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PARTENOPE Schallplatten & CDs

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Odysseia (feat Gerd Janson remix)
Odysseia (feat Gerd Janson remix) (heavyweight vinyl 12")
Cat: NP 006. Rel: 22 Nov 22
  1. Odysseia
  2. Odysseia (Gerd Janson remix)
Review: Neapolitan producer Partenope certainly wears a big Underground Resistance influence on his sleeve in the case of 'Odysseia' - it's even mentioned in the press release, and we're not going to argue either. But it's no bad thing, especially as it's a general love of the soulful, uplifting, musical end of the techno scale rather than a creative plunder of any UR track in particular. The label has pulled out the big guns with a Gerd Janson remix to accompany it too, and Janson certainly warm acid trance
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Nella (feat Craig Bratley remix)
Nella (feat Craig Bratley remix) (heavyweight vinyl 12")
Cat: NP 005. Rel: 11 Nov 22
  1. Nella
  2. Nella (Craig Brateley remix)
Review: The Neapolis label brings us two slices of sun drenched house with a distinctly European feel and a dubby twist, as Partenopes from Naples offer up the beach ready 'Nella' before Craig Bratley takes the track and turns it on its head. His remix is a slow burning acid affair set to leisurely, breezy hip-hop beats, tailor made for that hour when the sun goes down and the tempo goes up. Magical.
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est. release 11 Nov 22 $10.68
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Sirenusa/Vetara (heavyweight vinyl 12")
Cat: N003 N004. Rel: 01 Aug 22
  1. Sirenusa (6:12)
  2. Vetara (7:16)
Review: Naples does disco like nowhere else and that is from where this EP originates. It is like a siren call to Balearic beat lovers with its hypnotic drum loops and dazzling Italo melodies, The angelic vocals rise out of the mix next to pixelated pads on 'Sirenusa' and soon have you shaking your ass. On the flipside is 'Vetara' which is edgier and driving for the later night hours. But it is still lush and cosmic disco, with swathes of retro-future synth sounds, chugging drums and crispy 80s textures. Irresistible stuff.
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 in stock $12.68
Boulevard EP
Boulevard EP (heavyweight vinyl 12")
Cat: NP 001. Rel: 27 Jun 22
  1. Boulevard (6:44)
  2. Boulevard (dub) (6:44)
Review: Neapolis is a brand new label that kick off with some brilliantly seductive Balearic sounds for the warmer days and nights that are fast approaching. The accompanying notes tell us that 'the intoxicating songs of the Sirens found in the bay of Napoli are irresistible to all' and these tunes are no different. 'Boulevard' kicks off with icy drums but balmy synths all rolling smoothly onward to some distant imagined horizon. Delicate vocals add the key hooks while a dubbed out version on the flip is more fleshy and heady.
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 in stock $10.68
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