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Love & Hate In A Different Time (Greg Wilson & Che remixes)
Cat: 506020 2597178. Rel: 21 Nov 23
Love & Hate In A Different Time (Greg Wilson & Che mix) (8:40)
Love & Hate In A Different Time (Greg Wilson & Che extended mix) (7:08)
Love & Hate In A Different Time (acappella) (5:36)
Review: 'Love & Hate In a Different Time', one of the Gabriels' sonically sweetest but most lyrically hard-hitting singles to date, may seem an unusual choice to remix, even if the 2020 release did feature a stomping groove reminiscent of Northern Soul. Greg Wilson and Che have done a great job in re-imagining it for dancefloors on their 'full length remix', though, wrapping the original's simmering swings and Jacob Lusk's incredible vocals - smothered in reverb and delay - around a rolling, 1970s style disco groove. The pair also a delivers an 'extended original mix', which stretches out Gabriels' 2020 single version for greater dancefloor pleasure, and a spine-tingling, effects-laden 'acapella' take. Simply essential.
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Gespielt von: LEGO EDIT
 in stock $15.59
13 (limited 12")
Cat: JWTWN 013. Rel: 23 Oct 23
Track 1 (10:03)
Track 2 (6:27)
Track 3 (12:24)
Review: If you have had your ear to the Balearic underground over the summer you might well have heard some high-profile selectors dropping cuts off this latest missive from US label Just What The World Needs. It is another sublime three-tracker that kicks off with the string-laced and upbeat disco delights of the A1. Second up is a much more slow and sensuous sound that sinks you in deep to a beach lounger as the sun fades into the sea and the sky turns flame red and orange. Things pick up again with the third and final cut - a percussive jumble of organic hits and drums overlaid with a heart-melting vocal sample and deft melodic details that drift by like wispy clouds.
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 in stock $17.96
Crazy P Curate Volume Four
Cat: CRAZYP C4. Rel: 30 Oct 23
Ray Mang - "Osea Island" (6:44)
Tigerbalm - "Cosmic Union" (feat Joy Tyson) (4:54)
Ruf Dug - "Vape Quarter Rhythm" (5:26)
Tuccillo - "Siroco" (6:17)
Review: 20/20 Vision and Crazy P continue their long and fruitful relationship with a fourth volume of carefully curated and super-fresh new cuts as part of this fine ongoing series. Scandi-disco don Ray Man opens up with typically lush cosmic melodies and loose-limed nu-disco beats with more than a hint of funk. Tigerbalm then heads into a tropical oasis with 'Cosmic Union' (feat Joy Tyson) which has Afro rhythms and steamy vocals bringing the heat. Ruf Dug shows his multi-genre chops again with 'Vape Quarter Rhythm' which is part proto-house cut and part dreamy Italo bliss out with rave whistles and hands-in-the-air chords. Ibiza's Tuccillo closes out with one of his signature Balearic gems in 'Siroco', which is as breezy and carefree as cocktails by the sea at sundown.
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 in stock $19.02
Fritz The Cat
Cat: MXMRK 2063. Rel: 23 Oct 23
Fritz The Cat (Mr K edit) (4:44)
You Believed In Me (Mr K instrumental edit) (4:52)
Review: Mr. K's series of edits continues. Any self-respecting music head is well familiar with the Most Excellent Unlimited series from Mr K aka Danny Krivit by now, and the latest entry into it is another doozy on 45rpm. The A-side features an edit of the title tune from a 1972 Ralph Bakshi animation originally played by a top crew of San Francisco area musicians. It is a steamy funk workout in a Latin jazz style with plenty of reverb and DJ friendly grooves. Flip it over and you'll find a gem from Philadelphia's Executive Suite which In Mr. K's hands is lit up with addictive strings and driving rhythms that never let up.
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 in stock $11.90
Overture/O Ba Ba (The Reflex Revisions)
Cat: DISCOREC 004. Rel: 16 Oct 23
Overture (The Reflex Revision) (8:11)
O Ba Ba (The Reflex Revision) (7:58)
Review: The ever-playful and seriously skilled mash-up and edit maestro The Reflex has been out in a class of one for many years. Few in his field managed to cook up the sort of delicious disco brilliance that he manages and this new 12" on the fledgling Discolidays isn't going to change that perception. 'Overture' (The Reflex Revision) is a glorious fusion of instrumental disco and withering sci-fi designs next to a catchy as hell vocal. On the flip, things head south with Latin melodies and percussion and glorious flute lines bring the joy to 'O Ba Ba' (The Reflex Revision).
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 in stock $15.85
Just A Touch: Underground UK Soul Compiled By Sam Don
Cat: AOTNLP 063. Rel: 12 Oct 23
Bovel - "Coming Back" (3:52)
Sam - "Life" (club mix) (4:10)
Marcelle Moncrieffe - "Take Me There" (4:37)
Kofi - "Step By Step" (4:16)
Pure Silk - "What You Do For Me" (4:37)
Jenny B - "Sexy Eyes" (club mix) (5:18)
Sonja Ryshard - "Step Back" (5:38)
Cavalier - "Don't Touch" (5:07)
Purely Fizzycal - "Straight To The Top" (7:17)
Dennis Planter - "I Still Dream Of You" (4:02)
Taffy - "Passion" (7:11)
Weekend In Paris - "Hold Your Head Up" (3:55)
Review: After his hugely well received lovers' rock compilations for this label, Sam Don digs deep into the rich world of UK sweet soul on this - typically - excellent new compilation from the wondrous ashes of the North. He comes up with plenty of mega hard to find and expensive musical treasures that have all been painstakingly researched and tracked down. It was a short lived but fertile scene in the underground back in the 90s and if you didn't; know that already you will after one listen through of this - the sounds are highly danceable with silky, low-lit melodies and steamy and seductive vocals for loved up late night dancing.
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 in stock $28.28
Sending All My Love Out (reissue)
Cat: KALITA 12025. Rel: 05 Oct 23
Sending All My Love Out (4:29)
Sending All My Love Out (Egyptian Lover mix) (5:41)
Sending All My Love Out (Detroit In Effect remix) (5:41)
Sending All My Love Out (demo version) (4:36)
Review: Given that Emerson's 1988 private press single 'Sending All My Love Out' has long been considered a 'holy grail' amongst electro and boogie collectors, it would be fair to say that this pressing from Kalita Records - which expands on the original 7" - will be hugely popular. And with good reason: Emerson's original, a fine blend of stuttering drums, loved-up chords and melodies and super-soulful vocals, is little less than superb. We also get the demo version - a much more lo-fi but no less endearing affair, and two fresh multi-track remixes. Egyptian Lover delivers a funky, squelchy and punchy electro remix that rightly pushes Emerson's vocals to the fore, while Detroit In Effect opt for a warming boogie-with-808 drums flex. Don't sleep!
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! low stock $13.49
Rave Du Brazil/Primavera
Rave Du Brazil/Primavera (7" Nachpressung)
Cat: SCRULSD 002. Rel: 09 Oct 23
Tony Lavrutz & Scruscru - "Rave Du Brazil" (4:12)
Scruscru & Los Protos - "Primavera" (3:47)
Review: REPRESS ALERT!: You know that long hot days are fast approaching when it is Brazilian music that you crave. Thankfully the Scruniversal has got us covered with a second release that is as scorching as the first. It pairs MPB, samba and Latin flair with hard-edged hip-hop and funk stylings across a pair of tunes from Scruscru, each one a different collaboration. The first is alongside Tony Lavrutz and has gorgeous vocals and organic percussion paired with cut-up beats and jazzy keys that will ignite any floor on 'Rave Du Brazil.' It is Los Protos's jazz funk groover 'Primavera' that gets the good vibes going on the flip.
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 in stock $11.37
I Want Your Lovin'
Cat: QTZJM 001. Rel: 17 Oct 23
I Want Your Lovin' (Just A Little Bit) (club mix) (7:51)
I Want Your Lovin' (Just A Little Bit) (vocal dub mix) (7:57)
I Want You All Tonight (main club mix) (7:09)
I Want You All Tonight (alternative vocal dub mix) (6:21)
Review: John Morales is pretty universally credited with inventing the 12" when he decided he needed more run time for his remixes than could be found on a small 7" 45rpm. Those remixes were often done on the studio floor when he would cut up and splice analogue tape to insert new breaks and extended instrumentals. He remains as good as anyone at that and these new versions of Curtis Harrison's 'I Want Your Lovin' and 'I Want You All Tonight' show why. They are steamy and loved-up disco gems that have everything needed to set the floor alight- big vocals, big drums, lush synths.
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 in stock $15.59
Saint Wax Edit Service 3
Saint Wax Edit Service 3 (hand-stamped 12")
Cat: SWES 003. Rel: 30 Oct 23
Chevere Africa
Review: The Saint Wax Edit Service is back with another fine helping of disco goodness to keep those dance floors nourished this summer and beyond. 'Candela' opens up with a lung-busting and intoxicating vocal over organic drums while 'Chevere Africa' has a warm Afro feel to its upbeat and celebratory disco beats complete with big horns. 'Ledile' gets even more party starting with its jazzy lines and funky bass work and then things slow down on 'Mameye,' a more steamy and languid affair but still one with plenty of big horn charm. Useful tackle, this.
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! low stock $12.67
Vita Tropicale
Cat: SW 006. Rel: 16 Oct 23
Bamenda (5:45)
Mangala (6:03)
Tropicalissimo (6:01)
Ibaye (5:22)
Review: Following much loved releases on Riot, Tropical Disco and Italy's Full Time Production, Musta delivers us four new irresistible workouts that blend disco sensibilities and a sharp dancefloor aesthetic with an original dose of African rhythms. 'Bamenda' starts proceedings with a laid back, wonderfully wonky vibe, before 'Mangala' ups the ante subtly, being more lively but also lighter and nimbler. 'Tropicalissimo' is the one for the percussion heads, its tumbling timbales paving the way for a bleepy acid house head nodder blessed with Cuban-style vocals and carnival sonics. 'Ibaye' completes the package, surfing a hefty groove but seasoning its beats with the most exotic trimmings. All four are standouts in their own way and the kind of weapons a DJ will be simply itching to drop. A Musta-have release, you might even say.
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 in stock $13.49
Tu Tak Tu Tak Tutiyan (Elado remixes)
Cat: RNT 45011. Rel: 07 Nov 23
Tu Tak Tu Tak Tutiyan (Elado's Gulab Jamun rework) (4:10)
Tu Tak Tu Tak Tutiyan (Elado's 4 AM mix) (4:48)
Review: Elado Gulab Jamun did a fantastic job with his edit of this Bollywood gem to the extent that it has become a real dancefloor gem that's been much loved all around the world for the last two years. Now it makes its way to a 7" vinyl pressing and is backed with his 4am mix of the same tune. This one is a sublime and dubbed out, acid tinged electronic trip that comes with original CD artwork that pays great tribute to original artist Nadim Khan. Another tasteful outing from Razor-N-Tape for this fresh edit.
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 in stock $14.54
Shout From The Rooftop (feat Al Kent, John Morales mixes & Kousto remix)
Shout From The Rooftop (3:44)
Shout From The Rooftop (Al Kent's encore mix) (10:13)
Shout From The Rooftop (John Morales M + M main mix) (7:51)
Shout From The Rooftop (Kousto remix) (6:59)
Review: AXNER's latest single 'Shout From The Rooftop' is as glossy and golden as disco gets with two members of Nile Rodgers' Chic in the form of drummer Ralph Rolle and vocalist Audrey Martells both helping to make it so. It's got a soaring vocal and funky basslines and gets some high-grade remix treatment here. French artist and Folamour collaborator Kousto goes for a sunny house remix with the original's riffs left in place. The legendary John Morales offers a timeless M + M main mix that brims with glorious instrumentation and nonstop grooves and the one and only Al Kent brings his magic touch to a perfect Balearic sound with some superb Rhodes solos.

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 in stock $14.27
Move On Up
Move On Up (limited 7")
Cat: GCV 7005. Rel: 24 Oct 23
Move On Up (Micky More & Andy Tee 7 Inch mix) (4:47)
Runaway (Micky More & Andy Tee 7 Inch mix) (4:51)
Review: Serge Funk, and his contemporaries Micky More & Andy Tee, bring utter floor-shaking heat to Groove Culture with 'Move On Up' and 'Runaway', two four-to-the-floor crowdpleasers working in rapidfire vocal samples and bass licks sifted from the trawled megahertz of funk. Compressed and pumped-out to no end, each track here balances the other out nicely in mutual a barrage of interwoven rhythms and vocal "hups".
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 in stock $13.74
Metamorphosis Part 2
Metamorphosis Part 2 (gatefold 2xLP)
Cat: ZEDDLP 59X. Rel: 26 Oct 23
The Philly Avengers (9:53)
AC Express (7:17)
The Mystery, The Moment (5:48)
It's Got To Be Love (9:54)
Music For Your Pleasure (7:19)
Losing My Mind At The Disco (9:36)
Review: Disco mined straight from artisanal-analogue, rather than digital-mechanised, sources, this second part of the vinyl edition - like the first - is produced in collaboration with a 20-piece orchestra. An "album of pure indulgence" - as he calls it - it begins with huge, brass-and-string dominated 'The Philly Avengers' and covers a huge stylistic range, the LP inspired by Lee's memories of the golden era of TV as well as the soundtracks of his favourite childhood TV shows - in which a distinctly analogue sound abounded.
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 in stock $29.35
Funk & Flare EP
Cat: OWL 010. Rel: 06 Nov 23
Shake It (5:26)
Follow Me (4:52)
Always Be There (5:10)
The Way (6:06)
Review: John Devecchi's AKA The Owl takes flight once again here on his self titled label's tenth outing. Once again it is a head turning mix of disco and funk that carries on where his superb Concrete Funk album from 2021 left off. These are beefy cuts with authentic grooves, starting with the loose limbed playfulness of 'Shake It'. There is a more heavy, purposeful chug to 'Follow Me' which comes alive with lush strings and perfect soul vocals. 'Always Be There' leans into a house groove with noodling guitar riffs a la Chic and 'The Way' is a nice leggy and elastic pumper with expressive diva wails. Super stuff.
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 in stock $12.95
Rarities 2010-2020: Japanese Tour Singles
Rarities 2010-2020: Japanese Tour Singles (limited LP with obi-strip + insert)
Cat: SNDWLP 157. Rel: 19 Oct 23
Be Thankful (3:15)
In Your Life (Lisa Tomlins version) (4:13)
Nightclub Daydream (3:35)
Floating Bridge (4:05)
Woah! There's No Limit (alternate version) (4:04)
Thinking Of Dub (3:55)
Makossa No 2 (4:04)
Cosmic Echoes In Dub (3:52)
Review: Fans rejoice - Lord Echo's limited vinyl-only singles is available digitally worldwide at last, as well as compiled on a vinyl album presented in an embossed Japanese printed sleeve and obi strip. Not one to succumb to the pressures of our capitalist overlords, the enigmatic producer continues to tinker away on various projects, including the hefty task of renovating an abandoned Masonic lodge into a recording studio in rural New Zealand. While we patiently await new music, we can revel in versions that escaped the typical overthinking that occurs during the album process, instead reflecting the spontaneity and freedom of a touring artist. All tracks here bar one ('Thinking of Dub') were initially released on short-run 7" singles for Echo's early Japan tours, made only available to dedicated fans who attended the live shows. Without further ado, Soundway presents Lord Echo's 'Rarities', a collection of sought-after singles now made very much accessible to you the people.
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! low stock $24.05
Divided Conformelution
Divided Conformelution (7" limited to 300 copies)
Cat: AC 005. Rel: 13 Nov 23
Jurasoc 5 vs Booty Haul - "Divided Conformelution" (3:34)
Booty Haul - "Conformstumental" (3:31)
Review: The Alloy Cuts label is back with another sweet 45rpm that collides some of the greats of hip-hop past into two new fusion and mash-up jams designed to do plenty of damage to dancefloors. First up is Jurasoc 5 vs Booty Haul with 'Divided Conformelution' which has some sick low ends and booming kicks overlaid with funky guitar riffs and hard bars. Booty Haul's 'Conformstumental' then appears on the flip side as the original sample source for the a1. It's more physical with the bars stripped away and still has plenty of raw funk.
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Gespielt von: The Allergies
 in stock $12.67
I Want To See You Dance
Cat: ZEDD 12361. Rel: 18 Sep 23
I Want To See You Dance (9:26)
The Talented Mr Adams (9:26)
Review: This special 12" features two tracks that will not be on the vinyl version of the forthcoming AC Soul Symphony, Disco opus "Metamorphosis" featuring a 20 piece orchestra alongside a whole host of top live players. That makes it an even more vital pick up because both are pure disco fire. 'I Want To See You Dance' has the title's classic refrain repeated over big Salsoul style string licks, funky basslines and soloing piano. 'The Talented Mr Adams' is a tribute to the legendary disco producer Patrick Adams and is a super sweet swooner with golden live strings and brass backing up a loose-limbed rhythm and vamping pianos that get you in the mood for love. These two tracks act as a fine teaser for what's to come on the much-anticipated album from a contemporary version of acts like MFSB and Love Unlimited Orchestra.
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 in stock $15.33
Disco Reggae Vol 5
Cat: STIX 060LP. Rel: 05 Oct 23
Mato - "What You Won’t Do For Love" (feat Ethel Lindsey) (4:03)
Taggy Matcher - "Supernature" (feat Phoebe Killdeer) (5:23)
Mato - "Lady Marmalade" (feat Lady Gatica) (3:57)
Simon Nyabinghi - "You'll Never Know" (dub) (4:08)
Taggy Matcher - "Teenage Kicks" (feat Wolfgang Valbrun) (4:24)
Paula Mirhan - "Walk On By" (3:41)
Taggy Matcher - "That's The Way (I Like It)" (4:59)
Soul Sugar - "Still In The Groove" (5:06)
Review: Sometimes all you need is a classic with a stylistic twist. This is the fifth installment of the very functionally named 'Disco Reggae', a series of compilations of reggae covers of disco classics. French outputters Stix are the brains behind this one, being the sub-label of Favorite Recordings, who specialise exclusively in reggae remixes. Everything from slow-jam nighttime disco ('What You Won't Do For Love' by Bobby Caldwell) to high-energy glitterballers (Labelle's 'Lady Marmalade') appear here, flaunting the easier-to-bridge-than-you'd-think gap between disco and reggae.
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 in stock $23.79
Something On My Mind
Something On My Mind (12" limited to 300 copies)
Cat: 196588 48481. Rel: 20 Oct 23
Something On My Mind (extended) (6:54)
Something On My Mind (extended instrumental) (6:54)
Something On My Mind (Solomun remix) (7:36)
Something On My Mind (Solomun remix instrumental) (4:50)
Review: Purple Disco Machine makes the sort of warm, colourful and feel-good sounds that have united festival crowds all over the world since he first broke through. For his latest tune he has worked with UK chart-topper Duke Dumont on a single, 'Something On My Mind' which melts nostalgic disco goodness with fresh and contemporary production. It is jin indie-tinged cut with vintage synths and groove-driven basslines with vocals from rising band Nothing But Thieves, whom Purple Disco Machine remixed not so long ago. This is another crossover hit in the making for disco-revivalists Purple Disco Machine and it comes on a 12" that is limited to 300 copies.
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Gespielt von: Juno Recommends Disco
Tags: Nu Disco | Pop Disco
 in stock $16.39
Disco Power EP
Cat: BLURWAX 002. Rel: 06 Nov 23
Disco Power (5:08)
Malandro (4:33)
To The Beat Y`all (5:00)
Review: Mexican DJ and producer Hotmood indeed brings the heat on his new EP for the Blur Records gang. It is a fine fusion of disco and house music with rich instrumentals, nice organic sound and plenty of smart samples. Opener 'Disco Power' is a funky and upbeat cut with a powerful bassline and big vocal stabs. Things get more deep and laidback with 'Malandro' which has big sax energy and sunny chords then 'To The Beat Y'all' rounds out the EP with real disco energy. The drums hit hard, big guitar riffs brighten up the mix and subtle filters and FX also pump things to the next level.
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Gespielt von: LEGO EDIT
 in stock $13.22
Leak 04-13: Bait Ones (reissue)
Leak 04-13: Bait Ones (reissue) (LP in die-cut sleeve)
Cat: XL 1306LP2. Rel: 16 Nov 23
One Of The Bredrins (2:57)
Str8 Outta Mumbai (2:59)
Zion Wolf Theme (Unfinished) (1:15)
Garden Of Paradise (instrumental - Unfinished) (3:00)
Genevieve (Unfinished) (0:55)
Raw Beat (Unfinished) (0:27)
Crush (Unfinished) (3:27)
Good Time (Unfinished) (0:28)
Jasmine (demo) (4:11)
100,000 (Unfinished) (2:58)
Vibin' (Unfinished) (2:38)
Baby Beat (Unfinished) (0:39)
Desert River (Unfinished) (3:05)
Chix (Unfinished) (0:49)
All Night (Unfinished) (3:07)
BTSTU (demo) (3:29)
Review: God bless XL Recordings. The UK label has been at the forefront of boundary pushing music since its inception, and almost 35 years remains a seal of quality. A constant source of inspiring surprises and new sonic experiences. The kind of organisation that will take a punt on British polymath Jai Paul's demo album, which, by all accounts, is pretty hard to describe, let alone define. More so, the type of team that would, eight years earlier, support and release one of the artist's earliest songs, 'BTSTU'. Coming full circle, that tune closes this collection of stuff produced around the same time, all of which was going to form the debut album, Bait Ones. One low-quality CD-R of the work stolen and then leaked online later, and the artist stepped away from music until the end of the last decade, when this "perfectly imperfect" LP was finally allowed to see the light of day. A lo fi, glitchy, trippy, granular, sexy sound that owes as much to hip hop, pop and r&b as experimental noise, ambient dub, and electronic soul.
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 in stock $21.67
So Special EP
So Special EP (limited 12")
Cat: GCV 016. Rel: 21 Nov 23
So Special (Micky More & Andy Tee edit) (6:27)
It's Over Now (feat Kareem Shabazz - White Soul Project remix) (6:06)
Love Is All Around (feat Heston - Micky More & Andy Tee dub) (6:29)
Gotta Feeling (feat Karmina Dai - Micky More & Andy Tee mix) (7:03)
Review: Italian dance band Reverendos Of Soul, formed by Giovanni Ceccati & Andrea Tonici, have been lighting up the scene since 2013. The 'So Special' EP includes four of their best tracks showcasing a signature and euphoric blend of disco, soul and house; label heads Micky More & Andy Tee serve up three mixes of Reverendos Of Soul hits ('So Special', 'Love Is All Around' and 'Gotta Feeling'), with White Soul Project also sprinkling their magic onto proceedings for their delicious version of 'It's Over Now'. In summary, an ethereal and blissful future disco glitzer.
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 in stock $15.59
Best Of 2023
Best Of 2023 (limited gold vinyl LP)
Cat: XPRESS 58. Rel: 26 Sep 23
Luke Delite & Michelle Weeks - "Give Me Your Love" (Dave Lee edit) (7:04)
Sam Karlson & Barbara Tucker - "Be Yourself" (Michael Gray dub mix) (4:50)
Sparkling Attitude - "Giving Nothing" (feat Dyanna Fearon - Art Of Tones remix) (3:42)
Magnolia - "Believe In L" (feat Mani Hoffman & Million Miles) (3:23)
Generoco - "Disco Jazzin'" (4:46)
Alastair Lane - "Disco Malefico" (4:23)
Georges - "Love's Away" (4:10)
Review: Full steam ahead! Put on your dancing shoes and jump aboard The Disco Express as the much loved London label unveils its hugely anticipated Best of 2023 compilation. Featuring seven original dancefloor weapons, this electrifying compilation encapsulates the most unforgettable tracks from the label this year. Pressed on limited edition gold vinyl, the V/A seamlessly blends classic funk and soul elements with cutting-edge production, boasting a truly stacked lineup of talent; celebrating the vibrant spirit of The Disco Express whilst perfectly infusing modern twists, and optimised for contemporary dancefloors.
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 in stock $19.83
Cat: SL 123. Rel: 26 Sep 23
Invincible (6:24)
You Got To Remember (6:46)
You Got To Remember (dub mix) (6:22)
Review: What would it be like to be invincible? An ecstatic funky house climax from the dream team of music-maker Michael Gray and singer Tatiana Owens, new one 'Invincible' channels the pure excitement of real love and connection, lyrically equating that excitement to feeling as if nothing could slow us down. Speaking of "common love" and "every day and every day", this is an unstoppable single, with its impenetrable march forward backed up by piano chords, stabbing string hits and punchy fills. Don't miss the B-side 'You Got To Remember', nor the live performed version on YouTube!
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 in stock $15.33
If You Can't Tell Me Something Good
Cat: LHL 2001. Rel: 20 Oct 23
If You Can't Tell Me Something Good (5:03)
 in stock $14.54
Right On! (reissue)
Right On! (reissue) (heavyweight vinyl 12")
Cat: GR 12113. Rel: 02 Nov 23
Right On! (vocal version - 12" Disco edit) (7:28)
Right On! (instrumental version) (7:27)
Review: Scottish house music duo Silicone Soul aka Craig Morrison & Graeme Reedie's turn-of-the-millennium deep houser 'Right On!' certainly made a big splash back then, breaching the UK dance singles chart by bringing the genre an oily soulful emulsion. However, not their first release for the esteemed Soma Quality Recordings, 'Right On!' was an expert construction and a favourite for lovers of vocal house at the time. The track is a cover of Curtis Mayfield's 'Right On For The Darkness', a paean for living in the now and grabbing life by the bullhorns).
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 in stock $15.33
D3w W3rk Vol 2
Cat: GM 54. Rel: 18 Sep 23
Soul Glow (6:23)
Party People (6:57)
Homage (7:04)
Review: Producer and DJ MES (aka Jason Sutton) is the man behind the Guesthouse label out of California and has overseen it serving up more than 100 releases. His own music is never far away from influential charts and record bags and now he serves up a funky number packed with soul samples. 'Soul Glow' kicks off with playful drum loops and filters, a neat bassline and infectious claps. 'Party People' has a more edgy feel with silvery drums and tumbling congas while 'Homage' is the most raw and direct and possibly the best of the lot with its chunky drums and razor-sharp hi-hats.
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 in stock $12.95
So Much Love To Give
So Much Love To Give (7" limited to 300 copies)
Cat: EM 006. Rel: 16 Oct 23
TB - "So Much Love To Give" (4:17)
DJ F - "Together" (4:26)
Review: Electric Mojo is an American label that is decided to reissue plenty of the golden oldies of techno, big euro-dance hits and plenty of French and filter house gems, which is exactly what we have on this latest instalment. TB's version of 'So Much Love To Give' opens up and it is a huge wall of pixelated synth sounds that fizzes over you like breaking waves as the loopy vocal rings out for all the sing back. On the flip side you find DJ F's 'Together' which is less intense in its loops but just as infectious - the cold drums, warmer vocal loops and endlessly cycling synths will all work any dancefloor into a lather.
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Take A Ride EP
Take A Ride EP (gatefold 2xLP)
Cat: NER 25674. Rel: 20 Oct 23
Let Me Be Your Fantasy
Let Me Be Your Fantasy (instrumental)
Anane's Disco Punk Demo (instrumental)
Coffy Is The Color
Coffy Is The Color (instrumental)
Tutto Previsto
Get On the Funk Train (Michael Gray dub mix)
Review: Anane's 'Take A Ride' EP was produced by Two Soul Fusion, aka. Louie Vega and Josh Milan, all with live string arrangements courtesy of the Apple Hill String Quartet and conducted by Leroy Burgess. The recording dives from the effortless heights of punk disco ('Let Me Be Your Fantasy', 'High') into the swirling eddies of jazz-funk ('Coffy Is The Color') before climbing back out into the languorous arms of Italo-disco ('Tutto Previsto'). The EP is held together in its entirety by the dreamy, sumptuous vocal of its creator Anane, who considers her top line one vital part of the instrumental whole. "I am art," Anane reflects carefully, "for I am the music as much as I am the singer. Creation means to crawl into the unseen of my own dreams and becoming the beast of my vision, singing to the world as I go by." Opening singles 'Let Me Be Your Fantasy' and 'High' both tap into this lifeblood of classic punk disco - when rock, punk and disco merged in the early 80s to create the seminal NYC sound - chugging bass lines and tempestuous high hats providing the DNA for both cuts.
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She Wants
She Wants (limited 12")
Cat: ISLE 023. Rel: 17 Oct 23
She Wants (6:23)
She Wants (More) (6:14)
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Neptune (limited 7")
Cat: BK 087. Rel: 27 Nov 23
Neptune (previously unreleased version) (3:55)
You Gotta Get It (instrumental) (3:57)
Review: Congress bassist Randy Hope-Taylor and keys man Errol Reid are behind this superbly lush bit of 80s UK jazz-funk. 'Neptune' appears here in a previously unreleased version and is a carefree, feel-good jaunt with well-swung drums and plenty of neat melodies. The keys are jazzy and the bass warm and bubbly. Flip it over and you will find an equally good instrumental version of the sought-after 'You Gotta Get It'. It's another irresistibly uplifting jazz-funk gem with carefree keys and a beautifully late-night and lounging vibe.
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I'm Just A Lonely Girl
Cat: PAP 73131. Rel: 17 Oct 23
I'm Just A Lonely Girl (3:32)
The Groove I'm In (2:55)
Review: Once falling prey to the tendency for rare records to be heavily priced up and thus rendered inaccessible to buyers on the secondhand market, Florence Miller's 'I'm Just A Lonely Girl/The Groove I'm In' now sees a long-awaited reissue via its original label P&P. Very little about Miller is known, save for her involvement in the label run by Peter Brown, on which just two records were ever released. But these two cuts - one of which is more lonesome and serene, and the other skewed towards bombast - are eternal testaments to her talent, and have become sought-after staples of the Northern Soul scene.
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Piano Sunset
Cat: SC 7066. Rel: 12 Oct 23
Piano Sunset (4:32)
Lost In Palms (4:55)
Review: The diffuse hues and retro-feeling colours of the artwork on this new 45rpm from Star Creature perfectly embody the downtempo and Balearic sounds within. They come from A Vision Of Panorama who seems to ever more have the dance floor in sights over his last few releases. That's not to say these are banging tunes - but they do have lovely grooves. 'Piano Sunset' is a real spine tingler with 80s keys and mid tempo drums that come alive with crisp hits and a fresh bassline. 'Lost In Palms' then has a shuffling and low slung groove with nice wet hits. Add in some more lush chords and you have a real pearler.
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Thelxis (12")
Cat: B2RW 001. Rel: 09 Oct 23
Thelxis (extended vocal) (8:29)
Thelxis (instrumental) (8:10)
Review: B2 Recordings is a label run by Greek talent Bengoa as a platform to offer up his own diverse sounds. Here he serves up a new single featuring Pan that is sublime, seductive and deep. The vocals you will recognise from a classic pop hit but here they get all resung in an even more libidinous fashion. The drums roll, and the percussion is loose, and bright but soft chord stabs heighten the mood. Flip it over for an instrumental version of 'Thelxis' that is all about the late-night grooves. Two stylish sounds for romantic moments.

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What Cha Gonna Do With My Lovin
Cat: QTZJM 002. Rel: 21 Nov 23
What Ya Gonna Do With My Lovin (club mix) (7:38)
What Cha Gonna Do With My Lovin (instrumental mix) (7:00)
You Gonna Make Me Love Somebody Else (extended club mix) (8:14)
You Gonna Make Me Love Somebody Else (instrumental mix) (7:38)
Review: Spencer Morales taps into the most lavish and soulful end of the house spectrum here with a glorious new single 'What Cha Gonna Do With My Lovin.' The glossy and sophisticated production oozes charm and high end touches while the vocals are as pure as they come - soaring, full of soul and nicely in sync with the rolling beats and golden chords, sumptuous strings and loose percussion. On the flip, 'You Gonna Make Me Love Somebody Else' is a rework of a disco classic with another catchy vocal and more infectious soulful house grooves.
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Personality Edits #2
Personality Edits #2 (7" limited to 200 copies)
Cat: PE 002. Rel: 23 Oct 23
Work That Boogie (Harri Pierson edit) (4:26)
Coco (Tomato Wallet edit) (4:00)
Review: The first offering from Personality Edits got plenty of plaudits so we're glad Harri Pierson now goes to work adding his own tweaks to a primitive house jam. 'Work That Boogie' has whistles and jacked-up drums, razor-sharp hi-hats and corrugated bass, all of which serve to get the floor in a sweat. Flip it over and you'll find 'Coco' as edited by Tomato Wallet. It's a mix of old-school scratching and cut-up b-boy breaks with some cosmic melodic signifiers and rich percussive play. This super limited 7" arrives as a one-time-only pressing with no digital alternative.
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I Need You
Cat: YELLOWTAXI 001. Rel: 29 Sep 23
I Need You (86 House mix) (5:25)
I Need You (Acid mix) (5:29)
I Need You (Soul version) (7:22)
Review: Having released a swathe of killer re-edits by Rahaan, it's little surprise to find Hot Biscuit Recordings serving up his new original production, albeit on a new sub-label, Yellow Taxi Records. 'I Need You' was written by the track's featured artist, soulful vocalist Kihmy, and is presented in three contrasting forms. On the A-side, Rahaan explores the house side of his musical identity, first wrapping Kihmy's vocal, suspenseful keyboard melodies and gorgeous proto-house stabs around an addictive, effects-laden bassline and jacking drum machine beats on the '86 House Mix', before going darker and more psychedelic on the TB-303-powered 'Acid Mix'. As good as they are, the most joyous mix of all resides on side B: the 'Soul Mix', which offers a warmer, mid-tempo, disco-influenced interpretation full to bursting with luscious live instrumentation.
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Big 5 Boogie #2
Cat: VOOM 002. Rel: 14 Nov 23
Take It Easy (5:18)
Take It Easy (SMBD & Fred Spider remix) (4:34)
Take It Easy (Aroop Roy Rweork) (6:29)
African Sunrise (5:57)
African Sunrise (Kid Fonque Refix) (8:35)
Review: House music has been huge in South Africa for some time, and not just in the underground but everywhere - it can be heard on radio, bleeding from car stereos and out of boomboxes all over the townships. It has its own distinctive twist and influences and some of those are explored on this new Voom Voom 12", which is just the second from this label. It features different remixes of two originals and all are steeped in sun-drenched synths, with funky Afro rhythms underpinning the lush vocals. A heart warming EP of real house depth.
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I Thought It Was You
Cat: LMS 1725051. Rel: 26 Sep 23
David Penn & Sex-O-Sonique - "I Thought It Was You" (5:59)
Sex-O-Sonique - "I Thought It Was You" (Full Intention remix) (5:15)
Review: London Records and Central Station come together for this, the first in a series of new EPs they will put out together. It finds the top selling artist David Penn offering up a big remix of Michael Gray & Jon Pearn aka Sex-O-Sonique's 'I Thought I Was You' in much the same way he has done with several other big hits before now. It's the sort of impossibly and instantly feel good house record that brims with soulful synths and hand in the air chords, smart little vocal sounds and chunky, funky drums. The original was already a big hit in the clubs and this new version is likely to be just as widely loved.
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All Over You (feat Nenor, DJ Vas remixes)
Cat: KS 001. Rel: 02 Oct 23
All Over You (6:12)
All Over You (House mix) (5:21)
All Over You (Nenor remix) (5:50)
All Over You (DJ Vas remix) (5:14)
Review: Kaninchenbau's main collaborators Sokur and The Funk District helm this latest intergalactic journey in the form of 'All Over You'. It's a superbly tasteful and deep disco joint with lush synth work and the sort of groovy drums that make every head to the floor and get down. Next to the original is a classic 'House Mix' version and then comes two epic remixes on the flip. Both are from accomplished and ever busy Razor-N-Tape producers Nenor and DJ Vas who bring a real touch of classic to their work and offer a different look than the A-side.

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I'm Ready
I'm Ready (12")
Cat: FTM 202303. Rel: 06 Oct 23
I'm Ready (Mousse T extended club remix) (7:37)
I'm Ready (FrescoEdits Groovy mix) (5:53)
I'm Ready (2022 mix) (6:58)
I'm Ready (Mousse T extended club remix instrumental) (7:38)
Review: There are few bigger or more celebrated Italo-disco singles than Kano's 'I'm Ready', which became an anthem on underground U.S dancefloors (as well as in its native Italy) following its release in 1980. Here it gets a new pressing courtesy of re-established original Italo-disco label Full Time Production, with Kano's original mix - a soaring, synth-heavy sing-along driven forwards by waves of arpeggio-style synth sounds and insatiably funky bass - being joined by a trio of 21st century revisions. Mousse T delivers vocal and instrumental takes that cleverly chop-up and loop up key sections to re-imagine the track as a surging funky house number smothered in vintage Italo-disco synth sounds, while FrescoEdits stretches out an extra-percussive disco groove before throwing in choice synth sounds and vocals from Kano's peerless original mix.
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Why Do I Love You
Why Do I Love You (translucent green vinyl 7")
Cat: ES 090LPC1. Rel: 09 Nov 23
Why Do I Love You (Red Greg radio edit) (4:54)
Why Do I Love You (Red Greg radio edit instrumental) (4:45)
Review: Why Do I Love You? Good question! Chicago's Magic Touch label gets the Numero treatment, hearing rare groove selector & DJ, Red Greg, edit the disco holy grail 'Why Do I Love You' by Magic Touch. Now available on 7" for the first time, we hear both Red Greg's full version and its instrumental edit, providing ample choice for selectors hoping to build versatile sets out of the Numero catalogue.
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Tags: Soul Disco
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Computer Age (feat Universal Cave mix)
Cat: ERC 148. Rel: 09 Oct 23
Computer Age (club mix) (4:59)
Computer Age (dub mix) (4:59)
Computer Age (Universal Cave Discomix) (13:35)
Review: King Sporty is something of a chameleonic artists, not that many people know. He started out int he 70s making reggae and soul 7"s, then moved into disco, boogie, hip-hop and electro 12"s during the 80s, and then when house music hit in the 90s he evolved once more. This new drop from Emotional Rescue takes a tune from that late era. 'Computer Music' is four to the floor with electro influences and a lazy break that pull you in deep. Far-sighted chords bring a serene sense of cosmic majesty while a filtered vocal adds space age vibes. A dub is included as well as the Universal Cave Discomix by the Philadelphia DJ and production crew. A retro-future EP indeed..
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Too Far Gone
Too Far Gone (translucent blue vinyl 7")
Cat: ES 088LPC1. Rel: 09 Nov 23
Too Far Gone (radio edit) (4:34)
Everybody's Problem (radio edit) (5:01)
Review: LaJohn and Sheila's 'Too Far Gone' is an otherworldly disco cut from the Chicago label Magic Touch, which is benefitting from a reissue spotlight courtesy of Numero. The track was unearthed by Mr Peabody for a BBE compilation a long way back, but finally the tune is getting its own proper outing thanks to this tidy little 7", which comes in clear blue on this edition. Some tracks are holy grails for more than their scarcity, and this is truly one of those perfect records that everyone will want in their lives for all time once they clap ears on it.
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Tags: Disco Funk
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Don't Send Me Away (Record Store Day 2019)
Cat: BKD 505. Rel: 30 Apr 21
Don't Send Me Away (5:22)
You Got Dat Right (5:55)
Review: Last year, obscure 1980s soul singer Garfield Fleming returned to action with a mini-album of tracks co-produced by modern boogie maestro Simon Tappenden AKA Ourra. Here we get a chance to savour once again his 1981 debut single, the much-sampled "Don't Send Me Away". It's something of a "groove"-era boogie classic, all told, with Fleming's superb lead vocal rising above sweeping orchestration and a chunky groove. It also boasts a seriously good breakdown in which Garfield's repetitive chorus vocals ride a stripped-back but percussive groove. Turn to the flip for the solid original B-side "You Got Dat Right", a jaunty slab of disco powered by honky tonk style pianos and a superb "walking" bassline.
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Tags: Soul Disco
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Eccentric Boogie
Eccentric Boogie ("boogie nights" vinyl LP in spot-varnished sleeve)
Cat: NUM 509LPC2. Rel: 05 Oct 23
Maxx Traxx - "Don't Touch It!" (4:41)
Stylle Band - "If You Love Me" (2:58)
Home Boy & The COL - "I Saw You Dancing" (3:10)
Unit Three - "Lets Boogie Tonight" (5:14)
Steven - "Quick" (3:23)
Donnell Pitman - "Burning Up" (4:23)
Duke D - "Lady Luck" (4:37)
Ronnie Robbins - "Contagious" (4:45)
Pete & Cheez - "You & Me" (5:00)
Contrast - "Slippin' In The Night" (4:18)
Review: This new and superb compilation from Numero Group comes on suitably snazzy purple and pink wax to make it even more of a treasured collection. The exceptional label rightly says that 'Eccentric Boogie' is "the only boogie record you'll ever need to own." It has 100 all-killer, no-filler cuts that are designed purely to get your ass moving and the dancefloor grooving. Right from the opening moments it has you locked and loaded: Maxx Traxx's 'Don't Touch It!' is silky stuff with neat bass riffs and gorgeous soul vocals overflowing with good time feels. Add in extra gems from the likes of Donell Pittmann and Ronnie Robbins and this one is a no-brainer.
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Tags: Disco Funk
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Chicago (Is My Chicago)
Chicago (Is My Chicago) (translucent yellow vinyl 7")
Cat: ES 089LPC1. Rel: 09 Nov 23
Chicago (Is My Chicago) (radio edit) (4:56)
Sexy Lady (radio edit) (4:39)
Review: Take a trip back into the underground of early 80s Chicago and the raw, brilliant sound of the Magic Touch label. Numero have taken on the task of picking up some of the label's most sought-after jams and giving them a fresh pressing, and this sure shot from the Light Touch Band is a fine place to start. This is a record which offers two very different vibes depending on what you're after, as the A side slips into a feel-good, funked up rap joint celebrating all things Windy City and the B side takes a surprise turn into wild-eyed P-funk territory. The diggers and sharks have been circling this one for a long time - let it reach the people so they can all get down to the unreal sounds.
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Tags: Disco Funk
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Afro Disco
Afro Disco (hand-stamped 7")
Cat: 45L M. Rel: 31 Aug 23
M (4:01)
MM (4:40)
Review: Moar is an alias from French DJ and producer Jerome Potin, who has been gifting us groove-laden edit gear and his own original productions for decades now. His commitment to funk can never be in doubt, and so it goes on this drop for his 45 Loves label. It's a more recent venture which has carried a vast array of edits from the man's archives, championing less obvious grooves from hidden corners of Afrobeat, high life and elsewhere. The A-side offering on here is a slickly looped up strutter with a little filter house flair, while the B-side is a smoky, submerged affair for those subtler moments in a party.
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Gespielt von: Jayl Funk, Marcel Vogel
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Disco Computer (reissue)
Cat: RV 009. Rel: 09 Oct 23
Disco Computer (5:13)
You Are Disco (6:44)
Review: Dan Lacksman is a Belgian electronic music pioneer who co-founded the Electro Pop Dance formation Telex and is credited for their classic 'Moskow Diskow.' He also worked under the Transvolta name but put out only one single, 1978's impossibly hard-to-find classic 'Disco Computer.' Dan himself has carefully remastered the original for this special 12" reissue. It's still a retro-future sound all these years later with the signature talk box vocals and sleek drum machines under cosmic synths. On the flip is a long version of 'You Are Disco' which is a similar vibe but with a slightly more lively groove and vocal. Two serene dancefloor gems by any standards.
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The Big Beat (reissue)
The Big Beat (reissue) (clear vinyl 7" limited to 200 copies)
Cat: BAB 012CLEAR. Rel: 02 Nov 23
Billy Squier - "The Big Beat" (2:56)
Le Pamplemousse - "Gimmie What You Got" (4:11)
Review: The Beats & Breaks label's "Extended Breaks" series is red hot if you ask us and they always offer up direct to dancefloor beats. This one is a classic amongst many that is often reissued to keep beat heads happy. If finds the mysterious re-editor add their take on Billy Squier's 1980 heavy rock workout and brings its bottom-heavy drums and the singer's impassioned vocal yelps to the fore, Plenty of the gnarled guitar riffs are removed too. The crew's subtle revision of Le Pamplemousse's drowsy, synth-laden deep disco shuffler 'Gimme What You Got' on the flip offers less intensity with its string-laden slice of sun-kissed sweetness.
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Drum Chums Vol 8
Cat: TDCHUMS 008. Rel: 30 Oct 23
Sexy Cowboys (6:24)
Proverbial SOB (6:00)
E Motion (8:03)
Name Game (6:42)
Review: Four massive new dark disco/new beat tracks from Miserymix, hot off the plate. A collaboration born behind the Piccadilly Records counter, Miserymix is the dark disco alias of Goth Spice and Mushy P. Together, these four contemporary tittilators, from 'Sexy Cowboys' to 'Name Game', chart the lighter ends of dark disco, keeping things hi-NRGied yet light-footed. By the time we reach 'Proverbial SOB', distant sampledelic vocals seem to call out in the night, as huge transitional lasershots, double-claps, and impossible-to-play bass licks abound. Things take a steadier turn come 'E Motion', a clever track of velvety undertones, glitzing synth stabs and a steamy narration in French.
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3 Woman EP
3 Woman EP (limited 12")
Cat: GAMM 175. Rel: 10 Jul 23
Barbara's Disco (AOT rework) (5:53)
Marcy's Shaking (AOT rework) (4:53)
Nina's Dance (AOT rework) (5:05)
Review: Ludovic Llorca aka Art Of Tones is making his debut on the long running GAMM label here and is a dedication to "the female aspect of disco." He has selected three of his favourite cuts from over the years and put them through his own distinctive filter and what comes out the other side are some sizzling sounds ready to summer deployment. 'Barbara's Disco' (AOT rework) is a leggy and languid one that comes alive with funky riffs, 'Marcy's Shaking' is another loose limbed one with a hint of Afro groover in the rhythms and plenty of instrumental flex. 'Nina's Dance' closes out with a brilliant percussive patter and soulful sound.
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I'm Lovin You
I'm Lovin You (1-sided 7")
Cat: 771076. Rel: 20 Oct 23
I'm Lovin You (3:38)
Gespielt von: Juno Recommends Soul
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Nu Groove Edits Vol 2
Cat: NG 137. Rel: 10 Oct 23
Equation - "I'll Say A Prayer 4 U" (Dam Swindle long Ass intro edit) (6:19)
Houz' Neegroz - "Keep Dance'n" (Phil Weeks rework) (6:30)
Kato - "Disco-Tech" (Soulphiction Pause Tape edit) (5:17)
Rhano Burrell - "When Can I Call You" (feat Lisa Lee - Honey Dijon & Luke Solomon edit) (5:21)
Review: The second volume of edits of classic outings on Nu Groove records, assembling modern house heroes such as Dam Swindle, Phil Weeks, and Honey Dijon to re-fix tunes by the legendary Equation and The Burrell Brothers among others. Highlights include Dam Swindle's misty eyed extension of Equation's 'I'll Say A Prayer 4 U'- a perfect rainy day house anthem, and the paranoid phonk of Rhano Burrell's 'When Can I Call You' as remapped by Honey Dijon & Luke Solomon. Surefire party starters all round.
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Romance (LP)
Cat: DR 003. Rel: 23 Nov 23
Beach Wear (2:43)
Something In You (3:07)
Romance (3:05)
Love Amour (3:17)
Sweet Connection
Review: Saxophonist Ferdi has previously featured on a few Daebull releases, so it's little surprise to see him making his full-length debut on the eccentric French producer's self-titled label. Daebull and pal Rude Jude handle much of the production, laying down insanely authentic 80s soul, eletcrofunk, P-funk and Balearic synth-pop backing tracks over which Ferdi delivers a string of sublime, stretched-out sax and flute solos. It's a simple concept - authentic, 80s-sounding synth and drum machine instrumentals with solos atop - but one that the trio execute expertly. Yes, there's a whiff of Gerry Rafferty or Kenny G here and there, but that's a key stylistic touchpoint. There's no doubt they mean it (it is, therefore, authentic and not some knowing pastiche), and it all works so well because the backing tracks really do slap hard.
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JT 001
JT 001 (heavyweight vinyl 12")
Cat: JT 001. Rel: 09 Oct 23
Doogie Bown (5:56)
W(h)ats On? (6:55)
Catch The Strings (7:57)
Bees'n'Flowers (7:04)
Review: New label Justracks kicks off with a literally and metaphorically heavyweight new disco 12" on 180g vinyl. As far as we know it's the first release from the mysterious A Thin Man but the beats are fat. 'Doogie Bown' gets you doing just that with a mix of chatty synth funk and hip-swinging disco grooves. 'W(h)ats On' is an old school funk and soul dancefloor heater then class oozes from the breezy and free-flowing grooves of 'Catch The Strings' which pair bustling beats with rich strings. Last of all is the tightly woven disco and persuasive funk of 'Bees'n'Flowers' with cosmic lines and heartfelt female coos. A fine debut.
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This Is Your Woman
This Is Your Woman (limited 12")
Cat: BK 083. Rel: 27 Nov 23
This Is Your Woman (5:31)
I'll Never Give You Up (4:00)
This Is You (dub Wise) (5:22)
I'll Never Give You Up (instrumental) (3:39)
! low stock $15.59
Fusion Global Sounds Vol 2: 1976-1984
Cat: FVR 190LP. Rel: 21 Nov 23
Lerma De La Cruz - "Free" (4:34)
Nivaldo Ornelas - "Cactus" (6:59)
Krystyna Pronko - "Oto Przyczyna" (3:48)
Bobby Martinez - "Pendulum" (4:29)
Tom Grant - "Mystified" (7:35)
Nivaldo Ornelas - "Los Angeles" (5:03)
Carlos Mendes - "Oamoreomar" (2:03)
Dana Kaproff - "Brownstones" (5:17)
Review: Favorite Recordings returns with the second edition of its compilation series: Fusion Global Sounds. Comprising eight rare and hidden tracks produced between 1976 and 1984 in various parts of the world, this hot-off-the-plate comp delivers a mighty-fine array of dynamic, soul-feeding jazz, soul, disco, jazz and funk delicacies. As a fine collector of jazz-funk and fusion for many years, curator Charles Maurice can be credited for sourcing the ingredients for and cooking up this fine spread of forgotten entrees, this time brought together by a common Brazilian influence.
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Gespielt von: Charles Maurice
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Vente Pa Ca
Cat: WW 217. Rel: 12 Oct 23
Vente Pa Ca (feat Jimena Angel, Jah Sazzah & Poirier) (4:34)
Vente Pa Ca (feat Jimena Angel, Jah Sazzah & Poirier - Poirier remix) (3:47)
Review: This is a global single with a great story that starts with an afro-funk groove made by Italian Jah Sazzah. He wanted a vocal for it so turned to Nickodemus who handed his own touches and then sent it Grammy-nominated Colombian vocalist Jimena Angel. The result is a vibrant Afro tune with vivid melodies. Remixer Poirier is a legend in Latin music circles. The Montreal man has formerly been associated with Ninja Tune and is synonymous with lots of classy remixes and fresh takes on a modern Afro-Caribbean sound. This is another one that reworks the ring into a more bouncy and infectious sound with gorgeous vocals and a clean arrangement that allows the drums and perc to shine.
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Gespielt von: Jayl Funk
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Native Love: Ben Liebrand Reworx
Cat: MS 521. Rel: 09 Oct 23
Native Love (Ben Liebrand DJ Delight) (6:10)
Native Love (Ben Liebrand extended rework) (8:12)
Review: In the early 80s Divine's run of Italo and Hi-NRG-styled club tracks were certified bombs, with her tongue in cheek drawl throwing all kinds of shade across some gauche interpretations of the big arps and drum machine sequences of the era. 'Native Love' is surely one of the finest of the tracks from Divine's canon, and who better to remix it than a true titan of the times, Ben Liebrand. The Dutch producer's work was hugely influential during those breakthrough years for dance music, and his two versions of 'Native Love' are authoritative slammers that will still set ablaze any dancefloor you care to throw them at.
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Tags: Hi-NRG
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Magic Body EP
Cat: HH 003. Rel: 06 Nov 23
Magic Body (8:02)
Magic Dub (5:29)
Love & Care (7:11)
Dub & Care (5:38)
Review: Heads High keeps up the good early work with a third interesting offering, this time in the form of a meeting of the fiendish minds of Mike Misiu and Eddie Smilie, aka Wednesday Club. They offer up late-night club sounds with plenty of musical nouse and worldly nuance that comes as a result of late-night sample mining across the African musical landscape. Their tunes are crafted on nice analogue gear so have that lovely freed edge feel and from the space-house of 'Magic Body' to the swaggering dub of 'Magic Dub' via the cosmic expressiveness of cruising groover 'Love & Care'. This one gets dubbed out to close a fine dancefloor adventure.

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Make Me Believe In Free
Cat: DBSV 1014. Rel: 09 Oct 23
Kla Vs TSI - "Make Me Believe In Free" (4:04)
The Chopper - "People On Hold" (4:03)
Review: There is some class edit and mash up business going on here with the latest one from the Disco Bits crew. The 45 takes the form of of classic cuts reworked with an all new and contemporary edge with the dancefloor very much in mind. First up, a Patti Job classic gets taken apart and rebuilt with new vocals and a more stepping beat. The Chopper's 'People Hold On' is a more smoochy sound with classic vocal refrains singing out and twanging guitar riffs powering along a groove that is suited for everything from weddings to late night shenanigans.
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 in stock $11.37
No Secret Affair
Cat: BK 082. Rel: 24 Nov 23
No Secret Affair (Sean P The Second Line Jazz Funk Excursion remix)
No Sceret Affair (Ge-ology Truth To The Light remix)
 in stock $15.59
Do's & Don'ts
Cat: TBE 716. Rel: 12 Oct 23
Do's & Don'ts (4:51)
Do's & Don'ts (instrumental) (4:52)
Tags: Disco Funk
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DB12 016
DB12 016 (12")
Cat: DB12 016. Rel: 25 Sep 23
In The 90s (5:21)
Mouse House (6:02)
Bisnes (4:47)
Sleep Bullet (6:06)
Review: London party heads Good Block get snapped up for a new 12" on the ever more crucial Duca Bianco label here. They are well known for laying down tasteful party sounds at spots like Brilliant Corners and The Yard and count as finds the likes of Cosmic Slop, Habibi Funk and Jamie Tiller. That should give you an idea of what to expect here - a wonderfully bespoke and boutique mix of slow-motion dub, Balearic pop, New Age sounds, Japanese synth and proto-deep house with extra character. It's a bonkers collection that brings real charm to the club.
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 in stock $14.01
Brazilian Rhyme (reissue)
Brazilian Rhyme (reissue) (12" Nachpressung)
Cat: ABEWAF 001. Rel: 15 Nov 23
Brazilian Rhyme (Danny Krivit re-edit) (3:00)
Runnin' (Danny Krivit re-edit) (8:18)
Review: Danny Krivit's officially sanctioned re-edits of Earth Wind & Fire's "Brazilian Rhyme" and "Runnin" have been sought-after since they first appeared on a Japan-only 12" back in 2004. In fact, such is demand that even later bootleg pressings now go for silly money online. As this reissue proves, though, they're arguably amongst Krivit's strongest scalpel works. Certainly, his three-minute revision of the always too short "Brazilian Rhyme" teases it out to just the right length, in the process delivering a sweltering, sing-along summer anthem. The flipside revision of the equally as summery "Runnin" is every bit as good, with Krivit making merry with the original's life-affirming scat vocals and killer piano solos.
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Tags: Jazz Funk
 in stock $15.33
Maxx Traxx/Third Rail
Maxx Traxx/Third Rail (gatefold teal vinyl 2xLP + booklet in spot-varnished sleeve)
Cat: NUM 084LPC1. Rel: 02 Nov 23
Don't Touch It! (4:51)
You & I (4:29)
Tell Me (3:31)
Time Has Come (7:32)
Lets Have A Party (5:12)
Living Without You (5:17)
To Be With You (4:36)
Let Me Love You (4:54)
Reachin' For It (6:55)
Just Had To Tell You (5:40)
If You Want It (You Can Have It) (5:16)
Let Me Love You (6:21)
Living Without You (5:22)
Mainstream (6:18)
Review: There was one irrepressible Chicago club act that refused to be replaced by any DJ's sound system. Soul septet Maxx Traxx (and Third Rail before them) commanded a scene unto themselves in the early 80s, playing live five-plus nights a week somewhere in the 312. Their two LPs, both recorded in 1982, are a sheer energy-ride almost too explosive to be captured by studio tape. And yet these two stone-cold classics would remain unanswered by a city, as it moved determinedly toward the motorik sound of house. Hop the turnstile and move with this complete document of Chicago's last great club band told in detailed text, newly revealed photos and complete studio recordings painstakingly remastered.
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Tags: Disco Funk
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Last Exit (reissue)
Last Exit (reissue) (180 gram vinyl LP with obi-strip)
Cat: MAR 079. Rel: 24 Oct 23
It (4:15)
Man On Wire (3:40)
Sweet & Fool Like A Child (4:30)
Going Ups & Coming Downs (3:24)
Sweet Maryline (3:57)
Keep On Keeping On (4:47)
We're Together (4:01)
Running Wave (4:38)
Review: Christian Gaubert's 'Last Exit' is a French soul masterpiece. It has been carefully remastered from the original tapes and reissued here so standout rare groove gems 'Sweet Maryline' and 'Sweet and Fool Like a Child' sound better than ever. It's an album that showcases the great skills of the prolific arranger and composer Gaubert alongside guest spots from some of the key contemporaries in the French jazz scene of the 70s. Boogie and funk help colour the grooves with the likes of 'Going Ups & Coming Downs' being deep down and delicious jams with killer baselines and lavish strings that cannot fail to light up your life and swell your heart.
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Party Time (Odo Ye Wu) (reissue)
Cat: KALITALP 11. Rel: 02 Nov 23
Wonma Yenko Po (5:38)
Mumunde (3:18)
Yaaya Nkoba (4:48)
Dofo Bi Afre
Odo Ye Wu
Me Bo Me Zanku Daa
Review: Kalita are proud to present the first ever reissue of Papa Yankson's highly sought-after 1989 disco-infused highlife masterpiece 'Party Time'! Showcasing the late Ghanaian superstar at his very best, 'Party Time' encapsulates the blending of deep, rhythmic West African highlife with synthesizers and electronic styles that had exploded during the decade. Now, thirty-five years after initial release and with original copies having reached grail status on the second-hand collector's scene, Kalita brings this phenomenal record back to life, with extensive liner notes detailing Papa Yankson's musical career.
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ChiCAGO (Is My Chicago)
Cat: ES 089LP. Rel: 09 Nov 23
Chi-C-A-G-O (Is My Chicago) (radio edit) (4:46)
Sexy Lady (radio edit) (4:37)
Review: Numero are taking a look through the cult Chicago label Magic Touch and dusting down some of the most coveted releases from their archives, starting with this smokin' hot joint from Light Touch Band. It's a record of two halves which kicks off with the laid back rap of 'ChiCAGO (Is My Chicago)', a funky-as-hell jam which pays tribute to the Windy City in fine style. The flip is the real gem though, as 'Sexy Lady' swerves into P-funk flavoured waters with dazzling results. The OG copies of this record were changing hands for crazy money, so don't hang around while this one's in reach.
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Funky Music
Cat: MXMRK 2062. Rel: 31 Aug 23
Funky Music (5:21)
Giving Up (5:29)
Review: Legendary DJ and edit king Mr K is back on Most Excellent Unlimited with the latest in their essential collaborative series. As always this is a slab of wax that offers up two gorgeous cuts that have been skilfully cut down to a maximum 7" 45rpm format. The first is Luther Vandross's 'Funky Music (Is a Part of Me)' which David Bowie later reworked to become one of his many hit singles 'Fascination.' In its original form, it has rickety soul grooves and lavish stings next to the soaring vocals. The tune second is Zulema's 'Giving Up' which has a dramatic intro, Mr K remasters it and allows the rolling piano, great string ensemble and guitar sounds to really cut through clearly. Two bonafide dancefloor delights.
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Gespielt von: Pete Haigh, LEGO EDIT
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Southern BBQ EP (feat Jam Funk, Oddphonic mixes)
BBQ Ribs (7:16)
BBQ Ribs (Jam Funk remix) (5:42)
On No Not Again (6:44)
BBQ Ribs (Oddphonic remix) (5:52)
Review: Tommy Largo is a big deal in the world of jacking house and here he lands on Greenhouse Recordings with plenty of evidence to support that. His sound comes steeped with Southern influences on opener 'BBQ Ribs' with its noodling jazz chords and spoken word mutterings making for a lively atmosphere over funky beats. The Jam Funk Remix has a Chicago bump to it with the jazzy keys left in place over well-swung drums. 'On No Not Again' hints at new jack swing with its steamy sax lines and effortlessly catchy groove before 'BBQ Ribs' (Oddphonic remix) closes out with the deepest sound of the lot, perfect for when the sun has gone down and the party heads indoors.

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Undercover Cool 1
Cat: OWL 009. Rel: 11 Sep 23
Sexy Thang (5:50)
Rok On (5:28)
Review: Owl Records has another 12" that will get your head swiveling and booty shaking. It comes from the BBC 6 Music host, TV legend turned funk and soul tastemaker Craig Charles who has put together a couple of sizzling edits. First up he layers a classic Hot Chocolate sample over a rolling and rubbery beat and bassline that will pump any dancefloor. On the flip is a more slow and seductive sound in 'Rok On' with its funky bass and sleazy vocals over low-slung and slo-mo beats. Add in the playful trumpets and muted string and you have a brilliantly curious and compelling cut.
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I Know You Feel It
Cat: ITTY 03. Rel: 05 Sep 23
I Know You Feel It (4:54)
What A Night (4:38)
Review: Veritable mind-readers, the anonymous artist Comb Edits have us clairvoyantly sussed. They know we feel it. Coming through the Norwich-based I Travel To You label for their third release, this release amounts to two edits of older songs whose origin, we're ashamed to admit, we can't track down. Honest, live and funky, the tracks span two sides of the same coin, with 'I Know You Feel It' a convincing slo-mo funk edit, and 'What A Night' a cosmick, reverb-laden freakout version of a Japanese obscurio.
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Congress Productions
Congress Productions (limited 12")
Cat: BK 084. Rel: 27 Nov 23
Congress - "Neptune" (5:46)
Gozalez - "Kevin's Funk" (2:46)
D'ailie - "Live It Up" (feat Janice Hoyte) (5:22)
D'ailie - "Live It Up" (instrumental) (4:13)
! low stock $15.59
Me Chama De Gato Que Eu Sou Sua
Me Chama De Gato Que Eu Sou Sua (limited neon green vinyl LP + booklet (indie exclusive))
Cat: MRBLP 273G. Rel: 19 Oct 23
Electric Fish (4:11)
Dela (3:36)
Nuvem Vermelha (3:09)
Coisa Maluca (1:32)
Boy Of Stranger Things (3:00)
Camelo Azul (3:45)
Insista Em Mim (3:33)
Let's Go To Before Again (2:31)
Debaixo Do Pano (2:43)
Dr Sabe Tudo (3:04)
Review: Ana Frango Electrico has been hailed by some as among the finest talents to emerge from Brazil's new wave of late, commanding a glassy, rhythmically-deft vocal and production style that finds its natural home in their native Brazilian boogie and chamber pop. Me Chama De Gato Que Eu Sou Sua is by far the most impressive addition to Electrico's repertoire yet, upping the ante to reflect disco's historically romantic rambunction as a prime sonic space for queer expression and her own proclivities to the style and its South American offshoots.
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I Know You Care (reissue)
Cat: EX 7014 UNO. Rel: 13 Oct 23
I Know You Care (5:17)
It's Your Love (4:02)
 in stock $13.74
Like A Prayer
Cat: MXMRK 2059. Rel: 24 Apr 23
Like A Prayer (Churchapella edit) (5:06)
Ha-Ya (Eternal Life) (5:02)
Review: The one and only Mr K sure does know how to cook up a masterful edit. Here he heads into gospel territory with the latest 7" in Most Excellent Unlimited's collaborations with him. Both of these tunes are appearing on 7" vinyl for the first time here and have long been staples of the sets of Danny Krivit. His 'Churchapella' edit of Madonna's 'Like A Prayer' is as holy and steamy as it gets with the whole thing sure to uplift and energise any crowd. On the backside is a superb edit of the Clark Sisters slinky rare groove gem 'Ha-Ya (Eternal Life).' It's a slightly slower tune but one that makes just as much of an impact.
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Tags: Soul Disco
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Space Talk (reissue)
Cat: NAYA 004RE. Rel: 30 Jun 23
Space Talk (Dimitri From Paris remix) (7:19)
Space Talk (2023 mix - mixed By Filip Nikolic & Raghav Mani) (5:30)
Space Talk (Dimitri From Paris Spacer dub) (6:38)
Space Talk (extended mix - mixed By Filip Nikolic & Raghav Mani) (6:41)
Review: Asha Puthli's 'Space Talk' is one of those quintessential diggers delights, hardly a secret weapon any more but widely recognised as a magical slice of misfit cosmic disco from the genre's golden era, fronted by Puthli's ethereal vocal. Now the track gets a remix package courtesy of Naya Beat, and the versions aren't to be trifled with. First up comes the mighty Dimitri From Paris, who ladles the funk on thick, trips out the atmosphere and sends the track even further away from terra firma. Flip the record over for Dimitri's even trippier dub when you really want to juice the dance up. There's also a neat and tidy 2023 mix of the track and the original extended mix, making this an essential purchase for those craving the beauty of the OG version as well as those hungry for a classy-as-hell new twist on a dead cert classic.
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Deja Vu
Deja Vu (LP + booklet Nachpressung)
Cat: SLVDSCS 10. Rel: 10 Nov 23
Dance Baby
Sem Essa
Review: Selva Discos continues its committed exploration of rare and exquisite Brazilian gems with this true labour of love from two of the funkiest dudes to emerge from Latin America in the 80s. Robson Jorge and Lincoln Olivetti originally only released one album of fusion funk together in 1982, but now the Selva team and the artists have worked together to unearth more material from the pair spanning 82 through to 87. These five tracks have never been released, making them essential listening for the legions of Brazilian music devotees, not to mention those on an eternal quest for the slickest boogie joints.
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Moloko Island
Moloko Island (limited LP)
Cat: ZZZV 23106. Rel: 11 Oct 23
Hey Moloko (8:12)
Bon Abantu (5:56)
Rheya (6:25)
Yaeyama (7:43)
Mamboyar (7:28)
Bye Moloko (5:34)
Review: Moloko Island is the debut album from Mike Salta & Mortale on Music For Dreams label and is the soundtrack to a getaway world "where good vibes can float freely" and "only fantasy set the limits." The tracks here are made up of those you may have heard on some more Balearic dance floors in the recent past as well as plenty of new ones. The open is a buoyant groove full of the joys of hope and optimism as you set out on any new adventure and from there you can sink back into 'Bon Abanut', have a gentle boogie to 'Yaeyama' and gaze up on the stars while lost in the magic of 'Bye Moloko.'
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Steady On Now
Cat: ART 003. Rel: 25 May 21
Steady On Now (10:20)
Not You Again? (11:33)
Review: The Gallery has these rare grooves up for auction, so they advise you to place your bid quickly. Spoken like true gallerists (or collectors?) this label has presented two previous displays of artistic editing that are still enigmatic to this very day, and their next one retains the high standard in artistic quality. On the A side of this 12' we have the low slung disco disco inferno of 'Steady On Now' packed with a vibrant brass section, cosmic synths and some fine guitar work. On the flip, you're in luck (what more can we say) on 'Not You Again' which has that classic Salsoul kind of vibe all the way, oh and that vocal - good times!
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A Touch Of Love EP 4
Cat: BL 149. Rel: 17 Nov 23
Seamus Haji & Michael Gray - "Wish" (feat Audrey Martells)
Mark Lower & Fleur De Mur - "Burn For Love"
FrescoEdits - "Get Free"
Saison - "Be Yourself" (feat Kameelah Waheed)
 in stock $15.33
Can't Stop
Cat: SILK 001. Rel: 22 Nov 22
Can't Stop (club) (6:23)
Can't Stop (dub) (6:57)
Review: Another example of a classic disco track being thrust into the modern age thanks to TikTok, Silk's 'I Can't Stop (Turning You On)' was recently flipped by LF System in 'Afraid to Feel', turning the slow-burning Philly soul bopper into a hyper-speed house banger. For fans of that original sample, being able to hear the sultry vocals of Debrah Henry being manipulated by bpm. The Philadelphia septet hit the nail square on the head with this sensual love make that is so detracted from it's descendant that you're about to have two new favourite songs.
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I Feel Love
Cat: NBD 20104. Rel: 17 Nov 22
I Feel Love
Love To Love You
 in stock $14.27
Too Far Gone
Cat: ES 088LP. Rel: 09 Nov 23
Too Far Gone (radio edit) (4:32)
Everybody's Problem (radio edit) (5:00)
Review: This is one of those disco holy grails that doesn't even need to convince you of its worth, and its no surprise original copies have been so coveted for so long. Chicago's Magic Touch label was a low key affair, but jams like this ensure its impact remains strong to this day as LaJohn and Sheela lay down the feeling in no uncertain terms. 'Too Far Gone' is a smouldering, bittersweet track which deserves to reach as many soulful heads as possible, so this tasty remaster courtesy of Numero couldn't come soon enough.
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Beneath The Neon EP
Cat: RNTR 062. Rel: 05 Sep 23
How 2 Feel (4:42)
Remedy (4:28)
Beneath The Neon (4:42)
Remedy (GUakaCVO Stank Face mix) (7:08)
Remedy (feat Steve Monite - JKriv Disco dub) (6:02)
Review: Razor-N-Tape is a bastion of deep house brilliance as once again perfectly exemplified by this vibrant new package from Flamingo Pier. New Zealand collective Flamingo Pier have dropped several well received 12"s on the Soundway Records label and then came good with 2021's self titled full length. They are still all about bringing happy, sunny vibes to a tropical disco template here with the likes of the synth lead 'How 2 Feel' then funky vocal pumper 'Remedy'. There are cosmic rays lighting up the big chords and aloof vocals of 'Beneath The Neon' then a couple of remixes on the flip bring more dubby disco-house sounds.
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With Love: Volume 2 Compiled By Miche
With Love: Volume 2 Compiled By Miche (limited gatefold pink vinyl 2xLP + insert (indie exclusive))
Cat: MRBLP 280P. Rel: 05 Oct 23
Billy Boomer - "I Like What's Shes Doing" (4:26)
PJ City - "Straight Forward (Non-Stop)" (4:35)
Maxwell - "Realize" (3:19)
Cecil Lyde - "I'll Make It On My Own" (2:18)
Mixed Generation Enterprize - "Take To The Sky" (4:47)
Mark Meadows - "You & Me" (4:14)
Alice Cohen & Fun City - "Save The Best For Last" (3:55)
Banda 22 - "A Luz Que Brilha Meu Viver" (3:12)
Ze Da Lata - "Misterio Brilhante" (3:26)
Rogers Mitchell - "Dame Solamente Amor" (2:24)
Eleventh Commandment - "Then I Reach Satisfaction" (2:49)
Billy Boomer - "You Can't Hide" (4:52)
Freedom - "High On You" (3:35)
The Lost Family - "Blow My Mind" (2:18)
The Family Tree - "As" (4:38)
Review: If you know what's good for you, you will have picked up the first volume of this new With Love series from Mr Bongo. It was a red-hot soul selection that was packed with gold and now Miche is back with another. He is the man in charge of the musical programming at London's Spiritland venues and has now been digging deep once more to come up with 15 more soul nuggets. From raw to deep, lush and danceable to more emotive and vulnerable, it's a heart warming selection. Do not sleep on this one, which is a pink vinyl version.
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Gespielt von: RUSTAM OSPANOFF.
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Alexandrie Alexandra: Dimitri From Paris Versions
Alexandrie Alexandra (Dimitri From Paris version instrumentale) (7:45)
Alexandrie Alexandra (Dimitri From Paris version Discoteque) (7:44)
Review: The French pop scene is vast and full of treasures but Claude Francois is one of its more mysterious and mythical characters. He was active on the scene from the 60s until he was taken away too soon in a sad domestic accident in 1978 having been a trained percussionist and something of a teenage sensation. He sure did know how to write some killer grooves, though, and in fact co-wrote and sang the original version of what would become 'My Way,' no less. This one, 'Alexandrie Alexandra' was recorded in October 1977 and now gets some special reruns from the one and only Dimitri From Paris who brings the joyous disco goodness.
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Life (12")
Cat: BAP 191. Rel: 19 Oct 23
Sans (6:48)
Life (5:48)
Neurons (5:41)
Pills (4:59)
Review: Under his Machinegewehr guise, Rotterdam's finest, Silas Schletterer, has released a smattering of show-stopping synth-oriented EPs, blowing his many contemporaries in the style out of the park. Life now comes as his fourth album in the style, incorporating cleverly inviting melodies, clean percussion and samples, all to make up a definite dancefloor favourite. The pulsations, the throb, of Machinegewehr persists as ever, but there is a considered melancholy that brings a bittersweet balance to pieces such as 'Life', which emphasise the melodic, hazier side of Machinegewehr's sound over its more hard-hitting parts . A welcome return from a multifaceted musician.
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Gespielt von: Juno Recommends Disco
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Holding Back
Holding Back (180 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: ABEE 6503. Rel: 05 Sep 23
Holding Back (Moplen remix) (7:12)
Holding Back (vocal mix) (4:56)
Holding Back (Breakdown mix) (8:51)
Holding Back (Chin-Mental mix) (6:18)
Review: Disco re-edit master Moplen has been busy touching up this Jackie Moore gem with sprinkles of his studio magic. The original vocal remains in tact as the trumpets and funky drum breaks power forwards the groove below. A vocal mix makes more of the sublime soul tones and then come two further versions on the flip. The Breakdown remix is one of big breaks but nothing detracts from the lung busting performance of Moore. Last of all is a Chin-mental mix so you really have plenty to chose from.
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Stone Fox Chase 2009
Cat: F 5438. Rel: 15 Nov 23
Stone Fox Chase (UB 7' edit) (4:53)
Delirium (UB 7' edit) (4:30)
Review: The UB's bring their particular brand of funk to this steamy and fiery new 7" on the Fraternity label. It finds them in edit mode and first up reworking 'Stone Fox Chase'. It has some country-style harmonica built into the raw beats and plenty of psyched-out guitar lines that bring Americana vibes to the percolating rhythms. On the flip is their edit of 'Delirium' which is a totally different proposition - smooth funk grooves with busy chords and icy hi-hats. It's one that looks to the stars and crushes there on a feelgood vibe you hope never ends.
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 in stock $13.22
Pacifico Waves
Cat: LEGO 297. Rel: 16 Nov 23
Pacifico Waves (3:32)
Lonely Town (3:21)
Review: On his new single 'Pacifico Waves', Joel Sarakula takes the scenic route down a pacific coastline, searching for peace, enlightenment and the perfect sunset. Travelling and searching is nothing new to Sarakula: it's almost his default way of being. Born and raised in Sydney, Australia before swapping oceans to live in the UK and more recently onwards to Gran Canaria: "I've been busy making my islands smaller" he jokes. But the music on 'Pacifico Waves' sounds like none of these places: with its easy drum shuffle, soulful guitar hooks and smooth vocal harmonies it distinctly evokes Southern California. It's such a potent portrait of the West Coast that if not for the contemporary lyrics and some modern production techniques, it could be a long lost hit from an early 80s LA studio band.
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 in stock $8.98
Kiwi Jam
Kiwi Jam (12")
Cat: MOISSWAX 009. Rel: 04 Sep 23
DJ Delivery - "Never Gonna Give You Up" (5:48)
Borka & The Gang - "Kidding Feelings" (5:35)
Even Funkier - "Dance With Your Feet" (6:03)
Jordan Reece - "Prayer" (6:59)
Review: Moiss Music released a hot pair of EPs in February and repeat the same trick in May with another quality double drop. It is a various artists offering as always with DJ Delivery's 'Never Gonna Give You Up' a sure-fire floor-filling anthem to start things off. It's got loopy drums and string samples as well as sumptuous vocal harmony then Borka & The Gang keep the feel-good vibes alive with 'Kidding Feelings and Even Funkier's' Dance With Your Feet' is another smile-inducing bit of disco warmth with withering sic-fi synths and hip swinging claps. Jordan Reece's 'Prayer' has hints of gospel in the vocal while noodling keys and tight kicks all get looped to perfection.
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 in stock $12.95
Just A Touch: Underground UK Soul Compiled By Sam Don
Cat: AOTNCD 063. Rel: 12 Oct 23
Bo'vel - "Coming Back"
Sam - "Life" (club mix)
Marcelle Moncrieffe - "Take Me There"
Kofi - "Step By Step"
Pure Silk - "What You Do For Me"
Jenny B - "Sexy Eyes" (club mix)
Sonja Ryshard - "Step Back"
Cavalier - "Don't Touch"
Purely Fizzycal - "Straight To The Top"
Dennis Planeter - "I Still Dream Of You"
Taffy - "Passion"
Weekend In Paris - "Hold Your Head Up"
Review: Having previously shone a light on lovers rock via two volumes of his For The Love of You compilations, dusty-fingered selector Sam Don has turned his attention to 'underground UK soul'. In practice, that largely means - though not uniformly - street soul of the late 80s and 90s. It's a simple idea, executed brilliantly, with Don working tirelessly to get the blessing of all the artists involved. Sweet, synth-heavy and lusciously loved up, the 12 tracks on show are undeniably excellent, with the many highlights including the piano-sporting, breakbeat-driven dancefloor pleasure of Kofi's 'Step By Step', the sax-sporting shuffle of Jenny B's 'Sexy Eyes (Club Mix)', the bubbly 80s soul cheeriness of Cavalier's 'Don't Touch' and the bustling post-boogie brilliance of 'Passion' by Taffy.
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 in stock $14.27
Funk Fries
Cat: TVLP 28. Rel: 09 Nov 23
Cosmic Kisses (feat Daniel David)
Groupy Love
Superfluous (feat Nic Hanson)
In The Mothership
My Love
Down (feat Uncle Sean)
What U Want (feat Sally Green)
Monkey Wasn't Fonky (feat Kokane)
Review: MoFunk hails from down in the South of France in sunny Marseille and he has been active in the world of funk and g-funk for many years. This new album brings all his considerable skills to the fore across a vibrant and retro-future collection of jams that cannot fail to make you feel good and get up and shake your tail feathers. From Dam-Funk to Prince this record has shades of all the greats right from the hip-swinging goodness of opener 'Cosmic Kisses' (feat Daniel David) to the more laidback and jazzy closer 'Monkey Wasnt Fonky'. A gem of a record.
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 in stock $24.84
Space Million (remixes)
Cat: CREAK 01R. Rel: 30 Oct 23
Grace (Buscrates Reflip)
Space Million (Ian Wallace remix)
Review: Terry Tester hails from Copenhagen and has already impressed with some Detroit-inspired house heat on labels like Brownswood and BBE. He has also dropped a fine solo EP on Creak Inc this month but at the same time the label has enlisted two artists to remix two of his tunes on this new 12". Up first is 'Grace' (Buscrates Reflip), an early evening and boogie-fried deep house cut with hip-swinging claps and conversational leads that bring the funk. The B-side is more business-like - 'Space Million' (Ian Wallace remix) has dev, dynamic drums and heart-aching vocal hooks for late-night dancing.
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Save Our Love
Save Our Love (180 gram vinyl 12" (comes in different colour sleeves, we cannot guarantee which one you will receive) Nachpressung)
Cat: ISLE 021A. Rel: 17 Oct 23
Save Our Love (5:04)
Slow Beat (dance mix) (4:52)
Save Our Love (instrumental) (3:55)
Review: Isle Of Jura come through once more with a superbly in demand reissue of a sought after disco cut from the 1980s. 'Save Our Love' by Escape From New York is a blend of disco, new wave and funk that has a mystical atmosphere and drums perfectly of their time. The vocal is full of yearning under the shimmering synths and on the flip is an even more 80s-leaning tune, 'Slow Beat' (dance mix) has more obvious 80s leanings and the 12" closes with the Instrumental of 'Save Our Love, stripping back the vocals and giving more air to the bass.
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Black Truffle Edits 2
Black Truffle Edits 2 (12" in die-cut sleeve)
Cat: GAMM 178. Rel: 19 Sep 23
Aurora (4:38)
Milk & Honey (4:39)
Spa Dance (4:41)
Review: Enigmatic producer Black Truffle debuted on this label back in February with the first volume of his Black Truffle Edits series. Once again he mixes up disco, funk, boogie and more with 'Aurora' being nice and bright, airy and inviting to get things underway. 'Milk & Honey' ups the energy levels with more spongey synths and plenty of OG disco attitude next to some scorching vocals. Last of all, 'Spa Dance' gets more freaky and funky with some spaced-out synth work and plenty of great guitar riffs underlining the sliding disco drum work.
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Gespielt von: Superbreak, Mosaik
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What I Feel (reissue)
Cat: MAR 093. Rel: 27 Sep 23
What I Feel (3:51)
Stop Running (3:57)
Review: Unsung funk and soul septet Freedom Force only released one single, 'What I Feel', in 1980. A testament to real obscurity, it made up just one of five releases to ever grace the catalogue of one Sundown Records, based in Greenville, South Carolina in and around the early 1980s. Now reissued by the tireless diggers at Mad About, we now get to hear the song, alongside its complement 'Stop Running', in all its freshest glory, flaunting the synergetic falsetto harmonies of Dennis Cannon, Eric Blackmon and co., as they implore the listener to stop running and embrace their love.
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Gespielt von: Clémentine
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Dance Hits
Cat: MGMS 10. Rel: 27 Jul 23
Supermacho (extended version) (7:15)
Bonita (3:17)
Impulsi Di Sesso (6:21)
Let's Dance (5:20)
Review: Moana Pozzi was primarily a pornographic actor, but during the 1980s and early 90s also notched up a number of club and crossover hits in her native Italy. This 12" from Mondo Groove brings together her three most sought-after cuts, adding in an extra unreleased treat in the shape of 'Bonita', a breezy-and-sleazy house-not-house number of the Balearic kind that was apparently a firm favourite in her 'spicy' live shows. Perhaps the best known of the included classic cuts is 'Supermacho (Extended)', where Pozzi's sleazy and dead-eyed vocals rise above a throbbing Italo-disco groove and chiming melodies. Elsewhere, 'Impulso Di Sesso' is a more dubbed-out and dreamy chunk of eccentric Italo-disco, while 'Let's Dance' is a synth-sporting, Madonna-influenced synth-pop treat.
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Last Night A DJ Saved My Life (remixes)
Cat: KOOK 1033. Rel: 21 Nov 23
Last Night A DJ Saved My Life (Smeddles More Ass mix) (6:12)
Last Night A DJ Saved My Life (Smeddles More dub mix) (5:25)
Last Night A DJ Saved My Life (original 1982 version) (5:42)
Last Night A DJ Saved My Life (original 1982 acappella) (3:08)
Last Night A DJ Saved My Life (Smeddles More Ass Deep mix) (7:03)
Review: Indeep's 'Last Night A DJ Saved My Life' is one of those all-time classics - a stone cold floor filler that gets everyone going whether they're fans of the darkest techno or the most camp house. The vocals, the groove, the hooky guitars are all just perfect and never fail to bring a break out of energy and good times. Here it gets pressed up by Kookoo with the original 1982 versions featuring next to some more sped-up mixes by Smeddles who variously goes deep, dubby and funky across this 12".
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What Am I Gonna Do?
Cat: PRED 025Y. Rel: 14 Nov 23
What Am I Gonna Do? (4:33)
What Am I Gonna Do? (dub version) (3:54)
Review: Ilija Rudman has made some magical music over the years, with the Croatian producer frequently blurring the boundaries between dusty synth-disco, Balearic nu-disco and colourful downtempo synth-funk. On 'What Am I Gonna Do', he investigates the lo-fi and Street Soul-soaked end of the boogie spectrum, laying Tafuri's sweet lead vocals over unfussy drum machine beats, elastic synth-bass, tactile chords and chiming synthesiser lead lines. Over on side B, Rudman strips out most of Tafuri's vocals on a more skeletal but no less impactful 'dub' mix. It's good, but the superb full vocal version is our pick of a predictably strong pair of tracks.
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Cumbia Cienaguera (Jacques Renault Edit)
Genesis - "Cumbia Cienaguera" (Jacques Renault edit) (4:45)
Sangre Joven - "Chevere" (Jacques Renault edit) (4:59)
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Tuff Cut #001
Cat: TUFF 001. Rel: 07 Mar 13
Bless The Rains
My Body's On Fire
Not In Love Anymore
Review: If you want hugs on the dancefloor deep into the night, Late Night Tough Guy's (formally DJ HMC) "Bless The Rains" is the perfect drug. The Adelaide based luminary rehashes Toto's "Africa" in a heavily pitched down and simple edit fit for any fromage-laced discotheque. Skirting around the throbbing bassline and triangle hits of "My Body On Fire" is a vocal that will have some train-spotters pulling their hair out in frustration, while "Not In Love Anymore" will have both Warren G/Nate Dogg and Michael McDonald fans bumping and grinding to excess.
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Baby Baby Please
Cat: ART 001. Rel: 04 Dec 19
Baby Baby Please (7:27)
True Destiny (9:32)
Review: Some artistic edits from a brand new series. We're not sure who the "unknown artist" is behind the reworks (which date from this year and 2016 respectively), but it's clear that they know what they're doing. A-side "Baby Baby Please" is a wonderfully dubbed-out and glassy-eyed revision of a lesser-known Italo-disco/Hi-NRG cover of Harold Melvin & the Blue Notes' classic "Don't Leave Me This Way" that boasts a killer vocal breakdown midway through. Over on the flip, "True Destiny" is an epic, low-slung revision of an obscure disco number that rightly emphasizes the heavy groove pushing the track forward and includes some tasty delay and echo trickery.
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Why Do I Love You
Cat: ES 090. Rel: 09 Nov 23
Why Do I Love You (Red Greg radio edit)
Why Do I Love You (instrumental radio edit)
Review: Here comes Red Greg with a joyous edit from his coffers, presented on the run of Magic Touch reissues currently surfacing on Numero. Magic Touch was a cult label in Chicago which carried some incredible, rare tracks from the city and nearby up until 1984. The finest of these have been out of reach of the average Joe for a long time, and finally now cuts like Andy Brown's swooning, string-laden disco stomper 'Why Do I Love You' are getting back out there. For this particular release Greg was called on to offer his edit services and of course he does right by the original, bringing the best out of the track to ensure it lands the best it can when you take it for a spin.
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Delfonic's Berlin Reworks
Cat: GAMM 177. Rel: 06 Sep 23
Black Gammon (Delfonic rework) (5:56)
Warm Spring (Delfonic rework) (6:06)
Yes I Do (Delfonic rework) (5:22)
Your Life Is A Party (Delfonic rework) (7:20)
Review: The mighty Gamm label has always been a treasure trove when it comes to dancefloor goodness from the worlds of disco, funk and hip hop. That continues here as the label hurts towards an impressive 200 releases with a new one from Delfonic in remix mode. Opening up the EP is 'Black Gammon' (Delfonic rework), a jazzy disco dancer with a whole world of busy chords and keys. 'Warm Spring' (Delfonic rework) is then a more subdued and seductive sound with big drums and sun worshipping keys. On the flip is the Delfonic version of 'Yes I Do', another timeless disco groove with heavy jazz keys and last of all is the big and steamy disco stomper that is 'Your Life Is A Party' (Delfonic rework).
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Sgt Slick Recuts Vol 1
Sgt Slick Recuts Vol 1 (12" Nachpressung)
Cat: SSRV 001. Rel: 23 Nov 23
Replay (6:49)
Wait (6:18)
In The Air (5:42)
45 Theme (5:34)
Running (5:31)
Review: Sgt Slick kicks off their new own Sgt Slick Recuts label which is presumably going to deal in red hot edits of big house and disco tunes, with a new four 12" that does just that. 'Replay' is feel good house music with funky bass and soulful vocals that will get hands in the air, no doubt. 'Wait' then pairs a well known vocal line with some super smooth and rolling soulful house groves and 'In The Air' is another one with a timeless singalong vocal that is reworked into some percussion laced house beats. Add in the big disco of '45 Theme' and 'Running' and you have a versatile EP.
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That Body
That Body (7" limited to 300 copies)
Cat: PPU 0297. Rel: 06 Nov 23
That Body (4:21)
Fired Up (4:21)
Review: Peoples Potential Unlimited or PPU, is one of the freshest funk labels out there, whether serving up new funk sounds that sound old, or reissuing classic funk sounds that seem bang up to date. Often lo-fi in design but high in emotion, they make for party-starting gems with real swagger. This latest limited 7" is a reissue of a classic from The X-Man, who has apparently been locked away in the Detroit Psychiatric Hospital for the last 30 years. His aggressive funk style pairs driving drums and taught synths with libidinous vocal delivers and plenty of great guitar riffs. Here we have the driving 'That Body' paired with the more deep and bumping 'Fire Up'. Both bang.
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Hit Parade
Hit Parade (gatefold 2xLP + booklet + MP3 download code)
Cat: ZEN 290. Rel: 07 Sep 23
What Not To Do (5:00)
CooCool (4:30)
The Universe (4:05)
Hurtz So Bad (4:36)
The House (3:31)
Fader (4:35)
Free Will (6:19)
You Knew (7:13)
Can't Replicate (7:26)
Crazy Ants Reprise (1:28)
Two Ways (4:27)
Eureka (4:40)
Review: Roisin Murphy has finally become a genuine top-tier star - an artist capable of packing-out venues with dynamic live shows, and whose every new musical move is headline news. Hit Parade is not, as the title suggests, a solo retrospective but rather a brand-new album produced not by regular collaborator Crooked Man, but rather another masterful maverick, DJ Koze. The pair has worked together before, so Murphy is in safe hands. Musically, it's a genre-straddling, style-bending affair whose strong songs - rich in sing-along choruses, thoughtful lyrics and musical hooks aplenty - are presented in vivid colour (with plenty of sparkling organic instrumentation). Recent singles 'Cuckoo' and 'The Universe', both instant classics, offer a neat summary of the album's many qualities.
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Volcano (gatefold LP)
Cat: CAI 002LP. Rel: 10 Aug 23
Us Against The World (3:28)
Holding On (3:14)
Candle Flame (2:56)
Dominoes (3:10)
I've Been In Love (2:30)
Back On 74 (2:53)
You Ain't No Celebrity (3:12)
Coming Back (3:21)
Don't Play (3:43)
Every Night (3:05)
Problemz (3:01)
Good At Breaking Hearts (3:36)
Palm Trees (3:02)
Pretty Little Thing (3:14)
Review: Acclaimed UK duo Jungle bring to Volcano the same sense of free-spirited energy that made their previous album Loving In Stereo such a hit. Much of this one was written while the duo was on tour, staying in an airbnb in Los Angeles, before they head to record it back in London at their favourite Studio B in Metropolis Studios. There is a wider variety of voices on this record with Erick the Architect as well as a reunion with Bas for 'Pretty Little Thing' who was last heard on the single 'Romeo.' As well as that, Roots Manuva, Channel Tres and Jnr Wiilliams also feature.
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Percussion In Space Part 2
Percussion In Space Part 2 (12" limited to 150 copies)
Cat: NYC 013. Rel: 01 Oct 23