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Bakeren (instrumental)/Rory's Sunrays
Bakeren (instrumental)/Rory's Sunrays (hand-numbered 7" limited to 300 copies in Juno exclusive branded sleeve)
Cat: MUKAT 092. Rel: 26 Feb 24
Bakeren (unreleased instrumental version)
Rory's Sunrays
Review: Mukatsuku are long-time friends with Norway's Espen Horne so it makes sense they have moved to issue a couple of instrumentals following on from the quickly sold out success of a limited 7" he dropped on Wah Wah 45's in late 2023. This hand-numbered 45 features 'Bakeren' which in vocal form was a big hit with Gilles Peterson and Craig Charles amongst others. On the flip is a version of Bergen Sunrays', here renamed 'Rory's Sunrays', and featuring some great organ work from London-based musician Rory More.
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 in stock $10.56
Camino EP (feat T Kutt version)
Cat: IIB 076. Rel: 19 Feb 24
Camino (6:30)
Moon Dance (6:30)
RLTW (feat Gemima Gallier) (5:59)
RLTW (T Kutt version Warehouse) (6:08)
Review: The iconic Is It Balearic heads to the slightly less iconic - in Balearic terms - West Midlands to retrieve this great EP of electric dance effort gems from Wrekin Havoc. 'Camino' is a loose, melody-rich sound with silvery drums and real nostalgia, then 'Moon Dance' it's a more laidback and zoned out sonic daydream for lazy and sunny afternoons by the pool. There is an electro vibe to 'RLTW' which is a reworking of a Christopher Cross Yacht classic then a T Kurt Remix reworks it into a boogie banger. Another varied and vital EP of grown up dance sounds.
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 in stock $13.73
Baz Bradley Special Editions
Cat: MWSE 009. Rel: 26 Feb 24
Soul Boys (Acetate edit) (7:40)
Super Maxi (5:23)
Flight 207 (Gate One) (5:15)
Burn The Candle (6:24)
Review: Magic Wand welcomes Baz Bradley for a series of Special Editions that keep blissed-out late summer dancing sessions alive and possible even as days shorten and the sun fades away. He opens up with 'Soul Boys' (Acetate edit) which is an 80s disco jaunt with superb vocals and noodling funk rifts. 'Super Maxi' is a more stripped-back and aloof groove with sung-spoke vocals and hook melodies making for a weird yet wonderful vibe. 'Flight 207' (Gate One) is another slow-motion and dubbed-out disco funker then 'Burn The Candle' has a raw percussive twist.
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Gespielt von: Manu Archeo, Rayko, The Owl
 in stock $13.47
Young Corner (reissue)
Cat: LXMZK 09. Rel: 20 Feb 24
Mahogany (5:08)
All That Is Now (4:27)
Serenity (5:47)
Turning Tides (5:36)
Review: Ten yeras ago, when it first was released, Young Corner marked the triumphant return of Swiss producer Alex "Lexx" Storer, renowned for his ability to craft evocative atmospheres and emotive journeys on the dancefloor. The standout track, 'Turning Tides,' blends deep house rhythms with Balearic flair, featuring sun-soaked textures and lush disco-inspired guitars destined to create unforgettable moments. 'Mahogany' takes a slower pace, with bold electronics and crisp guitars layered over a deep, dub-infused bassline. Rounding out the EP, 'Serenity' elevates the Balearic vibe with dreamy chords, clipped guitars, and cascading electronics, offering a serene escape into blissful sonic landscapes. Lexx's artistry shines through in this mesmerising collection.
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 in stock $20.33
Solid Street EP
Cat: B2R 013. Rel: 26 Feb 24
Solid Street (6:10)
Solar System (6:00)
Rose Tree (5:51)
Review: B2 Recordings hits release number 13 with DJ Rocca and Lex combing on a trio of fresh house cuts that blend elements of disco, Latin and soul. Up first is the glorious 'Solid Street' which has loose and percussive disco-house grooves overlaid with big synth energy and steamy vocals. 'Solar System' is slower and deeper, with a more rugged bassline and low slung sense of funk that never lets up. 'Last of all, 'Rose Tree' is a ramshackle house arrangement with whistles, Rhodes keys, tin-pot percussion, florid flutes and plenty of sunny energy all making it a real standout. A timeless EP packed with musicality.
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 in stock $12.66
Vol 2
Vol 2 (12")
Cat: LZEA 002. Rel: 13 Feb 24
Punches (0:04)
Dreams (0:08)
Feel The Pain
Review: Under the familiar Leo Zero alias, Leo Esltob has crafted countless killer re-edits over the last few decades - though only a limited number have ever been released. Hence the Edit Archive series of 12" EPs, which here reaches volume two. As you'd expect for a man of his experience and expertise, there's much to admire, from the sing-along powder-rock brilliance of 'Dreams' (a tasteful, extended re-work of one of the most famous and celebrated songs of the 1970s) and the re-vitalised Balearic brilliance of 'Taboo' (yep, it's an excellent Sade re-rub), to the loose-limbed-but-locked-in house-not-house headiness of 'Feel The Pain', with its echoing vocal snippets, metronomic cowbells and bubbly synth sounds.
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Gespielt von: Rayko
 in stock $15.58
The East Is Near
Cat: SIREE 06. Rel: 20 Feb 24
Zappelnder Hindu (8:16)
Treibsand (6:03)
Ocean Dreams (7:57)
Zappelnder Hindu (instrumental) (8:16)
Review: Daniel Klein aka SIRS impressed us recently with his fine work on Robert Johnson and is now back on his own Sirsounds Records label with a seriously seductive collection of tunes. His The East Is Near EP brings melodies from that faraway land to Balearic beats. The Berlin based talent kicks off with the winky and intricate rhythms of 'Zappelnder Hindu' before 'Treibsand' layers up what sounds like a didgeridoo with loose-limbed drums. The marvelous 'Ocean Dreams' brings upbeat sounds and smart arrangements that are run through with exotic melodies and last of all is a blissed-out instrumental mix of 'Zappelnder Hindu.'
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Gespielt von: Phat Phil Cooper
 in stock $15.58
Rhythm Of Love (feat Faze Action remix)
Cat: BSBF 1203. Rel: 26 Feb 24
Rhythm Of Love (6:47)
Rhythm Of Love (Daydreamin' instrumental) (6:46)
Rhythm Of Love (Faze Action remix) (7:00)
Review: DJ and producer Gratts returns to his own imprint with the third instalment of the "Balearic but bumpin'" trilogy. Here, the Belgian puts forward a captivating piece of organic, Body & Soul NY inspired deep house, assisted by Cata Mansikka-aho on vocals. As always, an instrumental is provided for maximum nightclub daydreaming. On the flipside, British duo Faze Action up the energy levels with an equally musical disco version that hits in all the right spots. Artwork once again by Mads Cooke.
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 in stock $14.78
In The Garden Of Mindfulness
Cat: C56LP 026. Rel: 07 Feb 24
Eighty Three (5:00)
Katanaboy (4:46)
In The Garden Of Mindfulness (4:48)
Hangsang (5:31)
Afternoon Bob (4:45)
Bonne Anse (4:57)
Unka Paw (4:54)
Late In March (6:21)
Review: Downtempo maestro Mudd is back with a new album In The Garden Of Mindfulness on the faultless Claremont 56 label. Coming after years of him working with Benjamin Smith, amongst others, it's his first solo album since 2006. His magical touch has not left him here as he explores dubbed out disco, Balearic, cosmic chill out and layers of alluring instrumentation, some of which is provided by Michele Chiavarini. These are widescreen sounds to get fully immersed in as you gaze on at sun soaked jazz guitars, low-lit synths, gently cascading synths hints of psychedelia, funk and soul. Another timeless and sparkling work from the great producer.
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 in stock $29.31
Take Our Time
Cat: NMR 013. Rel: 14 Feb 24
Take Our Time (vocal) (6:25)
Take Our Time (Piano edit) (5:56)
Review: An ultra-depthy broken house production from fellows Roberta and Fawziyya Heart, 'Take Our Time' is a seeming exercise in how many top frequencies one can lop off, yet still use in service a sense of excitement in stasis. The simple tessellation of soul-fed voice, subdued kick, murmurative Rhodes and mono sub make for a fantastic combo, as we're unconsciously fed lyrics and style signifying tarrying and patience, not to mention the Molokos and Smith & Mighties of the 1990s.
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 in stock $14.52
Luo Land
Luo Land (12")
Cat: MAD 008X. Rel: 13 Feb 24
Lou Land (5:29)
Battle Hil (6:19)
Battle Hil (Make A dance remix) (7:17)
Battle Hil (MAD dub mix) (6:19)
Review: Fresh from delivering the excellent El U Vee EP, Make a Dance welcome North-East titan Geoff Kirkwood AKA Man Power to M.A.D Records for the first time. This time round, Kirkwood has company: Kenyan singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Rapasa Nyatrapasa. The pair set their stall out on opener 'Lou Land', where Nyatrapasa's Kenyan vocals and percussion slowly rise above a deep, drowsy and trippy deep house groove, before opting for an Amapiano-influenced Afro-tech-meets-Afro-House vibe on the more electronic 'Battle Hill'. Make a Dance deliver two takes on the latter on side B: a proto-house style vocal 'Remix' rich in vintage synth sounds, undulating acid bass, drum machine fills and echo-laden drum hits and a 'Dub Mix' that re-invents the track as a hazy, immersive slab of dub house/deep house fusion.
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Gespielt von: Superbreak, Man Power, LEGO EDIT
Tags: Afro House
 in stock $15.58
Blue Lines (reissue)
Cat: 570096 0. Rel: 02 Dec 16
Safe From Harm (5:17)
One Love (4:47)
Blue Lines (4:22)
Be Thankful For What You've Got (4:09)
Five Man Army (6:03)
Unfinished Sympathy (5:01)
Daydreaming (4:20)
Lately (4:22)
Hymn Of The Big Wheel (6:21)
Review: There's a reason that Massive Attack's Blue Lines frequently appears in "greatest albums" lists. To put it simply, it's brilliant, and arguably remains the Bristol-based outfit's finest work to date (though some would argue that the dark and paranoid Mezzanine is possibly better). As this weighty vinyl reissue proves, it's lost none of its hazy, dub-propelled trip-hop charm. All-time classics such as "Unfinished Sympathy", "Safe From Harm" and "Hymn of the Big Wheel" have lost none of their soulful, mood-enhancing brilliance, while lesser celebrated cuts such as "Five Man Army" and "Lately" still sound great despite their vintage.
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! low stock $18.48
Benders 002
Cat: BNDRS 002. Rel: 31 Jan 24
Rip It Off (5:26)
How's Your Father (5:57)
Review: New label U - Bend debuted back in September with a tidy Balearic 12" and promised that it would "bridge the gap between acid cougars and the namaste death cult." It is the eponymous production team that takes charge of this 12" again and again the vibe is Balearic. 'Rip It Off' starts off with some syrupy and sugary rhythms that are laid back and funky in their own way. Steamy vocals and acidic liens drive to take things higher and on the flip 'How's Your Father' brings some more laid back cool, this time with acoustic guitar strums and cosmic pads.
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! low stock $10.56
X Ray Zulu
Cat: AX 116. Rel: 25 Jan 24
Just Like A (Vernacular Objects) (7:26)
Transistor Love (4:58)
Peace From The Virgo Cluster (5:06)
Methane Bubbles (5:34)
Review: Jeff Mills is on a serious roll with his Millsart releases, indulging the mystical, jazz-tinted sound of his Every Dog Has Its Day series across a run of 12"s which have included the outstanding Inner Eye, Don't Ask Me Why and Morning Glory in the past year alone. The original version of 'Vernacular Objects' appeared on a 2020 digital release, and now Mills has re-versioned it alongside three new tracks which continue the heady brew of simmering percussive meditation and elevated keys hitting subtle discord and curious harmony interplay for that extra-terrestrial Millsian touch.
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Gespielt von: ISOUL8 (Volcov)
 in stock $16.37
Apericena EP
Apericena EP (heavyweight vinyl 12")
Cat: VOV 18. Rel: 22 Jan 24
Quantity Check (6:37)
Blue Eyes Clear (5:19)
Quantity Check (Ryu's Rub) (5:49)
Nao Fazer Nado (5:00)
Review: The Vinyl Only label rolls on towards its 20th release here with Mar De Novo serving up the irresistible Apericena EP. 'Quantity Check' is a low-slung funker with noodling baselines and nice loose percussive rhythms under some exotic vocals. 'Blue Eyes Clear' is a more lavish and downtempo number of chilling by the Med come sundown and then comes Ryu's Rub of 'Quantity Check' which is more funky and fat-bottomed. 'Nao Fazer Nado' rounds out an escapist EP with some dreamy melodic chill-out sounds that will have you gazing off to the stars.
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Gespielt von: The Owl
 in stock $13.73
Without You EP
Cat: DOG 96. Rel: 08 Feb 24
Lex - "Without You" (6:23)
Lex - "Strip Town" (5:26)
Lex & Locke - "Purity" (feat Guto Fernandez) (5:29)
Lex & Dennis Liber - "No Time For Formalities" (6:20)
Review: While he's been a stalwart of the Athens underground for decades, it's only in recent years that Lex has begun to release music on a regular basis. Here he returns to Delusions of Grandeur following his collaborative EP with Locke, 7 Day Path, in 2022. Fittingly, Locke makes an appearance - alongside Guto Fernandez - on 'Purity', a fine vocal number that sits somewhere between nu-disco and percussive Latin house, while Lex's love of collaboration continues on the late-80s piano house vibe of 'No Time For Formalities'. It's the A-side's solo tracks that impress most. Our pick of the pair is 'Without You', a hypnotic and locked-in acid house roller full of mind-mangling TB-303 motifs, jazzy Rhodes licks and spacey chords, though the deep and funky 'Strip Town' is almost as good.
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 in stock $15.83
Every Dog's Hotel
Cat: HYR 7274. Rel: 20 Feb 24
Every Dog's Hotel (4:43)
Foam Party (4:09)
Journey Through The Schoonerverse (4:50)
Wonky Friendz (5:00)
Kneverending Knockoffs (6:36)
Backyard Paradiso (6:43)
Review: Hell Yeah Records sets a super tone for 2024 with a captivating new album from Australian producer Dawn Again. Every Dog's Hotel presents a dreamy, breaks-infused journey into what Dawn Again calls "pubwave." Drawing from his decade-long experience and releases on labels like Houseworx and Enjoyment Division, Melbourne-based Nick Verwey crafts a sunlit, sunset-ready sound perfect for grown-up crowds. Inspired during lockdown by nostalgic downtempo vibes from the 90s and 00s, Verwey aimed to recreate the communal drinking atmosphere of his favorite pubs. The result is a lush, Balearic "pubwave" album, complemented by a charming cover painting by artist Holly Hunt, inviting listeners to immerse themselves in lavish, escapist downtempo sounds.
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Gespielt von: Marco Gallerani
! low stock $19.54
I Feel You (reissue)
I Feel You (reissue) (12" Nachpressung)
Cat: LENG 062R. Rel: 10 Jan 24
I Feel You (7:16)
I Feel You (Mudd remix) (7:13)
I Feel You (Mudd instrumental remix) (6:50)
Review: Payfone's track record to date is exceptional, with the duo delivering some of their most impressive work on Paul 'Mudd' Murphy and Simon Purnell's label, Leng. 'I Feel You', which sees them reunite with vocalist and songwriter Kyd Neirida (who is depicted on the cover and previously featured on 2022 single 'Put Your Face Away'), is another strong offering. Their original mix is impeccable - a slow-motion shuffler in which Neirida's expressive, emotional vocals rise above a rubbery synth bassline, metronomic beats and flashes of effects-laden guitar. Murphy dons his Mudd alias to deliver vocal and instrumental takes that expand the sound further - he is a master of slow-motion Balearic disco after all - with guest musician Michele Chiavarini adding the crowning touch via some gorgeous, life-affirming piano solos.
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 in stock $16.64
Dummy (heavyweight vinyl LP)
Cat: 828 5221. Rel: 13 Mar 18
Mysterons (4:59)
Sour Times (4:13)
Strangers (3:58)
It Could Be Sweet (4:12)
Wandering Star (4:51)
Numb (3:58)
Roads (5:07)
Pedestal (3:39)
Biscuit (4:49)
Glory Box (4:54)
 in stock $27.73
Tied (12")
Cat: TPC 001. Rel: 13 Feb 24
Tied (5:54)
Tied (instrumental) (5:53)
Control (6:43)
Review: West Yorkshire's intriguing vocal and synth talent Laura Groves teams up with Open Space following her excellent album last year and lures us in deep once more. This time she's on the classy Test Pressing Recordings with a pair of beautifully tender and spare singles. 'Tied' has her delicate and icy vocals drifting up top over minimal synth lines and barely-there rhythms for a spine-tingling lullaby that also comes as an instrumental. On the flip is 'Control' which has another angelic vocal, this time in amongst swirling and heavenly pads that act like a perfect catharsis to busy modern life.
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 in stock $14.52
River Songs
Cat: TRULE 025. Rel: 21 Feb 24
Xana (5:56)
Tone Circle (3:47)
River Song (6:02)
Hechicera (4:50)
Review: Al Wootton has always been able to cook up rhythms that are beyond even the wildest dreams of many and now he gets even more weird and esoteric on this fresh 12" on True. The six tracks layer up polyrhythmic hand percussion with sonorous bells and are all brought to life with modular synthesis and deft sound design that takes you deep into a humid jungle where moisture drips from the leaves and psychedelia lurks around every corner. It is both a heady and a heavy trip into worldly and dubby techno rhythms that will leave you feeling keen to hear more from the man.
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 in stock $14.52
The Best Of Sade
The Best Of Sade (gatefold heavyweight vinyl 2xLP)
Cat: 888751 805910. Rel: 07 Nov 22
Your Love Is King (3:41)
Hang On To Your Love (4:31)
Smooth Operator (4:17)
Jezebel (5:27)
The Sweetest Taboo (4:19)
Is It A Crime (6:17)
Never As Good As The First Time (3:57)
Love Is Stronger Than Pride (4:19)
Paradise (3:33)
Nothing Can Come Between Us (3:53)
No Ordinary Love (7:19)
Like A Tattoo (3:36)
Kiss Of Life (4:10)
Cherish The Day (3:40)
Pearls (6:15)
Please Send Me Someone To Love (4:30)
 in stock $24.28
Every City Has A Rhythm
Cat: JSJ 3. Rel: 21 Feb 24
Every City Has A Rhythm (4:25)
Grown Folks Party (3:08)
! low stock $19.54
Banana Leaf Paradise
Cat: SL 038. Rel: 02 Feb 24
Coconut Dance (5:42)
Sun God (4:21)
Fine Tuned (6:41)
Page Masters (5:41)
Path Of The Heart (4:23)
Body Mist (5:56)
Surrounded (3:13)
Review: Saphileaum is an alias for multi-disciplinary Georgian artist Andro Gogibedashvili, who since 2018 has been unfurling reams of delicate, mesmerising electro-organic beat works for labels like Silent Season, Diffuse Reality and Constellation Tatsu. Hot on the heels of the wonderful Intrapersonal Experience for Good Morning Tapes comes this debut appearance on Slow Life, which remains true to his artistic arcs as well as the mellow, Adriatic mood of the label. This is meditative groove music from the modern age, revelling in the interplay between strident beat constructions and exotic sound palettes without ever disturbing the over-arching chill of Gogibedashvili's captivating project.
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 in stock $17.69
Leftism (National Abum Day 2023)
Leftism (National Abum Day 2023) (gatefold white & black marbled vinyl 2xLP (indie exclusive))
Cat: 196588 03821. Rel: 20 Oct 23
Release The Pressure (7:30)
Afro-Left (7:34)
Melt (5:16)
Song Of Life (7:03)
Original (6:23)
Black Flute (3:51)
Space Shanty (7:16)
Inspection (Check One) (6:28)
Storm 3000 (5:44)
Open Up (8:43)
21st Century Poem (4:43)
Review: As part of National Album Day 2023 - yep, it's new to us too - Sony are reissuing Leftfield's seminal Leftism album. It set a high water mark for dance music albums very early on and has rarely been better when it comes to complete listening experiences that also pack a dancefloor punch. It mixes up techno and house with plenty of booming baselines but also atmospheric tunes with a unique sense of mood that is utterly alluring even all these years later. This version comes on gatefold white and black marbled vinyl to make it a perfect collector's piece.
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 in stock $32.22
Interstellar Fantasy
Cat: BCRLP 04. Rel: 14 Dec 23
Interstellar Fantasy (6:12)
Journey To Arcturus (7:40)
Solar Pirates (3:23)
Mines Of Andromeda (3:26)
Stasis Loop (1:59)
The Lonely Robot (4:26)
Cruising Home (5:55)
Review: Jazz maestro Greg Feat has hooked up with Aho Salawu for this fantastic concept album that takes us on an interplanetary adventure in a library music style. Commissioned by Sonoton these analogue sci-fi electronic grooves are played by Foot on his array of vintage synthesisers while Kokoroko's Aypo brings the drums. It's everything you would expect it would be base don that connect - widescreen, retro future, jazzy in parts and delightfully escapist in others. A future classic, no doubt, and yet another masterful album from Foat.
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 in stock $27.20
13 (limited 12")
Cat: JWTWN 013. Rel: 23 Oct 23
Track 1 (10:03)
Track 2 (6:27)
Track 3 (12:24)
Review: If you have had your ear to the Balearic underground over the summer you might well have heard some high-profile selectors dropping cuts off this latest missive from US label Just What The World Needs. It is another sublime three-tracker that kicks off with the string-laced and upbeat disco delights of the A1. Second up is a much more slow and sensuous sound that sinks you in deep to a beach lounger as the sun fades into the sea and the sky turns flame red and orange. Things pick up again with the third and final cut - a percussive jumble of organic hits and drums overlaid with a heart-melting vocal sample and deft melodic details that drift by like wispy clouds.
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 in stock $17.95
Back Then I Didn't But Now I Do
Cat: INC 026. Rel: 14 Feb 24
Crystal Eyes (3:47)
Luna Dance (3:24)
Float (4:35)
Level Skip (3:51)
Live (3:40)
Dream Reality (2:14)
Hold & Release (4:56)
Slip (5:22)
Run It (4:52)
Hearing Colors (3:35)
 in stock $20.86
Moon Safari
Moon Safari (heavyweight vinyl LP)
Cat: 072438 4497811. Rel: 16 Jun 15
La Femme D'Argent (6:51)
Sexy Boy (4:56)
All I Need (4:25)
Kelly Watch The Stars (3:43)
Talisman (4:15)
Remember (2:34)
You Make It Easy (3:55)
Ce Matin La (3:34)
New Star In The Sky (5:38)
Le Voyage De Penelope (3:24)
 in stock $20.06
Robot84 vs The RAFF
Robot84 vs The RAFF (1-sided 180 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: ROB 02. Rel: 08 Jan 24
Robot84 Vs The RAFF - "Get It Right Next Time" (5:46)
Review: London producer Scott Ferguson is the man behind the Robot84 alias. He has a love for 80s gear that very much defines the sounds he makes, from proto-house to darker disco. His self-titled label is back with more of that good stuff here as he faces off with The Raff for 'Get It Right Next Time'. This one has a creeping groove and warm chord sequences that tease and please beneath sweeping Balearic synths and celebratory melodic sequences that build to a crescendo. The drums get the hips swinging and the sprinkling of cosmic magic finishes it off in style making it a perfect cut for open-air dancing by the beach.
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Gespielt von: Rayko
 in stock $11.89
Dimension Intrusion (reissue)
Dimension Intrusion (reissue) (2xLP in spot-varnished sleeve (indie exclusive))
Cat: WARPLP 12R. Rel: 09 Nov 23
A New Day (3:54)
FU (7:45)
Slac (3:19)
Dimension Intrusion (4:04)
Substance Abuse (5:10)
Train-Trac 1 (6:27)
Another Time (Revisited) (6:24)
Theychx (13:13)
UVA (8:07)
Mantrax (8:01)
Nitedrive (3:27)
Into The Space (5:10)
Logikal Nonsense (1:16)
Review: Richie Hawtin's early music was undoubtedly a product of his surroundings in Windsor (the Canadian one) and Detroit, but over time a more European dimension to his sound emerged which naturally aligned with the developments taking place at Warp. When the Artificial Intelligence series came together, Hawtin's approach was certainly tipped more towards techno in the American sense of the word, but his pointillist beats and synth sequences on Dimension Intrusion slotted in comfortably between Speedy J, Polygon Window and Autechre. Not just a horizontal home listening affair, there's plenty of rave teeth to tracks like 'F.U.' and 'Substance Abuse', as he demonstrated his gift for telling vivid, narcotic stories with the 303 and 909. Now, the album has finally remastered and reissued, sounding the best it ever has and released alongside a new edition of Speedy J's equally seminal Ginger.
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 in stock $26.15
Washoe Zephyr EP
Cat: IIB 069. Rel: 05 Feb 24
Belgian Caravan (6:31)
Moonlight Contribution (5:12)
Dry Plains Parade (5:59)
Southern Edges (4:24)
Review: The by-now seminal Is It Balearic label welcomes long-time Balearic boss Max Essa for another superbly horizontal offering that will take you to the beach no matter where you are. He is a regular on this label who has been serving up top tunes and compiling superb collections like 2016's 10-Year Anniversary comp for ages, and the quality levels never dip. This fresh four-tracker traverses gently breaking synth waves, undulating dubby undercurrents and gloriously sun-kissed synth work all in a soothing and meditative style.

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 in stock $13.47
Coyote Special Editions Vol 2
Cat: MWSE 008. Rel: 06 Nov 23
Lonely (8:22)
Western Revolution (6:26)
Love Home (5:22)
Luca (6:31)
Review: It is time to succumb to the sounds of the Magic Wand label once more and this eighth sonic spell is another one that will leave you happily helpless. It finds the Coyote lads step away from their fine work on Is It Balearic? to cook up two top edits. First up they offer 'Lonely' - a broody, steamy and shimmering tropical Balearic workout and then comes the organic and lazy drums of 'Western Revolution' with an iconic gravelly vocal. There are folk-tinged Americana sounds on 'Love Home' and laid-back disco licks on the seductive 'Luca' to make this a summer party essential.
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 in stock $12.66
Dead Elvis (reissue)
Dead Elvis (reissue) (limited numbered 180 gram audiophile translucent yellow vinyl 2xLP + insert)
Cat: MOVLP 3398C. Rel: 13 Feb 24
All That Glitters (6:33)
Opium Shuffle (5:02)
GBH (5:05)
Dirt (3:52)
Rocco (6:33)
Rekkit (6:28)
I Spy (5:04)
Amber (8:04)
Rematerialised (8:28)
68 Balcony (5:03)
Sly (3:27)
Review: It could have all been so different when Death In Vegas first formed. Richard Fearless and Steve Hellier spawned the project in 1994 and got signed under the name Dead Elvis, but legal wrangling got in the way and they used the name for their debut album instead. Now Music On Vinyl have repressed the 1997 classic so we can revel in the grizzled take on big beat and trip hop the pair cooked up. It's very much of its time, but there's a snarl to the production which sets Death In Vegas apart from their peers at the time, opting for the dive bar ambience over the festival main stage you'd hear when playing The Chemical Brothers or Leftfield. For that reason Dead Elvis has aged very well indeed.
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Black Is The Color Of My True Love's Hair
Cat: COLOR 01. Rel: 02 Feb 24
Black Is The Color Of My True Love's Hair (Mashup) (3:49)
Review: 'Black Is the Color of My True Love's Hair' has origins as a black folk ballard that was associated with colonial workers across the United States. It has distinctive melodies and a mournful and melancholic feel and has been covered by man artists, but none quite as powerful as the late great Nina Simone. Taken from her Nine Simone at Town Hall album recorded in 1959, it became a staple of her sets which is what in part helped to increase the song's popularity throughout the late 20th century. Here it is presented as a mash up with 'A Hymn' for a beautifully moody new take.
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Jon Savage's Ambient 90s
Jon Savage's Ambient 90s (limited unmixed CD)
Cat: CTRUE 32CD. Rel: 08 Jan 24
Sandoz - "Limbo"
Lobe - "Placebo"
2 Cabbages On A Drip - "Calm"
React To Rhythm - "Intoxication" (Clubfield mix)
Strange Cargo - "Montauk Point"
Rapoon - "Bol Baya"
Aphex Twin - "Utopia 3"
GOL - "No Bounds"
Moonwater - "Space Indian"
Underworld - "Blueski"
U-Ziq - "Phiesope"
Biosphere - "En-trance"
Review: The 1990s was arguably the first 'golden age' of ambient - a time when the inherently atmospheric and laidback style not only exploded in popularity, but also became the post-club soundtrack of choice for a whole generation. This personal survey of the 90s ambient scene from journalist and author Jon Savage does a good job in gathering together a representative selection of genuine gems and overlooked classics, drifting between the bubbly, deep space brilliance of Richard H Kirk's Sandoz project ('Limbo'), bleeping ambient house ('Calm' by 2 Cabbages on a Drip), early progressive house (React 2 Rhythm), electronic psychedelia (the tabla rhythms and swirly noises of Rapoon), ambient blues (Underworld), IDM (U-ziq), and glacial, slow-motion bliss (Biosphere).
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 in stock $8.44
Roughness (12" in die-cut sleeve)
Cat: TFGC 024. Rel: 23 Jan 24
Echology (4:04)
Humble (3:36)
Eightyone (3:40)
Roughness (4:07)
 in stock $17.95
Orion (LP)
Cat: CG 161104LP. Rel: 02 Feb 24
Jag Vill Ha Allt (3:24)
Hall Avstand (2:51)
Det Lacker (4:18)
Glitter (2:05)
Firad (4:36)
Milton (3:26)
Orion (3:53)
Mellan De Sju Fjallen (3:03)
Tomma Lador (2:02)
Review: Swedish band Dina Ogon have become one of the most celebrated groups in their scene. After their well received ;east album 'Oas' they now return with 'Orion', which includes the already well received lead single 'Glitter.' That tune is, say the band, "a journey upwards, forwards and inwards." That message somewhat gets against their previous vibe with has been described as backward-looking and Nordic-nostalgic. There is still plenty rich dreaminess to their work here with soaring Balearic-pop delights such as 'Jag Vill Ha Allt', glistening cosmic ditties like 'Det Lacker' and the late night soul of 'Mellan De Sju Fjallen' all swelling your heart.
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Changes (CD)
Cat: AOTNCD 066. Rel: 16 Feb 24
Check4 U
It's Not About Me
Best Thing
Knight In Shining Armour
Coming Back
Goodbye Farewell
Life Changes You
Let Down & Liar
My Man
Do It Your Way (feat Yoda)
I Wanna Be Free
 in stock $12.66
The Closest Thing To Silence
The Closest Thing To Silence (LP with obi-strip)
Cat: IARC 77LP. Rel: 15 Feb 24
Ten Hour Wave (0:19)
Breathing In Three Orbits (intro) (3:07)
Breathing In Three Orbits (6:42)
The Closest Thing To Silence (3:50)
Dizzy Ditty (4:33)
Une Ombre Legere (4:19)
New Air (2:22)
Ecoute Au Loin (6:03)
A Treasure Chest (5:56)
Stay Centered (2:14)
Stack Attack (6:20)
Review: Ariel Kalma, Jeremiah Chiu, and Marta Sofia Honer's The Closest Thing to Silence transcends traditional boundaries. Through ethereal compositions and intricate soundscapes, the album creates an immersive atmosphere that invites contemplation and introspection. Kalma's mastery of wind instruments, Chiu's electronic experimentation, and Honer's emotive vocals blend seamlessly and weave a tapestry of sound that evokes a sense of serene tranquillity. Each track unfolds like a meditation, guiding listeners through evocative landscapes of sound and ensuring that the long player is an evocative bit of collaborative artistry that highlights the beauty found within moments of stillness.
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Other Phases Of Sleep
Cat: PR 019. Rel: 06 Feb 24
Asleep (6:22)
Asleep (Space Ghost remix) (5:21)
To Paradise (6:01)
Signal A5 (5:57)
Review: Dutch DJ and producer Kennedy has always been rather concerned with dreams and infusing the feeling of them into hazy house music. He has done that mostly on his own Dream Machine label but now lands on the Canadian outlet Pacific Rhythm with three more of his somnambulant sonics. 'Asleep' is all dusty drums and smeared shrouds that encourage the mind to wander, then the Space Ghost remix flips it somewhat into a more potent proposition. On the flip, 'To Paradise' is a classy soundtrack full of introspective pads and 'Signal A5' rounds out another EP that draws on the artist's love of UK Street Soul and cosmic flourishes.
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Late Night Tales
Late Night Tales (2xLP + insert + MP3 download code)
Cat: ALNLP 20. Rel: 02 Nov 23
The League Unlimited Orchestra - "The Things That Dreams Are Made Of" (5:10)
Roxy Music - "Love Is The Drug" (3:59)
Kitty Grant - "Glad To Know You" (5:06)
Depeche Mode - "Enjoy The Silence" (4:29)
Max Berlin - "Elle & Moi" (Joakim remix) (8:29)
The African Dream - "Makin' A Living" (5:47)
Midlake - "Rosco" (Beyond The Wizard's Sleeve remix) (6:51)
Liquid People - "Son Of Dragon" (7:56)
Ace - "How Long" (3:20)
Chris Rea - "Josephine" (French edit) (7:04)
Will Young - "Friday's Child" (Andy Cato edit) (4:05)
Marvin Gaye & Tammi Terrell - "You're All I Need To Get By" (2:47)
Groove Armada - "Are 'Friends' Electric?" (Exclusive Cover version) (4:13)
Peter, Bjorn & John - "The Chills" (3:53)
The Cure - "Close To Me" (3:34)
Finley Quaye - "Even After All" (dub - clean version) (7:08)
Will Self - "The Happy Detective" (part 1 - Exclusive Spoken Word track) (2:11)
Review: Groove Armada might well be best known for their big beats, and fair enough. Their mastery of a smart sample and a compelling groove paired with catchy vocal hooks made that chart topping superstars who went on to tour the world endlessly before then disappearing and remerging on more underground labels like Hypercolour. But you don't get that good at sampling with being deep digging record fiends. And that is exactly what made them such a perfect fit for the Late Night Tales series which is all about offering up alternative sounds to accompany post-club comedowns. These collections were gateways into new musical worlds for many dance fans and they still stand up today so it's great to have them back in print.
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Mezzanine (2xLP)
Cat: 375404 3. Rel: 25 Nov 14
Inertia Creeps
Dissolved Girl
Man Next Door
Black Milk
Group Four
Review: Originally issued back in 1998, Mezzanine remains the most commercially successful album released by Bristol troupe Massive Attack, thanks in no small part to the Liz Fraser-featuring "Teardrop". This third album signalled a change in sonic direction that played more explicitly on the darkness and tension that was always an undercurrent of their much loved debut Blue Lines and successor Protection. After numerous bootlegs over the years, Virgin have done the right thing and presented this official reissue of Mezzanine to appease fans of Massive Attack and it's clear the LP has lost none of it's bewitching power. The Quincy Jones and Isaac Hayes sampling "Exhange" and "Exchange" remain a delight in particular.
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Home Away From Home
Home Away From Home (LP limited to 300 copies + insert)
Cat: LXMZK 08. Rel: 27 Nov 23
Leap Of Faith (4:05)
Here & Now (4:27)
Pure Love (4:24)
Happy Hapon (2:18)
Ultramarin (4:04)
Rising Tide (3:30)
Forever Moments (3:47)
Nitetime In Sta (feat Lullaby For Sophie) (3:57)
Review: Having stepped back from the Phantom Island label he helped establish, Alex Storrer returns with his first album as Lexx in four years. In keeping with his Balearic roots, Home Away From Home is a genuinely gorgeous, sun-kissed affair that prioritises mood and melody. Rich in evocative field recordings, organic instrumentation, widescreen electronics and yearning instrumental flourishes, it plays like an album to be listened to - preferably horizontally - from start to finish. Highlights are plentiful, from the gentle acoustic guitars and languid jazz guitar solos of 'Here & Now' and the twinkling, slow-motion beauty of 'Pure Love', to the Johnny Nash-esque warmth of 'Ultramarine', the dubby neo-Balearic shuffle of 'Rising Tide' and the saucer-eyed ambient lusciousness of 'Leap of Faith'.
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 in stock $26.67
Kween In My Eyes
Kween In My Eyes (hand-stamped vinyl 7" limited to 300 copies)
Cat: DR 7002. Rel: 14 Feb 24
Kween In My Eyes (4:43)
Domelo Ance (3:48)
Review: The Dolfin label has been rolling out some high quality jams of late and are currently building up to a much anticipated album from Blaque Dynamite that is worth keeping an eye open for. Now they look to Felix for this hand-stamped vinyl 7" 'Kween In My Eyes'. It is a slow, low slung and heart-warming deep house sound with a hooky beat and jazzy chord draped over the drums as a smooth r&b vocal is smeared into the mix. On the flip is the even more downbeat and late night 'Domelo Ance' with its lazy and heat damaged chords making for a super seductive sound. A steamy 45 then, for sure.
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No Protection (reissue)
No Protection (reissue) (heavyweight vinyl LP)
Cat: 570096 3. Rel: 02 Dec 16
Protection (Radiation Ruling The Nation) (8:31)
Karmacoma (Bumper Ball dub) (5:58)
Three (Trinity dub) (4:20)
Weather Storm (Cool Monsoon) (7:10)
Sly (Eternal Feedback) (6:19)
Better Things (Moving dub) (5:52)
Spying Glass (I Spy) (5:16)
Heat Miser (Backward Sucking) (6:12)
Review: Given Massive Attack's background, it was almost inevitable that they'd release a dub overhaul of one of their albums at one point. That time came in 1995, when British sound system legend Mad Professor - responsible for some of the greatest UK-made dub records of all time - put his distinctive twist on Protection. 21 years on, the set still sounds sublime: a radical translation that frequently bares only a passing resemblance to the Bristol band's original. It's packed with highlights, from the spaced-out, dub-house rework of "Spying Glass" ("I Spy"), to the ricocheting percussion hits and twinkling pianos of "Weather Storm (Cool Monsoon)", and creepy, delay-laden string surges of "Eternal Feedback (Sly)".
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 in stock $27.73
Reflections (limited CD)
Cat: SRM 10006CD. Rel: 12 Apr 23
Mother Tongue
All Is Well
Universal Beings
Jerusalem Blues
Light Heart (live version)
Light Heart
Which Way Home
Shadow Dance
! low stock $11.61
Another Late Night (reissue)
Another Late Night (reissue) (180 gram vinyl 2xLP + insert + MP3 download code)
Cat: ALNLP 05. Rel: 26 Oct 23
Groove Armada - "Fly Me To The Moon" (Exclusive Cover version) (4:01)
BRS - "Lovin' Me" (Dubtribe mix) (8:04)
Good Together - "(We Can) Work It Out" (Underwater Trumpet mix) (8:15)
Tim Love Lee - "Java Jam" (5:52)
Open Door - "Breathe" (6:18)
Kleeer - "Tonight" (5:06)
Roy Ayers - "The Memory" (4:33)
Metro Area - "Miura" (6:44)
Kimbu Kimra - "Raise The Dead" (Love From San Francisco dub) (5:52)
Don Ray - "Standing In The Rain" (6:33)
Al Green - "Truth N' Time" (3:39)
Shuggie Otis - "Strawberry Letter 23" (3:57)
Mr Fingers - "Can You Feel It" (5:48)
Aretha Franklin - "Day Dreaming" (3:50)
Loose Ends - "Feel The Vibe" (4:16)
Sir Patrick Moore - "Peepshow" (part 1 - Exclusive Spoken Word) (5:03)
Review: Groove Armada proven so adept at putting totters intimate late nigh sound tracks that they have made not one, not two, but three different entires into this legendary and long running series. And each one has its own equally special vibe. This one finds the pairing digging into the new York disco of Metro Area, the funk of Roy Ayers, the classic house of Mr Fingers and the gorgeousness of Shuggie Otis. It's as good an after the afterparty mix as you could wish to hear so we're delighted it is being reissue.
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Tuff Cut #001
Cat: TUFF 001. Rel: 07 Mar 13
Bless The Rains
My Body's On Fire
Not In Love Anymore
Review: If you want hugs on the dancefloor deep into the night, Late Night Tough Guy's (formally DJ HMC) "Bless The Rains" is the perfect drug. The Adelaide based luminary rehashes Toto's "Africa" in a heavily pitched down and simple edit fit for any fromage-laced discotheque. Skirting around the throbbing bassline and triangle hits of "My Body On Fire" is a vocal that will have some train-spotters pulling their hair out in frustration, while "Not In Love Anymore" will have both Warren G/Nate Dogg and Michael McDonald fans bumping and grinding to excess.
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Nightclubbing (180 gram vinyl LP + MP3 download code)
Cat: 422842 3681. Rel: 24 Jun 09
Walking In The Rain
Pull Up To The Bumper
Use Me
Art Groupie
I've Seen That Face Before (Libertango)
Feel Up
Demolition Man
I've Done It Again
Gespielt von: Mary Ann Hobbs, Snuffo
 in stock $27.73
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