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Back in 2014, Chez Damier dropped two mixes of 'Speechless' on Popcorn Records, paying tribute to fabled Parisian nightspot Rex Club in the process. Now the Prescription legend brings the cut back to life for Adeen, and there's a whole cast of other big hitters involved as well this time. First up, Nicholas remixes 'Speechless' and goes in heavy on a Rhodes hook, while Damier himself doffs his cap to Berlin's house mecca on the fluttering, guitar-laced 'Panorama Bar mix'. Camille Migas creates something limber, expressive and sparkling for more reflective moments. On the flip, more high-grade remixes from Jef K and DG complete the package for some of the finest house music money can buy.
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Given that their last album was released way back in 2009, many thought we'd never hear from Kings of Convenience again. Yet here we are, bathing in the gentle beauty of Peace Or Love, the Norwegian duo's surprise sixth studio album. It's a formidably enjoyable affair that's as easy-going and gently sun-kissed as any of their previous excursions, with the duo adding quietly soulful, soft-focus vocals to tactile and pin-bright backing tracks that combine folksy acoustic guitars, twinkling pianos and lilting strings with shuffling rhythms that variously doff a cap to bossa-nova, samba, classic pop and French chanson. It's not difficult or challenging in any way, but given the state of the world right now, we're more than happy to settle for cheery, soft-focus beauty.
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Featuring 11 new compositions from Arthur Verocai with guest musicians, 'Encore' is the highly anticipated follow up to his eponymous debut album from 1972. It sees Verocai take his over 35 years experience in music to create a new classic of Brazilian music that takes in American soul and cinematic experimentation. The single 'Bis' is taken from the album and features Jose Roberto Bertrami aka Azymuth on keys, plus a 17 piece string section and eight horns.
Assassin's Creed is one of the most successful video games of the modern era, and its soundtrack is right up there with the bets of them, too. Valhalla: The Wave of Giants is the work of Einar Selvik, whose ten evocative tracks are all steeped in Nordic mysticism and indigenous musical traditions that bring each track to life. They further embellish the authentic ethnography of the Viking culture that is the central tenet to the game and this version comes in a limited edition white vinyl via Lakeshore.
Gazelle Twin has had a cult following since her debut album a decade ago. A year ago she backed it up with Welcome To The Blumhouse: Nocturne. Now comes a second movie score that finds her damped her pop tendencies and turn up the atmosphere on an album which continues the themes of blighted Britain she has explored on other records. Max De Wardener, a noted composer for TV and film, is a fine collaborator here and the pair serve up an enticing, haunting score that will appear to lovers of classic Radiophonic Workshop sounds.
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The 19th release on Mania Dub takes us back to the early 1990s and the iconic UK dub productions of Russell Bell-Brown AKA the Disciples. First issued on Boom Shack A Lacka, 'Return to Addis Ababa' is a bona fide soundsystem anthem that wraps drifting, echoing synthesizer lead lines and bouncy piano stabs around a chunky digi-dub grooves. It's accompanied on the A-side by two further dub versions, both of which are wilder, weightier and more skeletal than the EP leading 'Version 1'. Turn to the flip for 2002 cut 'Fearless', a more hot-stepping and cheeky digi-dub number that this time round is not only accompanied by the dub style 'Version 2' mix, but also the previously unheard, heavy steppers style 'Version 3' revision.
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Le Matos' all new Ninja Eliminator Trilogy captures the band's early years across four fantastic cuts. Fans will recognise 'Rage Of Honor' which has already been put out as part of the 5 Years compilation while the other tracks here have never before been released. Musically this is high sheen, retro-future synth work of the highest order. The keys are sugar sweet and crystalline, the rhythms sleek and expansive and the moods nicely cosmic. It makes for a perfectly escapist, high energy trip to another dimension.
Josh Wink / Ricardo Tobar - 20 Years Cocoon Recordings: EP 3
Cocoon's 20th Anniversary might not have led to as many wild parties as the boss Sven Vath might have hoped given the pandemic, but it has sure given rise to some big techno releases. This third EP is another banger with the Everton Josh Wink opening it up. His tune 'Nuclei' is a writhing, frothing, eight minute monster with buzzy synths and rising pads over chattery perc. On the flip is an utterly different proposition, Ricardo Tobar's 'El Eterna,' a minimal headwrecker with bleeping melodies and chunky house drums that brings something different.
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