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Latest reviews

Muziekkamer - II - Popmuziek
Left of centre experiments from the Dutch underground of yesteryear. Muziekkamer was the name of the home recording studio that gave birth to the twelve tracks on 'Popmuziek', an intriguing document of sketch arrangements and primitive, fairytale sampling wave cuts. This is music which excels due to its inherent naivety; the limitless ambition of 'Black Box' almost sounding like a precursor to the 90s ambient techno of Likemind or Stasis. On 'Being Home Tonight' we can hear an early form of what the likes of Tolouse Low Trax have been bringing to the forefront of contemporary club culture whilst the erratic art-rock of 'Walkman' mirrors what Leven Signs & co were doing over the pond. In trying to create something which represented 'intrusiveness' as a contrast to an earlier ambient tape the trio incidentally blurred the lines between various musical fashions to come. An amazing snapshot of time and place!
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Fred Everything - Long Way Home
Long Way Home is Fred Everything's 4th studio album, the first one on his own imprint, Lazy Days Recordings. The record is a welcome return to the LP format after 10 years and also to many musical genres he dabbled with in the past. Broken Beats and Electro co-habit flawlessly with Slower Disco and Deep House with an overall balearic/addriatic vibe, influenced by summers spent in Croatia and Mallorca. It features vocals by South Africa's Sio, Montreal's Franky Selector as well as previous collaborator Jinadu. It also features Hot Toddy from Crazy P on guitar and Live Strings. Watch out for remixes from Lauer, Andre Lodemann and Ian Pooley coming out soon.
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Wganda Kenya / Fruko Y Sus Tesos - Colombian Funk & Latin Gems 45 (warehouse find)
Two more slices of official dance floor dynamite from the Disco Fuentes catalogue get unleashed on the strictly vinyl only, singles only Mukatsuku Record label for summer 2013. First up is an unreleased version of the popular Wganda Kenya club favourite 'Tipit Hayed' which Blundetto had done a few years ago for his own DJ sets but never surfaced commercially. On the flipside a bona fide salsa funk monster which a piano intro to die for from Fruko Y Sus Tesos. The Juno edition of the single comes in exclusive packaging of kraft paper hand stamped inner sleeve,additional branded card sleeve,sticker and plastic protective outer sleeve. As played by Joey Negro, Sadar Bahar,Ashley Beedle, Adesse Versions,Eddie C etc etc...
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4th release of Botanic Minds Sunset Series. 12" 180g Vinyl Only. Early support by Barac, Ada Kaleh, Nu Zau, Nima Gorji, Livio, Cally.
Casey Tucker - Alternative Faction
The mighty Casey is up to bat once again for Love Notes from Brooklyn. This time, though, it's a more complete three track artist EP on offer. The music, of course, encapsulates everything that's great about Casey's sound: the lush pads, the crispy percussion, the emotional strings, and the dance-floor destroying basslines. Alternative Faction utilizes one such dancefloor destroying bassline to create a real fist pumping moment in the title track; That Time of Year uses a wriggly acid synth line over the aforementioned emotional strings, and to great effect; and New Mission ends the EP in a unwavering fashion; with heartstring-tugging, terk jerking, emotional pads over an acid line in signature Casey Tucker fashion. Dare we say yet another classic both artist and label's catalog?
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Soul Clap / Nona Hendryx - Shine (This Is It) (The Ray Mang Versions)
'Shine (This Is It)' is the first single from Soul Clap's self-titled second album that features legendary vocalist Nona Hendryx. After meeting Charles and Eli when all playing at LA party institution A Club Called Rhonda this happened. Nona Hendryx is an original member of the trio Labelle who's smash single "Lady Marmalade" is a timeless classic. Her solo singles "Transformation" and "Do What You Wanna Do" from the 80's are equally prolific to her work as a back-up vocalist for a laundry list of legendary acts including Parliament-Funkadelic, Talking Heads and Peter Gabriel. There is magic contained in 'Shine (This Is It)' and the strength in Hendryx's vocal empowers our sprits and moves us on the dancefloor. Midnight Magic's Morgan Wiley delivers an outstanding keyboard solo and fellow bandmate Jason Disu teams up with Kali Rodriguez and No Regular Play's Greg Paulus to form the Soul Clap horn section. Taking the magical vocals, horns and keyboard solo from the original, Ray Mang gives it a latin house twist adding an elevating Rhodes motif, bass and battery. Presented here in three versions on 180gram vinyl.
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