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Bakeren (instrumental)/Rory's Sunrays
Bakeren (instrumental)/Rory's Sunrays (hand-numbered 7" limited to 300 copies in Juno exclusive branded sleeve)
Cat: MUKAT 092. Rel: 26 Feb 24
Bakeren (unreleased instrumental version) (4:06)
Rory's Sunrays (3:56)
Review: Mukatsuku are long-time friends with Norway's Espen Horne so it makes sense they have moved to issue a couple of instrumentals following on from the quickly sold out success of a limited 7" he dropped on Wah Wah 45's in late 2023. This hand-numbered 45 features 'Bakeren' which in vocal form was a big hit with Gilles Peterson and Craig Charles amongst others. On the flip is a version of Bergen Sunrays', here renamed 'Rory's Sunrays', and featuring some great organ work from London-based musician Rory More.
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Know What I Mean?
Know What I Mean? (180 gram vinyl LP with obi-strip)
Cat: 725554 3. Rel: 29 Feb 24
Waltz For Debby (5:14)
Goodbye (6:16)
Who Cares? (5:58)
Venice (2:53)
Toy (5:09)
Elsa (5:51)
Nancy (With The Laughing Face) (4:07)
Know What I Mean? (4:53)
Review: Know What I Mean? is a sublime collaboration between two jazz giants. Released in 1961, it showcases the unparalleled musical chemistry between Adderley's exuberant alto saxophone and Evans' masterful piano. With tracks like 'Waltz for Debby' and 'Elsa,' it blends lyrical melodies with inventive improvisation to mesmerise the mind while Adderley's dynamic energy contrasts beautifully with Evans' introspective style. That captivating interplay highlights the best of both musicians and means this album is a timeless gem in the jazz canon that is rightfully celebrated for its sophistication.
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Dave Lee's Essentials Sampler
Cat: ZEDD 12372. Rel: 04 Dec 23
Jamiroquai - "Little L" (Dave Lee Re-Blend) (8:14)
Shelia & B Devotion - "Spacer" (Dave Lee Disco Fantasy mix) (9:00)
Review: Long time house and disco devotee Dave Lee comes through on Z Records once more with a sampler from this years ZR Essentials collection. It features two of his masterful reworks starting with Jamiroquai's 'Little L'. He flips into a funked up cosmic delight with plenty of the original's synth flourishes melodic hooks and orchestration all present and correct but with added slap bass, replayed rhodes and beefy new drums which make this a surefire dancefloor winner pretty much anywhere. On the flip comes Dave Lee's Disco Fantasy mix of Shelia & B Devotion's 1979 hit 'Spacer' which has a more retro disco sound thanks to the masterful original work of Chic. Additional clav, new string parts and solo-ing keys give 'Spacer' the extended DJ mix it never had at the time of original release.
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 in stock $14.24
Dusty Donuts Volume 3 (reissue)
Cat: DD 003JIMRE. Rel: 11 Jan 24
Rubber Band (Jim Sharp edit) (3:55)
The Light (Jim Sharp edit) (4:12)
Review: The Dust Donuts crew return with a reissue of another delicious 7"s of perfectly aged funk and hip hop sounds. Canadian-born, London-based DJ Jim Sharp was at the controls for this third volume and first up his edits 'Rubber Band.' It has big woodblock hits and brash horn leads with a percolating rhythm that rises and falls in dramatic and emotive fashion. The flip is an edit of a classic hip hop Joint, 'The Light', with the aching original vocal left in place next to lush piano chords and dusty golden era beats.
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 in stock $14.76
Jazz Dance Fusion Volume 4 Part 1
Cat: ZEDDLP 060. Rel: 29 Feb 24
Bill Ortiz - "Fusion/Noche Cubana" (8:22)
Born 74 & Onj - "Tape Your Beat" (5:07)
GeeW - "Still In Love" (5:44)
Mary Greer Mudiku - "Happy Sunrise" (8:59)
The Sultan's Swing - "46 To Somewhere" (5:53)
Stefano Di Santis - "Unreachable Galaxy" (4:25)
Charro Band De Emilio Guerrero - "Movin" (3:17)
Somos Amigos - "Pa'gozar" (4:34)
Telmo Fernandez & The Latin Soul Beat - "Cuchifrito Pa’ Los Pollos" (4:51)
Juju - "Cla Samba" (5:07)
Moreen Meriden - "Caught In A Fever" (7:28)
Alfredo Dias Gomes - "Samba De Negro" (3:51)
Alonso Gonzalez & Jazz Latino - "Mr Fool" (5:17)
Review: Colin Curtis returns with another finely-curated selection of the best 'Jazz Dance Fusion' records he could find. In Curtis' own words, Volume 4 reflects a combination of new music, unreleased music, and tracks that have never been on vinyl before or have not attained the recognition they deserve. A whopping 26 tracks are racked up on the digital edition, but this special vinyl record yields just thirteen further selections from that initial batch; leading the charge is the Rhodesy, hi-hatty '46 To Somewhere' by the Sultan's Swing, capturing the free-spiritedness of hitching a ride to somewhere untrammeled. Further choice sonic infections, infusing elements of vocal jazz, salsa and Latin spoken word, include Somos Amigos' 'Pa'gozar' and GeeW's 'Kyoto'. Get grooving!
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Be There In The Morning
Be There In The Morning (7" Nachpressung)
Cat: ATH 003. Rel: 28 Feb 24
Be There In The Morning (1977 version)
Be There In The Morning (1976 version)
Review: Athens Of The North represent one of Australia's finest soul exponents Renee Geyer. "Be There In The Morning" comes in two forms... The 1977 version will be recognised from her most successful album of the time Moving Along. An upbeat fusion of soul and funk with mild disco nuances, it comes with confident orchestration and an instantly infectious, ultimately emphatic chorus. The real coup here, however, is the softer, dreamier earlier version that's so rare it never left the confines of her native country. It's digging like this that makes the young-but-hugely-potential rare music label Athens Of The North a very exciting prospect for record collectors.
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Let's Dance Vol 1
Cat: FJMEDITS 01. Rel: 12 Feb 24
Lay Far - "Never Ever Edit" (4:53)
Admin - "Moon Trippin'" (6:28)
Rahaan - "Gonna Get Ya" (5:55)
Delfonic - "Let's Dance The Spank" (5:41)
Review: Funkyjaws Music launches a new edits series here with four absolute dons of the form on one vital 12". It's Lay Far that kicks off with 'Never Ever Edit' which is all horn-led excitement and upbeat disco claps and kicks before Admin's 'Moon Trippin' takes a more slow and soulful approach. When it comes to edits few are more essential than Chicago's Rahaan who kicks off the B-side with 'Gonna Get Ya', a leggy funk number infused with cosmic synth rays and warm piano chords. Delfonic shuts down with the loose percussive jumbles and jazzy vibes of 'Let's Dance The Spank'. A fine start to the series with volume two already in the works.
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 in stock $12.92
Jazz Dance Fusion Vol 4 Part 2
Cat: ZEDDLP 060X. Rel: 29 Feb 24
Venus Dodson - "Mother Of The Future" (8:29)
Jacques Schwarz Bart - "Mende" (5:49)
Guinu - "Eletromandinga" (extended version) (4:40)
Stefano De Santis - "Nova Laze" (3:30)
GeeW - "Kyoto" (7:49)
Mary Greer Mudiku - "I Face East" (7:32)
Alfredo Dias Gomes - "Vaya Mulatto" (4:14)
Juju - "Wanting Touch" (instrumental) (7:02)
Nova Vida - "My Only" (GeeMix) (6:54)
Lifetime - "I'll Bet You Thought I'd Never Find You" (4:21)
Tres Men - "Samba De-La Cruz" (4:32)
Miho Nobuzane - "Ponteio" (6:52)
El Caballo Y Su Orquesta - "Mambo De Papi" (3:05)
Review: The Jazz Dance Fusion series is a compilation-based series collecting some of the finest songs in the Jazzdance, Latin Jazz and Fusion. Each volume is careful cultivated by the well-known British DJ Colin Curtis. After the first three successful editions, the fourth boasts tracks like 'Mother Of The Future" by Venus Dodson, 'I Face East' by Mary Greer Mudiku and 'Ponteio' by Miho Nobuzane, to name but a few. Volume Four Part 2 is spread across two pieces of vinyl housed in a beautiful gatefold vinyl. If you are a jazz fan looking for a compilation to expand your knowledge and love the style, then look no further than this one here! Thanks ro Colin Curtis for continuing to curate such a great series!
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Gespielt von: Pete Haigh
 in stock $27.70
Tex Book Tenor (Tone Poet Series)
Cat: 458522 4. Rel: 29 Feb 24
Gichi (7:23)
Den Tex (7:30)
In A Capricornian Way (5:53)
Lynn's Tune (6:14)
204 (10:21)
Review: Blue Note's Tone Poet series is one of the most prolific and driven reissuing motors out there, focusing on faithful, audiophile-quality restorations, remasters and re-presses. Next on their list is Brooker Ervin's sax masterpiece Tex Book Tenor (1968). Contrasting to the revolutionary unease of its year of release, Tex Book Tenor abides by the book, bringing together five steady performances, including two covers (of Kenny Barron 'Gichi' and Woody Shaw's 'In A Capricornian Way'), and three originals, 'Den Tex', 'Lynn's Tune' and '204'. The album is soft-spoken in sound here - contrasting to his reputation for tough playing elsewhere - but this variety only proves Ervin's status as one of the fullest vessels around.
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 in stock $38.51
Trippin' Out
Cat: COR 001. Rel: 07 Feb 24
Trippin’ Out (edit) (3:55)
Little Bit Of Love (edit) (3:16)
Review: The magnificently steam and seductive 'Trippin' Out' by Coolin' Out captivates heart and mind with its infectious grooves and laid-back vibes. The track emanates a cool energy as it seamlessly blends elements of funk, jazz, and hip-hop. Coolin' Out's smooth delivery and tight instrumentation create a sublime mix that transports listeners to a world of relaxation and euphoria and serves as a testament to the group's mastery of their craft. The flipside tune, an edit of 'Little Bit Of Love', is just as romanic and loved up with its slowly unfurling funk rhythms.
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Chorus (LP + MP3 download code)
Cat: HVNLP 222. Rel: 29 Feb 24
Forever (5:30)
Yourself (6:23)
Sunrise (4:19)
Musica (6:00)
Chorus (8:53)
Future Life (4:37)
Return To Centaurus (9:42)
Review: Irrepressibly funky four-piece Mildlife are back with their third album, Chorus. Steeped in 70s cosmic disco, Italo, Polish jazz and all kinds of good, honest grooves, the Aussie psych fusion outfit take their music to the next level on this incredibly assured follow-up to 2020's Automatic. You can hear the joy bursting out of 'Musica' in every sassy synth line and throbbing bass pulse, coming on like the best Cerrone-approved synth-disco record you never heard. There's plenty of space for low slung, Balearic whispers like 'Return To Centaurus' too, just hinting at the range Mildlife are capable of on their finest album to date.
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 in stock $23.73
Rhythm Of Life (reissue)
Rhythm Of Life (reissue) (LP Nachpressung)
Cat: CR 189. Rel: 19 Feb 24
Sweet Power Your Embrace
Good Thing
Funny Girl
Slick City
Rhythm Of Life
Hey Hey Hey
I've Got My Eyes On You
 in stock $28.47
Dancefloor Damage Vol 1
Cat: 326006. Rel: 06 Feb 24
Maqnifique (8:02)
Vince Who (8:25)
Review: Funk, soul and house music courses through the veins of Jamie 3:26 and he always manages to convey that into his irresistible grooves. The best of them come on his own label 326 which is where he arrives now with this new 12" Dancefloor Damage Vol 1. It's a tight affair with just one cut on each side of the wax, starting with 'Maqnifique' which is a steamy, intense disco house stomper with wiry lines and unrelenting grooves. On the flip is a very different vibe - a sunny, flute-led led and jazzy soulful house number with heart-melting chords.
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 in stock $14.51
Series: 1$ Bin Breaks
Odetta - "Sakura" (2:04)
Oliver Sain - "On The Hill" (2:25)
Milt Jackson With The Ray Brown Big Band - "Enchanted Lady" (2:05)
Annette Peacock - "Survival" (1:41)
The Originals - "Sunrise" (1:36)
Isaac Hayes - "A Few More Kisses To Go" (1:23)
Les McCann - "Go On & Cry" (1:27)
Review: The Galaxy Sound Co US is now up to number 41 in their buy-on-sight 'Series: 1$ Bin Breaks'. It's another vital 45 rpm that packs a lot in with plenty of epic sound sources that you will recognise and love from some of your favourite hip-hop joints. Artists like Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth, Puff Daddy, De La Soul, Ghostface Killah, J Dilla, Redman and Alicia Keys have called upon the sounds you will hear here from original artists like Odessa, Milt Jackson With The Ray Brown Big Band, Issac Hayes and many more. File this one under essential breaks, library sounds and jazz nuggets.
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 in stock $12.39
Action (Tone Poet Series)
Action (Tone Poet Series) (gatefold 180 gram vinyl LP)
Cat: 458522 6. Rel: 29 Feb 24
Action (10:54)
Plight (7:35)
Wrong Handle (7:35)
I Hear A Rhapsody (4:42)
Hootnan (7:28)
Review: Alto saxophonist Jackie McLean's 1960s output ran the gamut from hard bop to the avant-gard, with his 1964 post-bop dates It's Time! and Action splitting the difference. Now reissued for Blue Note's Tone Poet series, this reissue of the latter LP follows up Rudy Van Gelder's 2004 curator's edition; McLean's playing is lithe and limber here, piquing out from each mix - from the opening fan-outs of 'Plight' to the continual peacockings of 'I Hear A Rhapsody' - as if to suggest that McLean himself knows that his instrument resounds at the exact high frequency that naturally commands human attention. With the Tone Poet series primed for audiophiles, you're in for a treat.
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! low stock $38.51
I'm Here Again
Cat: MXMRK 2064. Rel: 26 Jan 24
Thelma Houston - "I'm Here Again" (7" edit By Mr K) (5:26)
The Zombies - "Time Of The Season" (7" edit By Mr K) (5:20)
Review: Wonderful edit king Mr K is back with more of his superb scalpel work on his own Most Excellent Unltd label. This latest 7" tackles some mighty original material in the form of Thelma Houston's gloriously uplifting 70s Motown classic 'I'm Here Again'. It's just as life-affirming and joyous in Mr K's hands with some extra drum weight and drawn-out grooves that will energise any dancefloor. On the flip is 'Time Of The Season' which taps into some golden funk and soul with soaring vocals and big horns over a killer, infectious bassline.

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Gespielt von: Voodoocuts, LEGO EDIT
 in stock $11.87
Caravan (180 gram vinyl LP with obi-strip)
Cat: 725562 7. Rel: 29 Feb 24
Caravan (9:47)
Sweet 'N' Sour (5:29)
In The Wee Small Hours Of The Morning (4:04)
This Is For Albert (8:20)
Skylark (4:50)
Thermo (6:48)
Review: Reissued via Craft now, after a long run with Art Blakey's original issuers Riverside Records, Caravan is the first record by the drummer to be released in 1963. With Freddie Hubbard on trumpet, Wayne Shorter on sax, Curtis Fuller on trombone, Cedar Walton on piano and Reggie Workman on bass, Blakey commands a fiery, banging temper on this eight-track record, yet somehow still makes such carpal explosives flow like poetry. The album's most notable element is that Blakey finds immense joy in subtly variating around difficult, tupletting riffs, which nonetheless go on to produce discernible and well-rounded progressions. We wouldn't expect anything less from the master.
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 in stock $36.91
Love For The Sake Of Dub
Cat: BCR 163. Rel: 08 Feb 24
Love For The Sake Of Dub (2:51)
Grilled (2:55)
Review: Bacao Rhythm & Steel Band is an enigmatic steel pan collective from Hamburg that has a hardcore fan following around the world and a new album on the way that is superb. They are loved for their covers of hip-hop classics and last year served up a version of the Stranger Things theme tune but this time out we get 'Love For The Sake Of Dub' of 45 rpm. It is another pair of funky tunes with the signature brass sounds front and centre as the fat bottom rhythms roll deep and fleshy. Another gem from this leftfield outfit.
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 in stock $10.03
Y'Y (gatefold LP with obi-strip)
Cat: PSY 037LP. Rel: 29 Feb 24
Mapinguari (Encantado Da Mata} (1:46)
Uiara (Encantada Da Agua) - Vida E Cura (3:50)
Viva Nana (5:34)
Dancga Dos Martelos (5:14)
Sonho Ancestral (4:56)
Y'Y (5:04)
Mar De Cirandeiras (3:45)
Gloriosa (3:20)
Encantados (9:35)
Review: What drives Amaro Freitas in life is experience. In 2020 the pianist, who hails from the Northeastern Brazilian coastal city of Recife, was drawn to Manaus, located in the Amazon basin, some 4600 kilometers to the west. His experience in that lush wilderness led him into a new realm of musical creation, one rooted in magic and possibility and tempered by a sense of stewardship for the earth's bounties and a connection to the Satere Mawe indigenous community. Crucial to the experience for Freitas was the maintenance of a true exchange of knowledge. According to Freitas, in the resulting album, Y'Y (pronounced: eey-eh, eey-eh), he pays "homage to the forest, especially the Amazon Forest, and the rivers of Northern Brazil: a call to live, feel, respect, and care for nature, recognizing it as our ancestor." This album is an artful conversation between its traditions, rooted in the unique sounds and rituals found in Afro-Brazilian and Indigenous cultures. With Y'Y, Freitas further codifies his fresh, 'decolonized' interpretation of Brazilian jazz, one that may well shatter preconceived notions of what jazz can be.
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 in stock $26.90
Water Get No Enemy
Water Get No Enemy (7" Nachpressung)
Cat: BBSR 020. Rel: 20 Feb 24
Water Get No Enemy (feat Eduardo Brecho) (4:07)
The Revolution Will Not Be Televised (feat Juno) (3:16)
Review: Brazillian Yoruba artist Eduardo Brecho has been snapped up for this new series and limited run of 7"s on Barbershop Records. It features a pair of classic remakes starting with the cult Fela Kuti tune 'Water Get No Enemy.' His version is an uptempo take in which he sings purely in Yoruba and it is beautiful to hear. London poet Juno then joins in on the flip as the pair remake Gil Scott Heron's 'The Revolution Will Not Be Televised'. It is a well-worn classic by now but takes on new charms in this sublime version.
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 in stock $15.29
El Bobo
El Bobo (7")
Cat: MAR 087. Rel: 16 Feb 24
Webster Lewis - "El Bobo" (4:05)
The Spirit Of Atlanta - "Freddie's Alive & Well" (4:24)
Review: As the Mad About label hurtles towards release number 100 it looks to the talents of Webster Lewis and The Spirit of Atlanta for two more fiery gems on a very useful 7". There are hints of Library music in the noodling melodies of the A-side jam 'El Bobo'. It has jazz-funk keys and organic drum rhythms gently tumbling below the Rhodes magic up top. The Spirit Of Atlanta's 'Freddie's Alive & Well' then picks up the pace with a more high-speed and 60s-influenced jazz-funk sound featuring some buttery smooth vocals up top. Two effective jams for sure.
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 in stock $15.81
Iko (Never Felt This Way)
Cat: M 45005. Rel: 01 Feb 24
Double A - "Iko (Never Felt This Way)" (4:18)
Jim Sharp - "Tell Me What To Do" (3:37)
Review: Jim Sharp presents his sophomore Mountain 45s release, following up the absolute banger of a debut, 'Westchester Eagle'. Coming full circle, we hear Sharp team back up with fellow producer Double A here; on the A we've got the latter's 'Iko (Never Felt This Way)', a fearless cross-section of big beat, Latin funk and sampled West African refrains, while Sharp helms up the B-side this time around, with a full-horseshoe'd rerub of an (ashamedly on our part) unknown funk delight.
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 in stock $14.76
Rave Du Brazil/Primavera
Cat: SCRULSD 002. Rel: 06 Oct 23
Tony Lavrutz & Scruscru - "Rave Du Brazil" (4:12)
Scruscru & Los Protos - "Primavera" (3:47)
Review: REPRESS ALERT!: You know that long hot days are fast approaching when it is Brazilian music that you crave. Thankfully the Scruniversal has got us covered with a second release that is as scorching as the first. It pairs MPB, samba and Latin flair with hard-edged hip-hop and funk stylings across a pair of tunes from Scruscru, each one a different collaboration. The first is alongside Tony Lavrutz and has gorgeous vocals and organic percussion paired with cut-up beats and jazzy keys that will ignite any floor on 'Rave Du Brazil.' It is Los Protos's jazz funk groover 'Primavera' that gets the good vibes going on the flip.
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 in stock $11.34
Testament (clear vinyl LP limited to 300 copies)
Cat: RLP 3234CLEAR. Rel: 29 Feb 24
Work Song For A Scattered Past (14:45)
The Dark Inside Of Cabbage (8:15)
Four Ways Of Dealing With One Way (5:07)
Running Bison, Breathing Entity, Sleeping Reality (9:13)
One Testament, One Aim, One More To Go Again (10:15)
Review: Fire! (Mats Gustafsson, Johan Berthling and Andreas Werliin) is the eighth free improvisation opus by the Swedish experimental jazz group. In just a short space of five through-composed sonic reality tests, the album reads and plays back like a forty-minute affirmative exercise in shadow work, in which the deepest depths of a collective subject's unconscious mind(s) is explored and recalibrated. The approach matches: unlike prior projects, the album was performed and recorded live in the studio to analogue tape, with no flutes, no electronics, no guests and no extras. Contemporary jazz in its purest compositional nakedness, Fire! finds joy and reverence in the crude and the fetishised, with each instrument unfurling over time like Platonic forms of their truly nude, phenomenological counterparts.
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! low stock $24.78
When I'm With You (reissue)
Cat: EXUMG 12. Rel: 21 Feb 24
When I'm With You (3:34)
Let Me Be (3:25)
Review: This one is a rare soul gem that has not been easy to find on 7" for 40 years. It is one of the countless masterpieces that were produced by the great studio legend Larry Mizell who made it for Alabama born soul singer Brenda Lee Eager. She later relocated to Chicago and sang with Jerry Butler in his back up group Peaches and dueted with him on their million-selling duet 'Ain't Understanding Mellow'. Brenda did more backing singing with the likes of Ray Charles, Diana Ross, and Stevie Wonder and wrote songs recorded by Bobby Womack, Aretha Franklin and Gladys Knight before laying this one down in 1974.
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 in stock $13.97
They Reminisce Over You (Altered Tapes remix) (reissue)
Cat: HR 002BLUE. Rel: 22 Feb 24
Pete Rock & CL Smooth - "They Reminisce Over You" (Altered Tapes remix)
Pete Rock & CL Smooth - "They Reminisce Over You" (Altered Tapes remix instrumental)
Review: Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth are a big part of the history in hip-hop during the early 90s. Hailing from Mount Vernon, New York they released two classic albums and a handful of singles to great success. A regular selection on the very influential MTV Yo-Raps show they quickly gained notoriety for Pete Rock's use of obscure soul and jazz records. Here we have the reissue of the 2017 release that brings their most popular track to the masses once again. 'They Reminisce Over You (T.R.O.Y.)' blew them up big and was their highest charting record. This 7" features the Altered Tapes remix along with the instrumental on the second side. You would be hard pressed to find another track that is the epitome of the New York hip-hop sound in 1992 then this mega-hit.
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 in stock $23.47
Poincina (12")
Cat: NATURE 002HBR. Rel: 01 Feb 24
Poincina (edit) (5:05)
Endless Flight (edit) (4:36)
Inside Your Love (edit) (5:36)
Review: Some 14 months on from his first outing for Newcastle-on-Tyne's finest re-edit imprint, former Wild Bunch man DJ Nature returns to Hot Biscuit Recordings with three more tried-and-tested reworks. A-side 'Poincina' is particularly potent, with the exiled Bristolian making merry with a full-blown disco extravaganza built around sensationally squelchy synth-bass, rubbery slap-bass, lolloping beats and soaring orchestration. 'Endless Flight', meanwhile, sees him tweak and extend a sun-baked slab of Brazilian jazz-funk-fusion full of heady female vocalisations and twinkling piano solos, while 'Inside Your Love' is a glassy-eyed, loved-up slab of soulful disco perfection.
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 in stock $18.72
Search For The Land (Classic Vinyl Series)
Search For The Land (Classic Vinyl Series) (180 gram audiophile vinyl LP)
Cat: 583199 4. Rel: 15 Feb 24
Search For The New Land
The Joker
Mr Kenyatta
Morgan The Pirate
Review: Lee Morgan's Search For The Land is a soulful exploration of jazz that now gets reissued as part of this classic series son the iconic Blue Note. Released first in 1966, the record showcases Morgan's virtuosity as a trumpeter and composer. With a lineup featuring heavyweights like Wayne Shorter and Herbie Hancock, each track is a journey through intricate melodies and dynamic rhythms. From the exhilarating title track to the introspective 'Melancholee,' Morgan's next level improvisation and emotive phrasing shine throughout. The album's rich textures, buoyant grooves, and evocative solos make it an evergreen gem in the jazz canon and one that captures the essence of Morgan's musical vision with unparalleled depth and allure.
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 in stock $27.70
STR4TASFEAR (remixes)
STR4TASFEAR (remixes) (hand-stamped 12")
Cat: REMIXES. Rel: 21 Feb 24
To Be As One (feat Theo Croker - Venom remix) (6:17)
Lazy Days (feat Emma Jean Thackray - Wallace remix) (8:00)
Review: Str4ta is a joint project that includes Gilles Peterson and Jean-Paul Maunick aka Bluey, inspired by 80s Brit funk bands. In 2022, Str4ta released their third album Str4tasfear for Gilles's label, Brownswood Recordings and this 12" stamped white label offers two dance remixes of two tracks from Str4tasfear. For the A-side, 'To Be As One' is remixed by Venom with vocal by Theo Croker. This soulful house version is jazzy and slightly psychedelic, that gives off a tremendous 70s vibe to it, while the second side sees 'Lazy Days' is remixed by Wallace, adding a bit more of a Latin house feel and features Emma Jean Thackray on vocals. Both versions turn the originals into the perfect dancefloor shufflers for eclectic people. This is the perfect 12" for house, soul and Latin DJs to express their more jazzy side.

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 in stock $14.24
A Family Gathering: Chapter 1
Cat: MP 12001. Rel: 28 Feb 24
Anybody Out There (feat Bembe Segue & Vanessa Freeman) (3:09)
Little Did I Know (instrumental) (4:38)
Find The Beauty (feat Paul Randolph) (3:58)
I See You (instrumental) (5:38)
Little Did I Know (Domu's Keep Bouncin' mix) (5:19)
Together (instrumental) (3:51)
Working On It (instrumental) (4:26)
Review: Bread & Souls is a new project dreamt up by Italian entrepreneur and music lover Franco Fusari. For this he invited Mark de Clive-Lowe to direct and produce his roving vision: a series of collaborations with the cream of boogie and jazzdance's best performers and instrumentalists, including the likes of Bembe Segue, Vanessa Freeman, Paul Randolph, Rich Medina, Tommaso Cappellato and more. Under the banner of Bread & Souls, these eight originals and six remixes hit hard yet smooth, sliding down the proverbial aural gullet like a well-made Manhattan.
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I've Tried Everything But Therapy Part 1
I've Tried Everything But Therapy Part 1 (clear vinyl LP + insert (indie exclusive))
Cat: 093624 852100. Rel: 01 Nov 23
Some Things I'll Never Know (3:39)
Lose Control (3:29)
What More Can I Say (2:21)
The Door (3:33)
Goodbye's Been Good To You (2:43)
Last Communion (3:29)
You Still Get To Me (3:23)
Suitcase (2:39)
Flame (2:24)
Evergreen (2:35)
Review: The debut album from soul, pop and r&b singer-songwriter Teddy Swims, I've Tried Everything But Therapy, is a knowing exercise in pop humour, and an inverted critique of the 21st-Century celebrity condition. Manifesting as a concept first and foremost, Swims stated in an interview that he would put himself "into therapy" only after the album came out, and would until then continue to indulge every other soul-allaying vice - "buying myself a couple more months of freedom, of being a traumatised little s***" - building extensively on the "men will do anything but go to therapy" Internet meme. Even so, the album is a collection of healing songs, dealing with complex issues from substance abuse to tumultuous breakups and is a compelling one at that.
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 in stock $29.53
Smells Like Teen Spirit
Cat: JAZZR 032. Rel: 22 Feb 24
Blue Mode - "Smells Like Teen Spirit" (3:59)
El Chavo - "Hola Muneca" (2:58)
Review: Blue Mode and El Chavo present two fantastic new cover versions. The A-side is of course one of the biggest tunes of the grunge era, and is here lent a jazzy, funky, groovy alteration by Blue Mode - though it is an ostensible Nirvana cut, the band were influenced by everything from the Gap Band to Louie Louie and a fair smattering of 80s indie here. This production by Chip Wickham mixes a swinging 60s Blue Note vibe and acid jazz refrains, brings it bang-up-to-date with contemporary nu-jazz. Side B is a boogaloo Latin jazz version of the Lonnie Smith track 'Hola Muneca', beloved of the acid jazz era's foremost DJs, and formerly released on a now impossible-to-find 7" single that shifts for crazy prices.
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 in stock $14.24
Wet Summer
Wet Summer (limited 7")
Cat: SC 7068. Rel: 02 Feb 24
Wet Summer (3:57)
Night Raid (3:51)
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Come Around & Love Me
Cat: DAP 1151. Rel: 29 Jan 24
Come Around & Love Me (3:04)
What Is Left To Do (3:56)
Review: Jalen Ngonda shares two 7"-incarnated selections from his debut album Come Around and Love Me. Anyone who has had the pleasure of seeing Jalen perform live knows that he is one of the most captivating performers on today's soul scene. His voice, equal parts raw feeling and elegance, exudes confidence and charm - disarming packed rooms of rowdy concert-goers, leaving them silent as they hold fast to every syllable sung. For his studio project, however, Ngonda and his team at Hive Mind Studios in Brooklyn developed skulful blends, heavy arrangements and introspective lyrics with a Motown sophistication, leaving the listener in a blissful wash of wonderment. Ngonda creates a classic approach that is rooted in the sounds of revered pioneers, without falling into imitation; most symptomatic of this is the beautiful cinematic soul echoer 'What Is Left To Do', a song sure to dazzle for years to come.
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Evil Vibrations
Cat: P 106397. Rel: 13 Feb 24
Evil Vibrations (extended version) (6:10)
Evil Vibrations (3:46)
Evil Vibrations (instrumental version) (3:47)
Review: The Mighty Riders were an American funk group whose 1978 album Help Us Spread The Message is a stone-cold classic for rare groove lovers. It has been famously sampled by De La Soul and now this new 10" release includes the original version of the track the pillaged, namely 'Evil Vibrations'. It comes as an original, an instrumental edit version of the song, and an extended edit. This is a must cop for funk fans as well as hip-hop historians and a standalone tune that still gets the floor going so do not sleep.
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 in stock $25.58
Eastside Edits 006
Cat: ESE 006. Rel: 25 Jan 24
Here's My Name (3:35)
Heard It Through Creedence (4:02)
Review: For their sixth addition to the Eastside Edits series, Ontarian hip-hop editors (and here, total reconstructors) Suckaside drop two new versions down the chimney for Christmas. As ever, the cat-and-mouse game of original-track discovery is up; this time, we hear new takes on Snoop Dogg's 'What's My Name' (here reincarnated as 'Heres My Name') and Creedence Clearwater Revival's 'I Heard It Through The Grapevine' (here, 'Heard It Through Creedence'). Both are stereo-centred and bass-bolstered, with new big beats and slick instrumental varnishings providing ample extra headroom for ever-rejuvenative dancefloor goings-on.
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Gespielt von: The Allergies
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Hot Spot (reissue)
Hot Spot (reissue) (LP with obi-strip)
Cat: PLP 7698. Rel: 26 Feb 24
Grab Your Sexy Baby (6:02)
Hot Spot (part 1) (6:32)
Doin' It To Def (4:19)
Goddess Of Love (3:40)
Funk Power (5:41)
Hot Spot (part 2) (6:31)
Review: Chicago funk band Royal Flush release sonly one full length on their local Texas label Lucky and that was Hot Spot. They did so in 1980 before later reissuing it via GEC and although it isn't one of the most well known albums amongst funk heads, we think that is rather a crime because it is a top notch if not underrated album. It is couched in the traditions of the genre but with nods to styles like P-Funk. If you can find an OG copy you will have to shell out plenty of money and although this same label put out a CD version in 1994, it has not been reissued on vinyl before.
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 in stock $32.96
(Our Hearts) Will Always Shine
Cat: EXUMG 11. Rel: 14 Feb 24
Our Hearts) Will Always Shine (3:28)
Mighty Mighty (3:28)
Review: Expansion deals pretty much in good vibes only and that is what we have here with OZONE's '(Our Hearts) Will Always Shine'. It is a 7" that radiates with infectious energy and heartfelt emotion as it seamlessly blends elements of pop, electronic, and dance music. The uplifting melodies soar high, the pulsating beats power things along and the soulful vocals deliver a message of resilience and positivity. The song's anthemic chorus is destined to take listeners to a new level and ignite dance floor in equal measure and it sure does that. 'Mighty Mighty' on the flip is another feel good and upbeat funky disco workout.
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 in stock $13.97
Latin Freaks
Latin Freaks (limited LP)
Cat: MD 33001. Rel: 29 Feb 24
Latin Freak (4:07)
Tiene O' Tiempo (4:00)
Can't Keep Foolin' (feat Joe Bataan) (4:15)
Little Black Woman (feat Alfredo D'Ecclesiis) (4:36)
Maledetta Discoteca (4:06)
Boogie With Your Baby (4:14)
Divine Dance (4:20)
Juanita Shing-a-Ling (4:51)
Review: The Italian Funk ensemble Funkool Orchestra debut album 'Latin Freaks' is here. After a couple of highly regarded singles made the rounds, the full album was eagerly anticipated. Get ready for another dose of Neapolitan Funky Disco Boogie madness with a Latin touch. This album has a mixture of rare grooves, Napoli sound, disco Boogie, Latin soul and boogaloo, which is ideal music to soak up the culture of their native Italian coastline. The first run of releases sold out quickly and so might this reissue. Act fast and get one of best new funk bands in the style.
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Gespielt von: LEGO EDIT
Tags: Disco Funk
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New York Streets
New York Streets (7" limited to 300 copies)
Cat: ECR 004. Rel: 02 Feb 24
New York Streets (part 1) (4:02)
New York Streets (part 2) (4:22)
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Foxy Lady
Foxy Lady (limited 7")
Cat: ATH 178. Rel: 29 Feb 24
Foxy Lady (3:48)
Jesus Going To Clean House (4:19)
Review: Athens of the North has got some fantastic and previously unreleased lo-fi goodness on their hands here. It comes from Lee Tracy and Isaac Manning's back catalogue and has been boosted subtly by some studio drumming from ECLA which adds a little more heft to it. 'Foxy Lady' is a lithe funk jam with shimmering synths and snappy snares over nice broken beats. It is backed with 'Jesus Going To Clean House' which is a standout cut from the album that has got many heads falling over themselves so good is it. The vamping chords and dusty deep house drums could all be a forgotten Chicago classic while the vocal is a real one packed with emotion.
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 in stock $14.24
Amy EP Vol 2
Cat: AMY 002. Rel: 13 Feb 24
Rehab (feat Pharoah Monch) (3:35)
Cupid (3:45)
Review: The still very sorely missed queen of UK soul makes a posthumous yet triumphant return here in the form of a new hip-hop collaboration with Pharoah Monch. Her original vocals and the sultry sax sounds from her gem 'Rehab' are rewired with fast-paced new bars from Monch. Flip over this limited edition 7" and you will find a sweet reggae sound on 'Cupid' with its rocksteady rhythms and Winehouse's heartfelt and beautifully raw vocals making for a perfect sun-kissed and horizontal rhythm all about love.
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 in stock $16.62
Treat Me Right
Cat: KR8IV 001. Rel: 07 Feb 24
Treat Me Right (4:39)
Mo Ghetto Bluez (feat Maurice Brown) (5:07)
Review: Linda Muriel is an acclaimed lead vocalist best known for her work with Acid Jazz and Talking Loud acts like The Brand New Heavies, Incognito, Galliano, and JQT. For this one she has joined forces Fitzroy Facey, director of The Soul Survivors Magazine, to craft a fusion of old and new funk and soul sounds. Linda's distinctive voice shines in the infectious track 'Treat Me Right' who has wowed audiences in live performances and featured on the Luxury Soul Weekend 2024 box set. It soared to the top of the UK Soul Breakers Chart on December 31, 2023 and this must cop tune has the instrumental flip side 'Mo Ghetto Bluez' with Maurice Brown, which is perfect for those who appreciate a blend of old-school with a touch of new cool.
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 in stock $15.56
Wish I Didn't Miss You
Cat: MSV 025. Rel: 01 Jul 22
Wish I Didn't Miss You (3:52)
Wish I Didn't Miss You (remix) (4:17)
Review: Oooh! Angie Stone's "Wish I Didn't Miss You" definitely belongs in the canon of all time modern soul classics. Taken from her 2001 second album Mahogany Soul, the Swizz Beats produced track made optimum usage of an O' Jays sample and was instrumental in that LP going gold and propelling the former D'Angelo collaborator to stardom. It also inspired countless official and under the counter remixes with Blaze's perhaps the most recognisable. So yes this reissue on 7" from Outta Sight is worthy if you don't have the original in your collection and features a housed up remix from Hex Hector on the flip.
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 in stock $10.29
One Question
Cat: RSR 002. Rel: 15 Feb 24
One Question (feat SLIMKID3) (3:24)
One Question (feat SLIMKID3 - Jim Sharp remix) (3:07)
Review: This all-star collaboration features SlimKid3 from Pharcyde, Hamburg DJ and producer Schmiddlfinga as well as DMC Champion DJ Robert Smith. The uplifting party track 'One Question' is result of their talents. This jam gives off a classic 90s sound with the sampling, scratching and production. All three members work in harmony to create an amazing jam for the summer. If this gets in the right hands, expect it to blow up. Jim Sharp on the remix offers a great alternative version that hits just as hard. This 7" packs a punch for the hip-hop heads!
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 in stock $14.76
In The Garden Of Mindfulness
Cat: C56LP 026. Rel: 07 Feb 24
Eighty Three (5:00)
Katanaboy (4:46)
In The Garden Of Mindfulness (4:48)
Hangsang (5:31)
Afternoon Bob (4:45)
Bonne Anse (4:57)
Unka Paw (4:54)
Late In March (6:21)
Review: Downtempo maestro Mudd is back with a new album In The Garden Of Mindfulness on the faultless Claremont 56 label. Coming after years of him working with Benjamin Smith, amongst others, it's his first solo album since 2006. His magical touch has not left him here as he explores dubbed out disco, Balearic, cosmic chill out and layers of alluring instrumentation, some of which is provided by Michele Chiavarini. These are widescreen sounds to get fully immersed in as you gaze on at sun soaked jazz guitars, low-lit synths, gently cascading synths hints of psychedelia, funk and soul. Another timeless and sparkling work from the great producer.
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 in stock $29.28
What Did You Run For?
What Did You Run For? (hand-stamped hand-numbered 12" limited to 200 copies)
Cat: HS 253VL. Rel: 14 Feb 24
What Did You Run For? (album version) (6:56)
What Did You Run For? (Danilo Plessow remix)
 in stock $18.20
Red Clay (reissue)
Red Clay (reissue) (limited numbered gatefold 180 gram audiophile gold & red marbled vinyl LP)
Cat: MOVLP 211C. Rel: 20 Feb 24
Red Clay (12:09)
Delphia (7:20)
Suite Sioux (8:40)
The Intrepid Fox (10:49)
Review: American jazz trumpeter and bandleader Freddie Hubbard is considered a major figure in the history of jazz music. Red Clay was the first Freddie Hubbard album released on the Creed Taylor CTI label marked a shift away from Hubbard's recording with Blue Note Records and Atlantic. It was the album that established Taylor's vision for the music that was to appear on his labels in the coming decade. An album that would come to be known as the album that helped define his career, Music On Vinyl gives us one of the best reissues true to the original album. Featuring Herbie Hancock, Jon Henderson, Ron Carter and Lenny White makes this a recording full of some of the best whoever did it. Red Clay is Fusin Jazz royalty.
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SAM Records Anthology: The Sound Of New York City 1975-1983
Cat: EDSL 0177. Rel: 22 Feb 24
Doris Duke - "Oman Of The Ghetto"
Gary's Gang - "Keep On Dancin’"
Komiko - "Feel Alright"
Glen Adams Affair - "Just A Groove"
Rhyze - "Do Your Dance" (A Jim Burgess mix)
John Davis & The Monster Orchestra - "Bourgie, Bourgie" (Special Disco version)
Mike & Brenda Sutton - "Any Way You Want My Love"
Sound Troupe - "Can You Really See Me"
Wardell Piper - "Come On Back To Mama"
John Davis & The Monster Orchestra - "I Can't Stop"
Steve Shelto - "Don't Give Your Love Away" (A Shep Pettibone mix)
Scandal - "Love Either Grows Or Goes"
John Davis & The Monster Orchestra - "Love Magic" (Special Disco version)
Rhyze - "I Found Love In You"
Kreamcicle - "Hold On John" (Jellybean Benitez mix)
Lucy Hawkins - "Gotta Get Outtahere"
Scandal - "Just Let Me Dance" (A Jim Burgess mix)
K I D - "Don't Stop"
John Davis & The Monster Orchestra - "Night & Day" (Disco version)
Rhyze - "Just How Sweet Is Your Love"
Evasions - "The WikkaWrap"
Monica Neal - "Begging For More"
Underground - "Behind My Back"
Mike & Brenda Sutton - "We'll Make It"
Greg Henderson - "Dreamin'"
K I D - "Hupendi MuzikiWangu?! (You Don't Like My Music)" (A Jonathan Fearing mix)
Convertion - "Let's Do It"
David Mc Pherson - "You Can't Stop" (A Shep Pettibone mix)
Klassique - "Somebody's Loving You" (A Ray Reid mix)
BBCS&A - "Rock Shock"
Gary's Gang - "Let's Love Dance Tonight" (Special Disco version)
Vicky D - "This Beat Is Mine"
Rhyze - "Free"
John Davis & The Monster Orchestra - "Kojak Theme"
Mike & Brenda Sutton - "Don't Let Go Of Me" (Shep Pettibone mix)
John Davis & The Monster Orchestra - "Up Jumped The Devil"
Review: Although Salsoul Records and West End Records are more widely associated with the original New York Disco story, SAM Records - founded by Romania-born Sam Weiss in 1975 - also released a wealth of killer material during that era. This three-disc retrospective, which comes accompanied by detailed liner notes by the Guardian's Alexis Petridis, tells the story of the label via a mix of genuine disco anthems, early boogie gems, key 12" versions mixed by the likes of Shep Pettibone, John Jellybean' Benitez and Jonathan Fearing, and lesser-celebrated cult classics. All the label's key artists (think John Davis & The Monster Orchestra, K.I.D, Gary's Gang and Rhyze) are present, along with noted 'one-hit wonders' such as David McPherson, Mike & Brenda Sutton, Vicky D and Lucy Hawkins. A must-have for disco heads old and new!
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 in stock $29.01
High Roller
High Roller (limited 7")
Cat: TSS 001. Rel: 29 Feb 24
High Roller (5:24)
Big Slick (3:59)
Review: The Soul Surfers share their debut 7" on Broc Recordz, following a promising entree working with various raw funk and soul greats, including with Jack Nilovic on his 'Maze of Sounds' compilation, not to mention appearing on the first volume of the recent Two Tales For The Mind V/A. 'High Roller' and its counterpart 'Big Slick' are two large, roomy, instrumental sonic gateau slices, on which an outsized four-string occupies the front and centre of both mixes, to megalomaniac, almost gluttonous effect. All else follows naturally; plucks, snares and FX licks resound, as we're left to contemplate the ingenious front cover by Italian artist Riccardo Bettazzoni.
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 in stock $14.51
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