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Latest reviews

Remember DetroitRawax Motor City Edition
Rawax's Motor City Edition series is back with more tech from Detroit and this time it is Los Hermanos at the buttons. Gerald Mitchell opens up the 12" with 'Two Feet Up' which brings warm and soul-infused techno vibes and some lush strong stabs. 'Remember Detroit' is a just as deep cut with slick drums and sci-fi melodies rippling throughout the arrangement and then the flipside ups the energy levels with the more twitchy and synapse-firing 'Central Nervous Systems' complete with plenty of busy melodies. Things chill out a little for the closer, 'Path Of Tranquility', which showcases some lush melodies and serene synth strings.
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Disco E Cultura Vol 2 ((Deluxe Edition)Mad About
Disco E Cultura Volume 2 by Portuguese label Mad About Records is a fantastic collection and retrospect into the vibrant dance music landscape of Brazil during the 70s and 80s. Curated by Joaquim Paulo, this compilation delves deep into the soul, funk, disco, boogie, and jazz-funk sounds that defined the era. Featuring a diverse selection of tracks, the album offers a kaleidoscope of colorful, floor-friendly jams adorned with punchy horn lines, classy vocals, and irresistible grooves. Standout highlights include Lafayette's infectious 'Sol De Varao,' Franco's Barrio-funk groove, and Aloisio's jazz-funk gem 'Tema R,' which impresses with its hot-stepping breakbeats and strong synth solos. The second side of the compilation continues the more amazing music with tracks like 'Deixa Rodar' by Hanna, 'Manifesto' by Marilia Barbosa, and 'Fogo Sobre Terra' by Coral Som Livre, each contributing to the rich heritage of Brazilian dance music.
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Bloody MaryInterscope Canada
Lady Gaga’s Bloody Mary, originally from her 2011 album Born This Way, is now available as a stunning glow-in-the-dark 12" single. Co-written and produced by Gaga, this track is a haunting electropop masterpiece. Incorporating elements of synth-pop, trance, and Gregorian chants, Gaga channels Mary Magdalene, a "feminine force" she revered since her Catholic school days. The song’s religious themes and dark, atmospheric production make it one of Gaga’s standout tracks. The limited edition features an etched B-side with pre-chorus lyrics and is housed in a striking picture sleeve. A great looking package for one of her best singles.
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JE Series 5Bud
Delve into the electrifying world of Jellyfish with Je Series 5 from BUD Records as this release will transport you to the neon-lit dance floors of the 80s with 'Musikman,'. This jam is an infectious Italo Disco anthem boasting pulsating rhythms and catchy melodies. On the Side-2, 'Musik' offers a modern twist on disco, blending nu-disco elements with groove-inducing basslines and funky guitar riffs to create a sound that's both nostalgic and fresh. Jellyfish's ability to blend genres shines through and just when you think the journey is over, a special hidden gem emerges, pushing the boundaries of conventional disco. Prepare to be amazed by this unexpected sonic adventure.
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Love LetterTresor Germany
Fireground's Love Letter EP on the legendary techno label Tresor delivers a dynamic journey through the realms of early 90s techno and house fusion. On Side-1, 'The Element' ignites the dancefloor with its big, rave-inspired sounds and UK rave influences, while 'Riva' seamlessly blends high-energy house and techno, punctuated by catchy melodic moments. On Side-2, 'Love Letter' takes the listener on a deeper voyage with its mid-90s warehouse vibe, exuding a late-night atmosphere with subtle disco undertones. Closing the EP, 'Etereo' serves as a perfect end-of-the-night track, enveloping the listener in its atmospheric soundscape. Firegrounds' talented ability to mix nostalgic elements with contemporary production techniques shines throughout Love Letter, making it a peak time record that will go over great at the disco.
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CyberphunkCosmic Tribe Netherlands
It was only a matter of time until a pun so ingenious as 'Cyberphunk' would be coined. Mixing the literary term cyberpunk with the drum & bass microgenre term, neurofunk, lends this EP title an unlikely treble entendre: 'neuro' also shares a close affinity with cyberpunk, the aesthetic movement - William Gibson's Neuromancer, a pioneering novel in the noir cyberpunk genre, springing to mind as the obvious case in point. Whilst producer Galagad 13 may or may not have consciously held these influences in mind as he set about making this latest EP, they certainly do persist in the collective psyche of which they form a part. Seemingly as ever of music with the word 'neuro' referenced in the title, the likes of 'Blast Off', 'Loud Enough' and 'Chaos' bring a distinctly crisp, hi-tech sound design approach to the table, with many VIPs - variations in production - of prior works also heard throughout. The most unnerving moment is the many voices, both robotic and human, heard on 'Time Runs Out', which brings a rapid, velocitous hollowness to a rapidfire set of megaraucous basses and leads.
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I Specialize In Love (Ben Liebrand remixes)High Fashion Netherlands
Sharon Brown's iconic disco anthem 'I Specialize in Love' has been given a fresh lease on life by legendary remixer Ben Liebrand. The Classic Rework Version is an energetic and groovy reinterpretation that infuses the original with a funky disco flair. On Side 2, Liebrand's DJ Mix takes a more extended approach to the remix. While it retains the original's energy, it adds new elements and transitions to create a cohesive and captivating dancefloor experience. By skillfully blending the old and the new, Liebrand has breathed new life into this timeless classic, ensuring that it continues to resonate with dance music enthusiasts for years to come.
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Lvca / Otis - A Promise In The Cold Night
A Promise In The Cold NightBordello A Parigi Holland
LVCA and Otis channel the sounds of their homeland into a brooding mix of addictive lines and vocoder fire in 'Ritmo Electronico'. The track opens with a steel-edged snare driving smeared synths through a neon-stained cityscape, with robotic lyrics adding menace to the scene. 'Tanzen' pulls listeners deeper into A Promise In The Cold Night, featuring Alex Vincent's glitchy words, bright burbling bars, and a clean clap that light the way. The album's true coldness emerges with 'Synthesised Emotion,' where stabbing keys and a haze of hi-hats create a smoky, electrical atmosphere. This haze thickens in 'Sphere Of Light,' as aquatic tones and static distortion blend with ghostly vocals, encapsulating listeners in a fog of bending bodies and forms. LVCA and Otis have crafted an album that is perfect for those seeking a dark, electronic escape.
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