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Latest reviews

Little RockerBackatcha
Popsicles by Little Rocker, originally released in 1983 and now reissued in 2024, offers a delightful glimpse into the funk and disco sounds of its era. The A-side, 'Little Rocker' ,captivates with its spacey, sexy vibe, drawing listeners into its groove with infectious rhythms and irresistible melodies. The track exudes a sense of coolness and confidence, making it a standout piece for funk and disco enthusiasts. On the B-side, 'These Are The Good Times' continues the infectious energy with its upbeat tempo and funky instrumentation. It's a feelgood anthem that celebrates life and joy, inviting listeners to let loose and dance along to its infectious rhythm.
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MahalNinja Tune
Melbourne-based trio Glass Beams share their debut record Mahal, the highly anticipated album to follow 2021's incipient 'Mirage' EP. Fronted by founding member Rajan Silva, the Glass Beams project revolves around the central theme of fatherly childhood memories, bestowed unto Silva by way of a cultural inheritance reflective of both Melbourne and India. After Silva attended the legendary Royal Albert Hall concert by George Harrison in collaboration with Ravi Shankar, he was away; nothing was the same, as a cascade of South Asian psychedelia and desert funk spewed forth; added to which, Mahal is the most recent piece of invaluable flotsam.
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Jamiroquai - Canned Heat (Dimitri From Paris remix)
Canned Heat (Dimitri From Paris remix)Le Edits
Dimitri From Paris' Le Edits imprint returns with another triumph, infusing their style into the music landscape with meticulous care and attention to detail. This time, the spotlight falls on UK jazz-funk pioneers, Jamiroquai, and their 1999 hit 'Canned Heat' from the album 'Synkronized.' Dimitri takes listeners on a transformative journey deeper into the funkmosphere, delivering a euphoric disco odyssey of epic proportions. The Side-1 features an extended, nearly nine minute vocal version of 'Canned Heat,' showcasing both Jamiroquai's unparalleled talent and Dimitri's mastery in crafting dancefloor sensations from classic records. Complementing this is a stellar Dubstrumental rendition on the second side. With a no re-press guarantee and a commitment to uncompromising quality, each Le Edits release is a testament to Dimitri's dedication to restoring sophistication and excellence to the re-edit game. From the highest-grade tip-on heavy-duty sleeves to outer protective covers, every detail is meticulously crafted, affirming Le Edits' commitment to prioritizing quality over quantity.
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I Hear No Sound: Live At De Melkweg Amsterdam Dec 12th 1979 FM BroadcastDear Boss
Amsterdam has two celebrated, long standing venues - the Paradiso and the Melkweg - and this 1979 broadcast caught the soon to be huge Cure in action in the latter, way more intimate one. It's a collection of the tracks that made the early part of their career as a wiry, lean three post-punk piece more than goth behemoth - 'Killing An Arab', '10:15 Saturday Night', 'Boys Don't Cry' and two speedy versions of 'A Forest' that both come in under five minutes (as opposed to the latter versions that are closer to ten) all figure. It's a period that has its own, rather different following to the normal Cure legions, and this display of sharp pop sense and its jagged approach to sonics showcases just why that is.
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Seconds To Forever (remixes)Echospace US
'Seconds To Forever', by any measure, is a CV313 classic. Echospace pair Rod Modell and Stephen Hitchell dropped it initially on clear wax 14 years ago in 2010 and then served up a live version a year on. Now it is back in their spotlight again as they pull together previously released versions and unheard interpretations for a new translucent blue 12". The Intrusion dub is lo-go and scratchy with static electricity enveloping the rhythm, and the Deepchord mix I then peels that away to real only the most wispy synth modulations and barely-there dub rhythms. Deepchord Mix II is somewhere between the two and another sublime and heady escape.
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