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New releases this week: Indie/Alternative

New Indie/Alternative vinyl in stock + the latest preorders
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Good Luck World (I Think You're Going To Need It)
Cat: EA 45062. Rel: 22 Feb 24
Good Luck World (I Think You're Going To Need It) (2:42)
Human, All Too Human (2:01)
 in stock $8.19
The Wreck Of The Edmund Fitzgerald
The Wreck Of The Edmund Fitzgerald (silver vinyl 7" + MP3 download code)
Cat: LCDW 860837. Rel: 22 Feb 24
The Wreck Of The Edmund Fitzgerald (7:02)
Untitled 1 (3:28)
Alien (3:28)
 in stock $21.11
Day Is A Downer EP
Day Is A Downer EP (limited grey vinyl 7")
Cat: OLII 58075077. Rel: 21 Feb 24
The Day Is A Downer (3:12)
Catastrophe (3:38)
Chase Me Off/Out (5:20)
 in stock $13.47
With Strings
With Strings (12" in spot-varnished sleeve)
Cat: TRR 430LP. Rel: 22 Feb 24
Emerald River Dance (4:40)
Black Is The Color (3:41)
On My Way (with Strings) (3:55)
The City (with Strings) (5:46)
 in stock $21.11
Queen Of The Planet Wow!
Cat: EARS 205LP. Rel: 22 Feb 24
I Like 'Be' With You (4:01)
Woman At A Spinning Wheel (3:25)
Queen Of The Planet Wow! (3:20)
Rain On A Burning Day (4:06)
Map To Eros (2:16)
April In New York (3:42)
 in stock $16.37
Tag (7")
Cat: WSP 056. Rel: 22 Feb 24
Tag (3:10)
Lucky (2:20)
Thanks (1:10)
 in stock $13.20
Girl With No Face
Cat: AXGW 0001CD. Rel: 22 Feb 24
Weird World
Girl With No Face
Off With Her Tits
John & Jonathan
Black Eye
You Slept On Me
Saddest Smile
Staying Power
Truly Dreams
 in stock $13.20
Mother Of Pearl Moon
Cat: AATTCD 014. Rel: 22 Feb 24
The Whaler
Town Square
Mother-of-Pearl Moon
This Path Through The Meadow
No Mountains, No Horizon
Visions Of A Stray
Field After Field
Away From Me
 in stock $12.14
The Light Fantastic
The Light Fantastic (gatefold yellow vinyl LP)
Cat: BRAMLPC 0001. Rel: 22 Feb 24
Leave No Traces (2:50)
A World Full Of Flowers (3:43)
It's Just You (2:37)
The Light Fantastic (2:25)
Here It Comes (2:57)
A Sky Full Of Thunder & Lightning (3:13)
I Am The Sky (3:09)
Days Go By (2:46)
The Element Of Truth (2:42)
I Feel Me (2:35)
Nobody Left But You (3:34)
Illegalised (3:24)
 in stock $24.03
Live From Austin TX
Live From Austin TX (gatefold clear splattered vinyl 2xLP)
Cat: LP NW5767C. Rel: 19 Feb 24
(Nothing But) Flowers (4:29)
God's Child (4:43)
And She Was (3:38)
Once In A Lifetime (7:12)
The Great Intoxication (3:43)
Marching Through The Wilderness (4:46)
The Revolution (2:26)
This Must Be The Place (Naive Melody) (5:50)
What A Day That Was (6:48)
Desconocido Soy (2:52)
Like Humans Do (4:13)
Life During Wartime (6:32)
I Wanna Dance With Somebody (4:57)
 in stock $29.04
Live At Rockpalast
Live At Rockpalast (2xCD + 2xDVD)
Cat: MIG 90303. Rel: 22 Feb 24
Autobiography (CD1)
Oh La La
Model Beirut Recital
Streets Of Laredo
Dr Mudd
Leaving It Up To You
Caribbean Sunset
The Hunt
Fear Is The Man's Best Friend
Heartbreak Hotel
Paris 1919
Waiting For The Man
Mercenaries (Ready For War)
Pablo Picasso/Love Me Two Times
Close Watch
Live At Rockpalast (DVD1)
Ghost Story (CD2)
Ship Of Fools
Leaving It Up To You
A Child's Christmas In Wales
Buffalo Ballett
Antarctica Starts Here
Taking It All Away
Paris 1919
Chinese Envoy
Thoughtless Kind
Only Time Will Tell
Cable Hogue
Dead Or Alive
Waiting For The Man
Heartbreak Hotel
Fear Is The Man's Best Friend
Live At Rockpalast (DVD2)
 in stock $21.11
Pearls Given To The Swine (reissue)
Pearls Given To The Swine (reissue) (gatefold heavyweight vinyl 2xLP + booklet)
Cat: SRELP 543. Rel: 22 Feb 24
Mimosa (5:01)
After My First Murder (4:39)
Someone Is Here (6:11)
What Have I Done? (3:31)
Funeral Wedding (4:49)
Disgraced Girl (3:20)
How The Black Art Was Revealed (7:25)
Disco Death (3:16)
Inauguration Of The Pleasure Dome (live) (5:30)
The Thelemite (4:54)
My Portrait In Sadness & Glory (3:17)
The Stone Orchids (4:27)
In The Morning (live) (3:24)
Bethrothal & The Rites Of Rape (live) (5:10)
She Travels The Fastest Who Travels Alone (live) (5:51)
Jubileum In Hell (2:32)
The Terrible Secret (5:00)
 in stock $26.14
No Elvis Beatles Or The Rolling Stones: The Singles 1977-1979
White Riot (1:59)
1977 (1:40)
Capital One Radio (2:37)
Listen (2:09)
Remote Control (3:01)
Londons Burning (live) (2:10)
Complete Control (3:14)
City Of The Dead (2:23)
Clash City Rockers (3:48)
Jail Guitar Doors (3:01)
(White Man) In Hammersmith Palais (6:56)
The Prisoners (3:12)
Tommy Gun (2:54)
1-2 Crush On You (2:33)
English Civil War (2:10)
Pressure Drop (1:07)
! low stock $20.06
Battle Cry (Japanese Edition)
Battle Cry (Japanese Edition) (CD with obi-strip)
Cat: CDSOL 71629. Rel: 22 Feb 24
Prelude/Fix Your Eyes Up
Battle Cry
FInal Symphony
No Do Overs
Revelation Song
Never Never Comes
Interlude/Inside Outside
Colour Me The Sky
 in stock $24.56
Love To You Mate
Love To You Mate (clear vinyl LP)
Cat: BELLA 1523V. Rel: 22 Feb 24
For You (2:34)
I Don't Want To See You Like That (2:39)
How'd It Get So Real (3:45)
Lune (3:45)
A Wish (3:26)
The Light (4:01)
Love To You, Mate (3:41)
Coda (4:19)
"Small Miracles" (1:16)
For Life (4:10)
Big Boots (2:39)
Review: Jack Kenworthy's latest album under the longtime Moniker Colouring is a veritable headstand. Whereas his earlier projects dealt in made-up scenarios in the lyrics, Love To You Mate concerns the loss of his brother-in-law to bowel cancer and the subsequent coming-closer to his family, making this the first album to deal with a focussed, concretely personal subject matter. Continuing Colouring's post-Britpop slant, taking cues from Coldplay, Elbow and Keane through to the more electronic and contemporary influences in the genre such as James Blake and Radiohead, this is a deep-dive into a sorely-untrodden theme for indie singer-songwriter music; that of the family reuniting over the ties that truly bind.
Read more
 in stock $23.76
Six (CD)
Cat: DE 045CD. Rel: 23 Feb 24
House Of Cancer
Backseat Driver
Ghost Pine Eyes
Shadows Of Doves
Moon Dripping Down
Lightning & Gasoline
The Truth Can Hurt You When You Look At It With Selfishness
 in stock $12.14
Dreamtime (40th Anniversary Edition)
Cat: BBQ 2296LP. Rel: 22 Feb 24
Horse Nation (3:38)
Spiritwalker (3:40)
83rd Dream (3:39)
Butterflies (2:49)
Go West (3:59)
Gimmick (3:34)
A Flower In The Desert (3:42)
Dreamtime (2:48)
Rider In The Snow (3:13)
Bad Medicine Waltz (5:57)
Review: After they'd moved on from their earliest moves as Death Cult, Ian Astbury's goth-tinged new wave rockers The Cult laid down their opening manifesto proper on Dreamtime and forged a classic in the process. It's a totem of the darker side of new wave for good reason, draped in shimmering guitar lines and angular grooves that defined the era, loaded with driving anthems like the title track and brooding atmospheres aplenty - just catch the sinewy mood of '83rd Dream' as a prime example. An all-time great, now available once again thanks to this reissue on Beggars.
Read more
! low stock $22.16
Unreadable Communication: Anxious Recordings 1991-1993
Cat: CRCD4BOX 166. Rel: 22 Feb 24
Ten Little Girls (CD1: Four Eps)
I Speak Your Every Word
No Escape From Heaven
Coast Is Clear
The Colour Hurts
Die Like A Dog
Fait Accompli (single version)
Arms Out
Already Yours
Horror Head
Wish You Dead
Lillies Dying
Ice That Melts The Tips
Split Into Fractions
Think & Act
Fait Accompli
Falling Free
Mission From God
Today Is Not The Day
I Feel Love
Missing Link (CD3: Cuckoo)
Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus
All Of One
Unreadable Communication
Turkey Crossing
Left Of Mother
Sweetest Pie
On The Wheel
Low & Behold
Nothing Without Me
Half The Time
Coast Is Clear (CD4: live/Remixed - live Manchester 91)
Die Like A Dog (live London 91)
Fait Accompli (extended)
Horror Head (single mix)
Falling Free (Aphex Twin remix)
Missing Link (single mix)
Missing Link (Screaming Bird mix)
Rising (Headspace mix)
Half The Time (Honey Tongue mix)
Superblaster (single mix)
Review: Formed by two relative veterans of the musical landscape in London in 1990, Curve blazed a trail with a fresh new sound during the first few years of that decade, fusing heavy electronics with layered guitars and sweetly dark vocals. The British music press was instantly enamoured, and the band went on to score a succession of critically acclaimed underground hits through a series of classic EPs and two futuristic albums. Released on Dave Stewart's (Eurythmics) Anxious imprint, these records chart the course of a band who burned brightly but briefly in their original incarnation. Featuring the classic early EPs and those two seminal long players, 'Unreadable Communication' demands a re-examination of a group who set the standards of their own time and place, and who continue to be referenced and appreciated by shoegazers, industrialists and ethereal pop kids across the world.
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! low stock $31.67
At The Royal Club (25th Anniversary Edition)
At The Royal Club (25th Anniversary Edition) (white & black splattered vinyl LP)
Cat: LPWELF 131C. Rel: 22 Feb 24
Love Stethoscope (3:03)
Stereotype (2:46)
44 (4:06)
Time To Live (5:03)
Royal Club (2:45)
The Soul Of Laura (3:51)
Chart Music (3:05)
Tongue Twister (0:53)
Stop! Go! (2:51)
Coffee Maker (3:15)
How Good You Are (3:09)
 in stock $19.54
Levitation Sessions
Levitation Sessions (limited clear & pink swirl vinyl LP)
Cat: RVAS 831. Rel: 22 Feb 24
Eclectic Prawn (3:58)
Before Kiddos Bath (3:29)
Congratulations (3:38)
Try To Be Your Best Person (3:33)
She Knows (3:48)
Indian Food (3:36)
Self Esteem (6:11)
Plumy Tale (4:01)
Crystal Balls On Roll (4:22)
Makes You Fly (5:05)
 in stock $22.16
Fleet Foxes/Sun Giant (Japanese Edition)
Fleet Foxes/Sun Giant (Japanese Edition) (gatefold 2xLP + insert with obi-strip)
Cat: SP 777LPJ. Rel: 22 Feb 24
Sun It Rises (Fleet Foxes)
White Winter Hymnal
Ragged Wood
Tiger Mountain Peasant Song
Quiet Houses
He Doesn't Know Why
Heard Them Stirring
Your Protector
Blue Ridge Mountains
Oliver James
Sun Giant (Sun Giant)
Drops In The River
English Rose
Innocent Son
 in stock $55.17
Uncle Bobby's Record (reissue)
Uncle Bobby's Record (reissue) (hand-stamped LP + booklet in recycled hand-painted sleeve limited to 300 copies)
Cat: MYS 082LP. Rel: 22 Feb 24
In Search Of Something (3:51)
Backwards World (5:17)
Growl We May (5:38)
Who Needs It (2:57)
The Dark Days (2:28)
Civilized Blues (2:46)
Hymn To Karma (1:59)
Touch My Soul (3:42)
Seven Seasons (4:57)
Provincetown Girls (3:42)
Running Down The Road (1:56)
John Henry 1962 (2:50)
 in stock $29.04
Anti Fun Propaganda
Anti Fun Propaganda (neon yellow vinyl LP + insert)
Cat: ACCS 10610. Rel: 22 Feb 24
Kids Wanna Dance (3:17)
Girls! (3:03)
Anti-Fun Propaganda (2:41)
That's Enough Internet For Today (3:01)
All Figured Out (3:21)
Plan B (interlude) (1:45)
Famous (2:37)
Big Hit Single (3:09)
Post-Cool (3:36)
Jude's Song (6:26)
 in stock $22.16
Rationale (limited white vinyl LP)
Cat: 280453. Rel: 22 Feb 24
I Want To Be Invisible (2:15)
The Same Ordinary (1:16)
Plastic (1:14)
Can't Feel Anything (2:39)
Big Winner (1:01)
Recollection (1:26)
Certainty (1:54)
It's My Turn (1:21)
Just A Place (2:13)
No One There (1:47)
My Lonely Lighting (1:14)
Half Truth (2:45)
Review: Offering fuzzy grunge-pop with doses of shimmering synths and emo angst, Ned Russin co-fronted Title Fight before halting in 2018, after which he began playing music as Glitterer. Now a full band, Glitterer returns with Rationale, combining 90s grunge, capital-R riffs a la The Stooges and a keyboard lead motif that gives self-deprecating melodrama. After relying more on synths for the entirely solo, home-recorded Glitterer LP in 2017, Russin involved collaborators on the crunchier Looking Through the Shades in 2019, and this trend heard him move towards driving indie rock grit with 90s influences, continued on 2021's Life Is Not a Lesson and now Rationale. Russin has a unique voice to boot, not instinctively a shoegazey spectre, instead more of a belting tenor, but this proves a beautiful combination.
Read more
 in stock $26.40
Doomsday Goes Away
Cat: TRE 054LP. Rel: 19 Feb 24
Doomsday Goes Away (4:07)
Dark Nothing (4:18)
Neglected (3:16)
Wastemakers (3:32)
Burning Eye (4:36)
Blame (3:46)
The Ban (4:04)
Going Under (3:10)
Freak (3:23)
Winter (5:22)
 in stock $24.28
Pulling At The Briars
Cat: LPGRON 287. Rel: 22 Feb 24
I Heard You Calling (4:19)
Blue Jeans (4:17)
Permanent Blus (3:53)
Leaves (2:44)
The Rolling Wave (6:36)
In Your Own Way (4:08)
What We Do (4:56)
Fairytale (4:19)
Pokerface (3:51)
This Time (5:30)
 in stock $22.16
Gloom Division
Gloom Division (gatefold limited blue vinyl LP (indie exclusive))
Cat: 725827 4. Rel: 22 Feb 24
Downside (3:29)
Gloomtown Brats (2:59)
Infatuation (3:14)
What Love? (3:16)
Spkothdvl (4:10)
Sixft (3:27)
Find Me (3:24)
Kiss & Tell (3:22)
A Letter (3:10)
Satanic Panic (3:08)
Sunnyside (feat Will Joseph Cook) (3:12)
Idiots Of Oz (3:04)
 in stock $31.67
Gloom Division
Gloom Division (gatefold LP)
Cat: 725315 5. Rel: 22 Feb 24
Downside (3:31)
Gloomtown Brats (3:12)
Infatuation (3:19)
What Love? (3:18)
Spkothdl (4:06)
Sixft (3:34)
Find Me (3:21)
Kiss & Tell (3:24)
A Letter (3:06)
Satanic Panic (3:05)
Sunnyside (feat Will Joseph Cook) (3:19)
Idiots Of Oz (2:50)
 in stock $31.67
Live At Sydney Opera House (Australian Edition)
Cat: DOC 335LP-V1. Rel: 19 Feb 24
The Number 3 (4:59)
The Number 4 (5:45)
August 10/Master Of Life (6:22)
Two Fish & An Elephant (2:55)
First Class (5:02)
So We Won't Forget (5:08)
Shida (3:44)
Friday Morning (6:23)
Lady & Man (2:32)
Pelota (4:22)
Evan Finds The Third Room (6:59)
Maria Tambien (4:18)
Time (You & I) (6:30)
People Everywhere (Shiftings Sands remix) (5:48)
A Calf Born In Winter (5:28)
Zionsville (3:53)
 in stock $47.63
Anthology 1982-2024
Anthology 1982-2024 (5xCD box set)
Cat: QCRCD5BOX 157. Rel: 22 Feb 24
Last Film (CD1: Naked & bonus tracks)
Frightened In France
Watching Their Eyes
Love Lasts Forever
All For You
Last Film (Hymn version)
Big Man Restless
Desert Song
Broken Body
Maybe This Day
In Awe Of Industry
Mr Blunt
Water In My Eye (bonus track)
Shine (bonus track)
Love Lasts Forever (7" mix - bonus track)
The Last Film (Hymn version - extended - bonus track)
Water In My Eye (extended version - bonus track)
Garden Parties (bonus track)
The Other Side Of Heaven (CD2: What Noise & bonus tracks)
Captain Zero
Victory Parade
Each Day In Nine
The Rain It Never Stops
Radio On
Watching The Tears
Love & Money
What Noise
The Other Side Of Heaven (extended version - bonus track)
Celestial (bonus track)
Footsteps (Black Sash remix - extended version - bonus track)
The Rain It Never Stops (short version - bonus track)
One Step (CD3: Certain Things Are Likely & bonus tracks)
Never Too Late To Love You
Certain Things Are Likely
Dream Dream
No One's On The Same Side
Can You Hear Me
Identity Card
One Day
I Won't Wait
One Step (7" version - bonus track)
Never Too Late To Love You (7" version - bonus track)
Certain Things Are Likely (Garage remix edit - bonus track)
One Step (Special club remix - bonus track)
Michael (bonus track)
One Step (Media mix - CD4: Re-mixed & extended)
One Step (UK remix)
Never Too Late To Love You (Kissing The mix)
Never Too Late To Love You (extended mix)
Never Too Late To Love You (instrumental dub)
Never Too Late To Love You (New York mix)
Never Too Late To Love You (New York instrumental mix)
Certain Things Are Likely (Garage dub)
Certain Things Are Likely
Certain Things Are Likely (instrumental)
Certain Things Are Likely (Garage 12")
Underage (extended instrumental version)
Water In My Eye (instrumental version)
Stand Up (Get Down) (CD5: remixes & New Recordings)
I Won't Wait (Mixedub)
Stand Up (Phgogomix)
No One's On The Same Side (Mixedub)
Stand Up (Get Down) (12" edited Master)
Stand Up (Hamish McDonald mix)
Spying On Me (New Master)
Imagine Everyone
The Last Film (feat Henrikes)
The Last Film (feat Henrikes - instrumental)
One Step (Visnadi & Sirone remix)
One Step (live At W-Fest)
The Last Film (live At W-Fest)
Review: .
Read more
 in stock $36.95
Terremoto (30th Anniversary Edition) (Record Store Day RSD Black Friday 2023)
Terremoto (30th Anniversary Edition) (Record Store Day RSD Black Friday 2023) (limited numbered gatefold vinyl picture disc LP) (1 per customer)
Cat: 505419 7803154. Rel: 21 Feb 24
Dimmi Il Nome (3:41)
Maudit (4:56)
Fata Morgana (5:10)
Soldi (3:51)
Firenze Sogna (4:41)
Dinosauro (3:50)
Prima Guardia (4:45)
Il Mistero Di Giulia (5:57)
Sotto Il Vulcano (4:45)
Tags: Italian
 in stock $38.00
Welcome To The Rest Of Your Life
Cat: BOT 0001CD. Rel: 22 Feb 24
Cheap Stolen Kisses
Under Cover Lovers
Down In The Gutter
You Rub Me Up The Wrong Way
Get Up Get Out
Kiss & Just Be Friends
Two Lives
We Can Be The Gossip
One Last Song
You Know You're Turning Me On (bonus track)
Beautiful, Deadly & Mine (bonus track)
 in stock $10.04
Open Your Eyes
Open Your Eyes (limited purple vinyl LP + white vinyl 7")
Cat: CLOLP 5206. Rel: 22 Feb 24
New Church (LP) (3:51)
Question Of Temperature (5:55)
Girls Girls Girls (3:10)
Livin' On Lovin' (2:59)
Eat Your Heart Out (3:22)
Russian Roulette (2:17)
Fortune Teller (4:02)
Open Your Eyes (3:45)
Lil' Boys Play With Dolls (4:02)
Holy War (2:47)
Portobello (2:47)
Apocalypto (2:05)
New Church (encore) (2:25)
New Church (7") (3:41)
Livin' On Lovin' (3:11)
 in stock $42.24
Last Show In Japan: The Classic WOMAD Broadcast
Streams Of Whiskey
If I Should Fall From Grace With God
Cotton Fields
Young Ned Of The Hill
Rain Street
Repeal Of The Licensing Laws
The Body Of An American
Greenland Whale Fishe-ries
Gartloney Rats
Summer In Siam
Thoudsands Are Sailing
The Sunnyside Of The Street
Dirty Old Town
The Sick Bed Of Cuchlanin
Sally Maclennane
Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah
Band Intros
The Irish Rover
 in stock $11.09
Going Through It
Going Through It (translucent blue vinyl LP + insert)
Cat: ROYM 1415351. Rel: 19 Feb 24
Before (3:48)
Glitter (3:07)
Mythologize Me (2:52)
Punch Drunk (3:11)
Crybaby (4:37)
16 (3:10)
Just Like Mine (4:16)
Bird (2:21)
Anything You Want (3:33)
Modern Woman (4:08)
Strike (4:17)
To Wake Up (4:31)
 in stock $30.89
Men I Trust
Men I Trust (translucent yellow vinyl LP)
Cat: RTA 084. Rel: 21 Feb 24
A Cycle (feat Odile) (3:19)
Dazed (feat Geoffroy & Gabrielle) (3:50)
Stay True (feat Helena Deland) (4:51)
A Prayer (feat Odile) (4:06)
Opus (3:02)
System (feat Gabrielle & Marie Renee) (4:04)
Endless Strive (feat Thomas) (3:31)
Nasty Ostinato Ad Nauseam Snap Bass Caron (1:49)
Extatic Memoirs (feat James & Odile) (5:01)
Introit (feat Odile) (3:05)
A Closing Word (feat James) (2:30)
 in stock $20.59
Untourable Album (Deluxe Edition)
Untourable Album (Deluxe Edition) (gatefold clear vinyl LP + lenticular insert)
Cat: RTADLX 120. Rel: 21 Feb 24
Organon (2:24)
Oh Dove (3:17)
Sugar (2:55)
Sorbitol (2:57)
Tree Among Shrubs (3:09)
Before Dawn (3:33)
Serenade Of Water (3:06)
5AM Waltz (1:48)
Always Lone (3:14)
Ante Meridiem (2:26)
Lifelong Song (3:03)
Shoulders (3:20)
Beluga (1:07)
 in stock $60.72
Tailwhip (Deluxe Edition)
Cat: RTACD 003. Rel: 21 Feb 24
Show Me How
I Hope To Be Around
You Deserve This
Break For Lovers (live)
Lauren (live)
Tailwhip (live)
You Deserve This (live)
I Hope To Be Around (live)
Lauren (Duo version)
I Hope To Be Around (live Solo)
Sad Organ
 in stock $12.41
Loss Of Life
Cat: CDMP 731. Rel: 22 Feb 24
Loss Of Life (part 2)
Mother Nature
Dancing In Babylon (feat Christine & The Queens)
People In The Streets
Bubblegum Dog
Nothing To Declare
Nothing Changes
Phradie's Song
I Wish I Was Joking
Loss Of Life
 in stock $13.20
1234 (gatefold translucent yellow vinyl LP)
Cat: 197189 990229. Rel: 22 Feb 24
Long In The Tooth (2:38)
Not My Leader (2:34)
Not Fake (3:54)
Exploding (5:17)
Plastic (3:12)
Crazy Lovers (3:05)
I Know Your Soul (3:22)
Genius (3:45)
Out To Lunch (3:43)
Voices (4:55)
 in stock $33.00
Nadagen (LP + MP3 download code)
Cat: RESLP 026. Rel: 23 Feb 24
Fin De Siecle
Onder 4 Ogen
 in stock $26.40
Through Rain & Through Storm: Live At The Pinkpop Festival 1995 FM Broadcast
All Babies (4:37)
Thank You For Hearing Me (6:45)
The Last Day Of Our Acquaintance (6:05)
I Am Stretched On Your Grave (4:45)
In This Heart (3:07)
Fire On Babylon (4:45)
Mandinka (4:59)
You Made Me The Thief Of Your Heart (live) (4:34)
Tiny Grief Song (live) (8:36)
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Happiness is Not A Fish That You Catch
Happiness is Not A Fish That You Catch (limited translucent green vinyl LP)
Cat: 194397 47331. Rel: 22 Feb 24
One Man Army (3:21)
Happiness & The Fish (3:35)
Potato Girl (4:17)
Blister (3:57)
Is Anybody Home? (3:37)
Waited (3:32)
Thief (3:58)
Lying Awake (4:00)
Annie (4:03)
Consequences Of Laughing (3:16)
Stealing Babies (feat Elvin Jones) (5:30)
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The Wooz (Special Edition)
Cat: LPTER 117C. Rel: 22 Feb 24
Still Got Room To Grow (3:45)
Lazarus (3:50)
Denial (2:52)
Rain (4:40)
Silver Lines (feat Brendan Philip) (3:45)
Cockroach (3:40)
In 5 (3:04)
Friday's Rain (4:08)
Not Long Now (4:14)
Tempting (6:52)
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The Wooz
Cat: LPTER 117. Rel: 22 Feb 24
Still Got Room To Grow (3:44)
Lazarus (3:58)
Denial (2:52)
Rain (4:40)
Silver Lines (feat Brendan Philip) (3:46)
Cockroach (3:39)
In 5 (3:04)
Friday's Rain (4:08)
Not Long Now (4:15)
Tempting (6:49)
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Daniel (limited silver vinyl LP + MP3 download code in embossed sleeve (indie exclusive))
Cat: WIGLP 529X. Rel: 22 Feb 24
Somebody New (3:42)
Haunted World (3:01)
Water Underground (3:21)
Flowers (2:48)
Interior (3:55)
Freeze Brain (3:25)
Say No More (3:29)
Airdrop (3:13)
Victoria (2:57)
Market Street (2:52)
You Are Here (5:10)
Review: Real Estate's sixth full-length album Daniel was recorded in an ebullient nine-day spree at RCA Studio A, in Nashville with GRAMMY-winning producer and songwriter Daniel Tashian (Kacey Musgraves). In 11 compulsively tuneful songs, they connect the uninhibited wonder of their earliest work with the earned perspective of adulthood. Several days into recording, all five members of Real Estate were discussing album titles when someone suggested Danielmsimply because it seemed funny to bestow a human name upon a record. Was it for Daniel Tashian? Maybe. Was it a nod to The Replacements' Tim? Possibly. Was it the sign of a band that has now been around long enough to take its music seriously without taking itself or its perception too seriously? Absolutely.
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Daniel (CD)
Cat: WIGCD 529. Rel: 22 Feb 24
Somebody New
Haunted World
Water Underground
Freeze Brain
Say No More
Market Street
You Are Here
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Daniel (LP + MP3 download code in embossed sleeve)
Cat: WIGLP 529. Rel: 22 Feb 24
Somebody New
Haunted World
Water Underground
Freeze Brain
Say No More
Market Street
You Are Here
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Western Approaches
Western Approaches (translucent green vinyl LP)
Cat: M 9515UKLPC2. Rel: 22 Feb 24
Western Approaches (3:41)
Godless (1:41)
Black Cat (0:39)
Afternoon (1:59)
Undertaker (2:53)
Hole In My Home (3:29)
Last Minute (2:47)
Houdini (3:34)
Daisy (3:13)
Alive (2:50)
Jigsaw Shores (4:18)
Review: Western Approaches is a fitting title for a band who've spent much of the last two years living their American dream. However, you'll find its origins are a lot closer to home. An old World War II Naval base in Liverpool city centre shares the same name, and it's no coincidence. The album was conceived on the docks, a new location for Red Rum Club, and is again much closer to home for the boys. It seems the further afar they play, the tighter their grip on their roots become, performing their biggest headline show to date in Bootle, a small town in North Liverpool where some of the lads grew up. This nostalgia, paired with a dockland setting, provided a post-war aesthetic to inspire the album, reflected in the name and the artwork. The album marks a change from the well-polished, clean-cut sonics that had become a theme in the band's previous works, and comes replaced with the raw energy they're known to produce onstage. The industrial influence is reflected in the production and it became a conscious effort to add more sound effects, distortions and echoes into the arrangements.
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Mercy (eco vinyl LP)
Cat: 279711. Rel: 22 Feb 24
Please, Please Be Smart (4:10)
I Find Trouble (5:13)
All You'll Ever Catch (4:08)
White Dress (3:37)
Mercy (3:01)
Makin' Muzak (2:50)
Houseplant (3:58)
No, There's No Hope For You (2:41)
New In Town (2:39)
Hold You (3:43)
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