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No Fuss Schallplatten & CDs

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NFRV 003
NFRV 003 (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: NFRV 003. Rel: 13 Jan 20
Deep House
Saison - "Till The Day I Die" (6:37)
Risk Assessment - "I Don't Understand" (5:57)
Saison - "The Riff" (6:21)
Natasha Kitty Katt - "Plenty Good" (6:47)
Review: Previous offerings on No Fuss have featured the likes of Saison, Crispin J. Glover and Dean Zepherin, and now the upfront house label brings together another selection of party heaters from a range of producers. Saison makes a welcome return with the feisty "Till The Day I Die", a richly produced vocal jam with plenty of uptempo shuffle in the drums. Risk Assessment lean on the keys to create a melodic mood on "I Don't Understand" and then Saison does it again with the bright and breezy "The Riff". That leaves it to Natasha Kitty Katt to finish things up with the heavy funking disco licks of "Plenty Good" - a get-down cut for all seasons.
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NFRV 008 (Saison/Felipe Gordon/Clive From Accounts remixes)
Cat: NFRV 008. Rel: 15 Aug 22
Deep House
Swirl People - "We Are" (Saison remix) (6:01)
Saison - "Man Of Soul" (Felipe Gordon Deep Jazz Stripped mix) (6:43)
Saison - "Man Of Soul" (6:14)
Saison - "Want You" (Clive From Accounts Analog Audit remix) (6:01)
Review: No Fuss is back adding another quality lineup for their eighth vinyl sampler. A1 sees Swirl People's 'We Are'. The original was was released over 20 years ago on the classic West Coast label Seasons Recordings. Saison offer a driving bumpy deep house interpretation that is bound lift you up out of your trousers and hit the dance floor with both hands in the air. A2 is no other than man of the moment Felipe Gordon. FG provides a soundscape to your chilled summer by the ocean with a stripped back jazzy version of Saison's 'Man of Soul' which we have included on B1. To round things off we bring in one of our favourite new comers Clive From Accounts on remix duties for Saison's 'Want You'. If you like your music all analog, synthy, emotive, and full of audits this is one for you and your accountant's cart. You may even be able to write it off on your taxes.

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