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Excuses (180 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: VIVOD 019. Rel: 20 Nov 17
  1. Way Ahead
  2. Croatian Households
  3. Labud Loop
  4. K Stands For..
Review: Having crept out of the tape undergrowth and respected haunts like Clan Destine and Always Human to earn more civilized recognition on BANK Records NYC and Bliq, Strahinja Arbutina makes the move to Vivod for yet more of that edgy, leftfield techno business that keeps mothers awake at night from worry. The grit, noise and distortion has been faithfully carried through from the cassette-based roots of Arbutina's sound, but these tracks are more than ready to do the damage in the dance (where you're less likely to find a tape deck). Hold on tight as the likes of "Way Ahead" give the sound engineer a fright when they think the system has overloaded.
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Gespielt von: Ali Renault
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Animated Violence Mild
Animated Violence Mild (limited green vinyl LP + MP3 download code)
Cat: SBR 220LPC1. Rel: 16 Aug 19
  1. Intro (0:36)
  2. Death Drop (7:25)
  3. House vs House (7:44)
  4. Hush Money (5:29)
  5. Love Is A Parasite (6:16)
  6. Creature/West Fuqua (3:44)
  7. No Dice (6:08)
  8. Wings Of Hate (5:53)
Review: On his three previous solo albums as Blanck Mass, Fuck Buttons member Benjamin John Power offered up abstract but enjoyable blends of ambient, drone, IDM and electronics. On "Animated Violence Mild", his first full-length for two years, Power has decided to take a far more dystopian path, blending ear-catching, synth-pop influenced melodies with thrusting, doom-laden techno rhythms, growling aural textures, industrial strength noise and hybrid electronic power-pop. It's an ear-catching affair, with highlights including the boisterous, distorted techno-pop of "House Vs House", the post-apocalyptic power-trance rush of "Hush Money", the hypnotic, maximal ambient movements of "Creature/West Fuqua" and the pulsating intensity of "Wings Of Hate".
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Another LP
Another LP (limited red vinyl LP)
Cat: MNQ 126. Rel: 19 May 20
  1. Channel Surfing I (0:33)
  2. Under The Floor (7:37)
  3. Entity (8:27)
  4. Inhuman Ecstacy (6:05)
  5. Channel Surfing II (1:48)
  6. Please Center/Ready To Ingest (7:03)
  7. Almost Almost (6:11)
  8. Possession (1:17)
Review: Tokyo-based duo Group A have been operating as outliers for many years now, self-releasing music and earning a reputation for their incendiary live shows. After catching the ear of Alessandro Adriani's mighty Mannequin label, they released a self-titled EP on the Italian imprint back in 2017, and now they're finally back to follow it up with a full-length. Being on Mannequin you should know to expect beyond the grave sonics with heavy notes of industrial and minimal wave, but Group A intersperse this with their own particular strain of sonic personality, from dismembered voices to American TV rips (on the excellent "Channel Surfing". It's an imposing listen, not to mention a captivating one.
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Les Elements Du Crime
Les Elements Du Crime (10" limited to 200 copies)
Cat: MMS 303. Rel: 21 May 20
  1. Cash Paycheck (4:55)
  2. Auto Defense (4:49)
  3. Tips For The Brave (4:33)
  4. Red Falls (3:34)
  5. Les Elements Du Crime (4:29)
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Zerstore Eine Stadt
Zerstore Eine Stadt (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: EFAE 008. Rel: 03 Feb 20
  1. Alles Was Du Hasst (6:54)
  2. Atomic Enigma (5:24)
  3. Zerstore Eine Stadt (feat Rosaceae) (3:59)
  4. I Dont Like Your Party (4:00)
  5. Dead Rat Under The Table (5:10)
Review: REPRESS ALERT: After appearing on Helena Hauff's Return To Disorder with the fiercely infectious "It's Alive!" 12", L.F.T. lands on Eye For An Eye with more gutter-bound sonics from the grungiest corners of the electro scene. There's as much noirish seduction as gnarly distortion going on throughout this deadly record, from the soundtrack steer of "Atomic Enigma" to the brittle minimal wave delights of the title track. Super punky and lo-fi in all the right places, this 12" once again confirms L.F.T. is one of the strongest voices dealing in DIY electro from the darkside.
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Gespielt von: Brokntoys
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The Downward Spiral (reissue)
The Downward Spiral (reissue) (gatefold 2xLP + booklet)
Cat: 571427 8. Rel: 17 Nov 17
  1. Mr Self Destruct (4:32)
  2. Piggy (4:22)
  3. Heresy (3:54)
  4. March Of The Pigs (2:50)
  5. Closer (6:13)
  6. Ruiner (4:57)
  7. The Becoming (5:13)
  8. I Do Not Want This (5:42)
  9. Big Man With A Gun (1:37)
  10. A Warm Place (3:22)
  11. Eraser (5:01)
  12. Reptile (6:56)
  13. The Downward Spiral (3:56)
  14. Hurt (6:13)
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The Mind Is A Terrible Thing To Taste
The Mind Is A Terrible Thing To Taste (180 gram audiophile vinyl LP)
Cat: MOVLP 993. Rel: 24 Jan 14
  1. Thieves
  2. Burning Inside
  3. Never Believe
  4. Cannibal Song
  5. Breathe
  6. So What
  7. Test
  8. Faith Collapsing
  9. Dream Song
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Look What Your Love Has Done To Me: Remixed
Cat: TPT 085. Rel: 26 Jul 19
  1. Look What Your Love Has Done To Me (I Hate Models Primitive remix) (8:34)
  2. Look What Your Love Has Done To Me (Amelie Lens remix) (7:45)
  3. Look What Your Love Has Done To Me (Perc VIP mix) (6:05)
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Die Stimme Drangt
Die Stimme Drangt (fluorescent yellow vinyl 12" limited to 500 copies)
Cat: CITI 027. Rel: 11 Feb 20
  1. Die Dunne Hand (4:37)
  2. Auf Die Erde (6:25)
  3. Die Augen Gehen (5:28)
  4. Das Bild Das Wiederkehrt (5:52)
Review: Self-proclaimed "techno body music" duo Schwefelgelb seem a neat fit with Cititrax, the Minimal Wave sub-label set up to handle contemporary electronic music rather than reissues. There's something particularly muscular, robust and otherworldly about their label debut, which remarkably is their first EP of original tracks for two years. Opener "Die Dunne Hand" sets the tone, with the pair conjuring up a throbbing, mind-altering EBM-funk workout that sounds like an unlikely Nitzer Ebb cover version of the KLF's "What Time Is Love", while "Auf Die Erde" sees them wrap crunchy percussion and dystopian vocal snippets around a surging EBM bassline. Side B begins with the stripped-back metallic mutant funk of "Die Augen Gehen", before the duo dives into chugging, flash-fried industrial/electro/techno fusion on the mind-bending "Das Blid Das Wiederkehrt".
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Nostalgia (reissue)
Nostalgia (reissue) (white vinyl LP + MP3 download code)
Cat: FIRELP 104X. Rel: 27 Sep 19
  1. Hate Rock Trio (2:33)
  2. Look What's Been Done (7:56)
  3. Look Down The Line (6:28)
  4. Look At That Girl (3:30)
  5. Look At Her (4:49)
  6. You Injured Me (5:23)
  7. I'm All Broke Up (5:40)
Review: HTRK's debut album in 2007 proved to be a seminal one for fans of experimental noise. It cooks up impressively abrasive and caustic textures, crashing waves of white noise and sonorous pulses that speak of a future dystopian world. Tense and absorbing throughout, the lo-fi design and elements of post punk, post industrial and post techno makes it a modern analogy of the likes of Throbbing Gristle. 12 years later, the record sounds just as good, and arguably even more prescient in these twitchy times of digital surveillance, social anxieties and worldwide political tensions. It might be bleak, then, but that doesn't mean there is real beauty in this album's disharmony.
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Devour (coloured vinyl LP + MP3 download code)
Cat: SBR 226LPC1. Rel: 30 Aug 19
  1. Homeostasis (2:00)
  2. Spit It Out (2:00)
  3. Self-Regulatingsystem (2:00)
  4. Deprivation (7:52)
  5. Pristine Panic/Cheek By Jowl (10:14)
Review: Margaret Chardiet's semi-regular album outings as Pharmakon are always worth a listen, if only to recoil at the intensity of her unsettling blends of buzzing industrial noise, paranoid vocal screams, throbbing aural textures, forthright mangled guitar riffs and rusty, razor-sharp power electronics. "Devour" is the artist's fourth album for Sacred Bones and her first new set for two years. It explores similar sonic territory to its predecessors, offering claustrophobic, mind-mangling soundscapes that are creepy, disturbed, awe-inspiring and sonically challenging in equal measures. In some ways, calling out individual tracks as highlights seems pointless: this is a singular, ever-changing work that sees Chardiet escort us on a nightmarish journey through experimental extremes.
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VOOO (12")
Cat: MORD 067. Rel: 27 Mar 20
  1. VOOO (5:37)
  2. OPPP (6:04)
  3. POPP (5:54)
  4. VVOV (6:00)
Gespielt von: CHIRAYA, Mark Forshaw, Kessell
 in stock $10.55
Hope (140 gram vinyl LP)
Cat: PLA031 / MNQ112. Rel: 20 Jan 20
  1. Erector (2:38)
  2. Sunset Sex (6:11)
  3. Invocation (3:55)
  4. Cold Blood (1:47)
  5. Head Stop (3:32)
  6. Mission England (2:55)
  7. Dereliction (4:45)
  8. Black Madonna (3:09)
  9. Gag (4:30)
  10. Something In The Air (4:01)
  11. There Is No Night (2:34)
Review: The reissue material from the archives of Bourbonese Qualk keep on coming, with this second salvo from the sturdy partnership of Mannequin and Platform 23. The visionary London industrial agitators were on vital form on "Hope", which came out midway through 1984, and now Rude 66 has remastered the music for fresh ears. The mood is persistently murky, but it moves from danceable anti-funk to gutter-dwelling noise baths and atmospheric sonic totems. At once mystical and incisive, otherworldly and grittily real, this is another brilliant reframing of one of the UK's true industrial titans.
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II - Popmuziek
II - Popmuziek (140 gram vinyl LP + insert)
Cat: CYRE 01. Rel: 18 Jun 18
  1. Radio Times
  2. ABC
  3. Pronunciation
  4. Toad Traffic
  5. Being Home Tonight
  6. Around The Clock
  7. Clodhopping Mugfakers
  8. The Sun Was The Stronger
  9. Walkman
  10. Black Box
  11. IQ
  12. Paradies
Review: Contort Yourself continue to widen their scope of operations with this, their first dedicated reissue, and they've come in strong. Eschewing the grotty industrial tones of many earlier releases, the label have turned their attention to Dutch curio Muziekkamer, who self-released a small clutch of cassettes at some undisclosed point in the past. The unthinking experimentation contained within these tape jams is shockingly prescient - jagged rhythms, surreal sampling, techno atmospheres and more from a period well before such tropes became common tools for electronic expression. Take a trip into the vivid, imaginative and utterly unpredictable world of Muziekkamer.
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Kyoto Oct 21 2018
Kyoto Oct 21 2018 (LP limited to 150 copies)
Cat: SDRSW 61. Rel: 28 May 20
  1. Kyoto Oct 21 2018 (16:53)
  2. Kyoto Oct 21 2018 (Kaoru Sato Evil mix) (9:23)
  3. Kyoto Oct 21 2018 (Merzbow mix) (8:14)
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The Drought
Cat: PAN 087LP. Rel: 09 May 19
  1. Dissolve (2:25)
  2. A Feast Before The Drought (6:42)
  3. To Possess Is To Be In Control (5:30)
  4. Fragments Of A Lily (4:23)
  5. Red Desert (3:25)
  6. Coagulate (2:56)
  7. The Size Of Our Desires (7:21)
  8. The Transformation (6:47)
  9. Slouching Uphill (4:45)
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Caligula (gatefold white vinyl 2xLP + insert + MP3 download code)
Cat: PFL 215LP. Rel: 10 Jul 19
  1. Faithful Servant Friend Of Christ (4:38)
  2. Do You Doubt Me Traitor (9:46)
  3. Butcher Of The World (6:32)
  4. May Failure Be Your Noose (4:33)
  5. Fragrant Is My Many Flower'd Crown (5:16)
  6. If The Poison Wont Take You My Dogs Will (6:34)
  7. Day Of Tears & Mourning (4:39)
  8. Sorrow! Sorrow! Sorrow! (6:50)
  9. Spite Alone Holds Me Aloft (7:29)
  10. Fucking Deathdealer (2:32)
  11. I Am The Beast (7:56)
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Onto Duat
Onto Duat (12")
Cat: BRODLEB 1. Rel: 07 Nov 19
  1. Change Your Mind (6:05)
  2. Onto Duat (6:38)
  3. Take Nothing With You (6:15)
  4. Riot Patrol (5:10)
Review: Bedouin Records enlist Thomas Feriero for some new music from his current industrial period. The former tech house man doesn't shun his roots altogether, laying down functional grooves but haunted by darker and noisier textures and tones. "Onto Duat" is clunking and intense, "Take Nothing With You" is lit up by serrated synths and oversized hi hats tethered to monstrous break beats, while "Change Your Mind" is a sludgy, paranoid cut for marching crowds. "Riot Patrol" is the best of the lot, with slow motion heaviness and a real sense of dystopian atmospherics locking you to the floor.
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Larm Und Stahl Vol 2 EP
Larm Und Stahl Vol 2 EP (yellow vinyl 12")
Cat: OR 72. Rel: 05 Jun 20
  1. 89's - "Ruido De Motores Viejos" (4:33)
  2. SAD - "Shutterspeed" (5:02)
  3. Palmariello - "Istrumentos De Dominio Publico" (4:55)
  4. Chris Shape - "Jump In The Water" (4:24)
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Lalique Gaddafi Handgrenade
Lalique Gaddafi Handgrenade (heavyweight vinyl LP)
Cat: ARCHIVE 50. Rel: 15 Jan 20
  1. Arab Jerusalem (23:37)
  2. Jordan River (20:03)
  3. Lalique Gadaffi Handgrenade (3:25)
  4. Desert Gulag (4:27)
Review: He may not have been on this planet since the late 1990s, but the late, great Bryn Jones continues to dazzle from beyond the grave. The latest in a long line of posthumous albums offers another chance to own one of his greatest moments, 23-minute 1996 cut "Arab Jerusalem": a superb sound soup rich in atmospheric field recordings, snatched Arabic radio chatter, hazy ambient electronics, sporadic bursts of hand percussion and unearthly female vocal snippets. Perhaps more alluring for dedicated fans are the three previously unreleased tracks that Staalplaat has plucked from the Manchester producer's vast archives. The standout is undoubtedly "Jordan River", a twenty-minute chunk of sparse, mind-altering electro-dub/ambient dub fusion from the DJ Spooky school of "illbient" that's simply essential.
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The Processes & Instruments Of Normal People: Trying & Failing Falling & Water Running
  1. October Sails (part 1: We Fall Behind) (7:51)
  2. Coastal Path If We Were Alone (2:36)
  3. The Currents Mislead (Hand In Hand) (9:36)
  4. The Processes & Instruments Of Normal People (part 2: Low Tide) (3:00)
  5. Quiet Preparation (Timetable) (6:03)
  6. Rose Water (9:03)
Review: There's something particularly arresting about the poignant and sometimes sorrowful sound world of Cremation Lily, AKA experimental electronica artist Zen Zsigo. Since 2014 he's been offering up albums inspired by his experience of living in British coastal towns, which these days are often far more bleak than beautiful. 2017's "The Processes & Instruments Of Normal People", which here gets a much deserved vinyl release, is arguably his strongest meditation on coastal life to date. It was created using a stripped-back list of equipment - drum machine, guitar, effects unit, a couple of synths and two cassette players loaded with his own field recordings - with the resultant music offering a bittersweet, poignant blend of atmospheric ambient soundscapes, haunting piano meditations and swelling lo-fi ambient techno shufflers.
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Scramblers (limited white vinyl LP)
Cat: ALT 52WHITE. Rel: 15 Apr 20
  1. Scrambler (3:37)
  2. Nozzle (5:02)
  3. Trench (2:46)
  4. Mottle (2:56)
  5. Queaser (3:07)
  6. Ventilator (4:19)
  7. Haircut (3:00)
  8. Duster (4:25)
 in stock $15.82
Third Law
Third Law (2xLP)
Cat: TRIANGLE 33. Rel: 22 Jan 16
  1. 4101 (7:56)
  2. In System (4:49)
  3. Mass (5:39)
  4. Blind Blackening (8:30)
  5. High Places (5:10)
  6. In Flight (6:13)
  7. Departure Stage (6:44)
  8. Known Space
Review: Roly Porter's recent output finally earned him a place in the big league; his second LP, Third Law, comes through courtesy of New York's excellent Tri Angle label, and the mighty "4101" - released as a single back in Novemeber, paves the way for an album full of suspense and surrealism. This is no job for anyone looking for peace or meditation, but rather one for the more open-minded. "Mass", for instance, unleashes boulders of bass and noise over glitchy half-beats, whereas the tunes like "High Places" sound like the inside of an interstellar cruiser, and the sublime "In System" reminds us of Apex Twin's strand of ambient...a cold, pensive bundle of euphoric energy. Recommended.
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 in stock $17.68
All Live Recording At My Room (remastered)
All Live Recording At My Room (remastered) (LP limited to 199 copies)
Cat: UMA 138. Rel: 26 May 20
  1. Track 1 (15:18)
  2. Track 2 (15:24)
 in stock $24.80
LP (transparent red vinyl LP)
Cat: SP 048. Rel: 28 Jun 18
  1. Drain (4:31)
  2. Leaker (4:10)
  3. Vacancy (2:13)
  4. Peppered (3:59)
  5. Juicer (3:15)
  6. Slippers (2:41)
  7. Retractor (2:55)
  8. Jail (2:43)
  9. Chunked (5:22)
! low stock $14.81
Take Me To Your Healer
Take Me To Your Healer (LP limited to 225 copies)
Cat: ET 064. Rel: 12 Mar 19
  1. Take Me To Your Healer (6:13)
  2. Turbulence (7:06)
  3. Punasuomalainen (6:27)
  4. God Is A Crocodile (6:49)
  5. Trans Humance (7:02)
  6. Range Of The Weak Force (6:41)
 in stock $20.58
My Cube
My Cube (LP + insert + MP3 download code)
Cat: LHP 001. Rel: 21 Oct 16
  1. First (1:59)
  2. Favorite (3:14)
  3. Private (4:44)
  4. Silhouette (2:13)
  5. Safe Word (4:09)
  6. Opaque (1:47)
  7. Commercial For Toothpaste (3:07)
  8. Bargain Water (5:22)
  9. Emblem (6:04)
  10. Auto/Composite Face Fetish (4:29)
  11. No Name/Didn't Feel A Thing (3:03)
Review: Left Hand Path is a record label based in San Francisco run by Surface Tension's Nihar Bhatt and Chris Zaldua, who put on some impressive line-ups at their parties and were even featured on one of fellow Californian label Jealous God's short run mix CDs which used to come with vinyl releases. The label is "dedicated to liminal sounds and dancefloor transgression" according to their Soundcloud profile. CUBE is the project of Adam Keith of Oakland, California. He draws from a variety of influences on the My Cube LP; there's the brutal textured noise of dynamic opener "First", the lo-fi industrial swagger of "Favorite" or "Emblem" (which are reminiscent of the likes of Profligate) or the brazen post-punk antics of "Bargain Water" which calls to mind early Tropic Of Cancer.
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Deaf (limited red vinyl LP + insert + MP3 download code)
Cat: WOMBOYB 1. Rel: 06 Jan 20
  1. New York Or Bust (2:01)
  2. Is That A Line? (7:09)
  3. Why Can't It Happen To Me? (3:15)
  4. I Am Surrounded By Incompetence (4:53)
  5. What Have You Been Doing? (5:31)
  6. Today I Started Slogging Again (5:50)
  7. Harold McMillan (3:35)
  8. Thank Heaven For Push Button Phones (4:26)
  9. Flashback (3:36)
  10. Negative Energy (6:10)
 in stock $28.23
Broken (reissue)
Broken (reissue) (1-sided etched 180 gram vinyl LP + 7" + insert)
Cat: 571427 9. Rel: 17 Nov 17
  1. Pinion (0:58)
  2. Wish (3:43)
  3. Last (4:47)
  4. Help Me I'm In Hell (1:54)
  5. Happiness In Slavery (5:25)
  6. Gave Up (4:15)
  7. Physical (5:27)
  8. Suck (5:10)
 in stock $30.35
The Fragile: Deviations 1 (reissue)
The Fragile: Deviations 1 (reissue) (180 gram vinyl 4xLP + insert)
Cat: 573861 0. Rel: 17 Nov 17
  1. Somewhat Damaged (instrumental) (4:58)
  2. The Day The World Went Away (instrumental) (5:29)
  3. The Frail (alternate version) (1:46)
  4. The Wretched (instrumental) (6:02)
  5. Missing Places (1:29)
  6. We're In This Together (instrumental) (6:54)
  7. The Fragile (instrumental) (4:39)
  8. Just Like You Imagined (alternate version) (3:43)
  9. The March (instrumental) (3:56)
  10. Even Deeper (instrumental) (6:19)
  11. Pilgrimage (alternate version) (3:06)
  12. One Way To Get There (2:44)
  13. No, You Don't (instrumental) (3:17)
  14. Taken (3:30)
  15. La Mer (alternate version) (4:55)
  16. The Great Below (instrumental) (5:23)
  17. Not What It Seems Like (instrumental) (3:30)
  18. White Mask (3:22)
  19. The New Flesh (instrumental) (3:44)
  20. The Way Out Is Through (alternate version) (4:26)
  21. Into The Void (instrumental) (4:40)
  22. Where Is Everybody? (instrumental) (4:54)
  23. The Mark Has Been Made (alternate version) (4:48)
  24. Was It Worth It? (instrumental) (5:03)
  25. Please (instrumental) (3:30)
  26. +Appendage (instrumental) (3:19)
  27. Can I Stay Here? (instrumental) (4:25)
  28. 10 Miles High (instrumental) (5:19)
  29. Feeders (2:01)
  30. Starfuckers Inc (instrumental) (5:33)
  31. Complication (alternate version) (2:55)
  32. Claustrophobia Machine (Raw) (2:39)
  33. Last Heard From (2:06)
  34. I'm Looking Forward To Joining You, Finally (instrumental) (4:19)
  35. The Big Come Down (instrumental) (4:05)
  36. Underneath It All (instrumental) (3:21)
  37. Ripe With Decay (instrumental) (7:39)
 in stock $88.65
The Fragile (remastered)
The Fragile (remastered) (gatefold 180 gram vinyl 3xLP + inserts)
Cat: 571427 7. Rel: 17 Nov 17
  1. Somewhat Damaged (4:34)
  2. The Day The World Went Away (3:24)
  3. The Frail (1:32)
  4. The Wretched (7:37)
  5. We're In This Together (7:09)
  6. The Fragile (4:46)
  7. Just Like You Imagined (3:51)
  8. Even Deeper (6:19)
  9. Pilgrimage (3:44)
  10. No, You Don't (3:33)
  11. La Mer (5:09)
  12. The Great Below (5:15)
  13. The Way Out Is Through (4:17)
  14. Into The Void (4:49)
  15. Where Is Everybody? (5:10)
  16. The Mark Has Been Made (5:17)
  17. 10 Miles High (5:06)
  18. Please (3:29)
  19. Starfuckers, Inc. (5:01)
  20. Complication (2:31)
  21. The New Flesh (3:44)
  22. I'm Looking Forward To Joining You, Finally (4:17)
  23. The Big Come Down (4:14)
  24. Underneath It All (2:28)
  25. Ripe (5:33)
 in stock $46.43
The Land Of Rape & Honey
The Land Of Rape & Honey (180 gram vinyl LP)
Cat: MOVLP 651. Rel: 01 Jan 90
  1. Stigmata
  2. The Missing
  3. Deity
  4. Golden Dawn
  5. Destruction
  6. The Land Of Rape & Honey
  7. You Know What You Are
  8. Flashback
  9. Abortive
 in stock $19.53
The Land Of Rape & Honey (reissue)
The Land Of Rape & Honey (reissue) (limited numbered 180 gram orange & gold vinyl LP)
Cat: MOVLP 651C. Rel: 20 Jun 19
  1. Stigmata
  2. The Missing
  3. Deity
  4. Golden Dawn
  5. Destruction
  6. The Land Of Rape And Honey
  7. You Know What You Are
  8. Flashback
  9. Abortive
Review: Music On Vinyl's Ministry reissue series continues via this heavyweight re-press of "The Land Of Rape And Honey" on orange and gold vinyl. On its initial release in 1988, the album was seen as something of a departure from the Al Jourgensen-helmed band's previous output, primarily because it mixed their previous EBM, industrial and experimental synth-pop influences with heavier guitar riffs, more stomping beats and the kind of growled vocals more prevalent in heavy metal. Listening back 31 years on, the album has lost none of its luster, with highlights including the low-slung dub-rock chug of "Golden Dawn", the ricocheting drums and dystopian screams of "Destruction", the EBM-rock throb of "You Know What You Are" and the 400 Blows style electro-dub funkiness of "Abortive".
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Sport (2xLP + CD)
Cat: XLLP 776. Rel: 14 Oct 16
  1. FiT_17 (0:34)
  2. Fuck You, Oscar (4:25)
  3. Frankie (feat Frankie) (5:00)
  4. Big Keith (Ok Ok mix) (3:09)
  5. Skype (2:08)
  6. Junk (4:31)
  7. Jonny (feat Jonny) (5:25)
  8. Beat 20_194r (0:56)
  9. Gettin' Paid To Be Yourself (Al Kick Ass mix) (3:29)
  10. Do You Rotate? (feat Dale Cornish) (4:50)
  11. Her Face (3:02)
  12. Gone A Bit Bendy (NTS Chatroom version) (0:55)
  13. Plastic (3:55)
  14. Mad Love (feat Loke Rahbek) (4:25)
  15. FiT_17
  16. Fuck You, Oscar
  17. Frankie (feat Frankie)
  18. Big Keith (Ok Ok mix)
  19. Skype
  20. Junk
  21. Jonny (feat Jonny)
  22. Beat 20_194r
  23. Gettin' Paid To Be Yourself (Al Kick Ass mix)
  24. Do You Rotate? (feat Dale Cornish)
  25. Her Face
  26. Gone A Bit Bendy (NTS Chatroom version)
  27. Plastic
  28. Mad Love (feat Loke Rahbek)
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Matter (Deluxe)
Matter (Deluxe) (LP + 7")
Cat: DE 060LP. Rel: 05 Mar 14
  1. Automotive
  2. Circulat (Hertz)
  3. Transitory
  4. Lanternslide
  5. Mortal_Immortal
  6. Rotation Mécanique
  7. Velocity Life
  8. Static
  9. Inured (Pink Elln mix)
  10. Relate
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I Staggered Mentally
Cat: DE 085. Rel: 02 Mar 15
  1. He Is Patriotic (3:12)
  2. Out Of Order (3:40)
  3. Plateau Stage (4:09)
  4. All Present & Correct (3:27)
  5. Karsic (3:17)
  6. Sex Crimes (4:26)
  7. Sure Is Kinda Spooky (2:26)
  8. Mass Disorder (4:54)
  9. Fiends (3:18)
  10. Sort Out (3:06)
Review: John Whybrew, Ian Sharp and Dean Piavani are Portion Control. In case you didn't know about them, they're one of the most influential industrial bands to have come out of the 1980's and have also been a massive inspiration for the likes of Depeche Mode and Skinny Puppy. Moreover, it's their signature brand of rhythmic, mostly instrumental post-punk which has made the music of Craig Leon and others so sought after these days. Originally out in 1982 on Phaze Records, these ten tracks are timeless pseudo-techno jams which will always be coveted by DJs, musicians and samplers alike. Cop it now because the original is rather pricey!
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World Of Rubber
Cat: DE 096LP. Rel: 17 Jul 15
  1. Definition Of Honours (4:15)
  2. In Bits (3:03)
  3. Fixation (4:03)
  4. Save Our Souls (3:27)
  5. Distortion (3:14)
  6. Underneath The Glass (6:38)
  7. Zero (4:27)
  8. Japanese Headset (2:00)
  9. Black Flowers (5:27)
  10. Courts Of Wars (3:47)
  11. Metal Sheet (1:19)
  12. Germany (5:35)
  13. State Of Emergency (4:33)
  14. I Need Noise (2:19)
  15. The Cutting Motion (1:52)
  16. Intro (3:35)
  17. Split Screen (4:25)
  18. Death Process (3:56)
  19. The Telephone Call... (5:06)
  20. Deadly Norwegian Attack (0:36)
Review: Second Layer's World of Rubber, first released on Cherry Red way back in 1981 - some two years after the duo's first outing on 7" - has long been considered something of an industrial classic by those in the know. Here, it gets a deserved re-press from the folks at Dark Entries. 34 years on, it still retains the power to shock, with Adrian Borland and Graham Green's raw, weighty mix of post-punk basslines, sharp guitars, fuzzy electronics, tape loops and basic drum machine grooves still sounding deliciously fresh. Certainly, it's comparable to many more celebrated releases of the time, and arguably more spontaneous in feel.
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Cat: DE 099. Rel: 05 Oct 15
  1. Liquidation (4:58)
  2. The Power Of (4:59)
  3. Self Destruction (4:19)
  4. Never Land (3:35)
  5. Inside-Outside (4:45)
  6. Suicide (2:37)
  7. Short Circut (2:55)
  8. Pressure (4:14)
  9. Aversion (3:01)
Review: Peter Van Bogaert, also known as Liquid G by his diehard fans, is one of Belgium's most important industrial artists. The man has been releasing gruesome electronic cassettes since the mid 1980's, but while he has always been a digger's heaven, his output has remained largely in the shadows to the rest of the world. Luckily, Dark Entries are here to save the day as always, and compile some of his best and rarest work on an LP. Proto-techno wouldn't really do these tracks justice as they're actually much more than that. Ranging from jacking post-punk instrumentals, to starry synth jams and lamenting vocals, this is surely up any emo kid's alley. "Self Destruction" sounds particularly ahead of its time, and it's surely one to check out!
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Gespielt von: Mark Forshaw
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Buttechno: Sport (Soundtrack)
Buttechno: Sport (Soundtrack) (hand-stamped 12")
Cat: BTX 000. Rel: 22 Oct 15
  1. M (3:38)
  2. Aerial Line Layer (4:32)
  3. Bass (2:56)
  4. P-L (2:30)
  5. Electric (5:13)
  6. East (3:30)
  7. Zov Echo (1:33)
  8. Yalta Digger (5:02)
  9. Untitled H (2:28)
  10. Styx Vol 2 (2:11)
  11. Metal (3:09)
  12. Rassvet (2:43)
Review: Pavel Milyakov has largely impressed since making his debut under the Buttechno alias earlier this year, delivering a pair of 12" singles that gather together short, hardware-driven experiments in a variety of dystopian styles. Here, the Russian producer debuts under his given name, once again flitting between dark and spacey dancefloor workouts, bleak broken techno, macabre electro, wonky IDM and panicky ambience. Despite the stylistic shifts, the EP hangs together impressively, thanks in no small part to Milyakov's penchant for industrial textures, tape echo and haunting melodies. If you're into the releases of L.I.E.S and Berceuse Heroique, you need this in your life.
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Super Solid Heavy Waste (remastered)
  1. Out Demon Out (3:40)
  2. Highway Surplus (6:33)
  3. Palomar (6:34)
  4. Entre Nous (4:02)
  5. Under Your Hoop (3:39)
  6. The Land Of Feeling Good (4:01)
  7. Spook House (8:34)
  8. Tu Quoque, Fili Mi (3:41)
Review: Dark Entries are no strangers to profiling the prolific work Piscataway duo Mike Mangino and the late Chris Shepard committed to tape as Smersh, issuing a compilation of their material in late 2012 called Cassette Pets. It's fair to say a lot more people know Dark Entries now but might not be that familiar with Smersh so this new Super Solid Heavy Waste collection is a fine introduction to the US outfit. Reflecting the more beat-focused side to Smersh, the tracks were recorded between 1983 and 1993, covering the duo's most prolific period up to the year before Shepard passed away, with just "Under Your Hoop" having previously appeared on vinyl as part of the 1990 LP Emmanuelle Goes To Bangkok. Listening through it's no surprise Smersh appeared on the Borft label operated by Scandinavian pranksters Frak - there are definite sonic parallels between them.
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Gespielt von: Alexis Le-Tan, Kid Who, Rogér
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Zoo (LP + insert)
Cat: DE 136. Rel: 28 Sep 16
  1. Message Through Hertz (6:29)
  2. Sex By Force (4:37)
  3. Ouverture (2:37)
  4. Ton Retrait Des Eaux (2:44)
  5. Hand In Hand (6:05)
  6. Leders Klub (6:02)
  7. Invisible Man (1:56)
  8. Zoophilic Lolita (6:03)
  9. Stranger (4:33)
  10. After The Last Gaze (3:52)
Gespielt von: Rogér
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A Dissembly
A Dissembly (LP + 1-sided flexi-disc)
Cat: DE 110. Rel: 23 Mar 16
  1. Asylum (4:30)
  2. Semi Sex Act (8:08)
  3. Karnage (3:49)
  4. Kalm (2:37)
  5. Francis Bacon (6:26)
  6. Beirut (4:59)
  7. Karnal (4:23)
  8. Physikal Jerk (3:50)
  9. Smack (3:18)
Review: Josh Cheon's Dark Entries label plunge once more into the depths of the UK underground in the 1980s and come up the other side with this crucial reissue of A Dissembly by Konstruktivits. A quick history lesson: former Heute man and Throbbing Gristle/Industrial Records associate Glenn Michael Wallis was and remains the towering creative force behind Konstruktivits who are active to this day and have been "perverting your ears since 1980." Of the numerous albums Konstruktivits have been responsible for, it is their debut LP from 1982 that Dark Entries have chosen to reissue here, offering a newly remastered take on A Dissembly that suggests Wallis and associates to be worthy sonic companions to Muslimgauze, Tuxedo Moon, Clock DVA and Throbbing Gristle. The freaks out there will love this one.
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Gespielt von: Ali Renault
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Exclusivo! (reissue)
Exclusivo! (reissue) (LP + insert)
Cat: DE 177. Rel: 30 Oct 17
  1. Depassement (2:50)
  2. Pat'lin D'Merde (3:23)
  3. Gaspacho (1:16)
  4. So Far (3:18)
  5. Bro Ho Tado (3:09)
  6. Le Vol Du Bourbon (2:39)
  7. First Funk (5:24)
  8. Sans Les Griffes, Avec Les Dents (5:12)
  9. H-Co (3:04)
  10. Ojja (5:35)
  11. Clap (3:16)
  12. Tubulaire (3:35)
Review: Alesia Cosmos were a collective of musicians led by Bruno de Chenerilles (and several other collaborators) formed in the early '80s in Strasbourg. Under the influence of William Burroughs, John Cage, Pierre Henry and others, de Chenerilles developed tape music. By 1982, he appeared for the first time under the name Alesia Cosmos Furi Show. This experimental show led to a music project based on his and close collaborator Pascal Holtzer's compositions, performed with other musicians in the beginning of 1983. The Exclusivo! LP was the group's debut album recorded and was self-released in 1983. de Chenerilles and Holtzer's improvisations with the group brought forth more ideas and the album was recorded in a few days. The result was a mixing of electronic music, field recordings, North African and Asian percussion, electric guitars and voices, compositions and free improvisations. All four musicians took turns singing onomatopoeic phrases and backing vocals, even sometimes in an unknown language, a sort of mixed bag between Breton and Japanese.
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E Un Sole (reissue)
E Un Sole (reissue) (LP + inserts)
Cat: DE 206. Rel: 22 Mar 18
  1. La Zona (2:41)
  2. Delitto E Passione (6:48)
  3. E Un Sole (3:53)
  4. In The Mouth My Heart (5:18)
  5. Centro D'Erezione (5:34)
  6. Antenne (1:35)
  7. Il Senso Di Torpore (4:27)
  8. Emoraggia Sensoriale (7:06)
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Selectors 003
Selectors 003 (gatefold 2xLP)
Cat: DKMNTLSLCTRS 003. Rel: 28 Jun 17
  1. Front 242 - "Don't Crash" (4:54)
  2. The Force Dimension - "Algorythm" (Manipulating mix) (2:46)
  3. Executive Slacks - "So Mote It Be" (4:35)
  4. Martin Dupont - "The Light Goes Through My Mouth" (3:17)
  5. A Thunder Orchestra - "Diabolical Gesture" (Marcel Dettmann edit) (4:28)
  6. Twice A Man - "Happy Life" (4:49)
  7. Cabaret Voltaire - "Low Cool" (Marcel Dettmann edit) (4:40)
  8. Kaa Antilope - "Rise Up Helicopter, Like A Bird" (3:59)
  9. Clan Of Xymox - "A Day" (6:40)
  10. Ministry - "Same Old Madness" (5:10)
  11. Fad Gadget - "Back To Nature" (5:51)
Review: With the renewed attention surrounding industrial and EBM in the last few years (and its influence on techno, again), it's important that someone with credentials gives the new generation a decent history lesson. Fitting that Berghain resident and MDR boss Marcel Dettmann curates a compilation of classics from the sound's heyday: here's someone who actually lived through it. As part of Amsterdam imprint Dekmantel's Selectors Series, these gems from yesteryear should certainly set the record straight and provide solid reference points for new school retroverts. Highlights (and there's many) include: Belgian EBM legends Front 242 with "Don't Crash", Philadelphia industrial underdogs Executive Slacks' "So Mote It Be" and the mandatory Cabs track comes in the form of "Low Cool" (the Marcel Dettmann Edit, no less). It wouldn't be a proper industrial comp without a bit of Wax Trax! would it? Label staples Ministry appear with their 1982 song "Same Old Madness", a period in the band's history that some consider their finest.
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Gespielt von: S-File, Snuffo
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Lap Top Less Dance
Lap Top Less Dance (180 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: LAP 00. Rel: 04 Sep 17
  1. Less Dance
  2. Top Less
  3. Lap Dance (Guy Debord's disco Punish mix)
  4. Dance Less (feat Flores Feias)
Review: Hugo Capablanca may be best known for his more disco-minded output from his time on Gomma Records, but increasingly his scattered output and his label have been reaching towards more abrasive material. Nothing will prepare you for the confrontational nature of this daring, 'no label' transmission. The artwork alone is enough to challenge the senses, while the opening track is a metallic drone that gives way to the distended mutant beats of "Top Less". Guy Debord is no less cut throat in delivering a "Disco Punish" remix of "Lap Dance" on the B-side, all deconstructed groove and guttural noise, and then "Dance Less" rounds the record off with another excursion into unsettling, heavily processed noise.
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Some Experiences With Shock
Cat: DE 232. Rel: 29 Nov 18
  1. Heart Of The Monster (Survival & Determination) (5:47)
  2. Autolyse (2:11)
  3. Close Up (2:04)
  4. Damaged Corpse (3:51)
  5. Masochist (1:49)
  6. Medial Canthus Operation (3:04)
  7. Red Action (2:02)
  8. Intractable Pain AA (Lacerations & Immolation) (6:12)
  9. Survival Of A Severely Burned Child (2:15)
  10. Catheterization (2:56)
  11. Anesthesia & Disfigurement (2:39)
  12. Medial Canthus Operation (7:29)
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Glennascaul (2xLP + insert)
Cat: DE 258. Rel: 13 Sep 19
  1. Konstruktivists (3:15)
  2. Carlou (3:44)
  3. Two Hands Held (2:09)
  4. How You Say (4:18)
  5. White Design I (4:08)
  6. Half Hearing (3:58)
  7. New York (5:13)
  8. Incognito (4:11)
  9. Maribel (4:18)
  10. White Design II (4:03)
  11. Sierra Nevada (3:02)
  12. New York (remix) (5:15)
  13. Ikon (7:39)
Review: Konstruktivists is the Industrial project of Glenn Michael Wallis from Kent, England. In the late '70s Wallis was a "control agent" for Throbbing Gristle and the Industrial Records crew. Influenced by Krautrock bands like Can, NEU!, Cluster/Harmonia as well as Tuxedomoon, Yello, Chrome, and SPK, Glenn began to record his own material. After several cassette releases, Konstruktivists' first LP 'A Dissembly' was released in 1982 followed by 'Psykho Genetika' in 1983 and 'Black December' in 1984. That same year Wallis collaborated with his friend Chris Carter, of Throbbing Gristle and Chris and Cosey fame, on CTI's 'Conspiracy International One'.
In 1985, Glenn spent a week at Chris and Cosey's studio recording 11 tracks that would become the 'Glennascaul' album originally released on Nigel Ayers' Sterile Records. Produced and mixed by Chris Carter, it marked a complete change in style for the band towards a beat-orientated rhythmic sound. 'Glennascaul' is proto electro at its very best, with Glenn's hallucinogenic vocals on top. A musical collage designed to invoke images in the mind. The back cover clearly states "No guitars. No Fairlights." For this deluxe reissue we've added two bonus tracks recorded around the same time, now vinyl for the first time ever. All songs have been remastered for vinyl by George Horn at Fantasy Studios in Berkeley. The record is housed in an exact replica of the original jacket featuring cover art, which is a co-production of Trevor Brown, Nigel Ayers and an image Glenn Wallis supplied. Each copy includes a double-sided 8x11 insert with liner notes by Nigel Ayers, press clippings, and photos.
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A Souvenir Of Camber Sands: Live December 2004
A Souvenir Of Camber Sands: Live December 2004 (limited gatefold white vinyl 2xLP + poster + postcard + MP3 download code)
Cat: TGLP 20. Rel: 13 Dec 19
  1. P-A-D (10:35)
  2. What A Day (6:55)
  3. Greasy Spoon (9:50)
  4. Live Ray (8:20)
  5. Hamburger Lady (8:25)
  6. Almost Like This (A Kiss) (7:55)
  7. Splitting Sky (10:47)
  8. Convincing People (7:40)
  9. Fed Up (6:42)
  10. Wall Of Sound (8:22)
Review: When Throbbing Gristle performed live at Camber Sands in December 2004, it was an emotional occasion. All four members had reunited for only the second time since 1981 in order to pay tribute to their dear friend and fellow industrial pioneer John Balance. The resulting performance was electric, with the legendary four-piece putting on a dazzling show of doom-laden industrial magic that is still talked about in hushed tones to this day. This double-vinyl set, which was previously only available as a limited CD-R release in the days following the performance, presents the 90-minute show in full. It's arguably one of the band's strongest live recordings and feels particularly potent given the circumstances leading up to it.
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Live December 2004: A Souvenir Of Camber Sands
  1. P-A-D
  2. What A Day
  3. Greasy Spoon
  4. Live Ray
  5. Hamburger Lady
  6. Almost Like This (A Kiss)
  7. Splitting Sky
  8. Convincing People
  9. Fed Up
  10. Wall Of Sound
Review: When Throbbing Gristle performed live at Camber Sands in December 2004, it was an emotional occasion. All four members had reunited for only the second time since 1981 in order to pay tribute to their dear friend and fellow industrial pioneer John Balance. The resulting performance was electric, with the legendary four-piece putting on a dazzling show of doom-laden industrial magic that is still talked about in hushed tones to this day. This double-disc set, which was previously only available as a limited CD-R release in the days following the performance, presents the 90-minute show in full. It's arguably one of the band's strongest live recordings and feels particularly potent given the circumstances leading up to it.
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