20 May 16
Wanna Be Startin' Somethin' (6:03)
Baby Me Mine (4:21)
The Girl Is Mine (with Paul McCartney) (3:42)
Thriller (6:00)
Beat It (4:17)
Billie Jean (4:52)
Human Nature (4:06)
PYT (Pretty Young Thing) (3:56)
The Lady In My Life (4:58)
Gespielt von: Juno Recommends Pop
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Right On! (reissue)
Right On! (reissue) (heavyweight vinyl 12")
Cat: GR 12113. Rel: 02 Nov 23
Right On! (vocal version - 12" Disco edit) (7:28)
Right On! (instrumental version) (7:27)
Review: Scottish house music duo Silicone Soul aka Craig Morrison & Graeme Reedie's turn-of-the-millennium deep houser 'Right On!' certainly made a big splash back then, breaching the UK dance singles chart by bringing the genre an oily soulful emulsion. However, not their first release for the esteemed Soma Quality Recordings, 'Right On!' was an expert construction and a favourite for lovers of vocal house at the time. The track is a cover of Curtis Mayfield's 'Right On For The Darkness', a paean for living in the now and grabbing life by the bullhorns).
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Young Corner (reissue)
Cat: LXMZK 09. Rel: 20 Feb 24
Mahogany (5:08)
All That Is Now (4:27)
Serenity (5:47)
Turning Tides (5:36)
Review: Ten yeras ago, when it first was released, Young Corner marked the triumphant return of Swiss producer Alex "Lexx" Storer, renowned for his ability to craft evocative atmospheres and emotive journeys on the dancefloor. The standout track, 'Turning Tides,' blends deep house rhythms with Balearic flair, featuring sun-soaked textures and lush disco-inspired guitars destined to create unforgettable moments. 'Mahogany' takes a slower pace, with bold electronics and crisp guitars layered over a deep, dub-infused bassline. Rounding out the EP, 'Serenity' elevates the Balearic vibe with dreamy chords, clipped guitars, and cascading electronics, offering a serene escape into blissful sonic landscapes. Lexx's artistry shines through in this mesmerising collection.
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Semi Skimmed Edits 6
Semi Skimmed Edits 6 (limited 12")
Cat: SSE 006. Rel: 27 Nov 23
Under Your Spell (6:09)
Jog On (5:45)
Review: There is nothing semi-skimmed about the edits that the Semi Skimmed label serves up - they are always nothing less than full-fat sounds for big moments on the dancefloor. This latest limited edition 12" is the sixth in the series and it kicks off with 'Under Your Spell,' a gorgeously old-school disco sound with funky bass and lush, serene stings warming the whole thing through as the vocals soar. On the flip is a more funk stepper with big sax leads. 'Jog On' has slower grooves but is no less lavish and heart-melting.
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Tags: Jazz Funk
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FRESHSOUNDS 000 (hand-numbered vinyl 12" limited to 150 copies)
Cat: FRESHSOUNDS 000. Rel: 08 Jan 24
David Twice & Fool Sentimental - "Vous Avez Dit Bizarre?" (4:45)
Disco Flegrei - "Hot" (7:45)
Disco Flegrei - "Titanesque" (with Francis Galio & Marco Silva) (5:10)
DJ Moar - "Feelings" (7:11)
HoldTight - "Legend" (3:37)
Yured Jones - "Far Away" (2:28)
Review: Fresh Sounds #000 is a new and unique series, limited and numbered to 150 examples thanks to the efforts of its parent company Ribo Cochlee. For the very first edition of the series, a mockley crew of newcomers come to the fore, be they DJ Moar, Disco Flegrei or Holdtight. Centring on woozy jazzdance and disco with an airily produced bent, the highlights on this one have to be Flegrei's 'Titamesque', which basks in a kind of sexy sophistry procured by the heady combination of live drums and a (we think) muted bass clarinet, and Yured Jones' 'Far Away', which breaks from the genre prescription for a more cinematic breakdown.
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Love Me Please Forever
Cat: FTR 1012. Rel: 17 Jan 24
Love Me Please Forever (3:33)
Vedrai (2:46)
Do (3:08)
Argentina (3:34)
Fifties Rock (4:16)
Dicono Che (2:59)
Invasione (3:39)
Vivo Sarai (Stayin' Alive) (4:03)
Magari (3:01)
Tennis Club (4:18)
Review: Girl group Eva Eva Eva (who also worked as Le Figlie Del Vento) ever released only two albums - this self-titled effort from 1978 which for the purposes of this remix is newly appended with 'Love Me Please Forever', and another one that followed a similar naming convention - their 1977 debut Donna Donna Donna. All of them are cult classics that bring funk and soul and electric touches to a disco framework. The vocals are steamy and libidinous throughout and the grooves hella catchy. It's a classy work with plenty of fantastic hooks.
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Tags: Disco Funk | Italian
 in stock $20.57
Time For A Change
Cat: ATH 055. Rel: 16 Nov 17
Time For A Change (3:25)
Time For A Change (Hot mix) (3:24)
Review: In the sales notes accompanying this latest slice of 7" gold from Athens of the North, boss man Euan Fryer admits that he spent a good "four or five years" trying to locate an original copy of "Time For Change" before finally tracking down original singer Benita. She was more than happy for him to reissue the record, which is one of the most inspired and well-made disco-soul records you're ever likely to hear (how it remained a lost classic, we'll never know). Benita's lyrics and vocals are superb, the horns are punchy, and the B-side "Hot Mix" contains one of the best slap-bass solos you'll ever hear. In a word: essential.
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Volume 3
Volume 3 (12")
Cat: BKS 003. Rel: 15 Aug 19
I Wanna Be Your Lover (Dimitri From Paris mix) (7:20)
Controversy (Kerri Chandler mix) (8:41)
 in stock $14.24
Don't You Worry Baby The Best Is Yet To Come
Don't You Worry Baby The Best Is Yet To Come (3:39)
Try To Leave Me If You Can (4:31)
Review: The amount of ultra-rare, hard to find, essential Northern Soul classics seems to be infinite. Here comes another reissue that aims to right that wrong with an officially licensed pair of tunes from the Phase One Network that has artwork based on the original promo version. 'Don't You Worry Baby The Best Is Yet To Come' is brimming with soul and immediately swells your heart with its elegant strings, graceful piano chords and swirling sense of groove all lifting you off your feet. 'Try To Leave Me If You Can' is a heartbroken slow song to conjure up memories of all the loves you've lost, or maybe never had.
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Tags: Soul Disco
 in stock $7.13
What You Won't Do For Love
Cat: MAGDT 5. Rel: 01 Jan 90
What You Won't Do For Love (4:44)
Open Your Eyes (3:42)
 in stock $14.24
Reversible Dream EP
Cat: BAP 193. Rel: 18 Dec 23
Reversible Dream (6:37)
Unconditional Love (5:45)
Animae (6:23)
Destino Lontano (5:49)
Review: You always know that any new 12" from Bordello A Parigi is going to come doused in electric synth work and bright melodies. Voodoos & Taboos do just that on this retro-future new outing, the Reversible Dream EP. The title cut races out of the blocks, awash with glassy pads and prickly percussive grooves, robot vocals and raw beats. 'Unconditional Love' rides on more lush arps, this time with a slightly more melancholic feel. 'Animae' is a stomping disco-house workout with angular beats and prying leads and 'Destino Lontano' closes out with a brilliantly psychedelic comedown sound perfect for after the rave.
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Gespielt von: Rave Energy
Tags: EBM | Acid House
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Funk & Flare EP
Cat: OWL 010. Rel: 06 Nov 23
Shake It (5:26)
Follow Me (4:52)
Always Be There (5:10)
The Way (6:06)
Review: John Devecchi's AKA The Owl takes flight once again here on his self titled label's tenth outing. Once again it is a head turning mix of disco and funk that carries on where his superb Concrete Funk album from 2021 left off. These are beefy cuts with authentic grooves, starting with the loose limbed playfulness of 'Shake It'. There is a more heavy, purposeful chug to 'Follow Me' which comes alive with lush strings and perfect soul vocals. 'Always Be There' leans into a house groove with noodling guitar riffs a la Chic and 'The Way' is a nice leggy and elastic pumper with expressive diva wails. Super stuff.
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Logg (limited gatefold double 7")
Cat: BBB 001. Rel: 11 Dec 23
(You've Got) That Something (5:39)
I Know You Will (6:44)
Dancing Into The Stars (5:21)
Lay It On The Line (6:23)
Review: Here comes a unique double 7" issue of Leroy Burgess' flagship band project Logg, which showcased the legendary singer and arranger's skills in the years following his breakthrough in Black Ivory with Patrick Adams. Every track on Logg's self-titled album from 1981 shows the group Burgess had assembled were at the top of their game, but more than that its the songwriting which just bursts from the speakers from the joyous choruses to killer bridges and deadly breakdowns. The finest four cuts from the album get a side to themselves each here - just stick on 'I Know You Will' and feel your heart lift off.
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Tuff Cut #001
Cat: TUFF 001. Rel: 07 Mar 13
Bless The Rains
My Body's On Fire
Not In Love Anymore
Review: If you want hugs on the dancefloor deep into the night, Late Night Tough Guy's (formally DJ HMC) "Bless The Rains" is the perfect drug. The Adelaide based luminary rehashes Toto's "Africa" in a heavily pitched down and simple edit fit for any fromage-laced discotheque. Skirting around the throbbing bassline and triangle hits of "My Body On Fire" is a vocal that will have some train-spotters pulling their hair out in frustration, while "Not In Love Anymore" will have both Warren G/Nate Dogg and Michael McDonald fans bumping and grinding to excess.
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Do It For You
Do It For You (1-sided 12")
Cat: BSR 611BLACK. Rel: 06 Feb 24
Do It For You (3:33)
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I Wouldn't Change A Thing
Cat: EXUMG 01. Rel: 01 Jun 18
I Wouldn't Change A Thing (3:19)
Rebirth (3:50)
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Tuff Cut #10 (Record Store Day 2016)
Cat: TUFFRSD 010. Rel: 05 May 16
Hold Tite (6:25)
I Don't Like Acid (6:16)
One Nite In A Disco (6:10)
Shelter Me (7:20)
Review: Late Nite Tuff Guy bursts through RSD 2016 with a hot selection of disco-flavoured house chuggers, and we'd been waiting on a comeback from both the dude and label - all boxes ticked from our side. "Hold Tite" is the perfect summer blazer, all luscious vocals and dripping beats, and "I Don't Like Acid" takes that same soulful spirit but strips the groove right down to a bopping little rhythm that is likely to be enjoyed by both hip-hop and house fans alike. The flip's "One Night In A Disco" is a sample-heavy, string-infused floor-melter, whereas "Shelter Me" goes all balearic and feet-up - the perfect lounge cut.
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You Make Me Feel (Mighty Real)
Cat: SL 0061. Rel: 07 Mar 20
You Make Me Feel (Mighty Real) (Michael Gray remix) (7:33)
You Make Me Feel (Mighty Real) (Michael Gray dub mix) (7:38)
Review: What more needs to be said about this timeless disco hit? A staple of DJ sets by everyone from Derrick May and Laurent Garnier to James Murphy, this Harvey Fuqua and Patrick Cowley production from 1979 is a truly timeless classic whose spirit still lives to this day on modern dancefloors. Here we are treated to a rework by Britain's undisputed king of funky house Michael Gray (Full Intention) on his Sultra label. With full respect to the original, Gray's rework injects some dancefloor dynamics for the modern sound system. You even get a bonus instrumental "Dub Mix" on the flip!
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This Is Your Woman
This Is Your Woman (limited 12")
Cat: BK 083. Rel: 27 Nov 23
This Is Your Woman (5:31)
I'll Never Give You Up (4:00)
This Is You (dub Wise) (5:22)
I'll Never Give You Up (instrumental) (3:39)
Review: Brit-funk group Cloud made a big impact back in the 80s. They were part of an exciting and emerging scene that fused funk, soul, jazz and more and their catalogue continues to get plenty of attention even now, decades on. Backatcha last served up their Visions EP back in February and now they look to their This Is Your Woman 12" which opens with the title track complete with its brilliant female vocals and low-key funky disco beats. There is also the high-speed and super cool grooves of 'I'll Never Give You Up' which fans of Freez will love, then a couple of dubs and instrumentals on the flip.
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RESPECT 005 (limited 12")
Cat: RESPECT 005. Rel: 28 Nov 23
Pastime (8:25)
Paper (4:41)
Spank (7:30)
Review: The UK deep house pushers over at RESPECT return for their fifth anonymous release, blending samples pastiches of Latin groove and disco into repetitious blurs. Leading with the rhythm-laden 'Pastime', a lackadaiscal drum workout abounds amid a well-produced haze; all while 'Paper' and 'Spank' continue to brighten the mood with sizzling horn blarings and uhhs-and-ahhs of reprocessed, lost soul. Not one to miss for those who like their edits self-evidently skilful and mysterious.
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Reel 2 Reel Edits 02
Reel 2 Reel Edits 02 (limited hand-stamped 12")
Cat: R2R 002. Rel: 26 Jan 24
These Things Happen (12:56)
If You Want Me To Stay (7:05)
R U Lonely (5:43)
Gespielt von: Superbreak
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Night Dub
Night Dub (hand-stamped 12")
Cat: STAMP 018. Rel: 27 Feb 24
Night (dub)
New York To Rio
Review: The Stamp label is up to its 18th outing here and once again it is an irresistible coming together of club-ready grooves with well-chosen and well-worked samples. First up the essence of one of George Benson's most iconic cuts gets reworked into a smooth house beat with the guitar kicks, vocal inflections, claps and melodies all getting you up on your toes on 'Night' (dub). 'New York To Rio' then brings some dusty deep house grooves and impassioned vocals for a more upbeat kinda party. Hand-stamped white label business this, so do not hang about.
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Brazilian Rhyme (reissue)
Cat: ABEWAF 001. Rel: 15 Nov 23
Brazilian Rhyme (Danny Krivit re-edit) (3:00)
Runnin' (Danny Krivit re-edit) (8:18)
Review: Danny Krivit's officially sanctioned re-edits of Earth Wind & Fire's "Brazilian Rhyme" and "Runnin" have been sought-after since they first appeared on a Japan-only 12" back in 2004. In fact, such is demand that even later bootleg pressings now go for silly money online. As this reissue proves, though, they're arguably amongst Krivit's strongest scalpel works. Certainly, his three-minute revision of the always too short "Brazilian Rhyme" teases it out to just the right length, in the process delivering a sweltering, sing-along summer anthem. The flipside revision of the equally as summery "Runnin" is every bit as good, with Krivit making merry with the original's life-affirming scat vocals and killer piano solos.
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Tags: Jazz Funk
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Disco Not Disco: Leftfield Disco Classics From The New York Underground (25th Anniversary Edition)
Cat: STRUT 204LPC. Rel: 15 Feb 24
Yoko Ono - "Walking On Thin Ice" (re-edit) (7:19)
Liquid Liquid - "Cavern" (5:22)
Loose Joints - "Tell You (Today)" (vocal) (6:59)
Ian Dury & The Seven Seas Players - "Spasticus Autisticus" (version) (6:57)
Material - "Over & Over" (long version) (5:38)
Was (Not Was) - "Wheel Me Out" (7:11)
Dinosaur - "Kiss Me Again" (original edit) (6:53)
Don Cherry - "I Walk" (3:14)
Common Sense - "Voices Inside My Head" (6:29)
Nicky Siano - "Move" (5:46)
Indian Ocean - "School Bell/Tree House" (10:12)
Review: The translucent yellow vinyl reissue of Disco Not Disco: Leftfield Disco Classics From The New York Underground on Strut brings forth once again an exhilarating journey through the vibrant tapestry of the city's dance scene. Curated by Sean P and Dave Lee, the collection captures the essence of the era's experimentalism and innovation with full authenticity. From the infectious rhythms of Liquid Liquid's 'Cavern' to the hypnotic grooves of Loose Joints, each track pulsates with raw energy and eclectic creativity. With contributions from various key artists of the time, this collection serves as a timeless homage to the influential sounds that defined the underground disco movement while offering a captivating glimpse into New York's musical legacy.
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Do It For You (reissue)
Do It For You (reissue) (1-sided translucent red vinyl 12")
Cat: BSR 611COLOUR. Rel: 06 Feb 24
Do It For You (3:38)