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Silver Box (9xCD box set + hand-numbered insert in wooden box limited to 184 copies)
Cat: USHI 013. Rel: 05 Mar 20
  1. Necro-sintesi: Segni Tanatologici Certi (part 1-3)
  2. Necro-sintesi: Process Ov Death
  3. Necro-sintesi: Necro-sintesi
  4. Necrophiliac Experience: Macabro Orgasmo
  5. Necrophiliac Experience 1
  6. Necrophiliac Experience 2 (part 1)
  7. Necrophiliac Experience 2 (part 2)
  8. Necrophiliac Experience 3
  9. Necrophiliac Experience 4
  10. Basic Autopsy Procedure: Sektion 1
  11. Basic Autopsy Procedure: Sektion 2
  12. Basic Autopsy Procedure: Sektion 3
  13. Basic Autopsy Procedure: Sektion 4
  14. Basic Autopsy Procedure: Sektion 5
  15. New York Ripper: Sick Mind In NY (intro)
  16. New York Ripper: Into Your Guts
  17. New York Ripper: Hunting For Bitches
  18. New York Ripper: Ultimate Pleasure
  19. New York Ripper: Twistedblood
  20. New York Ripper: Childfucker
  21. New York Ripper: Gein's Lunch
  22. New York Ripper (Theme)
  23. Black Slaughter (intro)
  24. Black Slaughter: The Mind Of A Killer
  25. Black Slaughter: Nekroskopik Examination
  26. Black Slaughter: Morte
  27. Black Slaughter: In Dahmer's Apartament
  28. Black Slaughter: Necrosadism
  29. Black Slaughter: Death For Company
  30. Black Slaughter (reprise)
  31. Lesion 22: Dead Perfection (version 2)
  32. Lesion 22: Cold Pleasure I
  33. Lesion 22: Cold Pleasure II
  34. Lesion 22: Border
  35. Lesion 22: Painless
  36. Lesion 22: Lost Control
  37. Lesion 22: Nervestrain
  38. Lesion 22: She Was So Beautiful Dead
  39. Lesion 22: No-End Torture
  40. Lesion 22: Electrocution
  41. Lesion 22: Penetrate
  42. Spasmosynthetics: Once More
  43. Spasmosynthetics: A Quiet Night Of Murder
  44. Spasmosynthetics: Symphonie Morgue # 12
  45. Spasmosynthetics: I've No Idea What I'm Going To Do
  46. Cut My Throat: Before
  47. Cut My Throat: I Cut Yours
  48. Homicidal Texture: Homicidal Texture
  49. Homicidal Texture: Exciting Aberrations
  50. Homicidal Texture: Disturbed
  51. Homicidal Texture: Dead Eyes Watching Me
  52. In Search Of Death: Intro (The Next Door)
  53. In Search Of Death: Lonely
  54. In Search Of Death: RapeTime
  55. In Search Of Death: In Search Of Death
  56. In Search Of Death: Vaginal Speculum
  57. In Search Of Death: Gein Blessed
  58. In Search Of Death: Death Come
  59. In Search Of Death: Necrolessia
  60. In Search Of Death: MurderBeat
  61. Exterminate: Gas Chamber For Humanity
  62. Exterminate: No Remorse
  63. Exterminate: Ready To Die
  64. Esthetik Of A Corpse: Esthetik Of A Corpse
  65. Esthetik Of A Corpse: Talkin' To A Decapitated Head
  66. Esthetik Of A Corpse: Post Mortem Attack
  67. Esthetik Of A Corpse: Necroactivity 2
  68. Esthetik Of A Corpse: Talkin' To A Decapitated Head 2
  69. Esthetik Of A Corpse: Sex Organs In Formaldeide
  70. Esthetik Of A Corpse: Dr Rosenberg Report
  71. Esthetik Of A Corpse: Bloodbath For My Cock
  72. Esthetik Of A Corpse: Dedicated To Karen G
  73. Esthetik Of A Corpse: Dissektion
  74. Esthetik Of A Corpse: Negative Forces
  75. Esthetik Of A Corpse: SX Eyeball In Her Mouth
  76. Esthetik Of A Corpse: (...)
  77. Esthetik Of A Corpse: Last Orgasm Before Death
  78. Catch My Agony: The Order Of Death
  79. Catch My Agony: Confession
  80. Collection In Formaldeide: Meditation For Homicide
  81. Collection In Formaldeide: Formaldeide
  82. Collection In Formaldeide: Tetramixina
  83. Collection In Formaldeide: Necroactivity
  84. Collection In Formaldeide: Trauma Post-Operatorio
  85. Collection In Formaldeide: Monochrome Man
  86. Collection In Formaldeide: Knife Wounds
  87. Collection In Formaldeide: Aseptic Room
  88. Collection In Formaldeide: Asphrenix Coadiuvante
  89. Collection In Formaldeide: Sintetic Murder
  90. Collection In Formaldeide: Bloodfucker Maniac
  91. Collection In Formaldeide: Paraphilia
  92. Collection In Formaldeide: Needles Obsession
  93. Collection In Formaldeide: Infection (part 1)
  94. Collection In Formaldeide: Infection (part 2)
  95. Mechanic Asphyxia: Plastic Bags
  96. Mechanic Asphyxia: What I Have (Nothing)
  97. Mechanic Asphyxia: Mechanism Of D
  98. Mechanic Asphyxia: Playing With My Corpse
  99. Death-Orgasm Connector: I Kill Sex (Again)
  100. Death-Orgasm Connector: Inside Your Body
  101. Death-Orgasm Connector: Just-a-toy
  102. Death-Orgasm Connector: Wish Nothing
  103. Death-Orgasm Connector: Death-Orgasm Connector
  104. Death-Orgasm Connector: A Nasty Trick
  105. Death-Orgasm Connector: Inside
  106. Death-Orga
Review: Due to the sheer volume of work he built up during his lifetine, there have already been multiple box sets looking back on the career of the late, great industrial and noise maverick Marco Corbelli AKA Atrax Morgue. By our count, "The Silver Box" is the fifth such collection in as many years, though it's undoubtedly the most expansive yet. The wooden box contains no less than nine CDs covering 20 of Corbelli's most sought-after releases, many of which originally appeared on ultra-limited tapes in the 1990s. For fans of extreme noise, minimalist electronic experimentation (Corbelli famously used a very limited amount of equipment in his work) and ear-bleeding sonic movements, it's undoubtedly a must-have item.
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Kollaps (LP)
Cat: LP EINSTKOLL. Rel: 28 Jan 10
  1. Kollaps
  2. Sehnsucht
  3. Vorm Kreig
  4. Hirnsage
  5. Abtieg & Zerfall
  6. Helga
  7. Tanz Debil
  8. Steh Auf Berlin
  9. Negativ Nein
  10. U-Haft Muzak
  11. Draussen Ist Feindlich
  12. Horen Mit Schmerzen
  13. Jet'm
Gespielt von: Snuffo
 in stock $22.43
Cat: KUMP 2. Rel: 19 Jun 18
  1. Illicite Cong (7:19)
  2. French Dudu (5:54)
  3. Exit (5:08)
  4. Illicite Cong (Front De Cadeaux remix) (7:16)
  5. Exit (Kris Baha remix) (8:29)
Review: Lyon's Julien Viallet, only recently baptised under the HLM38 moniker, lands with his debut EP for France's KUMP label, making it the imprint's second EP to date. Representative of the cultural shift that has taken France over nowadays, "Illicite Song" is a wonderfully dextrous blend of Eastern chimes and slow, meandering beat music that only subtly references techno or house. "French Dudu" is a little more tech-friendly, albeit grounded in the same form of percussive experimentation, while "Exit" references the sounds of bands like Throbbing Gristle, spewing industrial oddities from every orifice. Remixes come from Front De Cadeaux and Kris Baha, respectively, dropping yet more additive rhythms to the collection. Recommended!
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VOOO (12")
Cat: MORD 067. Rel: 27 Mar 20
  1. VOOO (5:37)
  2. OPPP (6:04)
  3. POPP (5:54)
  4. VVOV (6:00)
Gespielt von: CHIRAYA, Mark Forshaw, Kessell
 in stock $10.55
  1. Dit & Uta - "Science Fiction Park BRD"
  2. ZSKA - "La Surete Nr 3"
  3. Neros Tanzende Elektropapste - "Der Singende Lenorhaushalt"
  4. Kleines Schwingvergnugen - "10 Jahre Frauenbewegung"
  5. Das Gluck - "Die Bombe"
  6. Andy Giorbino - "Stadt Der Kinder"
  7. Plastiktanz - "Chord Invasions"
  8. Chbb - "Ima Iki Mashoo"
  9. Eisenhuer - "Insekten"
  10. Holger Hiller - "Ja Nein"
  11. Wat?Sanitar! - "Except Me & My Monkey"
  12. Cinema Verite - "Starres Weiss"
  13. Cinema Verite - "Die Zone"
  14. Lustige Mutanten - "Missgeburten"
  15. Pyrolator - "Vati Es Brennt"
  16. X2 - "Das Bild"
  17. Twist Noir - "Enemies"
  18. Grune Rosen - "Jungle"
  19. Pierre Godot - "Petra Im Spanischen Garten"
  20. Anadolu Bayramlari - "Titremek Ve Terlemek"
  21. Co-Mix - "Revol Rules OK"
  22. Diet - "Abbelstiel"
  23. Plastiktanz - "Pelikan"
  24. Grune Rosen - "Do You Feel The Love Inside Me?"
  25. Frank Shroder - "Ohne Titel (1983-18)"
Gespielt von: Thread London
 in stock $27.40
  1. Jon The Baptist - "Hear No Evil" (4:21)
  2. Maahrt - "Davardage" (5:34)
  3. Stove - "Chief Of Nine Sisters" (6:45)
  4. Yssue - "Doesn't Mean Alive" (5:30)
  5. Yaws - "Avantex" (5:16)
Review: KUMP's second multi-artist extravaganza - the Lyon-based label's first such exercise for two years -brings together tracks from a quintet of eccentric experimentalists. Clanking, horror-inspired creepiness is provided from the start via Jon The Baptist's lolloping "Hear No Evil", while those looking for some chugging, mid-tempo dancefloor sleaze should make a beeline for Maahrt's "Davardage". Elsewhere, Stove's "Chief of Nine Sisters" is an industrialist's take on tropical music with a suitably pagan twist, and Yssue and Yaws' contributions both sound like contemporary re-inventions of Nitzer Ebb style electronic body music (albeit with a touch more inherent looseness).
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Transparent (gatefold 2xLP + MP3 download code + booklet)
Cat: CSR 230 LP. Rel: 13 Feb 17
  1. Zos Kia - "Sicktone" (5:38)
  2. Zos Kia - "Baptism Of Fire" (4:59)
  3. Zos Kia - "Violation" (5:23)
  4. Zos Kia - "Poisons" (3:25)
  5. Zos Kia - "Truth" (5:39)
  6. Zos Kia/Coil - "Sewn Open" (5:44)
  7. Zos Kia/Coil - "Sicktone" (1:21)
  8. Zos Kia/Coil - "Silence & Secrecy" (Section) (4:52)
  9. Zos Kia/Coil - "Truth" (version) (5:32)
  10. Zos Kia/Coil - "Stealing The Words" (4:21)
  11. Zos Kia/Coil - "On Balance" (4:39)
  12. Ake - "No Mas" (bonus track) (4:33)
  13. Ake - "Rape" (live At Equinox, June 21, 1983 - bonus track) (5:25)
Review: Where do we even start with the Cold Spring label? The UK institution has been putting out any music that's remotely related to the industrial domain for over twenty years, and they have featured some pretty legendary names on the label. Names like Psychic TV, Merzbow, Genesis P-Orridge and Skullflower, among many others, and have even mashed that up with visionary legends like Sun Ra. They've got a pretty special line-up this time with Zos Kia, Coil, and Ake all appearing on the same LP. Enough said, brothers and sisters. John Gosling might be the only remaining member of legendary 80s industrial outfit Zos Kia, but it's clear from the sounds of his first five segments that he's still operating with exactly the same menace and dexterity behind the mixing board; this is your thing if you're into bizarre noise infusions and gnarly power electronics. The man teams up with legendary band Coil, spear-headed by ex-Psychic TV member John Balance, and together they offer some pretty foreboding noise-rock cross-overs. Ake's final two tracks tie things off with a devilish twist of tooled-up field recordings that give the term 'bleak' a new meaning. A special release. Don't miss this.
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