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Dume (gatefold 2xLP + booklet)
Cat: 009362 4882107. Rel: 22 Feb 24
Ride My Llama (3:36)
Cortez The Killer (7:29)
Don’t Cry No Tears (2:35)
Born To Run (3:17)
Barstool Blues (3:00)
Danger Bird (6:50)
Stupid Girl (3:09)
Kansas (3:27)
Powderfinger (7:14)
Hawaii (4:27)
Drive Back (3:32)
Lookin’ For A Love (3:18)
Pardon My Heart (3:45)
Too Far Gone (2:40)
Pocahontas (3:27)
No One Seems To Know (2:25)
Review: With Neil Young's late 60s and early to mid-70s music being so well beloved, fans are ecstatic about this release. Dume is a 16-song album (2 LPs) by Neil Young with Crazy Horse from 1975, recorded during the Zuma recording sessions. It includes tracks and outtakes from Zuma. Thus, think of it like the most complete package or extended version on Zuma. This period (just three years after Harvest) of Neil's music is some of his most productive and beloved writing in his 50+ year career. These extra tracks add not only just more music to enjoy but a unique look into the sessions as they were. The two albums are housed a beautifully packaged gatefold as well.
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! low stock $35.62
Dreamtime (40th Anniversary Edition)
Dreamtime (40th Anniversary Edition) (dark red vinyl LP (indie exclusive))
Cat: BBQ 2296LPE. Rel: 22 Feb 24
Horse Nation (3:38)
Spiritwalker (3:39)
83rd Dream (3:39)
Butterflies (2:57)
Go West (3:58)
Gimmick (3:36)
A Flower In The Desert (3:40)
Dreamtime (2:47)
Rider In The Snow (3:12)
Bad Medicine Waltz (5:49)
Review: Originally released in 1984, following the band's evolution from the Southern Death Cult, to Death Cult, and then simply The Cult, Dreamtime finds the outfit featuring Ian Astbury and Billy Duffy, pivoting from their goth and punk roots into something eclectic, aspirational, and adventurous. Rife with lyrical references to the indigenous cultures of the Americas and Australia, and set against a more bombastic and muscular musical backdrop, Dreamtime hints at what would envelop the band over the next four decades, a dedication to their wholly unique songwriting, both musically and thematically and the frenzy that was soon to come with the release of Love only a year later.
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 in stock $23.74
Abbey Road: 50th Anniversary Edition
Cat: 779151 2. Rel: 27 Sep 19
Come Together (4:16)
Something (3:02)
Maxwell's Silver Hammer (3:28)
Oh! Darling (3:27)
Octopus's Garden (2:51)
I Want You (She's So Heavy) (7:49)
Here Comes The Sun (3:05)
Because (2:46)
You Never Give Me Your Money (4:03)
Sun King (2:26)
Mean Mr Mustard (1:05)
Polythene Pam (1:12)
She Came In Through The Bathroom Window (2:02)
Golden Slumbers (1:29)
Carry That Weight (1:36)
The End (2:12)
Her Majesty (0:33)
Review: There's a chance this Liverpudlian four piece will be familiar by now. This, their 11th studio outing, first unveiled as the 1960s slipped into the 70s, is a bonafide epic from an outfit that weren't lacking in epics; in many ways a culmination of their time together, marking the end of their active years and beginning of their legacy. By this stage, then, they've emerged from years spent on the inner journey and time on the outer, space cadeting to the hallucinogenic fuelled tones of "Sgt. Peppers" and "Revolver". Of course, there's still plenty of explorations happening, but the gritty blues rock of opening track "Come Together" really sets the tone. Five decades on, it still sounds great and maybe even better than you remember. Even if you own the original, this anniversary edition is worth having.
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 in stock $23.74
The Vault: Old Friends 4 Sale
The Vault: Old Friends 4 Sale (180 gram vinyl LP)
Cat: 060349 7828432. Rel: 22 Feb 24
The Rest Of My Life (6:02)
It's About That Walk (5:55)
She Spoke 2 Me (2:22)
5 Women (5:07)
When The Lights Go Down (7:03)
My Little Pill (1:29)
There Is Lonely (2:06)
Old Friends 4 Sale (3:28)
Sarah (2:53)
Extraordinary (2:25)
Review: Prince is a name that needs no introduction. The Vault ... Old Friends 4 Sale was originally released in 1999 , a full three years after being submitted to Warner Bros in 1996. Thus, it was recorded in 1994 and 1995 which in many fans' eyes, follows some of the best Prince work when he was known as the symbol. Stylistically, the album has Prince exploring more jazz elements while still remaining clearly a Prince album. Perhaps due to Prince not doing a world tour to support the album and lack of radio friendly singles, the album wasn't the chart success that the label hoped for but to fans it holds a special place in their Prince discography.

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 in stock $26.37
Thanks Again: The Alternative Covers
Cat: YS 021. Rel: 13 Feb 24
White Lines (version 1)
Ball Of Confusion
Perfect Day
I Wanna Take You Higher
White Lines (version 2)
Thank You
The Crystal Ship
911 Is A Joke
Plastic Girl (remix)
Perfect Day (acoustic)
The Crystal Ship (acoustic)
Watching The Detectives
White Lines (live)
Plastic Girl
Electric Barbarella (acoustic)
Dreamboy (Simon Le Bon Solo)
Electric Barbarella (Plastic Kiss acoustic mix)
 in stock $11.08
Tokyo Rebel: Live In Tokyo 1990
Tokyo Rebel: Live In Tokyo 1990 (180 gram white vinyl 2xLP)
Cat: SRFM 0038CV. Rel: 16 Feb 24
Space Oddity (4:09)
Changes (2:52)
TVC 15 (4:22)
Rebel Rebel (3:07)
Ashes To Ashes (5:16)
Starman (3:49)
Fashion (4:56)
Life On Mars (3:47)
Blue Jean (6:20)
Let's Dance (1:44)
China Girl (5:40)
Sound & Vision (3:30)
Suffragette City (3:15)
Station To Station (7:47)
Ziggy Stardust (3:54)
Young Americans (4:12)
Fame (6:28)
Heroes (6:41)
 in stock $27.17
(What's The Story) Morning Glory? (remastered)
(What's The Story) Morning Glory? (remastered) (trifold heavyweight vinyl 2xLP)
Cat: RKIDLP 73. Rel: 21 Jun 22
Roll With It
Don't Look Back In Anger
Hey Now
The Swamp Song
Some Might Say
Cast No Shadow
She's Electric
Morning Glory
The Swamp Song
Champagne Supernova
 in stock $27.70
The Bends
The Bends (LP + MP3 download code)
Cat: XLLP 780. Rel: 10 Jun 16
Planet Telex (4:20)
The Bends (4:03)
High & Dry (4:18)
Fake Plastic Trees (4:52)
Bones (3:06)
(Nice Dream) (3:53)
Just (3:54)
My Iron Lung (4:38)
Bullet Proof... I Wish I Was (3:28)
Black Star (4:07)
Sulk (3:43)
Street Spirit (Fade Out) (4:14)
! low stock $21.09
OK Computer OKNOTOK 1997 2017
OK Computer OKNOTOK 1997 2017 (gatefold 180 gram vinyl 3xLP + MP3 download code)
Cat: XLLP 868. Rel: 23 Jun 17
Airbag (4:44)
Paranoid Android (6:21)
Subterranean Homesick Alien (4:34)
Exit Music (For A Film) (4:24)
Let Down (5:00)
Karma Police (4:26)
Fitter Happier (1:55)
Electioneering (3:54)
Climbing Up The Walls (4:45)
No Surprises (3:52)
Lucky (4:19)
The Tourist (5:23)
I Promise (3:59)
Man Of War (4:28)
Lift (4:07)
Lull (2:26)
Meeting In The Aisle (3:05)
Melatonin (2:11)
A Reminder (3:50)
Polyethylene (parts 1 & 2) (4:23)
Pearly (3:37)
Palo Alto (3:52)
How I Made My Millions (3:10)
Review: Twenty years ago it sounded like an oddly poignant evocation of pre-millennial tension. Two decades later it stands as an eerily prescient glimpe into the technological alienation and dislocation of of a new era. Yet more importantly, OK Computer is no more or less than a sparkling, dramatic and moving collection of songs that haven't lost any of their impact in the interim. The sound of a band stubbornly refusing to follow up the stadium-strafing stylings of its predecessor The Bends - and instead bursting headlong into experimentation and wild creativity -is portrayed in still more vivid colours by the alarmingly strong collection of out-takes and B-sides collected herein, Yet there's no getting away from the chill and spark that marked out OK Computer from everything surrounding it in the post-Britpop malaise, and continues to do so in the pre-Brexit counterpart.
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! low stock $28.75
Hounds Of Love (remastered)
Hounds Of Love (remastered) (180 gram raspberry beret vinyl LP with obi-strip in spot-varnished sleeve)
Cat: FP 5LPX. Rel: 30 Nov 23
Running Up That Hill (A Deal With God)
Hounds Of Love
The Big Sky (7" mix)
Mother Stands For Comfort
And Dream Of Sheep
Under Ice
Waking The Witch
Watching You Without Me
Jig Of Life
Hello Earth
The Morning Fog
Review: One of the most crucial art-pop records of all time, 'Hounds of Love' was British legend Kate Bush's fifth studio album, her most commercial and most daring. "It was just a lot of work" Bush laughed on an interview with Richard Skinner in 1992, explaining the sudden resistance she felt following her polarising 'The Dreaming', the first album she also produced. Despite the fear, the pressure and the workload, 'Hounds of Love' is, without question, her most beloved, opening with one of the most treasured songs of the 20th century, 'Running Up That Hill (A Deal with God)' that has been revived time and time again in the soundtracks of TV shows like 'Pose' and 'Stranger Things'. Steadily approaching its 40th anniversary, there's still so much to this record beyond its singles. The latter half of the album contains a concept mini-album, the 'Ninth Wave', a narrative suite of songs based on the Ivan Alvazovsky painting of the same name. It follows the psyche of a woman who is stranded in the ocean, confronted by the ghosts of her past, present and future. I could go on about this album forever, truly, and its constant relevance in the zeitgeist is a testament to the lasting power of these songs. This is the first time this record has been released in over 10 years, featuring the Fish People remastering on a purple 180gm vinyl, an obi strip tied over a spot finish sleeve.

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 in stock $39.83
The Wall (remastered)
The Wall (remastered) (gatefold 180 gram vinyl 2xLP)
Cat: 509990 2988313. Rel: 23 Feb 12
In The Flesh?
The Thin Ice
Another Brick In The Wall (part 1)
The Happiest Days Of Our Lives
Another Brick In The Wall (part 2)
Goodbye Blue Sky
Empty Spaces
Young Lust
One Of My Turns
Don't Leave Me Now
Another Brick In The Wall (part 3)
Goodbye Cruel World
Hey You
Is There Anybody Out There?
Nobody Home
Bring The Boys Back Home
Comfortably Numb
The Show Must Go On
In The Flesh
Run Like Hell
Waiting For The Worms
The Trial
Outside The Wall
 in stock $29.54
Wish You Were Here
Wish You Were Here (180 gram vinyl LP + postcard)
Cat: 509990 2988016. Rel: 04 Nov 11
Shine On You Crazy Diamond (parts 1-5)
Welcome To The Machine
Have A Cigar
Wish You Were Here
Shine On You Crazy Diamond (parts 6-9)
 in stock $20.57
Temple Of The Dog (reissue)
Temple Of The Dog (reissue) (gatefold 180 gram vinyl 2xLP (side 4 etched) + MP3 download code)
Cat: 570959 1. Rel: 11 Nov 16
Say Hello 2 Heaven (6:21)
Reach Down (11:16)
Hunger Strike (4:02)
Pushin Forward Back (3:45)
Call Me A Dog (5:02)
Times Of Trouble (5:39)
Wooden Jesus (4:08)
Your Savior (4:03)
Four Walled World (6:54)
All Night Thing (3:52)
 in stock $34.81
Live At The New Victoria
Live At The New Victoria (gatefold clear & blue splattered vinyl 2xLP)
Cat: 405053 8948844. Rel: 22 Feb 24
Them Kinda Monkeys Can't Swing (4:22)
The Bangin' Man (5:10)
Gudbuy T'Jane (4:02)
Far Far Away (5:11)
Thanks For The Memory (Wham Bam Thank You Mam) (5:52)
How Does It Feel (4:07)
Just A Little Bit (7:44)
Everyday (4:33)
OK Yesterday Was Yesterday (5:02)
Raining In My Champagne (6:06)
Let The Good Times Roll (5:11)
Mama Weer All Crazee Now (5:54)
 in stock $31.64
Saturday Night Wrist
Cat: MAV 43239. Rel: 13 Apr 16
Hole In The Earth (4:09)
Rapture (3:26)
Beware (6:00)
Cherry Waves (5:17)
Mein (3:58)
U,U,D,D,L,R,L,R,A,B, Select, Start (4:12)
Xerces (3:39)
Rats! Rat! Rats! (3:59)
Pink Cellphone (5:03)
Combat (4:45)
Kimdracula (3:13)
Riviere (3:34)
 in stock $32.18
Band On The Run (50th Anniversary Edition) (half speed remastered)
Cat: 554356 2. Rel: 01 Feb 24
Band On The Run (5:13)
Jet (4:09)
Bluebird (3:24)
Mrs Vandebilt (4:40)
Let Me Roll It (4:46)
Mamunia (7:14)
No Words (3:45)
Helen Wheels (1:59)
Picasso's Last Words (Drink To Me) (3:37)
Nineteen Hundred & Eighty Five (5:27)
Review: Fifty years to the week of its original release, MPL and UMe announce the expanded 50th anniversary edition of Paul McCartney & Wings' iconic Band on the Run, due 2 February 2024. A fixture of all-time greatest album lists for decades, the smash album was originally released in December of 1973. Featuring the immortal title track, worldwide hit 'Jet,' the wistful 'Bluebird,' long-time live staple 'Let Me Roll It,' the multi-faceted 'Picasso's Last Words (Drink to Me)' and climactic closer 'Nineteen Hundred and Eighty Five,' Band on the Run is undoubtedly Wings' most successful and celebrated release ever.
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 in stock $31.64
Good As I Been To You
Good As I Been To You (limited numbered 180 gram audiophile SuperVinyl LP)
Cat: MOFI 5321. Rel: 19 Feb 24
Frankie & Albert (3:50)
Jim Jones (3:55)
Blackjack Davey (5:49)
Canadee-I-O (4:23)
Sittin' On Top Of The World (4:30)
Little Maggie (2:55)
Hard Times (4:34)
Step It Up & Go (2:57)
Tomorrow Night (3:42)
Arthur McBride (6:20)
You're Gonna Quit Me (2:48)
Diamond Joe (3:17)
Froggie Went A Courtin' (6:24)
Review: Three decades before he released The Philosophy of Modern Song - an insightful book devoted to 66 tunes that both impacted his career and the music world at large - Bob Dylan issued Good As I Been to You. The under-heralded 1992 album, Dylan's first solo acoustic album in nearly 30 years and first all-covers effort in nearly twenty years, can be seen as a prophetic prelude to what has become the Nobel Laureate's celebrated late-career arc. It's also an absorbing continuation of the custom Dylan has embraced since he first picked up a guitar.
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 in stock $77.28
Evolution In Real Time: The 1973 Broadcasts
Cat: UN2CD 069. Rel: 13 Feb 24
Rock & Roll (Dallas, TX, 18/05/1973)
Celebration Day (Salt Lake City, UT, 26/05/1973)
Black Dog (Buffalo, NY, 15/07/1973)
Over The Hills & Far Away (Buffalo, NY, 15/07/1973)
Georgia On My Mind (Salt Lake City, UT, 26/05/1973)
Misty Mountain Hop (Dallas, TX, 18/05/1973)
Since I've Been Loving You (Southampton, UK, 22/01/1973)
No Quarter (Dallas, TX, 18/05/1973)
Dancing Days (Southampton, UK, 22/01/1973)
Bron-y-aur-stomp (Oxford, UK, 07/01/1973)
The Song Remains The Same (Seattle, WA, 17/07/1973)
The Rain Song (Fort Worth, TX, 19/05/1973)
Dazed & Confused (Seattle, WA, 17/07/1973)
Stairway To Heaven (Los Angeles, CA, 31/05/1973)
Heartbreaker (San Francisco, CA, 02/06/2973)
Whole Lotta Love (San Francisco, CA, 02/06/2973)
The Ocean (San Diego, CA, 18/05/1973)
How Many More Times (Southampton, UK, 22/01/1973)
Communication Breakdown (Southampton, UK, 22/01/1973)
 in stock $13.46
OK Computer
OK Computer (gatefold 2xLP)
Cat: XLLP 781. Rel: 21 Jun 16
Airbag (4:43)
Paranoid Android (6:23)
Subterranean Homesick Alien (4:29)
Exit Music (For A Film) (4:24)
Let Down (4:57)
Karma Police (4:23)
Fitter Happier (1:57)
Electioneering (3:52)
Climbing Up The Walls (4:43)
No Surprises
Lucky (4:17)
The Tourist (5:19)
 in stock $24.79
Nevermind (180 gram vinyl LP + MP3 download code)
Cat: DGC 24425LP. Rel: 11 Sep 13
Smells Like Teen Spirit
In Bloom
Come As You Are
Territorial Pissings
Drain You
Lounge Act
Stay Away
On A Plain
Something In The Way
! low stock $25.31
Music Of The Spheres
Music Of The Spheres (coloured vinyl LP + booklet + art print + MP3 download code in die-cut spot-varnished sleeve)
Cat: 019029 6666964. Rel: 15 Oct 21
Music Of The Spheres (0:53)
Higher Power (3:25)
Humankind (4:26)
Alien Choir (0:53)
Let Somebody Go (3:59)
Human Heart (3:09)
People Of The Pride (3:38)
Biutyful (3:13)
Music Of The Spheres II (0:23)
My Universe (with BTS) (3:43)
Infinity Sign (3:46)
Coloratura (10:09)
Review: They're the biggest but most hated band on the planet, but that will never stop Coldplay. The band has long been at the top of the pop-rock world and once again Music of the Spheres is likely to keep them there. It is an album rather less wrought with emotional tension than they are known for but still has one eye firmly on the cosmos, like much of their material. In fact, there is a loose concept here that revolves around a distant solar system. The lead single, 'My Universe,' features K-pop kings BTS and is already a number one, and the rest of the tunes are so unashamedly big they will likely follow.
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 in stock $17.41
Animals (reissue)
Animals (reissue) (gatefold 180 gram vinyl LP)
Cat: PFRLP 10. Rel: 18 Nov 16
Pigs On The Wing 1 (1:24)
Dogs (17:02)
Pigs (Three Different Ones) (11:27)
Sheep (10:16)
Pigs On The Wing 2 (1:26)
 in stock $20.57
Mane Attraction (reissue)
Mane Attraction (reissue) (limited numbered 180 gram audiophile silver vinyl LP + insert)
Cat: MOVLP 3464C. Rel: 15 Feb 24
Lights & Thunder (8:03)
Broken Heart (4:07)
Leave Me Alone (4:28)
Love Don't Come Easy (4:04)
You're All I Need (4:24)
Warsong (6:46)
It's Over (5:16)
Till Death Do Us Part (5:23)
Out With The Boys (4:36)
Farewell To You (4:18)
Review: Mane Attraction is the fourth studio album from the New York-based glam metal band White Lion. The album featured the singles 'Love Don't Come Easy', the eight-minute heavy rock epic track 'Lights And Thunder', and a re-recorded version of their debut single 'Broken Heart'. Notable as the last album to feature both Greg D'Angelo and James Lomenzo on the lineup - and deploying a huge, sizzling ballad sound, sonically outdoing most of their contemporaries in the same trade at the time - the album has retained an evergreen charisma since its original release in 1991, justifying its latest reissue via Music On Vinyl here.
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 in stock $30.07
Before & After
Cat: 009362 4849841. Rel: 07 Dec 23
I'm The Ocean
On The Way Home
If You Got Love
A Dream That Can Last
My Heart
When I Hold You In My Arms
Mother Earth
Mr Soul
Comes A Time
Don't Forget Love
 in stock $12.93
The London Boys: UK Broadcast 2000 Volume One
Cat: PARA 610LP. Rel: 13 Feb 24
The Boston Rag (8:04)
Bodhisattva (5:51)
Night By Night (3:30)
West Of Hollywood (10:20)
Josie (8:51)
Black Friday (5:16)
Daddy Don't Live In That New York City No More (12:05)
Home At Last (6:26)
Jack Of Speed (9:28)
Hey Nineteen (3:01)
 in stock $25.06
Bohemian Rhapsody (Soundtrack)
Cat: 679887 2. Rel: 08 Feb 19
20th Century Fox Fanfare (0:27)
Somebody To Love (4:54)
Doing All Right Revisited (3:16)
Keep Yourself Alive (live At The Rainbow) (3:58)
Killer Queen (2:57)
Fat Bottomed Girls (live In Paris) (4:39)
Bohemian Rhapsody (5:54)
Now I'm Here (live At Hammersmith Odeon) (4:26)
Crazy Little Thing Called Love (2:42)
Love Of My Life (Rock In Rio) (4:31)
We Will Rock You (Movie mix) (2:10)
Another One Bites The Dust (3:35)
I Want To Break Free (3:40)
Under Pressure (4:01)
Who Wants To Live Forever (5:21)
Bohemian Rhapsody (live Aid) (2:30)
Radio Ga Ga (live Aid) (3:59)
Ay-Oh (live Aid) (0:45)
Hammer To Fall (live Aid) (4:03)
We Are The Champions (live Aid) (3:56)
Don't Stop Me Now Revisited (3:36)
The Show Must Go On (4:21)
 in stock $30.34
Led Zeppelin I (remastered)
Led Zeppelin I (remastered) (180 gram vinyl LP)
Cat: 081227 966416. Rel: 30 May 14
Good Times Bad Times
Babe I'm Gonna Leave You
You Shook Me
Dazed & Confused
Your Time Is Gonna Come
Black Mountain Side
Communication Breakdown
I Can't Quit You Baby
How Many More Times
 in stock $21.09
Definitely Maybe (remastered)
Cat: RKIDLP 70. Rel: 13 May 14
Rock 'N' Roll Star
Live Forever
Up In The Sky
Sad Song
Bring It On Down
Cigarettes & Alcohol
Digsy's Dinner
Slide Away
Married With Children
 in stock $27.70
Nirvana (180 gram vinyl LP + MP3 download code)
Cat: 473787 8. Rel: 13 Nov 15
You Know You're Right (3:31)
About A Girl (2:47)
Been A Son (2:20)
Sliver (2:11)
Smells Like Teen Spirit (5:01)
Come As You Are (3:38)
Lithium (4:16)
In Bloom (4:14)
Heart-Shaped Box (4:39)
Pennyroyal Tea (3:32)
Rape Me (2:49)
Dumb (2:30)
All Apologies (3:44)
The Man Who Sold The World (3:45)
 in stock $17.41
In Rainbows
Cat: XLLP 324. Rel: 02 Jan 08
15 Step
Weird Fishes/Arpeggi
All I Need
Faust Arp
House Of Cards
Jigsaw Falling Into Place
Review: "In Rainbows", Radiohead's seventh album, finally gets a physical release! It's one thing downloading this landmark album, but to actually hold this is something special. Not only do you get increased sound quality, but you also get the amazing artwork from Stanley Donwood. This album includes "Nude", a live favourite for many years that was originally written during the "OK Computer" sessions. More minimal that their "Kid A" period, "In Rainbows" does something that very few albums have done - its sound is distinct from previous Radiohead albums, but is still clearly Radiohead. Hail to the kings, they are back on top form.
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 in stock $24.79
The Stone Roses
Cat: 888430 419919. Rel: 11 Apr 14
I Wanna Be Adored
She Bangs The Drums
Don't Stop
Bye Bye Bad Man
Elizabeth My Dear
(Song For My) Sugar Spun Sister
Made Of Stone
Shoot You Down
This Is The One
I Am The Resurrection
 in stock $19.52
Parallel Lines
Parallel Lines (180 gram vinyl LP + MP3 download code)
Cat: 535503 4. Rel: 01 May 15
Hanging On The Telephone (2:19)
One Way Or Another (3:32)
Picture This (2:54)
Fade Away & Radiate (3:58)
Pretty Baby (3:16)
I Know But I Don't Know (3:53)
11:59 (3:18)
Will Anything Happen? (2:57)
Sunday Girl (3:02)
Heart Of Glass (5:47)
I'm Gonna Love You Too (2:04)
Just Go Away (3:23)
 in stock $27.70
The London Boys: UK Broadcast Volume Twp
Cat: PARA 621LP. Rel: 13 Feb 24
The Steely Dan Show (3:13)
Deacon Blues (7:49)
Babylon Sisters (6:34)
Cousin Dupree (5:38)
Monkey In Your Soul (0:19)
Dirty Work (8:49)
Peg (4:34)
Kid Charlemagne (5:37)
Don't Take Me Alive (4:32)
My Old School (6:29)
FM (4:37)
 in stock $25.06
Nevermind (20th Anniversary Remaster)
Cat: 277790 8. Rel: 23 Sep 11
Smells Like Teen Spirit
In Bloom
Come As You Are
Territorial Pissings
Drain You
Lounge Act
Stay Away
On A Plain
Something In The Way
 in stock $5.80
Speaking In Tongues
Cat: 812279 6665. Rel: 10 May 13
Burning Down The House
Making Flippy Floppy
Girlfriend Is Better
Slippery People
I Get Wild/Wild Gravity
Moon Rocks
Pull Up The Roots
This Must Be The Place
 in stock $25.06
Led Zeppelin IV (remastered)
Led Zeppelin IV (remastered) (gatefold 180 gram vinyl LP)
Cat: 081227 965778. Rel: 23 Oct 14
Black Dog
Rock & Roll
The Battle Of Evermore
Stairway To Heaven
Misty Mountain Hop
Four Sticks
Going To California
When The Levee Breaks
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Swing Fever
Swing Fever (180 gram vinyl LP)
Cat: 505419 7801723. Rel: 22 Feb 24
Lullaby Of Broadway (4:59)
Oh Marie (2:34)
Sentimental Journey (2:51)
Pennies From Heaven (2:56)
Night Train (2:54)
Love Is The Sweetest Thing (2:50)
Them There Eyes (2:21)
Good Rockin' Tonight (2:46)
Ain't Misbehavin' (2:29)
Frankie & Johnny (2:54)
Walkin' My Baby Back Home (2:18)
Almost Like Being In Love (2:39)
Tennessee Waltz (3:17)
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Maggot Brain (reissue)
Cat: SEW 002. Rel: 20 May 22
Maggot Brain (10:18)
Can You Get To That (2:50)
Hit It & Quit It (3:50)
You & Your Folks, Me & My Folks (3:38)
Super Stupid (3:57)
Back In Our Minds (2:37)
Wars Of Armageddon (9:45)
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Money For Nothing (remastered)
Money For Nothing (remastered) (limited 180 gram vinyl 2xLP + insert)
Cat: 386319 4. Rel: 17 Jun 22
Sultans Of Swing (6:41)
Down To The Waterline (3:08)
Portobello Belle (live - alternative version) (4:17)
Twisting By The Pool (remix) (3:30)
Tunnel Of Love (8:09)
Romeo & Juliet (6:04)
Where Do You Think You're Going? (3:33)
Walk Of Life (4:06)
Private Investigations (5:51)
Telegraph Road (live - remix) (13:06)
Money For Nothing (4:05)
Brothers In Arms (4:59)
Review: The brilliantly ironically titled Money For Nothing album from Dire Straits was their great hits album from back in 1998. It came off the back of their hugely success 1985 long player Brotehrs in Arms and featured plenty of tracks from that record as well as the four others before that. 'Sultans of Swing', 'Romeo and Juliet', 'Private Investigations' and three of the five singles from 'Brothers in Arms' all feature and this special vinyl edition also has 'Telegraph Road (Live Remix)' which in the past was only issued on CD. 'Portobello Belle (Live)' is here too as a brand new mix.
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The Kick Inside (remastered)
The Kick Inside (remastered) (180 gram "mango chutney" vinyl LP with obi-strip (indie exclusive))
Cat: FP 1LPX. Rel: 12 Feb 24
The Saxophone Song
Strange Phenomena
The Man With The Child In His Eyes
Wuthering Heights
James & The Cold Gun
Feel It
Oh To Be In Love
L'Amour Looks Something Like You
Them Heavy People
Room For The Life
The Kick Inside
Review: Kate Bush's debut album, The Kick Inside, showed right from the off that Bush was a prodigious talent with a uniquely ethereal sound. Released when she was just 19, the record which has now been remastered for this new reissue, showcases Bush's remarkable songwriting prowess and distinctive vocal style. From the haunting balladry of the classic 'Wuthering Heights' to the enchanting melodies of 'The Man with the Child in His Eyes,' each track is a testament to her boundless creativity. The lush arrangements and poetic lyrics continue throughout all the cuts to ensure this remains a timeless classic that continues to captivate listeners with its emotive storytelling and unparalleled musicality. A stunning debut.
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The Broadcast Collection 1967-1995
Cat: CL 94113. Rel: 04 Jan 24
Love You Till Tuesday (CD1: BBC Sessions 1967-1971)
When I Live My Dream
Little Bombardier
Silly Boy Blue
In The Heat Of The Morning
When I'm Five
In The Heat Of The Morning
London Bye Ta Ta
Karma Man
Silly Boy Blue
Let Me Sleep Beside You
Wild Eyed Boy From Freecloud
Port Of Amsterdam
God Knows I'm Good
The Width Of A Circle
Unwashed & Somewhat Slightly Dazed
Cygnet Committee
The Supermen
Eight Line Poem
Bombers (CD2: BBC Sessions 1971-1972)
Looking For A Friend
Almost Grown
It Ain't Easy
Hang Onto Yourself
Ziggy Stardust
Waiting For The Man
Queen Bitch
Five Years
White Light White Heat
Moonage Daydream
Hang Onto Yourself
Suffragette City
Ziggy Stardust
Space Oddity
Oh! You Pretty Things
Andy Warhol
Lady Stardust
White Light White Heat
Rock 'N Roll Suicide
Sorrow (CD2: The 1980 Floor Show)
Everything's Alright
Space Oddity
1984 Dodo
I Can't Explain
The Jean Genie
I Got You (feat Marianne Faithfull)
Space Oddity (Tokyo FM 1990 - part 1)
Rebel Rebel
Be My Wife
Ashes To Ashes
Life On Mars?
Blue Jean
Let's Dance
Stay (CD4: Tokyo FM 1990 - part 2)
China Girl
Sound & Vision
Ziggy Stardust
Station To Station
Young Americans
Suffragette City
Panic In Detroit
Pretty Pink Rose
Modern Love
The Jean Genie
Rock 'N' Roll Suicide
The Man Who Sold The World (CD5: Late Night TV - feat Klaus Nomi/Joey Arias)
Nite Flights
Black Tie White Noise
Strangers When We Meet
The Heart's Filthy Lesson
Introduction (The White Room 1995)
Look Back In Anger
The Hearts Filthy Lesson
The Voyeur Of Utter Destruction (As Beauty)
Under Pressure (1)
Under Pressure (2)
Hallo Spaceboy
Boys Keep Swinging
Jump They Say
We Prick You
The Man Who Sold The World
Teenage Wildlife
Review: The one and only David Bowie was an untouchable talent no matter what he was doing - recording music, inventing personas, acting in films, speaking on futurism, or playing live for radio and TV. Now, this five CD boxset celebrates that fact with more than 80 tracks included and spanning all of his discography between the years of 1967 and 1995. The Broadcast Collection on Cult Legends incudes everything you want it to and more from 'In The Heat Of The Morning' (more than one version is included) to 'Unwashed & Somewhat Slightly Dazed' and plenty of other gems.
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The Boss Live
The Boss Live (clear vinyl LP)
Cat: 115472 1. Rel: 19 Feb 24
Better Days (4:16)
Local Hero (5:27)
Book Of Dreams (4:48)
Living Proof (5:50)
Human Touch (7:16)
Soul Driver (3:04)
Light Of Day (8:05)
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Motor Speedway 1969
Motor Speedway 1969 (limited 180 gram translucent yellow vinyl LP)
Cat: VC 91693. Rel: 01 Feb 24
The Train Kept A Rollin' (6:37)
I Can't Quit You Babe (5:29)
Dazed & Confused (11:01)
You Shook Me (8:10)
Communication Breakdown (6:47)
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Nassau: The Bahamas Broadcast
Nassau: The Bahamas Broadcast (limited gatefold 2xLP)
Cat: PARA 615LP. Rel: 01 Feb 24
New Killer Star (5:02)
Rebel Rebel (3:20)
Fashion (4:13)
Fall Dog Bombs The Moon (4:07)
Cactus (3:13)
Ashes To Ashes (5:28)
The Man Who Sold The World (4:08)
The Loneliest Guy (4:19)
She'll Drive The Big Car (5:40)
I'm Afraid Of Americans (5:17)
Heroes (5:50)
Sunday (6:28)
China Girl (4:39)
Never Get Old (4:23)
She'll Drive The Big Car (5:04)
Days (3:45)
Fall Dog Bombs The Moon (4:05)
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A Gift From A Flower To A Garden
Cat: CON 234CD. Rel: 28 Jan 22
Wear Your Love Like Heaven (CD1: Wear Your Love Like Heaven)
Mad John's Escape
Skip-A-Long Sam
There Was A Time
Oh Gosh
Little Boy In Corduroy
Under The Greenwood Tree
The Land Of Doesn't Have To Be
Someone's Singing
Song Of The Naturalist's Wife (CD2: For Little Ones)
The Enchanted Gypsy
Voyage Into The Golden Screen
Isle Of Islay
The Mandolin Man & His Secret
Lay Of The Last Tinker
The Tinker & The Crab
Window With Shawl (A Portrait)
The Lullaby Of Spring
The Magpie
Epistle To Derroll
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Kid A (reissue)
Kid A (reissue) (gatefold 2xLP)
Cat: XLLP 782B. Rel: 03 Oct 16
Everything In Its Right Place (4:07)
Kid A (4:40)
The National Anthem (5:50)
How To Disappear Completely (5:54)
Treefingers (3:44)
Optimistic (5:16)
In Limbo (3:32)
Idioteque (9:39)
Morning Bell (3:18)
Motion Picture Soundtrack (0:54)
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Hybrid Theory (reissue)
Cat: 936249 4142. Rel: 09 Jun 14
One Step Closer
With You
Points Of Authority
By Myself
In The End
A Place For My Head
Cure For The Itch
Pushing Me Away
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Crying Laughing Loving Lying (remastered)
Crying Laughing Loving Lying (remastered) (gatefold 180 gram vinyl LP + insert with obi-strip)
Cat: DEMREC 1052. Rel: 02 Dec 22
Saved (2:13)
Cannock Chase (3:58)
Fool Me A Goodnight (3:45)
It Must Be Love (3:52)
Gimme Some More (2:58)
Blue Lady (5:12)
Love Oh Love Oh Love (4:25)
Crying, Laughing, Loving, Lying (3:00)
Hotel Room Song (2:52)
My Song (4:40)
Till Forever (1:14)
Come On Michael (2:55)
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Hunky Dory (remastered)
Hunky Dory (remastered) (180 gram audiophile vinyl LP + insert)
Cat: 082564 6289448. Rel: 26 Feb 16
Changes (3:21)
Oh You Pretty Things (2:44)
Eight Line Poem (3:20)
Life On Mars? (3:49)
Kooks (2:51)
Quicksand (5:06)
Fill Your Heart (3:55)
Andy Warhol (3:08)
Song For Bob Dylan (4:12)
Queen Bitch (3:13)
The Bewlay Brothers (5:17)
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Viva La Vida Or Death & All His Friends
Cat: 212 1141. Rel: 12 Jun 08
Life In Technicolor
Cemeteries Of London
Lovers In Japan/Reign Of Love
Viva La Vida
Violet Hill
Strawberry Swing
Death & All His Friends
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