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Latest reviews

Second Player - SUB 005
Subsequent returns with some fine excursions into afterhours weirdness here, this time courtesy of Second Player - who's said to be a newcomer to the scene. On the A side we've got the hypnotic "N 001" which is reminiscent of legend Baby Ford's work, the dusty classic Chicago house sound on "To The Head" up next provides some variety. On the flip is the EP stand out - the ten minute long epic "M 202" which could have nice crossover appeal within the scene, appealing just as much to fans of minimal house as it would to lovers of the rolling and subtle sounds out of Romania. The reductionist acid jam "M 201" closes out the EP in style.
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Far Out Monster Disco Orchestra, Daniel Maunick and David Brinkworth's whole-hearted tribute to 1970s Brazilian disco, last showcased its celebratory, sun-kissed wares way back in 2014 via an eponymous debut album that's still capable of setting the pulse racing. Black Sun, the outfit's second album, contains another superb selection of authentically played and produced disco songs and instrumentals. Check, for example, the blissful jazz guitars and heavy "walking" bass of "The Two of Us", the richly orchestrated and horn-heavy "Step Into My Life" and the spine-tingling, piano-fired breeziness of "Flying High", whose seductive female vocals are smothered in just the right amount of reverb.
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Erik Skantze introduced himself to the world via a track on Full Pupp's tenth anniversary sampler series back in 2014, but has been made to wait four years for a debut EP proper. It was arguably worth the wait. Certainly, there's much to enjoy throughout the ultra-limited EP, from the darting, acid-fired bass and lo-fi synth stabs of opener "Dancerytme", to the meandering sunrise electronics and sweaty, ever-intensifying military drum machine hits of Scandolearic house workout "Jammy". Elsewhere, Skantze doffs a cap to fellow loved-up Norwegian Telephones via the colourful and dreamy bliss of "Edvardsens" and enjoys a humid percussion workout on the Sotofett-esque "Danserytme (Drum Tool)".
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Kingbastard - Standalone
"With a subject matter of an unsettled consciousness and the schizophrenic tendencies of the Artificial-Intelligence-Era, 'Chris Weeks', aka Kingbastard, has crafted a unique terrain for himself on his new EP, 'Standalone'; a beguiling workout of mind-bending, hardware-based electronic sounds. Weeks fuses Techno sensibilities with an array of Experimental-Electronic techniques, producing an EP which echoes the genius of Aphex Twin & Autechre; making the UK-based Producer one of the most adventurous heirs of the Warp label. The tracks found on 'Standalone' perfectly embody their titles, with glitch infused Techno, IDM innervation and fidgeting-synth flourishes, evoking the electronic-claustrophobia felt from living in our all-encompassing post-Snowden surveillance dystopia. Championed by the likes of Bleep, Tom Ravenscroft (BBC 6 Music), Rob da Bank (BBC Radio1 & 6Music), CLASH Magazine, Igloo Magazine, IRM (Indie Rock Mag), Future Music Magazine."
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Dj Bone - A Piece Of Beyond
As we step into 2018, DJ Bone brings another fresh fusion of funk and ferocity, Composed for deployment on his own Subject Detroit imprint, A Piece Of Beyond is a detailed and varied cross section of Bone's multidimensional musical mind, journeying along a strong spine of Detroit Techno in all its many shapes, colours and textures...
Brawther - Transient States
Brawther proudly presents his first full length album, "Transient States". Just over 10 years into releasing music, the LP sees the frenchman collaborating with an array of musicians and his first vocal song, with the appearance of Detroit unsung Hero Javonntte and .The listeners gradually transit via Dub,Techno, Hip Hop, Ambiant and straight up Jacking numbers. "Brudan in Leeds" sees a new collaboration with Daniel Paul (Cab Drivers). The album also marks the start of his imprint "Negentropy", a long awaited home for all his musical endeavors and fantasies. Without any strict musical policy but one based on quality over quantity, it will manifest the latest adventures and experimentation of the french artist.
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