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Favorite France Schallplatten & CDs

Browse the latest Vinyl & CD releases on Favorite France
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Deux (LP)
Cat: FVR 179LP. Rel: 22 Nov 21
Fenetres Sur Le Temps (5:45)
Vortex Des Possibles (7:00)
La Pierre Des Mondes (5:03)
Oracle (8:07)
La Promesse Au Soleil (5:22)
Arcane 17 (5:12)
Review: Aldorande is a slick band with a positive sound. They impressed us last summer with their Summer Body EP and now the crew finds its way back to the acclaimed Favorite label in France once more. On this full length they casts free from planet earth and head off to explore interplanetary landscapes with their usual and distinctive jazz-funk outlook. Opener 'Fenetres Sur Le Temps' immediately has your head amongst the twinkling stars, while your rump is tied to the funky bassline. There is lush and loose drum work on 'Vortex Des Possibles' as well as splashy cymbals and upbeat funky riffs that melt the heart, 'Oracle' is a tight number with lush Rhodes and prickly perc tumbling free. A fine album.
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Un'estate Di Sesso
Cat: 802620 8931276.
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Ominira (LP)
Cat: FVR 191. Rel: 18 Apr 24
Broken Beat/Nu Jazz/Nu Soul
Chant & Dance (1:58)
The Bravest Heart (5:08)
Novos Planos (4:17)
Outras Dimensoes (4:50)
Abraco Pro Ed (2:50)
4:28 Am (5:32)
The Mountain (4:19)
Ominira (4:32)
Projecoes (4:50)
Review: Brazilian artist Lucas Arruda, is fast becoming a regarded figure in the Latin scene. 'Ominira' is his latest long player that once again, finds a home on the French label Favorite Recordings. An album full of rich sounding musical textures that cross boundaries and bridge many genres such as Latin, soul, house, jazz and pop. The vibrant summer jams 'The Bravest Heart' and 'Novos Planos' are A-side standouts that will surely excite veteran and new listeners alike, who are into World music. '4:28' and 'The Mountain' start the second side with some catchy instrumentals that give off memorable beachy 70s vibes. ' Projecoes' closes the album with one of the most soulful performances of the album. All and all, you have a wonderful sounding jazzy grooved piece that ups the expectation of what a Latin jazz album can be. Cafe Del Mar approved!
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 in stock $27.70
Music Madness Remixes
Cat: FVR 120. Rel: 19 Sep 16
Music Madness (6:24)
Music Madness (Voilaaa remix) (5:51)
Music Madness (Tom Noble remix) (6:54)
Review: Favourite France drop some absolute truth with this killer reissue of Beckie Bell's 1980 classic "Music Madness", from the album 'In Need Of...'. This is he funkiest disco you can possibly ask for, a chirpy, upbeat tune that calls for the good times. It's the sort of track that can be slapped on in just about any set, anywhere, and Bell's vocals are as infectious as the tight groove that pushes the track forwards. There are a couple of remixes, though, which bring out the best of the original and make it even more playable than before. The first one is a more beat-heavy reinterpretation from Voilaaa, while Tom Noble injects the perfect level of houseness into the equation thanks to a slamming 4/4 and some extra percussion. Perfect, and very much recommended if you've somehow slept on the original.
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 in stock $15.56
Mizik Bel
Mizik Bel (12")
Cat: FVR 156. Rel: 16 Sep 19
Mizik Bel (5:13)
Mizik Bel (Africaine 808 remix) (8:17)
Review: A while back, Africaine 808's DJ Nomad contacted Favorite Recordings' chief Pascal Rioux about a killer track he'd been given some years back - an obscure, previously CD-R only fusion of modern Gwo-ka and Zouk by Esnard Boisdur entitled "Mizik Bel". Rioux was excited by what he heard and agreed that the track should come out on vinyl, accompanied by a fresh rework by Nomad and Dirk Leyers as Africaine 808. Boisdur's original version (side A) is rhythmically dense but also cheery and life affirming, with celebratory chorus vocals and 80s zouk style synth lines subtly rising above a busy, all-action groove. Arguably even better is the sub-heavy Africaine 808 mix, which brilliantly re-imagines the track as a tasty chunk of tropical house/disco-zouk fusion.
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 in stock $17.41
Sunshine (remastered)
Cat: FVR 136LP. Rel: 12 Sep 17
Galaxy (6:59)
Inch By Inch (6:22)
Sunshine (4:04)
Space Cowboy (6:09)
Too Much Tonight (3:28)
Heart To Heart Sensation (3:48)
Scream & Holler (3:33)
Review: Favorite Records take us direct to the source: a disco gem of holy grail proportions, Sunshine is Byron's only album, OG copies go for over L500 and it's chock-a-block with dancefloor gold. From the in-your-face physicality of "Galaxy" or the planet-kicking line dance feels of "Space Cowboy" by way of the ultimate 80s sleaze synth boogie of "Heart To Heart Sensation", this was Byron in his prime with so much promise and latent funk, and led to one of disco's ultimate bombs "Dance To The Music". Essential.
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Tags: Disco Funk
 in stock $24.25
Nacao Africa
Cat: FVR 162. Rel: 27 May 20
Canto Da Bahia (6:05)
Dia De Verao (5:26)
Guerreiro Yoruba (6:38)
Nacao Africa (4:49)
Copacabana (4:02)
Canto De Iemanja (5:40)
Nacao Africa (part 2) (4:03)
Review: Eagle eyed diggers might have spotted Camarao Orkestra's excellent Nacao Africa 12" single dropping last year on Favorite Recordings. Now the promise of that single has been followed up with this wonderful album - a scintillating blend of Latin jazz, funk, samba, Afrobeat and much more besides. The playing is second to none, not least the gorgeous Rhodes on "Dia De Verao", and the energy pivots nimbly across these seven tracks to make for a varied but cohesive listen. Uptempo "Guerreiro Yoruba" is an infectious stomper, while "Copacabana" captures a cool 70s funk vibe that wouldn't sound out of place on a Rufus & Chaka Khan record. With the title track bringing the perfect laid back party flavour too, there's a lot to savour on this album, not least while the sun is shining.
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 in stock $22.42
Givin' It Up (reissue)
Cat: FVR 188R. Rel: 04 Jul 23
Charms - "Givin' It Up" (3:40)
France Lise - "Pour Moi Ca Va" (3:28)
Review: Favorite Recordings has previously championed revered and little-known Francophile disco and boogie gems, mostly on dedicated compilations curated by dusty-fingered digger Charles Maurice. This '45' marks the launch of a new series along similar lines, with each release boasting two hard-to-find tracks accompanied by their original cover art (one on the front, the other on the back). On side A you'll find 'Give It Up' by Belgian band Charms, a warming and loved-up chunk of boogie/mid-80s soul brilliance stacked with luscious synth sounds, rubbery bass guitar and eyes-closed male lead vocals. Over on the reverse is France-Lise's 'Pour-moi ca ma', a simply superb slab of French language disco blessed with a killer bassline, funky guitar licks and some suitably heady horns. Tres bon!
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Gespielt von: Charles Maurice
Tags: Disco Funk
 in stock $15.56
Funky Biguine
Cat: FVR 186. Rel: 19 Jan 23
Crystal - "Funky Biguine" (4:45)
JEKYS - "Looking For You" (4:25)
Review: Favourite Records' new reissues series come with a new concept; each classic track comes with an exclusive bit of artwork on each side of the 12" sleeve. This time, they compile two speedy funk tracks from Crystal and J.E.K.Y.S.; 'Funky Biguine' is an homage to the French ballroom style of the same name, from which it draws influence, while 'Looking For You' is a devotional dream from J.E.K.Y.S., a French band singing in English. Slick, quick, and affecting stuff.
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 in stock $15.56
AEIOU (12")
Cat: FVR 149 RP. Rel: 23 Sep 19
AEIOU (6:36)
AEIOU (dub version) (6:47)
Review: Thanks to their superb collaborative album "Atemporal", many are now fully aware of the joint musical explorations of French band Cotonete and Brazilian singer Di Melo. That wasn't the case in early summer 2018 when their first single, "A.E.I.O.U", landed in stores. The record became a sleeper hit, was later remixed by Dimitri From Paris and is now given the re-press treatment. The original version (side A) is an inspired fusion of warm, breezy Brazilian disco and jaunty jazz-funk with one of the strongest, catchiest choruses we've heard in years. It's utterly ace all told, as is the more spacey and synth-laden B-side "Dub" mix. If you don't already own a copy, do yourself a favour and grab one of these.
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 in stock $16.62
Esperanto (gatefold LP)
Cat: FVR 172LP. Rel: 26 Aug 21
Cosa Suave (5:04)
Hermoso Dia (4:26)
Alegria (7:07)
Vereda Tropical (2:56)
Caucaguita (4:26)
Angela La Espanola (8:55)
Ticket To Ride (4:44)
Cancion Para Un Osito De Peluche (0:52)
Review: Esperanto is widely heralded as a Venezuelan jazz-Ffsion masterpiece. It was first released in 1980 and is a real collector's item that is hard to find an expensive. French label Favourite now presents a first ever reissue of the eponymous LP that was recorded in Caracas by a number of talented musicians. It has strong Latin and funk overtones. Squelchy synth sounds and is a must-have for anyone interested in this fine fusion sound. The band started off playing jam sessions that grew ever more refined to the point that they eventually lay down this enduring masterclass.
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 in stock $25.58
Many Shades Of House (reissue)
Cat: FVR 192. Rel: 08 Apr 24
Deep House
Kerri "Kaoz 6:23" Chandler - "Be There" (Kerri club mix) (8:42)
Slowhouse 2 - "Track 2" (6:26)
Truth - "Emotional" (4:51)
Passion Dance Orchestra - "Inner Dance" (9:57)
Abacus - "Blax Thanxs" (7:40)
Transient - "Higher" (feat Sherman Benton - club mix) (7:09)
Pure Science - "Ekeyz" (8:15)
N'Dambi - "Can't Change Me" (Ron Trent remix) (7:15)
Review: Swiss producer and DJ Lea Lisa gathers together some of her favorite tracks to play out with in a double pack compilation for Favorite Recordings. As you might be able to tell from some of the artists and tracks on here, Lea likes her house music deep, tracky, sometimes soulful and verging on proper techno. Featured here are key tracks like 'Ekeyz' from Pure Science, the club mix of 'Be There' by Kerri Chandler and 'Blax Thanxs' by Abacus. One very desirable addition is the early 90s gem 'Emotional' by Think. This very strong gathering of deep house tracks may be one of the best this year. Act quick and grab a copy.
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 in stock $30.33
Riviera Drive
Cat: FVR 180. Rel: 28 Feb 22
Riviera Drive (extended 12" version) (7:17)
Genius Of Love (3:34)
Riviera Drive (radio edit) (7:17)
Review: Bars on the French Riviera, beaches in Cannes, hot sunny weather, mesmerising deep-blue seas and lovely leafy palm trees all come to mind once you drouth need on this latest 12" slice heat from Favourite France. Magic Source do a great job of musical transportation here particularly with 'Genius of Love' which is a riff on the Tam Tam girls classic. The tropical island beats and funky bass riffs all douse you in good vibes while a lead flute takes your mind up, up and away into a cloudless sky. 'Riviera Drive' is slight more dance effort ready with its rump-wiggling trumpets, exotic synths and Balearic disco vibes.
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 in stock $14.51
Voyage Spectral
Cat: FVR 189. Rel: 02 May 23
Saturn Moon Dive (4:04)
Superglider (4:36)
Spead Boat To Atlantis (4:11)
Dreaming Of You (4:23)
Pyramide (4:23)
Genius Of Love (3:32)
Rainy Afternoon In Paris (3:59)
Space Of Mind (5:04)
Review: One Bjorn Wagner is the mastermind behind the cosmic disco project Magic Source, a natural follow-on after the acclaimed funk outfits Mighty Mocambos and Bacao Rhythm & Steel Band. Voyage Spectral is his second album under the alias, following Earthrising in 2016. It's a dazzling display of synth-laden grooves, inspired not least by the rare and obscure cosmic disco bits made by relatively anonymous artists for European music libraries. Minimal, princely, fast disco cuts like 'Speed Boat To Atlantis' embematize the feel of this album and Wagner's oeuvre, as they nail the chilled-out psychedelic fantasy of magic-carpetting to far-off mythical worlds.
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 in stock $25.31
AOR Global Sounds Vol 5: 1977-1984
Cat: FVR 171LP. Rel: 23 Apr 21
Rhapsody - "You Never Know" (4:55)
Jonathon Hansen - "What Its Meant To Me" (4:14)
Mark Williamson - "I Need You" (5:00)
The Ferry Brothers - "'Til Mornin' Comes" (2:50)
Didier Makaga - "J'Irai Squatter Ton Couer" (3:39)
Esperanto - "Kailua" (5:36)
Sugar Cane - "What You Do To Me" (3:05)
Westside - "Don't Take It Away" (3:56)
Review: Charles Maurice shows off his digging skills once again with a collection of tunes that does exactly what it says on the tin. He delves into the album oriented rock archives of countries as far and wide as France, the United Kingdom and Venezuela to come up eight rare and hidden gems. The series started back in 2015 and still makes for essential listening now with gems like 'Don't Take It Away' by Westside - a love song about a new relationship, recorded in Minnesota and mastered on Sunset Bld. Sugar Cane's 'What You Do To Me' is another loved up gem with real romance in the chords.
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Tags: Soul Disco
 in stock $24.53
French Disco Boogie Sounds 1975-1984
Cat: FVR 101LP. Rel: 26 Jan 23
Beckie Bell - "Music Madness" (extended Charles Maurice version) (6:58)
Over Drive - "Lady Jones" (5:44)
Kelly - "Drole D'Historie D'Amour" (extended Charles Maurice version) (6:31)
Marche Noir - "Y'a Du Blues (Tant Pis C'est La Vie)" (5:29)
Contessa - "Super Star" (4:45)
Toulouse - "C'est Toujour Comme Ca L'amour" (4:11)
Didier Makaga - "Minuit L'heure Du Swing" (4:46)
France Lise - "Pour Moi Ca Va" (Charles Maurice version) (4:05)
Le Club - "Un Fait Divers & Rien De Plus" (Re-remix) (5:35)
Bernard Guyvan - "Polar (T'aurais Du T' Tirer)" (Charles Maurice version) (5:00)
 in stock $25.31
AOR Global Sounds 1977-1982
Cat: FVR 108CD. Rel: 03 Nov 15
Erik Tagg - "Got To Be Lovin' You"
Nohelani Cypriano - "Lihue"
Diane Tell - "Je Suis En Amour"
Junior Mendes - "Rio Sinal Verde"
Loredana Berte - "In Alto Mar"
Ulla - "Space Lady"
Placa Luminosa - "Neon"
Paul Hart - "Peppermint Park"
Tags: Disco Funk
 in stock $16.62
Brazilian Disco Boogie Sounds: Extended 12 Inch Versions
Cat: FVR 103 RP. Rel: 23 Apr 18
Painel De Controle - "Relax" (extended Waxist version) (5:54)
Rabo De Saia - "Ripa Na Xulipa" (Charles Maurice extended version) (5:28)
Famks - "Labirinto" (Nick The Record extended version) (6:17)
Review: France's Favorite label dabbles in all things funky and disco-flavoured, and this time they've decided to go with a Brazilian edge on their latest 12". Painel De Controle begins with a Waxist mix of "Relax", a chilled-out boogie monster with sultry vocals, while "Ripa Na Xulipa" by Rabo De Saia is more uplifting and heavy on the disco strings. Finally, Nick The Record rewires "Labirinto" by Famks into a subtly electro-fied boogie nugget. Nice!
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 in stock $16.62
I Believe! (reissue)
 in stock $15.04
Dark Is The Color
Dark Is The Color (LP + postcard)
Cat: FVR 182LP. Rel: 11 Apr 22
The Flea Age (2:41)
The Heart Patrol (3:36)
Dark Is The Color (4:22)
Generation V (2:20)
Chronomaster (3:12)
Nocturnal March (3:52)
Tropical Terminal (3:58)
Only For One Girl (3:46)
Blackstone (3:22)
Down Town (3:20)
Sons Of The Snake (5:24)
Review: Not to be mixed up with the celebrated English footballer, Alan Shearer is an alias of Frederic Viger, who released albums of minimal wave electronics and synth pop from the mid-80s to the mid-90s. His debut, Dark Is The Colour, is a coveted curio from the mists of time (aka 1985), steeped in all the neon-lit allure you could ever wish for from an album of this ilk. Drum machines galore and glorious synth compositions shot through with a pervading spookiness - it sounds great for the era, not as noisy and lo-fi as similar efforts. Viger knew what he was doing, and now thanks to Favourite this rare gem is available for your listening pleasure.
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 in stock $21.09
Le Deltaplane
Cat: FVR 142CD. Rel: 18 May 18
Le Deltaplane
Moonbeach Disco
Paraphraser (Le Deltaplane)
Summer 79
Le Deltaplane (instrumental version)
Le Premier Disco Sans Toi
Moonbeach Disco (dub version)
Le Premier Disco Sans Toi (dub version)
 in stock $15.81
The First Coming (remastered)
Cat: FVR 160LP. Rel: 24 Feb 20
Like A Ferris Wheel (4:44)
Chance To Love (3:56)
A Dreamer (6:49)
The Love We Lost (4:17)
Time (3:15)
Some Go Up (3:03)
Can I Change (3:01)
Take Our Love (4:48)
Review: It would be fair to say that Twylyte '81 aren't exactly one of the better-known soul-jazz acts of the boogie era. In fact, the Frank Jones, Jnr-helmed act released just one album, "The First Coming", in 1981. It's near impossible to find original copies, so France's Favorite Recordings has done the decent thing and offered up this fully licensed reissue. It's a terrific album all told, with the trio offering up a killer mixture of soulful jazz tracks, effervescent jazz-funk numbers, disco-tinged dancefloor cuts and the kind of heart-achingly good slow jams that tend to get overlooked by DJs when they acquire albums of this sort.
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 in stock $23.47
Brazilian Disco Boogie Sounds 1977-1984 Volume 2
Cat: FVR 109CD. Rel: 04 Dec 15
Marcia Maria - "Amigo Branco"
Miss Lene - "Sinal De Desejo"
Brenda - "Natureza Viva"
Cristina Camargo - "Minas Do Rei Salomao"
Lady Zu - "Valeu A Pena"
Almir Ricardi - "To Parado Na Tua"
Rosana - "Alegria No Ar."
Kaito - "Cara Feia"
Adriana - "Contigo"
Review: Favorite Recordings' superb Disco Boogie Sounds series continues. Following Waxist's recent exploration of French productions from the period, they've decided to drop a second collection of high-grade Brazilian material. Renowned crate-digger Charles Maurice has done a terrific job of gathering together dusty, obscure cuts that perfectly encapsulate Brazilian musicians' sun-kissed, soulful approach to disco and boogie. Highlights are naturally plentiful, and include the starry, jazz-funk tinged warmth of Christina Camargo's "Minas Do Rei Salomao", the Chic style brilliance of Almir Ricardi's "To Parado Na Tua", and the cosmic, horn-heavy leftfield disco thrills of Kaito's "Cara Feia".
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Tags: Brazilian Disco | MPB
 in stock $16.62
French Disco Boogie Sounds Vol 4: 1977-1991
Cat: FVR150 LP. Rel: 21 Nov 19
Dwight Druick - "Georgy Porgy" (Disco version) (5:44)
Marco Attali - "J'ai Pris Une Claque" (unreleased) (3:24)
Serge Delisle - "Germaine" (remix) (6:28)
Wai Kop - "Lola" (3:51)
Chris O'Hara - "Sur Les Coussins De La Discotheque" (5:27)
Acayouman - "Funk Around" (6:21)
Djeneba - "Better Day" (Hard Soul mix) (5:28)
David Simon - "Transistor" (instrumental) (5:14)
Marco Attali - "La Releve Du Matin" (instrumental) (4:27)
Shen Et Les Shendys - "Je Ne Suis Que Musique" (3:50)
Eric Chotteau - "Affirmatif-Negatif" (4:20)
Cyrill - "Night Ghetto" (2:57)
Aries - "Braziliana" (3:54)
Review: As he has done three times before, Gallic crate digger Charles Maurice has dipped into his vast record collection and offered up a killer selection of French disco-boogie sounds. The 13 assembled tracks are mostly obscure and uniformly superb, making picking individual highlights an infuriatingly tricky task. Our favourites change daily, but we're currently enjoying the tropical disco brilliance of Dwight Druick's cover of "Georgy Peorgy (Disco Version)", the synth-sporting electrofunk cheeriness of Serge Delisle's "Germaine (Remix)", the thrusting P-funk hustle of Acayouman's "Funk Around" and the near Balearic warmth of "Braziliana" by Aries. As the old expression (sort of) goes, Maurice has once again delivered all killer and no filler.
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Tags: Balearic Disco | French | Zouk
 in stock $23.74
Fusion Global Sounds 1970-1983
Cat: FVR 183LP. Rel: 23 Jun 22
Sundance - "Buster" (6:46)
Renato Anselmi - "Hello Mr Acuvis" (4:18)
Zane Cronje - "Tropical Island" (3:42)
The 1860 Band - "Keep That Same Old Feeling" (5:07)
Otroshakers - "Siempre Tu" (3:23)
Daniel Bechet - "Astral Dance" (4:32)
Renato Anselmi - "Quiet Fire" (3:42)
Pedro Ruy-Blas - "Despertar" (3:56)
Majoie Hajary - "Prologue" (4:00)
Review: Favorite Recordings founder Charles Maurice - initially better-known by his production alias Pascal Rioux - has long been regarded as a dusty-fingered crate digger, so his new compilation series, Fusion Global Sounds, is hotly anticipated. He says it will be an outlet for jazz-funk and fusion tracks of the 1970s and early '80s, mostly made by artists in different parts of the world whose fame never spread further than their own local scenes. You'll find numerous highlights on the series' debut, from the breezy, morning-fresh loveliness of Renato Anselmi's 'Hello Mr Acuvis' and the sun-soaked, afternoon shuffle of The 1960 Band's 'Keep That Same Old Feeling', to the dream pop-influenced sparkle of Otoshakers' 'Simpere Tu' and the righteous dancefloor hedonism of Sundance's 'Buster'.
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 in stock $29.28
Fusion Global Sounds Vol 2: 1976-1984
Cat: FVR 190LP. Rel: 21 Nov 23
Lerma De La Cruz - "Free" (4:34)
Nivaldo Ornelas - "Cactus" (6:59)
Krystyna Pronko - "Oto Przyczyna" (3:48)
Bobby Martinez - "Pendulum" (4:29)
Tom Grant - "Mystified" (7:35)
Nivaldo Ornelas - "Los Angeles" (5:03)
Carlos Mendes - "Oamoreomar" (2:03)
Dana Kaproff - "Brownstones" (5:17)
Review: Favorite Recordings returns with the second edition of its compilation series: Fusion Global Sounds. Comprising eight rare and hidden tracks produced between 1976 and 1984 in various parts of the world, this hot-off-the-plate comp delivers a mighty-fine array of dynamic, soul-feeding jazz, soul, disco, jazz and funk delicacies. As a fine collector of jazz-funk and fusion for many years, curator Charles Maurice can be credited for sourcing the ingredients for and cooking up this fine spread of forgotten entrees, this time brought together by a common Brazilian influence.
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! low stock $29.53
On Te L'Avait Dit
On Te L'Avait Dit (gatefold 2xLP)
Cat: FVR 107LP. Rel: 10 Jun 20
Spies Are Watching Me (feat Sir Jean) (7:13)
On Te L'avait Dit (feat Pat Kalla) (6:25)
Le Disco Des Capitales (feat Pat Kalla) (6:43)
Bark (6:24)
Vampires (feat Hawa & Fouley Badiaga) (5:02)
Enlevez-Moi Ca (feat Pat Kalla) (5:16)
Jungle Fire (6:19)
Pas Bon (feat Fouley Badiaga) (6:09)
Tomowa (feat Renaud Bilombo) (5:31)
Niarela (3:58)
 in stock $24.79
On Te L'Avait Dit/Spies Are Watching Me (remixes)
Cat: FVR 127. Rel: 21 Nov 16
On Te L'Avait Dit (Dimitri From Paris Super Disco Blend) (7:37)
Spies Are Watching Me (Africaine 808 remix) (5:55)
On Te L'Avait Dit (Dimitri From Paris Super Disco dub) (6:37)
Review: Last year, Patchworks man Bruno Havart indulged his long-held love of Afro-disco via a fine album under the Violaa alias. Here, Africaine 808 and Dimitri From Paris take it in turn to remix tracks from that set. The latter serves up two epic interpretations of album title track "On Te L'avait Dit". There's a full Disco Blend, in which he carefully teases out the track by layering up the original production before unleashing the catchy vocal, and a pleasingly percussive, groove-driven Dub. Interestingly, Africaine 808's mix of previous single "Spies Are Watching Me" sticks fairly close to the original, craftily emphasizing Havart's percussion, punchy horns and rich, Afro-disco bass.
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 in stock $16.62
African Music
Cat: FVR 131. Rel: 23 Feb 17
African Music (feat Lass) (7:03)
Decalement (instrumental) (3:43)
Problems (feat Sir Jean) (6:01)
Decalement (feat Pat Kalla) (4:52)
 in stock $12.65
Fache (12" in die-cut sleeve)
Cat: FVR 193. Rel: 04 Jun 24
Fache (feat Pat Kalla) (4:18)
Fache (dub) (5:25)
Trouble Travel (feat Nai-Jah - Garage version) (5:45)
Too Young To Die (feat Olivya) (5:24)
Trop Jeune Pour Ca (5:50)
Review: A warm welcome back to Bruno Hovart's Voilaaa project, traditionally a revivalist Afro-disco vehicle best known for 2015 dancefloor smash 'Spies Are Watching Me'. 'Fache', featuring Pat Kalla, explores similar sonic territory, with punchy Afrobeat horns, woozy chords and crunchy clavinet licks rising above a low-slung, hypnotic, dub disco-meets-Afro-boogie groove. It comes accompanied by a fine, effects-laden instrumental dub and a trio of similarly tasty bonus cuts: the warming, early garage-house and deep house influenced 'Trouble Travel' (featuring Jai-Nah), the languid, soulful and Latin-influenced 'Too Young To Die (featuring Olivia)' and the Afro-speckled disco-goes-jazz-funk loveliness of 'Trop Jeune Pour Sa'.
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Gespielt von: Charles Maurice, DJ ROCCA
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Spies Are Watching Me
Cat: FVR 106. Rel: 09 Dec 22
Spies Are Watching Me (7:15)
Le Disco Des Capitales (6:45)
Review: Sounds like it came out of Lagos in 1971, actually written and recorded in Lyon in 2015: Voilaaa is the brainchild of Bruno Hovart whose long relationship with Favorite goes way back to his days as Patchworks, Mr President and The Dynamics. Recording on a whole host of vintage machines and calling upon local African singers both cuts have a real authentic sense of realness; "Spies Are Watching Me" drives with big horns and swooning strings which isn't dissimilar to the work of The Movers, while the TY Boys-esque "Le Disco Des Capitales" is a heavier, more concentrated slab of floor-minded disco where the groove takes more of a forefront role. Apparently there's a whole album of this cooking... We can't wait to hear it.
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