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Lovely Edits Vol 1
Cat: LE 001. Rel: 05 Jun 24
Deep House
BT Express - "Peace Pipe" (Theo Parrish edit) (10:11)
George Duke - "I Want You For Myself" (Theo Parrish edit) (7:43)
Review: Adhering strictly to a distinctly Chicagoan tradition in DJ sets - using razor and tape to prolong the most crucial parts and phrases of the track, to unseat and suspend ravers - house music legend Theo Parrish has always sprinkled his sets with his own, unique takes on classic and obscure disco, funk and soul. Some of these edits were available to fans in mid-noughts via Parrish's Ugly Edits series, which set the tone for the "edits series" format at large; but whereas most of these outfits have only adopted this approach by a sort of prescribed mimesis - their efforts adding up to precious little more than one, somewhat formless pale imitation - the OG Parrish here returns to the format with a punny new round-two (not Ugly Edits, but Lovely Edits) blowing said inane, bordering-on-AI-generated competitors out of the park with two new, fully-sample-cleared versions of two corresponding, utterly heated staples: BT Express' 'Peace Pipe' and George Duke's 'I Want You For Myself'.
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