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35 004 Acid Track Remixes
35 004 Acid Track Remixes (limited hand-numbered blue vinyl 12")
Cat: AAP 3035004. Rel: 18 Mar 22
Acid Track (Paul Johnson remix) (9:26)
Acid Track (Marko Nastic remix) (7:11)
Acid Track (Zombie Nation remix) (5:33)
Acid Track (Shinedoe remix) (6:34)
Acid Track (NUDE remix) (6:01)
Acid Track (NUDE instrumental) (6:02)
Review: The Afro Acid Plastik label has been doing a fine job of carrying new and retrospective works from DJ Pierre, with the most recent focus being on extensive remix packages around the iconic 'Acid Track'. This fourth installment comes with a slightly heavy heart as fellow Chicago titan Paul Johnson leads the way with his 'Jack Nation' remix pumping out while his sad passing still weighs on our minds. Elsewhere, Marko Nastic, Shinedoe, Zombie Nation and NUDE all deliver versions which pay tribute to the legacy of one of the most important club tracks of all time.
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Gespielt von: Juno Recommends Techno
 in stock $7.00
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