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Jungle Revolution (10th Anniversary Edition)
Jungle Revolution (10th Anniversary Edition) (yellow vinyl LP + green vinyl LP)
Cat: BD 227X. Rel: 22 Feb 24
Jungle Souljah (4:04)
UK Allstars (Congo Natty Meets Benny Page mix) (4:57)
Revolution (4:55)
Get Ready (5:21)
Jah Warriors (Congo Natty Meets Vital Elements mix) (4:48)
Nu Beginingz (3:53)
Jungle Is I & I (Congo Natty Meets Vital Elements mix) (4:11)
London Dungeons (Congo Natty Meets Boyson & Crooks mix) (4:49)
Rebel (4:35)
Micro Chip (Say No) (5:24)
Review: Congo Natty celebrates a decade of revolutionary jungle music with this anniversary reissue of a classic. Originally released in 2013, this album remains a cornerstone of the genre, blending reggae, hip-hop, and jungle influences into a powerful sonic tapestry. With timeless tracks like 'UK Allstars' and 'Jungle Souljah,' Congo Natty captures the spirit of the underground rave scene with infectious beats and socially conscious lyrics. This anniversary edition breathes new life into the record with remastered tracks and additional content, reminding listeners of the enduring legacy of jungle music and Congo Natty's vital contribution to its evolution.
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 in stock $29.56
London Town
Cat: IFGGG 003. Rel: 12 Feb 24
London Town (2:52)
London Town (acappella) (4:05)
Review: Zed Bias has been a bass, dub and garage king since forever, but his star shows no signs of diminishing any time soon. For this one he has worked with Shumba Youth on a new single that finds him dipping into a world of dancehall and ragga. 'London Town' is heavy, with real bass weight, churning drums and fizzing digital synths under the superb bars from Shumba who muses on the state of London right now. Next to that are slithering leads and sci-fi pads to make for a fine future vibe. The acappella is served up on the flip for DJs who want to play.
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 in stock $12.66
Bigger Than Jamrock
Bigger Than Jamrock (7" Nachpressung)
Cat: MC 004. Rel: 08 Jan 24
Bigger Than Jamrock (3:54)
Sleng Hop (3:39)
Review: An eagerly awaited repress of DJ Shepdog's 2006 mashup of Damian Marley's 'Welcome To Jamrock' with Dead Prez's 'It's Bigger Than Hip Hop', effortlessly juxtaposing one of contemporary dancehall's most iconic vocals with undeniably one of the fattest basslines ever laid. This iconic pairing is flanked by ultra fun cut 'Sleng Hop' uniting the original Dead Prez acapella with another of the world's most famous basslines- Prince Jammy's Casiotone MT-40 'rock & roll' rhythm... You do the math!
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 in stock $16.37
Cat: ES 1109V. Rel: 08 Feb 24
Outside (feat Lila Ike) (4:19)
Crown (3:25)
Blood In The Streets (3:57)
Continent (feat Jesse Royal) (4:02)
My Son (3:52)
Wrath (feat Kabaka Pyramid & Capleton) (4:06)
Ocean (3:25)
Stormy Nights (3:19)
History Of Violence (feat Mortimer) (3:43)
Jah Love (4:02)
Harvest (3:43)
Review: Samory I, one of Jamaica's most promising reggae artists to watch, releases his eagerly-awaited solo debut album Strength. The LP follows Black Gold, his 2017 collaborative album with the iconic producer Rory 'Stonelove' Gilligan. Named after Samory I's affectionate moniker for his son, Strength is an 11-track storied opus produced by esteemed Jamaican producer Winta James, whose credits include hits with Protoje, Chronixx and Damian Marley. Samory I said the LP represents "the struggles I've overcome, both mentally and physically." Growing up in Kencot, a rougher neighborhood in Kingston, Jamaica, he faced many adversities and found reggae music as a form of salvation. He used his voice as both an instrument and vehicle for social change in his community. The album is a true reflection of its title, proving that courage and love prevails above all.
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 in stock $26.40
Clash (180 gram red vinyl LP + insert)
Cat: BSRLP 839. Rel: 22 Feb 24
Rizla Skank (5:03)
Spike Heel Shoes (3:41)
Natty Dread Ah Carry The Swing (3:25)
Natty Dread On The Ball (3:42)
Jamaican Dollars (4:14)
Shelly With The Electric Belly (3:36)
Step It Brother Clem (3:01)
Stumbling Block (3:12)
Cricket Loving Cricket (4:17)
Natty Passing Through A Curfew (3:22)
Natty Dread Is Not The Prodigal Son (4:23)
Starsky & Hutch (4:36)
Review: Clash, first released in 1977, was one of a series of definitive reggae albums to highlight the eminence of the soundclash, in which two reggae or dancehall crews rig up opposing soundsystems in a face-to-face musical standoff. Fashioning this album after the competitive form, Dillinger's sparring partner in this case is 'Trinity' aka Wade Brammer, who was active during the 1970s and 80s. Trinity as Dillinger is best known for deejaying over reggae and dancehall numbers; Clash albums became very popular at the tail-end of the 1970s and into the next decade, with singers and deejays alike competing for status, track by track.
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 in stock $23.76
Past & Present
Cat: DUMBYLP 001. Rel: 29 Jun 23
Past & Present (feat Pupajim) (3:33)
Good Lovin (feat Lady Ann) (3:59)
Sugarwater (feat Hollie Cook) (3:52)
Riddim General (feat Kiko Bun) (3:53)
We Pulsating (feat Solo Banton) (4:11)
Only Love (feat Prince Alla) (3:44)
Rain Keeps Falling (feat Johnny Clarke) (4:12)
Total Disaster (feat Ranking Levy & Shanti D) (3:42)
Control The Border (feat Charlie P & Daddy Freddy) (3:58)
Birds Of Vice (4:10)
Review: Glaswegian reggae soundsystem crew Mungo's Hi-Fi do an Osibisa on their brand new album Past & Present, aiming for both visual and sonic psychedelia while spanning a just-about-right ten tracks of Jamaica-endemic rub-a-dub reggae music, with cameos from the likes of Pupajim, Lady Ann, Hollie Cook, Kiko Bun, Prince Alla, Johnny Clarke and more. The album is the vocal companion piece to their 2021 dub album Antidote, and celebrates the return of verbal communication and love for the hypnotic nature of the subby dub bassline.
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 in stock $23.76
The System (reissue)
Cat: 333 014. Rel: 07 Feb 24
The System (3:21)
The System (version) (3:27)
 in stock $15.31
Greensleeves Ganja Anthems (Record Store Day RSD 2022)
Greensleeves Ganja Anthems (Record Store Day RSD 2022) (limited translucent green vinyl LP)
Cat: VPGSRL 7086. Rel: 07 Jul 22
The Mighty Diamonds - "Pass The Kutchie" (3:34)
Frankie Paul - "Pass The Tu Sheng Peng" (3:29)
Tristan Palmer - "Joker Smoker" (3:35)
Eek A Mouse - "Ganja Smuggling" (3:47)
Wayne Smith - "Under The Sleng Teng" (4:09)
Barrington Levy - "Under Mi Sensi" (3:08)
John Holt - "Police In Helicopter" (3:36)
Capital Letters - "Smoking My Ganja" (4:20)
Billy Boyo - "One Spliff A Day" (3:10)
Josey Wales - "It A Fi Bun" (3:13)
Review: They might be juvenile but you can't beat a nice loud ganja anthem on a hefty system in the sun. Which makes this new collection of such things from Greensleeves - on nice translucent green wax, no less - utterly unmissable. It features plenty of rootsy tooting-anthems and stoner classics from the dub swagger of 'Pass The Kutchie' to Wayne Smith's darker and more paranoid 'Under The Sleng Teng.' John Holt's 'Police In Helicopter' will always be well received by any crowd and Billy Boyo's 'One Spliff A Day' is a great tune a well as being advice to live by.
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 in stock $22.71
Pachinco Man
Cat: RHYTHMDISCS 009. Rel: 18 Apr 23
Pachinco Man (2023 Remaster) (4:01)
Pachinco Man (Denham Audio remix) (4:19)
Review: Japanese reggae/dancehall artist Boogie Man embarked on a career in the early 90s, inspired by the prospect of filling an unfilled niche: adding humorous and bombastic lyrics to an internationally renowned genre he loved. The track 'Pachinco Man' is a tribute to pachinko, a popular arcade game in Japan that involves shooting metal balls into a machine. Much like the ballistics of such an unforgettable arcade fixture, the track flaunts Boogie Man's energetic vocals over an upbeat dancehall riddim, emphasising positivity and humour. Specialist Japanese dancehall like this is a great boon for the label Rhythm Discs!, who are now embarking on a full scouring and reissuing of the scene's best contributions.
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 in stock $15.31
Lloro Come Loco (Maddy Maddy Cry)
Cat: NUL 02. Rel: 23 Oct 23
Lloro Come Loco (Maddy Maddy Cry) (radio mix) (3:45)
Lloro Come Loco (Maddy Maddy Cry) (dance Hall mix) (3:35)
Lloro Come Loco (Maddy Maddy Cry) (dub) (3:22)
Lloro Come Loco (Maddy Maddy Cry) (acappella) (3:37)
 in stock $14.26
Sunrise (7" + insert)
Cat: MUST 002. Rel: 12 May 22
Sunrise (4:27)
Sunrise (version) (4:21)
 in stock $20.86
Skarra Mucci & The One Love Family
Cat: XRPVY 2309. Rel: 19 Oct 23
Telephone Love (feat Teacha Dee) (3:15)
True Gyalist (feat Phantom IMC) (3:10)
When We Kill (feat Ken Boothe) (2:53)
Gimme The Luv (feat Keith & Tex) (3:27)
Old Time Guerilla (feat King Kong) (3:47)
Follow Me (feat Little Pepe) (3:22)
They Want (feat dub Inc) (4:35)
Warning! Warning! (feat MC Navigator) (3:48)
Love You Like 1, 2, 3 (feat Treesha) (3:30)
Sunny (feat Chezidek) (3:13)
Fire In Paradise (feat Moana & The Tribe) (4:40)
 in stock $22.71
Hard Time Living
Cat: ST 007. Rel: 23 Oct 23
Joe Youre & Parly B - "Hard Time Living" (3:34)
Interrupt - "Hard Time Dubbing" (3:35)
 in stock $12.14
Pop Style
Pop Style (limited 180 gram vinyl LP)
Cat: 333LP 012. Rel: 19 Oct 23
Pop Style (3:44)
Baby Don't Go (4:00)
Country Girl (3:34)
Take Bribe (3:41)
Budget (3:31)
Everywhere You Go In This World (4:01)
Give Me The Sensi (3:33)
Jah Jah (3:52)
Travellin' Man (3:38)
Review: Hugh Maddo's Pop Style is one of those super rare but cult late 80s reggae and dancehall albums that just hit a perfect sweet spot between styles. Thankfully, Death Is Not The End sub-label 333 has got the rights to this full reissue of the original which was recorded in Jamaica at Byron Lee's Dynamics and Herman Chin-Loy's Aquarius studios in 1987. A wealth of musical talents of the day all feature on it including Winston Wright, Bobby Ellis, and Mikey "Boo" Richards, but the standout is the sublime vocal contribution of Killamanjaro's Hugh Maddo.
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Tags: Dub Reggae | Jamaican
 in stock $24.56
Millenium (12")
Cat: CR 23002. Rel: 13 Oct 23
Sandeeno - "Millenium" (3:25)
Dawa Hifi - "No Place To Dub" (3:21)
Dawa Hifi - "Prepare Dub" (3:27)
Sandeeno - "Pressure Of Life" (3:21)
Zulu Vibes - "Don't Give Up Dub" (3:14)
Zulu Vibes - "Pressure Of Dub" (3:14)
 in stock $14.26
Woman On A Mission 2
Cat: SCOOP 079. Rel: 05 Feb 24
Carroll Thompson - "My Warriors" (part 1: The vocalists) (3:18)
Sandra Cross - "Turn It Up" (3:46)
Marina P - "Safe Space Bubble" (3:47)
Sisters In Dub - "Babylon Is Burning" (4:03)
Vibronics meets Koko Vega - "Lion Knight" (part 2: The riddim Makers) (3:37)
Vibronics meets Empress Shema - "Dub Runnings" (3:21)
Vibronics meets Soulsteppa - "Eastern Heights" (3:55)
Vibronics meets Sista Habesha - "Polarity Dub" (4:17)
Vibronics meets Vanya O - "Mountain Call" (3:07)
Vibronics meets Empress Shema - "Dub Rejoice" (3:37)
Vibronics meets Soulsteppa - "Creation Dubwise" (3:35)
Vibronics meets Koko Vega - "Arise" (3:53)
Review: All throughout the superb Woman On A Mission 2 compilation on Scoops Records, the reggae vibrations that are serve dup resonate with empowering fervour. The fantastic follow up to the still brilliant first volume once again amplifies the voices of female artists within the dub and reggae world. Each track is a testament to resilience that proudly celebrates the strength and spirit of women on a quest for justice and equality. Through soulful top lines and powerful lyrics, these tunes ignite a flame of solidarity and determination which mean that Woman On A Mission 2 stands as a vibrant mosaic of voices which, between them, weave together tales of empowerment and liberation with infectious rhythm and soul-stirring melodies.
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 in stock $27.19
Agony & Pain
Cat: JL 004. Rel: 19 Feb 24
Agony & Pain (3:33)
Agony & Pain (dub) (3:28)
 in stock $12.14
Dead End Street (warehouse find)
Cat: XSS 74869. Rel: 01 Jan 90
Dead End Street (Hip Hop mix) (5:05)
Dead End Street (instrumental mix #1) (4:57)
Dead End Street (Straight mix) (4:01)
Dead End Street (Funky Bass mix) (4:10)
Dead End Street (instrumental mix #2) (5:02)
 in stock $6.32
Saga Riddim
Cat: DSRS 006. Rel: 14 Nov 23
Chukki Starr - "Mr Fighter" (3:38)
Chezidek - "Blind Love" (3:39)
Jah Mason - "The Motive" (3:26)
Von D - "Saga Riddim" (Horns mix) (3:33)
Review: The latest entry in this series from the Dub Suty crew managed to nod to the roots of digital dub and dancehall while also very much looking to the future. It sees the label team up with a producer who lays down the beast while different vocalists step up to add their own twist to the sonics. Von D is the man on the buttons and he crafts a seriously weighty stepper that comes with horns, keys, guitars and of course some alluring bars. Reggae singers Chukki Starr, Chezidek, and Jah Mason all come correct with this positive, uplifting messages of unity.
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 in stock $16.37
Walk & Skank
Cat: JI 002. Rel: 06 Feb 24
Walk & Skank (2:50)
Dubwise (2:57)
Review: Jah Screechy's 'Walk & Skank' on the Just Is label will have you doing just that. It is a tune that really will ignite dancefloors with its infectious rhythm and rich reggae vibes and is a rather timeless anthem that showcases Screechy's distinctive vocal style. It blends effortlessly with the track's pulsating bassline and hypnotic beat to embody the essence of Jamaican dancehall culture. On the flip is a signature 'Dubwise' version with even heavier drum rotations and party-pumping energy. Jah Screechy's status as a reggae legend is assured and this is sonic proof.
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Gespielt von: The Allergies
 in stock $17.42
The Kalling
The Kalling (gatefold 2xLP + insert)
Cat: KPTK 1B. Rel: 18 May 23
Mystic Man (feat Peter Tosh) (3:51)
Red Gold & Green (feat Damian "Jr Gong" Marley) (3:50)
Make Things Work (4:02)
Grateful (feat Jemere Morgan) (4:10)
Stand Up (feat Nathalia) (3:21)
Safe Right Here (4:01)
Mr Rastaman (feat Tifa) (3:25)
The Kalling (feat Stephen Marley, Protoje & Jesse Royal) (3:35)
Faded Away (Buju Banton) (3:39)
Addiction (3:57)
Energy (feat Jemere Morgan) (3:32)
Mary Jane (feat Black-Am-I) (4:17)
EZ Ride (3:12)
Life Is Everything (feat Answele) (3:34)
Kontraband (feat Damian "Jr Gong" Marley - part 2 - bonus track) (2:38)
Review: Jamaican reggae and dancehall artist Kabaka Pyramid combines conscious lyrics with a versatility that has more than justified his de facto membership of the nascent reggae revival movement, also including artists like Protoje, Chronixx and Jesse Royal. Here comes The Kalling, his second album, charting collabs with some of the best names in his chosen field - such as Damian Marley, Stephen Marley, Buju Banton, Protoje and Jesse Royal. The album is a mixture of inspirational and hard-hitting experiences, and equally socially conscious tracks, namely the title track and 'The Kalling' and 'Kontraband Pt. 2'.
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 in stock $30.89
The Don
The Don (limited grey vinyl 7")
Cat: HUST 001. Rel: 15 Dec 23
The Don (3:42)
The Don (instrumental) (3:33)
 in stock $14.26
Dancehall President
Cat: XRPVY 2308. Rel: 12 Oct 23
Sound Killer (3:12)
Number One (3:32)
Turn It Up Loud (3:04)
Handz Ina Di Air (2:56)
Sunlight (feat Beenie Man) (2:49)
Show Time (3:08)
Dancehall President (3:07)
Higher Than High (feat Mandinka) (3:30)
Raggamuffin School (feat Yaniss Odua) (3:29)
Original (feat Mandinka) (3:04)
It's For Real (feat Horace Andy) (3:08)
The Song (feat Willy William) (3:37)
 in stock $22.71
Si Fa Presto A Dire: Brusco
Si Fa Presto A Dire: Brusco (hand-numbered translucent green vinyl LP + booklet limited to 300 copies)
Cat: LSD 005. Rel: 20 Apr 21
Come L'Aria (3:28)
Sotto I Raggi Del Sole (3:06)
Bella (3:15)
I Sogni E Le Idee (3:36)
Per Roma (3:02)
Il Mondo E Anche Mio (3:44)
Amami Amami (3:48)
Arrivo (2:46)
Non Dire (Sempre Di No) (3:46)
Sotto Le Pezze (4:19)
Buongiorno (3:07)
Ti Penso Sempre (3:56)
Un Giorno Chissa (5:25)
 in stock $43.82
Selassie Souljahz
Cat: ROYALO 01. Rel: 05 Jun 13
Selassie Souljahz
Selassie Souljahz (instrumental)
 in stock $12.14
Sick Of This Pain (remix)
Cat: SH 702. Rel: 18 Aug 21
Unruly - "Sick Of This Pain" (remix) (3:52)
Marshall Neeko - "Sick Of This Pain" (riddim) (3:53)
 in stock $8.72
Wareika Hill
Cat: TUF 134. Rel: 24 Jul 13
Wareika Hill
Flabba's Dub
Gespielt von: Juno Recommends Dub
 in stock $7.65
Suga Dumplin'
Cat: HOMEGROWN 13. Rel: 23 Sep 13
Suga Dumpling (vocal mix)
Suga Dumpling (instrumental mix)
The B-Side
 in stock $15.05
Girls Girls
Cat: OH 050. Rel: 22 Dec 23
Girls Girls (3:52)
Girls Girls (version) (3:53)
 in stock $8.19
Rumours (Telephone Love/Rumors Riddim)
Cat: VP 126379. Rel: 19 Nov 10
Rumours (version)
Gespielt von: ESSEX RASCALS
 in stock $13.20
Free Expressions
Cat: VPCD 1900. Rel: 04 Feb 11
Mocking Bird
People Talk
Heart Broken
I Know You Love Me
I Got You
Happy Heart
My Name Is
Moving On
August Town
Day By Day
Gespielt von: Juno Recommends Reggae
 in stock $8.19
Lyrics Collection
Cat: TWMW 07. Rel: 07 Dec 20
Lyrics Collection (3:46)
Rocking Style (feat Topcat) (3:46)
Review: Reggae fans worldwide know Micah Williams as an original sound system toaster. Professionally known as Mr Williamz he is a reggae and dancehall icon who was born in London before moving back to the Caribbean. He started MCing by the age of 10 and won various local competitions that eventually led to crucial singles on Necessary Mayhem and Greensleeves Records. Williamz's authentic sound is heavily inspired by 80s and 90s dancehall styles and for that reason he appears features on tracks from Major Lazer, Shy FX, Mungos Hi-Fi, and Green Lion Crew. Here he offers a solo 7" that finds him at his best.
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 in stock $7.92
Version Excursion
Cat: ALNCD 64. Rel: 24 Sep 21
Ghetto Priest - "Hercules" (North Street West Late Night Tales dub - Exclusive remix)
Prince Fatty & Shniece Mcmenamin - "Black Rabbit"
Wrongtom meets The Rockers - "Dub In The Supermarket" (Exclusive remix)
Gaudi meets The Rebel Dread - "E=MC2" (feat Emily Capell - Exclusive track)
Rude Boy - "Superstylin'" (Exclusive remix)
Capitol 1212 - "Love Will Tear Us Apart" (feat Earl 16 - Full vocal dub - Exclusive remix)
Quantic Presenta Flowering Inferno - "All I Do Is Think About You" (Far East dub - Exclusive remix)
Zoe Devlin Love - "Caroline No" (feat Tim Hutton)
John Holt - "You'll Never Find Another Love Like Mine" (Mad Professor 2021 dub - Exclusive remix)
Cornell Campbell - "Ital City Dub" (Exclusive remix)
Matumbi - "I Can't Get Enough Of) That Reggae Stuff" (Dennis Bovell remix - Exclusive remix)
Gentleman's Dub Club - "Kiko Bun" (feat Kiko Bun - Ben Mckone dub)
Black Box Recorder - "Uptown Top Ranking"
OBF - "Sixteen Tons Of Dub"
Yasushi Ide - "Ain't No Sunshine" (Space dub mix - Exclusive remix)
The Tamlins - "Baltimore"
15 16 17 - "Emotion" (Dennis Bovell remix - Exclusive remix)
Ash Walker - "There's Nothing Like This" (Exclusive track)
The Senior Allstars - "Slipping Into Darkness"
Easy Star All-Stars - "Within You Without You"
Khruangbin - "Dern Kala" (Khruangbin dub mix - Exclusive remix)
Review: On the latest volume in the Late Night Tales series, Don Letts has dug deep into his crates to present a selection of some of his favourite dubbed-out reggae cover versions, alongside dub style remixes of more contemporary covers. It's a simple concept, brilliantly executed, with Letts offering up some exclusive, dubplate style remixes amongst the classic cuts and recent gems. Highlights include, but are in no way limited to, the full vocal dub of Capitol 1212's take on Joy Dvision's 'Love Will Tear Us Apart', Mad Professor's insanely weighty 2021 dub of John Holt classic 'You'll Never Find Another Love Like Mine', Blackbox Recorder's oddball reggae-soul version of 'Uptown Top Rankin' and Easy Stars All Stars' deliciously mystical interpretation of The Beatles' 'Within You Without You'.
Read more
Gespielt von: Juno Recommends Reggae
 in stock $11.61
Now Thing 2
Now Thing 2 (cassette)
Cat: CH 001MC. Rel: 26 Aug 21
Gaddafi - "Saddam Rhythm" (3:47)
Arif Cooper - "Good Vybe" (3:51)
Richard Browne - "Grass Cyaat Refix" (3:07)
Lion Face - "Unleaded" (3:08)
Ward 21 - "Volume" (3:30)
Lenky & Andrew Thomas - "Bad Mongrell" (3:12)
Steely & Clevie - "Bitter Blood" (3:17)
Andre Gray - "Muddy" (3:23)
Bobby Konders - "Lickshot Rewind" (3:19)
Dave Kelly - "Heart Attack" (3:45)
Madd Spider - "Hot Water" (2:48)
Kunley McCarthy - "Cosa Nostra" (3:41)
Byron Murray - "Free Up" (3:15)
Crown Star Productions - "Fire Cracker" (3:47)
Teetimus & Sheldon Stewart - "Sugar & Water" (3:33)
Donovan Germain - "Are You That Somebody" (3:34)
 in stock $12.14
Christmas In The Islands (Deluxe Edition)
Cat: 405053 8714166. Rel: 01 Oct 21
No Icy Christmas (feat Sanchez)
We Got Us (feat Shenseea & OMI)
Take You To The Cool (feat Richie Stephens & Conkarah)
Christmas In The Islands (feat Rayvon)
Holiday In Jamaica (feat Ne-Yo & DING DONG)
Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas
Open Presents ((feat Romain Virgo)
Raggamuffin Christmas (feat Junior Reid & Bounty Killer)
Christmas Time (feat Jamila Falak)
12 Days Of Christmas (feat Beenie Man & Craigy T)
Warm & Easy
Sunny Celebration (feat Joss Stone)
Catch Myself Some Rays (feat CARYS)
Love When It's Christmas
I'll Be Home For Christmas
Silent Night (feat Sting)
We Three Kings
Amazing Christmas (feat Hannah Brier)
Nothing Like The Holidays (feat Bunji Garlin)
 in stock $12.41
Sonico (limited 12" in screen-printed sleeve)
Cat: LV 04. Rel: 24 May 18
Weaponized Riddim (5:04)
Dancing Under CS (5:41)
Sonic Guerilla (4:15)
 in stock $12.94
Dancehall: The Rise Of Jamaican Dancehall Culture (2017 Edition)
Cat: SJRLP 401. Rel: 10 Nov 17
Yellowman - "Bam Bam" (3:13)
Tenow Saw - "Pumpkin Belly" (3:17)
Reggie Stepper - "Cu Oonuh" (3:42)
Chaka Demus & Pliers - "Murder She Wrote" (4:07)
Pinchers - "Agony" (3:32)
Michigan & Smiley - "Diseases" (3:31)
Ini Kamoze - "World A Music" (5:37)
Junior Murvin - "Cool Out Son" (3:11)
General Echo - "Arleen" (3:01)
Cornel Campbell - "Boxing" (4:10)
Cutty Ranks - "Chop Chop" (3:08)
Lone Ranger - "M16" (3:25)
Super Cat - "Trash & Ready" (2:48)
Gregory Isaacs - "Soon Forward" (6:24)
Jacob Miller & Trinity - "I'm Just A Dread/One Shut" (6:26)
Eek A Mouse - "Wa Do Dem" (7:41)
Sister Nancy - "Only Woman DJ With Degree" (3:27)
Trinity - "Uptown Girl" (3:12)
General Echo - "Track Shoes" (3:42)
Cornel Campbell - "Mash You Down" (7:12)
Horace Ferguson - "Sensi Addict" (3:46)
Clint Eastwood - "Jump & Pawn" (3:20)
 in stock $30.36
Lyrics Spree
Lyrics Spree (heavyweight vinyl LP)
Cat: SCOBLP 011. Rel: 07 Dec 18
Lyrics Spree (feat Interrupt) (2:52)
Motorbike (feat Danny T & Tradesman) (2:51)
Talking Parrot (feat Interrupt) (3:37)
Dance (feat The 4'20' Sound) (3:59)
Mad (feat The 4'20' Sound) (3:29)
You Me A Look (feat Mungo's Hi Fi/Charlie P) (3:30)
Dem A Try (Subactive mix) (3:18)
Skylark (Stalawa mix) (4:07)
Money (feat Stalawa) (3:25)
Galang (Danny T & Tradesman mix) (2:59)
Gespielt von: Count Skylarkin
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New Adventures
New Adventures (limited heavyweight vinyl 12")
Cat: SOJUS 002. Rel: 31 Aug 21
Murdered (feat Ponchita Peligros) (3:01)
New Adventures (2:46)
Old Veteran (feat Jah Screechy) (3:01)
Fire (feat Yugo Taguchi) (2:53)
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Herb Must Legalize Now
Cat: VPS 9287. Rel: 06 Aug 15
Herb Must Legalize Now (feat Chronixx) (4:06)
Herb Must Legalize Now (dub) (4:09)
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Don In A The Party
Cat: DSR 8391. Rel: 29 Apr 20
Don In A The Party (3:25)
Don In A The Party (version) (3:24)
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100 Dances
100 Dances (cassette (no sound files available))
Cat: SWINGTINGLP 003. Rel: 25 Mar 20
99 Dances
Just A Feeling (feat HMD)
Drama (feat Thai-Chi Rose)
Bubblegum (feat Kiyano)
Feel It (feat Lovescene & RTKal)
Swagger & Flex (feat Trigga)
Coming Through (feat EVABEE, Fox & [KSR])
Like You Know (feat Gemma Dunleavy)
Signs (feat Lovescene)
Give Thanks (feat Shanique Marie)
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Giant (12")
Cat: BJR 047. Rel: 01 Oct 19
Far East (3:59)
Fast (3:44)
Giant (4:10)
Ivory (4:50)
Super Shaggy (4:58)
Review: Geneva might not even be in the first 10 cities you name when it comes to dub talent, but the Bongo Joe label has been quietly trying to change that over the course of more than 40 releases. The latest comes from new local band Amami and fuse dub with afrobeat and dancehall to make for something refreshingly original. Raphael Anker (Imperial Tiger Orchestra), Gabriel Ghebrezghi (Ghostape, Tapes Adventure, Uberreel) and Ines Mouzoune make up the outfit and they explore dusty trap style dub on the opener, hyperdriven afro dub on "Fast" and a more stripped back rhythm on "Giant". "Ivory" is a funky number with a summery vibe while closing cut "Super Shaggy" stomps hard.
Read more
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You See Me Star
Cat: SCOBLP 005. Rel: 22 Apr 15
You See Me Star (3:57)
Music Politics (4:05)
Traveller (4:21)
Society (3:55)
Imitators (3:47)
Alphabet (3:37)
Nice It Up (4:01)
The System (3:57)
Life Is What You Make It (3:41)
Back To My Roots (3:25)
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Serious Time
Serious Time (gatefold 2xLP)
Cat: SCOBLP 004. Rel: 12 Jun 14
Serious Time (feat YT)
Can't Stand It (feat Warrior Queen)
31st Century Song (feat Soom T)
Bike Rider (feat Pupajim)
Thousand Style (feat Mr Williamz)
Animal Dance (feat Speng Bond)
Thinking Of An Island (feat Soom T)
Slavery (feat Marina P)
Dancehall School (feat Solo Banton)
Nice It Up (feat Charlie P)
Gunman Posse (feat Peter Metro & Squiddly)
Overcome (feat Blackout JA)
Traveller (feat Charlie P)
Babylon A Come (feat Parly B)
Jah Say Love (feat Cornel Campbell)
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Twice As Tall
Twice As Tall (gatefold 2xLP)
Cat: ATL 643765. Rel: 07 May 21
Level Up (Twice As Tall) (feat Youssou N'Dour) (4:12)
Alarm Clock (2:28)
Way Too Big (3:18)
Bebo (2:48)
Wonderful (3:34)
Onyeka (Baby) (3:21)
Naughty By Nature (feat Naughty By Nature) (3:35)
Comma (2:52)
No Fit Vex (3:42)
23 (4:05)
Time Flies (feat Sauti Sol) (3:45)
Monsters You Made (feat Chris Martin) (3:36)
Wettin Dey Sup (3:41)
Real Life (feat Stormzy) (3:17)
Bank On It (4:32)
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Summer Riddim/Montegod
Summer Riddim/Montegod (cassette single + MP3 download code)
Cat: BKV 036. Rel: 19 Apr 21
G Sudden - "Dem Nuh Real" (6:23)
King Kush - "Where You Did Dah" (3:07)
RDL - "Neva Know" (3:07)
Smurphy - "Summer Riddim" (7:50)
Any Voice - "Do Me So" (2:46)
I Jahbar & RDL - "Bumper" (3:28)
Prapastar - "Gold Mine" (5:35)
Smurphy - "Montegod Riddim" (7:50)
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Kensei Riddim Sensei Riddim
Kensei Riddim Sensei Riddim (gatefold 2xLP + MP3 download code)
Cat: XRPVY 2109. Rel: 02 Jul 21
Khalia - "No Better Day" (Sensei riddim) (3:49)
Denyque - "I Found Me" (3:48)
LMK - "So Real 2.0" (4:11)
Sophia Squire - "Vibez So Nice" (3:49)
Myriam Sow & Thais Lona - "No Surrender" (3:49)
Queen Omega - "Strong Woman" (Kensei riddim) (4:27)
Ikaya - "Perilous Time" (4:23)
Sumerr - "3rd Eye" (3:53)
Bad Gyal Jade - "So Much To Say" (3:43)
Nattali Rize & Minori - "Keep On Burning" (3:53)
Pressure - "Complete Me" (Sensei riddim) (3:49)
Jah Vinci - "Officer" (3:49)
Blacko - "Love Is All We Need" (3:50)
Million Stylez - "Holding On" (3:49)
Skarra Mucci - "Ain't No Giving Up" (4:12)
Pressure - "Know More" (Kensei riddim) (3:44)
Turbulence - "Hands In Mine" (4:30)
Stranjah Miller - "Jah Light" (4:30)
Riflah - "Kensei" (4:31)
Charly B - "Love Instead" (4:27)
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Conqurer (12")
Cat: VPRD 5650. Rel: 18 Aug 11
Tony Rebel - "Conqurer"
Track 2
Track 3
Admiral Tibbet - "Cool Down"
Track 5
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Survivor (Record Store Day RSD 2021)
Cat: EM 001. Rel: 01 Jan 90
Survivor (3:16)
Solid Focus Riddim (3:15)
$16.37 SAVE 33%
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