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DJ ROCCA Schallplatten & CDs

Browse the latest Vinyl & CD releases by DJ Rocca
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Sky Dump EP
Cat: ROGUE 015. Rel: 31 Jul 19
Sky Dump (4:36)
Massive Birth (4:50)
Taylorpo (Warehouse Preservation Society remix) (5:23)
Massive Birth (Mind Fair remix) (5:43)
Review: Coolly stepping out like a white-suited player on a Miami club strip, the high expectations set by any mention of Italian disco pioneer Daniele Baldelli are easily matched by the opener and title number. And things really only get better from there.
'Massive Birth' is an intelligent, freeform outing on a half-time, DJ Rocca's ever-tight drum programming clearly having some influence on the complex percussive patterns. On the flip, Mind Fair have their way with that original, turning it into a more grounded four-four workout if you listen beyond the top layer of rolls and snare crashes. For many, though, this one will be all about the Warehouse Preservation Society remix of 'Taylorpo', which puts Italo right back at the top of the disco agenda, sounding at once space age yet nostalgic, and unquestionably, unstoppably danceable.
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 in stock $12.97
Musica Solida Vol 1
Cat: FLEX 022. Rel: 13 May 24
Club Soda - "The Bottle" (Ruff mix)
Hiroyuki Kato - "That Time"
The Mechanical Man - "Uncle Swing" (feat Bob Vito)
DJ Rocca - "The Box Above"
Lex & Locke - "Soul Escape"
Gespielt von: Manu Archeo, DJ ROCCA
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est. release 13 May 24 $16.34
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Family Affair Vol 1
Cat: RNTR 048. Rel: 09 Aug 22
Dimitri From Paris & DJ Rocca - "Days Of A Better Paradise" (5:57)
Saucy Lady - "Passport To My Love" (5:52)
Misiu - "Love Me Do" (5:59)
Clive From Accounts - "It's Not That I Don't Care" (5:16)
Review: JKriv & Co. at Razor N Tape serve up possibly their biggest release yet, if this one is anything to go by. The first edition in the label's brand spanking new Family Affair series features the pairing of legends Dimitri From Paris & DJ Rocca on 'Days Of A Better Paradise' kicking off the A side, before Saucy Lady's late night boogie-down biz on 'Passport To My Love'. Flip over and you're treated to a seriously lo-slung cosmic disco dub on Misiu's 'Love Me Do' and finally Clive From Accounts tells it straight up on the acid jazz joint 'It's Not That I Don't Care'.
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 in stock $16.08
Love Power
Cat: FUD 010. Rel: 03 Dec 13
Pizza On Wednesday (Dimitri From Paris Nightdubbin' mix)
A Magical Day (Dicky Trisco remix)
Love Power
Review: File Under Disco have amassed some serious respect in house and new disco corners. Check these glittering grooves from Maffia Club's Rocca and you'll understand just why: "Pizza On Wednesday" struts and sways with beautifully rounded Prelude-style bass run, soft sexy vocals and charming flute parps. Elsewhere we hit "A Magical Day", a seriously spaced out, stripped back nodder that's peppered with bubbly FX, staccato synths and a muscular bassline. "Love Power", meanwhile, is as authentically disco as it gets: big strings, cheeky synth squiggles on the fills and, above all, a big old stomping groove. Feel the love!
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 in stock $8.04
Solid Street EP
Cat: B2R 013. Rel: 26 Feb 24
Solid Street (6:10)
Solar System (6:00)
Rose Tree (5:51)
Review: B2 Recordings hits release number 13 with DJ Rocca and Lex combing on a trio of fresh house cuts that blend elements of disco, Latin and soul. Up first is the glorious 'Solid Street' which has loose and percussive disco-house grooves overlaid with big synth energy and steamy vocals. 'Solar System' is slower and deeper, with a more rugged bassline and low slung sense of funk that never lets up. 'Last of all, 'Rose Tree' is a ramshackle house arrangement with whistles, Rhodes keys, tin-pot percussion, florid flutes and plenty of sunny energy all making it a real standout. A timeless EP packed with musicality.
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 in stock $12.43
Freedom (remixes)
Cat: QQT 002. Rel: 31 Jul 20
Freedom (DJ Rocca remix) (5:12)
Freedom (DJ Rocca instrumental remix) (5:14)
Gespielt von: DJ ROCCA
$19.45 SAVE 55%
 in stock $8.75
Downstair (12")
Cat: ANFC 001. Rel: 16 Jun 23
Deep House
Luca Vera - "Feel Better" (5:07)
DJ Rocca - "Epsylon Club" (5:30)
Rame - "Bow Down" (6:19)
Luca Distefano - "Be Kind" (6:16)
Review: Another Face launches with a fierce various artist affair here that showcases some of Italy's finest production talent. Luca Vera kicks off with 'Feel Better', a raw and texturally rich cut that brings angst and energy to the dancefloor. DJ Rocca explores a much more horizontal and heady house groove steeped in classic dreamy Italo melodies on 'Epsylon Club' then Rame's 'Bow Down' carries on with colourful synths bringing to mind a sunset dance by the Med. Luca Distefano shuts down with shuffling, dusty, jazzed-up deep house funk on 'Be Kind' to close out a diverse first EP.
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 in stock $13.74
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