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Latest reviews

Laurel Halo - Raw Silk Uncut Wood
Laurel Halo's latest release was apparently inspired by her recent film score work for Amsterdam-based arts collective Metahaven. Certainly, it's a largely becalmed and beguiling collection, experimental in ethos but also cinematic in tone. It contains a sextet of instrumental pieces that vary in style and tone from the loopy, otherworldly creepiness of "The Sick Mind" and droning "Supine", where ambient chords and manipulated cello notes combine to create a druggy soundscape, to the slowly unfurling, widescreen epics that open and close the mini-album. These, particularly "Raw Silk Uncut Wood" are intensely picturesque and beautiful, with Halo subtly shifting between epic ambient passages and the kind of sweeping, string-laden musical movements that mark out the finest cinematic compositions.
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Tokyo Matt / Afacan Sound System - Disco Hamam 4
Time for another dip into the deep bubbling Turkish groove baths as Disco Hamam instigate a fourth volume of obscure Turkish disco delights. Tokyo Matt takes the A side with two distinct tales; the feisty dollar packing disco bullet "Fist Full Of Dollars" and a much more emotional, cinematic saga in the form of "Tales Of The Orientale". Hamam regular Afacan takes the B with two more eastern odysseys. "Ya Sabir Disco" is pure theatre with its ever mutating arrangement and almost festive feel while "Biz Salkimiz" continues the drama with added slinkiness in the groove department. Delicious.
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When it comes to crafting languid, sun-baked Balearic grooves and shuffling, soft-focus disco-pop, few are quite as accomplished as Poolside. That much is proved by Heat, the LA duo's first album since 2012 debut Pacific Standard Time. This time round, they've embraced their West Coast roots even further, throwing elements of yacht rock and blue-eyed soul into this mix alongside their usual saucer-eyed blend of lilting Balearic instrumentals (see stunning opener "Hot In The Shade" and the Windsurf-esque "Drifting"), huggable slow motion disco-pop and jaunty, piano-heavy dancefloor workouts (there are numerous cuts that echo the sun-bright brilliance of early single "Do You Believe").
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For her latest immersive and impressive work, composer and producer Anna Meredith has joined forces with the Scottish Ensemble - a strings-only orchestra from Glasgow - to create a seamless album inspired by Vivaldi's Four Seasons. In many ways, Anno is a re-telling of the much-loved orchestral piece, with Vivaldi's familiar compositions squeezed between wonderful new pieces by Meredith that combine neo-classical string movements with bubbly electronics, subtle beats and field recordings of various natural phenomena. Interestingly, even the more electronic-minded compositions don't sound out of place amongst Vivaldi's familiar suite, suggesting that Meredith's unique approach to musical fusion is both far-sighted and sympathetic.
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Dorian Concept - The Nature Of Imitation
Four years on from his album - the chamber music-inspired "Joined Ends"- Dorian Concept returns with a set said to be a tongue-in-cheek "parody of nostalgia". This concept manifests itself in the curious and off-the-wall way in which the album was made, with the critically acclaimed producer not only drawing influence from a variety of vintage styles - think '60s jazz, '90s IDM, '70s prog rock and '80s jazz-fusion - but also using traditional methods (live instrumentation, old fashioned tape recording) to recreate modern digital sounds. Thrillingly, he also decided to use his own voice more, manipulating it and adding layers of lo-fi noise to give a warm but out-there feel. As a result, The Nature Of Imitation is an impressively experimental and thoughtful album that's also inspired, entertaining and bags of fun.
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Various - Real Ibiza Volume 11
It's been two decades since React launched the Real Ibiza compilation series. In the years that followed, its annual instalment became a must-have for fans of sun-kissed chill-out and sunset-ready Balearic grooves. Returning to stores in 2015 after an eleven-year break, the revitalized series is now the work of Nang Records chief Marc Green AKA Loudery. There's no doubting that his selections on this 11th volume are spot on. Check, for example, the dreamy chords, drifting guitar solos and gentle tropical percussion of Max Essa's "Lamma Island, 5am", the dense drums and neo-classical movements of Indigo Children, the glassy-eyed slow motion Balearic disco of Dagfest's "I Got The Feeling", and the rush-inducing, head-in-the-clouds brilliance of the Reverso 68 remix of Sorcerer's "Hope For The Future".
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