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Bestsellers: Minimal/Tech House

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Botanic Minds Sunset Series
Botanic Minds Sunset Series (limited 180 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: BMSS 006. Rel: 10 Dec 18
  1. Track001A (9:21)
  2. Track002A (8:17)
  3. Track001B (9:09)
  4. Track002B (8:13)
Review: The Botanic Minds Sunset Series continues to provide an intravenous drip of sublime and subliminal minimal to the endless shuffle of the stripped-down dancers, capturing the feel of a long and lingering dusk session on the sand. The A1 track in particular champions that feeling with its gorgeous, swooning piano breakdown, while A2 nudges a little further into the gloaming as its more electronic sound palette hunkers down for the nightfall. B1 keeps things steady and hypnotic, capturing the perfect moment of party stasis, before B2 finishes proceedings off with the most sharp edged micro-workout of the 12".
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Verdant (featuring Bluetrain, Stojche, Gauss, XDB)
Cat: VR 006. Rel: 10 Dec 18
  1. Bluetrain - "Sleeping With The Enemy" (5:42)
  2. Subsequent - "Diode" (7:27)
  3. Domenic Cappello - "Not A Festival Track" (Basement mix) (5:42)
  4. Stojche - "Decipher Language" (7:23)
  5. Gauss - "Aperture" (5:43)
  6. XDB - "Satimak" (6:48)
  7. Leonid - "Woodwalk" (5:42)
  8. Life Recorder - "True Moments" (6:52)
Review: The Verdant stamp of quality is well established by now, but it presses even deeper with the release of this high-grade compilation from a rich cast of subterranean seafarers. Steve O'Sullivan dons his Bluetrain cape for the slow-chugging, appropriately dubbed out meditation of "Sleeping With The Enemy", while Domenic Cappello creates a swooning string-drenched masterpiece out of "Not A Festival Track". Stojche's "Decipher Language" is a snappier affair, while XDB crafts one of his sublime, leftfield techno variations brimming with imagination to match its functionality. At every turn this is a compilation of top-drawer techno crafter with passion and originality - grip it while you can!
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Armchair Analyst/Long Overdue
Armchair Analyst/Long Overdue (limited 180 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: MOSAIC LTDX2. Rel: 03 Dec 18
  1. Bluetrain - "Armchair Analyst" (Special edition dub) (7:49)
  2. Roger Gerressen - "Long Overdue" (7:12)
Review: Steve O'Sullivan's Mosaic train keeps on rolling, this time via the LTDX series which reaches its second station stop with two more dubbed out dancefloor delights for the deepest divers. O'Sullivan dons his Bluetrain guise to deliver the UK steppers-indebted "Armchair Analyst," which artfully folds subtle dubwise influences into its minimal techno construction. On the flip side, Roger Gerressen spaces things out good and proper with the slow-stalking groove of "Long Overdue," fusing the best elements of contemporary minimal and classic dub to create a fine extension of the Rhythm & Sound blueprint.
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Dimensions EP
Dimensions EP (180 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: AMP 016. Rel: 05 Dec 18
  1. Reflections (8:50)
  2. Manifold Surface (9:45)
Review: When the Bucharest based power duo of Cristi Cons and Vlad Caia (SIT) team up with acclaimed local pianist Mischa Blanos - you get Amorf. The impressive trio was one of 2017's undisputed highlights with their awe-inspiring Blending Light LP on local imprint Understand. This long awaited sophomore effort comes courtesy of their own Amphia imprint, which brings Cons and Caia's idiosyncratic production style to new, intelligent and experimental levels once again - and to rather stunning effect. Featured on the Dimensions EP are "Reflections" which retains the loose and live feel of their acclaimed live performances, with influences of jazz and classical for an epic introspective cut. On the flip, "Manifold Surface" is more straight up, injected with some dancefloor dynamics which makes for a groove filled and hypnotic journey.
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Counterfeit Soul Vol. 2
Counterfeit Soul Vol. 2 (limited 180 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: COUNTERFEITSOUL 2. Rel: 03 Dec 18
  1. Glad Its All Knight (7:11)
  2. Laurenz Hillz (6:38)
  3. Alexo Kneel (6:13)
  4. Mr Green's Envy (7:20)
Review: Frazer Campbell turns his hand to a fair few different kinds of dancefloor material, but there's a consistent deep techno pulse that joins the dots between, for example, his appearance on Mosaic Records and this sample-laden drop on his own Counterfeit Soul. Gladys Knight's take on "I Heard It Through The Grapevine" gets refigured in the swirling, early morning cruiser "Glad Its All Knight." Lauryn Hill's classic "Doo Wop" gets sprinkled into a sprightly peak time tech house workout entitled "Laurenz Hillz," Alexander O'Neal's "Criticize" features in the sultry "Alexo Kneel" and airy closing cut "Mr Green's Envy" weaves a little Al Green magic into the mix.
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Gespielt von: Annie Errez
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Cong Burn 04
Cong Burn 04 (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: CB 04. Rel: 10 Dec 18
  1. Flaty - "Clearences" (5:22)
  2. Lack - "Multiplier" (6:43)
  3. Chekov - "First Thought" (5:46)
  4. Martinou - "Guide Pattern" (7:04)
Review: The quality of the Cong Burn releases shows no signs of slowing as they reach their fourth volume, rounding off a sterling year for the label. Russian producer Flaty makes an appearance here with the metallic, motorik electro of "Clearences" before Lack slows things down with the clanky funk of "Multiplier". Chekov has a more full bodied techno sound to impart, using spacious sound design to create a rich and immersive modernist jam, while Martinou completes the set with a subtle, shuddering and shimmering effort that dips below the radar of dancefloor convention to achieve a more subliminal effect.
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Along Came Polly
Cat: HOTC 126. Rel: 07 Dec 18
  1. Along Came Polly (6:34)
  2. Rolo (6:16)
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Not A Space Themed EP
Not A Space Themed EP (180 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: PAGER 008. Rel: 11 Dec 18
  1. Notitle (7:58)
  2. Skate Or Die (6:04)
  3. Post Ronaldo (7:13)
  4. F_cked (6:57)
Review: For their latest release, Pager Records chiefs Markus Sommer and Phil Evans have turned to fellow Offenbach resident Robin Stern. "Not A Space Themed EP" is a rather good debut, with Stern brilliantly combining warm, funk-fuelled basslines with drowsy deep house chords and a variety of high quality tech-house trademarks. Check, for example, the darting jazz-funk bass, smooth beats, jammed-out synth solos and computer beeps of closer "F_cked", the driving tech-house funk of chunky opener "Notitle" and the swinging, breakbeat-powered deep house/tech-house fusion of "Post Ronaldo".
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Gespielt von: Desert Sound Colony
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Marjoram EP
Marjoram EP (180 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: BEEY 002. Rel: 03 Dec 18
  1. Illi - "Lumiere" (8:04)
  2. Illi - "LDN 101" (7:42)
  3. Joe Rolet - "Stock Float" (6:41)
  4. Joe Rolet - "Sand On Saturn" (6:32)
Review: Spanish label Beeyou kicked off earlier this year with a sterling various artists release that offered up Laidlaw, Ben Ulrich and Kesh as proponents of peppy peak time minimal wares with a garage kink. The second release features Illi and Joe Rolet facing off with a side each, and on "Lumiere" Illi appears to be channeling a little of the magic you would expect to find on mid 00s Plus 8 Records, which is no bad thing. "LDN 101" meanwhile picks up the 2 step flex and matches it with the aesthetics of contemporary deep tech house. Joe Rolet has a heavy ambience hovering over the crafty programming of "Stock Float," while "Sand On Saturn" takes a more trippy, spaced out approach that sits just right on his crisp, inventive beats.
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Gespielt von: Laidlaw
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Dance Of The Shaman
Dance Of The Shaman (pink vinyl 12")
Cat: MM 001. Rel: 05 Dec 18
  1. Dance Of The Shaman (7:01)
  2. Dance Of The Shaman (East End dubs remix) (7:39)
  3. Dance Of The Shaman (Doc Martin Sub Level remix) (6:06)
  4. Dance Of The Shaman (Man Power remix) (9:17)
Review: Mancunian tech house hero Darius Syrossian inaugurates his new Moxy Muzik imprint with "Dance Of The Shaman". The Sankeys resident delivers a surefire tech house banger here that's inspired by his extensive experience playing to the world's greatest dancefloors. Featured on the EP are several impressive remixes too. Our picks are Eastenderz/Social main man East End Dubs who delivers a tough, rolling and minimal rendition perfect for the Sunday after party, as well as legend of the American underground Doc Martin who brings the sound of Sublevel with his west coast rendition.
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Revox (2xLP)
Cat: TRAFFIC 014. Rel: 23 Nov 18
  1. Phonecall (7:34)
  2. Overture (7:35)
  3. Twins (8:06)
  4. Gecko (6:53)
  5. Revox (6:32)
  6. Sun Up (5:56)
  7. Move Out (5:56)
  8. Vibrations (8:50)
Review: Given that he made his vinyl debut five years ago, it could be argued that this debut album from Traffic Records founder Bodin Stojanovski is well overdue. As you'd perhaps expect, "Revox" retains a sharp club focus throughout, though there's still plenty of variety amongst the chunky, tech-tinged house cuts on offer. For example, compare and contrast the stabbing, acid-powered chunkiness of the title track, the shuffling, intergalactic electro of "Move Out", the subtle U.S garage and Motor City techno influences of "Gecko", and the stomping, lo-fi tech-funk of "Overture". Opener "Phonecall", whose bleeping, stabbing melodies will wriggle into your subconscious, is also superb.
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Gespielt von: Shoxy
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Aftermath EP
Cat: SOI 0082. Rel: 30 Nov 18
  1. Straight To The Dome (7:43)
  2. Resolve (7:27)
  3. Aftermath (7:05)
  4. Kudzu (7:13)
Review: Diego Krause has been a busy boy this year, bringing his brand of skewed house/techno fusion to Unison Wax, Rawax, the Blind Box Series and Sukhumvit. "Aftermath" sees him return to the latter label with four more floor-friendly offerings. Krause first wraps glistening deep space chords around a bumpin' house groove on "Straight To The Dome", before reaching for a sub-heavy analogue bassline and mangled vocal samples on the tech-house/speed garage fusion of "Resolve". Over on side B, title track "Aftermath" is a warm and rolling fusion of drifting warehouse riffs and chunky tech-house bottom end, while "Kudzu" delivers a tasty mixture of classic deep house chords, toasty bass and bustling drums.
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Waxing Gibbous
Waxing Gibbous (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: OM 007. Rel: 03 Dec 18
  1. Tidal Wave (6:55)
  2. Zero Gravity (7:15)
  3. Lunar Blueprint (12:15)
Review: London based minimal producers Damian Daley and Danny Dixon have been steadily building up their catalogue of reduced rollers since 2013. As well as appearances on Sol Asylum, Tapes Of Old and SPORTS, their own OdD Music label has carried some of their most essential tracks. Waxing Gibbous continues the story with an assured selection of floor-primed workouts, leading in with the slender and seductive tones of "Tidal Wave." Things take a spikier turn with the heavy bass throwdown of "Zero Gravity," and then "Lunar Blueprint" stretches out across the B side in a rolling configuration of dubbed out incantations and insistent, needlepoint beats.
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Sea Of Thee
Sea Of Thee (2xLP)
Cat: PERLON 119LP. Rel: 05 Dec 18
  1. Dust & Dirt (4:05)
  2. Die Sonne Innere (7:58)
  3. Acid Kiss (6:31)
  4. In A Lair Of My Other (5:28)
  5. Octaface (6:00)
  6. Konigin Von Saba (6:48)
  7. Forever Present (6:43)
  8. News From East (7:27)
Review: Maayan Nidam first made a splash on the scene over a decade ago during the mid '00s minimal boom under aliases like Miss Fitz, Laverne Radix or Spunky Brewster, with early releases on main labels such as Contexterrior, Archipel and Love Letters From Oslo at the time. Her relationship with Perlon extends back to 2009, where she first surfaced with her Untitled EP and several others over the years since. Sea Of Thee is her third full length album, and sees her deliver a selection of hypnotic reductionist grooves - a perfect afterhours dancefloor soundtrack curated by Nidam as a top selector.
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Gespielt von: Shoxy
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Botanic Minds Sunset Series (Cosmjn Remix)
Botanic Minds Sunset Series (Cosmjn Remix) (limited 180 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: BMSS 005. Rel: 24 Sep 18
  1. Track001A (7:32)
  2. Track002A (8:18)
  3. Track001B (8:19)
  4. Track002B (Cosmjn remix) (7:19)
Review: Committed to refined yet soulful variations on the minimal house blueprint, Botanic Minds continues to showcase lesser known talents alongside established scene regulars with their releases. This time Barut is up, making a first solo appearance on this 12" following a remix of Ted Amber on the prior Botanic Minds EP. After the illustrious melodic content of the opening track, the groove settles into a finely honed, steady-ticking refrain which should find favour in clubs championing the minimal approach. Rising Romanian producer Cosmjn steps up with a remix to close the EP out, injecting a little broken beat energy into the mix without losing that overall slender aesthetic.
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Background Classics Volume 1
Background Classics Volume 1 (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: BGCLA 001. Rel: 10 Dec 18
  1. Andy Vaz - "Still On Time" (8:38)
  2. Kit Clayton - "Buffalo" (4:56)
  3. Rhythm Maker - "Alles Mainstream" (5:58)
  4. Todd Sines - "Trap" (4:32)
Review: Andy Vaz's Background Records is one of the hallmarks of creativity and inspiration that came out of the peak clicks n cuts era of minimal techno around the mid 00s. As such, it's great to see him revisit some of the most timeless material from the label via this carefully curated series of classics. His own "Still On Time" is actually a previously unreleased affair that bubbles with warmth and clarity, while Kit Clayton's "Buffalo" plies a unique line in off-centre, uptempo techno. Rhythm Maker (better known these days as Harmonious Thelonious) plumbs the depths of dubbed out minimalism on "Alles Mainstream", and the ever-swinging machine master Todd Sines brings the tightly clipped funk on "Trap".
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 in stock $8.38
Tapes Of Old 3
Tapes Of Old 3 (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: LTR 003. Rel: 10 Dec 18
  1. Oops (11:53)
  2. Abhorrent (7:02)
  3. I'm Complete (6:27)
Review: Having just recently dropped some fresh wares on the Waxing Gibbous 12", London-based production duo OdD return their attention to their Tapes Of Old label and the pursuit or archival material from the vaults. Quite how far back these dusted down gems reach is unclear, but it hardly matters - what's important is whether they bang, and these tracks certainly do that. "Oops" is a pumped up and muscular roller that places all the emphasis on percussion with a tech house tendency. "Abhorrent" is a more introverted affair that explores intricate threads of synth expression in between a dubbed out set of drums, and then "I'm Complete" finishes the record off with a cool, calm and collected trip through the minimal undergrowth.
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String Theory
String Theory (180 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: OSC 12. Rel: 08 Oct 18
  1. String Theory
  2. Poisoned Words
Review: REPRESS ALERT: Mandar are back on Oscillat Music following their stunning five-disc LP from last year, and the deep house super group are sounding as vital as ever. "String Theory" holds court over the A side and promises to be the soundtrack to many a heart-stirring moment under starry skies this summer. The titular strings are a powerful force in this track, bringing a classy brand of emotion to the slinky dancefloor tones Mandar are best known for. "Poisoned Worlds" is a deeper club cut that places the emphasis on crafty drum science for after hours crew, providing a neat balance to the show-stopping tones of the A side.

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 in stock $8.91
Goodies Too
  1. Noah Skelton - "Vibrations" (7:01)
  2. Daniel Paul - "First Touch" (6:40)
  3. Phazer - "Racoon" (7:12)
  4. Youandewan - "Pinger" (Goodies edit) (6:31)
Review: We'd heartily recommend this pleasingly varied, all-star affair from long-serving electronic imprint Cabinet. All four tracks are primed and ready for peak-time plays, with the wonderfully hypnotic, deep, dubby and bass-heavy bounce of Youandewan's "Pinger (Goodies Edit)" standing side by side with Noah Skelton's even deeper and groovier EP opener, "Vibrations", at the top of the pile. That said, many will gravitate towards the loved-up, piano-rich rush of Phazer's dream house-inspired "Racoon", while Berlin veteran Daniel Paul's "First Touch" is a wonderfully warm and melodious chunk of spacey deep house.
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Gespielt von: Subb-an & Adam Shelton
 in stock $10.23
Silent EP
Silent EP (12")
Cat: PTX 023. Rel: 08 Nov 18
  1. Wispa (12:44)
  2. 909 Track (12:33)
Review: Three-quarters of the way through 2018, Ricardo Villalobos finally serves up his first solo release of the year. The Chilean has said very little about the two-tracker, merely serving up sound clips with no fanfare or fuss. Fans will enjoy "Wispa", with the producer's signature buried spoken word samples and intoxicating audio textures playing second fiddle to a driving kick-drum pattern and druggy, TB-303 style acid line. "909 Track" is, if anything, even bolder. While it's as hypnotic and trippy, the beats bounce, the acid lines pop and the main riff - a relentless, warehouse-friendly affair - drives the cut forward with restless energy. An impressive departure from his tried-and-tested blueprint.
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TCC EP (180 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: SLPFNK 019. Rel: 03 Dec 18
  1. Realms Of Jozani (0:53)
  2. Nibyc (7:18)
  3. Syncopes (5:05)
  4. TCC (6:16)
  5. Asco 52 (4:59)
  6. Move On (1:59)
Review: The latest slab from Dutch delights SlapFunk sees a return from regular contributor Julian Alexander. Since he was last on the label, Alexander has been teaming up with Blind Box Series and Rawax, but he comes back home with an assured six track EP that highlights his continued progression as a producer. The release is bookended by short but immersive ambient cuts, with the primary focus being four forthright minimal house burners that continue the fine tradition of SlapFunk as a whole. From the snaking beat and cheeky b-line of "Nibyc" to the hard-stepping thrust of "Asco 52," there is plenty here for fans of the label's sound to lap up.
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 in stock $8.91
NSR 004
NSR 004 (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: NSR 004. Rel: 05 Nov 18
  1. Christian Jay - "Reform"
  2. Christian Jay - "Deactivating HAL"
  3. Rob Amboule - "Something For Thomas"
  4. Rob Amboule - "Swedgin On The Corner"
Review: After previously helming the second NorthSouth release alongside Bilal, Berlin-based minimal house maverick Christian Jay returns to the burgeoning label with more of his distinctive grooves that draw as much on bass-heavy garage and dubstep as they do on stripped back 4/4. The tempo is ramped up on "Reform," which features a plethora of wriggling sound design flourishes to accentuate the subtle swing on the track, while "Deactivating HAL" places the same sound palette in a more crafty 2-step framework that ranks among the most distinctive tracks Jay has produced to date. On the flipside. Rob Amboule follows up strong turns on 20:20 Vision, Nixwax and OSMAN with his own deep-diving dancefloor constructions. There's an irresistible insistence to the drums on B1 cut "Something For Thomas," while "Swedgin On The Corner" switches stance for a dreamy yet uptempo trip loaded with misty-eyed pads and other such cosmic delights.

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 in stock $8.38
Buenviaje EP
Cat: HOARD 010. Rel: 07 Dec 18
  1. Skol (7:10)
  2. Entity (7:12)
  3. Inner (7:09)
  4. Buenviaje (7:59)
 in stock $10.23
Aunt Wendy's Wedding In Wales
Cat: HHANDS 003. Rel: 03 Jan 18
  1. Aunt Wendy's Wedding In Wales (7:50)
  2. I C Jangles (feat Baby Rollen) (8:01)
Gespielt von: Burnski
 in stock $9.70
SUB 007
SUB 007 (12" Nachpressung) (1 per customer)
Cat: SUB 007. Rel: 30 Nov 18
  1. PK Fire (7:15)
  2. Thunderbird (6:54)
  3. Fore (6:27)
  4. Leisure Suit (5:23)
Review: Gene On Earth's first two releases, both of which were released on his Limousine Dream imprint, showcased a retro-futurist production style rich in audible nods to vintage styles of electronic music. He's at it again on this latest outing, first wrapping bleep melodies and bowel-bothering sub-bass around elastic breakbeats on "PK Fire", before dousing a crunchy two-step rhythm in spacey tech-house electronics on "Thunderbird". You'll find more saucer-eyed nods to dance music's halcyon era on the flipside, where the modified early drum and bass skittishness of "Leisure Suit" follows the deep UK-garage-meets-ambient-techno flex of "Fore". While the nods to the past are obvious, there's enough quality contemporary flavour in each track to avoid accusations of hollow revivalism.
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 in stock $11.02
Nebulosa EP
Cat: ALLN 007. Rel: 22 Oct 18
  1. Nebulosa
  2. Asteroides
  3. O-Type
Review: Brazilian producer Apoena has been steadily issuing serious heaters for labels like Underground Quality and Stuga Musik since 2010, but the core of his output can be found on his own Allnite Music label. The Nebulosa EP features more of the immersive, shimmering tech house tones he's built his name on thus far, leading in with the swirling wonderment of the title track before swerving on the B side into the more punchy, deliciously dubbed out "Asteroides." Bringing the most overtly house-oriented sounds on the record, "O-Type" signs off on a weighty, head-nodding groove carefully crafted for eyes-closed transcendence, whether you're rocking the jam in your headphones or on the floor.
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 in stock $8.38
New Junk City
New Junk City (hand-stamped 12")
Cat: EXT 003. Rel: 14 Nov 18
  1. New Junk City (6:30)
  2. Glasgow Salad (6:06)
 in stock $11.02
UGold Series VII
UGold Series VII (12" in hand-stamped sleeve)
Cat: UGOLD VII. Rel: 29 Nov 18
  1. Outta Cockpit (10:18)
  2. Classilion (10:37)
 in stock $11.02
EP 2
EP 2 (heavyweight vinyl 12")
Cat: DFTD 560. Rel: 30 Nov 18
  1. Jack Back - "(It Happens) Sometimes" (extended mix) (6:09)
  2. Sonny Fodera - "To Love" (feat Shannon Saunders - Qubiko extended remix) (6:19)
  3. Ferreck Dawn & Robosonic - "In Arms" (extended mix) (6:51)
  4. Chez Moon - "Midnight Love" (Rocco Rodamaal extended remix) (7:31)
 in stock $9.18
We Start Again
Cat: 8BIT 144. Rel: 07 Dec 18
  1. We Start Again (7:04)
  2. Don't Stop (7:24)
 in stock $9.18
Swift Eviction
Cat: META 004. Rel: 28 Nov 18
  1. Swift Eviction (6:46)
  2. Box Of Beats (7:00)
  3. Everything Together (6:57)
  4. Buuky (7:32)
Review: UK based Berliner Ben Rau presents the next edition of his Meta Music imprint courtesy of ascendant Mancunian Josh Baker, who has appeared previously on Blind Vision, See Double and hedZup. This EP is a terrific perspective of where UK tech-house is currently at - we're loving the deep and groovy late night swing of the title track and "Everything Together" which take its cues from the French style popularised by Djebali or Mancini. Arguably best of all though, is the pumping and adrenalised peak time action of "Box Of Beats " which will mix in well with your Vinyl Speed Adjust tracks.
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 in stock $11.53
Vivacity (12")
Cat: MULEMUSIQ 231. Rel: 05 Dec 18
  1. Vivacity (6:44)
  2. You Make It Look Easy (5:50)
  3. Final Conflation (6:48)
  4. It's World Is One We Seldom Visit (5:13)
Gespielt von: Fog
 in stock $10.48
Empire Of The Sun
Cat: ADID 040. Rel: 13 Dec 18
  1. Rowee & Nohan - "Out Of Reach" (6:05)
  2. Empire Of The Sun (7:14)
  3. Udara (7:05)
  4. Anima (6:10)
 in stock $9.97
Sing It! EP
Cat: MOSCOW 025. Rel: 07 Dec 18
  1. Sing It! (5:51)
  2. Siesta (5:54)
  3. Siesta (Livio & Roby remix) (8:48)
Gespielt von: Evan Michael
 in stock $9.18
Cat: YOYAKUZA 003. Rel: 06 Dec 18
  1. Akemi Jam (5:59)
  2. Thursday Jam (6:56)
  3. Mod 303 (8:12)
 in stock $12.33
32.8905 N
32.8905 N (hand-stamped blue marbled vinyl 12")
Cat: PRISMA 2. Rel: 11 Dec 18
  1. Track 1 (8:59)
  2. Track 2 (8:20)
  3. Track 3 (10:10)
  4. Track 4 (5:59)
 in stock $11.80
Live At Freerotation 2018
  1. Dorisburg, Johanna Knutsson, Mathew Jonson, Sebastian Mullaert, Steevio - "Live At Freerotation 2018" (11:13)
  2. Johanna Knutsson, Mathew Jonson, Sebastian Mullaert - "Live At Freerotation 2018" (7:49)
  3. Mathew Jonson, Steevio - "Live At Freerotation 2018" (6:14)
  4. Dorisburg, Mathew Jonson, Sebastian Mullaert, Steevio - "Live At Freerotation 2018" (12:31)
  5. Dorisburg, Mathew Jonson, Sebastian Mullaert - "Live At Freerotation 2018" (13:31)
Review: Circle Of Live is a collaborative electronic project led by the Swedish techno artist Sebastian Mullaert. It aims to reevaluate the structures of performance, linking artists and their machines for improvised jams. It debuted at Baskerville Hall as part of Wales based Freerotation festival, featuring a revolving cast of musicians, who in this incarnation included such big names as Mathew Jonson, Dorisburg and Johanna Knutsson, alongside festival and label co-founder Steevio. With artists like this linking up, you can just imagine what kind of magic they'd possibly conjure up and we can assure you it's absolutely sublime. These five excerpts from the live performance capture some of their most dynamic and spellbinding moments.
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 in stock $20.19
Anamnesis (180 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: MOSAIC 039. Rel: 30 Apr 18
  1. Invitation To Love
  2. Remember When
  3. Into The Night
Review: Dub techno doesn't come deeper than DeepChord, and Mike Schommer is one of those responsible for launching the legendary project. Making his return after 15 long years, Steve O'Sullivan's re-energised Mosaic Records is the perfect place to get reacquainted with the chap. "Invitation To Love" is as romantic as the title would suggest, letting gorgeous chords and pad washes ooze out over a steady ticking beat. The rhythm gets chopped up a little on "Remember When", while "Into The Night" heads into head-nodding dubstep territory with mammoth bass replaced by elegant Motor City synth shimmers.
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 in stock $9.43
The Man With The Red Face
Cat: F 119/1370119130. Rel: 21 Sep 00
  1. The Man With The Red Face (original mix)
  2. The Man With The Red Face (Svek remix)
  3. The Man With The Red Face (Funk D Void remix)
 in stock $8.13
Metric Motion EP
Cat: MUSIK 107. Rel: 23 Nov 18
  1. Helix (7:58)
  2. Revert (7:13)
  3. Cubus (6:51)
 in stock $10.23
Pierre Codarin 006
Pierre Codarin 006 (heavyweight vinyl 12")
Cat: PC 006. Rel: 07 Dec 18
  1. Star Machine (6:45)
  2. Rush (6:38)
  3. Breathe (7:15)
  4. Hamun (6:27)
 in stock $8.38
EYA 003
EYA 003 (hand-stamped heavyweight vinyl 12")
Cat: EYA 003. Rel: 20 Nov 18
  1. Nicolas Etorena - "Melosst" (6:53)
  2. Jacopo - "Marine" (7:20)
  3. Luca Piermattei - "Acoustic Atmosphere" (4:58)
  4. Manuk - "E5 Dreamers" (6:05)
  5. Jos - "Broken" (5:42)
 in stock $12.33
L'Alba Di Bonassola EP
L'Alba Di Bonassola EP (12" + poster)
Cat: GEMS 001. Rel: 07 Dec 18
  1. Alba Di Bonassola (8:09)
  2. Calma Apparente (7:03)
  3. Calma Apparente (Teluric remix) (7:17)
  4. Calma Apparente (Alex Tea remix) (7:44)
 in stock $10.48
Tuff Cut #09
Cat: TUFF 009. Rel: 28 Mar 18
  1. I Get Deeper (original LNTG mix) (6:46)
  2. I Get Deeper (Cassian rework) (6:16)
Review: Australian techno royalty Carmelo Bianchetti has put out a lot of music under the Late Night Tuff Guy alias with his 2007 tweak of Roland Clark classic "I Get Deep" among his best work. Originally released through the short lived TBot's All Nite House Party label, the track is given a timely reissue through Bianchetti's own Tuff Cut label in newly remastered form. Clark's classic vocal would be arguably be a hit over anything with a 4/4 groove, but there is something satisfying about this grimy arrangement from LNTG. Complementing this is a fresh take on the track from Sydney's Cassian.
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 in stock $9.70
Tools Vol 9
Tools Vol 9 (coloured vinyl 12")
Cat: EEDV 014. Rel: 06 Nov 18
  1. Elise (8:39)
  2. Grace (7:22)
  3. Nur (7:09)
Review: The hardest working producer in minimal takes time out from his esteemed Eastenderz and Social imprints, and returns to his eponymous operation for some sturdy tech-house tools that are made to play. You can bet that Tools Vol. 9 is aimed squarely at the dancefloor - and tried and tested on such. From the deep and hypnotic back room dub "Elise" on the A side, through to the rolling and mentalist faire on the flip ("Grace") and the ethereal afterhours mood lighting of "Nur" - it is yet more underground quality you have come to expect from this A.M. specialist.
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 in stock $11.53
Glider 10 (remastered)
Glider 10 (remastered) (LP + MP3 download code)
Cat: GI 124LPR. Rel: 07 Dec 18
  1. At First Touch (4:48)
  2. Without Motion (4:24)
  3. Life's Fading Light (5:26)
  4. The Sunset Passage (3:30)
  5. Already There (5:28)
  6. Further Away (5:28)
  7. Dour (4:29)
  8. A Fractured Smile (5:00)
  9. Nowhere (8:05)
 in stock $16.77
Set It Off (remixes)
Cat: DB 182. Rel: 30 Nov 18
  1. Set It Off (Justin Martin remix) (7:38)
  2. Set It Off (Justin Martin party Starter remix) (5:51)
 in stock $9.18
Compilation Of Peace
Compilation Of Peace (heavyweight vinyl 12")
Cat: SMR 17. Rel: 04 Dec 18
  1. Hosini - "Kyla" (5:57)
  2. Guhus - "Little Bahia" (7:35)
  3. Valentin Huedo - "Moon Beach" (9:22)
  4. Emotional Tourist - "Herode" (8:24)
 in stock $10.23
2012-2017 (2xLP)
Cat: OP 048. Rel: 18 May 18
  1. This Old House Is All I Have (3:41)
  2. I Never Dream (6:46)
  3. Some Kind Of Game (6:52)
  4. Hopeless (5:43)
  5. Such A Bad Way (4:55)
  6. Flash In The Pan (7:31)
  7. City Fade (5:41)
  8. Now You Got Me Hooked (5:52)
  9. Know You (4:24)
  10. You're Going To Love Me & Scream (5:36)
  11. Rave On You (9:55)
 in stock $23.07
Approach EP
Approach EP (heavyweight vinyl 12")
Cat: ORG 019. Rel: 12 Nov 18
  1. Approach (7:27)
  2. Approach (Diego Krause remix) (7:17)
  3. Dawn Broke (7:18)
  4. CC (7:25)
Review: Timisoara's favorite sons NTFO return, following up some great releases on Objektivity, Djebali and their own Sintope Series. The Approach EP comes courtesy of French imprint Organic Music and features four surefire tech house grooves that are made to play. From the funky and rolling "Approach" which also receives a terrific rework by Berlin's Diego Krause, taking it into back room dub territory. On the flip, the sound is distinctly Romanian on the driving and hypnotic tool tech-house of "CC" which you'd expect to hear at a homegrown festival like Sunwaves or Mioritmic - just sublime!
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 in stock $11.28
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