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Turn The PageXL
Overmono's reimagining of The Streets' classic 'Turn The Page' is a technofied marvel, delivering a pulsating journey that pays homage to the original while carving out its own unique identity. Retaining Mike Skinner's distinctive vocals and UKG essence, Overmono infuses the track with a darker, more relentless energy. The bassline is pronounced, driving the groove forward with unwavering intensity, while tempo shifts add an ecstatic dimension to the experience. The result is a captivating blend of nostalgia and innovation, perfectly suited for dancefloors craving a modern twist on a beloved anthem.
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X'sPartisan UK
Monochrome dream pop band Cigarettes After Sex release their third studio album X's, following up the pre-release 'Tejano Blue'. As romantic and wistful as ever, the album is an avowed haunt-jaunt through a series of 'slow-dance pop ballads' - no change there - albeit this time concerning the brutal reckoning with relationship breakdown and loss, personally borne by lead musician Greg Gonzalez during the recording of their prior self-titled album. Also a lover letter to Gonzalez' hometown of El Paso, Texas, the album draws on themes of the music scene and atmosphere of the city, in dialogue with a subsequent move to New York and the culture shock that followed.
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Jorun Bombay - 2024 'Till Infinity
2024 'Till InfinityJBOR
Jorun Bombay's latest release, A Night Called Saturday / 2024 Till Infinity, is a power-packed 45 that effortlessly blends genres. Side-1 features 'A Night Called Saturday,' a classy mix of rhythm and blues, funk, and soul. The track is reminiscent of popular 90s girl bands like SWV, delivering a dancey, infectious vibe that invites listeners to groove along. On Side-2, '2024 Till Infinity' takes a different turn with downtempo hip hop influences. This B-side showcases great vocal performances as well, creating a smooth and engaging jam. Overall, this release highlights Jorun Bombay's versatility and knack for blending different styles, making it a hot mix of energetic funk and mellow hip hop.
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Scratch Roulette 1 & 2Ground Original US
William Tramontozzi aka. DJ JS-1 first released this battle tools compendium as a DVD-r edition sometime circa 2000. Scratch Roulette aimed at one goal and one goal only: to compile all the best slices of samplerific sass onto one medium. Now reissued via Ground Original in 2xLP form, we're now met with several hundred sound effects, phrases, hits, drums and tones on wax. There are no redundant loops or beats here: only scratch sounds and phrases (if you want drums, go sift them out of a record like the best DJs used to do). Time-capsuling an era into a distinct sonic bottle, this one's yet another compendium proving that certain genres aren't just made by form, tempo or rhythm alone; it's often the embellishments, the specific sounds used, that make a classic a breaks, hip-hop, or garage classic.
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Fondue DiscoCQQL US
Joey Rico Sr., the Italo Disco maestro, reappears with a track that melts hearts from the off. This is the genuine article-no imitations here, just scorching cosmic disco with bright arps and electronic grooves that never quit. Featuring unparalleled yodelling, 'Melting in Switzerland' is another unique sound from Joey Rico Sr.'s on Nobell Foods and it has been pressed on premium wax. For extra delight, flip to the bonus mix aka the Extra Cheese dub on the verse which is no less effective and timeless, and is by no means cheesy in the traditional sense.
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Tenor Saw / Gorgan Players - Golden Hen
Golden HenUptempo
This all-time classic mid-80s dancehall delight from Tenor Saw is now available on a loud and crisp 12" vinyl. The A-side features the iconic track 'Golden Hen' with its bright synth work and driving rhythms, while the B-side boasts a wicked dub version from Goran Played. In their hands the bassline's truly powerful and deadly impact is turned up to 11 and demands to be played nice and loud on a proper system. This certified banger is a must-have for any dancehall lover and it very much captures the essence of the era.
10 Years Love On The Rocks: Sky Is The LimitLove On The Rocks
Many happy returns to Paramida's Love On The Rocks label, which has now notched up a decade of service. To mark the occasion the Berlin-based imprint has offered up this anniversary set - an eight-track missive rich in loved-up and suitably psychedelic excursions that variously joins the dots between saucer-eyed house, trance-adjacent workouts and the kind of timeless, retro-futurist fare that could have been made at any point since 1992. Highlights include Paramida's own trippy 'Limbo In Heaven' (with its knowing nods to Age of Love's 'The Age of Love'), the TB-303 laden dancefloor hallucinations of Simone De Kunovich's 'Final Destination', the early Orbital-esque excellence of Fantastic Man and Tornado Wallace's 'Skybus Theme' and the Italian dream house revivalism of E Talking's 'Mystere De L'Amoure'.
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Van Halen IIMobile Fidelity Sound Lab US
Van Halen's sophomore album, Van Halen II, receives the deluxe treatment here with this limited, numbered, 180 gram 45 rpm Audiophile SuperVinyl UltraDisc One-Step 2xLP box set. Originally released in 1979, the album showcases the band's electrifying blend of hard rock and heavy metal, propelled by Eddie Van Halen's revolutionary guitar work and David Lee Roth's charismatic vocals. With classics like 'Dance the Night Away' and 'Beautiful Girls,' the album captures the band at the peak of their powers. Remastered for vinyl with meticulous attention to detail, this deluxe edition offers audiophiles a pristine listening experience, making it a must-have for collectors and fans alike.
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