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Gamm Schallplatten & CDs

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Black Truffle Edits
Black Truffle Edits (limited 12")
Cat: GAMM 167. Rel: 06 Feb 23
Autumn Of Love (6:31)
Integration (4:52)
Superqueen (5:50)
Zore Moya Vechirnaya (5:31)
Review: GAMM presents the debut of enigmatic producer Black Truffle, with an EP of underground Euro disco / boogie, high energy disco-jazz and leftfield Euro folk-funk-jazz. On the first side, get swept away by the breezy and lo-slung funk of 'Autumn Of Love' followed by the late night boogie-down vibe of 'Integration'. Over on the flip, 'Superqueen' is your go-to dancefloor heater to play at the peak of the evening, and finally there's the sensual slo-mo vocal number 'Zore Moya Vechirnaya' which is the perfect closing track for later on.
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 in stock $13.48
Black Truffle Edits 2
Black Truffle Edits 2 (12" in die-cut sleeve)
Cat: GAMM 178. Rel: 19 Sep 23
Aurora (4:38)
Milk & Honey (4:39)
Spa Dance (4:41)
Review: Enigmatic producer Black Truffle debuted on this label back in February with the first volume of his Black Truffle Edits series. Once again he mixes up disco, funk, boogie and more with 'Aurora' being nice and bright, airy and inviting to get things underway. 'Milk & Honey' ups the energy levels with more spongey synths and plenty of OG disco attitude next to some scorching vocals. Last of all, 'Spa Dance' gets more freaky and funky with some spaced-out synth work and plenty of great guitar riffs underlining the sliding disco drum work.
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Gespielt von: Superbreak, Mosaik
 in stock $16.85
What Is Your Love Worth
Cat: GAMM 176. Rel: 17 Jul 23
What Is Your Love Worth? (9:05)
W Wheeling (9:24)
Review: The long running Gamm label looks to long time disco don DJ Monchan for a special new cut that takes the dance floor on an epic adventure over more than nine minutes. 'What Is Your Love Worth?' has lush Philly strings and brims with happiness from the big horns and florid vocals. It's a groove that never quits and brings irresistible heat to the club. 'W Wheeling' has a more raw and visceral appeal - the funky drums and bass, the big keys and the expressive male and female vocals counter each other next to big Rhodes energy and lashing of boogie brilliance that brings 90s New York charm.
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Gespielt von: RUSTAM OSPANOFF.
 in stock $16.85
Love Me
Love Me (12")
Cat: GAMM 179. Rel: 14 Dec 23
Love Me (8:23)
U&me (7:01)
Review: The legendary Game label is pure bait for dancers. Whether serving up disco, hip-hop, Latin or funk it knows how to hit the perfect sweet spot that brings everyone together. DJ Monchan is next up with this tasteful two-track 12". It starts with the low-slung and dubbed-out disco-house loops of 'Love Me' which is topped with a short, simple but sensuous vocal hook. On the flip is 'U&me' which brings some li-fi crackle and funky jazz licks over rolling and warming drums. A real early evening classic, for sure.
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 in stock $17.38
The Disco Edition
Cat: GAMM 144. Rel: 26 Feb 20
Fist Of Fury (Al Kent edit) (11:19)
Erotic Queen (Al Kent edit) (12:22)
Review: If we had to put together a list of the world's greatest dusty disco re-editors, Al Kent would come somewhere close to the top of the list. Further proof of the Glaswegian's scalpel-wielding genius can be found on this epic two-tracker for GAMM. We're particularly enjoying flipside "Erotic Queen", a 12-minute-plus revision of a near unknown disco track that boasts densely layered, sweat-soaked percussion, razor sharp strings, hammered-out Clavinet lines and, as the track speeds towards its near orgasmic conclusion, spacey synths and all manner of alternating instrument solos. Massive! A-side "Fist Of Fury" is tidy, too, with Kent working his magic on a particularly spacey, deeper disco jam that has Moog solos for days.
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Gespielt von: DJ ROCCA
 in stock $11.68
Welcome To The Dub
Cat: GAMM 180. Rel: 04 Dec 23
Welcome To The Dub (9:41)
Dubanova (7:05)
Happiness & Peace (5:42)
Review: It's always a good day when Al Kent is back with new music. This one on Gamm, Welcome To The Dub, finds him dubbing out some lush disco sounds. The title cut is a loopy and jazz-funk-infused number with lovely hi-hats and noodling chords all radiating joy and uplifting energy. 'Dubanova' then takes a more low-slung route with a sleazy guitar riff and nice live drums embellished with smartly overdubbed vocals coated in echo. 'Happiness & Peace' is a quieter affair with echoing hits and a meandering lead that encourages your mind to do the same.
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 in stock $17.38
Journey Into You
Journey Into You (limited 12")
Cat: GAMM 174. Rel: 29 Jun 23
Journey Into You (6:57)
Boogie Down (7:56)
Review: The Gamm label has seemingly been around forever. It is known mostly for its run of edits and hip-hop but has recently got back to its roots with more Latin and disco sounds. Love Drop is a frequent player on the label who now comes back with another sizzling two-tracker. Up first is the bright and house-tinged disco stomper 'Journey Into You' which is a great reinterpretation of the Leon Ware classic. On the other side is his take on a Roy Ayers number that is mad infectious - 'Boogie Down' has restless drum funk and big horn energy with a great vocal hook.
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 in stock $16.85
Gondwana (limited 12")
Cat: GAMM 164. Rel: 31 Aug 22
Funky/Club House
Ernie Watts & Gilberto Gil - "Gondwana" (OPOLOPO Tweak) (6:17)
Kevin Moore - "Speak Your Mind" (OPOLOPO Tweak) (4:57)
Review: Gilberto Gil and Ernie Watt's classic jazz dancer 'Gondwana' gets a big remake here for the main man OPOLOPO. He offers a tweak that brings broken beat funk, with his jazz-fusion keys dancing over the shuffling drums and bass and mad pianos brings the vibes. The vocals are the icing on the cake for this class South American party starter. On the flip he turns his sights to Kevin Moore's 'Speak Your Mind' which is a summery and soulful disco heater with a squelchy boogie bassline that takes off and ensures the dance floor will do the same.
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 in stock $13.48
Part One
Part One (12")
Cat: GAMM 137. Rel: 16 Jul 19
All Good Things (6:00)
Reach Out A Hand (7:29)
Review: Previously seen (and heard) on Whiskey Disco, Barefoot Beats and Basic Fingers, Toronto twosome The Patchouli Brothers have crossed the Atlantic and set up home on G.A.M.M. As the title suggests, this is the first in a series of re-edit EPs for the storied Swedish imprint. First up is "All Good Things", a fine re-arrangement of an obscure disco gem that comes loaded with sweeping strings, soulful vocals, killer grooves, Chic style guitar riffs and just the right amount of spacey synthesizer action. Over on the flip, they work their magic on a bustling cut that sits somewhere between the sumptuousness of Philadelphia International releases and eighties disco-funk.
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Tags: Disco Funk
 in stock $10.89
Part Two
Part Two (12")
Cat: GAMM 138. Rel: 30 Jul 19
Fuqua & James (6:39)
Peace, Love & Understanding (7:17)
Review: US re-edit crew The Patchouli Brothers return to Sweden's Gamm with two more reworked dancefloor cuts from days gone by. On the A, you'll find the exuberant 'Fuqua & James' with its sweeping strings, brass fanfares and falsetto "I'm so grateful" vocal - the track being a rejig of Sylvester's 'Grateful' from 1978 that, somewhat unusually, is quite a bit slower than the original. In comparison, the B's 'Peace, Love & Understanding' mines velvet-suited mid-70s soul a la Barry White or Joe Simon for its source material, but is every bit as upbeat and danceable as the A-side.
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 in stock $10.89
AB79 Edits
Cat: GAMM 171. Rel: 20 Feb 23
Broken Beat/Nu Jazz/Nu Soul
Samba Do Marcos (Koichi Toyama edit) (6:19)
Santa Monica (Koichi Toyama edit) (4:36)
Grama Grass (Koichi Toyama edit) (7:54)
Samba Chimba (Koichi Toyama edit) (4:09)
Review: For its last few outings, Gamm has rather been heading back to its roots. But now the label reverts away from hip-hop and back towards the Latin and disco sounds it has become best known for. And that's no bad thing as Koichi Toyama turns on his machines and gets the scalpel out to serve up some distinctive edits of four fiery broken beat and nu jazz gems. There are playful sax leads on the opener, muted vibes on the shuffling samba stylings of 'Santa Monica' and busier Rhodes chords on 'Grama Grass' before the jazz dancer that is 'Samba Chimba' offers another golden moment to close.
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 in stock $15.55
Part One
Cat: GAMM 168. Rel: 17 Jan 23
Hip Hop/R&B
Mobb Deep - "Shook Ones" (Wipe The Needle remix) (3:53)
Jay-Z - "Ignorant Shit" (Wipe The Needle remix) (3:47)
Review: Gamm has more recently become synonymous with jazz, Latin, disco and soul edits but right now is on admission to go back to its roots. And they are hip-hop from the golden era. Wipe The Needle does a superb job of harking back to that legendary time in the 90s when dusty drums and crispy claps were all we wanted to hear. First up he tackles the iconic 'Shook One's by Moby Deep and flips it into a slow motion groove that is deep as you like. On the flip, Jay-Z's 'Ignorant Shit' (Wipe The Needle remix) is more defined by the original bars, but the beats are just as sick.
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 in stock $12.21
Part Three
Part Three (limited 7")
Cat: GAMM 170. Rel: 30 Jan 23
Hip Hop/R&B
Street Smartz - "Metal Things" (Wipe The Needle remix) (4:01)
Big L - "Put It On" (Wipe The Needle remix) (3:56)
Review: The Gamm label you might know as a relabel source of disco, jazz and Latin edits. But did you know that it originally started out in the hip hop world? Well a new series of releases this year has taken it back into its roots. This third one features two top Wipe The Needle remixes. The lazy swagger and jazz-rap styles of Street Smartz's 'Metal Thing' takes you deep into a world of pillow kicks and starry-eyed chords from the golden era. Big L's 'Put It On' has slightly more crisp boom-bap but still plenty of cosmic melodies as well as smooth bars.
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 in stock $16.08
Part Two: Wipe The Needle Remix
Cat: GAMM 169. Rel: 18 Jan 23
Hip Hop/R&B
Jeru - "Playin' Yaself" (Wipe The Needle remix) (4:01)
Mobb Deep - "Hell On Earth" (Wipe The Needle remix) (4:02)
Review: Gamm has become known for its edits of disco, house and jazz classics but back in the day it used to drop red hot hip hop reworks of golden era sounds. It seems they are now getting back to that with this new three party 7" inch series which is focussed on the American east coast. Lee Gomez aka Wipe The Needle has produced these beats, which are all new, but the vocals will be recognised to hip hop heads. Classic producers are referenced in the sounds here such as Pete Rock, DJ Premier, Dilla and DITC. They make for a couple of dusty and ageless joints that will turn the head of any hip hop fan.
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 in stock $16.08
Paris Edits Vol 7
Cat: GAMM 151. Rel: 09 Nov 20
Bobo's Reason (8:15)
Beggar's Run (5:10)
Bisso Love (6:55)
Review: French DJ-turned-remixer Young Pulse's popular Paris Edits series notches up seven volumes, this time via a three-tracker packed to the rafters with heavyweight disco-funk grooves. Arguably the best of a very strong bunch is 'Bobo's Reason', a reverb and delay-laden, slightly beefed-up rearrangement of an excitable, horn-heavy disco-soul tune from the Philadelphia school of orchestrated dancefloor fun. There is of course plenty to set the pulse racing elsewhere across the EP though, with the spacey, synth-laden, percussion-rich disco-boogie of 'Beggar's Run' being joined on side two by the high-octane disco-funk weight of 'Bisso's Love'.
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 in stock $11.68
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