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Latest reviews

Remember DetroitRawax Motor City Edition
Rawax's Motor City Edition series is back with more tech from Detroit and this time it is Los Hermanos at the buttons. Gerald Mitchell opens up the 12" with 'Two Feet Up' which brings warm and soul-infused techno vibes and some lush strong stabs. 'Remember Detroit' is a just as deep cut with slick drums and sci-fi melodies rippling throughout the arrangement and then the flipside ups the energy levels with the more twitchy and synapse-firing 'Central Nervous Systems' complete with plenty of busy melodies. Things chill out a little for the closer, 'Path Of Tranquility', which showcases some lush melodies and serene synth strings.
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Disco E Cultura Vol 2 ((Deluxe Edition)Mad About
Disco E Cultura Volume 2 by Portuguese label Mad About Records is a fantastic collection and retrospect into the vibrant dance music landscape of Brazil during the 70s and 80s. Curated by Joaquim Paulo, this compilation delves deep into the soul, funk, disco, boogie, and jazz-funk sounds that defined the era. Featuring a diverse selection of tracks, the album offers a kaleidoscope of colorful, floor-friendly jams adorned with punchy horn lines, classy vocals, and irresistible grooves. Standout highlights include Lafayette's infectious 'Sol De Varao,' Franco's Barrio-funk groove, and Aloisio's jazz-funk gem 'Tema R,' which impresses with its hot-stepping breakbeats and strong synth solos. The second side of the compilation continues the more amazing music with tracks like 'Deixa Rodar' by Hanna, 'Manifesto' by Marilia Barbosa, and 'Fogo Sobre Terra' by Coral Som Livre, each contributing to the rich heritage of Brazilian dance music.
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Jon Savage / Various - Do You Have The Force?: Jon Savage's Alternative History Of Electronica 1978-82 Vol 2
Do You Have The Force?: Jon Savage's Alternative History Of Electronica 1978-82 Vol 2Caroline True
Whether or not you head the first one, Jon Savage's second exploration of the diverse sounds of the post-punk era is another eye (or ear?) opening listen that will teach you plenty and join many dots you might not have done otherwise. Spanning electronic music, disco, experimental, and proto-techno, Do You Have The Force Volume 2: Jon Savage's Alternative History Of Electronica 1978-82 is a masterfully curated compilation that showcases an eclectic range of genres and influences all handpicked and well sequenced by the renowned cultural commentator, writer, and filmmaker that is Savage. This is a double LP version which comes with a 12 page digisleeve booklet.
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Liquid Earth / Man / Ipulate / Robin Graham / Basement Spac - Nuances De Nuit Vol 12
Nuances De Nuit Vol 12Nuances De Nuit
Nuances De Nuit offers up some nuance de groove here with four supremely tasteful house cuts from some of the freshest names in the game. Liquid Earth opens up with some on-point beats on 'Poly Enamel' that come topped with retro stabs and sleek pads. Man/Ipulate' 'Cosmic Tea' taps into old school Italo and dream house vibes with the feathery drums and snares and nice soft focus chords. Robin Graham's '2 Da Rhythm' brings a little more of a prickly edge and some textured, spaced out pads over kinetic tech beats. Basement Space's 'Tuskien Raider' shuts down with a little playful melodic charm.
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Kepler / Wickham - THIRST 001
THIRST 001Thirst
Welcome to the brand new Thirst label which launches itself into the world of vinyl with a tasteful first outing from two names who will be more than familiar to any house and tech heads. Kepler and Wickham have long been mainstays on plenty of cultured labels are show their class here: opener 'The Recipe' is a physical house cut with a warped low and lively percussive splatters over the drums. 'Octa' is a more uptempo jam with knick-snapping hits and metallic beats, 'Represent' is a perfect fusion of textured drums and loopy bass that has a subtle sense of bounce and last of all 'Free Your Mind' (Deep mix) brings some syrupy pads and smart spoken words to paired back house drums.
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Night Train: Mighty InstrumentalsCulture Factory
Vintage funk fans rejoice because this classic mid-60s collection is now available to you once more. James Brown's appropriately entitled Night Train - Mighty Instrumentals album is a high-class assembly of plenty of potent, hard-hitting funk as well as more tender and slow-burning soul sounds. These timeless, loveably lo-fi joints have plenty of low end heft to cut through modern dance floras while also offering up some authentic and original funk allure. It comes on nice heavyweight wax so sounds brilliantly loud and clear.
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Calibre - Peso
Is there a more prolific yet consistently high-standard producer in any genre, or in fact any art form, than Irish man Calibre? Seemingly forever, the low key but high class talent has been kicking out the jams across the worlds of drum & bass, ambient and even tech house in his earlier days. Now the Signature label boss is back once again with another impeccable one-two on this Peso 12". The title cut is a pent up bumper with killer bass and soulful vocal flourishes. 'My Chances' is a little more edgy and raw, direct and hard hitting but still with well worked vocals samples which could originally come from a Bob Marley record, if you ask us.
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Suburban Knight - The Art Of Stalking
The Art Of StalkingElypsia Belgium
This new one from Belgian label Elypsia is a real treat for lovers of original Motor City techno. It takes the form of remasters of a Detroit classic that was written by the great James Pennington aka The Suburban Knight. First up is a Ludovic Favorite mix that hits hard, with slapping percussion and unrelenting drum funk down low. The original 'Art of Stalking' tune then comes as three versions - all of which are subtle tweaks but vital variations, from the sleek original to the more direct Wake Up mix via the raw live version.
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