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Latest reviews

Bugge Wesseltoft / Prins Thomas - Bugge Wesseltoft & Prins Thomas
Norwegian jazz pianist and composer Bugge Wesseltoft rose to prominence in the late 1990s on the back of a string of records that joined the dots between jazz, techno and hip-hop. Since then he's collaborated with many electronic producers - Laurent Garnier and Henrik Schwarz included - so it's little surprise to see him joining forces with Scandolearic hero Prins Thomas. The eponymous set was recorded at Oslo's legendary Rainbow Studio, where the pair improvised for a couple of days before editing down the results. There's much to admire, from the spaced-out brushed percussion and sorrowful piano of "Sin Tempo", liquid ambient vibes of "Norte Do Brasil" and wonky kraut-jazz bubbler "Bar Asfalt", to the slowly building brilliance of 16-minute opener "Furuberget". File under "ambient jazz".
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Calibre - Taciturn
Calibre has been on fire this year, serving up two albums, a swathe of killer collaborations and a handful of fine solo singles. Here he rounds off 2018 in fine style with a pair of polished cuts on his own Signature Records imprint. A-side 'Taciturn" is as musically vibrant and expansive as you'd expect, with poignant piano motifs, sustained chords and breathtakingly beautiful, high register soul vocals rising above punchy breakbeats and warm but weighty bass. Flipside "Butter Love" operates along similar lines, with Calibre wrapping spacey electronics, melancholic strings and liquid synths around a snappy, bass-heavy groove. It's perhaps a little more sub-heavy than the A-side, though both tracks are equally as polished and glassy-eyed.
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Fresh from 2011, Mad Professor's deep delve into the work of young Bogota cumbia quartet enjoys a timely reissue as a boxed set of 45s. Full set of originals, full set of versions; all parties delivering something special; Frente Cumbiero's funk is raffish, loose and prone to left switches while the Professor adds a few extra textural layers and trip-outs giving tracks like "Bestiales 77" an almost technoid momentum and cuts like "Cumbietiope" sound like percussion heaven. An exemplary dub schooling from the teacher once again.
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Ostgut Ton A-Ton completes their trilogy of compilations charting the early-to-mid-'90s ambient techno work of British producer Luke Slater under the 7th Plain alias. As with its predecessors, the eight included tracks offer a mixture of previously released fare from the project's heyday and music that's sat on dusty DAT tapes for well over two decades. Highlights come thick and fast, from the sun-bright sci-fi melodies, sustained ambient chords and bubbly acid lines of "Time Melts" and the Black Dog-ish shuffle of "Reality of Space", to the booming, club-ready "Lost", drowsy IDM cut "Think City" and the intergalactic, stretched-out bliss of brilliant closing cut "Seeing Sense".
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Under the mSdoS alias, Chris Kouzellis has released some fine material over the last seven or eight years. He's appeared on countless imprints in that time, so it's rather a surprise to find that "RunDOS" is the first time he's popped up on Tempo. The title track sets the tone, with the Greek producer peppering a crunchy, jungle-influenced drum track with lashings of tasty liquid style chords, melodies and piano flourishes. He takes a similar approach on the tougher and more outwardly energetic "Night Ride", where ghostly chords and booming bass help to create a suitably clandestine mood. Over on side B, he doffs a cap to Rephlex Records on the braindance/electro/D&B fusion of "The Duke", before unfurling a flute-laden liquid roller called "Tanaka". Tasty stuff all told.
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Iuly.b - Time Forms
Since making his debut back in 2012, Iulian Bivolaru has giddily charged between labels, showcasing his tech-house wares on such well-regarded imprints as Visionquest, Infuse and, most recently, Constant Sound. Here the Romanian label-hopper adds another imprint to his belt via a tidy three-tracker on Subtil. There's something wonderfully wonky about opener "Imaginary Forms", a druggy but pleasingly melodious mid-tempo workout rich in snappy machine drums and skewed analogue electronics, though the more foreboding and trippy "Gateway" is arguably equally as inebriated. Over on side B you'll find the delightfully spacey "Timeworn", a hypnotic and chiming affair that sits somewhere between IDM era ambient techno and mind-altering late night tech-house.
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