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DJ Accessories

Our range of DJ accessories includes a wide variety of tools, add-ons and complementary products to help you get the most out of your DJ setup and enjoy the mixing process. Spirit levels and stylus pressure gauges help you to set up your turntables perfectly, ensuring the best quality sound and performance. Cases for DJ accessories keep your essentials safe between DJ sets. Audio cables and Bluetooth transmitter/receivers allow you to connect devices with ease. Scratch breaks are available on vinyl and flash drives, ideal for either the old-school DJ or the digital turntablist.
DJ Accessories
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AM Clean Sound Cassette Cleaner
Cat: 636099 Rel: 08 Mar 17
Tapehead cleaner fluid, 20ml - includes tape cassette
Notes: Includes a tape cassette and cleaning fluid. To remove dirt and grime from your cassettes, add a few drops of the cleaning fluid and let the cassette tape run.

Remove distortion and the presence of high frequency tape hiss with the Cassette cleaner.

The non-abrasive formula and cleaning cassette safely and efficiently remove noise producing dirt, dust and oxide particles without damaging the audio heads and pinch rollers.

It's as easy as playing a tape.

Here's how the product works:

- Soak the tape head cleaning pins in the cleaning solution.
- Insert into the cassette player and press play.
- The moistened tape passes the tape head, capstan and rollers during play mode to remove dust, dirt and any greasy build up.

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Audio Innovate InnoFader Mini Hercules DJControl Inpulse T7 Crossfader
Cat: 971628 Rel: 06 Nov 23
3 mini Innofader Plus faders, already soldered to a board which drops straight into the Hercules T7
Notes: Upgrade your Hercules T7 so it becomes a true scratching machine! With this you get 3 mini Innofader Plus faders already soldered to a board which drops straight into the Hercules T7. No soldering or adjustments needed for installation...faders are already pre-adjusted for tight cut-in < 1.0mm. User accessible calibration buttons on all 3 faders allow for further precision adjustments. Also includes a sleek see-through acrylic mounting plate.
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Audio Innovate InnoFader Mini Pro Stanton STX Crossfader
Cat: 971629 Rel: 27 Sep 23
DJ turntable crossfader designed for the Stanton STX.
Notes: The new mini innoFADER PRO can turn any ordinary mixer or controller into a true scratch machine for minimal cost. This model is specific for the Stanton STX portable turntable and comes setup to just drop in and go.

The mini Innofader Pro for Stanton STX allows you to toggle between left or right handed cutting setups on the fly. It is the perfect companion for your nano or an ideal upgrade, offering the same precision cutting action.

Each kit comes with two blue with white stripe Coolorcaps so you can match both Innofader caps to the pitch slider cap for a sleek look, plus a matching mounting plate and mini Innofader Pro mounting screws.

The mini innoFADER PRO offers unparalleled precision and adjustability. It can respond to DJ movements in less than a millisecond. DJs can get the dead space down to 0.1mm for super tight and fast cuts, or go to 1mm or so for clean beat juggling. The mini Innofader Pro comes standard with either light tension for scratching.


0.8msec max latency
0.8msec response time
0.1mm cut-in/cut-out overlap
Adjustable Cut-in 0.0 to 3.2mm
<30 grams friction resistance
0-150 ohm output
Plug and play with the Stanton STX
Unmatched product life
Non-contact variable capacitor technology
100% resistant to dust, smoke, temperature and moisture
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DJ Shin Headshell USB Flash Drive Digital Battle Breaks
Cat: 851750 Rel: 26 Oct 21
All the Battle Breaks released by DJ $HIN, also known as King of Battle Breaks, over the past 16 years + Bonus Beats + Secret sound sources.
Notes: All the Battle Breaks released by DJ $ HIN, also known as King of Battle Breaks, over the past 16 years + Bonus Beats + Secret sound sources, etc. There are plenty of sound sources in the USB memory that can be used not only for DJ training but also very useful for producers.

The cartridge type USB memory has an original shape that cannot be found anywhere else, with the design created from scratch.

Easy to use with a key ring. It will be an item that boasts details that give off a cool presence as a USB storage for everyday use and carrying around!

Featuring high-resolution sound from all of DJ Shin battle break series. All titles that were released in the analog to so far Recorded in (24bit 48khz) and MP3 (320kbps).

In addition, scratches, juggling, instruments that can be used frequently for DJ mixes, single drum sounds (kick, snare, hi-hat, etc., drum loops, various sound effects, tones, voices, scratches and drum loops that can be used with skip-proof specifications in timecode mode, etc. A total of more than 1800 sounds are recorded in folders for ease of use.
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Kosuli Breaks 12" Scratch Vinyl Record (black)
Cat: 867874 Rel: 03 Mar 22
Battle Breaks by Japanese Turntablists.
Notes: "KOSULI BREAKS," features many of the Japanese turntablist world stars. Based on the concept of "Japan," the 27 skip-less tracks, easy to use even for beginners as they're standardized at 133.33 BPM, are a spark of hope in this chaotic world.

The tracks contain a wealth of Japanese sounds, as well as globally popular words such as "samurai" and "ninja," making it a viral content not only in Japan but also overseas.

"I told the artists that the concept was 'Japan,' but then I let each of them create freely. Although the record was produced in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, I believe that the artists' various thoughts and feelings came together to create battle breaks that give hope to the future. I expect "KOSULI BREAKS" to bring new excitement to the turntablism scene." - by KOSULIST-J.

KOSULI producer KOSULI is the original japanese word for what is known as the DJs technique scratching. It is now also a brand created to have a new influence on the world when passion is spread by all creatives souls expressing their thoughts and feelings through scrubbing/scratching. KOSULI is for every soul that keeps scratching, for every kosulist.
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Lightscale DJ Sun Shade Sunscreen For Pioneer DJ CDJ Players
Cat: 883503 Rel: 09 Aug 22
Sun visor for CDJ players
Notes: Sun visor for CDJ players

Everyone knows the problem: a festival gig during the day, and the player's display is barely legible due to the sun. Lightscale DJ offers a lifesaver for festival DJs - the first sun protection for CDJs. The easily foldable sun visor protects the display of all the usual players (such as CDJ 2000, NXS and NXS2) from reflections from the sun.

It neither restricts the view nor the working area of the DJ.

The sun visor is designed in such a way that it can be pushed quickly and easily from the front under the CDJ, even during operation, without disturbing the process.

The panel can be customized with stickers, for example, and can be individually printed from a quantity of 50.

Folded together, the panel fits into any case or bag, with which the players are also transported and of course also in the flight luggage of a touring DJ.


Sun protection for CDJ players
Highly transportable
Quickly disassembled and assembled
Material: cardboard (stable)

Weight: 91g
Size (W x H x D) assembled: 33 x 23 x 11 cm
Size (W x H x D) folded: 32.5 x 32.5 x 0.5 cm
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Minirig 3 Portable Speaker Silicon Case (grey)
Cat: 768237 Rel: 04 Mar 20
silicon case
MRP:$5.26 SAVE 30%
 2 in stock $3.69
Minirig 3.5mm Jack Portable Speaker Audio Cable (1m)
Cat: 623267 Rel: 23 Aug 16
Stereo 3.5mm mini-jack to stereo 3.5mm mini-jack audio cable - 1m length
Notes: Stereo 3.5mm mini-jack to stereo 3.5mm mini-jack audio cable for connecting minirig speakers.

- 1m length
- Gold plated connectors
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 2 in stock $2.37
Omnitronic T-1 DJ Headphone Holder
Cat: 957708 Rel: 24 Jul 23
Practical table clamp for DJ headphones
Notes: Practical table clamp for DJ headphones.

Technical specifications

Maximum load: 2 kg
Clamp area: 0 - 40 mm
Colour: Black


Length: 14,4 cm
Width: 2,5 cm
Height: 5,5 cm
Weight: 140 g
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Sets Hearing Protection Earplugs
Sets Hearing Protection Earplugs (DJ hearing protection)
Cat: 964278 Rel: 01 Dec 23
Designed to be worn at clubs, bars, festivals and anywhere live music is played.
 More than 10 in stock $17.36
Stokyo 16GB Headshell USB 3.0 Flash Drive
Cat: 971214 Rel: 27 Sep 23
Stokyo headshell shape USB 3.0 flash drive 16GB
Notes: Stokyo headshell shape USB 3.0 flash drive 16GB (no data)


USB 3.0
Headshell Shape
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 1 in stock $26.83
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