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Back in stock: Coldwave/Synth

Coldwave/Synth vinyl represses and restocks
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Dear Computer (reissue)
Dear Computer (reissue) (7" (indie exclusive))
Cat: 720053 285451. Rel: 29 Jan 24
Dear Computer (3:15)
Simple Song (2:39)
 in stock $17.62
Cat: LY 003LP. Rel: 27 Jul 23
Memory Leak (1:20)
Math Of You (5:36)
Myuthafoo (7:03)
Alphabet Of Light (6:50)
Sufyosowirl (5:55)
Swirls Of You (5:25)
Review: Italian composer Caterina Barbieri has enjoyed a walloping career so far as a contemporary experimental electronic music composer and producer, in part thanks to her rather mind-melting explorations in computational and generative methods, which have aided her creation of icy, god-playing deconstructed 'scapes. It was hardly expected she'd stop at her Mego debut Ecstatic Computation or the more recent Spirit Exit, though, and now comes the curt six-track statement Myuthafoo. A new effort via Barbieri's own label light-years, this one was actually written at the same time as her debut, and contains an array of modular-modelled sequences in similar fashion, backed up by intensely spiritual augmentations (such as ultra-deep reverb and clever portamentos) on the production end.
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 in stock $22.38
Whispers Of An Ancient World II (B-STOCK)
Cat: WAW II. Rel: 01 Jan 90
Brightness Shallan Davar - "A Door To Another Reality" (5:35)
Brightness Shallan Davar - "Preservation" (3:57)
Brightness Shallan Davar - "Shadesmar" (4:37)
Brightness Shallan Davar - "Pattern" (4:25)
Smackos - "Song Of The Obsolete Commuter" (3:50)
Smackos - "Springtime For An English Synth" (4:19)
Smackos - "Tuinier Van De Toekomst" (10:37)
Review: ***B-STOCK: Creasing to corner of outer sleeve but otherwise in excellent condition***

Music For Dreams label head Kenneth Badger was so inspired by the Tangerine Dream soundtrack to the classic Michael Mann film The Thief that he and Tolga Bo0.95yu0.95k from the Turkish band islandman decided to write their own soundtrack to an imaginary movie. They managed to write 10 tracks within 24 hours while imagining a film that told a story about two people stuck on the arctic ice cap where one tries to fool the other. Influences from Vangelis, John Carpenter, and Tangerine Dream all feature in what is a superb and escapist listen.
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 in stock $10.52
Vanishing Dreams
Vanishing Dreams (limited white vinyl 12")
Cat: W 12. Rel: 29 Jan 24
Clear Memory (4:00)
Live Forever (5:20)
Absence Inachevee (6:00)
Tired Heart (5:00)
Desillusions (5:31)
We Were Young (5:39)
 in stock $18.15
Look Up Sharp
Cat: KALLISTALP 001. Rel: 17 Oct 19
No Trace (4:07)
Hype Sleep (3:47)
So Much Better (3:58)
Leaving For Japan (3:36)
I'm Conscious (4:03)
Don't Follow Me (4:44)
Heart Of Hearts (4:11)
Took A Long Time (5:35)
Creep Out Of Bed (2:21)
Push On (4:10)
Review: Over the course of her three year solo career, London-based Australian Carla Dal Forno has steadily moved from a dark, stylish and bleak all-electronic sound to something a little warmer and more organic in tone. On "Look Up Sharp", her third album, she continues this trend, complimenting her usual lo-fi drum machines and synths with low-slung post-punk bass and the kind of pastoral, traditional instrumentation more often associated with folk music (think flutes, recorders, clarinet etc.). It's a curious blend, but one that works wonderfully well throughout the album, and especially on those songs to which she adds evocative, often melancholic vocals.
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 in stock $15.77
Regimen Galactico Totalitario
Regimen Galactico Totalitario (180 gram vinyl 12" limited to 300 copies)
Cat: OR 120. Rel: 09 Feb 24
Ciudad Vicio (4:50)
Dagas (5:01)
Electrocucion (5:01)
Regimen Galactico Totalitario (TGR)
Muerte Y Pasion (2:41)
Review: After ten years of silence, 'Regimen Galactico Totalitario' materialises as the new release of the Mexican producer Dellarge, renowned for his experimental noise project I.N.R.I. (Industria Nacional del Ruido Infinito). On this latest mini-album, Dellarge propels his vision of today's evolution of EBM toward a futuristic blend of breakbeat, industrial, and electro, synthesising the an apt soundtrack for a future apocalypse, were it somehow quantized and filtered through a killer sequencer ahead of time. All instrumental, and with every track firing off its acid sixteenths as if each semiquaver were escaping a micro-fusion-powered mech-blaster, every track until 'Hades' is breakneck; that is until the EP commits to a tempo drop, as if to evoke the fact that most of the carnage has been meted out, and that all that's left is for the mechsuits to do now is dance an evil victory dance. Limited to just 300 copies, this is an end of the world you won't want to miss (how could you?).
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 in stock $23.41
Live At The Hammersmith Odeon London October 6 1983
Cat: SRFM 0013ME2. Rel: 01 Jan 90
Now, This Is Fun (3:33)
See You (4:03)
Love In Itself (4:35)
Told You So (4:33)
New Life (4:13)
More Than A Party (4:45)
Two Minute Warning (3:53)
Shame (4:01)
Get The Balance Right (3:17)
The Landscape Is Changing (5:03)
Photographic (4:13)
Just Can't Get Enough (5:02)
 in stock $20.25
Ghosts Again (remixes)
Ghosts Again (remixes) (numbered 12" in-die cut sleeve)
Cat: 196588 37811. Rel: 18 Dec 23
Ghosts Again (Massano remix) (6:41)
Ghosts Again (Chris Liebing vs Luke Slater remix) (8:02)
Review: First featured on Depeche Mode's critically acclaimed, James Ford-produced 2023 album Memento Mori, 'Ghosts Again' returns in remixed form. Liverpool-based melodic techno maestro Massano (real name Sam Rose) steps up first, delivering a raw, heavy and mind-mangling take that sits somewhere between darkened new wave, moody techno, and early noughties electroclash sounds. It's a fine remix all told that showcases the best of the Basildon band's original synths and vocals, while dragging the track kicking and screaming towards the dancefloor. Techno veterans Chris Liebing and Luke Slater take over on side two, predictably delivering a fearlessly fast, weight and intoxicating take that's as stomping as they come and twice as dirty.
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! low stock $22.36
Memento Mori
Memento Mori (trifold 180 gram red vinyl 2xLP (side 4 etched) + booklet in debossed sleeve)
Cat: CLBI 878979. Rel: 12 Jun 23
My Cosmos Is Mine (5:14)
Wagging Tongue (3:22)
Ghosts Again (3:59)
Don't Say You Love Me (3:41)
My Favourite Stranger (3:56)
Soul With Me (4:13)
Caroline's Monkey (4:13)
Before We Drown (4:04)
People Are Good (4:20)
Always You (4:18)
Never Let Me Go (4:03)
Speak To Me (4:38)
Review: Depeche Mode's new album Memento Mori is a rather bittersweet one for fans - they are of course happy to hear fresh material from their favour electronic doom mongers, but it is also the last time they will hear music from the group featuring corer member Andrew Fletcher, who suddenly passed away at the start of the sessions. Remaining members Dave Gahan and Martin Gore wondered if they would carry on, but carry on they did. And we're glad they did, as this is one of their best albums in years with darkness abounding. Their progression in their latest years have heard them move into darker, peakier, sadder and more industrial themes while drawing on deathly topoi.
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 in stock $55.75
My Cosmos Is Mine
My Cosmos Is Mine (numbered vinyl 12" in die-cut sleeve)
Cat: 196588 48161. Rel: 31 Jan 24
My Cosmos Is Mine (Anna remix) (8:19)
Speak To Me (Hi-lo extended remix) (6:10)
 in stock $22.08
No One Is Here
Cat: LONEWOLF 015. Rel: 01 Feb 24
Hello & Goodbye (4:05)
Half Man (4:43)
No One Is Here (5:14)
Jack (La Mverte remix) (7:07)
Jack (4:54)
Review: The Lonewolf label strikes again with another intriguing new 12" that mixes up synth, wave and electro. E Bony is behind it and we know nothing of who they are but they clearly know how to coax some magic out of their machines. 'Hello & Goodbye' opens with rasping electro bass and rugged analogue drums while 'Half Man' takes off on a more arresting and peak time trip to the stars. 'No One Is Here' has silky arps and classic electro bleeps driving it along while the B-side begins with a La Mverte remix that brings plenty of metallic dark disco chug to the floor. The original is another bright, twitchy electro workout.
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 in stock $17.09
Hot Rod To Hell (B-STOCK)
Cat: DE 240. Rel: 01 Jan 90
Hot Rod To Hell 1
Hot Rod To Hell 2
Review: ***B-STOCK: Creasing to corner of outer sleeve but otherwise in excellent condition***

Roy Garrett born Roy Sambar in Colonia, New Jersey arrived in New York City hungry to explore the sex and porn scenes he'd seen advertised in the Village Voice's classified section. He danced in Times Square theaters The Gaiety, Ramrod, and Big Top before moving into adult film. From 1979 through 1983 Garret starred in ten films, five of them for Joe Gage, including his lead role in 'Heatstroke'. Throughout this period of self-discovery, he wrote the suite of poems that became 'Hot Rod to Hell'. In 1982 he recorded 48 of the poems with haunting, atmospheric score by Man Parrish, who also did several soundtracks for Gage. The project was produced for the stage and for cassette by Manhattan illustrator Robert W. Richards. Richards calls 'Hot Rod', "a searing voyage through the labyrinths of modern male sexuality; it's geography ranging from porn theaters to back room bars to the intimacy of shared beds. Only a man born at exactly the moment in gay history that Garrett was could have lived through and conceived this work." Roy Garrett tells his stories of sex, violence, truth, and illusion, a visceral and personal a record as any of that moment in gay history pre-AIDS. Joe Gage, describes 'Hot Rod' as, "...sweet danger. This is a perceptive look at the underside of love. It is funny, scary, surprisingly moving and best of all, extremely acute in observing the specifics of the human condition." All poems have been carefully remastered for vinyl by George Horn at Fantasy Studios in Berkeley. The records come housed in a jacket designed by Gwenael Rattke and includes an 44-page full color magazine with all 48 'Hot Rod' poems plus 44 previously unpublished poems from Garrett's archive. All proceeds from 'Hot Rod' will be donated to Housing Works, a New York City based non-profit fighting the twin crises of AIDS and homelessness.
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out of stock $17.88
The Entire City (Special Edition)
The Entire City (Special Edition) (silver vinyl LP + photo print in spot-varnished sleeve)
Cat: AGMR 051LP. Rel: 27 May 22
The Entire City (2:25)
Concrete Mother (4:41)
Men Like Gods (4:56)
I Am Shell I Am Bone (4:37)
Far From Home (1:24)
Changelings (3:22)
Bell Tower (2:37)
When I Was Otherwise (3:54)
Obelisk (5:14)
Nest (4:10)
Fight-Or-Flight (1:08)
View Of A Mountain (3:51)
 in stock $14.20
Dream Again
Dream Again (neon magenta vinyl LP)
Cat: IDIB 150B2. Rel: 13 Apr 23
ET (3:27)
Watch The Sky (3:15)
Just Can't Get Enough (4:04)
Good Times (2:37)
Whisper (3:39)
Meaningful Life (2:36)
Wait (3:01)
Home (4:05)
Orqod (3:11)
I You (3:11)
Me & My Sea (3:04)
Feathers (3:04)
 in stock $21.56
Try Our
Try Our (LP)
Cat: 352138 1573749. Rel: 31 Jan 24
One Of The Kind (3:17)
Man Of Time (3:20)
No Shame (3:10)
Countdown (3:20)
Never Come Back (3:11)
Underground Movie (2:27)
So Young But So Cold (3:01)
Digging In A Hole (3:06)
Sober (4:32)
Breakloose (3:01)
Pussy X (3:25)
 in stock $30.50
Introduction Presence
Cat: NOL 101. Rel: 01 Dec 22
Tournament (3:57)
Rush & Fever (3:59)
September Again (3:53)
On Division St (3:14)
Indignities (5:25)
Automobile (6:08)
Friend Machine (2:52)
Sacred Tongue (3:33)
The Motorist (5:08)
The Wall & I (5:18)
Review: "Working class synth pop" might be a bold statement for any band to make, but if you spend even just three minutes on Introduction, Presence it's pretty clear what Brooklyn's Nation of Language are going for with that description. Perhaps out of sync with their own time, but in a wonderful way, the Big Apple upstarts have channeled the spirit of 1980s northern English futurism for their debut long form offering to the world.
This is more than pastiche and nostalgia, though. Yes, it's easy - and a bit lazy - to drop comparisons to the likes of Tears for Fears, Duran Duran, OMD and New Order (oops, too late, sorry). Nevertheless, there's an authentic feeling here that marks the troupe out not just players who clearly appreciate what were better times for the charts, but also artists determined to add something to the legacy of that sound.
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 in stock $25.78
Down To Drown
Down To Drown (limited purple vinyl 7" + MP3 download code)
Cat: ANFLO 002VPURPLE. Rel: 01 Jan 90
Down To Drown (3:43)
Neon Gleam (3:51)
 in stock $7.36
Space Oddities (1972-1982)
Cat: BORNBAD 082LP. Rel: 18 May 16
Roger Roger/Nino Nardini - "Expectation" (2:03)
Cecil Leuter/Roger Roger/Nino Nardini - "Pop Electronique No. 2" (2:27)
Roger Roger - "Sound Industrial No. 2" (2:03)
Eddie Warner - "Shut Up" (2:26)
Eddie Warner - "Brutus Drums" (2:14)
Georges Teperino/Nino Nardini - "Tickling Shuffle" (2:18)
Eddie Warner - "Devil's Anvil" (2:05)
Roger Roger/Nino Nardini - "Tomorrow" (2:48)
Georges Teperino/Nino Nardini - "Minor Mind" (2:07)
Eddie Warner - "K.O" (2:05)
Eddie Warner - "Pathetic Motion" (2:41)
Roger Roger - "Sound Industrial No. 15" (2:26)
Eddie Warner - "Poppy Chimes" (1:52)
Nino Nardini - "Frantique" (2:11)
Roger Roger - "Sound Industrial No. 5" (2:04)
Roger Roger/Nino Nardini - "Beyond The Clouds" (2:07)
Review: Space Oddities (1972 - 1982) are the results of Frenchman Georges Achille Teperino aka Nino Nardini, fellow countryman Roger Roger and German Eddie Warner's collaborations over ten years at Ganaro recording studio. Given some underground recognition in the late nineties by the likes of Barry 7 of Add N to (X) (with his Connectors series) or UK electronica legend Luke Vibert, they can now add Alexis Le-Tan (Les Edits Du Golem) and Jess as devotees, who made the effort of compiling the release. As Born Bad stated quite succinctly, the trio used their "strange instruments to sketch out the beginnings of something that resembled the future of music. This collection presents some of the highlights from their light-hearted, electronic pop sessions."
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 in stock $26.56
Bauhaus Staircase
Cat: 100CD 138. Rel: 26 Oct 23
Bauhaus Staircase
Look At You Now
Where We Started
Slow Train
Don't Go
Aphrodite's Favourite Child
Evolution Of Species
 in stock $12.09
Abyss (Deluxe Edition)
Cat: CLOCD 5073. Rel: 25 Jan 24
Dark Beach
Prism (Virgo remix)
Shadows (Sidewalks & Skeletons remix)
Clouds (Visions Of You' Tees remix)
Shadows (Mr Kitty remix)
 in stock $16.83
Chologoth: The Return Of Pluto
Chologoth: The Return Of Pluto (LP + autographed print)
Cat: PA 1913. Rel: 09 Nov 22
Teepohs'weepeehl (1:03)
Black Dove (feat Robert Harvey) (3:15)
La Vida Es Un Sueno (3:38)
Burns Bright (feat Annie Hardy) (3:50)
Young Gods Never Die (3:14)
Yauh'nahwahk (1:12)
Paloma Negra (2:40)
Chologoth (3:33)
Machete (2:52)
Perfect For You (4:16)
Teyohtl (1:39)
 in stock $33.41
Solo Works 96-98
Solo Works 96-98 (2xLP with obi-strip)
Cat: BELLA 001V. Rel: 08 Dec 22
It's A Family Thing (3:42)
Love Undone (4:44)
The Seventh Day (3:10)
In My Place (3:32)
Supernatural (3:39)
If I Knew Myself (4:18)
I's Raining Today (3:50)
Muscle & Want (3:41)
Worship Me (3:40)
A Fault Of Mine (3:57)
Days (4:07)
Tired Twilight (8:33)
Summer's Blue (3:02)
Left Untouched The Flowers Grow (3:02)
Let Love In (5:18)
 in stock $21.08
Perfect Stranger
Perfect Stranger (heavyweight vinyl LP)
Cat: MFM 034. Rel: 29 Aug 18
I Need Your Love Again (5:03)
You've Got The Love (4:24)
Memo (3:36)
Rap Apocalypse (3:56)
It Takes Time (4:35)
Perfect Stranger (3:14)
Review: Following on from their compilation EP of last year, Music From Memory return with another six tracks from Dutch musician Hubertus Baars aka Richenel. A somewhat illustrious figure in Dutch pop history with his flamboyant appearance, La Diferencia is a repackaged version of the original cassette release. It's a zeitgeist of the heady punk and squatter scene of Amsterdam in 1982, set against a backdrop of drugs and social unrest. It reflects a unique mix of punk aesthetics, with a synthesized bedroom funkiness. As well as having one of the more exceptional male voices to come out of the country, Richenel would go on to become a successful recording artist in the Netherlands before moving to Spain later in his career.
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 in stock $31.30
Overflow (limited gatefold 2xLP + MP3 download code)
Cat: ERATP 147LP. Rel: 03 Dec 21
Monster (12:19)
I Like (2:57)
Hands (2:07)
Pulses Of Information (4:00)
Noise Call & Response I (4:20)
Overflow (5:11)
The Cloud Oracle (3:13)
Tension In The Cloud (3:34)
Noise Call & Response II (8:26)
Scanning (4:15)
Flow State (11:35)
Touches Everything (5:00)
Making Sense Of It All (2:59)
 in stock $23.41
Separation Shock
Separation Shock (180 gram silver vinyl 12" limited to 300 copies)
Cat: OR 121. Rel: 09 Feb 24
Distress (3:45)
Conflict (4:28)
Denial (4:47)
Uncertainty (4:48)
Acceptance (4:13)
 in stock $23.41
Dopamine (limited gatefold orange vinyl LP)
Cat: MOSHILP 114RX. Rel: 17 Oct 22
Enter The Vortex (1:01)
Prelude To The Age Of Transhumanism (2:45)
Speak To Me Only With Your Mind (6:10)
Dopamine (feat Nuha Ruby Ra) (3:54)
Entanglement (4:00)
Red Skies Of The Anthropocene (3:34)
Sitting On A Satellite (feat Salami Rose Joe Louis) (4:17)
Use Music To Kill (2:36)
Perfect Dystopia (5:31)
Telepathic DNA (1:46)
Interplanetary Meditations (3:38)
Carry Us Home (2:51)
 in stock $10.52
Forever Alien (remastered) (Record Store Day 2020)
Cat: ORBIT 066LP. Rel: 02 Oct 20
Feels Like I'm Slipping Away (5:29)
The Stars Are So Far (How Does It Feel?) (6:58)
Close Your Eyes & You'll See (6:01)
Delia Derbyshire (4:25)
Owsley (5:39)
Forever Alien (4:25)
Matrix (4:45)
Like (5:05)
The New Atlantis (5:24)
The End (5:10)
Sounds For A Thunderstorm (For Peter Zinovieff) (4:51)
Liquid Intentions (14:32)
Sine Study (3:24)
 in stock $26.05
Teenage Daydream Conspiracy
Teenage Daydream Conspiracy (green vinyl LP with obi-strip)
Cat: MM 008. Rel: 01 Feb 24
Today You Are A Child (4:08)
Digitalmerica (4:14)
Dream Lover (4:30)
Heart Attack (2:44)
Pyromania (3:12)
Can't Feel (3:17)
Romance Demonology (2:57)
Blame It On The Weekend (3:28)
Robert Smith (I Love You Since I Was Six) (3:00)
Lovely Never (3:30)
Father (3:06)
Little Toy Soldier (5:29)
 in stock $27.09
German Electro Tracks
Cat: ZYX 540052. Rel: 16 Jan 24
Hannes Hroger - "Der Blonde Hans"
Falco - "Rock Me Amadeus" (Salieri mix)
O.K - "Okay" (Maxi version)
Bruce - "Geli" (feat Bongo - Geilomatick mix 1986)
Trio - "Da Da Da Liech Dich Nicht Du Liebst Mich Nicht"
Off - "Electrica Salsa" (Maxi version)
Off - "Honigbrotpause"
The Increadible Th Scrathers & Freddy Lo - "Hip Hop Bommi Bop Bop"
Rheingold - "Dreiklangsdimensionen" (Maxi version)
Paul Hardcastle - "19" (12 German version)
Sigmund Und Seine Freu(N)de - "Erdbeermund" (French Kiss mix)
U-tek - "Zahlent?nzer"
Nina Hagen - "Zarah" (Ich Weiss Es Wird Ein Wunder Geschn - long version)
Spliff - "Augen Zu!" (12 version)
 in stock $13.67
Documentation 1976-2022
Documentation 1976-2022 (CD with obi-strip)
Cat: CLN 001. Rel: 01 Feb 24
Track 1
Za Zah
Track 3
Track 4
Suzuki Western
Track 7
Track 9
Track 10
Track 11
Track 12
Track 13
Track 14
Track 15
 in stock $26.56
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