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King Of The Beats
King Of The Beats (7" limited to 300 copies)
Cat: TIC 011. Rel: 21 Feb 24
King Of The Beats (45 edit) (5:22)
Get Stupid Fresh (part 1) (3:53)
Review: Mantronix declared themselves 'King of The Beats' back in 1988 and managed to live up to the title across a fine career. The tune is of course widely credited with being the first track to ever sample the amen break so many art forms owe it a real debt of gratitude. Its blend of old school hip-hop, electro and club music is topped off with rapper MC Tee in fine form. This reissue on Lil Static comes in limited quantities and is backed with 'Get Stupid Fresh' (part 1), another classic joint from back in the day.
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Gespielt von: The Allergies, Voodoocuts
 in stock $13.47
Kickin' Kutz Vol 1
Cat: KK 701. Rel: 20 Feb 24
Players Anthem (4:07)
Make Money (3:52)
Review: Junior Mafia consisted of Lil' Cease, Chico, Nino Brown, Larceny, Trife, MC Klepto, and Lil' Kim and hailed from Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn, New York. Kickin records collects their two biggest hits and includes them on one 7". These two classics of New York hip-hop are guideposts for the history of the genre. Both of them feature the legend Notorious BIG himself. On side one you have the worldwide hit 'Players Anthem' then on side two there is the equally as large 'Get Money'. You could not escape these tracks in 1995. Hip-hop royalty!
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 in stock $14.78
Dusty Donuts Volume 3 (reissue)
Cat: DD 003JIMRE. Rel: 11 Jan 24
Rubber Band (Jim Sharp edit) (3:55)
The Light (Jim Sharp edit) (4:12)
Review: The Dust Donuts crew return with a reissue of another delicious 7"s of perfectly aged funk and hip hop sounds. Canadian-born, London-based DJ Jim Sharp was at the controls for this third volume and first up his edits 'Rubber Band.' It has big woodblock hits and brash horn leads with a percolating rhythm that rises and falls in dramatic and emotive fashion. The flip is an edit of a classic hip hop Joint, 'The Light', with the aching original vocal left in place next to lush piano chords and dusty golden era beats.
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 in stock $14.78
Dopest Verse
Dopest Verse (7" limited to 300 copies)
Cat: BBC 005. Rel: 20 Feb 24
Dopest Verse
Da Whole Kit & Kaboodle
Review: The good work of the small but already mighty Boom Bap Classics label continues here as it introduces another iconic pair of 90s gem that are now available on 45 rom for the first time ever. And those gems are Mad Kap's 'Dopest Verse' and 'Da Whole Kit & Kaboodle' which are both taken from his 1992 debut album which itself remains a timeless classic. The A-side is a lovely one with several MCs at work at once next to some mad scratching, and the flip is more raw and funky. Limited to just 300 copies, this release is a must-have for collectors and fans old and new alike.
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 in stock $14.78
They Reminisce Over You (Altered Tapes remix) (reissue)
Cat: HR 002BLUE. Rel: 22 Feb 24
Pete Rock & CL Smooth - "They Reminisce Over You" (Altered Tapes remix)
Pete Rock & CL Smooth - "They Reminisce Over You" (Altered Tapes remix instrumental)
Review: Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth are a big part of the history in hip-hop during the early 90s. Hailing from Mount Vernon, New York they released two classic albums and a handful of singles to great success. A regular selection on the very influential MTV Yo-Raps show they quickly gained notoriety for Pete Rock's use of obscure soul and jazz records. Here we have the reissue of the 2017 release that brings their most popular track to the masses once again. 'They Reminisce Over You (T.R.O.Y.)' blew them up big and was their highest charting record. This 7" features the Altered Tapes remix along with the instrumental on the second side. You would be hard pressed to find another track that is the epitome of the New York hip-hop sound in 1992 then this mega-hit.
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 in stock $23.50
Popular (7")
Cat: KK 010. Rel: 14 Feb 24
Popular (feat Madonna & Playboi Carti - explicit edit) (3:58)
Starboy (feat Daft Punk) (4:07)
Review: American superstar The Weeknd really went big with the guests on 'Popular', his dynamic r&b and pop hit from 2011, by enlisting none other than Madonna and Playboy Carti. As a breakout hit from his mixtape era, it showcases his seductive charm and magnetic presence, drawing listeners into his world of late-night escapades and hedonistic pleasures with infectious beats and smooth vocals that exude confidence and swagger and set the stage for his meteoric rise to fame and influence in the years to come. Flip it over and on the back of this Kiss Classics 7" you will find the equally effective 'Starboy' featuring Daft Punk.
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 in stock $12.14
Iko (Never Felt This Way)
Cat: M 45005. Rel: 01 Feb 24
Double A - "Iko (Never Felt This Way)" (4:18)
Jim Sharp - "Tell Me What To Do" (3:37)
Review: Jim Sharp presents his sophomore Mountain 45s release, following up the absolute banger of a debut, 'Westchester Eagle'. Coming full circle, we hear Sharp team back up with fellow producer Double A here; on the A we've got the latter's 'Iko (Never Felt This Way)', a fearless cross-section of big beat, Latin funk and sampled West African refrains, while Sharp helms up the B-side this time around, with a full-horseshoe'd rerub of an (ashamedly on our part) unknown funk delight.
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 in stock $14.78
Aaliyah (gatefold 2xLP)
Cat: ERE 674. Rel: 01 Jan 90
We Need A Resolution (feat Timbaland) (4:00)
Loose Rap (feat Static) (3:46)
Rock The Boat (4:37)
More Than A Woman (3:49)
Never No More (3:56)
I Care 4 U (4:28)
Extra Smooth (3:50)
Read Between The Lines (4:11)
U Got Nerve (3:39)
I Refuse (5:42)
It's Whatever (4:03)
I Can Be (3:00)
Those Were The Days (3:23)
What if (4:09)
Try Again (4:44)
Review: There was a big fuss made when Aaliyah's music finally made it to streaming services late last year, which shows just how in demand it remains over a quarter of a century after it first hit record stores. Her self titled long player was an early and frankly just about unbeatable blueprint for r&b that has more than stood the test of time. With guests posts from Static From Playa and Timbaland she opened up on all manner of subjects from rejection to love, personal anxiety to better times. The slick production still sounds fresh, as does the timeless vocal work.
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 in stock $29.83
Blonde (Deluxe Edition)
Blonde (Deluxe Edition) (limited 180 gram marbled vinyl 2xLP)
Cat: B 01KRKL6R8LPDELUXE. Rel: 16 Jul 21
Nikes (feat Kohh - extended Magazine version) (6:07)
Ivy (3:47)
Pink + White (3:11)
Be Yourself (1:21)
Solo (4:25)
Skyline To (3:07)
Self Control (4:03)
Good Guy (1:01)
Nights (5:08)
Solo (reprise) (1:09)
Pretty Sweet (2:42)
Facebook Story (1:14)
Close To You (1:24)
White Ferrari (3:59)
Seigfried (5:32)
Godspeed (2:56)
Mitsubishi Sony (bonus track) (2:54)
Chanel (feat A$AP Rocky - bonus track) (9:32)
Biking (feat Jay Z & Tyler, The Creator - bonus track) (4:46)
Futura Free (4:09)
 in stock $29.31
Series: 1$ Bin Breaks
Odetta - "Sakura" (2:04)
Oliver Sain - "On The Hill" (2:25)
Milt Jackson With The Ray Brown Big Band - "Enchanted Lady" (2:05)
Annette Peacock - "Survival" (1:41)
The Originals - "Sunrise" (1:36)
Isaac Hayes - "A Few More Kisses To Go" (1:23)
Les McCann - "Go On & Cry" (1:27)
Review: The Galaxy Sound Co US is now up to number 41 in their buy-on-sight 'Series: 1$ Bin Breaks'. It's another vital 45 rpm that packs a lot in with plenty of epic sound sources that you will recognise and love from some of your favourite hip-hop joints. Artists like Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth, Puff Daddy, De La Soul, Ghostface Killah, J Dilla, Redman and Alicia Keys have called upon the sounds you will hear here from original artists like Odessa, Milt Jackson With The Ray Brown Big Band, Issac Hayes and many more. File this one under essential breaks, library sounds and jazz nuggets.
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Gespielt von: Gu / Our Label Records
 in stock $12.41
One Question
Cat: RSR 002. Rel: 15 Feb 24
One Question (feat SLIMKID3) (3:24)
One Question (feat SLIMKID3 - Jim Sharp remix) (3:07)
Review: This all-star collaboration features SlimKid3 from Pharcyde, Hamburg DJ and producer Schmiddlfinga as well as DMC Champion DJ Robert Smith. The uplifting party track 'One Question' is result of their talents. This jam gives off a classic 90s sound with the sampling, scratching and production. All three members work in harmony to create an amazing jam for the summer. If this gets in the right hands, expect it to blow up. Jim Sharp on the remix offers a great alternative version that hits just as hard. This 7" packs a punch for the hip-hop heads!
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 in stock $14.78
Empire State Of Mind (reissue)
Empire State Of Mind (reissue) (7" limited to 200 copies)
Cat: TIC 007 RE. Rel: 21 Feb 24
Empire State Of Mind (4:38)
99 Problems (3:58)
Review: Lil Static reissues two classic Jay-Z tracks on one 7". Many consider Jay-Z one of the best rappers of all time. Hailing from Brooklyn, New York, Jay-Z paid his dues starting in the late 80s through the early 90s on various industry tracks and seen in many hip-hop videos. 'Empire State Of Mind' and '99 Problems' both went beyond platinum to establish Jay-Z as one of the top rap stars in the world. To have both of these tracks on one 7" is like carrying a matchbook in one hand and some matchsticks in the other...you are bound to start a fire!
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 in stock $13.47
Honey (reissue)
Honey (reissue) (hand-stamped 1-sided yellow vinyl 12")
Cat: GUHONEY YELLOW. Rel: 15 Feb 24
Honey (Glenn Underground remix) (8:50)
Review: The queen of neo-soul Erykah Badu and the king of Chicago house music Glenn Underground together on one 12" was always going to be special. And so it proved back in 2010 when the latter edited the former's 'Honey.' It sold out in super quick time but now gets a cheeky one-sided hand-stamped reissue on yellow wax having previously fetched up to a hundred quid on second-hand markets. It is eight minutes of shimmering deep house with sustained pads and Badu's evocative vocals lighting up the beats in a sensual fashion.
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 in stock $16.89
Eastside Edits 006
Cat: ESE 006. Rel: 25 Jan 24
Here's My Name (3:35)
Heard It Through Creedence (4:02)
Review: For their sixth addition to the Eastside Edits series, Ontarian hip-hop editors (and here, total reconstructors) Suckaside drop two new versions down the chimney for Christmas. As ever, the cat-and-mouse game of original-track discovery is up; this time, we hear new takes on Snoop Dogg's 'What's My Name' (here reincarnated as 'Heres My Name') and Creedence Clearwater Revival's 'I Heard It Through The Grapevine' (here, 'Heard It Through Creedence'). Both are stereo-centred and bass-bolstered, with new big beats and slick instrumental varnishings providing ample extra headroom for ever-rejuvenative dancefloor goings-on.
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Gespielt von: The Allergies
 in stock $16.64
BSL Braziliiance
Cat: PTF 011. Rel: 15 Feb 24
BSL Braziliiance (4:11)
Braziliiance Bonus Beats (3:24)
Review: A full quarter of a century ago now, Rawls made musical magic with the legends that are Mos Def aka Yasiin Bey and Talib Kweli, hip hop dons in their own right but also known collectively as Black Star. That was on the top tune 'Brown Skin Lady' and now 25 years on Rawls has gone back to revisit the original session sounds. He has sampled them and given them a fresh breath of air as well as reworking the beats, this time very much for the dance floor, and with plenty of Brazilian flavour. On the flip, you also get a flame-hot instrumental 'Braziliiance Bonus Beats'.

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 in stock $17.69
Fantastic Volume II: Instrumentals
Fantastic Volume II: Instrumentals (coloured vinyl 2xLP (comes on different coloured vinyl, we cannot guarantee which colour you will receive))
Cat: NMG 5780LP. Rel: 21 Feb 24
Intro (1:14)
Conant Gardens (2:57)
I Don’t Know (2:29)
Jealousy (3:23)
Climax (3:20)
Hold Tight (3:02)
Tell Me (3:53)
What It’s All About (1:50)
Fourth & Back (4:02)
Track 10 (3:06)
Fall In Love (3:09)
Get Dis Money (3:24)
Raise It Up (3:09)
Once Upon A Time (3:33)
Players (3:05)
Eyes Up (4:25)
2U4U (2:34)
CB4 (3:20)
Go Ladies (4:03)
Fall In Love (remix) (2:54)
Review: Slum Village's brilliant Fantastic Volume II: Instrumentals is a direct trip into the heart of Detroit's underground hip-hop scene. Originally released in 2000, this instrumental version of their acclaimed album strips away the vocals, allowing the soulful beats to shine in their purest form. Produced by the legendary J Dilla alongside contributions from Baatin and T3, the album's production is a masterclass in sample-based hip-hop, blending jazz, soul and funk influences with innovative drum programming. Each track is a sonic tapestry, filled with lush melodies, gritty textures, and hypnotic rhythms that showcase Slum Village's pioneering sound and Dilla's unparalleled production prowess.
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Gespielt von: Lexx
 in stock $32.22
Amy EP Vol 2
Cat: AMY 002. Rel: 13 Feb 24
Rehab (feat Pharoah Monch) (3:35)
Cupid (3:45)
Review: The still very sorely missed queen of UK soul makes a posthumous yet triumphant return here in the form of a new hip-hop collaboration with Pharoah Monch. Her original vocals and the sultry sax sounds from her gem 'Rehab' are rewired with fast-paced new bars from Monch. Flip over this limited edition 7" and you will find a sweet reggae sound on 'Cupid' with its rocksteady rhythms and Winehouse's heartfelt and beautifully raw vocals making for a perfect sun-kissed and horizontal rhythm all about love.
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 in stock $16.64
Bigger Than Jamrock
Bigger Than Jamrock (7" Nachpressung)
Cat: MC 004. Rel: 08 Jan 24
Bigger Than Jamrock (3:54)
Sleng Hop (3:39)
Review: An eagerly awaited repress of DJ Shepdog's 2006 mashup of Damian Marley's 'Welcome To Jamrock' with Dead Prez's 'It's Bigger Than Hip Hop', effortlessly juxtaposing one of contemporary dancehall's most iconic vocals with undeniably one of the fattest basslines ever laid. This iconic pairing is flanked by ultra fun cut 'Sleng Hop' uniting the original Dead Prez acapella with another of the world's most famous basslines- Prince Jammy's Casiotone MT-40 'rock & roll' rhythm... You do the math!
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 in stock $16.37
Jurassic 5
Cat: PAN 015LP. Rel: 30 May 98
In The Flesh
Quality Control (part II)
Lesson 6: The Lecture
Concrete Schoolyard
Action Satisfaction
Sausage Gut
Blacktop Beat
Witout A Doubt
Lesson 6: Reprise
Action Satisfaction (dub)
 in stock $20.06
On Purpose With Purpose
On Purpose With Purpose (2xLP + insert)
Cat: 505419 7753404. Rel: 22 Feb 24
Intro (4:07)
Mount Rushmore (feat Kano & Wretch 32) (4:47)
Double Standards (feat Sampha) (5:01)
Anakin (Red Saber) (3:28)
Blood On My Hands (feat Unknown T) (3:22)
Redrum (feat INFAMOUSIZAK) (3:40)
Laps (feat Moonchild Sanelly) (3:46)
Twin Sisters (feat Skrapz) (3:31)
Mine (feat Shakka) (2:33)
More Than I Required (interlude) (1:20)
Hallelujah (feat Dexta Daps) (3:01)
Gbedu (feat Harry Aye) (3:25)
Tumbi (2:45)
Blessings (feat Muzi) (3:53)
Grateful (interlude) (1:41)
Street Politics (feat Tiggs Da Author) (3:43)
Jonah's Safety (feat Pip Millett) (4:19)
Expiry Date (outro) (4:38)
Review: Ghetts presents a new album, On Purpose, With Purpose, which follows 2021's epic Conflict Of Interest and continues the ongoing artistic evolution of one of the UK's foremost rappers. Ghetts returns sounding sharper, more unflinchingly honest and boldly confident than ever before, expanding his sonic palette by reaching out beyond rap and incorporating wider genre elements such as soul ('Double Standards'), r&b ('Mine'), gospel ('Hallelujah'), Afrobeat and amapiano ('Gbedu', 'Blessings', 'Tumbi'). With every contemporary stylistic box ticked, Ghetts' purpose is made abundantly clear: to please.
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 in stock $38.01
Go Go Special
Go Go Special (7" limited to 300 copies)
Cat: DJB 4508. Rel: 29 Jan 24
TF Megamix (4:53)
Sardines Is The Word (4:43)
Review: EDdits master DJ Bacon returns for two of his boxiest yet on the usual 7". Bacon's production style betrays a kind of Buddhist mindfulness, or at least a minimalism, in its approach; all you need is a good beat, ever-so-slightly abstracted from its original context, to arouse the excitations of both mind and body. The fact of not knowing the sample's origin is part of the art; this condition of not knowing fetishises the breakbeat, by partially obfuscating knowledge of where the sample came from. Titles like 'Sardines Is The Word' and 'TF Megamix' are likely coded allusions to these original desiderata, but only the most hardened connoisseurs, a secret club in which Bacon and a select few others surely fraternise, would know exactly which sample sources these are. Thus we have the continued recreation of DJ Bacon as a purveyor of cool; one which enables us to enjoy the slick roundedness of these beats more than we would if the game was given away.
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Gespielt von: The Allergies, Smoove
 in stock $17.16
Episodes Of A Hustla (reissue)
Cat: CM 109LP. Rel: 21 Feb 24
It's On You (1:24)
The Precinct (4:00)
Recognize & Realize (part I) (1:32)
All Pro (2:12)
Infamous Mobb (3:18)
Interrogation (1:07)
Usual Suspect (4:12)
Episodes Of A Hustla (3:54)
Recognize & Realize (part II) (5:00)
I Don't Wanna Love Again (4:19)
Usual Suspect (remix) (5:02)
Recognize & Realize (part III) (3:40)
Review: The East Coast hip-hop scene has many giants and many seminal albums but Big Noyd's Episodes of a Hustla is one of the lesser known works to check out if you anen't already familiar. It is a gritty and raw portrayal of street life in Queensbridge, New York, released in 1996 and capturing the essence of the East Coast scene with its hard-hitting beats and vivid storytelling. Noyd's distinctive voice and uncompromising lyrics paint a vivid picture of survival and struggle in the urban jungle. With production from hip-hop luminaries like DJ Premier and Havoc, the album delivers a potent blend of boom-bap beats and menacing melodies as well as offering a glimpse into the harsh realities of inner-city life.
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 in stock $29.83
Love For The Sake Of Dub
Cat: BCR 163. Rel: 08 Feb 24
Love For The Sake Of Dub (2:51)
Grilled (2:55)
Review: Bacao Rhythm & Steel Band is an enigmatic steel pan collective from Hamburg that has a hardcore fan following around the world and a new album on the way that is superb. They are loved for their covers of hip-hop classics and last year served up a version of the Stranger Things theme tune but this time out we get 'Love For The Sake Of Dub' of 45 rpm. It is another pair of funky tunes with the signature brass sounds front and centre as the fat bottom rhythms roll deep and fleshy. Another gem from this leftfield outfit.
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 in stock $10.04
Divided Conformelution
Divided Conformelution (7" limited to 300 copies)
Cat: AC 005. Rel: 13 Nov 23
Jurasoc 5 vs Booty Haul - "Divided Conformelution" (3:34)
Booty Haul - "Conformstumental" (3:31)
Review: The Alloy Cuts label is back with another sweet 45rpm that collides some of the greats of hip-hop past into two new fusion and mash-up jams designed to do plenty of damage to dancefloors. First up is Jurasoc 5 vs Booty Haul with 'Divided Conformelution' which has some sick low ends and booming kicks overlaid with funky guitar riffs and hard bars. Booty Haul's 'Conformstumental' then appears on the flip side as the original sample source for the a1. It's more physical with the bars stripped away and still has plenty of raw funk.
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Gespielt von: The Allergies, Voodoocuts
Tags: Disco Funk
 in stock $12.66
Blue Lines (reissue)
Cat: 570096 0. Rel: 02 Dec 16
Safe From Harm (5:17)
One Love (4:47)
Blue Lines (4:22)
Be Thankful For What You've Got (4:09)
Five Man Army (6:03)
Unfinished Sympathy (5:01)
Daydreaming (4:20)
Lately (4:22)
Hymn Of The Big Wheel (6:21)
Review: There's a reason that Massive Attack's Blue Lines frequently appears in "greatest albums" lists. To put it simply, it's brilliant, and arguably remains the Bristol-based outfit's finest work to date (though some would argue that the dark and paranoid Mezzanine is possibly better). As this weighty vinyl reissue proves, it's lost none of its hazy, dub-propelled trip-hop charm. All-time classics such as "Unfinished Sympathy", "Safe From Harm" and "Hymn of the Big Wheel" have lost none of their soulful, mood-enhancing brilliance, while lesser celebrated cuts such as "Five Man Army" and "Lately" still sound great despite their vintage.
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! low stock $18.48
Channel Orange
Channel Orange (limited marbled vinyl 2xLP)
Start (0:15)
Thinking About You (3:54)
Fertilizer (0:39)
Sierra Leone (2:31)
Sweet Life (4:24)
Not Just Money (0:55)
Super Rich Kids (feat Earl Sweatshirt) (5:02)
Pilot Jones (3:04)
Crack Rock (3:45)
Pyramids (9:50)
Lost (3:55)
White (feat John Mayer) (1:07)
Monks (3:19)
Bad Religion (2:53)
Pink Matter (4:27)
Forrest Gump (7:06)
End/Golden Girl (feat Tyler, The Creator - bonus track) (4:18)
 in stock $29.31
Yeezus (marbled vinyl LP)
Cat: KANYEYEEZUS 002. Rel: 01 Jan 90
On Sight
Black Skinhead
I Am A God (feat God)
New Slaves
Hold My Liquor
I'm In It
Blood On The Leaves
Guilt Trip
Send It Up
Bound 2
 in stock $25.34
Never Enough
Cat: 551050 6. Rel: 06 Apr 23
Ocho Rios
Toronto 2014
Let Me Go
Do You Like Me?
Buyer’s Remorse
Shot My Baby
Pain Is Inevitable
Vince Van Gogh
 in stock $12.66
Still (clear vinyl LP + booklet (indie exclusive))
Cat: 4AD 0639LPE. Rel: 22 Feb 24
Right This Way (1:44)
Home Alone (3:31)
Lucky (3:23)
The Princess (2:17)
Ice (feat They Hate Change) (2:45)
Test It (2:46)
Ooh (4:04)
Believe It (3:08)
Anxious (2:06)
Ex-Girlfriend (feat Shygirl) (3:26)
Toxic (3:02)
My Day Off (3:35)
Twice (feat Blood Orange) (3:44)
Someone (3:23)
Review: While many of today's biggest and most well-known r&b stars have got in-your-face bars and brash, confrontational personalities, Erika De Casier is a throwback to the quiet bedroom aesthetics of Aaliyah. Her tender, intimate vocal delivers convey power through their emotion as she muses on break ups, inner strength and general life woes. The beats are soft and moonlit with captivating melodies throughout. The Danish star is very much a cult favourite in the underground but this album might well help her break through to the next level.
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 in stock $23.76
Geography (gatefold 2xLP)
Cat: BTG 020LP. Rel: 06 Apr 18
Before Paris (2:25)
Lost In Paris (feat GoldLink) (3:15)
South Of The River (4:09)
Movie (5:52)
Tick Tock (4:10)
It Runs Through Me (feat De La Soul) (4:22)
Isn't She Lovely (1:22)
Disco Yes (feat Poppy Ajudha) (4:35)
Man Like You (4:38)
Water Baby (feat Loyle Carner) (4:31)
You're On My Mind (4:16)
Cos I Love You (4:14)
We've Come So Far (3:48)
 in stock $22.17
Critical Beatdown (Expanded Edition)
Critical Beatdown (Expanded Edition) (limited numbered 180 gram audiophile green vinyl 2xLP + booklet)
Cat: MOVLP 2825G. Rel: 20 Feb 24
Watch Me Now (4:43)
Ease Back (3:27)
Ego Trippin' (5:13)
Moe Luv's Theme (2:15)
Kool Keith Housing Things (3:16)
Traveling At The Speed Of Thought (remix) (1:43)
Feelin' It (3:26)
One Minute Less (1:53)
Ain't It Good To You (3:34)
Funky (remix) (3:29)
Give The Drummer Some (3:43)
Break North (3:18)
Critical Beatdown (3:40)
When I Burn (2:28)
Ced-Gee (Delta Force One) (2:32)
Funky (4:46)
Bait (4:23)
A Chorus Line (5:59)
Traveling At The Speed Of Thought (Hip-Hop club mix) (4:23)
Ego Trippin' (bonus beats) (1:11)
Mentally Mad (5:06)
Review: The debut album for Ultramagnetic MC's Critical Beatdown has continued to get more press over the years as one of the best underground 80s hip-hop albums. The group was most known for launching the career of Kool Keith but also featured the talented Ced Gee, TR Love and Moe Love who completed the early foursome lineup. This newly expanded version released by Music On Vinyl keeps the entire album in tact on the first record while smartly and thankfully, gathers a few of their most heralded other tracks of their earnest beginnings in the form of extended versions. All and all, you have the most complete packages of their early music dedicated to wax. This new expanded version is printed in a limited number of copies and comes on 180g 2x12 green vinyl. As an added bonus, there is a booklet that overviews and contains a lot of great information about this landmark release.
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 in stock $36.17
Crybaby (white vinyl LP)
Cat: LILP 01. Rel: 15 Feb 24
Crybaby (4:19)
Lil Jeep (3:00)
Yesterday (1:53)
Absolute In Doubt (feat Wicca Phase Springs Eternal) (3:40)
Ghost Girl (2:52)
Big City Blues (feat Coldheart) (3:08)
Skyscrapers (Love Now, Cry Later) (1:57)
Nineteen (2:24)
White Tee (feat Lil Tracy) (2:12)
Driveway (2:35)
Review: Late American rapper Lil Peep dropped his fourth mixtape on June 10, 2016, independently, but it was later added to streaming platforms in 2020 posthumously. Now it arrives on white vinyl for the first time thanks to Death Note Music and reminds us what a talent he was. Peep's raw lyricism and distinctive emo-rap style set him apart with haunting melodies and melancholic production. The record delves into themes of loneliness and despair, resonating deeply with listeners navigating the complexities of modern relationships and Peep's poignant delivery and introspective verses capture the essence of youthful anguish with bars that reverberate long after the music fades.
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 in stock $24.82
Watch Out Now
Watch Out Now (7" + MP3 download code)
Cat: HR 017. Rel: 08 Feb 24
Altered Tapes - "Watch Out Now" (Hijackin' For beats remix) (4:03)
Double A - "Tell Me" (So Cold remix) (4:32)
Review: Heat Rock add yet another breaksy heater to their repertoire and, in so doing, welcome two wicked producers from across the pond into their roster; Altered Tapes from Chicago, and Double A from New Zealand. The former stalwart goes in on an infamous flute loop from The Beatnuts, working in phat kicks and sawn-off breakbeats for a pacier, dancier instrumental version. Double A backs this up on the B with, dedicating a prayer and an amen to the same Dirty South classic. A must-have DJ tool for the aspiring breaks-purveyor.
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 in stock $15.58
Soul Powder
Soul Powder (limited 7")
Cat: FF 45026. Rel: 13 Nov 23
Soul Powder (4:11)
Soul Powder (instrumental) (3:01)
Soul Powder - Bonus Cutz (bonus track) (0:39)
Review: FF45 welcomes Smoove back for his third edits release, and this one surely won't disappoint: The Pharcyde reign over a beefed-up JB break - what's not to like? - while an instrumental and some bonus bits for DJs abound on the flip, making for a more measured listen in contrast to the more vocally immediate, on-the-beat A.
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 in stock $12.14
It Was A Good Day
Cat: THROW 701. Rel: 10 Dec 21
It Was A Good Day (4:25)
You Can Do It (feat Mack 10 & Ms Toi) (4:24)
Review: The first missive from the reissue-focused Throwdown imprint takes a deep dive into the bulging back catalogue of West Coast hip-hop legend Ice Cube. Side A offers us another chance to own 1992 hit "It Was A Good Day" a languid, sun-kissed Golden Era jam crafted from elements of a familiar slab of laidback jazz-funk. Over on side B you'll find 1999's "You Can Do It", another once high-profile single featuring additional verses and vocal contributions from Mack 10 and Ms Toi. For those who've forgotten it, the track is a punchier and heavy club cut that utilizes all three rappers' distinctive flows to ratchet up the intensity throughout.
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 in stock $14.26
Respiration (7" limited to 300 copies)
Cat: TIC 010. Rel: 06 Dec 23
Respiration (Flying High remix) (4:27)
Respiration (4:23)
Review: The latest record to be added to Lil Static's catalogue is 'Respiration', a classic track by Mos Def and Talib Kweli under the duo name Black Star - and featuring an uncredited cameo verse from fellow rap stalwart Common - first released in 1998 on their self-titled album. Known for famously sampling a monologue from the hip-hop/graf documentary Style Wars in its intro, the pair exchange authentic rhymes and riffs, contemplating many ideas in the lyrics such as inner city Brooklyn life, personal philosophies, and Pan-Africanist ideas.
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 in stock $13.99
One Love
One Love (7" limited to 300 copies)
Cat: DRP 007. Rel: 06 Dec 23
One Love (Mister Mushi edit) (4:18)
One Love (Mister Mushi radio mix) (4:22)
Review: 'One Love', here reissued by DRP, is a classic track that first appeared on the NYC rapper Nas' first album Illmatic, as its final track. With an all-encompassingly raucous boom-bap backing whipped up by Mister Mushi and its namesake drawn from the Bob Marley song, the song is composed as a string of letters written by Nas to his incarcerated friends, including fellow rapper Cormega, who went down in the early 90s - musing on personal loyalties and disloyalties.
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Gespielt von: The Allergies, Marc Hype
 in stock $13.99
Awaken My Love!
Awaken My Love! (LP + insert)
Cat: GLS 22101. Rel: 10 Nov 17
Me & Your Mama (6:19)
Have Some Love (3:42)
Boogieman (3:34)
Zombies (4:31)
Riot (2:05)
Redbone (5:25)
California (7:15)
Terrified (6:10)
Baby boy (3:32)
The Night Me & Your Mama Met (3:32)
Stand Tall (2:42)
Gespielt von: Scratchandsniff
 in stock $23.76
Straight Outta Compton
Straight Outta Compton (180 gram vinyl LP + MP3 download code)
Cat: 534699 5. Rel: 17 Dec 13
Straight Outta Compton
F*** Tha Police
Gangsta Gangsta
If It Ain't Ruff
Parental Discretion Iz Advised
Express Yourself
Compton's N The House (remix)
I Ain't Tha 1
Dopeman (remix)
Quiet On Tha Set
 in stock $13.21
Astroworld (2xLP)
Cat: 190758 88361. Rel: 09 Nov 18
Stargazing (4:41)
Carousel (2:51)
Sicko Mode (5:12)
RIP Screw (3:14)
Stop Trying To Be God (5:31)
No Bystanders (3:38)
Skeletons (2:29)
Wake Up (3:52)
5% Tint (3:17)
NC-17 (2:36)
Astrothunder (2:23)
Yosemite (2:32)
Can't Say (3:18)
Who? What! (2:57)
Butterfly Effect (3:10)
Houstonfornication (3:38)
Coffee Bean (3:29)
 in stock $27.20
Spanish Joint
Cat: PIBE 003. Rel: 29 Aug 23
Spanish Joint (Kero Uno remix) (3:15)
Feel Like Makin' Love (Kero Uno remix) (2:16)
Review: American neo-soul pin-up D'Angelo has released a couple of the smoothest records of the last 30 years. He even made a welcome comeback in the mid 2010s and added some more magic to his cannon. Here Kero Uno remixes a couple of his tunes and ups their funky quotient to make them more suitable to dancefloors. First, he flips 'Spanish Joint' into a key-laced and funky workout with low-slung, hip-swinging grooves sure to seduce next to the zippy synth leads. On the flip is his hot take on 'Feel Like Makin' Love', another bona-fide gem full of heart and soul.
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 in stock $19.54
My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy
Cat: LTH01. Rel: 19 Nov 10
Dark Fantasy
Gorgeous (feat Kid Cudi & Raekwon)
All Of The Lights (interlude)
All Of The Lights
Monster (feat Jay-Z, Rick Ross, Nicki Minaj & Bon Iver)
So Appalled (feat Jay-Z, Pusha T, T Pryce Cy Hi, Swizz Beatz & The RZA)
Devil In A New Dress (feat Rick Ross)
Runaway (feat Pusha T)
Hell Of A Life
Blamegame (feat John Legend)
Lost In The World (feat Bon Iver)
Who Will Survive In America
Gespielt von: Reggie Dokes, Tiesto
 in stock $5.80
Return Of The Boom Bap (30th Anniversary Edition)
Return Of The Boom Bap (30th Anniversary Edition) (limited gatefold orange & blue marbled vinyl 2xLP + booklet)
Cat: GET 51511LP. Rel: 21 Feb 24
KRS-ONE Attacks (2:52)
Outta Here (4:27)
Black Cop (3:07)
Mortal Thought (3:11)
I Can't Wake Up (3:35)
Slap Them Up (3:58)
Sound Of Da Police (4:10)
Mad Crew (4:21)
Uh Oh (4:05)
Brown Skin Woman (4:32)
Return Of The Boom Bap (3:43)
"P" Is Still Free (4:54)
Stop Frontin' (3:20)
Higher Level (5:13)
Hip Hop Vs Rap (4:43)
 in stock $38.55
Empty World
Cat: WACK 22. Rel: 30 Nov 23
Empty World (4:09)
Give It To Me How (4:18)
Review: Smoove returns with his label Wack Records and delivers two killer cuts straight from the heart of Motown. Utilizing original multitrakcs from the home of Rick James and The Supremes, Smoove gets his swirv on and delivers two uptempo hip-hop bangers, curveball-tinged with the instrumental backings of Motown. On the A, 'Empty World', we hear an attention-grabbing Nas mashup ('Life's A Bitch'), while the aforementioned artists are equally as well fused on the much more positive B-side.
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 in stock $16.11
Summer Breeze (Jim Sharp mix)
Cat: OG 044. Rel: 01 Oct 23
The Main Ingredient - "Summer Breeze" (Jim Sharp mix) (3:42)
The Notorious BIG - "Things Done Changed" (Jim Sharp mix) (4:01)
 in stock $12.14
Good Kid Maad City
Good Kid Maad City (gatefold 2xLP)
Cat: 371922 6. Rel: 14 Dec 12
Sherane aka Master Splinter's Daughter
Bitch, Don't Kill My Vibe
Backseat Freestyle
The Art Of Peer Pressure
Money Trees (feat Jay Rock)
Poetic Justice (feat Drake)
Good Kid
Maad City (feat MC Eiht)
Swimming Pools (Drank) (extended version)
Sing About Me, I'm Dying Of Thirst
Real (feat Anna Wise of Sonnymoon)
Compton (feat Dr Dre)
The Recipe (feat Dr Dre - bonus track)
Black Boy Fly (bonus track)
Now Or Never (feat Mary J Blige - bonus track)
 in stock $27.73
Vinyl Love (Kero Uno remix)
Cat: PIBE 004. Rel: 20 Nov 23
Vinyl Love (Kero Uno remix) (4:08)
Dont Kill My Vibes (Kero Uno remix) (3:46)
Review: Kero Uno has been kicking for almost two decades, credited with reviving jazz sensibilities in hip-hop almost three decades since it, unfortunately, fell out of fashion around the turn of the century. K1 introduces city-pop and jazz-hop to two of Kdots biggest tracks, 'Bitch Don't Kill My Vibe' and 'Love', the former of which was put on SoundCloud almost a decade ago now and created nothing but buzz. K1 skyrocketed to fame, having his album crowdfunded by excited fans and catching the attention of Kendrick's own mix engineer Derek Ali. The 'Don't Kill My Vibes' mix flips the 2012 hit into a vibraphone-led synthy jazz slice of heaven, while the 'Love' flip, 'Vinyl Love', is a chill, wavey city-pop banger, with subtle brass and airtight percussion coming together in perfect matrimony.
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Gespielt von: Marc Hype, Dynamite Cuts
! low stock $21.91
What Now
What Now (gatefold translucent lemonade vinyl LP + insert in embossed sleeve)
Cat: 587824 5. Rel: 08 Feb 24
Earth Sign (3:07)
I Don't (2:58)
What Now (3:42)
Red Flags (4:07)
To Be Still (2:17)
Interlude (2:03)
Another Day (3:10)
Prove It To You (5:06)
Samson (2:14)
Patience (1:05)
Power To Undo (1:34)
Every Color In Blue (4:14)
Review: Brittany Howard's highly anticipated second studio album What Now is a bold exploration of identity, resilience and the human experience. The Alabama Shakes front-woman's sophomore effort delves deep into themes of self-discovery and social commentary to deliver a raw and visceral sounds that pairs her famously powerful vocals with instrumentation that draws on several different genre references such a soul, funk, rock and gospel. From the anthemic energy of 'Stay High' to the introspection of 'Tomorrow,' each track offers a glimpse into Howard's multifaceted artistry and they all show that Howard's evolution as an artist continues to make her one of today's most compelling voices.
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 in stock $27.73
Heroes & Villains
Heroes & Villains (LP + insert (indie exclusive))
Cat: 550773 3. Rel: 27 Apr 23
Metro Boomin & John Legend - "On Time" (1:43)
Metro Boomin, Future (4) & Chris Brown - "Superhero (Heroes & Villains)" (4:09)
Metro Boomin & Future - "Too Many Nights" (3:16)
Metro Boomin & Travis Scott - "Raindrops (Insane)" (3:01)
Metro Boomin, 21 Savage & Young Nudy - "Umbrella" (3:34)
Metro Boomin, Travis Scott & Young Thug - "Trance" (3:16)
Metro Boomin - "Around Me" (3:26)
Metro Boomin & Young Thug - "Metro Spider" (2:54)
Metro Boomin & Future - "I Can’t Save You (Interlude)" (1:30)
Metro Boomin, The Weeknd & 21 Savage - "Creepin’" (3:40)
Metro Boomin, Travis Scott & 21 Savage - "Niagara Falls (Foot Or 2)" (3:27)
Metro Boomin & 21 Savage - "Walk Em Down (Don’t Kill Civilians)" (5:10)
Metro Boomin, Travis Scott & Future - "Lock On Me" (2:50)
Metro Boomin & ASAP Rocky - "Feel The Fiyaaaah" (3:02)
Metro Boomin & Gunna - "All The Money" (bonus track) (3:02)
Review: This is an indie exclusive version of Heroes & Villains, the long-awaited new album from Metro Boomin that comes with a special insert. It is a widescreen and cinematic long player that will not leave fans wanting as big names like Chris Brown, Travis Scott, The Wknd, 21 Savage, John Legend and Don Tolliver feature. The 15 tunes flow well despite the many different names on it and intricate yet accessible beats define much of the rhythms. There are dramatic and dark moments next to moments of real hope with plenty of humility from Metro along the way.
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 in stock $30.90
Reeling (7")
Cat: KCR 126. Rel: 18 May 23
Say She She (3:40)
Don't You Dare Stop (4:30)
Review: Say She She are emergent stars of the NYC scene, pooling considerable talents from various parts of the world into a brew which feels wholly appropriate for the Big Apple. Upholding the open-hearted values of the downtown scene, they turn their hand to dexterous disco-not-disco get-down on ‘Reeling’ without ever sounding referential. Meanwhile on the flip they sink down into a more sultry mood, riding dusty, delicate drums and radiant Rhodes as a vehicle for some unreal vocal harmonies and a sound so cosy you could wrap it around you to stave off the winter.
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 in stock $6.88
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