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Pleading Prayer
Cat: SJU 12R34. Rel: 18 Dec 23
Deep House
Pleading Prayer (8:19)
Pleading Prayer (instrumental) (8:19)
Review: Chicago house owes a real debt to Glenn Underground who has constantly invigorated it with his mad musical stylings as well as superbly deep grooves. He keeps on doing that too and is now back on his own label Strictly Jazz Unit Muzic with this new and epic single 'Pleading Prayer'. It's a spiritual and soulful sound with the fantastic vocals of Swaylo adding real spine tingling goodness. If you prefer token it to the beats and melodies then the flip side has an instrumental version. Yet another gem from Glenn, then.
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 in stock $16.93
GU Edits 1 & 2
GU Edits 1 & 2 (blue vinyl double 12")
Cat: GUEDITS 001002B. Rel: 23 Feb 24
Deep House
Amp Fiddler - "Mornin" (GU Nostalgic Forever mix) (8:41)
Raul Midon - "Sunshine" (GU Rewerk) (7:05)
Mos Def - "Lifetime" (GU Retro mix) (5:32)
Incognito - "I Can See The Future" (GU ReEdit) (9:19)
Review: Chicago house mainstay Glenn Underground is as good at crafting neat edits of the classics as he is serving up his own superb original house compositions. It is the former which he does here on his own label and first up on the A-side he adds his signature smooth grooves to a track but the late, great funk master Amp Fiddler. The B-side begins with his Retro mix of beatmaker extraordinaire Mos Def which has loose-limbed drums and soulful pads that reach to the heavens, then he looks to acid jazz innovators Incognito and their 'I Can See The Future' and flips it into a nice funky and drawn out house groove for vibrant dance floor fun.
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 in stock $31.49
Vaults Vol 2
Cat: SJU 12R33. Rel: 08 Dec 23
Deep House
Dan Ryan Express (Chi-life) (6:03)
House , No Phosphates (7:04)
American World Order (Nothing) (7:04)
Sao Paulo E Telhados (5:41)
 in stock $16.68
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