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Lovin' Mighty Fire: Nippon Funk Soul Disco 1973-1983
Cat: XXQLP 2046. Rel: 23 Feb 17
Lily - "By By Session Band" (4:22)
Rie Nakahara - "Sentimental Hotel" (4:03)
Haruomi Hosono - "Bara To Yajuu" (4:23)
Yasuko Agawa - "Why Don't You Move In With Me" (3:46)
Pink Lady - "Jiken Ga Okitara Bell Ga Naru" (3:56)
Yuko Asano - "Summer Champion" (3:36)
Junko Ohashi - "Dancin'" (4:23)
Masayoshi Takanaka - "Rainbow Paradise" (5:04)
Mari Natsuki - "Uragiri" (3:04)
Miyako Chaki - "Maboroshi No Hito" (2:47)
Kay Ishiguro - "Banana" (4:41)
Masaaki Hirao - "Funky! "Miyo" Chan" (4:00)
Ebonee Webb - "Yashow Macashow" (4:17)
Naoya Matsuoka & Minako Yoshida - "Lovin' Mighty Fire" (7:15)
 in stock $26.73
Butterfly (reissue)
Butterfly (reissue) (heavyweight vinyl LP + insert with obi-strip)
Cat: BEWITH 028LP. Rel: 22 May 18
I Thought It Was You (7:10)
Tell Me A Bedtime Story (5:10)
Head In The Clouds (3:39)
Maiden Voyage (7:22)
Harvest Time (4:48)
Sunlight (6:16)
Butterfly (6:15)
As (6:11)
 in stock $22.58
Em Vee Edits
Em Vee Edits (heavyweight vinyl 12")
Cat: RNT 045. Rel: 06 Mar 19
You Move Me (6:30)
Spreading Energy (5:51)
Don't Be Sabi Say (5:32)
I Wish I Knew The Words (5:30)
Review: Last year, Marcel Vogel dusted down his Em Vee edit alias for the first time in three years, serving up a tasty four-pack of reworks for OYE's ongoing Edits series. It clearly inspired him to make more reworks, because now he's popped up on Razor-N-Tape with another fine selection of scalpel revisions. He begins by reworking a tongue-in-cheek chunk of disco silliness rich in spacey Moog lines and wonky vocals ("You Move Me"), before tweaking and rearranging a superb chunk of Latin-tinged tropical disco ("Spreading Energy"). "Don't Be Sabi Say" is a high-tempo chunk of Afrobeat/Afro-disco fusion full of ear-catching Nigerian vocals and bustling electric piano riffs, while "I Wish I Knew The Words" is a cheeky revision of an obscure Japanese synth-boogie number.
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 in stock $16.09
Japanese Breeze Edits
Cat: FJRS 01. Rel: 17 May 21
Feel (5:47)
Starry (5:13)
Pygmy (4:23)
Caravan (5:56)
Magical (4:42)
Sky (4:54)
Modern (5:19)
Suddenly (4:45)
Mood (4:05)
Bush (6:25)
Image (4:36)
Lyon (5:03)
Review: While he has released original music, many of Mori-Ra's most potent singles and EPs have been those where he has delivered Balearic-minded or dancefloor-focused ready re-edits of some seriously obscure music, mostly from his native Japan. As the title suggests, Japanese Breeze Edits sees him continue the latter approach, serving up a fantastic selection of gently beefed-up revisions of mostly synth-heavy 1980s fare from the Land of the Rising Sun. Musically, most of these tweaked obscurities sit somewhere between far-sighted electronica, Japanese takes on American minimalism, city-pop, jazz-funk and spaced-out post-disco, though there are also forays into horn-heavy disco-funk, AOR, new age ambient and percussion-rich curiosities. A brilliant collection of lightly tweaked musical obscurities: don't sleep!
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 in stock $27.77
Wamono A to Z Vol III: Japanese Light Mellow Funk Disco & Boogie 1978-1988
Cat: 180GWALP 03. Rel: 30 Sep 21
Tetsuo Sakurai - "Kimono" (5:10)
Jadoes - "Friday Night" (extended dance mix) (5:44)
Yumi Sato - "Ame" (3:37)
Kiyohiko Ozaki - "Ojosan Ote Yawaraka Ni" (4:33)
Hitomi Tohyama - "Rainy Driver" (4:29)
Sentimental City Romance - "Hello Suisei" (5:30)
Mizuki Koyama - "Kare Niwa Kanawanai" (4:29)
Hitomi Tohyama - "Sweet Soul Music (Kiss Of Life)" (3:50)
Review: For the latest edition of their essential Wamano A to Z compilation series - the third to date - DJ Yoshiwza Dynamite JP and Chintam have decided to focus on "Japanese light mellow funk, disco and boogie" tracks recorded between 1978 and '88. Like its' predecessors, the eight-track set is heavy on obscurities and little-known cuts, as well as bona fide killer cuts. There's much to savour throughout, from the intergalactic, slap-bass propelled boogie brilliance of Jadoes' 'Friday Night (Extended Mix)' and the laidback funk bliss of Yumi Sato's 'Ame', to the smooth jazz-funk lusciousness of Hitomi Tohyama's 'Rainy Driver' and the Latin-infused, Teena Marie style electrofunk brilliance of Mizuki Koyami's 'Kare Niwa Kanawanai'.
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 in stock $25.70
Pacific Breeze 2: Japanese City Pop AOR & Boogie 1972-1986 (remastered)
Cat: LITA 179. Rel: 24 Apr 20
Bread & Butter - "Pink Shadow" (3:15)
Eiichi Ohtaki - "Yubikiri" (3:33)
Kimiko Kasai - "Vibration (Love Celebration)" (4:14)
The Mystery Kindaichi Band - "Kindaichi Kosuke No Theme" (3:28)
Tetsuji Hayashi - "Hidari Mune No Seiza" (3:59)
Anri - "Last Summer Whisper" (4:56)
Momoko Kikuchi - "Blind Curve" (4:04)
Tomoko Aran - "I'm In Love" (5:48)
Yu Imai - "Kindaichi Kosuke Nishi E Iku" (3:15)
Sadistics - "The Tokyo Taste" (3:33)
Piper - "Hot Sand" (3:27)
Junko Ohashi & Minoya Central Station - "Rainy Saturday & Coffee Break" (3:45)
Eri Ohno - "Skyfire" (5:10)
Yumi Murata - "Kanpoo" (5:05)
Kyoko Furuya - "Harumifutou" (4:10)
Yuji Toriyama - "Bay/Sky Provincetown 1977" (4:24)
 in stock $37.89
AB79 Edits
Cat: GAMM 171. Rel: 20 Feb 23
Broken Beat/Nu Jazz
Samba Do Marcos (Koichi Toyama edit) (6:19)
Santa Monica (Koichi Toyama edit) (4:36)
Grama Grass (Koichi Toyama edit) (7:54)
Samba Chimba (Koichi Toyama edit) (4:09)
Review: For its last few outings, Gamm has rather been heading back to its roots. But now the label reverts away from hip-hop and back towards the Latin and disco sounds it has become best known for. And that's no bad thing as Koichi Toyama turns on his machines and gets the scalpel out to serve up some distinctive edits of four fiery broken beat and nu jazz gems. There are playful sax leads on the opener, muted vibes on the shuffling samba stylings of 'Santa Monica' and busier Rhodes chords on 'Grama Grass' before the jazz dancer that is 'Samba Chimba' offers another golden moment to close.
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 in stock $15.56
Message From A New Dawn
Message From A New Dawn (CD with obi-strip)
Cat: ZLCP 0414. Rel: 22 Dec 21
Broken Beat/Nu Jazz
Astral Ascension
Primal Echo
Get Up (feat Roy Ayers)
Get It Together
This Feeling
Visions Of Tomorrow
The Message
The Mask
Revolution Evolution
Eternal Tide
Review: Shuya Okino is a DJ, club owner, writer and producer as well as being a part of the Kyoto Jazz Massive, and has been a vital figure in the Japanese club scene for over three decades. He is involved in a wide range of projects from Cosmic Village to Root Soul to Mondo Grosso, but his work with brother Yoshihiro as Kyoto Jazz Massive might be his best. This new album is another standout fusion of synth, broken beat and nu-jazz styles. Some of the tunes are pure dance floor heaters such as the prickly vibes of 'Get Up' while others gaze off to a cosmic future such as the gorgeous synths of 'Visions Of Tomorrow'. Essential.
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 in stock $28.81
Causers Of This
Causers Of This (LP + MP3 album download)
Cat: CAK 052. Rel: 18 Feb 10
Imprint After
Fax Shadow
Thanks Vision
Freak Love
You Hid
Low Shoulder
Causes Of This
 in stock $23.36
I Wanna Show You
Cat: BEST 00X. Rel: 03 Sep 20
I Wanna Show You (4:04)
Love Is The Harmony (feat Ben Hadwen - 7" edit) (4:00)
Review: Nobuyuki Suzuki is the Japanese soul and disco master who releases as 77 Karat Gold but also Sauce81. He's done so on the likes of cult London label Eglo before now, but here pops up on Beyond Space & Time with more of his silky smooth party starters. "I Wanna Show You" following this tried and tested path of happy vocals up top and slap bass funk down low. Glistening pads soar to the heavens and leave you feeling dazzled. "Love Is The Harmony (feat Ben Hadwen - 7" edit)" slows things right down, meaning the leggy drums and funk bass do amazing things to your mind, body and soul.
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 in stock $9.33
Destiny Replayed By Root Soul
Cat: AHS 69. Rel: 15 Mar 24
Let Nothing Change You (feat Pete Simpson - Replayed By Root Soul 2024 Re edit) (4:27)
Still In Love (feat Navasha Daya - Replayed By Root Soul 2024 Re edit) (5:05)
Sun Will Rise (feat Diviniti - Replayed By Root Soul 2024 Re edit) (5:13)
Destiny (feat N'Dea Davenport - Replayed By Root Soul 2024 Re edit) (4:51)
Look Ahead (feat N'Dea Davenport - Replayed By Root Soul 2024 Re edit) (4:59)
Love & Live (feat Navasha Daya - Replayed By Root Soul 2024 Re edit) (4:32)
Deep Into Sunshine (feat N'Dea Davenport - Replayed By Root Soul 2024 Re edit) (5:08)
Holding You, Loving You (feat Pete Simpson - Replayed By Root Soul 2024 Re edit) (4:55)
Review: Deep house producer Shuya Okino shows his class once more on another tasteful outing, this time via the Extra Freedom/Village Again labels out of Japan. For this one he revisits his 2011 album Destiny which was made with help from the Japanese funk, boogie and jazz-funk outfit Root Soul and replays and remakes the tunes. The originals become more disco-leaning and horn lead jams here with Okino's warm, rubbery basslines, P-funk synths, loose live beats and cute keys. The result is an album that sounds like Earth, Wind & Fire making modern soul and it will improve your life no end.
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 in stock $38.16
Dancin' (reissue)
Cat: PROT 7183. Rel: 28 Jul 22
Dancin' (4:23)
In Your Lovin' (4:53)
Review: Blissful boogie reissue from Junko Ohashi, whose 7-inch promo for 'Dancin' here functioned as the promo material for the 1983 album 'Point Zero'. Sounding just as rough, farty and raw as its original LP cut, the track is a perfect example of what Japan brought to disco - blending it largely with city pop - at the time. 'In Your Lovin', as it did on the original album, brings up the B-side with a downer-tempo funk beat, and a lyrical subject dealing with a romanticized, ideal lover.
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Gespielt von: Juno Recommends Funk
 in stock $21.28
Shine (7" + insert)
Cat: AHS 68. Rel: 18 Sep 23
Shine (feat Diviniti & Soki Kimura - Root Soul Boogie remix) (4:33)
Sun Will Rise (feat Diviniti - Detroit live version) (5:06)
Review: Shuya Okino and Pirahnahead, two Japanese producers of soulful house and jazz, present the first of a bundle of new releases, 'Shine'. A subsequent two versions of the eponymous track, which flaunt the lilting vocals of the divine Diviniti, hear a driving yet heavenly song play out over two sides, with its echoic calls of "the sun will rise..." calling out over an impressive instrumental dawn chorus of bass and strings.
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 in stock $18.95
Anime & Manga Synth Pop Soundtracks 1984-1990
Cat: TIME 014. Rel: 26 Sep 22
Kan Ogasawara - "Honowo"
Ichiro Nitta - "Shadow Rhythm"
Kazuhiko Izu - "Act 2 Scene 26"
Yoshinobu Hiraiwa - "Into The Jungle"
Nobuyoshi Koshibe & Takashi Kokubo - "Kiki (Jungle At Night)"
Kan Ogasawara - "Utage"
Open Sesame! - "Scrab"
Keiichi Oku - "Ryoko's Theme"
Review: Probably one of the most fascinating Japanese compilations to ever receive a release since 'Diggin' In The Carts', Time Capsule's 'Anime & Manga Synth Pop Soundtracks 1984-1990' takes a thorough look at the genre when it was well underway and in its heyday, charting just eight cuts of the sauciest lo-fi bangers for the cartoon style. Opener 'Honowo' is a proto-sinogrimey, synthpoppy slice of city pop for the period manga Yume No Ishibumi. Meanwhile, 'Utage' recalls Eurythmics or Talking Heads with a retro-classic, quantized groove. A great snapshot of Japanese music media from a time of upheaval.
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Gespielt von: Manu Archeo
 in stock $28.02
Wamono Disco: Nippon Columbia Disco & Boogie Hits 1978-1982
Cat: 180GWALP 06. Rel: 25 Jan 24
Godiego - "The Birth Of The Odyssey - Monkey Magic" (5:00)
Ikue Sakakibara - "This Is Hot" (3:59)
Soul Media - "I Will Give You Samba" (4:21)
Hatsumi Shibata - "Purple Shadow" (3:49)
Yumi Murata - "Krishna" (4:55)
Yoshito Machida & Godiego - "Ame Wa Knife No Yo Sa" (3:34)
Pink Parachute - "Disco Great Tokyo" (4:31)
Hatsumi Shibata - "Hazumi De Daite (A Woman In A Man's World)" (3:38)
Review: In the late 1970s and early 80s, disco swept through dancefloors across the world, with musicians, producers and labels in all four corners of the world recording and releasing their own local variations on the New York-pioneered sound. This fine compilation digs into the Japanese interpretation of the sound, offering up a selection of gems pulled from the vaults of the Nippon Columbia imprint. As you'd expect, there are some genuinely soaring and delightfully over-the-top cuts on show (see Godiego's 'The Odyssey Begins - Monkey Magic' and the disco-funk mania of Ikue Sakakibara's bilingual 'This Is Hot'), alongside such forgotten or lesser-celebrated gems as Yumi Moreta's rubbery bass-propelled 'Krishna', the strings-and-synth-drenched brilliance of Pink Parachute's 'Disco Great' and the ridiculously grandiose 'Hazumi De Daitte (A Woman Inside a Man's Body)' by Hatsumi Shibata.
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Gespielt von: THE REFLEX, DJ Kobayashi
 in stock $30.62
Pacific Breeze 3: Japanese City Pop AOR & Boogie 1975-1987
Cat: LITA 202. Rel: 20 Mar 23
Naomi Akimoto - "Bewitched (Are You Leaving Soon)" (4:41)
Atsuko Nina - "Tonkachi" (3:35)
Miho Fujiwara - "Heartbeat" (4:15)
Miharu Koshi - "Scandal Night" (4:23)
Chu Kosaka - "Shirakechimauze" (3:05)
Teresa Noda - "Tropical Love" (4:16)
Makoto Matsusa - "Business Man" (part 1) (3:47)
Susan - "Ah! Soka" (5:07)
Yukako Hayase - "Suiyoubi Madeni Shinitaino" (4:24)
Parachute - "Kowloon Daily" (2:50)
Hiroyuki Namba - "Tropical Exposition" (Who Done It? version) (3:15)
Pizzicato Five - "Boy Meets Girl" (5:25)
Mari Iijima - "Love Sick" (3:29)
1986 Omega Tribe - "Cosmic Love" (3:59)
Osamu Shoji - "Pub Casablanca" (3:47)
Chiemi Manabe - "Untotooku" (4:20)
Review: The 'Pacific Breeze' series documents the best of Japanese city pop, the genre that took such metropoli as Kyoto and Osaka by storm in the mid 1970s and from then on. With blistering optimism, the tracks on this third compilation blend funk, surf and R&B elements, forming a heady stew of music, all of which has been remastered in only the most pristine multi-channel quality.
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 in stock $48.27
Pacific Breeze 3: Japanese City Pop AOR & Boogie 1975-1987
Pacific Breeze 3: Japanese City Pop AOR & Boogie 1975-1987 (twilight sunset pink vinyl 2xLP + booklet with obi-strip)
Cat: LITA 20212. Rel: 23 Feb 23
Naomi Akimoto - "Bewitched (Are You Leaving Soon)" (4:41)
Atsuko Nina - "Tonkachi" (3:35)
Miho Fujiwara - "Heartbeat" (4:13)
Miharu Koshi - "Scandal Night" (4:22)
Chu Kosaka - "Shirakechimauze" (3:06)
Teresa Noda - "Tropical Love" (4:17)
Makoto Matsusa - "Business Man" (part 1) (3:47)
Susan - "Ah! Soka" (5:06)
Yukako Hayase - "Suiyoubi Madeni Shinitaino" (4:25)
Parachute - "Kowloon Daily" (2:51)
Hiroyuki Namba - "Tropical Exposition" (Who Done It? version) (3:16)
Pizzicato Five - "Boy Meets Girl" (5:24)
Mari Iijima - "Love Sick" (3:30)
1986 Omega Tribe - "Cosmic Love" (3:59)
Osamu Shoji - "Pub Casablanca" (3:46)
Chiemi Manabe - "Untotooku" (4:21)
Review: Light In The Attic aren't short of successful reissues and compilations in their catalogue, but the Pacific Breeze trips into Japanese city pop, AOR and boogie must be some of the most widely adored and conceptually solid. There's an allure in these crisp, refined productions which never fails to charm, especially for non-Japanese audiences drawn in by the culture. As ever, this latest volume brings to light some truly stellar music and it's all packaged with the LITA attention to detail. Extended artist bios, new artwork from Hiroshi Nagai are but some of the reasons to snap up this executive package as soon as possible.
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Gespielt von: Manu Archeo
 in stock $37.36
Town (12")
Cat: COS 60312. Rel: 21 Feb 18
Town (vocal mix) (4:56)
Town (instrumental) (4:56)
Honey B (4:04)
Review: While putting together last year's brilliant Tokyo Nights - Female J-Pop Boogie compilation, Cultures of Soul commissioned boogie revivalist Saucy Lady to record fresh covers of two of her favourites from the set. The Japan-born American has predictably done a bang up job. We're particularly enjoying the vocal and instrumental covers of Minako Yoshida's "Town"; while both contain a few contemporary touches - the beats are naturally closer to house than the '80s original - the synths, vocals and production touches are all faithful to the Saucy Lady's source material. She slows things down a little on the flipside, pushing her vocals to the fore on a gentle and rubbery cover of Toshinobu Kanesaka's "Honey Bee". Superb stuff, all told.
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 in stock $13.75
Sweet Soul Music
Cat: HMJA 164. Rel: 18 Aug 22
Sweet Soul Music (Kiss Of Life) (3:47)
Wanna Kiss (4:28)
Review: Hitomi Toyama's 'Sweet Soul Music' originally made it to wax last year, when the track appeared as part of a rare Japanese funk compilation curated by the sound's brightest stars, Wamono. Now, though, it gets a proper release on 7", and is backended by the sultry B-side 'Wanna Kiss', which sounds pitched up and chirpy in its shrill alto vocals, which assure us we're held. The A, meanwhile, is as horny (in both senses of the word) as ever, quite obviously singing the praises of "sweet soul music... I love you!"
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 in stock $21.79
Seaside Highway
Cat: MMV 001. Rel: 07 Feb 23
Dancing Tonight (7:47)
Seaside Highway (6:53)
Game Sentaa (4:52)
Game Sentaa (JT On Acid mix) (3:46)
 in stock $15.83
Pacific Breeze: Japanese City Pop AOR & Boogie 1976-1986
Pacific Breeze: Japanese City Pop AOR & Boogie 1976-1986 (blue & green vinyl 2xLP + booklet with obi-strip)
Cat: LITA 16315. Rel: 22 Feb 23
Tomoko Soryo - "I Say Who" (3:09)
Taeko Ohnuki - "Kusuri Wo Takusan" (4:04)
Minako Yoshida - "Midnight Driver" (7:35)
Nanako Sato - "Subterranean Futari Bocci" (3:12)
Haruomi Hosono - "Sports Men" (4:04)
Izumi Kobayashi - "Coffee Rumba" (5:18)
Friends Of Earth (FOE) - "In My Jungle" (6:34)
Akira Inou, Hiroshi Sato & Masataka Matsutoya - "Sun Bathing" (3:20)
Hiroshi Sato - "Say Goodbye" (3:21)
Yukihiro Takahashi - "Drip Dry Eyes" (5:19)
Masayoshi Takanaka - "Bamboo Vender" (3:32)
Shigeru Suzuki - "Lady Pink Panther" (2:51)
Haruomi Hosono, Takahiko Ishikawa & Masataka Matsutoya - "Mykonos No Hanayome" (3:46)
Yasuko Agawa - "LA Night" (5:22)
Hitomi Tohyama - "Exotic Yokogao" (4:30)
Tazumi Toyoshima - "Machibouke" (2:46)
Review: U.S label Light In The Attic has hit gold with this hugely popular series. It has done three volumes by now but here comes a welcome reissue of the first from a few years ago. After compilations exploring various Japanese takes on Western music, most notably folk, rock, ambient and new age they switched tack, curating a brilliant double-album set that showcases the best Japanese synth-pop, AOR and boogie recorded between 1976 and '86. The quality threshold remains impressively high throughout, from the blue-eyed-soul breeze of Taeko Ohnuki's 'Kusuri Wo Takusan' and the Chaz Jankel-meets-Thompson Twins style throb of Haruomi Hosono's 'Sports Men', to the talkbox-sporting late night AOR-pop flex's Hiroshi Satoh's 'Say Goodbye' and the glistening, Latin-influenced jazz-funk brilliance of Masayoshi Takanaka.
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Gespielt von: Faze Action
 in stock $40.22
Sun Run & Synchronize
Cat: HR 7S235. Rel: 23 Dec 21
Broken Beat/Nu Jazz
Sun, Run & Synchronize (45 edit) (4:08)
Sun, Run & Synchronize (Mitsu The beats remix) (4:35)
 in stock $17.64
Orient (reissue)
Orient (reissue) (gatefold 2xLP + insert with obi-strip)
Cat: PROT 7198/9. Rel: 06 Oct 22
Kalimba Night (4:14)
Son Go Kuw (4:14)
Tsuki No Ko No Namae Wa Leo (4:07)
Doncama (2:38)
Jo-Do (4:37)
Sora Tobu Jutan (3:36)
Picnic (3:39)
Hikaru Kaze (3:47)
Review: Japanese keys wizard Hiroshi Sato recorded many albums across his career, bringing the vibrant sound of synthesis into earshot with his earliest albums in the late 70s. Orient was his third solo album, released in 1979 on Kitty Records in a pitch-perfect daydream of AOR goodness. Tracks like 'Son Goku' sum up the persistent appeal of Sato's music, fusing the smoothest compositions with some playful sound design approaches, which show he was having fun with the studio gear beyond writing exquisite melodies. Elsewhere, he had fun going into full freak mode with the madcap ear candy of 'Donkama'. If you can't get enough of that era of Japanese synth pop, this reissue is an absolute must.
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 in stock $43.34
One World
One World (limited 2xLP + insert)
Cat: HRLP 23334. Rel: 06 Dec 21
Deep House
Urban Origin (5:27)
Sun Run & Synchronize (feat Sauce81) (5:37)
Light Your Light (feat Emi Tawata) (5:21)
Now It Comes (4:51)
Don't Put My Heart Down (feat Maylee Todd) (5:34)
Alive (feat Shea Soul) (5:46)
Midnight Escape (5:19)
One World (feat Ayana) (4:42)
When It Feels Right (feat Monday Michiru) (6:56)
Step Out (feat Taliwa) (5:34)
Alive (Exclusive Horns Revibe) (4:25)
Review: Acclaimed DJ, singer, remixer and songwriter DJ KAWASAKI shows another side to himself on this new double album for his own label. On it, he serves up instrumental tracks inspired by Afro, jazz, and funk. Every single sound you hear is played live and guests include artists like Sauce81, who you will know from labels like Eglo, and jazz vocalist Ayana. A host of musicians have helped to realise this most lively and upbeat album including Kyoto Jazz Sextet, Kenichi Ikeda of ROOT SOUL and Venue Vincent, Hiderow Nishioka of CENTRAL. It is a real triumph that comes 11 years after his equally acclaimed Paradise album from 2010.
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 in stock $42.30
Greatest Hits (reissue)
Greatest Hits (reissue) (limited 180 gram vinyl LP + inserts with obi-strip)
Cat: BVJL 98. Rel: 14 Sep 23
Loveland, Island (4:19)
Draw Ai Let's Kiss The Sun (3:59)
Sweet & Dangerous Scent (3:15)
Ride On Time (4:22)
The Door Into Summer (4:35)
Funky Flushin' (5:05)
Windy Lady (5:19)
Bomber (5:42)
Solid Slider (3:29)
Let's Dance Baby (4:04)
The Whispering Sea (4:19)
Your Eyes (3:12)
Review: Acclaimed Japanese producer, singer and songwriter Tatsuro Yamashita is the man credited with laying the early foundations for the city-pop sound. He put out a great run of albums, live albums and compilations and many of them are now being reissued. This one is a great hits collection on heavyweight vinyl that came in 1982 and rounds up the many standout works of his early period. All the tracks have had a fresh mastering job for this release and so classics like 'Sweet & Dangerous Scent', 'Draw Ai Let's Kiss The Sun' and 'The Door Into Summer' all sound as good as ever.
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 in stock $41.52
Bridge Into The Future: Recreated Tracks
Cat: HRLP 304. Rel: 23 Jun 23
Blazin' (feat Karin - DJ Kawasaki Recreated Fusion Funk mix) (5:06)
Planetary Track (DJ Kawasaki Recreated Brazilian Boogie mix) (4:40)
Bright Like Light (feat Sauce 81 - DJ Kawasaki Recreated Experimental Session) (3:59)
I'm So On Your Mind (feat Rasiyah - DJ Kawasaki Recreated Disco mix) (4:35)
So Far Away (DJ Kawasaki Recreated Jazzy reprise) (3:14)
Ain't No Mountain High Enough (feat N'Dea Davenport - DJ Kawasaki Recreated Latin Disco mix) (4:49)
Shinning (feat Bird - DJ Kawasaki Recreated Disco mix) (4:54)
Let The Music Play (feat Yoo Hee - DJ Kawasaki Recreated Disco mix) (3:55)
One (feat Lori Fine - DJ Kawasaki Recreated Disco mix) (4:27)
Shooting Star (DJ Kawasaki Recreated dub Tribute version) (3:58)
Review: Acclaimed DJ, singer, remixer and songwriter DJ KAWASAKI is a beat maker who does it all from broken beat and nu jazz to hip hop and deep house. Bridge Into The Future: Recreated Tracks finds him cooking up his own newly constructed takes on a range of classic source tunes. It makes for a broad and brilliant collection. 'I'm So On Your Mind' (feat Rasiyah - DJ Kawasaki Recreated Disco mix) is a gloriously sunny sound with louche breakbeats at its core, and the Diana Ross classic 'Ain't No Mountain High Enough' (feat N'Dea Davenport - DJ Kawasaki Recreated Latin Disco mix) becomes a salsa tinged and gloriously steamy anthem.
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Okinawa (reissue) (Record Store Day RSD 2021)
Cat: NAS 2084. Rel: 26 Jul 21
Sasquatch (4:54)
High School Cadets (4:40)
Baby Elephant Walk (4:14)
C'est Si Bon (3:31)
Okinawa Blues (3:28)
Sea Side Bound (4:21)
Tanichamae (3:57)
Sunset Okinawa (5:35)
 in stock $46.70
Cosmic Sea
Cat: TSR 001. Rel: 28 Dec 22
Funky/Club House
Cosmic Sea (10:16)
Geronimo (6:12)
Review: New label alert! Takashimashuzo comes from Japan and opens with some blissed-out Balearic deep house from Kammoushiki on this hand-stamped white label. 'Cosmic Sea' has archetypal Balearic guitars noodling in amidst endless synth modulations and over breezy house beats. It's a beautiful cut that takes you to the Med in an instant. 'Geronimo' brings jazz-funk vibes, languid guitar work and tumbling drums over shuffling kicks. It's fresh, colourful, inviting stuff that kicks off this new label in enough style to mean we will be checking in again soon.
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 in stock $28.81
Coool (reissue)
Coool (reissue) (limited translucent green vinyl LP + insert with obi-strip)
Cat: FLJF 9536. Rel: 17 Jul 23
Bring Me To The Dancenight (3:14)
Gone With The Sadness (3:05)
Kimamani Reflection (New version) (3:53)
I Can't Ever Change Your Love For Me (4:39)
Silly City Girl (3:00)
Morning Highway (3:53)
Surpise Of Summer (4:10)
Flashin' Night (3:36)
Mercury Lamp (5:33)
He's My Music (3:08)
Maui (3:18)
Review: Japanese city-pop starlet Anri was a fixture of the late 1970s to early 80s, and renewed interest in her work has sparked something of a reissues incentive. Now her 1984, early-to-mid career album Coool sees a reissue via For Life alongside Bi Ki Ni, and further hammers home her romantic vision in disco. Unlike the aforementioned album, Coool is slightly more electronic and dancey, and meditates more on appreciating nature than romance, with standout track 'Gone With The Sadness' reflecting Anri's experience of getting away from the city and leaving the sadness that comes with urbanity by the door.
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Hoshi No Suna (Stardust)
Hoshi No Suna (Stardust) (clear red vinyl 7")
Cat: FABC 015 CLEAR. Rel: 09 Nov 23
Hoshi No Suna (Stardust) (4:04)
Hoshi No Suna (Stardust) (instrumental) (4:02)
Review: The Austin Boogie crew welcome you back to their particular dancefloor with another rather steam offering from Saucy Lady. This intergalactic talent hails from Japan but lives in Boston and operates, musically, amongst the stars. Her latest drop is a mix of city pop, boogie, r&b and disco with gorgeous metropolitan vibes, low lit chords and a killer bassline topped off with the poetic vocals. Next to the original comes an instrumental that's more paired back but no less emotional. An absolutely gorgeous single that will lighten up any party.
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Typhoon Lady (reissue)
Typhoon Lady (reissue) (LP + insert with obi-strip)
Cat: WQJL 110. Rel: 10 Feb 21
Love Of Hated People (4:23)
Play That Shuffle (2:54)
Country Girl (4:02)
Love Song For You (5:39)
Hollywood (3:26)
Sexy Woman (4:18)
Fluffy & Fluffy (3:01)
Typhoon Lady (2:58)
Over Time (5:24)
Good Bye Baby Love (3:19)
Review: Ruriko Ohgami is a Japanese singer. She released two albums in 1978, Typhoon Lady and Dreamer From West. A repress of the former title is available now, considered 'a masterpiece of Japanese lady soul' that is still highly sought after 40 years since the original release. Typhoon Lady is testament not only to the new found popularity of Japanese music, but also as a result of Cut Creator$ and Muro's sampling of 'Sexy Woman' back in 2008. The price of the original release never ceases to soar on the secondhand market, so don't sleep on this one!
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Gespielt von: Dynamite Cuts
 in stock $36.60
More Relax
Cat: WQJL 152. Rel: 18 Aug 22
Drive To Love (3:54)
Slow Nights (3:41)
Relax (3:56)
I Can't Say Good-bye (4:04)
E SPY (3:52)
Waterless Pool (4:16)
South Wind (3:26)
Track 08 (3:43)
Track 09 (3:26)
Privacy (3:53)
Review: Tomoko Aran's More Relax is one of those red hot city pop records form the 80s. It came on Warner in 1984, to be exact, and was Aran's fourth album to be overseen by long-time Casiopea producer Shunsuke Miyazumi. It has a few subtle hints of boogie in a number of the tunes and overall is a relaxing listen with subdued funk in its bones. Tomoko is a strong singer-songwriter n her own right, and that also shines through with the structures and arrangements of these still fresh cuts.
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Bridge Into The Future: Recreated Tracks
Cat: ZLCP 0423. Rel: 07 Mar 23
Broken Beat/Nu Jazz
So Far Away (DJ Kawasaki Recreated Jazzy reprise)
Planetary Track (DJ Kawasaki Recreated Brazilian Boogie mix)
Blazin' (feat Karin - DJ Kawasaki Recreated Fusion Funk mix)
Ain't No Mountain High Enough (feat N'Dea Davenport - DJ Kawasaki Recreated Latin Disco mix)
Shinning (feat Bird - DJ Kawasaki Recreated Disco mix)
Let The Music Play (feat Yoo Hee - DJ Kawasaki Recreated Disco mix)
Bright Light (feat Sauce 81 - DJ Kawasaki Recreated Experimental Session)
I'm So On Your Mind (feat Rasiyah - DJ Kawasaki Recreated Disco mix)
One Love (feat Lori Fine - DJ Kawasaki Recreated Disco mix)
Shooting Star (DJ Kawasaki Recreated dub Tribute version)
 in stock $22.83
Boogie Drive 678 (Muro Re Edit)
Cat: HR 7S268. Rel: 17 Apr 23
Boogie Drive 678 (DJ Muro re-edit) (4:56)
Boogie Drive 678 (DJ Muro re-edit - Steel Pan dub) (4:52)
Review: Boo is a solo Japanese boogie vocalist who was largely active in the noughties; his most eminent album 'Post Soulman' was released in two volumes, and did thrilling justice to Boo's soulful vocals and faux-Philadelphia street beatstyle. Now rereleased as a single (originally one of the tracks from the album), 'BOOGIE DRIVE 678' gets a good look back on. With a busy mix and lyrics reflecting on the butterflies one feels when encountering someone who makes us feel "high inside", this reissue also comes with the venerable steel pan mix on the B.
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 in stock $16.61
Pacific Breeze 2: Japanese City Pop AOR & Boogie 1972-1986
Pacific Breeze 2: Japanese City Pop AOR & Boogie 1972-1986 (sunny splattered vinyl 2xLP + booklet with obi-strip)
Cat: LITA 17913. Rel: 22 Feb 23
Bread & Butter - "Pink Shadow" (3:15)
Eiichi Ohtaki - "Yubikiri" (3:33)
Kimiko Kasai - "Vibration (Love Celebration)" (4:15)
The Mystery Kindaichi Band - "Kindaichi Kosuke No Theme" (3:29)
Tetsuji Hayashi - "Hidari Mune No Seiza" (3:59)
Anri - "Last Summer Whisper" (4:57)
Momoko Kikuchi - "Blind Curve" (4:05)
Tomoko Aran - "I'm In Love" (5:47)
Yu Imai - "Kindaichi Kosuke Nishi E Iku" (3:16)
Sadistics - "The Tokyo Taste" (3:31)
Piper - "Hot Sand" (3:28)
Junko Ohashi & Minoya Central Station - "Rainy Saturday & Coffee Break" (3:44)
Eri Ohno - "Skyfire" (5:10)
Yumi Murata - "Kanpoo" (5:04)
Kyoko Furuya - "Harumifutou" (4:09)
Yuji Toriyama - "Bay/Sky Provincetown 1977" (4:23)
Review: As the third installment brings attention back on this crucial series, Light In The Attic are running a repress of their second voyage into the plentiful realm of Japanese city pop - another extended cruise through impossibly slick '70s and '80s groovers with that golden studio sound. There's sultry slinkers like Eiichi Ohtaki and sensual funk from Kimiko Kasai on "Vibration (Love Celebration)". Watch out for the heavy bass and subtle synth inflections of Yu Imai's incredible "Kindaichi Kosuke Nishi E Iku" and the impossibly catchy whistlealong 'Hot Sand' by Piper. It's not a competition, but if you crave that US AOR sound, it might just be that the Japanese did it better.
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Konuka Ame
Cat: NDS 1064. Rel: 18 Aug 22
Konuka Ame (4:16)
Silver Spot (4:23)
 in stock $21.28
All Of Me
All Of Me (gatefold 2xLP)
Cat: PROT 7159/60. Rel: 14 Mar 22
Hi! (1:53)
Time For Love (5:13)
So Long! (5:24)
Melody (5:36)
Waiting For The Sun (5:26)
Crawl (5:27)
Tropical Night (4:55)
LOVE ME (5:28)
ALL OF ME (5:01)
Review: Japan's Hiroshi Sato is well known to record obsessives who value his ability to craft pure musical nostalgia for a place you haven't even been to, He has turnabout tens of essential records, many of which are in the process of being reissued right now. His masterful jazz-funk classic Orient is one of his best known works from 1979 but All Of Me is another classic. It came much later in 1995 and is a killer pop record with glistening synths, infectious drum programming and contributions from a number of guests.
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 in stock $40.47
The Midas Touch
The Midas Touch (limited 12")
Cat: SC 1229. Rel: 19 May 22
Alpine Plant (6:10)
Back In My Arms (5:32)
Midas Touch (6:18)
Still Life (6:10)
Le Train (3:21)
Something Is Technically Wrong (5:30)
 in stock $26.98
Keep It Up (DJ Koco Re Edit)
Cat: AHS 70. Rel: 18 Mar 24
Keep It Up (DJ Koco Re edit) (4:05)
Stand Up (DJ Kawasaki 45 edit) (4:13)
Review: On this fresh disco 7", DJ Koco (aka. Shimokita) and DJ Kawasaki have re-edited and cut Nayutah's hit songs 'Keep It Up' and 'Stand Up' into an enduring pair of bright disco edits. Both Nayutah's original tracks really wanted us to keep it supine; Koco and Kawasaki act as commanders of this charge, not shying away from the ostensible stringy glitz of the original song. Kawasaki's edit skews funkier, employing live bass and rhythm guitar and adroit drumming to fit around Nayutah's agile, sisterly vocals, and drawing on his already extensive experience of working alongside Nayutah for her album, also called Keep It Up.
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Magic Hour
Cat: TSR 002. Rel: 28 Dec 22
Magic Hour (6:21)
Nakanaide (8:32)
Review: To kick off new label Takashimashuzo, Kammoushiki - who is presumably the boss - is dropping two new 12"s in the same week. This is the second and like the first, it is inspired house music that takes its cues from the 80s Ibiza party landscape. 'Magic Hour' has gurgling basslines riding up and down the scale with innocent keys and lazy drums. It's heartwarming stuff from sundown. 'Nakanaide' then ups the Balearic quotient with even more prominent and arcing guitar licks over bongos and soulful chords.
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 in stock $28.81
Yuji Toriyama (reissue)
Yuji Toriyama (reissue) (limited LP + booklet)
Cat: PCJY 00009. Rel: 28 Jun 22
Korean Dress (part 1 & 2) (8:52)
She's So Shy (4:33)
Brown Doll (4:00)
Nothing To Hide (3:45)
Your Gold Ring (2:36)
Donna (4:39)
Day Dream (2:28)
Stranger In The Mirror (4:38)
Japanese (Tono's Sequencer) (0:29)
Angel Voices (3:42)
Song For You (2:43)
 in stock $37.36
Uterus Uterus (reissue)
Uterus Uterus (reissue) (LP + insert with obi-strip)
Cat: PROT 7194. Rel: 10 Aug 22
Jungle (4:31)
Wonder Life (3:12)
Stay With Me, My Love (4:33)
Shake Up Heaven & Shake Earth (3:37)
Love The One You're With (3:34)
Hungry Sky (5:14)
Fushigi Okite (4:49)
Koujitsu (5:06)
Toki No Oto (4:48)
Review: Yumi Murata's Uterus Uterus is a jazz-pop classic from 1985. Yumi is a vocal coach and former singer who was active from the late 70s and through the 80s before opening her own Murata Yumi Vocal Training Room in 1991 and teaching ever since. This long-player was a later one out of the seven she released in all and is one of her most popular as it mixes up fusion, new wave, funk, pop and jazz across synth sounds. These are enjoyable and sophisticated sounds from this talented vocalist.
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 in stock $36.85
Kiss In Kix
Cat: LV 7001. Rel: 10 Feb 20
Kiss In KIX (7" long version) (4:56)
Orion (3:18)
$19.72 SAVE 60%
 in stock $7.89
Muscle & Heat (reissue)
Muscle & Heat (reissue) (LP + booklet with obi-strip)
Cat: PROT 7109. Rel: 17 Jun 21
Thermo Limbo (5:46)
Watashi No Suki Na Kuni (5:51)
Swimming Under The Glass (4:12)
Do The Wolf (4:33)
Exotic Dance (6:04)
Narcissa (5:18)
Dodo Bird (1:27)
Muscle & Heat (5:04)
Oriental Oriental (3:15)
 in stock $38.67
Chai (Loser Edition)
Chai (Loser Edition) (limited translucent pink vinyl LP + booklet)
Cat: SP 1585X. Rel: 21 Sep 23
Matcha (3:27)
From 1992 (3:21)
Para Para (2:51)
Game (2:46)
We The Female! (3:06)
Neo Kawaii, K? (2:35)
I Can't Organizeeee (2:56)
Driving22 (2:53)
Like, I Need (2:42)
Karaoke (3:18)
 in stock $21.79
Touch: The Sublime Sound Of Yuji Ohno
Cat: WWSLP 80. Rel: 26 Oct 23
Nanako Sato - "Subterraean Futari Botchi" (3:18)
You & The Explosion Band - "Silhouette" (4:11)
Hatsumi Shibata - "I Wish You Love" (3:24)
Yuji Ohno & Galaxy - "Kirameku Inner Space" (3:17)
Ann Young & Yuji Ohno Trio - "Speak Low" (5:07)
Ken Tanaki - "Lilac-Gai No Aki" (3:46)
Mieko Hirota - "I Want To Be Happy" (3:38)
Electric Keyboard Orchestra - "The Soaring Seagull" (4:41)
Hatusmi Shibata - "Mouchido Kikasete" (4:50)
 in stock $30.37
So Crystal (reissue)
So Crystal (reissue) (limited LP + insert with obi-strip)
Cat: PROT 7193. Rel: 23 Aug 22
The Dawn (0:41)
Burnin' Night (4:52)
Just You're Mine (3:42)
Melodies (3:30)
Maybe Tonight (2:43)
Goodnight To You (4:15)
Silent Walker (4:12)
Not My Tears (3:49)
Set Me Free (3:11)
Sayonara So Long (3:21)
Tsu-Bu-Ya-Ki (4:51)
$30.10 SAVE 33%
 in stock $20.17
My Heart In Red (reissue)
My Heart In Red (reissue) (LP + booklet with obi-strip)
Cat: WQJL 155. Rel: 18 Aug 22
Still (4:36)
Borderline (4:08)
Secret (3:41)
Send Love To Me (3:55)
Blue Christmas (4:16)
Boyfriend (3:44)
Believe In Love (4:10)
GAMBARE! (4:09)
The End Of Love (4:07)
Sing For Love (3:10)
 in stock $38.40
Freaky Power
Freaky Power (CD with obi-strip)
Cat: POCS 23023. Rel: 12 Sep 22
Freaky Power (2022 version)
Source Of Life
She's Got It (feat Andrea Clarke)
That Good Feeling (feat Erik Rico)
Star Haze
Amplification Part 3
Solar Strut
Always (feat Erik Rico)
 in stock $32.44
Escape From Dimension (reissue)
Escape From Dimension (reissue) (limited translucent pink vinyl LP + insert with obi-strip)
Cat: HRLP 295. Rel: 03 Apr 23
Starlight Movement (4:17)
Dreamin' Rider (3:36)
Yokohama City Of Lights (5:01)
Say Yes! (4:18)
Ivory Coast (4:28)
Non Stop The Rain (4:38)
Last Runner (5:51)
Yoake No Bus Terminal (5:25)
Sundial (4:45)
 in stock $38.67
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