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Fever (Latin version)
 in stock $9.79
Kelen Ati Leen
Kelen Ati Leen (limited 7")
Cat: AFRICA 4506. Rel: 20 Apr 22
Kelen Ati Leen (3:41)
Souleymane (4:29)
Review: Insanely funky business from Senegal's famous Orchestra Baobab (who are still touring and toiling 40 years later), "Kelen Ati Leen" is a really sweaty, heavy slab of funk that stares west for inspiration and a mild psychedelic Hendrixian sheen. "Souleymane", released three years after the A-side in 1978, takes more of a Latin influence as the horns get steamy over a rigid highlife spine to create a detailed and very physical groove.
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 in stock $9.51
Cat: BRZ 45059. Rel: 15 Dec 16
Simbarere (2:40)
Kabaluere (2:24)
 in stock $9.51
Clandestino (gatefold 2xLP + CD)
Cat: BEC 5161605. Rel: 16 Oct 13
Bongo Bong
Je Ne T'Aime Plus
Lagrimas De Oro
Mama Call
Luna Y Sol
Por El Suelo
Welcome To Tijuana
Dia Luna... Dia Pena
La Vie A 2
Minha Galera
La Despedida
El Viento
Bongo Bong
Je Ne T'Aime Plus
Lagrimas De Oro
Mama Call
Luna Y Sol
Por El Suelo
Welcome To Tijuana
Dia Luna... Dia Pena
La Vie A 2
Minha Galera
La Despedida
El Viento
Tags: Dub | Latin | Dub Reggae
 in stock $23.81
Beach Diggin Volume 5
Beach Diggin Volume 5 (gatefold 2xLP + MP3 download code)
Cat: HS 168VL. Rel: 04 Aug 17
Yasuko Agawa - "LA Nights" (5:19)
Stephen Colebrooke - "Stay Away From Music" (4:28)
Andre Marie Tala - "Sweet Dole" (4:32)
Tyna Onwudiwe - "Lite Low" (4:04)
Rebles - "Sweetest Taboo" (Soca version) (3:26)
Ricardo Marrero & The Group - "And We'll Make Love" (2:31)
Koko Ateba - "Si T'es Mal Dans Ta Peau" (4:03)
Sookie - "Tonight" (feat Jeannine Otis) (4:58)
Raphael Toine - "Femmes Pays Douces" (5:40)
Eboni Band - "Desire" (5:09)
Robert J Riggins - "I Need You Now" (4:06)
Salero - "Teardrops & Wine" (3:07)
Momo Joseph - "War For Ground" (4:13)
Claude Genteuil - "Dreams Of Love" (3:00)
Gatot Soedarto - "Sayangilah Daku Kasih" (1:46)
Synchro Rhythmic Eclectic Language - "Pasto" (5:51)
Review: Since the Beach Diggin' compilation series launched a few years back, a number of its obscure, Balearic-minded selections have been given full length reissues of their own. We can probably expect a number of the tracks from this brilliant fifth volume to get the same treatment. As usual, the wide-ranging track list is thick with highlights, from the synth-heavy, French language reggae of Raphael Toine's 1986 bubbler "Femmes Pays Douces" (taken from the artist's frustratingly hard to find Ce Ta Ou album) and vibraphone-laden jazz-funk smoothness of Yasuko Agwa's sought-after "L.A Night", to the barely-known brilliance of Andre Maria Tole's Cameroonian gem "Sweet Dole". In other words, it's another essential selection.
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 in stock $23.28
El Que La Rompe La Paga
Cat: LMNKV 110. Rel: 16 Feb 23
El Que La Rompe La Paga (3:13)
Toca La Campana (3:05)
Review: Madrid via Cuba musical gang El Combo Batanga have finally dropped this new double-sider 7". It was teased by the early reals sou the a-side which brings plenty of dance floor filing heat with 'El Que La Rompe La Paga'. It's packed with samba shuffle, expressive horn work and results, and relentless keys work designed to get the ass moving. On the flip is 'Toca La Campana' which is a little less dense but not less rhythmic in the way it sways to and fro with fiery Spanish vocals and funk riffs.
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Tags: Latin | Salsa | Latin Funk | Afro Cuban
 in stock $11.38
I Believe In Miracles
I Believe In Miracles (limited translucent yellow vinyl 7" Nachpressung)
Cat: LMNKVLD 67. Rel: 04 Jul 24
I Believe In Miracles (3:30)
No Nos Pararan (6:48)
Review: In 2011, Banda Achilifunk & OJO served up Gitano Real, one of the year's most essential albums. It was caned far and wide by funk lovers, in particular Craig Charles on his 6 Music show. Now, two cover versions taken from the essential album have been pressed to limited edition translucent yellow vinyl. First up, 'I Believe in Miracles' is an overwhelming take on the Jackson Sisters classic with plenty of happy Latin vibes and rumba funk rhythms. Flip it over for a more abstract version of McFadden and Whitehead's seminal 'Ain't No Stoping Us Now' which is a soulful disco number packed with sunshine.
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Tags: Disco Funk | Latin | Latin Funk | Spanish
 in stock $10.58
I Really Care
Cat: FNGR 008. Rel: 28 Apr 23
I Really Care (feat Diane Ward - vocal) (2:20)
The Great Akerman (instrumental) (2:50)
Review: Fingier Records is a new Acid Jazz sub-label that is back with a brand new 7" from The Kevin Fingier Collective. It's a real dance floor heater that is perfectly aged and authentic as it mixes up Northern Soul and r&b with driving guitar rhythms and steamy piano chords. The horns are killer but the vocal is the icing on the cake. On the flip things get Latin flavoured with the bossa-tinged mod jazz of 'The Great Akerman' which is defined by lush flute and organ vamps. This is a great taster of the full length to come from The Kevin Fingier Collective.
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Tags: Latin | Boogaloo
 in stock $11.38
CUBA: Music & Revolution Culture Clash In Havana Experiments In Latin Music 1975-85 Vol 2
Juan Pablo Torres Y Algo Nuevo - "Y Que Bien" (4:23)
Orquesta Los Van Van - "Por Que Lo Haces" (4:09)
Los Latinos - "Quemando" (2:46)
Farah Maria - "Amame Y No Pienses Mas" (4:15)
FA 5 - "Muevete Con Las Fuerzas Del Corazon" (5:54)
Tambores De Enrique Bonne - "Como Arrullos De Palma" (2:49)
Ricardo Eddy Martinez - "Expresso Ritmico" (4:01)
Los Papines - "Solo De Tumba Y Bongo" (5:30)
Grupo Sintesis - "Aqui Estamos" (2:32)
Los Van Van - "Llegada" (2:03)
Grupo Raices Nuevas - "Baila Mi Guaguanco" (5:02)
Luis Carbonell - "La Rumba" (3:54)
Orquesta Riverside - "En Casa Del Trompo No Bailes" (3:02)
Juan Formel & Los Van Van - "Llegue, Llegue" (5:52)
Grupo Los Yoyi - "Tu No Me Puedes Conquistar" (3:05)
Los Papines - "Para Que Niegas?" (4:23)
Grupo De Experimentacion Sonora Del ICAIC - "Cuba Va!" (3:04)
Raul Gomez - "Luces En La Pista" (8:50)
Los Brito - "El 4-5-6" (2:48)
Leo Brouwer - "Tema De El Rancheador De La Naturaleza" (1:36)
Ricardo Eddy Martinez - "La 132" (4:18)
Los Reyes 73 - "Finalizo Un Amor" (3:37)
 in stock $35.73
The Sultan's Swing Sessions
Cat: CCP 04. Rel: 06 Jul 22
Broken Beat/Nu Jazz/Nu Soul
The New Beginning (6:35)
Forever Now (6:06)
Hitchfunkers Slide To The Galaxy (4:53)
Libera Tu Mente (4:02)
Lotta Arlotto (4:43)
Review: Those who keep a keen eye on the contemporary British nu-jazz scene should already have encountered producer Tom Funk's The Sultan's Swing project. He's already released a trio of fine albums under the alias, each of which combines authentic jazz, jazz-funk and acid jazz instrumentation (provided courtesy of a rotating cast of guest musicians) with nods to trip-hop, downtempo, dub, Balearica and Latin beats. The Sultan's Swing Sessions, Funk's contribution to the Colin Curtis Presents series, takes a similar approach, with predictably excellent results. Our picks of a very strong bunch are the gently spaced-out dancefloor Latin jazz of 'Lotta Arlotto', the summery jazz-fusion of 'Hitchfunkers Slide To The Galaxy' and impeccable opener 'The New Beginning'.
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Tags: Latin | Jazz Funk | Latin Jazz
 in stock $20.37
Buena Vista Social Club At Carnegie Hall
Cat: WCV 080. Rel: 01 Jan 90
Chan Chan
De Camino A La Vereda
El Cuarto De Tula
La Enganadora
Buena Vista Social Club
Dos Gardenias
Quizas, Quizas
Veinta Anos
Y Tu Que Has Hecho?
El Carretero
Tags: Latin | Cuban | Afro Cuban
 in stock $24.87
I'll Be A Happy Man (Record Store Day RSD 2023)
Cat: SM 45101. Rel: 09 May 23
I'll Be A Happy Man (3:37)
Take A Trip (feat Luis Aviles) (4:52)
! low stock $15.34
Wave (reissue)
Wave (reissue) (gatefold 180 gram vinyl LP + CD with obi-strip)
Cat: LR 349LP. Rel: 08 Jan 18
Wave (2:48)
The Red Blouse (5:01)
Look To The Sky (2:17)
Batidinha (3:06)
Triste (2:00)
Mojave (2:17)
Dialogo (2:50)
Lamento (2:40)
Antigua (3:07)
Captain Bacardi (4:27)
The Red Blouse
Look To The Sky
Captain Bacardi
 in stock $23.03
The Rough Guide To Latin Disco
Cat: RGNET 1338LP. Rel: 14 Apr 16
Joe Bataan - "La Botella (The Bottle)" (3:36)
Salsoul Orchestra - "Salsoul Hustle" (5:13)
Yambu - "Sunny" (4:31)
Jose Fajardo - "C'mon Baby, Do The Latin Hustle" (5:00)
Wganda Kenya - "Combate A Kung Fu" (2:42)
Candido - "Dancin' & Prancin'" (6:54)
Jungle Fire - "Firewalker" (3:52)
Los Charly's Orchestra - "Everlasting Love" (4:24)
Tags: Latin disco | Soul Disco | Latin | Cuban
 in stock $6.08
Latin 1/4: Laidback Latin Disco
Cat: EVSLP 34. Rel: 14 Sep 02
Jania - "Deconstructed House"
Cesaria Evora - "Sangue De Beirona" (Francois K radio edit)
Victor Davies - "Sound Of The Samba" (MAW remix)
Alix Alvarez - "Flute Juice"
Noel Nanton - "El Ray (Guided By Voices)"
Onionz - "Afro Funk"
Mambana - "No Reason" (Axwell Vocal mix)
Afro Medusa - "Dreams" (Problem Kids vocal)
Tags: Latin disco | Latin
 in stock $11.63
Assiyo Bellema
Cat: AFR 45013. Rel: 18 Mar 16
Mulatu Astatke - "Assiyo Bellema" (feat Frank Holder & Niaaza Alsherif) (2:53)
Teshome Meteku - "Hasabe" (3:55)
Review: Another weighty slab of Ethiopian music history from Mr Bongo... First up is the hugely influential fusionist Mulatu Astatke with the Latin-meets-Afro jam "Assiyo Bellema". Loaded with frenetic guitars and mesmerising drum work from Frank Holder, this was actually recorded during Mulatu's time in London. Flip for an equally influential force in Ethiopian music: Soul Ekos Band affiliate Teshome Meteku with a more traditional local sound, Teshome's yearning insistent vocals wrap around the horns and tight drums like fog around a mountain. Captivating.
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 in stock $9.26
Soy Un Hombre (I'm A Man)
Cat: OGR 831. Rel: 12 Jan 23
Soy Un Hombre (I'm A Man) (part 1) (5:19)
Soy Un Hombre (I'm A Man) (part 2) (5:19)
Review: A stellar mix of DJ-able breakbeat and northern soul from Luchito Rodriguez and Nestor Alvarez, two of our favourite contemporary funk artists active today (as long as we're certain of their identities, that is). This limited 7" contains two versions of the same killer track: 'Soy Un Hombre' reincarnates the triumphant 'achievement' of manhood through carnal brasses and kettle drums, in a quiver-inducing cover version of Spencer Davis Group's classic track 'I'm A Man'.
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Tags: Latin | Ska | Latin Funk
 in stock $11.91
Faz Tanto Tempo
Cat: BRZ45 073. Rel: 20 Nov 19
Faz Tanto Tempo (2:24)
Sambaloo (2:18)
Review: For the latest volume in their essential "Brazil 45" series of seven-inch singles, Brighton-based Mr Bongo has decided to offer up a fresh pressing of MPB star Renata Lu's superb 1971 single "Faz Tanto Tempo". You'll find the title track, a heavyweight fusion of US style soul and funk with added Latin percussion and a touch of easy listening sassiness, on side A, with original B-side "Sambaloo" on the flip. This features Lu singing over a hybrid samba/boogaloo backing track rich in jaunty bass, rasping horns and jazzy electric piano riffs. It's arguably every bit as alluring as the A-side.
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Tags: MPB | Latin | Brazilian
 in stock $9.51
Sol (reissue)
Sol (reissue) (limited 180 gram vinyl LP with obi-strip)
Cat: MAR 18. Rel: 30 Oct 20
Maranatha (5:54)
Patrice (5:42)
El Que Se Fue (7:40)
Squeeze (3:59)
Someday (4:31)
You Don't Understand (3:20)
Bird Of Beauty (4:22)
Review: James Gallardo & Sol released their collaborative debut album in 1975 in a burst of bright colour and next-level musicianship. There's a fiery, rockist spirit running through the over driven guitar cartwheeling through "Maranatha", but there's equal space for measured grooves and Gallardo's expressive horn playing. Mellower moments like "Patrice" let in a more soulful side of the project, while "El Que Se Fue" nods to the Latin roots of Sol. Expansive, bold and inventive, this is a treasure for jazz funk heads, marking the first official repress since the first copies slipped out many moons ago.
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Tags: Latin | Jazz Funk | Latin Funk
 in stock $27.51
A La Memoria Del Muerto (reissue)
A La Memoria Del Muerto (reissue) (heavyweight vinyl LP)
Cat: VAMPI 174. Rel: 28 Mar 17
A La Memoria Del Muerto (4:23)
Mi Verdadero Son (3:31)
Payaso (4:51)
Los Niches (2:54)
La Fruta Bomba (3:29)
Achilipu (3:50)
A Bailar Oriza (3:49)
Descarga Fruko (3:58)
Bomba Africana (3:05)
Baho Kende (4:01)
Rumbo A La Ciudad (4:43)
Tihuanaco (3:19)
Review: Julio Ernesto Estrada, simply known as Fruko, is a Colombian composer, multi-instrumentalist, and orchestra leader who pretty much gave salsa its name from the early 1970s. You go ask any serious DJ who is into South American music, and the name Fruko will no doubt get dropped on a regular basis. In fact, up until now, this man's records have made themselves scarce on the second-hand market, and there is a very particular sort of crowd whose willing to spend big money on them. A La Memoria Del Muerto is his second LP, from 1972, and what is perhaps the man's most definitive work. It's just one of those albums that runs fluidly from start to finish, showcasing all of its native beauty with effortless skill and furore. Rampant trumpets, seductive piano keys, kinetic percussion, and a sense of tropicality make this into a spectacular piece of work.
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Tags: Latin | Latin Jazz | Colombian
 in stock $25.94
Sintesis Moderna: An Alternative Vision Of Argentinian Music 1980-1990
Cat: SNDWLP 150. Rel: 03 Nov 22
Carlos Cutaia - "Operativo" (4:23)
El Signo - "Dimensiones Ocultas" (Ric Piccolo edit) (5:17)
Ultimate Warriors - "Running Away From You" (5:25)
Abaddon - "No Es Computable" (3:29)
Toby - "Ain't That Better" (Harari edit) (5:02)
The Originals - "Vamos A La Playa" (5:20)
Mike Ribas - "Secuencia Sin Consecuencias" (3:13)
Adalberto Cevasco - "Reencuentros No 2" (7:29)
Los Moesicos Del Centro - "Esquirlas" (3:41)
Divina Gloria - "Mediterranee Club" (3:58)
Mike Ribas - "Como Son Los Retratos" (Harari edit) (4:39)
Delight - "I Wanna Make You Mine" (4:54)
Gaita - "Mueve Tu Cuerpo" (8:03)
Donald - "A Ver, A Ver" (Ric Piccolo edit) (5:09)
Bad Girls - "Dance To Dance" (4:46)
Carla Rab - "Sexy Films" (6:18)
Los Musicos Del Centro - "Aire De Tropicos" (3:52)
Jorge Lopez Ruiz - "De Mama Candombe" (5:36)
Jorge Alfano - "Fuego" (7:38)
Review: Revisionist history is just as important for music as it is for geopolitics or economics, so we're more than happy to recognise this 'Alternative Vision Of Argentinian Music' throughout one of the most important decades in popular music history. Whereas popular thought tended towards Argentina being a hotbed for 'rock nacional' (national rock) music made in the post-dictatorship return to democracy, here Soundway focus on the more extreme ends of the experimental music fringes that cropped, thanks to the newfound freedoms allowed by neoliberal policies. Arthur Russell-esque disco, downtempo battle breaks, avant-garde obscurities - it's all there.
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 in stock $26.46
Spirit Of Salsa
Spirit Of Salsa (heavyweight vinyl LP)
Cat: 336408 6. Rel: 29 Mar 19
Tito Puente - "Ran Kan Kan" (3:04)
Compay Segundo - "Un Jardinero De Amor" (2:52)
Joe Arroyo - "Rebelion" (4:45)
Eddie Santiago - "Pienso Solo En Ti" (4:36)
Candido Fabre Y Su Banda - "Por Que Tu No Te Enamoras De Mi" (4:46)
Mon Rivera - "Lluvia Con Nieve" (2:57)
Orquesta Aragon - "Son Al Son" (feat Cheo Feliciano) (6:07)
Cortijo Y Su Combo Con Ismael Rivera - "Alegria Y Bomba" (2:45)
Issac Delgado - "Dime Cual Es" (4:14)
Osdalgia - "De Cuba" (3:15)
De Cuba - "El Molestoso" (2:36)
Johnny Pacheco - "Acuyuye" (2:32)
Noro Morales & His Quintet - "Saona" (2:38)
Tags: Latin | Salsa
 in stock $13.23
Cumbia Beat Vol 1
Cat: VAMPI 116. Rel: 14 Mar 22
Silvstre Montez Y Sus Guantanameros - "El Avispon" (2:32)
Los Orientales De Paramonga - "Lobos Al Escape" (2:33)
Los Destellos - "Pasion Oriental" (4:13)
Grupo Celeste - "Viento" (3:43)
Los Mirlos - "Cabalgando Con Ella" (3:11)
Manzanita Y Su Conjunto - "Arre Caballito" (3:08)
Los Mirlos - "El Escape" (2:48)
Los Wembler's De Iquitos - "Un Silbido Amoroso" (2:35)
Los Destellos - "La Ardillita" (2:44)
Los Beltons - "Cumbia Pop" (2:51)
Los Beta 5 - "Beteando" (3:39)
Los Galax - "Lamento De Un Galax" (3:12)
Aniceto Y Sus Fabulosos - "Mi Gran Noche" (2:56)
Juaneco Y Su Combo - "Mujer Hilandera" (3:49)
Los Sander's De Nana - "El Tramboyito" (2:34)
Los Beta 5 - "La Danza De La Tortuga" (2:54)
Los Destellos - "Guajira Sicodelica" (3:24)
Los Orientales De Paramonga - "Captura De Lobos" (2:46)
Los Diablos Rojos - "Malambo" (4:13)
Los Atomos De Paramonga - "El Trencito" (3:15)
Los Beta 5 - "La Jorobita" (3:48)
Los Ecos - "Aqua En La Fiesta (I Don't Want To Spoil The Party)" (2:51)
Los Demonios De Corocochay - "La Chichera" (2:56)
Los Demonios Del Mantaro - "Liliana" (2:22)
Los Mirlos - "Lamento En La Selva" (3:06)
Review: Cumbia or chicha is a richly and widely infused sound that brings together a multitude of influences. It has styles from Colombia and Cuba, plus Western influences including the likes of 60s beat and psychedelic rock, plus an exotic array of indigenous melodies from the Amazonian jungle as well as a weakth of traditional Andean songs. The music that realists is vibrant and vivacious and packed with life and is all perfectly showered here on this superb new collection of tracks by the most important bands of the golden age of the sound.
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Tags: Latin | Cuban | Cumbia | Colombian
 in stock $33.34
Pastime Paradise (reissue)
Cat: MK 65004. Rel: 27 Mar 24
Pastime Paradise (8:24)
La Cuna (4:03)
Mambotango (4:31)
Review: Stevie Wonder's 'Pastime Paradise' has thus far been less recognised as an original soul wonderwork, and more so as a sample by American rapper Coolio on the derivative 'Gangster's Paradise'. Though still having been covered by many artists over the years, Major Keys records highlights this enduring 1981 cover of Wonder's 'Paradise' by Latin percussionist Ray Barretto as among their favourites, if not their absolute favourite. Now the label reissue the gem, flaunting its up-to-date, nigh timeless feel; it's the opposite of a miracle that this has never before been released on a 12" single record, despite the fact that it is a favourite on the floors of jazz and soul rooms the world over. It also flips it with Barretto's own 'La Cuna' and 'Mambotango', taken from the same 1981 LP.
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Tags: Latin | Salsa
 in stock $16.41
The Good The Jazz & The Funky 2
Cat: CCP 03. Rel: 10 Jun 22
Broken Beat/Nu Jazz/Nu Soul
Por Do Sol (Sunset) (6:10)
Freestylin' (6:24)
Frodesia (5:49)
Change At 96 (6:20)
 in stock $24.34
Night Dreamer Direct To Disc Sessions
Night Dreamer Direct To Disc Sessions (LP + insert in embossed sleeve)
Cat: ND 005. Rel: 20 Mar 20
Vem Me Salvar (3:05)
Meu Brasil (4:34)
A Forca (6:29)
Sarava (5:35)
Onda Carioca (3:19)
Pra Voce Amigo (4:34)
Caminhao (4:52)
 in stock $20.11
The Harlem Bugalu
Cat: OGR 848. Rel: 06 Jun 23
Luchito - "The Harlem Bugalu" (3:48)
Joaquin Marquez - "Mala Mania" (3:40)
Review: More heat here from Original Gravity with 'The Harlem Bugalu' from Luchito and Joaquin Marquez. This is a 7" that soon transports you to boogaloo paradise with its feverish Latin grocers and non-stop drum funk. The A-side is laden with spoken words, zippy percussive sounds and mad bongo bubbles with lashing of horn-led exuberance. Flip it over and you will find the slightly darker and more menacing energy of Joaquin Marque's 'Mala Mania'. Get your shake on and drop this one this summer for swift dancefloor explosions.
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Tags: Latin | Boogaloo | Latin Funk
 in stock $11.91
Glucklich VI
Cat: CPT 6171. Rel: 14 Jul 23
Broken Beat/Nu Jazz/Nu Soul
The Matheus Combo - "Aderico" (3:25)
Christian Knobel - "Sambomambo" (8:16)
Wutrio - "Hallo Hoppel" (3:34)
Midnight Gigolos - "Brother Samba" (5:54)
Marcia Maria - "Brasil Nativo" (5:03)
Debbie Cameron & Richard Boone - "Stop Foolin' Yourself" (3:14)
A Bossa Eletrica - "Sob A Luz Do Sol" (5:06)
Guillermo Reuter - "Mr Jenkins" (3:37)
Jean Marc Jafet - "Offering" (5:47)
Jon Lucien - "Come With Me To Rio" (4:13)
Sonzeira - "The Mystery Of Man" (Rainer Truby & Corrado Bucci presents Truccy remix) (8:23)
Grupo Ebano - "Pe No Chao" (3:31)
Review: This is a new compilation album by the German DJ and producer Rainer Truby, coming as the sixth installment of the Glucklich series, which aims to showcase the best in contemporary jazz and jazz-adjacent music on an international scale. It's the latest to top up a longstanding series, which has been going since 1994. What one might call nu-jazz, broken beat and nu-soul appears across as string of contributions from the likes of Kyoto Jazz Massive, Nicola Conte, Jazzanova, Quantic and more on this slinky curator's gem.
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 in stock $28.56
The Soul Of Spanish Harlem
Cat: BGP2 197. Rel: 03 Feb 09
Ralfi Pagan - "Ain't No Big Thing"
The Terrible Frankie Nieves - "True Love"
Tito Ramos - "Heaven (Is Not For Everyone)"
The Harvey Averne Dozen - "Central Park"
Monguito Santamaria - "Crying Time"
The Lebron Brothers Orchestra - "Don't Be Afraid"
Joey Pastrano - "That's How Rumours Start"
107th Street Stickball Team - "On Old Broadway"
Ray Jay & The Eastsiders - "Same Old Sad Song"
125th Street Candy Store - "Reflections Of My Life"
Parrish - "Your Smile"
Ronnie Marks - "Some Lonely Heart"
Olivieri - "There's No Other Girl"
King Nando - "Maria, Maria"
Tony Middleton & Bobby Matos - "Already Satisfied"
The Lat Teens - "I'll Never Let You Go"
The Nitty Sextette - "Nitty Boo Boo"
Russell Cohen & The New Yorkers - "I'm Gonna Leave You"
Ralphie & The Latin Lovers - "Lonely Has Been My Day"
Joe Bataan - "Ordinary Guy"
 in stock $19.04
T'aimes Pas Ca
Cat: PVS 008VL. Rel: 21 Feb 20
T'aimes Pas Ca (GUTS edit) (4:31)
Toca Y Toca (GUTS edit) (4:45)
Review: Third EP from the series Pura Vida Sounds. Two special banger tracks perfect for the dancefloor remixed by GUTS !
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Tags: Latin | Afro House | French | Latin House
 in stock $12.69
Greasy Mike - Shipwrecked On A Tropical Island Volume 2 :16 Sweaty Sides Of Hot & Sultry Exotica From Weirdsville USA
Alfredo Martinez - "Tabu" (3:17)
Phyllis Branch - "Babalu" (2:57)
Jack Medell - "Enchantment" (2:43)
Harvey Anderson - "Jivaro" (2:19)
Maria Elena - "Temptation" (2:22)
Robert Mersey - "Kookaburra" (2:46)
Ty & Ed - "Martinique" (2:09)
Blue Bells - "Atlantis" (2:23)
Coral & The South Seas - "Bongo Heat" (2:48)
Vitin Aviles Y Su Orquesta - "Miserlou" (2:50)
Dariel Kay - "Ho-Ba-La-La" (2:49)
Hank Levine - "Midnight" (2:23)
Hector Cari & The Dancing Strings - "Rumba Rhapsody" (2:55)
Davy Jones & The Dolphin - "Strictly Polynesian" (1:57)
Jim Solley & The Lubocs - "Malaquena" (2:32)
Rick & Trisha - "The Lonely Sea" (2:22)
Review: Jazzman recently served up a big and freaky old collection of Halloween themed jazz sounds from Greasy Mike. Now the venerated digger and collector opens up his archives once more for another deep dive, this time under the heading of 'Shipwrecked On A Tropical Island.' As such these are Afro-tinged jazz sounds with shimmering steel drums and gently breaking waves. There are Afro-Cuban spinners like Phyllis Branch's 'Babalu' and samba shufflers full of soul. An epic and escapist collection that takes you to another world.
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Nacao Africa
Cat: FVR 162. Rel: 27 May 20
Canto Da Bahia (6:05)
Dia De Verao (5:26)
Guerreiro Yoruba (6:38)
Nacao Africa (4:49)
Copacabana (4:02)
Canto De Iemanja (5:40)
Nacao Africa (part 2) (4:03)
Review: Eagle eyed diggers might have spotted Camarao Orkestra's excellent Nacao Africa 12" single dropping last year on Favorite Recordings. Now the promise of that single has been followed up with this wonderful album - a scintillating blend of Latin jazz, funk, samba, Afrobeat and much more besides. The playing is second to none, not least the gorgeous Rhodes on "Dia De Verao", and the energy pivots nimbly across these seven tracks to make for a varied but cohesive listen. Uptempo "Guerreiro Yoruba" is an infectious stomper, while "Copacabana" captures a cool 70s funk vibe that wouldn't sound out of place on a Rufus & Chaka Khan record. With the title track bringing the perfect laid back party flavour too, there's a lot to savour on this album, not least while the sun is shining.
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 in stock $22.49
Ecuatoriana: El Universo Paralelo De Polibio Mayorga 1969-1981
Cat: AALP 097. Rel: 07 Apr 23
Junior Y Su Equipo - "America India" (2:55)
Eduardo Morales Y Su Requinto - "Muevase Vecina" (2:10)
Polibio Mayorga - "Panuelo De Seda" (2:15)
Polibio Y Su Vibrafono - "Altas Horas" (2:11)
Los Locos Del Ritmo - "Llorona" (2:40)
Alcibiades Y Su Banda - "Haciendo Bomba" (2:39)
Olmedo Torres Y Polibio Mayorga - "Mi Paisa" (2:52)
Polibio Mayorga Y Su Conjunto - "Culebrita Dormida" (2:58)
Orti, Mayorga Y Chiriboga - "Munequita Blanca" (2:37)
Olmedo Torres Y Polibio Mayorga - "Unita Mas" (2:20)
Alcibiades Y Su Banda - "Bomba De Pobres" (2:30)
Olmedo Torres Y Los Gatos - "Don Alfoncito" (2:13)
Polibio Mayorga - "Ferrocarril" (2:45)
Orti, Mayorga Y Chiriboga - "Di Que Me Amas" (2:43)
Conjunto La Jorga - "La Perra Vida" (2:23)
Polibio Mayorga Y Su Conjunto - "Cumbia Totorana" (2:41)
Review: Analog Africa is back with another of its eye-opening and mind-altering trips into musical wonderment here as the 20+ year-old label digs deep into the Andean city of Quito. It's the Ecuadorian capital and home to the music which makes up this vital collection and which owes so much to Polibio Mayorga. He spent much of his musical career trying to - and succeeding in - modernise the ancient rhythms of his region, namely Huaynito, Sanjuanito and Albazo. He did so with cutting-edge - at the time - electronic equipment and a trusty Moog and the result of his effort was that he is now regarded as a pioneer of tropical psychedelia. Dig in deep to hear how that happened across these superb 16 sounds.
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Tags: Latin | Cumbia
 in stock $28.56
Music That Inspired Buena Vista Social Club
Cat: NOT2LP 210. Rel: 21 May 15
Ruben Gonzalez - "El Yayabo" (2:40)
Company Segundo - "Me Diras Que Sabroso" (3:33)
Ibrahim Ferrer - "El Platanal De Bartolo" (2:58)
Tito Puente - "Tu No Eres Nadie" (2:29)
Abelardo Barroso - "En Guantanamo" (2:52)
Beny More - "Francisco Guayabal" (2:21)
Perez Prado - "Patricia" (2:18)
Omara Portuondo - "Oye Mi Ritmo" (2:16)
Celia Cruz - "Goza Negra" (3:04)
Bebo Valdes - "Tirando Tiro" (with Sabor De Cuba) (2:50)
La Sonora Matancera - "Eso Se Hincha" (2:51)
Pio Leyva - "Comiendo Y Cantando" (3:09)
Chapotin & His Estrellas - "Ya Tu Lo Ves Campeon" (3:01)
Beny More - "Soy Del Monte" (2:45)
El Negro Peregrino - "El Jarabe Loco" (2:52)
Ibrahim Ferrer - "Bodas De Oro" (3:08)
Perez Prado - "Mambo No 5" (2:48)
Celia Cruz - "Juancito Trucupey" (2:41)
Adlemaro Romero - "Mango Mangue" (2:34)
Ruben Gonzalez - "Nuestras Vidas - Mi Corazon Es Para Ti" (2:57)
Chano Pozo & James Moody - "Tin Tin Deo" (2:48)
Conjunto Roberto Faz - "Suena Tu Bongo" (2:39)
Alfredito Valdez & Trio Caney - "La Campina Cubana" (3:01)
Vicentino Valdes - "Cao Cao Mani Picao" (2:58)
Beny More - "Maracaibo Oriental" (3:05)
Machito - "Zambia" (3:08)
Lecuona Cuban Boys - "Mosaico" (3:05)
Bebo Valdes - "Merengues, No" (3:00)
Compay Segundo - "Voy Pa' Mayari" (3:03)
Tito Puente - "Tinguaro" (3:11)
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Cumbia Dimension
Cumbia Dimension (coloured vinyl 7")
Cat: MAS 036. Rel: 01 Mar 21
Cumbia Dimension (3:44)
Tu Selva (4:05)
Review: Mexican duo Isidro Cuevas and Willy Cabanas first joined forces a year or two back on a fiery two-tracker for psychedelic, 21st century cumbia specialists Discos Mas. Here they return to the Oakland, California-based label with two more slabs of mind-melting goodness. A-side 'Cumbia Dimension' brilliantly joins the dots between cumbia, reggaeton and dub, adding spacing synths and auto-tune heavy vocals to deep bass, jaunty riffs and cumbia beats. Flipside 'Tu Selva' explores similar sonic territory, albeit via a deeper, warmer and woozier sound, with far more extensive lead vocals.
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Tags: Latin | Cumbia | Dub Reggae
 in stock $17.46
Cumbia En La Region
Cumbia En La Region (translucent green vinyl 7" + sticker)
Cat: MAS 044. Rel: 17 Oct 22
Cumbia En La Region (feat Ivan Cantor) (3:00)
La Cumbia Salvaje (4:28)
Gespielt von: Voodoocuts
Tags: Latin | Cumbia
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Descargas (reissue)
Descargas (reissue) (180 gram vinyl LP + insert)
Cat: VAMPILP 246. Rel: 13 Apr 22
Volando (2:23)
Tumba Coco (3:13)
La Juventud A Gogo (2:59)
Noche Buena (2:16)
Echate Pa' Lla (2:37)
Brava Pachanga (2:18)
Guajireate (2:28)
Mamblues (2:20)
El Hueso (2:52)
Busco Una Chiquita (2:58)
Guaracha Y Bembe (2:32)
Melodia En Flauta (2:31)
Review: Peruvian percussionist Coco Lagos y Sus Orates dropped this Descarges album in 1967. He called up talents including Alfredo Linares, Charlie Palomares, Otto de Rojas and Mario Allison to cook up its irresistible percussive Latin charms. It has long been all but impossible to find on wax and so this overdue reissue is welcome indeed. The record feature a version of Cal Tjader's 'Mamblues' and a classic by the so-called father of boogaloo, Joe Cuba, in the form of 'Brava pachanga.' It is a lively and vibrant album with percolating rhythms and tin pot percussion that hit deep.
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Tags: Latin | Latin Jazz | Boogaloo
 in stock $21.16
Cumbia Kairo
Cat: MAS 042. Rel: 24 Jan 22
Cumbia Kairo (3:48)
La Cumbia Primero De Mayo (4:33)
Tags: Latin | Cumbia
 in stock $12.97
Sicodelicos (Record Store Day 2019)
Cat: VAMPI 189LP. Rel: 30 Apr 19
Guajira Sicodelica (3:30)
Volano Con Los Destellos (3:23)
Natalia (3:04)
Boogaloo Del Perro (3:30)
La Fatidica (3:18)
Pasion Oriental (4:15)
Onsta La Yerbita (6:15)
Sacale La Miel (6:02)
El Oasis (3:09)
Constelacion (3:22)
La Ranita (2:42)
Cumbia Del Desierto (2:15)
Concierto Para Ritmo (2:54)
Linda Chiquilina (3:51)
Frenetica Guajira (2:00)
El Marcianito (3:08)
Volando Alto (3:14)
Noche De Garua (3:21)
A Patricia (3:09)
Boogaloo De Los Destellos (2:31)
 in stock $33.86
Buena Vista Social Club Presents Ibrahim Ferrer (reissue)
Buena Vista Social Club Presents Ibrahim Ferrer (reissue) (gatefold 180 gram vinyl 2xLP + booklet + art print)
Cat: 405053 8650013. Rel: 09 Apr 21
Bruca Manigua
Herido De Sombras
Guateque Campesino
Mami Me Gusto
Nuestra Ultima Cita
Cienfuegos Tiene Su Guaguanco
Aquellos Ojos Verdes
Que Bueno Baila Usted
Como Fue
Tags: Latin | Cuban | Cuban Jazz
 in stock $23.87
Cat: EQX 014V. Rel: 20 Jan 22
Pra Ele (3:17)
Viva Hermeto (4:24)
De Ca Pra La (2:55)
Acalanto (4:34)
Samba De Avedore (feat Hermeto Pascoal) (3:57)
Lucas E Lena (3:57)
Entre Os Girassois (4:35)
Ventania (2:45)
Bandas E Bandeiras (4:59)
Na Carioca (4:46)
Review: Mariana Zwarg is an accomplished Brazilian flutist and saxophonist who presented her Universal Sexteto group in 2020 with the Nascentes album. Released on CD by Scubidu Music, it's now getting a vinyl pressing thanks to Equinox in Australia, getting the music further afield, which it thoroughly deserves. Zwarg's group deals in a modern, sprightly kind of jazz led by her own joyous vocals and flute flurries, but there's also a sense of the deep heritage of Brazilian jazz hanging behind everything she does. It's a vibrant album bursting with kinetic energy - just the kind of revitalising tonic to lift the spirits through long winter months in the Northern hemisphere.
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 in stock $19.58
Los Feligreses
Cat: SBR 148. Rel: 16 Nov 21
Los Feligreses (3:45)
El Galleton (3:19)
Gespielt von: Voodoocuts
Tags: Latin | Latin Funk
 in stock $11.11
Vol 1
Vol 1 (LP)
Cat: AJXLP 623. Rel: 13 May 22
Bella (11:24)
Oya Ka Jojo (8:13)
Mercenariat Africa (6:33)
Gbemeho (9:56)
Review: Originally released in 1980 on the Alberika label, Orchestre Les Volcans du Benin Vol. 1 has long been a 'holy grail' LP for Afro-Cuban aficionados. It now sees it's first official reissue on Acid Jazz Records, with four infectious tracks across the two sides, including Oya Ka Jojo - latin dancefloor dynamite and a DJ must-have. Remastered by Nick Robbins at Sound Mastering and presented in a wonderful colour sleeve, it's an opportunity to finally own this special and highly sought after LP.
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Tags: African | Latin | Latin Jazz | Afro Cuban
 in stock $21.16
Glucklich VI
Glucklich VI (clear vinyl 2xLP limited to 300 copies)
Cat: CPT 617LTD. Rel: 13 Jul 23
Broken Beat/Nu Jazz/Nu Soul
The Matheus Combo - "Aderico" (3:23)
Christian Knobel - "Sambomambo" (8:16)
Wutrio - "Hallo Hoppel" (3:33)
Midnight Gigolos - "Brother Samba" (5:51)
Marcia Maria - "Brasil Nativo" (4:50)
Debbie Cameron & Richard Boone - "Stop Foolin' Yourself" (3:13)
A Bossa Eletrica - "Sob A Luz Do Sol" (5:05)
Guillermo Reuter - "Mr Jenkins" (3:36)
Jean Marc Jafet - "Offering" (5:45)
Jon Lucien - "Come With Me To Rio" (4:13)
Sonzeira - "The Mystery Of Man" (Rainer Truby & Corrado Bucci presents Truccy remix) (8:18)
Grupo Ebano - "Pe No Chao" (3:40)
Review: Back in the late 90s, new volumes in Rainer Truby's Brazilian music-themed Glucklich series appeared on a frequent basis. Astonishingly, almost two decades have passed since the last one, making this belated sixth instalment long overdue. Predictably, Truby has delivered a a humid, life-affirming summer breeze of a collection full to bursting with tracks that blur the boundaries between samba, MPB, South American soul-jazz, pop, jazz-funk and smooth grooves. Highlights are plentiful, with our picks including the Terry Callier-goes-to-Brazil brilliance of Jon Lucien's 'Come With Me To Rio', the jaunty samba shuffle of Guillermo Reuter's 'Mr Jenkins, the dubbed-out downtempo gorgeousness of Debbie Cameron and Richard Boone's 'Stop Fooling Around', and A Bossa Electrica's fine Portuguese cover of Roy Ayers' 'Everybody Loves The Sunshine' ('Sob A Luz Du Sol').
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 in stock $39.96
Da Ya Think I'm Sexy? (reissue)
Da Ya Think I'm Sexy? (reissue) (clear green & pink splattered vinyl 7")
Cat: VAMPIC 450772. Rel: 25 Mar 24
Da Ya Think I'm Sexy? (3:38)
Staying Alive (4:12)
Review: Vampisoul dedicate one more 7" to another fresh-from-the-woodfired slice of modern cumbia, this time from the eponymous La Cumbia Moderna De Soledad band and Machuca Cumbia respectively. On the A, the former band offer up a two-toning cumbia version of Rod Stewart's 'Da Ya Think I'm Sexy?', sparse but well-wrought in its sound. The B is a treat that vibrates at a different, but equally as effective frequency, being a convincingly retro take on the Bee Gees' 'Stayin' Alive', and lending the song's ineluctable melodies a Latin twist by way of hypnotic percs and guitars.
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Tags: Latin | Cumbia
 in stock $12.69
CUBA: Music & Revolution Culture Clash In Havana Experiments In Latin Music 1975-85 Vol 2
Cat: SJRCD 496. Rel: 05 Nov 21
Juan Pablo Torres Y Algo Nuevo - "Y Que Bien"
Orquesta Los Van Van - "Por Que Lo Haces"
Los Latinos - "Quemando"
Farah Maria - "Amame Y No Pienses Mas"
FA 5 - "Muevete Con Las Fuerzas Del Corazon"
Tambores De Enrique Bonne - "Como Arrullos De Palma"
Ricardo Eddy Martinez - "Expresso Ritmico"
Los Papines - "Solo De Tumba Y Bongo"
Grupo Sintesis - "Aqui Estamos"
Los Van Van - "Llegada"
Grupo Raices Nuevas - "Baila Mi Guaguanco"
Luis Carbonell - "La Rumba"
Orquesta Riverside - "En Casa Del Trompo No Bailes"
Juan Formel & Los Van Van - "Llegue, Llegue"
Grupo Los Yoyi - "Tu No Me Puedes Conquistar"
Los Papines - "Para Que Niegas?"
Grupo De Experimentacion Sonora Del ICAIC - "Cuba Va!"
Raul Gomez - "Luces En La Pista"
Los Brito - "El 4-5-6"
Leo Brouwer - "Tema De El Rancheador De La Naturaleza"
Ricardo Eddy Martinez - "La 132"
Los Reyes 73 - "Finalizo Un Amor"
Review: Given that Gilles Peterson and Stuart Baker's Cuba: Music and Revolution - Culture Clash in Havana is one of the standout compilations of 2021, hopes are naturally sky-high for this speedy sequel. Like its predecessor, volume 2 focuses on music and made and released on the Caribbean island between 1975 and '85, this time round largely focusing on rare fusions of salsa, Latin jazz, disco, soul and funk, mostly licensed from records that have never been available outside Cuba. It's another stunning selection all told, with highlights including the heady Cuban disco/salsa fusion of Orquesta Los Van Van, the fiery disco-funk of FA 5, the heavily percussive hedonism of Luis Carobonell and the fuzzy psychedelic rock of Grupo De Experimentacion Sonora Del ICAIC. In a word: essential.
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 in stock $13.23
Return To Spanish Harlem (reissue)
Cat: HS 45016. Rel: 16 Aug 21
Return To Spanish Harlem (2:27)
Already Satisfied (2:20)
Review: American singer Tony Middleton and Latin jazz percussionist Bobby Matos put out their cult Latin funk and boogie gems 'Return To Spanish Harlem' and 'Already Satisfied' in 1968 on Speed Records. An original is incredibly hard to find and there is currently only one listed at L750 on second hand sales sites. Both tunes are pure dance floor heat with the lead horns making plenty of noise, the swinging rhythms sure to get you in a spin and the dancing keys the icing on the cake. Make sure you cop this genuine slice Harlem soul before its made rare again.
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Tags: Latin | Boogaloo
 in stock $8.46
90 Degrees Of Shade: Hot Jump Up Island Sounds From The Caribbean Volume 1
Cat: SJRLP 2901. Rel: 04 Nov 14
The Eloise Trio - "Come To The Caribbean"
Cachao Y Su Ritmo Caliente - "Trombon Criollo"
Duke Of Iron - "Bambouche"
Lucho Azcarraga Y Su Conjunto - "Tamboritos Panamenos"
Alfredito - "Timbales"
King Scratch - "Christmas Time In Nassau"
Guy Du Rosier Orchestra - "Panono M'Tombe"
Noro Morales Orchestra - "Mississippi Mambo"
Peanuts Taylor - "Nassau Blues"
Katherine Dunham Ensemble - "Nago"
Hubert Porter & The Jamaican Calypsonians - "Rum & Coconut Water"
The Bay Street Boys - "Donkey Wants Water"
Guy Du Rosier Orchestra - "Anatole"
Sonny Burke & His Orchestra - "West Indies"
Dioris Valladares & His Conjunto Tipico - "Los Dos Merengues"
Julio Gutierrez - "Theme For Conga"
Hubert Porter & The Jamaica Calypso Funmakers - "Mary's Lamb"
 in stock $23.81
Cumbia Morena
Cat: VAMPI 45103. Rel: 07 May 24
Cumbia Morena (2:45)
Cumbia En Dominante (2:11)
Review: Spanish label Vampi Soul continues to bring you off-centre party starters with a global outlook, this time looking to Peruvian cumbia legend Carlos Pickling and his orchestra. Pickling's fabled organ skills take centre stage on this pair of tracks, originally published in the 1960s on MAG but never available on a 45 before now. Whether you're a seasoned cumbia digger or just someone who appreciates infectious, vibrant grooves, this is a record with universal appeal timed perfectly for the sunnier months.
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Tags: Latin | Cumbia
 in stock $12.69
El Rey Bravo
El Rey Bravo (limited 180 gram vinyl LP)
Cat: 77186 1. Rel: 07 Apr 14
Malanga Con Yuca (Potatoes & Beans)
Oye Como Va (Listen How It Goes)
Tokyo De Noche (Tokyo After Dark)
Tombola (Circus)
Traigo El Coco Seco (My Head Is Dry)
Africa Habla (Africa Speaks)
Batacumba (Brazilian Beat)
La Pase Gozando (I Had A Ball)
Tito Suena El Timbal (Sound The Drum)
Donde Vas (Where Are You Going?)
Gato Miau, Miau (Cat Miau, Miau)
Guaguanco (bonus track)
Tags: Latin | Salsa | Latin Jazz
 in stock $15.61
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