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Cat: 606612 Rel: 03 May 16
Laser effect with over 200 green and red laser beams & 3 operational modes: fast auto show, slow auto show, or sound active mode
Notes: Get any party started with the Micro Gobo! This green and red laser produces more than 200 beams with 8 gobo patterns that may be projected on a wall, ceiling or dance floor.

This laser is safe to use and complies with FDA standards. The Micro Star is easy to use - just plug it in and run the laser's built-in lighting programs in Auto or Sound Active mode. Change programs, colors and black out with the included RF wireless remote control.

The Micro Star's compact, light weight case design makes it ideal for mobile entertainers, bands, night clubs and bars or any party goers!
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 3 in stock $53.98
Cat: 569346 Rel: 02 Apr 15
RGB LED tape light kit ideal for decorative & display lighting also customising vehicle interiors, with adhesive back for easy application
Notes: A cost-effective RGB LED tape package that includes 5 metres of tape with 30 LEDs per metre, a 12 V power supply to drive the tape, and an IR remote control to change colours, dim, fade and flash.

The tape itself has an epoxy resin coating which protects the LEDs from damage, and also makes it IP65 rated, it also has cutting points every 10 cm should you require a shorter length.

Kit contains: IR Remote Control, In-Line Desktop PSU, Clip on connectors and 2 Heatshrinks

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 1 in stock $23.08
Cat: 448869 Rel: 26 Apr 12
130mm 5-colour rotating disco ball, free standing
Notes: This 130mm colourful rotating disco ball light effect is ideal for enhancing parties.
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 2 in stock $9.95
Cat: 448875 Rel: 27 Feb 12
260mm 5-colour rotating disco ball
Notes: This 260mm colourful rotating disco ball light effect is ideal for enhancing parties at home.
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QTX Derby 9 LED Light Effect (light effects unit)
Cat: 670656 Rel: 16 Nov 17
Classic multi-colour derby light effect
Notes: A classic multi-colour derby effect with multiple beams twisting in formation. Nine different coloured 3 Watt LEDs deliver vivid coloured patterns, split through precision optics for wide area coverage. Control via DMX512 or infra red remote control for auto program or sound activation offers versatile operation modes for mobile discos, stage shows or forming part of a larger lighting installation.

In the box:

- Derby 9 light effect
- Mounting bracket
- I.R. remote control
- IEC power lead
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 1 in stock $37.57
QTX LED Moonglow Light Effect (light effects unit)
Cat: 670667 Rel: 16 Nov 17
Tabletop LED light effect
Notes: Tabletop LED light effect with 6 x 1W LEDs producing coloured beams which are diverted through a rippled dome to create a dynamic ceiling display with a sound sensitive auto sequence. The fixture can also be wall or ceiling mounted to shine onto a wall or floor for home discos and parties.
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 1 in stock $16.30
QTX LED Twister IV Light Effect (light effects unit)
Cat: 670654 Rel: 16 Nov 17
LED moonflower effect
Notes: Compact RGB LED moonflower effect with multiple rotating colour beams. Operated by sound-activation, the effect gives excellent area coverage to add colour and movement to a targeted space. Ideal for mobile DJ's and small parties.

In the box

- LED Twister IV light effect
- U bracket
- IEC mains lead(s)
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 2 in stock $39.78
Cat: 670652 Rel: 16 Nov 17
High power LED PAR with built-in red & green multi-point lasers
Notes: High power LED PAR can with built-in red and green multi-point lasers for colour washes and moving starlight effects. 18 x 1 Watt LEDs provide a full colour mix, controllable by DMX512 and internal auto or sound-activated sequences. Red and green diffraction lasers provide a wide angle pattern to alternate and combine with the LED outputs, giving a diverse, moving effect for mobile discos, entertainers and venue installations.

In the box:

- Starwash PAR can with lasers
- Dual mounting bracket
- IEC power lead
- I.R. remote control
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 2 in stock $59.69
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