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Knitting Factory US Schallplatten & CDs

Browse the latest Vinyl & CD releases on Knitting Factory US
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Tags: Afrobeat | African | Afro Funk
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JJD/Unnecessary Begging
Cat: KFR 1014. Rel: 18 May 13
Unnecessary Begging
No Buredi (No Bread)
Gespielt von: AfroBase (Radio Chart)
 in stock $8.19
Gentleman (reissue)
Gentleman (reissue) (LP + insert)
Cat: KFR 20091. Rel: 14 Oct 16
Gentleman (14:43)
Igbe (Na Shit) (8:12)
Fe Fe Ne Eye Fe (8:08)
 in stock $20.61
Fela's London Scene (reissue)
Cat: KFR 20041. Rel: 14 Oct 16
J'Ehin J'Ehin (7:27)
E Gbe Mi O (13:17)
Who're You (9:31)
Buy Africa (5:51)
Fight To Finish (7:26)
Review: Rather bizarrely, Fela's London Scene was recorded at Abbey Road Studios in 1971, but didn't get a UK release until the mid 1990s. This is the first time it has appeared on wax since. While the legendary Afrobeat pioneer and his equally revered backing band, Africa '70, may have been in unusual surroundings, the music showcased on the album was pure Nigerian Afrobeat gold. With Fela in fine form on the mic, and Africa '70 providing typically punchy, horn-heavy backing, tracks such as "E Gbe Mi O", "Buy Africa", and "Fight To The Finish" are every bit as good as anything they recorded in their Lagos studio. "Who're You", with its' changes of intensity and gentle progressions, is particularly good.
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Tags: African | Afrobeat
 in stock $20.08
Sorrow Tears & Blood
Cat: KFR 20301. Rel: 13 Aug 14
Sorrow Tears & Blood
Colonial Mentality
 in stock $18.49
Teacher Don't Teach Me Nonsense
Cat: KFR 12055. Rel: 13 Aug 14
Teacher Don't Teach Me Nonsense (part 2)
Look & Laugh (part 2)
 in stock $21.67
Expensive Shit
Cat: KFR 20151. Rel: 28 Jul 14
Expensive Shit
Water No Get Enemy
Review: Destination Nigeria, 1975, Fela and Africa 70 are indelibly locked into a hugely prolific groove with well over 10 albums behind them. Then they release this, an LP comprised solely of two wondrously extended work outs from the troupe. "Expensive Shit" famously tells the tale of Fela's brush with the jaded law while "Water No Get Enemy" speaks - or rather sings - for itself. One of Fela's many notable and hugely influential releases; your collection isn't complete without it.
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Tags: Afrobeat
 in stock $20.61
Cat: KFR 2010. Rel: 13 Aug 14
Confusion (part 1)
Confusion (part 2)
Review: Regarded by many as Fela and The Africa 70's zenith, Confusion is 26 minutes of total Afrofunk immersion delivered over two sides. Gradually building - thanks largely to Tony Allen's dynamic drum work that's as delicate as it is powerful, Fela's dreamy, almost jazz-like keys and a rigid, spine-like rhythm guitar - the groove and narrative is developed with a natural sense of well-instrumented drama. A genuine classic, if your collection isn't blessed with this now is most certainly the time.
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Tags: Afrobeat | Afro Funk
 in stock $23.00
Fela With Ginger Baker Live!
Cat: KFR 20031. Rel: 28 Jul 14
Let's Start
Black Man's Cry
Ye Ye De Smell
Egbe Mi O (Carry Me I Want To Die)
 in stock $20.61
He Miss Road
Cat: KFR 20161. Rel: 28 Jul 14
He Miss Road
Monday Morning In Lagos
It's No Possible
 in stock $15.62
Upside Down (reissue)
Cat: KFR 20231. Rel: 14 Oct 16
Upside Down (with Sandra Akanke Isidore) (14:42)
Go Slow (14:37)
 in stock $20.61
Yellow Fever
Cat: 2024. Rel: 05 Mar 18
Yellow Fever (15:23)
Na Poi '75 (13:36)
Tags: Afrobeat
 in stock $20.61
No Agreement
No Agreement (LP + insert)
Cat: 2007. Rel: 05 Mar 18
No Agreement (15:43)
Dog Eat Dog (15:49)
Tags: Afrobeat
 in stock $20.61
ITT (reissue)
ITT (reissue) (LP + insert)
Cat: KFR 20381. Rel: 14 Oct 16
International Thief Thief (part 1) (11:17)
International Thief Thief (part 2) (12:47)
Gespielt von: Aleqs Notal
Tags: Afrobeat
 in stock $20.61
Zombie (reissue)
Cat: KFR 20251. Rel: 14 Oct 16
Zombie (12:26)
Mr Follow Follow (12:56)
 in stock $20.61
Afrodisiac (reissue)
Cat: KFR 20081. Rel: 14 Oct 16
Alu Jon Jonki Jon (12:39)
Chop & Quench (7:16)
Eko Ile (6:43)
Je'nwi Temi (Don't Gag Me) (13:17)
 in stock $20.61
Shakara (reissue)
Shakara (reissue) (LP + insert)
Cat: KFR 20271. Rel: 14 Oct 16
Lady (13:49)
Shakara Oloje (13:27)
 in stock $20.61
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