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Latest reviews

Craft Music's taste in sizzling hot party music is absolutely confirmed as razor sharp with this third instalment of edits and re-rubs with a twist. Far from vanilla re-arrangements, these re-versions get fruity with the source material and on Good For Dance there's a particular emphasis on acid. First up Scruscru & Aman Po-Kaifu get right down and dirty with Nigerian classic 'Salem' by The Funkees, whipping up a veritable storm with 'Acid Salam'. Next up Skitcut gets into a serious stomp laden with wriggling 303 action on 'Zaletaet Na Acid', and Funkyjaws has some fun weaving slamming claps and nimble bleeps into the brassy source material for 'Acid Circus'. Eddie C rounds things off with a proper rubbery acid tweaker which slips in smooth on 'Dysk Dzokej On Acid'. Classy stuff, and whole heaps of fun for those who love acid, those who love disco, and those who love both.
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Despite the universal imposition of lockdown, DJ Harvey's Mercury Rising nights have made a lasting impression on one particular Ibizan hideaway - the world-renowned rock n' roll themed hotel, Pikes, a favourite of Ibiza titans Fatboy Slim and Patrick Topping. To keep the spark of this monthly party alive, Harvey launched his 'Mercury Rising' compilations, putting only the best of Ibiza's balearic talents on display. The third and final volume is now finally in our mitts, and what an impressive array: odysseys of aquatic, twanging sound come courtesy of choice cuts by local mainstays Kraak & Smaak, Project Sandro and MODE.
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Stetasonic was a short lived American hip-hop group who managed to put out three strong albums in their short time together. It was a remix of their 'Talking All That Jazz' by Dimitri From Paris that resurrected interest in the group in 1998 and now this 7" continues to shine a light on the often forgotten group. After a release on black wax last it, it now comes on limited red 7". (Now Ya'll Givin' Up) Love' is a hard hitting beat with a tense atmosphere. The crashing hits and reverberating drums break only for big stabs to light up the groove, all the while the biting rhymes keep on coming. An a cappella is provided on the flip for more adventurous DJs.
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Iration Steppas - Reminiscence
Iration Steppas are Monte cold dub legends from the North of England. They have been there since day dot and are still at the heart father scene. This EP shows why they are so well-loved as it is a long-awaited re-release of one of the group's five vital UK dub cuts that blew up and revolutionised the scene back in the 90s when they were first put out. Each one comes on its own 12" and has been freshly remastered for the occasion. 'Reminiscence' is an earth-shattering jam with fresh flute leads and clean digi-dub production over some heavy bass.
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Daniel Monaco - Enter The Island EP
Enter the Island is the new Concept EP of Daniel Monaco. Is the story of a group of friends who have ventured on a mysterious Island with the only mission to enter its infamous Reptilian Club. The tracks are a mix of Disco, Tropical and Dub an obscure psychedelic trip performed and recorded live at Daniel's studio, but the adventure is not over yet because Enter The Island is not only a long trip into a mystical place is also a Board Game for two to four players. The idea was born during the first lockdown. Due to the big crisis brought by Covid-19 there were no chances to print Vinyl for this EP therefore Daniel thought to design a game made exclusively for this concept, its rules are unique as well as its design reflecting perfectly the spirit of the music. Alessandro Rosa is the artist who made the design. The Board Game is the same size of a Vinyl cover made on Forex printed white on black. An unprecedented concept unique in its genre, a creative reaction against hard times.
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Glenn Echo / Daniel Meinecke - Partly Cloudy
So step into the hazy musical minds of Glenn Echo and Daniel Meinecke on Partly Cloudy, their debut full-length on MotorCity Wine Recordings. Mr. Echo, repping the Sol Power family out of Washington, DC, reached back to his 90s downtempo, acid jazz, and golden era beat-making roots to create 11 psychedelic, breakbeat-and-space-echo-infused tracks that serve as the perfect dreamy backdrop for Mr. Meinecke's commanding and virtuosic New Orleans gospel funk.
"The Best Driving Music in the World Ever" was written and recorded during a 48 hour lock-in session, having never left the studio until completion. The artist stated, "This all came together due to a bout of loneliness and depression that swept over me one Friday evening. Being lonely sometimes can render positive results, something I am learning. I decided to go and make a guitar-based record and not leave the house until it was done. I succeeded and this is what was made." The tracks were then sent over to be mastered by Rafael Anton Irisarri at his incredible studio, Black Knoll in New York, US.
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Dustin Zahn - Gain Of Function
European techno powerhouse Rekids welcomes back Minneapolis-raised DJ and producer Dustin Zahn for a second album seven years after his last. Gain of Function is a perfect fir for this label with its muscular drums, elastic bass and driving sense of techno warmth. Every track here is economical but never minimal: the way Zahn crafts his sounds means each one makes its own impact, be it a well treated vocal, a hammering kick drum or a serene synth that backlights a track. There are deeper moments like 'Smoking In Silence' next to more tripped out head-fuckery such as 'Shark Rodeo' and it all makes for a fantastic full length.
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