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DJ mixer parts

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Cat: 440367 Rel: 16 Dec 11
Right-angled DJ mixer & equipment lamp for consoles with lamp socket on rear panel
Notes: The LEDLamp is a variable brightness 18" gooseneck lamp for mixing console and other equipment illumination using LEDs (light emitting diodes) instead of a filament bulb. The LEDs are angled at 40 degrees ensuring a suitably wide light dispersion. Producing a bright, white light, the LEDLamp is more relaxing on the eye and better suited to illuminating a console control surface than the yellow light of a filament bulb. Unlike the filament bulb, the LEDs do not produce heat and they do not require replacement in time. A dimmer function is built into the lamp head. The light can be variably dimmed using a knurled thumbwheel from fully on to almost off so that it can be set according to the operating brightness required.

The LEDLamp circuit is built into a strong, stylish plastic moulding to ensure protection and user comfort. The flexible metal gooseneck can be bent into shape to adjust to the area being illuminated. It terminates in a 4-pin metal XLR suitable for plugging into the mating socket as found on many consoles including those made by Allen & Heath. Alternatively, it can be powered from an external 12V power supply.

LEDLamp is available in 2 versions, LEDLamp-X (right angled, designed for consoles with lamp socket on the rear panel) and LEDLamp-SX (straight, designed for consoles with lamp socket on the front panel).
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Cat: 342051 Rel: 16 Mar 09
Notes: The Allen & Heath knob is the official replacement part from Allen & Heath, which fits the auxillary and rotary pots on the Xone 02 model.
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Cat: 342050 Rel: 16 Mar 09
Official XONE:02/32/62 replacement knob, fitting both auxillary and rotary pots
Notes: The Allen & Heath knob is the official replacement part from Allen & Heath, which fits the auxillary and rotary pots on the Xone 02, 32 and 62 models.
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Cat: 342076 Rel: 11 Mar 09
Notes: The Allen & Heath switch cap is the offical replacement cap from Allen & Heath, which fits the white switch of Xone:32 mixer.
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Cat: 342079 Rel: 11 Mar 09
Official replacement knob part for XONE:42 and 92 mixer models
Notes: The Allen & Heath knob is the offical replacement part from Allen & Heath, which fits the Xone:42 and 92 mixers.
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Cat: 546925 Rel: 03 Sep 14
Replacement crossfader fro Allen & Heath's Xone:42 DJ mixer
Notes: This Allen & Heath crossfader is the offical replacement part from Allen & Heath, which fits the Alpha crossfader of the Xone:42 mixer.
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Cat: 404643 Rel: 28 Sep 10
Notes: The Allen & Heath MIC/RTN fader is the official replacement part from Allen & Heath, which fits the MIC/RTN fader of the Xone:92 model.
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Cat: 590533 Rel: 14 Oct 15
Replacement audio crossfader with insulated, easy-to-use adapters
Notes: The Innofader Pro2 is the ultimate replacement audio fader. It gives you an ultra precise i 0.05mm cut-in accuracy for even tighter control of your scratches. Separate left and right cut controls make it easy to adjust without the need to recalibrate. And for the perfectionist in you, it even has super precise presets which allow you to do things like shift the cut point by a mere 0.04mm, less than even the thickness of your hair.

Thanks to the feedback of customers like yourself, the Pro2 now fits more mixers than ever, all without modification. The adapter boards are already insulated and marked clearly to show you the specific one you need for your mixer.

To take advantage of all of the Innofader Pro2 adjustability, we recommend you purchase an Innojuster. This allows you to access Innofader Pro2 control dials plus the calibration button from outside the mixer.
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Cat: 611356 Rel: 10 May 16
Pack of 2 replacement fader units, can be used as channel faders OR cross faders
Notes: The mini innoFADER Duo makes upgrading more affordable than ever. With two yes TWO! mini innoFADERS in a single package! You can swap your Z2 channel faders or you can use one and still have a spare mini innoFADER to keep you up and running.

Works as a replacement for the following mixers and controllers:
- DJ Tech - TR-1S crossfader
- Akai AMX crossfader
- Hercules RMX2 crossfader
- All DJ-Tech DIF crossfaders
- All Epsilion inno-MIX crossfaders
- TRX Channel faders and crossfader
- All reloop RMX and Terminal Mix crossfaders
- All American Audio MXR and VMS crossfaders
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Cat: 647204 Rel: 13 Apr 17
Upgrade model for the mini Innofader PNP P
Notes: The mini Innofader Plus is the new upgrade part which will replace the mini Innofader PNP P. The cut point has 0.1mm precision combined with a lightning fast 1msec response time. And now you can hook it up to an innoJUSTER to ensure you get the hairline precision cut point exactly where you want it on the fly!

The installation process is now greatly simplified. Low profile connectors ensure that you do not have to worry about breaking any cables. The button is now easier to press. And the adjustments now can be done with simpler swipe movements.
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Cat: 647205 Rel: 13 Apr 17
Replacement crossfader - "S" solder pin version
Notes: The mini innoFADER Plus S Solder pin Version allows you to get precision cutting on even the most basic low cost MIDI controllers. Just like the mini Innofader Plus the solder version offers the same 0.1mm precision cut point and under 1msec response time. No longer are you "stuck" when your controller has a compact fader soldered to the PC board. Having the solder pin S version means you can essentially transform your average controller into a pro model. We even included an external switch so you can adjust the mini Innofader PLUS-S without having to remove it.

NOTE: This model requires some soldering.
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 1 in stock $96.56
Cat: 647209 Rel: 13 Apr 17
Replacement crossfader designed to work with the DJM-S9
Notes: Introducing the Mini Innofader for the Pioneer DJM-S9 mixer. You can now fit the mini innoFADER into the DJM-S9 mixer very straight forward plug & play installation. This model is only suitable for the DJM-S9 it will not work in any other mixers. This is a special mini Innofader PNP-P modded to work with the DJM-S9. The main piece is modded plus there is an added adapter plate and two screws for mounting to the S9 mixer.
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Cat: 707370 Rel: 17 Oct 18
Premium quality aluminium fader mount
Notes: Now at last you can have a true mod-free install for your mini Innofader Plus in a Numark PT-01 Scratch!

This is the new flush mount adapter which allows you to install the mini Innofader Plus into the Numark PT-01 Scratch.

Make sure that you do the ABCB Calibration which will set up the Innofader to cut CH1 on the left and near the middle on the right side.

It features 30mm Travel and free rotating mount allowing for traditional and angled cutting positions.

Please note Mini Innofader Plus sold separately.

Technical Specs:

- 2mm thick aluminium
- Durable black anodizing
- Laser engraving


1 x Fader Cover
1 x Fader Bracket
3 x Travel Stop
2 x M3 Screws
1 x Tool
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 2 in stock $31.20
Cat: 513130 Rel: 24 Dec 13
Replacement crossfader for HAK 360 and NUO 3 4 5 model mixers
Notes: Replacement crossfader for HAK 360 and NUO 3 4 5 model mixers
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Cat: 642522 Rel: 25 Apr 17
Replacement fader for NUO 2
Notes: Ecler Pro Fader NUO 2 - 45 mm.
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Cat: 343985 Rel: 12 Feb 09
Replacement sleeve for Numark C1/C2/C3/C3FX/C3USB/M1/M1USB/X9 & PRO SMX mixers
Notes: Replacement aluminium large toggle sleeve for Numark C1, C2, C3, C3FX, C3USB, M1, M1USB, X9 & PRO SMX mixers
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Cat: 282527 Rel: 10 Sep 07
Replacement channel 1 fader for DJM800
Notes: Replacement channel 1 fader for DJM800.
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Cat: 470308 Rel: 11 Oct 12
Replacement channel fader 6 assembly with PCB for the DJM-1000, can be used for channels 2 & 4
Notes: Replacement channel fader 2/4/6 assembly with PCB for the DJM-1000.
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Reloop Knob Cap Set For DJ Mixer/Controller (blue) (replacement knob caps (pack of 8))
Cat: 549842 Rel: 02 Oct 14
8 replacement knob caps for DJ mixers/controllers with rubberised finish
Notes: The Reloop Knobs bring fresh and bright neon-style colours to your DJ mixer or controller. Simple to install and boasting a rubberised, ergonomic design that can help elevate your performances further, these simple caps are a great addition to your set-up. Supplied in packs of 8, they're also perfectly complemented by Reloop's new Fader Caps.

Customise your gear and stand out from the crowd.
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