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Estrelar (limited 7" Nachpressung)
Cat: BRZ 45030. Rel: 29 May 24
Marcos Valle - "Estrelar" (5:11)
Robson Jorge & Lincoln Olivetti - "Aleluia" (3:52)
Review: Two silky sides of Brazilian disco soul on Mr Bongo's perennial Brazil 45s series. First up, long-haired lothario samba fusionista Marcos teams up with Leon Ware for a pristine polished piece of early 80s disco funk. Golden harmonies, staccato vocals and a super juicy bassline; it's not hard to see why it was his best selling single. Flip for the equally smooth "Alleluia" from Brazilian boogie gospelist; this one is all about the percussion heavy breakdown. Proper sunshine block party business.
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Racional Vol 1
Racional Vol 1 (limited LP)
Cat: SER 1. Rel: 30 May 23
Imunizacao Racional (Que Beleza) (5:03)
O Grao Mestre Varonil (0:23)
Bom Senso (5:05)
Energia Racional (0:13)
Leia O Livro Universo Em Desencanto (2:39)
Contacto Com O Mundo Racional (3:06)
Universo Em Desencanto (3:45)
You Don't Know What I Know (0:33)
Rational Culture (12:23)
 in stock $18.26
Esperar Pra Ver
Cat: BRZ 45043. Rel: 12 Apr 16
Esperar Pra Ver (2:07)
Que Bandeira (2:21)
Review: Two outstanding Brazilian funk cuts straight out of 1971: "Esperar Pra Ver" is a laden with an immense orchestrated groove that's triggered by a lean, unforgettable bass guitar riff that matches Evinha's purring, slinky allure. "Que Bandeira" rolls with more of a poppy bossa flow with militant rim shots, swooning strings and a momentum that builds on every verse. Both tracks are taken from Cartao Postal, Evinha's third album that has been known to pass hands for as much as L500 in the past.
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Disco Club
Disco Club (LP + insert)
Cat: MRBLP 156. Rel: 15 Mar 18
A Fim De Voltar (4:06)
Acenda O Farol (3:12)
Sossego (3:42)
Vitoria Regia Estou Contigo E Nao Abro (2:18)
All I Want (3:25)
Murmurio (3:22)
Pais E Filhos (3:48)
Se Me Lembro Faz Doer (3:50)
Juras (3:12)
Jhony (2:19)
 in stock $22.21
Racional Vol 2
Cat: SER 4. Rel: 30 May 23
Quer Queira Quer Nao Queira (4:49)
Paz Interior (2:53)
O Caminho Do Bem (6:06)
Energia Racional (2:51)
Que Legal (4:12)
Cultura Racional (4:59)
O Dever De Fazer Propaganda Deste Conhecimento (5:52)
Guine Bissau Mocambique E Angola Racional (6:08)
Imunizacao Racional (Que Beleza) (3:30)
Review: From the early 1970s, Tim Maia released a string of superb albums that cemented his reputation as Brazilian music's most soulful artist - a guitarist and singer who created thrilling new musical hybrids that owed as much to U.S funk and soul as samba, bossa-nova and MPB. 1975's "Racional Volume 2", a hard-to-find set that's finally been reissued, is one of the best of Maia's key early albums. Rhythmically, the majority of the tracks feature typically shuffling South American rhythms, but the instrumentation and vocals above are far closer in tone to the sunnier, more horn-heavy end of the soul and funk spectrum (with some sweeping orchestration thrown in to add a touch of MPB class). It's a brilliant blend that guarantees good times from start to finish.
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Tags: MPB | Brazilian Funk
 in stock $16.93
Mr Bongo Record Club Vol 3
Cat: MRBLP 165. Rel: 03 Jun 19
JB De Carvalho E Seu Terreiro - "Fui A Umbanda" (2:33)
Trio Ternura - "A Gira" (3:04)
Alcione - "Figa De Guine" (2:19)
Impacto 5 - "Longe Daqui Aqui Mesmo" (3:23)
Abaete - "Pisa No Taboado" (2:34)
Tobias - "Coisa Sentimental" (4:00)
Os Flippers - "Estrelar" (2:02)
SpaceArk - "Don't Stop" (unreleased long version) (4:09)
Pure Release - "I'll Know It's Love For Sure" (3:37)
Luther Davis Group - "You Can Be A Star" (4:39)
Kaleidoscope - "Let Me Try" (3:26)
Marumo - "Khomo Tsaka Deile Kae?" (3:43)
Splash - "Peacock" (4:51)
Gyedu Blay Ambolley - "Highlife" (5:00)
Harari - "Senyamo" (4:44)
Tokyo Academy Philharmonic Chorus Group - "Taharazaka" (2:57)
Cesar Roldão Vieira - "Ze Do Trem" (2:14)
Elias Rahbani - "I Want To Be" (3:21)
Elias Rahbani - "Dance Of Maria" (2:45)
Galt MacDermot - "Coffee Cold" (3:22)
Review: The crate-diggers behind the Mr Bongo label can usually be relied upon to showcase some seriously good tunes old and new. That's certainly the case on this third volume in their occasional "Record Club" series of compilations. Spanning sunshine soul, obscure samba, spacey jazz-funk experimentation, wide-eyed underground disco, fiery funk, weirdo rock, cheery South African bubblegum, synth-laden early '80s highlife, Ramsay Lewis style workouts and the psychedelic Middle Eastern disco-funk of Elias Rahbani, the compilation's 20 tracks are not only near faultless, but genuinely surprising and eye-opening. To quote a cliche, this collection genuinely is all killer and no filler.
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 in stock $22.21
India (reissue)
India (reissue) (gatefold LP + insert)
Cat: MRBLP 149. Rel: 31 Jul 17
India (6:54)
Milho Verde (4:25)
Presente Cotidiano (2:54)
Volta (3:19)
Relance (4:55)
Da Maior Importancia (5:08)
Passarinho (5:27)
Pontos De Luz (2:43)
Desafinado (2:39)
Review: Last reissued in Brazil over 10 years ago and last reissued on vinyl over 20 years ago, legendary Brazilian singer Gal Costa's sixth album is a tropicalian odyssey. Reflective, soulful, touching and dynamic, Gal guides us through a sunset story of ballads ("Volta"), bossas ("Milho Verde") blues ("De Maior Importance") and beyond with an all-star troupe of musicians including Gilberto Gil, Arthur Verocai and Dominguinhos. Remastered to a touch and complete with the original cover that was banned by the Brazilian dictatorship at the time, this is the first time India has been reissued with care in decades.
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 in stock $22.21
Cat: BRZ 45059. Rel: 15 Dec 16
Simbarere (2:40)
Kabaluere (2:24)
 in stock $9.51
Cat: BRZ45 022. Rel: 20 Apr 15
Rita Lee & Tutti Frutti - "Agora E Moda" (4:17)
Pete Dunaway - "Supermarket" (4:52)
Review: Time for some Brazilian psychedelic boogie straight from 78. Erstwhile lead singer in Os Mutantes, with a personality thrice as big as the soaking wet bassline on "Agora E Moda", Rita Lee is no stranger to her motherland - even now. Flip for a huge soul injection courtesy of Pete Dunaway. Sounding English in every direction (from his name to his lyrics to the stunning, string-coated arrangement) he's actually Sao Paulo born and is a renowned multi-instrumentalist. Check this and you can tell in an instant. Stunning.
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Mentira (limited 7")
Cat: BRZ 45017. Rel: 07 Aug 18
Marcos Valle - "Mentira" (3:43)
Toni Tornado - "Me Libertei" (3:39)
Review: Two premium Latin funk documents on one limited 45, Mr Bongo deliver once again: Marcos Valle needs no introduction to Brazilian music enthusiasts. "Mentira" is a self-cover as Valle takes his 69 classic "Mentira Carioca" and develops the dynamic with a vocal style that's highly reminiscent of Donovan. Flip for Toni Tornado's Black Rio anthem "Me Libertei". Fusing sleazy rock n roll with jazzy Latin soul, madly this is the first time it's ever graced a 45!
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Tags: MPB | Samba | Brazilian Funk
 in stock $9.51
Deixa A Tristeza
Cat: BRZ45 076. Rel: 07 Feb 20
Neno Exporta Som - "Deixa A Tristeza" (3:29)
Agnaldo Rayol - "Sumauma" (3:38)
Review: After delivering some killer reissues over the last few years, Mr Bongo's brilliant Brazil 45s series has reached "buy on sight" status. It goes without saying that the label's latest double-header of hard-to-find Brazilian gems is white hot. A-side Neno Exporta Som's impossible-to-find 1971 gem "Deixa A Tristeza", a wild and life-affirming fusion of samba and funk full of fuzzy sax solos, glassy-eyed vocals and heavyweight grooves. Over on the flip you'll find another killer cut from '71: "Sumauma" by MPB star Agnaldo Rayol. Blessed with a great groove and incredible arrangement, it sounds like a Brazilian take on the sort of over-the-top songs used to open James Bond movies in the 1970s (albeit with a bit of samba sunshine thrown in).
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 in stock $9.26
Racional Vol 3
Cat: RRVOL 3. Rel: 30 May 23
E Preciso Ler E Reler (4:00)
I Am Rational (5:19)
Lendo O Livro (3:39)
O Supermundo Racional (5:16)
Nacao Cosmica (6:28)
Que Legal (4:18)
Voce E A Estrela Do Meu Show (5:36)
Ve Se Decide (3:34)
 in stock $20.11
O Journaleiro
O Journaleiro (limited 7")
Cat: BRZ45 016. Rel: 15 Dec 14
Toni Tornado - "O Jornaleiro"
Som Tres - "Homenagem A Mongo"
Review: Rich gutsy soul from a man who's regularly described as Brazil's James Brown, "O Journalerio" is a blueprint funk jam. Released in 1971 (on his hyper-rare album BR-3) it's all about the orchestrated swing, bluesy groove and Hammond licks so lavish you need to towel on every listen. Flip for Som Tres... An off-shoot of the Sambalanco Trio, it's the sound of Cesar Camargo Mariano controlling a restrained rolling slice of filmic instrumental funk where horns, keys and drums gather momentum with big band drama. Neither have been released on 45" before, making this all the more special.
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A Paraiba Nao E Chicago
Cat: BRZ45 061. Rel: 07 Feb 17
Marcos Valle - "A Paraiba Nao E Chicago" (4:39)
Don Beto - "Nao Quero Mais" (2:11)
Review: For the latest volume in their ongoing Brazil 45s series, Mr Bongo has decided to change tack. The two tracks showcased here are from the golden age of Brazilian boogie. On the A-side you'll find Marcos Valle's "A Paraiba Nao E Chicago", a largely overlooked cut from his 1981 full-length Vontade De Rever Voce. While not as instantly as infectious as some of his better-known singles, it's still superb; a breezy, blue-eyed soul cut full of rising horns and sweet Portuguese vocals. On the B-side, you'll find Don Beto's 1978 disco-funk jam "Nao Quero Mais", a superb track that was seemingly inspired by the Doobie Brothers' "Long Train Running".
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 in stock $9.26
Deixa Rodar
Cat: BRZ 45054. Rel: 16 Sep 16
Hanna - "Deixa Rodar" (3:24)
Almir Ricardi - "To Parado Na Tua" (3:35)
 in stock $9.51
Brazil 45 Boxset Vol 3 Curated By Kenny Dope (Record Store Day RSD 2022)
Cat: MRB 7206. Rel: 07 May 22
Luli Lucina E O Bando - "Flor Lilas" (Kenny Dope remix) (2:54)
Jayme Marques - "Berimbao" (5:42)
Di Melo - "Pernalonga" (Kenny Dope remix) (3:36)
Toni Tornado - "Sou Negro" (2:23)
Milton Banana Trio - "Primitivo" (2:43)
Milton Banana Trio - "Cidade Vazia" (2:51)
Papete - "Procissao Dos Mortos" (2:57)
Papete - "Domingo No Parque" (4:56)
Antonio Carlos & Jocafi - "Quem Vem La" (Kenny Dope remix) (3:52)
Miguel De Deus - "Black Soul Brothers" (Kenny Dope edit) (3:40)
 in stock $55.30
Onde Anda O Meu Amor
Cat: BRZ45 082. Rel: 04 Dec 20
Onde Anda O Meu Amor (3:44)
Gueri-Gueri (4:19)
Review: Following persistent requests, Mr Bongo has finally relented and dedicated an edition of their popular Brazil 45s series to Orlandivo Honorio de Souza, a composer, singer and percussionist whose 1977 album Oelandivo remains high on my collectors' wants-lists. Wisely, their A-side pick is 'Onde Anda O Meu Amore', a cosmic and spacey fusion of samba-soul and jazz-funk rich in ethereal flute lines and intergalactic keys. This time round it comes backed by the equally as impressive 'Gueri Gueri', an insatiable samba-rock number wrapped in heady accordion, jangly acoustic guitar and punchy horn sounds.
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A Beleza E Voce Menina
Cat: BRZ45 092. Rel: 10 Dec 21
A Beleza E Voce Menina (3:29)
Embalo Diferente (3:27)
Review: For the latest edition in the label's superb Brazil 45s series, the Mr Bongo crew has decided to reissue one of their all-time favourite tracks, Os Devaneios' 'Embala Differente'. Situated here on side B, the track is one of the funkiest and heaviest samba floor-fillers going - a 1978 workout that adds punchy horns, disco-boogie bass, strong male lead vocals and mazy organ solos to an infectious and percussively dense rhythm track. A-side 'A Beleza E Voce Menina', a slightly later recording, is equally as impressive, with the obscure Brazilian band adding elements of soul, South American boogie and AOR to their funky-as-hell samba template. Another essential instalment in one of the most on-point reissue series around.
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 in stock $9.26
Que Vida E Essa
Cat: BRZ45 051. Rel: 01 Jan 90
Wal Sant'ana - "Que Vida E Essa" (2:47)
Ronie & Central Do Brasil - "Atoa Atoa" (2:29)
 in stock $9.51
Waimea 55 000
Cat: BRZ45 079. Rel: 13 Mar 20
Jorge Ben - "Waimea 55.000" (4:00)
Baby Consuelo - "Curto De Veu E Grinalda" (2:29)
 in stock $9.26
Vale Tudo
Cat: MRBLP 230. Rel: 26 May 21
Trem Da Central (4:03)
Candura (3:04)
Pela Cidade (3:21)
Onda Negra (3:41)
Gamacao (3:16)
Vale Tudo (4:09)
Guarde Minha Voz (3:11)
Terra Azul (3:29)
Musa (2:44)
So As Estrelas (3:26)
Review: Considered one of the essential Brazilian funk records of an era, Sandra Sa's Vale Tudo receives a much deserved reissue here on Mr. Bongo. Originally released in 1983, it was produced by Lincoln Olivetti alongside a who's who of musicians that were central figures on the scene at the time. From the disco boogie of 'Trem Da Central' featuring one amazing brass section, the heartfelt and romantic ballad 'Onda Negra' and the late night boogie-down vibe of 'Guarde Minha Voz' - they are the perfect backdrop for Sa's unique voice which really shines throughout. Although most prolific in the early '80s, Sa continues to work in the music industry to this day.
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 in stock $22.21
Come With Me (reissue)
Cat: SB 7043RE. Rel: 19 Jul 23
Come With Me (4:13)
Lost In Amazonia (4:19)
Review: This one is such an evergreen summer classic that it sells out whenever it reappears and gets reissued on a regular basis. Last time was last summer but now the rays are back in our lives we're glad it is available one more. Brazilian jazz vocalist Tania Maria is a true icon with a huge back catalogue of music behind her. Here, Soul Brother look back to her 1983 album Come With Me and lift a pair of pearlers for this vital 7". 'Come With Me' is a sundown slinker, with Maria's airy tone gliding over the sprightly piano chords while on the flip 'Lost In Amazonia' is a joyous, scat-powered slice of jazz funk with incredible slap bass flex. Essential summer grooves.
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Quem Vem La
 in stock $8.99
Burnier & Cartier (reissue)
Cat: MRBLP 153. Rel: 05 Apr 18
So Tem Lugar Pra Voce (2:48)
Aldeia Global (2:27)
Lejos De Mi (4:10)
Lembrando Ed Kleiger (2:37)
Deixa Mudar (2:32)
Parte Capital (3:03)
Mirandolina (2:42)
Ai E Que Ta (2:21)
Aventura Espacial (3:50)
Barranco (2:29)
Europanema (2:04)
Marcante (2:25)
 in stock $17.98
Tim Maia (reissue)
Tim Maia (reissue) (heavyweight vinyl LP)
Cat: MRBLP 178. Rel: 31 Oct 18
Pense Menos (2:43)
Sem Voce (3:58)
Verao Carioca (1:55)
Feito Para Dancar (2:16)
E Necessario (2:33)
Leva O Meu Blue (2:00)
Venha Dormir Em Casa (3:32)
Musica Para Betinha (2:35)
Nao Esquente A Cabeca (4:41)
Ride Twist & Roll (2:20)
Flores Belas (instrumental) (1:19)
Let It All Hang Out (2:02)
 in stock $20.64
Trio Mocoto
Cat: MRBLP 189. Rel: 11 Feb 19
Nao Adianta (4:02)
O Meu Violao (3:29)
A Rosa (3:52)
Xuxu Melao (3:16)
Doca (4:00)
Toda Tarde (3:30)
Sossega Malandro (3:11)
Dile (6:45)
Onde Anda Voce (2:51)
Que Nega E Essa (5:17)
Review: First released back in 1977, Trio Mocoto's second eponymous album has long been a favorite with collectors of "MPB" - the most Brazilian of popular music styles. Thanks to the dusty-fingered diggers at Mr Bongo, the album is now available again on wax for the first time since 1980 (and, of course, for a fraction of the cost of an original copy). Like many of the greatest MPB albums of the period, the album's ten tracks brilliantly blend elements of samba, string-laden easy listening, soul, jazz-funk and fusion, with the band's strong group vocals and luscious instrumentation guaranteeing a warm, sun-kissed vibe throughout.
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Tags: MPB | Brazilian | Samba | Jazz Funk | Brazilian Funk
 in stock $20.91
Super Herois
Cat: BRZ 45088. Rel: 19 Aug 22
Brazilian Boys - "Super Herois" (3:09)
Rubinho E Mauro Assumpcao - "Ta Tudo Ai" (2:28)
Review: We'll never tire of the incredible Brazil45 series on Mr Bongo, which has provided an authoritative window into the rich history of 60s and 70s grooves from South America. Here's a missing joint from the series which took some time to come to fruition - a split release featuring Brazilian Boys on the A side and Rubinho E Mauro Assumpcao on the B. 'Super Herois' is an obscure slice of off-kilter, psych tinged funk from 1975 that has the kind of individual sound which could find favour with a lot of different DJs. 'Tudo Ai' has a more recognisable samba shuffle, but much like the A side there's a subtle twist in the sound which leans towards blues rock and jazz, locking down on the rhythm and creating a low-key party starter in its own unique way.
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 in stock $8.37
Deixa Nao Deixa
Cat: BRZ 45041. Rel: 24 Mar 16
Deixa Nao Deixa (2:32)
Avenida Atlantica (2:57)
Review: Two powerful bossa nova workouts from 1972: Brazilian chanteuse Rose Maria delivered two incredible funk jams on Tapecar which escaped her prolific album releases and never enjoyed a repress. Until now... The Afro-Latin soul of "Deixa Nao Deixa" is all about the sudden dynamic from purring verses to emphatic, harmonic chorus while "Avenida Atlantica" takes a more straight-up funk route with its dominant horns and heavy boss break. Instant party material.
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 in stock $9.51
Segura Na Cintura Dela (O Gaviao)
Cat: BRZ 45089. Rel: 20 Jul 21
Golden Boys - "Segura Na Cintura Dela (O Gaviao)" (2:38)
Silvio Cesar - "Beco Sem Saida" (2:21)
Review: Mr Bongo's essential Brazil 45s series notches up release number 89 via a blast of heavy dancefloor pressure that touches on both Brazilian funk and samba-rock. On the A-side you'll find Golden Boys' 1975 gem 'Segura Na Cintura Dela (O Gaviao)', an irresistible slab of full-throttle, orchestra-sporting, Hammond-heavy samba-funk marked out by strong group vocals and some superb musical arrangements. Over on the flip you'll find another classic from the same producer (Milton Miranda), Silvio Cesar's 1971 carnival masterpiece 'Beco Sem Saida' - an infectious excursion that found fame in the 2000s when Drumagick sampled it on 'Sambarock'.

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Tags: MPB | Brazilian | Samba | Brazilian Funk
 in stock $9.51
Canto Chorando
Cat: BRZ45 067. Rel: 22 Mar 22
Dalila - "Canto Chorando" (4:22)
Neyde Alexandre - "Perplexidade" (2:22)
Review: The Brazil 45s / Mr Bongo outlet is back with its classic moves, coming through with some truly special soul blends out of the Brazilian golden era. Dalila and Neyde Alexandre feature in this latest 7", the former with 1968's "Canto Chorado", a slow-burning bubble of funky exotica - surely impossible to find in its original shade - and the latter with a funky little bomb from 1971 by the name of "Perplexidade" - surely the smoothest, sexiest soul number out this week! Lovely stuff.
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 in stock $9.26
Pe Na Estrada
Cat: NOAJ7 002. Rel: 11 Dec 20
Pe Na Estrada (3:07)
Artimanhas (2:21)
Marcacao (2:13)
Moreno (2:37)
 in stock $11.38
Fusion Global Sounds Vol 2: 1976-1984
Cat: FVR 190LP. Rel: 21 Nov 23
Lerma De La Cruz - "Free" (4:34)
Nivaldo Ornelas - "Cactus" (6:59)
Krystyna Pronko - "Oto Przyczyna" (3:48)
Bobby Martinez - "Pendulum" (4:29)
Tom Grant - "Mystified" (7:35)
Nivaldo Ornelas - "Los Angeles" (5:03)
Carlos Mendes - "Oamoreomar" (2:03)
Dana Kaproff - "Brownstones" (5:17)
Review: Favorite Recordings returns with the second edition of its compilation series: Fusion Global Sounds. Comprising eight rare and hidden tracks produced between 1976 and 1984 in various parts of the world, this hot-off-the-plate comp delivers a mighty-fine array of dynamic, soul-feeding jazz, soul, disco, jazz and funk delicacies. As a fine collector of jazz-funk and fusion for many years, curator Charles Maurice can be credited for sourcing the ingredients for and cooking up this fine spread of forgotten entrees, this time brought together by a common Brazilian influence.
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 in stock $29.38
Nacao Africa
Cat: FVR 162. Rel: 27 May 20
Canto Da Bahia (6:05)
Dia De Verao (5:26)
Guerreiro Yoruba (6:38)
Nacao Africa (4:49)
Copacabana (4:02)
Canto De Iemanja (5:40)
Nacao Africa (part 2) (4:03)
Review: Eagle eyed diggers might have spotted Camarao Orkestra's excellent Nacao Africa 12" single dropping last year on Favorite Recordings. Now the promise of that single has been followed up with this wonderful album - a scintillating blend of Latin jazz, funk, samba, Afrobeat and much more besides. The playing is second to none, not least the gorgeous Rhodes on "Dia De Verao", and the energy pivots nimbly across these seven tracks to make for a varied but cohesive listen. Uptempo "Guerreiro Yoruba" is an infectious stomper, while "Copacabana" captures a cool 70s funk vibe that wouldn't sound out of place on a Rufus & Chaka Khan record. With the title track bringing the perfect laid back party flavour too, there's a lot to savour on this album, not least while the sun is shining.
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 in stock $22.49
Cala Boca Menino
Cat: JAZZR 035. Rel: 02 May 24
Cala Boca Menino (feat Jucara Marcal & Russo Passapusso) (4:43)
Ogum (feat Jucara Marcal) (6:07)
Review: Fresh, fabulous and funky reissued trax sourced from the collective mind of the historic group Goma Laca, first released a hell of a long time ago sometime in the indeterminate period between 1920 (!) and 1950 on the Goma-Laca label. Now reissued by Jazz Room, 'Cala Baca Menino' and its counterparts 'Ogum' are two stonking Afrobrasilidades, flaunting the effortless vocals of Russo Passapusso and Jucara Marcal, not to mention the quick double-bass and piano caresses of Marco Paiva and Hercules Gomes respectively, plus Sergio Machado on drums and Gabi Guedes on percussion. Under the direction of Letieres, the group produced many records such as this: jazzy arrangements over Afro-Bahian rhythms, with everything recorded live at Estudio Traquitana, Sao Paulo.
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! low stock $15.34
India (50th Anniversary Edition) (half speed remastered)
India (50th Anniversary Edition) (half speed remastered) (gatefold LP + fold-out poster + insert with obi-strip)
Cat: MRBLP 282. Rel: 07 Jul 23
India (6:56)
Milho Verde (4:25)
Presente Cotidiano (2:54)
Volta (3:19)
Relance (5:04)
Da Maior Importancia (5:13)
Passarinho (5:22)
Pontos De Luz (2:43)
Desafinado (2:39)
Review: Gal Costa is rightly considered one of the leading lights of Brazil's tropicalia scene, not least from her golden period in the late 60s, and the legacy of the late singer lives on with this reissue of one of her finest albums by Mr Bongo. India was Costa's fourth album, originally released in 1973 and instantly courting controversy after the Brazilian military censored the cover due to the shot of Costa's bikini and little else. Of course such imagery is comparatively tame these days, and instead we can focus on the music which is some of the finest MPB and tropicalia you could ever wish to hear, all led by Costa's mesmerising voice and backed by true Brazilian greats including Gilberto Gil.
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 in stock $27.79
Melo Do Fricote
Cat: CLUB 02. Rel: 13 Feb 20
Band' Azul - "Melo Do Fricote" (3:59)
Octavio Burnier - "Que Nem Sol" (4:21)
 in stock $11.91
Vendedor De Mangaios
Cat: BRZ 45090. Rel: 20 Jul 21
Josan - "Vendedor De Mangaios" (2:53)
Barto Galeno - "Vou Tirar Voce Daqui" (2:54)
 in stock $9.51
Passaro Selvagem
Cat: BRZ 45095. Rel: 17 Feb 23
Os Carbonos - "Passaro Selvagem" (3:40)
Sandra De Sa - "Palco Azul" (3:14)
Review: Mr Bongo's crucial Brazil series hits a 94th volume here with vocal and instrumental group Os Carbonos from Sao Paulo. The band had a long and fruitful career that started in the 60s and ran on into the 80s. This offering is a tune from later on in their time and it is a prime slice of Brazilian boogie with funk drums, vamping chords and hip swinging claps all designed to bring the good ties and the sunny vibes. The bass-driven a-side is the one, but the flip from Sandra Sa is a special kind of sentimental soul sound.
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Morro Do Barraco Sem Agua (reissue)
Morro Do Barraco Sem Agua (reissue) (limited green vinyl 7")
Cat: MRB 7181G. Rel: 09 Apr 21
Morro Do Barraco Sem Agua (2:53)
Retrato Da Vida (3:32)
 in stock $15.61
Leao Leonardo
Leao Leonardo (7" in die-cut sleeve)
Cat: SC 727. Rel: 16 Nov 23
Leao Leonardo (3:12)
Guajiru (2:55)
 in stock $12.17
Bahia Fantastica
Bahia Fantastica (LP + insert)
Cat: GGLP 021. Rel: 01 Feb 23
Cinco Doces (2:36)
Princesa Do Mar (3:03)
Ribeirao (3:37)
Beco (3:42)
Morte Na Bahia (1:43)
Sete Vela (4:30)
Aninha (2:46)
Jardim Japao (4:55)
General Geral (7:07)
Elias (4:22)
Capitao (1:42)
Sou De Salvador (3:03)
 in stock $23.55
Nossa Imaginacao
Nossa Imaginacao (180 gram vinyl LP with obi-strip)
Cat: MAR 053. Rel: 02 Feb 22
Nao Quero Mais (2:10)
Num Paraiso (3:35)
Curtindo O Silencio (2:54)
Nossa Imaginacao (2:40)
Menina Mulher (3:22)
Amor Informal (2:50)
Todos Os Caminhos (1:45)
Tudo Novamente (2:36)
Brenda (3:01)
Saber Viver (2:50)
Renascendo Em Mim (2:29)
Pensando Nela (3:34)
Review: Don Beto was born in Uruguay and became one of the most forerunners of Soul Music in Brazil in 1979, he recorded "Nossa Imaginacao" LP wich featured arrangements by the legendary producer Lincoln Olivetti, and where we can listen to classics such as "No quero Mais", "Tudo again" and "Renascendo em mim". This album was awarded the Golden Globe in 1979.
Don Betto's "Nossa Imaginacao" attracts not only Brazilian Music Fans but also Soul, AOR.
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Saci Perere (reissue)
Saci Perere (reissue) (limited 180 gram audiophile yellow vinyl LP)
Cat: MOVLP 3684C. Rel: 04 Jun 24
Saci Perere (3:44)
Miss Cheryl (3:48)
Melissa (3:30)
De Onde Vem (3:30)
Subindo O Morro (3:14)
Amor Natural (4:04)
Profissionalismo E Isso Ai (3:33)
Broto Sexy (3:52)
Tem Que Ser Agora (3:27)
Zumbi (2:36)
Review: Saci Perere by Banda Black Rio is a Brazilian jazz-funk masterpiece that deserves a rediscovery this summer. Pioneers of the soul-funk movement in Brazil, Banda Black Rio, led by saxophonist Oberdan Magalhaes, effortlessly blend samba, jazz, and Brazilian rhythms, evoking comparisons to other strong 70s bands. This reissue satisfies the demand for the rare original album, delivering a protest-triumphant mix of mellow, tropical, and uplifting melodies. Tracks like 'Miss Cheryl' epitomize the album's infectious energy, with its soulful groove captivating London dancefloors in the 80s. Saci Perere is a must-listen for fans of Brazilian jazz-funk, offering a melodic, playful, and atmospheric journey that is both nostalgic and timeless. It's a love letter to the lush sounds of Brazilian music, guaranteed to get more fans as more people hear this phenomenal album.
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Tim Maia (reissue)
Tim Maia (reissue) (limited apple red & brown vinyl LP)
Cat: MRBLP 178R. Rel: 21 Jul 23
Pense Menos
Sem Voce
Verao Carioca
Feito Para Dancar
E Necessario
Leva O Meu Blue
Venha Dormir Em Casa
Musica Para Betinha
Nao Esquente A Cabeca
Ride Twist & Roll
Flores Belas (instrumental)
Let It All Hang Out
Review: Brazilian funk and MPB master Tim Maia was brilliant at making music, but less good at coming up with titles for his many great albums. Plenty of them come under his own name - often suffixed by a year - and in all there were 30 albums right up to the year he died in 1998. This self-titled one Mr Bongo is now reissuing on limited apple red and brown vinyl. It packs a real punch and exudes real heat across 12 tracks that fuse his sung-spoken lyrics and funky rhythms with sunny strings and jazzy melodies. Slower songs like 'Sem Voce' are for the romancing hours while plenty of others are pure dancers.
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Black Soul Brothers
Black Soul Brothers (green vinyl LP + insert limited to 100 copies)
Cat: GROO 057G. Rel: 22 Mar 24
Cinco Anos (4:51)
Pedacos (4:04)
Mister Funk (5:24)
Flaca Louca (1:46)
Black Soul Brother (2:53)
Lua Cheia (4:38)
Pode Se Queimar (4:12)
Fabrica De Papeis (3:59)
Review: Miguel De Deus's Black Soul Brothers album orientates from 1977 and its status amongst hardcore record nerds has not diminished over time. It's a hard-to-find and much sought-after original that now gets a very limited reissue on green vinyl via Groovie out of Portugal. The family of De Deus has been involved and contributed by supplying a stunning collection of photos for the inner sleeve. The album embodies the soulful essence of the era in which De Deus was at the forefront of the vibrant Afro-funk movement. He led it alongside a cadre of "heavy" musicians during the era of burgeoning Black Power scenes and cooked up a dynamic fusion of raw rock-funk-psychedelic-tropicalia, embodying the spirit of cultural rebellion and musical innovation at the same time.
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To De Saco Cheio
Cat: 0039 0009. Rel: 01 Jan 90
To De Saco Cheio (4:17)
To De Saco Cheio (instrumental) (4:18)
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Cat: UR 840532. Rel: 09 Feb 23
Cantar Cantar
Seu Carnaval
Por Um Amor
Vai Te Curar
Sete Ventos
Menina Me Encanta
Mar De Estrelas
 in stock $12.97
As Palavras Vol 1 & 2
As Palavras Vol 1 & 2 (gatefold 2xLP + poster)
Cat: MRBLP 306. Rel: 02 May 24
Forro Violento (instrumental) (2:00)
Grao De Areia (feat Xande De Pilares) (3:38)
Nao Vou Reclamar De Deus (2:51)
Toda Beleza (feat Bala Desejo) (2:53)
Putaria (feat BK & Gabriel Do Boral E MC Carol) (3:12)
Rubelia (feat Deepkapz) (2:09)
Posso Dizer (3:54)
Vinheta As Palavras (I) (1:17)
As Palavras (feat Tim Bernardes) (3:09)
Forro Violento (1:57)
Torto Arado (feat Liniker E Luedji Luna) (4:04)
Lua De Garrafa (feat Milton Nascimento) (2:25)
Na Mao Do Palhaco (2:56)
Doutor Albieri (2:03)
Samba De Amanda E Te (2:20)
Amor De Mae (3:37)
Vinheta As Palavras (II) (1:57)
Assum Preto (feat Dora Morelenbaum) (2:07)
Forro No Escuro (1:41)
Toda Beleza (Pelos Loirinhos) (3:26)
 in stock $24.87
Som Sangue E Raca (reissue)
Som Sangue E Raca (reissue) (limited 180 gram audiophile translucent red vinyl LP)
Cat: MOVLP 3687C. Rel: 09 Jul 24
Uma Vida
Hei! Voce
Som, Sangue E Raca
Tema Pro Gaguinho
O Rio
Number One
Folia De Reis
Moeda, Reza E Cor
Samba Do Malandrinho
Tio Macro
Review: A pivotal figure in the early 1970s MPB scene, Salvador was not only a highly regarded sessionist and composer but also a band leader. His 1971 album is a vibrant mix of bossa nova, samba, funk, and carioca styles, infused with raw energy. Original copies of this influential fourth album often fetch around $200 due to its eclectic range. From the lively opener 'Uma Vida' to the Beatles-esque narrative of 'O Rio' and the orchestral boogaloo of 'Number One', the album showcases Salvador at the height of his fusionist creativity and musical prowess.
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Saci Perere (reissue)
Cat: MOCCD 14418. Rel: 04 Jun 24
Saci Perere
Miss Cheryl
De Onde Vem
Subindo O Morro
Amor Natural
Profissionalismo E Isso Ai
Broto Sexy
Tem Que Ser Agora
Review: By the time they released Saci Perere in 1980, carioca outfit Banda Black Rio were amongst Brazil's biggest dance music stars - an outfit whose blends of samba, jazz, disco, funk and MPB moved the heart and feet of the country's dancers. The set remains a timeless Brazilian classic - hence this much-deserved CD reissue. Highlights come thick and fast throughout, from the leisurely sundown headiness of 'Saci Perere', and horn-heavy jauntiness of 'Melissa', to the funky samba-jazz fusion of 'Subindo O Morro', synth-laden downtempo sunshine of 'Amor Natural' and the atmospheric Latin disco-funk of 'Broto Sexy'. An album that should be in every Brazilian music fan's collection.
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