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Super Metroid (Soundtrack)
Super Metroid (Soundtrack) (limited 2xLP with obi-strip)
Cat: WRWTFWW 085. Rel: 20 Feb 24
Opening (Destruction Of The Space Colony)
Theme Of Super Metroid
Spaceship (No SFX)
Boss Confrontation 1
To Planet Zebes
Planet Zebes (Arrival On Crateria)
Crateria (The Space Pirates Appear)
Item Acquisition Fanfare (No SFX)
Item Room
Chozo Statue Awakens (0:54)
Brinstar Overgrown With Vegetation Area (2:40)
Mini Boss Confrontation (1:35)
Brinstar Red Soil Swampy Area (3:08)
Norfair Hot Lava Area (1:41)
Tension (0:53)
Boss Confrontation 2 (0:44)
Theme Of Samus (2:49)
Wrecked Ship (3:21)
Maridia Rocky Underwater Area (2:19)
Maridia Drifting Sandy Underwater Area (2:56)
Norfair Ancient Ruins (4:14)
Mysterious Statue Chamber (1:30)
Tourian (3:46)
Continue (0:01)
Samus Aran's Appearance Fanfare (0:07)
Mother Brain (2:11)
Ending (3:25)
Review: Full HD re-creation and restoration of the legendary soundtrack for 1994 Exploration / Action-Adventure / Sci-Fi / Alien video game Super Metroid, by Louisiana-based composer and producer Jammin' Sam Miller. Miller explains: "Composed by Kenji Yamamoto. Recreated by me. This was made possible by locating the original instrument samples from workstation keyboards and drum machines before they were put into the game and rebuilding the soundtrack from the ground up, applying some modern mixing techniques along the way to lift the veil of 16bit compression and create an updated listening experience." Revamped on a deluxe 12" record, and with killer mastering, clean mixing, and a stonking album cover to boot, this is for anyone with a penchant for the more eclectic ends of videogame music.
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 in stock $34.81
Blue Monday (remastered)
Blue Monday (remastered) (heavyweight vinyl 12" in die-cut sleeve)
Cat: 019029 5665913. Rel: 21 Jul 22
Blue Monday (7:30)
The Beach (7:21)
Review: You might think that you could cop a copy of New Order's seminal hit 'Blue Monday' fairly easily and cheaply given its ubiquity over the years. But no, copies in good condition still fetch around 50 quid, so this remastered reissue is well worth a cop. The single's iconic bassline and twitchy synth modulations very much soundtrack a generation, if not an entire youth revolution, but still enliven any dance floor many years later. What's more, the de-humanised vocals will always provide real singalong joy. On the flip is a 'The Beach', which is drenched in echo and reverb and general sonic filth.
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 in stock $13.98
Ghosts Again (remixes)
Ghosts Again (remixes) (numbered 12" in-die cut sleeve)
Cat: 196588 37811. Rel: 18 Dec 23
Ghosts Again (Massano remix) (6:41)
Ghosts Again (Chris Liebing vs Luke Slater remix) (8:02)
Review: First featured on Depeche Mode's critically acclaimed, James Ford-produced 2023 album Memento Mori, 'Ghosts Again' returns in remixed form. Liverpool-based melodic techno maestro Massano (real name Sam Rose) steps up first, delivering a raw, heavy and mind-mangling take that sits somewhere between darkened new wave, moody techno, and early noughties electroclash sounds. It's a fine remix all told that showcases the best of the Basildon band's original synths and vocals, while dragging the track kicking and screaming towards the dancefloor. Techno veterans Chris Liebing and Luke Slater take over on side two, predictably delivering a fearlessly fast, weight and intoxicating take that's as stomping as they come and twice as dirty.
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! low stock $22.42
New Phonies (remastered)
New Phonies (remastered) (red marbled vinyl 12")
Cat: CWCS 024. Rel: 01 Feb 24
New Object (5:37)
Don't Talk (5:21)
Hand To Phone (5:37)
Your Lies (4:51)
Review: Remastered and reissued with new a new album cover via the Clone West Coast Series, Adult's 'New Phonies' EP first appeared in 2000 as the duo moniker of Nicola Kuperus and Adam Lee Miller, two legit electro stalwarts. This is a proper snappy electro EP - of the least sympathetic and most coldly calculating kind - evoking the fright of becoming trapped inside an inescapable subliminal-sonic cybernetic feedback loop, with all human faculties thrown to the wayside. 'Hand To Phone', for example, locks us into a communicative-cybernetic stasis, with spitty acid 16ths betraying the mood of becoming affective chasers of electromagnetic signals, unwittingly carrying out the bidding of our new techno-evangelist overlords. The A-sider 'New Object', meanwhile, with its sizzling 808s, transitional fluctuations and hip-hop vocal refrain - "I need you to accommodate my comunication needs" - touches on several layers of objectification at once: sexual, commodification, loss of the ability to speak. Adult truly dealt with adult themes and embraced their recapture into the machine - now you too can own their New Object.
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 in stock $15.29
It's More Fun To Compute
Cat: 0497013. Rel: 30 Sep 20
Taschenrechner (live ORF) (2:36)
The Robots (live French TV) (3:43)
Radio Activity (live French TV) (3:08)
Computer Love (7:05)
Showroom Dummies (remix) (5:58)
It's More Fun To Compute (demo mix) (2:54)
The Robots (demo mix) (3:24)
Calcolatrice Tascabile (Italian TV) (4:08)
The Man Machine (5:21)
Trans Europe Express (remix) (7:12)
 in stock $20.04
Etazhi (reissue)
Etazhi (reissue) (transparent green vinyl LP + MP3 download code)
Cat: SBR 3037LPC4. Rel: 17 Dec 21
Na Dne (4:06)
Tancevat (3:22)
Filmy (4:18)
Volny (4:14)
Toska (3:09)
Prognoz (3:04)
Sudno (Boris Ryzhy) (2:22)
Kommersanty (3:48)
Kletka (4:43)
Review: Sacred Bones Records has a real coup here as they serve up yet another pressing of the debut album of Belarussian post-punk and synth pop trio Molchat Doma. Originally dropping in 2018 on Berlin label Detroit Records, it was an instant hit online and had more than a million YouTube views in no time at all. The band remains low-key back home but have toured Europe and six successive pressings of this record have all disappeared in quick fashion. With Egor Shkutko on vocals, Roman Komogortsev on guitar, synths and drum machine and Pavel Kozlov on bass and synths, the collective cook-up inviting fusions of new wave, synth pop and post-punk that is dark but alluring, danceable yet thoughtful.
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Gespielt von: ROTCIV
! low stock $22.95
Inner Mirror
Inner Mirror (heavyweight vinyl 12")
Cat: FM 004. Rel: 08 Jan 24
Death Hypnosis (6:41)
Sacrilege (6:14)
Passive Power (6:26)
Crashed On The Space Road (7:10)
Review: Charlou is the solo alias of a French producer who here takes charge of the fourth fantastic outing from Flight Mode. Hr opens up in thumping fashion with 'Death Hypnosis' which has synths fired from a gun like laser rays and throwback acid bass. 'Sacrilege' is even more hard-assed with further retro sci-fi signifiers over hulking great kicks. 'Passive Power' brings more teeth-clenching retro-future techno sounds shot through with synth electricity and the EP highlight comes at the last with 'Crashed On The Space Road' setting off at high speed through the stars and never letting up.
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 in stock $13.19
Girl With No Face
Girl With No Face (limited mustard vinyl LP + poster (indie exclusive))
Cat: 505616 7179160. Rel: 22 Feb 24
Weird World (3:58)
Girl With No Face (4:24)
Off With Her Tits (3:16)
John & Jonathan (4:21)
Galina (4:28)
Hardware/Software (2:27)
Black Eye (4:30)
You Slept On Me (4:12)
Saddest Smile (3:08)
Staying Power (4:10)
Truly Dreams (4:27)
Review: .
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! low stock $24.54
Etazhi (reissue)
Cat: SBR 3037CD. Rel: 27 Mar 20
Na Dne
Sudno (Boris Ryzhy)
 in stock $13.19
Fantastic Voyage: New Sounds For The European Canon 1977-1981
Cat: CDCHD 1630. Rel: 24 Jan 24
Simple Minds - "Theme For Great Cities"
Cabaret Voltaire - "Silent Command"
Ryuichi Sakamoto - "Riot In Lagos"
Grauzone - "Eisbar"
The Associates - "White Car In Germany"
Patrick Cowley - "Nightcrawler"
Isabelle Mayereau - "On A Trouve"
Chas Jankel - "3,000,000 Synths"
Peter Gabriel - "No Self Control"
The Walker Brothers - "Nite Flights"
Thomas Leer - "Tight As A Drum"
Daryl Hall - "The Farther Away I Am"
Harald Grosskopf - "So Weit, So Gut"
Robert Fripp - "Exposure"
Areski Belkacem & Brigitte Fontaine - "Patriarcat"
Basil Kirchin - "Silicon Chip"
Holger Czukay - "Ode To Perfume"
 in stock $11.60
An Eye For The Main Chance (reissue)
An Eye For The Main Chance (reissue) (limited purple vinyl LP)
Cat: CLOLP 4938. Rel: 22 Feb 24
Shadow (4:08)
Leave Me For Dead (3:59)
Sense Of Purpose (5:22)
Deeper (4:54)
An Eye For The Main Chance (4:10)
Something Strange (3:59)
Reason (3:57)
Heart & Soul (3:06)
Forevermore (5:22)
Subterfuge (5:02)
Review: Repressed to vinyl for the first time since its initial 1991 release, An Eye For The Main Chance was the iconic debut album from homegrown gothic rock new wavers Rosetta Stone. Landing on very appropriate purple vinyl to compliment its iconic artwork, the LP sways with the reverberated, frosted jangling guitar work that served as staple of the late 80s scene, yet evokes a sultry sinister air that would pave the way for their darker, industrial-tinged coldwave experiments. Melancholic, hypnotic and playful in equal measure, this quintessential slice of coldwave goth rock is a classic forgotten to time, and now that vacant, pining spot on your shelf can be fulfilled without taking out a mortgage for an original pressing flipped to high heaven. Be warned, however, act fast or copies of this long overdue repress will suffer a similar fate.
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 in stock $29.54
Wagging Tongues Remixes
Cat: 196588 48151. Rel: 20 Dec 23
Wagging Tongues (Hawtin Gaiser remix) (6:29)
Wagging Tongues (Daniel Avery remix) (4:30)
Wagging Tongues (Henning Baer's 808 remix) (4:49)
Review: Depeche Mode's 'Wagging Tongue' was first released in 2023 as the star number from the indelible synthpop band's comeback album and swansong, Memento Mori. Something of downtempo musical elegy, the original track is a crisp exercise in melancholy uplift, colliding the band's usual synthetic arpeggiations with grass-is-greener lyrical themes. Now, however, comes a new ten-track remix bundle, of which select remixes have been chosen for a set of limited releases on wax. Most of the artists enlisted for the job have done a stellar job, amping up the tempo to a neatly electrified 130-ish-bpm, while indulging the zeitgeist's penchant for well-rounded but beefy sonics. On this one, none other than Daniel Avery sticks out with a futureological cosmic electro take, while Hawtin Gaiser opts for knocking big-room techno, and Henning Baer cools things down with a cityscape-soaring 808 remix.
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 in stock $22.14
Violator (reissue)
Violator (reissue) (gatefold heavyweight vinyl LP + insert)
Cat: 889853 36751. Rel: 14 Oct 16
World In My Eyes (4:22)
Sweetest Perfection (4:40)
Personal Jesus (4:57)
Halo (4:28)
Waiting For The Night (6:09)
Enjoy The Silence (4:33)
Policy Of Truth (6:32)
Blue Dress (4:23)
Clean (6:43)
 in stock $25.06
Live At The Hammersmith Odeon In London November 3 1984 BBC
Cat: DBQP 57. Rel: 09 Mar 22
London BBC Richard Skinner (intro) (1:04)
Something To Do (3:52)
Puppets (3:55)
If You Want (4:55)
People Are People (4:01)
Leave In Silence (4:48)
Somebody (4:42)
Ice Machine (3:57)
Lie To Me (5:04)
Master & Servant (5:17)
Photographic (4:04)
Everything Counts (5:24)
See You (4:06)
 in stock $14.51
Speak & Spell: The 12" Singles
Speak & Spell: The 12" Singles (limited numbered 3xLP + 1-sided red vinyl 7" flexidisc + poster + MP3 download code in slipcase)
Cat: 889854 82001. Rel: 31 Aug 18
Dreaming Of Me (3:52)
Ice Machine (3:48)
New Life (remix) (3:54)
Shout (Rio mix) (7:34)
Just Can't Get Enough (Schizo mix) (6:47)
Ant Second Now (Altered) (5:45)
Depeche Mode - "Sometimes I Wish I Was Dead" (Flexi Disc) (2:13)
Fad Gadget - "King Of The Flies" (Flexi Disc) (3:09)
 in stock $43.83
Fantastic Voyage: New Sounds For The European Canon 1977-1981
Cat: XXQLP2 124. Rel: 24 Jan 24
Simple Minds - " Theme For Great Cities" (6:02)
Cabaret Voltaire - " Silent Command" (4:20)
Ryuichi Sakamoto - "Riot In Lagos" (5:55)
Grauzone - "Eisbar" (4:24)
The Associates - "White Car In Germany" (5:05)
Patrick Cowley - "Nightcrawler" (6:54)
Isabelle Mayereau - "On A Trouve" (2:49)
Chas Jankel - "3,000,000 Synths" (4:59)
Peter Gabriel - "No Self Control" (4:01)
The Walker Brothers - "Nite Flights" (4:31)
Thomas Leer - "Tight As A Drum" (4:48)
Daryl Hall - "The Farther Away I Am" (3:02)
Harald Grosskopf - "So Weit, So Gut" (5:38)
Robert Fripp - "Exposure" (4:35)
Areski Belkacem & Brigitte Fontaine - "Patriarcat" (7:05)
Basil Kirchin - "Silicon Chip" (4:13)
Holger Czukay - "Ode To Perfume" (4:17)
Review: Fantastic Voyage: New Sounds For The European Cannon 1977-1981 is one of the most grandiose titles for a record we have come across in a while, but we like it. Fortunately for those involved, the music on this new gatefold heavyweight double album stands up to scrutiny for lovers of sounds that collide electronic, post-rock and experimental with synth, new wave and even a touch of new age ambient. The track list is a big one with tried and tested names like Patrick Cowley, Cabaret Voltaire, the late Ryuichi Sakamoto, Peter Gabriel and more all featuring. It makes for quite the trip and a fine reminder of the magical newness of electronic music back then.
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 in stock $28.22
Live At The Hammersmith Odeon London October 6 1983
Cat: SRFM 0013ME2. Rel: 01 Jan 90
Now, This Is Fun (3:33)
See You (4:03)
Love In Itself (4:35)
Told You So (4:33)
New Life (4:13)
More Than A Party (4:45)
Two Minute Warning (3:53)
Shame (4:01)
Get The Balance Right (3:17)
The Landscape Is Changing (5:03)
Photographic (4:13)
Just Can't Get Enough (5:02)
 in stock $20.31
Let's Emerge!
Let's Emerge! (translucent yellow vinyl LP + MP3 download code)
Cat: SCR 210LP. Rel: 15 Jul 22
De-Hibernate (5:08)
Lyracal (4:43)
Does It Go Dark? (3:51)
Haze Loops (4:17)
Let's Emerge (part One) (2:27)
Saturation Point (3:34)
Sun Stroke (2:58)
Let's Emerge (part Two) (1:14)
Luminescence (4:31)
Warmth Of The Sun (7:18)
Review: Martin Jenkins aka Pye Corner Audio has been a busy man. He ended a fine trio of albums last year with Entangled Routes, then dropped a live album on this label early in the year, and now quickly follows it up with yet another fine long player. Ride guitarist Andy Bell plays on five of the tunes and is a collection that comes heated by plenty of sun and coloured with bright acid psychedelics. Says the man himself, "I try to tailor my work slightly differently for the various labels that I work with, and this seems to fit nicely with Sonic Cathedral's ethos." He has sure done that.
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 in stock $16.27
Decide (gatefold black & white vinyl LP (indie exclusive))
Cat: 843563 162682. Rel: 07 Nov 23
Runner (3:43)
Gloom (3:04)
Half Life (3:06)
Fool (3:14)
On & On (2:46)
End Of Beginning (2:49)
I Want Your Video (2:11)
Climax (3:20)
Change (0:36)
Is That All It Takes (6:19)
Go For It (1:12)
Figure You Out (1:40)
Slither (2:13)
 in stock $35.08
Grieghallen 20180528
Grieghallen 20180528 (gatefold eco vinyl 2xLP + insert)
Cat: HOM 039LPC. Rel: 21 Feb 24
Nemoralia (4:42)
Southern Gothic (3:34)
1969 (2:55)
So Falls The World (6:09)
Rolling Stone (7:33)
Echo Chamber (Room Of Tears) (2:58)
Transverberation (1:40)
Angelus Novus (3:25)
Bring Out Your Dead (6:10)
Coming Home (13:26)
 in stock $29.02
& The Charm
Cat: DOVE 1CD. Rel: 04 May 23
Sandrail Silhouette
Entombed In Ice
A Vision
Astrology Poisoning
The Stone
Hot Evening
Karaoke Song
A Dam Will Always Divide
 in stock $14.76
Paradiso Amsterdam 1983
Cat: CL 93598. Rel: 06 Dec 23
Everything Counts (5:47)
See You (4:01)
Love In Itself (4:30)
Pipeline (5:20)
Photographic (4:06)
Get The Balance Right (3:16)
Told You So (4:39)
New Life (4:19)
More Than A Party (5:31)
The Meaning Of Love (2:59)
Just Can't Get Enough (4:49)
Review: Modern day Amsterdam is a bit of an oxymoron. On the one hand, the city proudly brandishes its reputation for alternative and sub cultures, pushing back against lawmakers and their incoherent policies to adopt approaches that are more realistic and levelheaded. On the other, its a place of such rampant commercial development the local government actively discourages visitors and new hotel developments. Look closely, though, and you can still feel the spirit of what, during the latter half of the 20th Century, made this place so special. Paradiso is one of those spots. A waterside cultural venue with a history first as a church, then an illegal squat, before becoming what it is today, the walls themselves seem to pervade a sense of brave, adventurous heritage. An ideal place to catch one of the most defining bands of the 1980s in their heyday, then, here Depeche Mode deliver an astounding set in a space with the atmosphere to match.
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 in stock $15.29
Superdream (clear rose vinyl LP)
Cat: COUNT 169CR. Rel: 11 Mar 22
City Of Sound (3:53)
Joypunks (3:15)
6's To 9's (feat Rationale) (3:27)
No Words (3:33)
Alley-Oop (feat Ida Hawk) (3:21)
Pale Blue Dot (2:55)
Maker (4:09)
Mopsy's Interlude (2:12)
Purple Sand (My Home) (3:37)
She Makes Magic (4:19)
Heaven (3:26)
Awaken (3:02)
 in stock $17.67
People & Industry
Cat: CIS 088CD. Rel: 30 Sep 22
Fanfare For The Working Man
Built By Robots
This Is The Age Of The Train
Man & Manufacturing
Part Of The Union
Eye See Eye
Managed Decline
Aerospace (bonus)
Industrial Zone (bonus)
 in stock $12.13
The Cabinet Of Dr Caligari
Cat: BB 400LP. Rel: 13 Feb 24
Prologue (1:34)
Scary Memories (1:51)
Atonal Floating (0:59)
Full Of Life (1:48)
In The Town Hall (2:54)
At The Funfair (2:41)
A Mysterious Crime (2:40)
At The Funfair 2 (1:30)
The Cabinet Of Dr Caligari (3:41)
Jane's Theme (1:16)
March Grotesque 2 (1:07)
Jane's Theme 2 (0:32)
Shadows (1:15)
Tragic Message (0:54)
Suspicion (0:56)
Tragic Message 2 (0:34)
The Plan (1:49)
A Dark Figure (0:53)
Caligari's Theme (1:00)
Arrest Of The Suspect (1:19)
Caligari's Theme 2 (1:55)
Worried Jane (0:48)
Interrogation (1:21)
Jane's Fear (3:21)
Francis's Observation (2:46)
Cesare's Attack & Escape (2:29)
Safe & Sound (1:26)
Francis At A Loss (1:21)
Caligari's Deception (2:16)
Lunatic Asylum (2:51)
In Search Of The Truth (2:52)
Out In The Field (0:42)
The Director Rants & Rages (4:06)
Scary Memories 2 (2:35)
Who's Mad Here? (3:13)
Francis Rants & Rages (4:34)
Epilogue (1:42)
Review: Musician, writer and sometime member of Kraftwerk Karl Bartos wrote The Cabinet Of Dr Caligari as a tribute to the iconic 1920 silent horror film whose original music score had long been lost. Through electronic compositions, Bartos skilfully captures the eerie atmosphere and psychological depth of the movie, enhancing its haunting narrative with his sonic reinterpretation. The album immerses listeners in a world of suspense and mystery, blending ominous synth melodies with pulsating rhythms and cinematic soundscapes. Bartos' masterful fusion of retro-futuristic aesthetics and contemporary electronic music was made after he dug deep into his own archives to recreate epics he wrote as a young classical musician and offers an all-new perspective on the original soundtrack.
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 in stock $36.67
The Pleasure Principle
Cat: BBQLP 10. Rel: 16 Oct 15
Airline (3:17)
Metal (3:28)
Complex (3:10)
Films (4:07)
ME (5:33)
Tracks (2:49)
Observer (2:52)
Conversation (7:31)
Cars (3:52)
Engineers (3:58)
Gespielt von: Dmitry Distant
 in stock $19.79
Kraftwerk (reissue)
Kraftwerk (reissue) (gatefold LP)
Cat: 630505 8. Rel: 15 Sep 23
Ruckzuck (7:58)
Stratovarius (11:59)
Megaherz (10:35)
Von Himmel Hoch (8:53)
! low stock $22.14
Hollywood Cult
Hollywood Cult (gatefold bottle green vinyl 2xLP + stickers + MP3 download code)
Cat: VEYL 040. Rel: 14 Feb 24
Secrecy (4:24)
Holy Wood (5:38)
Generational Trauma (4:28)
Western Malice (4:21)
Shocking Therapy (3:52)
Vessels Wine (4:55)
Peacekeeper Ripper (4:04)
Criminal Rite (4:32)
Spirit Harvest (6:18)
Elite Dungeons
Two Sets Of Rules
No Fetish Without Evil
Hanging Finale
Review: Filmmaker is a multidimensional producer known for genre-bending creations rooted in film culture. With acclaimed releases like The Love Market and Fictional Portrayals already under his belt, he reaches new heights with his latest offering, Hollywood Cult. Across 13 tracks, he crafts a haunting journey that blends synth-driven races, infectious body music, and slow-burning nostalgia. Tracks like 'Secrecy,' 'Western Malice,' and 'Shocking Therapy' evoke cinematic tension and energy and as the album progresses, 'Vessels Wine,' 'Peacekeeper Ripper,' and 'Criminal Rite' delve into intense emotions, while 'Elite Dungeons' and 'Hanging Finale' bring a lo-fi, trance-inducing finale. Hollywood Cult, then, serves as a dark, captivating soundtrack for a new world, inviting repeated listens and immersive exploration.
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 in stock $34.81
Memento Mori
Cat: 196587 84202. Rel: 24 Mar 23
My Cosmos Is Mine
Wagging Tongue
Ghosts Again
Don't Say You Love Me
My Favourite Stranger
Soul With Me
Caroline's Monkey
Before We Drown
People Are Good
Always You
Never Let Me Go
Speak To Me
Review: When vital bandmember Andrew Fletcher suddenly passed away at the start of the sessions for 'Memento Mori', even Dave Gahan and Martin Gore wondered aloud whether Depeche Mode would continue. Yet somehow, Gore and Gahan put their much-discussed differences aside, knuckled down and produced something fittingly special: an album that may well be the iconic outfit's most consistent and impressive body of work for decades. Naturally, darkness abounds, with opener 'My Cosmos Is Mine' - all evocative vocals, distorted electronic beats, dark sonic textures and mutilated choral vocal samples - setting the tone for a set that once again brilliantly blends dark synth-pop, gnarled guitars and the kind of lyrical melancholia that stays with you for days. Highlights are plentiful, with our picks including 'Ghosts Again', 'Soul With Me' and closing cut 'Speak To Me'.
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 in stock $15.81
The Sitting Room (reissue)
Cat: AC 0017V. Rel: 01 Jan 90
The Sitting Room (2:28)
Swimming (1:43)
An Ordinary Life (1:57)
Shades (2:36)
Short Story (Party mix!) (1:54)
The Power Game (0:49)
All We Have To Be Thankful For (4:16)
$25.06 SAVE 35%
 in stock $16.28
Organisation (half speed remastered)
Organisation (half speed remastered) (heavyweight vinyl LP + MP3 download code)
Cat: 570508 3. Rel: 02 Nov 18
Enola Gay (3:24)
2nd Thought (4:13)
VCL XI (3:50)
Motion & Heart (3:15)
Statues (4:18)
The Misunderstanding (4:41)
The More I See You (4:01)
Promise (4:44)
Stanlow (6:28)
 in stock $25.85
Uzun Havalar
Cat: PINGIPUNG 65. Rel: 13 May 19
Gorunmez Hava (8:36)
Ay Curudu (8:57)
Adieu (2:30)
Casio Havasi (4:47)
Ya Evde Korksan (10:22)
78 Yilinin En Uzun Dakikasi (4:36)
Gespielt von: Marco Gallerani, GK Machine
 in stock $23.74
Autobahn (reissue)
Autobahn (reissue) (limited heavyweight translucent blue vinyl LP + 12 page booklet)
Cat: 019029 5272432. Rel: 09 Oct 20
Autobahn (22:39)
Kometenmelodie 1 (6:22)
Kometenmelodie 2 (5:44)
Mitternacht (3:42)
Morgenspaziergang (4:03)
Review: Autobhan, the 1974 album that began Kraftwerk's ascent to legendary status, is still capable of making the hairs on the back of your neck stand on end. The headline attraction remains the absorbing, mesmerising, 22-minute title track, a musical whizz down an imaginary three-lane highway that's as evocative and atmospheric as they come. That said, the album's lesser-celebrated, more experimental flip-side tracks (and in particular the jaunty 'Kometenmelodie 2'), are also inspired. Here it gets the 2020 reissue treatment via a tasty blue vinyl pressing that comes packaged with a 12-page booklet of historic photos and typically utilitarian imagery.
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An Iceberg Cruising The Jamaican Coastline
Cat: DEL 08RE. Rel: 28 Jul 22
Shotgun Dub (4:23)
Frozen Chips Sandwich (4:30)
First Floor (3:50)
Iguana Style (3:53)
Minamatos (4:29)
The Murderer (4:04)
Review: Run out of Paris by DJ duo Fa_Fane and F.M., DELODIO is bringing a delightfully freaky strain of grubby lo-fi grooves to our attention, pitching somewhere between minimal wave, noisy techno and Balearic splendour. If that sounds appealing you're going to love Froid Dub, comprised of producers Francois Marche and Stephane Bodin cruising through a particularly lopsided abstraction of dub which sounds like it favours the clank of mid-range drum machines from yesteryear and their attendant synths. It's all very in-the-desk, and very cool indeed, with the blissfully surrealism of 'First Floor' being a particular highlight.
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1989 Remixes 1992 (Record Store Day RSD 2022)
Cat: RSD2022 012. Rel: 13 May 22
Getting Away With It (extended mix) (7:32)
Get The Message (DNA Groove mix) (5:27)
Gangster (FBI mix) (8:01)
Feel Every Beat (12" remix) (6:48)
Idiot Country Two (6:04)
Disappointed (12" remix) (4:28)
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Spirit Exit
Spirit Exit (gatefold silver vinyl 2xLP)
Cat: LY 001LPC. Rel: 08 Jul 22
At Your Gamut (7:07)
Transfixed (5:13)
Canticle Of Cryo (7:39)
Knot Of Spirit (Synth version) (10:17)
Broken Melody (4:21)
Life At Altitude (7:51)
Terminal Clock (5:02)
The Landscape Listens (8:14)
Review: Italian composer and modular synth wizard Caterina Barbieri makes a debut on the Light-Years label here with a profound work of ambient beauty. Known for her musical vortexes, she warps space and time with her compositions and has done ever since breaking through with 2017's double-album Patterns Of Consciousness. Spirit Exit again finds her start up her modal rug and get to work in her home studio amidst Milan's two-month pandemic lockdown in 2020. It's a personal work that "takes inspiration from female philosophers, mystics and poets spread across time." The transportational sounds are as complex as they are emotive from front to back.
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Speedball (12")
Cat: DROID 0722. Rel: 25 Jul 22
Speedball (Full Whip version) (7:11)
Speedball (Severe Itching mix) (4:27)
Speedball (Strip Off dub) (5:38)
Speedball (Whizbang mix) (6:01)
Review: The iconic North London dance music duo Idjut Boys are famed for their nostalgia fueled offerings of dub, disco and house and join forces again for this 4 track single featuring 4 completely different takes on the track 'Speedball'. The 'Full Whip' version is an 80s powersynth with powerful kicks and synth perfection, an authentic use of a commodified sound used in the past couple of years. 'Severe Itching' takes the party downstairs into an acid techno rave, the liquid bass seeping through your ear canal into your skull - an utterly extraterrestrial experience. 'Strip Off Dub' is just that: a stripped back dub version of 'Full Whip'. Focusing on the heftier synths and bass, with the rushing wind effects that compromised 'Full Whip'. 'Whizbang Mix' invites you back into the bassment for another slice of acid house pie, the meeting point between 'Full Whip' and 'Severe Itching' that feels like trying to listen to the former after the laters aforementioned liquid has blocked your eardrums. This one's for the messy afterparty.
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Computer Sourire (reissue)
Computer Sourire (reissue) (limited clear vinyl 12")
Cat: LANR 012. Rel: 04 Jul 22
Computer Sourire (6:31)
Dance Boy Dance (5:11)
Computer Sourire (remix) (4:30)
$22.69 SAVE 35%
 in stock $14.75
Open Space Motion: Underscores (reissue)
Cat: BEWITH 114LP. Rel: 27 Sep 22
Wide Open Space Motion (2:19)
Incessant Efforts (2:25)
Pink Sails (2:08)
Relaxed Mood (4:17)
Transiency (1:13)
Driving Sequences (3:24)
Action & Suspense (2:05)
Southern Mentality (2:42)
Hovering (2:13)
Bows (4:30)
Outset (1:38)
Constellation (1:33)
Changing Directions (2:37)
Neutral Position (1:48)
Departure For Universe (2:08)
Review: Not to be confused with Klaus WeiB, the East Germany-born handball hero of the Summer Olympics 1972, although born in the same era, this Klaus Weiss is in fact the man who started out as a jazz drummer before expanding his remit to other instruments and genres, winding up pretty prolific in the world of movie and TV scores. As can be heard here.

While not directly linked to, taken from, or inspired by screen work, Open Space underscores (ahem) many of the same totems. It's un-rushed, yet tracks are relatively brief, not much more than interludes. Each feels similar to the next, but they clearly invoke very different emotional responses. Somewhere between synth-laden fantasy soundtracks of yore, and medieval court music, it's like going into the future only to realise civilisation has gone backwards while retaining some of its tech prowess.
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Songs To Learn & Sing (reissue)
Songs To Learn & Sing (reissue) (180 gram vinyl LP + insert)
Cat: 019029 5156725. Rel: 18 Feb 22
Rescue (3:43)
The Puppet (3:06)
Do It Clean (2:42)
A Promise (3:40)
The Back Of Love (3:15)
The Cutter (3:58)
Never Stop (3:33)
The Killing Moon (5:47)
Silver (3:21)
Seven Seas (3:20)
Bring On The Dancing Horses (3:58)
Review: Echo & The Bunnymen's first ever best-of compilation, first released in 1985, gets a reissue. Accruing all the hits, we begin with the seminal 'Rescue' before careening through 'Never Stop', 'The Killing Moon' and 'Seven Seas', recalling the new wave band's emotive drawl and gushing instrumentals, coinciding with the time in which their contemporaneous album, 'Songs To Learn and Sing', was released.

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Dare (gatefold 180 gram vinyl LP + MP3 download code)
Cat: 535100 6. Rel: 20 Jun 14
The Things That Dreams Are Made Of
Open Your Heart
The Sound Of The Crowd
Do Or Die
Get Carter
I Am The Law
Love Action (I Believe In Love)
Don't You Want Me
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The Minimal Wave Tapes: J Rocc Edits Vol 2
Cat: STH 2295. Rel: 20 Aug 12
Felix Kubin - "Japan Japan" (J Rocc edit)
Ohama - "The Drum" (J Rocc edit)
Mark Lane - "Who's Really Listening" (J Rocc edit)
Deux - "Game & Performance" (J Rocc edit)
Review: J Rocc steps up for the second and final installment of his Minimal Wave Tapes Edits, once again appearing on weighty vinyl and offering solitude for those DJs out there whose attempts to drop the likes of Ohama and Deux are frustrated by the inherent lack of quantized drum programming. J Rocc's edit of Felix Kubin's "Japan Japan" is a case in point, originally featuring on the recent second volume of The Minimal Wave Tapes, the rolling 4x4 electro groove that filled the opening bars soon mutated rhythmically into bastard vocoder pop. J Rocc wisely extends this opening loop before switching into the madness and then smoothing back into that groove. From here, J Rocc adds some extra weight to the titular elements of Ohama's "The Drum", teases out the inner uneasy primal techno workings of "Who's Really Listening?" from Mark Lane and f*cks about with Deux's "Game & Performance" brilliantly.
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La Piscine
La Piscine (limited coloured vinyl 12")
Cat: MW 041. Rel: 07 Aug 18
La Piscine (14:13)
Calling Somewhere (14:52)
Review: Fans of mechanical techno-not-techno sounds will be all over Minimal Wave's latest transmission from 80s French underground heroes In Aeternam Vale. Having reissued several essential lost works from the outfit last year, most notably the proto-Sandwell sound of "Highway Dark Veins", Veronica Vasicka delivers another two tracks from the vault. Stylistically mirroring that previous two track release the title track is an equally brilliant synth-techno beast which could easily pass for a Function track today, while B-side "Calling Somewhere" sounds like a cold wave version of proto-halfstep. Needless to say, the fact that these tracks are 22 years old literally left us speechless.
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Exister: Remixed
Cat: BITE 027. Rel: 23 Jun 23
Become The Lies (Phase Fatale remix) (5:30)
Unforgiven (feat Alli Logout - OTHR remix) (6:12)
Face Is Gone (Unhuman remix) (6:21)
The Pit (Gael remix) (4:50)
Monster (Norbak remix) (4:38)
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Kintsugi (limited LP)
Cat: SEA013/MW079. Rel: 20 Mar 23
Bent At The Window (4:39)
No Hands (3:43)
He Saw The Light (4:10)
Not Such A Joke (4:14)
Top Of The Pyramids (5:24)
The Light Goes Through My Mouth (4:39)
Nice Boy (4:40)
Your Passion (3:42)
Love On My Side (5:40)
Review: If we tell you that's Marseille's new wave electronic heroes Martin Dupont have supported the likes of The Lotus Eaters, The Lounge Lizards and Siouxsie and the Banshees, but also been sampled by Madlib and Tricky, then we're beginning to get to the heart of their wide appeal. Now, after the success of 2018's The complete collection 1980-1988, the band have returned complete with original members (alongside some new additions) and their first new LP for 35 years. It's not hear to see their influence on electronic artists - the surging, dark DXS7 synths and programmed drums remain intact - as well as the goth appeal of singer Alain Seghir, with his shadowy voice clocking in somewhere between Scott Walker's doomy self-reflection and Billy Mackenzie's compelling histrionics, shown off to its best here via 'Nice Boy' and 'Your Passion'. Drama, death and tragically doomed love... What more do you need to liven up your lunch hour?!
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Im Funfminutentakt
Im Funfminutentakt (LP + MP3 download code)
Cat: CPT 6131. Rel: 28 Apr 23
Aurum C (5:02)
Es Ist So Schon (5:16)
Nur Ein Viertelstundchen (5:00)
Aventure 1 (5:08)
Tanz Mit Mir (4:45)
Eins Null Eins Eins Null (5:08)
Wir Atmen Digital (4:50)
Morgen (5:09)
Review: Ostensibly, Fred Und Luna are a German duo specialising in Krautrock and minimalism-inspired electronica, but deeper research shows they're are actually two mannequins who serve as muse for musician, poet and photo/video maker Rainer Buchmuller. Evidently an artist who loves to toy with convention, Buchmuller's idiosyncrasy extends to his music, not just imagecraft: this album, Im Funfminutentakt, is a utilitarian concept album, consisting of eight tracks that are all around five minutes long, hence the title. Burgeoning, awestruck and playful synth tropes extend across just eight tracks, demonstrating an ironic flair and love for the electro-krautrock of old.
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Let's Go
Let's Go (limited 180 gram vinyl 12" + postcard)
Cat: MW 080. Rel: 03 Feb 23
Let's Go (Not Really The Same mix) (7:22)
Let's Go (In The City mix) (5:49)
Let's Go (BBB Trash mix) (5:30)
Everybody Night (extended version) (5:20)
Review: French synth duo Deux are real cult favourites. The pair met in Lyon in 1981 and soon started working together on what became their signature stripped-down synth-pop sound complete with chilly vocals duets. Minimal Wave now have a four-track EP from Gerard Pelletier and Cati Tete which comes following other outings on this label such as Decadence in 2010 and 2012's Golden Dreams EP. It features three remastered mixes of the eponymous underground classic 'Let's Go !' as well as a never before released version of 'Everybody's Night'. It's a must-cop for fans of this brilliant pair.

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Wow (yellow vinyl LP + MP3 download code limited to 300 copies)
Cat: RVNGNL 82LPC2. Rel: 02 Mar 23
Oni (They) (4:17)
Confessions At The Dinner Table (3:24)
Slon (Elephant) (3:49)
Asleep (2:46)
Nochnoi Zvonok (Night Call) (5:36)
Mi (We) (4:29)
D D Don't (3:46)
Early Bird (2:38)
Razmishlenie (Thinking) (4:22)
Flu (3:11)
Meow Chat (2:27)
Review: A concept album in the truest sense, not that you'd necessarily assume that from the outset, Kate NV has quite literally thrown her toys out of the pram for this one. Taking the bits and pieces, sounds and sonics from her 2020 album, Room For The Moon, Wow feels like she might have scattered the parts on the carpet like an eager child emptying a chest of fun they've not opened in years, then started to see what might be made anew from those once-familiar elements.

Fittingly, the result of that approach is very, very fun, but also pretty serious. There's plenty of innovation at work here - leftfield, alternative electronica messing around with assumptions we make about structure and order, at times almost sounding like a cut and paste project. In other moments, we step from staccato rhythms and percussion into rich brass movements. Quite unlike a lot you'll buy this week.
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Steppenroboter Versus Transeuropa
Cat: TFGC 022. Rel: 09 Mar 23
Totschaften (4:41)
Wandlungskrisis (2:30)
Sinnsucht (2:52)
Revisionen (4:26)
Sehnsuche (4:44)
Dehumanismen (6:06)
Leiblichhaft (4:47)
Gespielt von: Alexis Le-Tan
$17.93 SAVE 30%
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Disco Cadabra
Cat: SZABO 13. Rel: 20 Feb 23
Disco Cadabra (feat Flo Dalton) (5:09)
Delusion (4:42)
Orientalo (5:09)
I Just Wanna Dance (3:45)
Review: Smeary, bleary, watery-eyed Deutsche-Balearica from the fresh German talent that is Tom Bolas, dropping the impressive four-track EP 'Disco-Calabra' for Violette Szabo. An Italo-German dialectic is immediately heard on the self-titled lead track, on which Bolas' enlisted singer Flo Dalton gets her oozy voice glued and washed out between the producer's ultra-limited beatsmithing. The trend continues on the supporting new wave track 'Orientalo', the comparatively grinding post-punker 'Delusion', and the EBM chugger 'I Just Wanna Dance'.
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