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Latest reviews

Bari meets Detroit on these superb remixes on offer here of Alton Miller & Amp Fiddler's 2010 anthem 'When The Morning Comes'. On the A side, Rydm Sectors deliver a rolling stomper of a rendition that still retains the deepness of the original, followed by the ever reliable Nico Lahs who serves up a dusty, KDJ influenced perspective and proceeds to rework 'Ever Wonder' over on the flipside side in emotive late night fashion. As does local duo KETAMA (Cosmic Rhythm) who hand in a soulful Afro house inspired remix.
Riding SCORCHING hot on the heels of their recent self-titled debut, fans could be forgiven for expecting more of the same from Champyun Clouds' second long player of 2021. A hodgepodge of cutting-room-floor-fodder and experiments that would've been b-sides or Japan-exclusive CD bonus tracks in those halcyon days of physical formats' golden ages is not what we're getting. Let's save those for a deluxe anniversary reissue one day. Nah - sheer, unabashed creativity fuels this album; and weirdly enough, they've managed to branch out in interesting ways while also creating an album that is more immediate and banger-centric. Although Nail's eclectic psych-lounge tendencies and Asa's irreverent poetry and broad Nottingham lilt remain the key touchstones of CC's sound, opener "Check For Silt"s rough drum'n'bass beats offer an immediate and clear sonic progression for the Nottingham duo. The LP ultimately plays a bit like a haunted jukebox in outer space - with elements of dub, britpop, early house, trippy, blissed-out sunshine pop (reminiscent of mid-90s His Name Is Alive at their most Beach Boys-aping), William Orbit-esque 90s psych-pop electronica, distorted glam rock shuffles and garage-y funk. There's a particularly great moment of sequencing at the end of the first half where I got lulled into a state of near-euphoria with the Air-like "The Flowered Crown" before getting slapped 'round the face by "I'm Not Right For You", which sounds like Nile Rogers producing a demo for Sheila & B. Devotion, except he recorded it at the bottom of a well. Sophomore slump? Never heard of him, mate.
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Jane Fitz / Various - Querencia Mix
"Querencia: a place where one feels safe, a place from which one's strength of character is drawn, a place where one feels at home." Garage Hermetique welcomes Jane Fitz on its sub label dedicated to non-dancefloor mixes on cassette.
Slapping up-down tech house via techno from Lviv producer AC130. His debut for the Parisian label Griffe records - 'Destination Unknown', which came out last year - now sees a few more copies hit our shelves. We're bowled over by the Todd Terry-like swing on the A, 'Abduction', while the techier, bell-chimingly charming tones of 'Wireless Talk' and 'Xtra D' zap us with surplus energy, leaving us with a boundless motivation to dance by the time the EP's coldwavey sci-fi closer, 'Pattern Recognition', rolls around.
Ph Project / Dma / Pilot System / Frozilla / Tj - Collaboratory EP
Soon as you drop the needle on PH Project's opener 'Blue Yellow Twist' here we guarantee you will be twisting your face in mock disc guts. The bassline is a filthy and old-school gem with organ chord stabs and spoken word snippets adding the irresistible sense of naughty house funk. DMA then bangs the box with cosmic synths and hints of 90s post-rave, Pilot System cruise on a chunky bit of bass-driven house and Frozilla & TJ go deep on far-sighted chords and bubbly bass. This is unpretentious, functional but fun house music from a small but already well-formed label.
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Cignol - Switching For A Living (reissue)
Thanks to a swathe of superb EPs over the last few years for the likes of 2020 Vision, Lunar Disko, Further Electronix, Altered Sense and Unknown to the Unknown, long-serving electro producer Cignol is enjoying something of a career renaissance. As a result, some of his earliest releases have become in-demand and hard-to-find - hence this reissue of his long-overlooked, but utterly brilliant, 2010 debut album, Switching For a Living. Offering an attractive mixture of sci-fi seeped, far-sighted tracks informed by 1990s IDM, deep electro, downtempo, ambient and acid, it's a coherent but varied affair that has well and trily lasted the test and time - thanks, in part, to Cignol's intention to make it a genuine "listening album". Recommended.
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Since debuting in the late 1990s, Simon Whalley has proved to be one of the most skilful creators of melodious, atmospheric and intricate IDM around. In that time, he's released countless killer EPs and a handful of albums, 2000's Reference being the pick of a very strong bunch. Wisely, Delsin have chosen to deliver a new vinyl pressing of that said, a gorgeously deep and detailed dive into the limitless musical potential of that classic IDM sound, which as those with long memories know mixed and matched elements of electro, techno, ambient and experimentalism. This edition includes all 24 tracks from the original CD version, rather than the truncated first vinyl pressing, and thanks to a sparkling re-master, sounds as exciting and entertaining as ever.
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Keinemusik / Ali Love - Confusion
Keinemusik all-stars &Me, Rampa and Adam Port have already released two killer collaborations this year, both featuring guest vocalists. 'Confusion' completes the trilogy, with Ali Love - a vocalist best-known for appearing on nu-disco and colourful house records - adding a touch of saucer-eyed soul to proceedings. In its original form (side A), the track is a genuinely emotive and tactile affair, with Love's eyes-closed vocals, melancholic piano lines and held-note chords seemingly floating atop a locked-in tech-house beat. The hybrid deep house/tech house sound continues on the flip, via a subtle rework that seemingly puts more emphasis on the production trio's deliciously bittersweet piano motifs.
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