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Schema Italy

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Heat In The City
Cat: SCEB 962CD. Rel: 18 Feb 21
Broken Beat/Nu Jazz
  1. Everybody's Going Uptown
  2. Daddy's Groove
  3. Fire In Acapulco
  4. Heat In The City
  5. Let Me Be Your Lover
  6. Mean Street
  7. Red Light District
  8. The Crowd Pleaser
  9. The Devil Made Me Do It
  10. The Game Of Love (bonus track)
  11. Summer Of '75 (bonus track)
Review: Masterminded by Danish stwart Alex Puddu and the Ivisible Session's Luciano Cantone, The Afro Soul Prophecy is a collaborative project featuring contributions from seriously good jazz, soul and Afro-funk musicians from around the World. Of course, sometimes such all-star affairs fail to live up to the hype, but Heat In The City certainly does. Offering a mixture of Roy Ayers' style jazz-funk, Afro-beat, Latin grooves, disco and Blaxpolitation funk instrumentals, Puddu and Cantone have managed to get the most from their contributors while balancing free expression with a detailed, intricate musical script packed to the rafters with superb musical details. For that reason alone, we'd argue that the album is well worth picking up.
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 in stock $17.91
Bloom (2xLP)
Cat: SCLP 459. Rel: 22 Jan 13
Broken Beat/Nu Jazz
  1. Hurt So Bad
  2. The Letter
  3. Spooky
  4. I Will Never Stop Loving You
  5. Within Myself
  6. Big City
  7. I Just Dropped In
  8. Time Will Come
  9. Everytime We Say Goodbye
  10. The Meaning Of Love
Review: Having teased the jazz fraternity with a cheeky 7" earlier on this year, Andrea assuages our ears with this super smooth full lengther. Pristinely polished and produced with a big band feeling, there's a distinct Rat Pack feeling as we stride confidently through big choruses and sassy sambas ("I Will Never Stop Loving You") before diving headfirst into mournful smoky saxophone and piano laments ("The Meaning Of Love"). A common face performing on the French Riviera, hopefully this should take Balducci to the broader audience he deserves...
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 in stock $24.25
Underground (LP + CD)
Cat: SCEB 913LP. Rel: 01 Jul 14
  1. Flying
  2. Imphormal
  3. Murder
  4. Gap
  5. Militar Police
  6. New Experiences
  7. Fall Out
  8. Obstinacy
  9. Description
  10. Flying
  11. Imphormal
  12. Murder
  13. Gap
  14. Militar Police
  15. New Experiences
  16. Fall Out
  17. Obstinacy
  18. Description
Review: This deliberately mysterious outfit hailed from Italy, and this, the first of two previously ultra-rare and highly collectible LPs, is no less than a psychedelic classic, chock full of wild keyboards, fuzz guitar rampage, blissed-out trance states and fearful avant-garde trickery. It's been ascertained that Braen's Machine was the work of heralded soundtrack composer Perio Ulimani, as well as Morricone collaborator Allesandro Allesandroni, and this would make perfect sense, as "Underground" is very much in the metier of Italian soundtrack legends Goblin, and bound to appeal to fans of the widescreen psych sweep of Aphrodite's Child. Bellisima.
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 in stock $28.65
Rituals Volume 1 & 2
Rituals Volume 1 & 2 (gatefold 180 gram vinyl 2xLP)
Cat: SCLP 441. Rel: 04 Nov 08
  1. The Nubian Queens
  2. Caravan
  3. Karma Flowers
  4. Rituals
  5. Castles In The Rain
  6. Love In
  7. Macedonia
  8. Black Is The Graceful Veil (alternative version)
  9. Paper Clouds
  10. Like Leaves In The Wind
  11. The Shaman
  12. I See All Shades Of You
 in stock $36.93
Free Souls
Cat: SC 708. Rel: 09 Apr 14
  1. Free Souls (feat Bridgette Amofah)
  2. Shades Of Joy (feat Marvin Parks)
Review: Storied Latin-jazz artist, composer, producer, and DJ Nicola Conte lays down a marker for his upcoming fifth studio album Free Souls with this delightful 7" of the same name. Brandishing two gens from the album, Conte's channelling soul jazz at it's purest on the title track, with a rhythm and blues arrangement that provides the perfect backing for Bridgette Amofah's gliding vocal delivery. On the B Side, "Shades Of Joy" is equally as memorable with Marvin Parks' soft croon enveloped in the smooth double bass and horn section. On the basis of this, the forthcoming album should be one of Conte's finest yet!

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! low stock $7.45
Kind Of Sunshine
Cat: SCEP 382. Rel: 01 Oct 04
Broken Beat/Nu Jazz
  1. Kind Of Sunshine
  2. Impulso
 in stock $13.78
Garota Moderna
Cat: SCLP 333. Rel: 16 Jan 03
Broken Beat/Nu Jazz
  1. Maria Moita
  2. Canto De Ossanha
  3. Bossa 31
  4. Zona Sul
  5. Adriana
  6. Mar Azul
  7. Saudosismo
  8. Ipanema
  9. Samba Novo
  10. Fica Mal Com Deus
 in stock $27.55
People Need People
Cat: SC 725. Rel: 23 Sep 21
Broken Beat/Nu Jazz
  1. People Need People (4:20)
  2. The Higher Love (4:14)
Review: Nicola Conte and Gianluca Petrella's recent album, People Need People, was one of the warmest, soulful ad most accessible sets of the year, with the experienced Italian duo combining authentic jazz instrumentation and percussion with contemporary deep house and broken beat grooves. This superb seven0=-inch single showcases two of the album's undoubted gems: the impeccable deep house soul of 'People Need People' - a wonderfully sun-soaked affair in which Petrella's impassioned vocals and vibraphone solos stretch out across a tactile groove - and the downtempo, spoken word-laden hip-hop/jazz fusion of 'The Higher Love'. In a word: essential.
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 in stock $9.10
Rio De Janeiro
Cat: SCEP 418. Rel: 13 Sep 06
Broken Beat/Nu Jazz
  1. Rio De Janeiro (Beatfanatic Bossatech remix)
  2. Rio De Janeiro (The Trio instrumental)
  3. Um Novo Dia (Diesler's Broken Bossa remix)
  4. Um Novo Dia (The Trio instrumental)
Review: Chanteuse Rosalia de Souza strikes back with perfect timing: The carioca artist is back on the scene with two sunshiny singles and related fizzy remixes, all on one 12"! "Um Novo Dia" becomes a speedy club samba; whereas "Rio De Janeiro" still a samba but slower and slightly more "techy"; by the hands of Diesler and Beatfanatic respectively. Both songs are taken form the acclaimed last album of Rosalia "Brasil Precisa Balançar", which was produced in Rio de Janeiro by the great bossa maestro Roberto Menescal, with Rosalia displaying her enchanting interpretation. Originally this piece written by Schema's very own Toco with S-tone Inc. first featured on the album "Installaçao do Samba" by Tomaz Di Cunto, (aka Toco). The song reveres the city of Rio, the shore that every person worldwide inspired by Brazilian music dreams of. In this 3rd single from her album, the instrumental versions follow the remixes on both sides. As ever they are magically played by the same trio of piano, double bass and drums which features in the album. Diesler is the young yet affirmed producer from Tru-Thoughts who puts his touch over "Rio De Janeiro" on Side A. Whereas the Latin-Swede going by the name of Beatfanatic treated the feel-good spirit of "Um Novo Dia". This record contains the ingredients for a long-lasting summer delight: Brazilian tunes both for dance clubs as well as relaxed listening pleasures.
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 in stock $17.37
When You Died
Cat: SC 723. Rel: 19 Dec 19
Broken Beat/Nu Jazz
  1. When You Died (3:16)
  2. When You Died (Massimo Martellotta rework) (2:59)
 in stock $7.99
Olympia Mini LP
Cat: SCEP 475. Rel: 19 Nov 15
Broken Beat/Nu Jazz
  1. Olympia (5:48)
  2. Tin Tin Deo (6:10)
  3. Talking Sticks (5:42)
  4. East Breeze (5:32)
  5. The Obsession (5:39)
Review: Gerardo's first new material since last year's album Movement, the "Olympia" EP sees the Milano musician return to his club roots with five of his most floor-focused cuts. From the Shiffrin-style guitars and Jorge Ben licks of the dramatic cinematic title track we head deep into the dance by way of the cadent Latin soul of "Tin Tin Deo", the Hammond-squeezing "Talking Sticks" and the percussion-primed heads-down Arabic charms of "East Breeze". We climax with "The Obsession", a thumping drum-focussed samba number that tips a big nod to the likes of Master At Work.
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 in stock $20.95
Moving Ahead
Cat: SCCD 490. Rel: 28 Sep 20
Broken Beat/Nu Jazz
  1. Naihi
  2. Face The Music
  3. Que Dilema
  4. Marombo (album version)
  5. Desencantado
  6. Naihi's Son
  7. Cuiaba
  8. Guava
  9. Foresta Esotica
  10. Vicky
  11. Damay
  12. Kerewan
  13. Marombo (part II)
  14. Mwanga (bonus track)
 in stock $16.52
Join The Dance
Cat: SC 452LP. Rel: 10 Jun 10
  1. Tata Somba
  2. Will You Walk A Little Faster? (feat Norma Winstone)
  3. Joy Shout
  4. Waltz For Emily
  5. One More Swing
  6. Titoro
  7. Mille E Una Notte
  8. High Hat
  9. I'm Gonna Go Fishin' (feat Francesca Sortino)
  10. Another Waltz
  11. Bubbly
 in stock $33.62
Modern Latin Jazz
Cat: SCCD 482. Rel: 30 Nov 17
Broken Beat/Nu Jazz
  1. Mulata
  2. Uma Danca
  3. Olympia
  4. Blue Latin
  5. Delirium
  6. Naquela Base
  7. Tin Tin Deo
  8. Olympia (part 2)
  9. Talking Sticks
  10. Baracoa
  11. East Breeze
  12. Incanto
  13. The Obsession
  14. Oyela
  15. Get On Up
  16. African Seeds (rework)
  17. Space In Time (New version)
  18. Superstrut
  19. Moderno Primitivo
  20. Passion Dance
  21. Voices Of The Jungle
  22. Samba Skindim
  23. Donke De
  24. Joy Shout (club dub)
  25. African Nite Life
Review: Gerarado Frisina has always been something of a vinyl enthusiast, meaning plenty of his releases have never made it to CD or digital download. It's these that form the basis of Modern Latin Jazz, a bespoke "best of" that gathers together tracks released at various points over his 16-year career. You get two of his best releases - this year's fantastic Latin Blue album and 2015's Olympia EP - in their entirety, plus tracks taken from rare and hard-to-find 12" singles from the dawn of the decade and long before. The two-disc set does a great job of showcasing Frisina's increasingly dub-tinged approach, mixing Latin jazz floor-fillers, percussive stompers and snaking jazz-house shufflers with more traditional bossa-jazz fare and the kind of warm, loose-limbed nu-jazz that was once found on Jazzanova albums.
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 in stock $25.08
Ta Na Hora
Cat: SCEP 487. Rel: 05 Sep 19
Broken Beat/Nu Jazz
  1. Ta Na Hora (6:29)
  2. Ta Na Hora (instrumental) (7:12)
  3. Craque (4:20)
  4. Craque (instrumental) (4:49)
 in stock $11.02
Ye Maya E/Confiance A La Musique
Cat: SCEP 474. Rel: 19 Nov 15
Broken Beat/Nu Jazz
  1. Ye Maya E (6:01)
  2. Confiance A La Musique (5:57)
  3. Ye Maya E (Ye Maya) (5:44)
 in stock $11.02
The Feed Back (remastered)
Cat: SCEB 916LP. Rel: 06 Jun 14
  1. The Feedback
  2. Quasars
  3. Kumalo
  4. The Feedback
  5. Quasars
  6. Kumalo
 in stock $23.43
La Conquista Di Luna
La Conquista Di Luna (LP + CD with obi-strip)
Cat: SCEB 945LP. Rel: 29 Sep 16
  1. La Conquista Di Luna (3:34)
  2. Il Volto Nascosto Di Luna (2:19)
  3. Tycho (3:18)
  4. A Mrs Armstrong (2:17)
  5. Chiaro Di Luna 2000 (3:56)
  6. La Ruota Dei Pianeti (2:46)
  7. Richiamo Di Terra (3:07)
  8. Vento Solare (2:31)
  9. Meteoriti (2:32)
  10. In Viaggio (2:40)
  11. Il Centro Di Houston (2:34)
  12. Odissea Nello Spazio (2:22)
  13. La Conquista Di Luna
  14. Il Volto Nascosto Di Luna
  15. Tycho
  16. A Mrs Armstrong
  17. Chiaro Di Luna 2000
  18. La Ruota Dei Pianeti
  19. Richiamo Di Terra
  20. Vento Solare
  21. Meteoritif
  22. In Viaggio
  23. Il Centro Di Houston
  24. Odissea Nello Spazio
Gespielt von: Billy Bogus
 in stock $23.98
This Is The Moment
Cat: SC 714. Rel: 26 Jan 17
  1. This Is The Moment (Gerardo Frisina rework) (3:51)
  2. This Is The Moment (2:35)
 in stock $7.45
Circle (reissue)
Circle (reissue) (coloured vinyl 7")
Cat: SC 707 COLOUR. Rel: 25 Feb 22
  1. Circle
  2. Circle (Gerardo Frisina Re edit)
Gespielt von: The Allergies, LEGO EDIT
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est. release 25 Feb 22 $11.85
Cat: SCEB 961CD. Rel: 05 Mar 20
Broken Beat/Nu Jazz
  1. You Are My Fire (feat Gene Robinson Jr)
  2. Be My Lover (feat Gene Robinson Jr)
  3. Don't Hold Back (feat Gene Robinson Jr)
  4. Love Affair
  5. Discotheque
  6. Nightflight
  7. Release The Catch (feat Sawa)
  8. Back Against The Wall (feat Duane Hobson)
  9. Fight Together
  10. Saturday Night (feat Duane Hobson)
  11. Blue Lines
 in stock $18.19
All I Want Is You
Cat: SC 74. Rel: 29 Sep 20
Broken Beat/Nu Jazz
  1. All I Want Is Your Love (feat Rodney Stith) (3:48)
  2. Don't Hold Back (4:11)
 in stock $7.45
Discomusic (LP + CD with obi-strip)
Cat: SCEB 59LP. Rel: 30 Mar 17
  1. Carousel (3:18)
  2. Discomania (3:18)
  3. Optimist (4:40)
  4. Hobby (3:55)
  5. Odeon (3:54)
  6. Skypass (3:39)
  7. Impact (4:25)
  8. Forcing (4:36)
  9. Happy End (5:39)
  10. Marlowe (3:20)
  11. Carousel
  12. Discomania
  13. Optimist
  14. Hobby
  15. Hobby
  16. Skypass
  17. Skypass
  18. Skypass
  19. Impact
  20. Forcing
  21. Marlowe
  22. Happy End
Review: Piero Umiliani is an Italian jazz musician, most famous also for his dalliances in scoring many film soundtracks. The compositions here, have been credited to Rovi (another alias used by Umiliani). This LP made by ten tracks that could have been the perfect soundtrack of a 'Commedia Sexy All'Italiana' (a genre characterised by sex-based plots and bawdy jokes). At that time in Italy disco had still an exotic appeal and was considered apt to accompany a genre of movies that was at once erotic and comic. Discomusic is some sort of a white version of a sound that is inherently black, a unique record within Umiliani's discography. The track Discomania became popular as the closing theme of 90- Minuto, a famous Italian football TV show, bringing Umiliani's music to millions of Italian households.
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 in stock $25.63
Body & Soul
Cat: SCLP 493. Rel: 12 Nov 20
  1. Body & Soul (4:04)
  2. Rosa Da Ribeira (feat Toco) (4:26)
  3. Move On (feat Afra Kane) (3:55)
  4. In The Name Of Love (feat Laura Fedele) (4:39)
  5. Flying Away (feat Afra Kane) (3:59)
  6. Pra Voce (feat Toco) (4:07)
  7. No Meio Do Samba (feat Toco) (3:34)
  8. Odoya (feat Toco) (3:53)
  9. Blow My Mind (feat Afra Kane) (3:50)
  10. Midnight Sun (3:44)
 in stock $30.34
Try My Love
Cat: SC 722. Rel: 05 Sep 19
  1. Try My Love (3:39)
  2. Odoya (feat Toco) (3:53)
Review: Stefano Tirone has been a stalwart of the Italian scene since making his debut on legendary Italian house label Calypso Records way back in 1992. Since then, his productions have become increasingly more jazz and soul focused, with a sizeable side order of groovy downtempo beats. His latest seven-inch single begins with "Try My Love", a hazy chunk of head-nodding jazz-funk/soul fusion rich in languid synthesizer solos, lazy grooves, hazy horns and soulful vocals. It's really good all told, though we'd argue that flipside "Odoya" - a wiggling chunk of Afro-tinged mid-tempo funk - is even better. Either way, it's another rock solid release from the effervescent Tirone.
Read more
 in stock $7.45
Moon In Libra
Cat: LPSC 407. Rel: 13 Nov 09
Broken Beat/Nu Jazz
  1. Copacabana Soul
  2. Stormy (Bossa mix)
  3. Lua E Xango
  4. Ponta Da Pedra
  5. Universe Of Love
  6. My Only Man
  7. Queen Of The Night
  8. Better Than A Lie
  9. Dona Luna
  10. How High Is The Moon
 in stock $28.65
Sway (gatefold LP+CD with obi-strip)
Cat: SCEB 948LP. Rel: 25 Aug 16
  1. Sway (9:12)
  2. Bartokiana (6:55)
  3. Mad (4:33)
  4. Sweeten (5:31)
  5. Canon (5:23)
  6. Sway
  7. Bartokiana
  8. Mad
  9. Sweeten
  10. Canon
 in stock $25.63
Outro Lugar
Cat: SCCD 419. Rel: 15 Mar 07
Broken Beat/Nu Jazz
  1. Outro Lugar
  2. Litoral
  3. Zum Zum
  4. Assuntos Banals
  5. Bom Motivo (feat Rosalia De Souza)
  6. Samba Noir
  7. Barracao
  8. Voz Da Lapa
  9. Guarapiranga
  10. Contradicao (feat Coralie Clement)
  11. Simples
  12. Foolish Samba
Review: "Outro Lugar" is Toco's second album. Born Tomaz Di Cunto, Toco is a Brazilian songwriter from Sao Paulo who, despite his young age, is a passionate connoisseur as well as admirer of original bossa nova from the 60's. He absorbed the archetypal characteristics of the harmonies and the rhythms of that genre to offer them again in his own personal, contemporary style.
Read more
 in stock $19.02
To Day's Sound
To Day's Sound (gatefold 2xLP)
Cat: SCEB 928LP. Rel: 28 May 15
  1. Open Space (4:14)
  2. Green Valley (3:04)
  3. Caretera Paramericana (2:54)
  4. Goodmorning Sun (4:40)
  5. To-Day's Sound (2:26)
  6. Free Dimension (2:16)
  7. Truck Driver (4:35)
  8. Blue Lagoon (3:39)
  9. Wanderer (3:51)
  10. Lady Magnolia (3:22)
  11. Pretty (3:08)
  12. Railroad (4:14)
  13. Country Town (3:29)
  14. Bus Stop (2:43)
  15. Cotton Road (3:30)
  16. Nocturne (3:51)
  17. Exploration (2:10)
  18. Tropical River (4:23)
  19. Coast To Coast (3:21)
  20. Safari Club (5:07)
  21. Music On The Road (4:22)
 in stock $34.72
Il Corpo (Soundtrack)
Il Corpo (Soundtrack) (LP + CD with obi strip)
Cat: SCEB 923LP. Rel: 16 Jul 15
  1. Hard Times (4:19)
  2. Free Life (2:27)
  3. Stream (2:01)
  4. Princess (3:39)
  5. The Body (3:56)
  6. Desert Island (1:54)
  7. Dusken (2:00)
  8. Chaser (1:29)
  9. Tidal Stream (2:33)
  10. White Sand (3:03)
  11. In The End (4:06)
  12. Princess (2:56)
  13. The Body (3:26)
  14. Desert Island (2:16)
  15. Hard Times
  16. Free Life
  17. Stream
  18. Princess
  19. The Body
  20. Desert Island
  21. Dusken
  22. Chaser
  23. Tidal Stream
  24. White Sand
  25. In The End
  26. Princess
  27. The Body
  28. Desert Island (alternative take)
  29. Free Life (vocal)
  30. Stream (alternative take)
  31. Princess (alternative take)
  32. In The Village
  33. Savana
  34. Stream (alternaitve intro)
  35. In The End (instrumental)
 in stock $28.65
Welcome To My World
Cat: SC 473LP. Rel: 07 May 15
  1. Too Soon You're Old (6:37)
  2. Late I Rise (5:11)
  3. Chaos (6:13)
  4. Tryin' Times (5:21)
  5. Follow The Sun (3:28)
  6. Come With Me (4:07)
  7. Just Say Goodbye (3:24)
  8. Running For My Love (3:55)
  9. Welcome To My World (5:19)
 in stock $17.91
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