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New releases last four weeks: Disco/Nu-Disco

Disco/Nu-Disco vinyl released in the last four weeks
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It All Comes Down To This
It All Comes Down To This (limited translucent neon pink vinyl LP)
Cat: LSTUMM 492. Rel: 18 Apr 24
All Comes Down To This (2:32)
Keep It Real (2:46)
We All Need (5:04)
Surfer Ticket (3:20)
Bitten By A Lizard (4:20)
God Knows (3:50)
Out From Under (3:27)
Estate Kings (4:13)
Where You Coming From (3:34)
Dorothy Says (3:24)
Review: It All Comes Down to This is the album latest release from Manchester icons A Certain Ratio, and it's a record that is helmed by producer Dan Carey from Speedy Wunderground. Somewhat returning to their origins, the record presents ten concise tracks with a hint of the group's signature electronic flair. Notably, it's the first recording featuring the core trio of Jez Kerr, Martin Moscrop, and Donald Johnson, without any additional collaborators. From their celebrated 1982 album and right up to their dynamic last EP in 2023, this album shows the band's still evolving and still committed to new musical advancements. A testament to their enduring legacy, It All Comes Down to This solidifies A Certain Ratio's place among Manchester's finest.
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 in stock $23.33
It All Comes Down To This
Cat: STUMM 492. Rel: 18 Apr 24
All Comes Down To This (2:32)
Keep It Real (2:46)
We All Need (5:04)
Surfer Ticket (3:20)
Bitten By A Lizard (4:19)
God Knows (3:50)
Out From Under (3:27)
Estate Kings (4:13)
Where You Coming From (3:34)
Dorothy Says (3:24)
Review: A Certain Ratio, Manchester icons, are back and in fine style with the new album It All Comes Down to This, which arrives here on eco vinyl. This record, while nodding to their roots, delivers 10 succinct tracks infused with the group's distinctive electronic touch and marks the first recording featuring the core trio of Jez Kerr, Martin Moscrop, and Donald Johnson without additional collaborators. The album exemplifies the band's ongoing evolution with short and sweet cuts like 'All Comes Down To This' next to the compelling likes of 'Bitten By A Lizard' and plenty in between.
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It All Comes Down To This
Cat: CDSTUMM 492. Rel: 18 Apr 24
All Comes Down To This
Keep It Real
We All Need
Surfer Ticket
Bitten By A Lizard
God Knows
Out From Under
Estate Kings
Where You Coming From
Dorothy Says
Review: Manchester mavericks A Certain Ratio have been on a rare run of form of late, with 2023's 1982 counting as one of their most vibrant and endlessly entertaining albums for decades. Of course, all their albums are of a consistent quality, but It All Comes Down To This genuinely crackles with energy. From the word go, the veteran band's inherent funkiness is present, but this time it comes cloaked in fuzzy funk-rock guitar riffs, acid-fried effects, and vocals that are amongst the most forthright they've committed to wax (or, in this case, CD). In many ways, it is - as the band and producer/Sopeedy Wunderground boss Dan Carey intended - a 'back to basics' sound that focuses on the key aspects of ACR's sound. When those 'basics' are so strong, it's no surprise that the results are this impressive.
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 in stock $10.89
ACR Loco
ACR Loco (LP + booklet + MP3 download code)
Cat: LSTUMM 454. Rel: 04 Apr 24
Friends Around Us (5:55)
Bouncy Bouncy (3:32)
Yo Yo Gi (4:11)
Supafreak (3:56)
Always In Love (3:52)
Family (4:07)
Get A Grip (3:53)
Berlin (3:37)
What's Wrong (4:02)
Taxi Guy (4:59)
 in stock $23.33
Fusion To Illusion
Fusion To Illusion (limited LP)
Cat: SC 1243. Rel: 11 Apr 24
Fusion To Illusion (5:02)
Piano Sunset (4:32)
Imagery (4:21)
Blue Water (3:23)
Lost In Palms (4:55)
The Crossing (4:35)
Sensitive (4:07)
Outro (3:10)
Review: The summer is almost here which means this is exactly the sort of record we want to be reaching for. It's a lush and tropical work of idealised disco grooves, deepest house, Balearic, smooth jazz and Mediterranean cool that cries out to be played loud while you sip on cocktails and dream of being somewhere utterly blissful and classy. Dreamy textures define each cut with nice fresh rhythms, glistening chords and lush melodies all sprinkled with delightful percussive detail. Big up to A Vision Of Panorama for serving up a beautiful album that is sure to soundtrack the warmest months of the year for many.
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 in stock $24.11
Raising Awareness
Cat: AV 002. Rel: 03 Apr 24
Enigmatic Flow (5:25)
Middle Of The Night (5:20)
Goodbye (5:40)
Synthpop Voyager (extended mix) (6:07)
 in stock $16.34
Fantasia Planet
Cat: LAXC 14. Rel: 19 Mar 24
Mbira (6:48)
Not Wet Wipes (5:36)
Macarena (6:01)
Fantasia Planet (6:46)
Sex On Astrakhan Fur Coat (7:13)
Moodoom (5:35)
 in stock $15.03
Future Echoes
Future Echoes (12" limited to 200 copies)
Cat: BAP 196. Rel: 05 Apr 24
Floating On High (3:58)
Future Echoes (5:52)
Retrospectiva (3:56)
Music & Lights (5:49)
Review: Francesco Strippoli (Armonica) returns to Bordello A Parigi, following up his first two wonderfully refreshing and true-to-form Italodance EPs for a third, 'Future Echoes'. Indeed, reinterpretations of classic sounds can function as messages from the future as well as versions of the past. With cuts like 'Floating On High', a bulbous, buzzing, repetitious enjoyment is heard overflowing from a single stylistic source, every element bursting forth from its root. Offbeat bass licks double up as forward-driving donks on the likes of 'Retrospectiva' and 'Music And Lights', while the slick, coruscating synth twangs on the title track make do with 16th note repetitions that evoke the ecstatic feeling of urban mobility, each step matching the feeling of climbing higher and higher.
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 in stock $16.59
Wicked Ah Fi: Knoe1 mixes
Cat: CSKNOE 076. Rel: 03 Apr 24
Wicked Ah Fi (Knoe1 Steppaz mix) (4:21)
Black Woman (Knoe1 Family mix) (3:25)
Review: Mikal Asher, a scion of Jamaica's Morgan family dynasty, reunites with Chocolate Star Records here and does so with a collaboration with disco legend Gary Davis. Asher, akin to his brother Denroy Morgan, upholds the family's legacy of righteousness through music. Known as the Binghiman, he crafts captivating tunes with profound lyrics and has recorded in Ghana's Hustle Hard Studios and collaborated with industry pioneers in Kingston and Brooklyn, setting new standards in musical excellence along the way. Here, 'Wicked Ah Fi' transforms into a modern dub stepper, while 'Black Woman' offers a soulful, laid-back dedication to Davis' wife, Sonjia. This 7" also comes with innovative remixes from California-based DJ and producer Knoe1.
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Tags: Dub Reggae
 in stock $17.11
What's Been Turning You On (System Olympia Remixes)
Cat: ASHRR 03. Rel: 25 Mar 24
What’s Been Turning You On (System Olympia remix) (4:27)
What’s Been Turning You On (System Olympia instrumental) (4:07)
What’s Been Turning You On (ASHRR SOUNDSYSTEM version) (5:13)
What’s Been Turning You On (ASHRR SOUNDSYSTEM instrumental version) (5:12)
Review: Los Angeles-based ASHRR are back with a new cut which comes from their forthcoming Sunshine Low album which they have re-interpreted as their ASHRR Soundsystem alter ego, while System Olympia also steps up with a remix on this fine new package from 20/20 Vision. In the hands of the latter, 'What's Been Turning You' is a remix with plenty of hi-fidelity cosmic details over mid-tempo deep nu-disco drums. The version from ASHRR is a chugging and Italo-tinged classic with loose-limbed and jumbled drum funk and plenty of bright, shiny arps. A great collection then.
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Gespielt von: DJ ROCCA
 in stock $15.03
Keep Marching
Keep Marching (hand-stamped 7")
Cat: BLDH 4000. Rel: 04 Apr 24
Keep Marching (4:17)
Shuffleupagus (3:39)
Review: Mystery surrounds the story behind this edit-style two-tracker - and, indeed, the identity of Baggy Leggins and Duke Hobo themselves - but there's much to admire about it. Check first A-side 'Keep Marching', where a lightly beefed up and housed-up semi-acoustic groove offers a platform for sweet, bilingual female lead vocals, jaunty guitars and simmering strings. It's a genuine dancefloor revision, but one that will suit Balearic DJs and confirmed party starters as much as dusty-fingered crate diggers and selector sorts. 'Shuffleupagus', meanwhile, sees the mystery artist cut up and tool up a vaguely familiar Latin workout with predictably energetic and party-starting results.
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 in stock $13.48
Glitterbox Jams Volume 7
Cat: GLITS 121. Rel: 09 Apr 24
Melvo Baptiste - "Sweat" (feat Dames Brown) (6:09)
Lovebirds - "Burn It Down" (club mix) (7:42)
Art Of Tones & Inaya Day - "Give My Love" (6:22)
Young Pulse & Fleur De Mur - "Smooth Sweet Talker" (6:53)
Review: Get yourself geared up for festival season with some fierce party starters certified with the Glitterbox stamp. Melvo Baptiste leads the charge with 'Sweat', a sizzling disco house stomper with Dames Brown giving the biggest diva energy on her show-stopping vocal. Lovebirds bring unbridled joy on the Philly string swoon and slinky b-line funk of 'Burn It Down', while Art Of Tones & Inaya Day keep it peak time on the sassy strutter 'Give My Love'. Young Pulse & Fleur De Mur complete the set with 'Smooth Sweet Talker', another bright and bold vocal cut par excellence.
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Gespielt von: Dave Lee ZR
 in stock $15.03
Citta' Futura
Cat: SP 1004. Rel: 22 Mar 24
Napoli Visionaria (4:53)
'E Parole (4:51)
Oro Di Miele (5:30)
Malavita (4:43)
Citta Futura (4:46)
Fuga Finale (4:56)
 in stock $20.48
Chick A Boom (reissue)
Chick A Boom (reissue) (red vinyl 7")
Cat: VAMPIC 450032. Rel: 02 Apr 24
Chick-A-Boom (3:48)
Cycles Of You (4:27)
Review: This 2024 edition marks the return of Joe Bataan, via the same track that made his name in 2004. Vampi Soul first welcomed the Latin Soul king to the label two decades back, facilitating the release of his 2005 album Call My Name. The pre-release singles for the album were 'Chick-A-Boom' and 'Cycles Of You', packed onto a single 7"; these quickly became DJs' favourites and have thus since remained long out of print. As it was twenty years ago, 'Chick-A-Boom' is a simultaneously upbeat but ghostly track, with Bataan's vocals quadrupling up in a wall of sound while providing the vibe equivalent of a Jackie Chan flick. 'Call My Name', meanwhile, goes heavy on the clavichord and synth whistle, as Bataan revels in a funereal theme, dancing, thundersticking into the great beyond.
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Tags: Latin Funk
 in stock $13.23
The House Of Glass
Cat: GCV 018. Rel: 27 Mar 24
Dancing & Grooving (6:05)
Theme From The House Of Glass (4:29)
Outro (3:26)
Calculated (7:36)
Family Affair (5:44)
Feel Like Dancing (5:41)
Lately (4:51)
Take Me Home (4:50)
Ain't Nothing Going On (7:11)
Friday Night (5:58)
Review: Italian dance producer Gianni Bini debuts on Groove Culture with the House Of Glass LP, topping up his impressive discography with a solo studio effort, and bolstering the already massive stock of production credits attached to his bulging, insatiable name. Though his various monikers over the years have indeed propelled him in a many-a-direction, Bini's latest here centres on epic disco, and rewinds the tape to an earlier sound first explored in his formative days as a producer; retroactively, we hear a livelier, more contemporary take on the stabbing strings, bristling bass and bubblegum beats - all live-recorded - that first put him on the map.
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Gespielt von: Dave Lee ZR
 in stock $31.10
Super Spicy Recipe Vol 6
Cat: SSPCYW 006. Rel: 02 Apr 24
Birdee - "Underground" (7:16)
Monsieur Van Pratt - "My Love For You" (5:24)
Pato Watson - "Ella Fue" (6:09)
Paul Older - "Turkish Lights" (6:02)
C Da Afro - "Nothing But The Funk" (6:33)
Juan Soto - "All Is Full Of Love" (5:10)
Review: Super Spicy's Super Spicy Recipe series is back with a sixth mouthwatering offering and once again it's a super hot outing of party-ready house and disco sounds. First up is the irresistibly colourful disco charm of Birdee with the freewheeling 'Underground' and its groove-infused piano. Label boss Monsieur Van Pratt then adds his own spin to a rare groove classic with a lung-busting soul vocal and Pato Watson is in edit mode as he tweaks 'Ella Fue' to perfection. Italian don Paul Older brings some funky jazz fusion sounds to his steamy 'Turkish Lights, C. Da Afro keeps it a party with his 'Nothing But The Funk' and Mexican Juan Soto slips into a more deep and loved-up funk-house vibe on 'All Is Full Of Love'.
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Gespielt von: The Owl, LEGO EDIT
 in stock $12.97
Puzzles (LP)
Cat: HFN 166LP. Rel: 10 Apr 24
Corridor Of Dreams (feat Oilly Wallace & Sisy Ey) (4:07)
Ugle (Drommen Om Mon) (feat Oilly Wallace) (3:09)
So Much (feat Woolfy) (2:57)
I Was There (4:15)
Tears We Haven't Cried (feat Toby Ernest) (3:38)
Save Me (feat Oilly Walace & Toby Ernest) (3:37)
Conversations (feat Sisy Ey) (2:37)
Le Trois (2:53)
Love My Way (feat Jacob Bellens) (3:29)
Club Paradisco (2:58)
Coming Home (feat Toby Ernest) (3:18)
Reflector (reprise) (2:39)
 in stock $23.33
Journey ('sunset' orange vinyl LP)
Cat: FUDISLP 1. Rel: 21 Mar 24
Don't Want It
I Only Have You (feat Eno Williams)
Fade (feat Shells)
Yabaal To London (feat Dur-Dur Band)
Energy (feat Andreya Triana)
Journey (feat Mysie)
Signal Generator
Review: Celebrated UK dance duo Bondax aka George Townsend and Adam Kaye are back with a new vinyl release of their landmark album Journey. The pair from Lancaster first broke onto the scene as teenagers some decade ago now and since then have picked up plenty of high profile props from the likes of BBC 6, Spotify and many more, all while playing ever further afield. Now they land on wax for the first time with this album which encapsulates what their sound is all about across eight tracks including plenty of already well-loved singles like the title track itself.
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 in stock $20.22
Let's Dance Vol 2
Cat: FJMEDITS 02. Rel: 18 Mar 24
Frank Booker - "Yes No Maybe" (5:01)
Eddie C - "Love Dancing Theme" (4:26)
Black Truffle - "Dancing Through The Night" (6:55)
LTJ Xperience - "Sunny Groove" (5:08)
Review: Funkyjaws Music is back with more music to make your jaw go funky, this time in the form of a second volume of its Let's Dance series. It features a quartet of esteemed tune makers starting with Frank Booker's 'Yes No Maybe' which is a horn laced and loose-limbed delight, while go-slow master Eddie C brings his classy touch to the funky licks of 'Love Dancing Theme.' There are plenty of cosmic synth waves to Black Truffle's 'Dancing Through The Night' while the LTJ Xperience close down with a super laid back and summery vibe on 'Sunny Groove.'
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 in stock $12.97
Border Edits 01
Cat: BRDR 001. Rel: 22 Mar 24
Baby Do It (6:14)
Hot Butter (4:36)
Nu Orleans (5:38)
Good Lover (4:38)
Gespielt von: LEGO EDIT
Tags: Disco Funk
 in stock $14.26
Do It ('Til You're Satisfied)
Do It ('Til You're Satisfied) (gatefold translucent blue vinyl LP)
Cat: FRID 51171. Rel: 04 Apr 24
Express (5:04)
If It Don't Turn You On (You Oughta' Laave It Alone) (4:38)
Once You Get It (3:18)
Everything Good To You (Ain't Always Good For You) (3:02)
Mental Telepathy (4:02)
Do It (Til You're Satisfied) (5:52)
Do You Like It (5:04)
That's What I Want For You Baby (5:23)
This House Is Smokin' (2:14)
 in stock $44.84
Chaka (45th Anniversary Edition)
Cat: 060349 7831081. Rel: 21 Mar 24
I'm Every Woman (4:05)
Love Has Fallen On Me (4:49)
Roll Me Through The Rushes (4:38)
Sleep On It (4:12)
Life Is A Dance (3:32)
We Got The Love (3:27)
Some Love (5:47)
A Woman In A Man's World (3:56)
The Message In The Middle Of The Bottom (4:11)
I Was Made To Love Him (3:22)
Review: We for one are perfect happy to revisit this iconic debut solo album of the legendary singer Chaka Khan. Originally released in 1978 and now arriving once more as a deluxe edition, the record showcases the disco diva's incomparable vocal prowess and genre-defying style. With hits like 'I'm Every Woman' and 'Life is a Dance,' it solidified Khan's status as a powerhouse in the realms of funk, r&b, and disco. This deluxe edition has newly remastered tracks, rare bonus content, and further insights into Khan's artistic journey. It serves as a timely reminder of her unparalleled talent in one essential package.
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 in stock $31.10
Chaka (45th Anniversary Edition)
Cat: 060349 7831074. Rel: 21 Mar 24
I'm Every Woman
Love Has Fallen On Me
Roll Me Through The Rushes
Sleep On It
Life Is A Dance
We Got The Love
Some Love
A Woman In A Man's World
The Message In The Middle Of The Bottom
I Was Made To Love Him
 in stock $13.23
Fatal Destination
Fatal Destination (translucent yellow vinyl 12")
Cat: VPB 019. Rel: 15 Apr 24
Fatal Destination (dance version) (6:05)
Fatal Destination (Electro Potato Vox mix) (5:23)
Fatal Destination (Vocoder version) (5:47)
Fatal Destination (AP mono remix) (6:31)
Review: Vintage Pleasure Boutique is an excellently named label out of Poland that is fast approaching its 20th releases. This latest 12" is another dazzling Italo disco gem that arrives on translucent yellow vinyl. Claudia T.'s 'Fatal Destination' arrived originally back in 1989 at the height of the genre's popularity and very much takes you back there with its cold but compelling synth sounds and crashing drums, all very reminiscent of the era. The soaring vocals brings the glorious hook next to zippy lead synths. This was a bit hit back in the day and is sure to win over just as many global dancers second time around.
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 in stock $20.73
Into The Darkness
Cat: NYC 014. Rel: 09 Apr 24
Never Stop (3:53)
The Constellation (5:26)
Into The Darkness (4:12)
Dr Ahamay (6:03)
Review: NYC Records looks outside its in-house stable for the first time here and signs the delightful nu-disco delights of Constellation. This duo hails from Miami and focuses on space disco sounds that fans of the famous Metro Area style are sure to love. They remain mysterious themselves but their beats are brilliantly designed with plenty of retro-future pads, cosmic arps and tight basslines full of colour, texture and soul. Like Daft Punk but deeper and more dubbed out. All four of these cuts are sure to get floors going but also bring plenty of style.
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 in stock $19.45
Satisfy Your Soul EP
Cat: GCV 019. Rel: 16 Apr 24
Satisfy Your Soul (7:02)
Let Your Body Be Free (6:49)
Supergood (7:05)
Music Turns Me On (7:09)
Review: Da Lukas's Satisfy Your Soul EP is a four-track full of disco goodness that opens with the title track, a driving, percussive workout with a powerful vocal performance. 'Let Your Body Be Free' continues the party music with a dynamic horn section and disco breakdown. 'Supergood' is a hi-energy dancefloor anthem, with a pumping beat an infectious filtered house sound. The EP closes with 'Music Turns Me On', a slow-burning track that enjoys riding the groove with a generous amount of funk. Da Lukas' tracks are nicely crafted, with a deep understanding of the disco genre. Satisfy Your Soul is a must-have for fans of disco and nu disco alike.
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 in stock $15.29
Cat: FLRS 164. Rel: 04 Apr 24
Twilight (4:47)
Twilight (Coastlines remix) (4:23)
Review: Twilight is the latest piece by long time DJ, producer and remixer, Dominic Dawson. The Japanese label Flower, has released this single to 7" complete with a remix for the second side. The title track is a catchy and funky house track that while the remix is a bit more Balearic and beachy. Both versions have their place in any house setlist and will set the tone for any eclectic DJ set. With the DJing background Dominic has, he is a great guide to setting the mood with music. Like the title artwork suggests, this is perfect music to watch the sun go down to.
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Gespielt von: Manu Archeo, Max Essa
 in stock $17.62
Don't Trust A Man (With No Vices)
Cat: GED 025. Rel: 05 Apr 24
Don't Trust A Man (With No Vices) (part 1) (3:09)
Don't Trust A Man (With No Vices) (part 2) (3:13)
Review: Devando's Don't Trust A Man (With No Vices) brings a fusion of hip-hop, funk and soul with electro and boogie influences. Part 1 on the A-side delivers infectious fun funk vibes, featuring electro elements and a vocoder-generated robotic voice that adds a playful edge. The track is driven by a captivating synthesiser lead and complemented by great organ sounds, creating an irresistible groove that keeps listeners moving. On the flip there's a different take on the theme, presenting more of a dub version with an alternate twist. While retaining some vocals, this version leans more towards instrumental elements, allowing the music itself to take centre stage.
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 in stock $10.12
Re Funk Head EP
Cat: SMS 033. Rel: 18 Apr 24
Dirtyelements & Drunkdrivers - "Keep It Coming" (De Gama edit)
De Gama - "Some More" (De Gama edit)
Paul Older - "Sax Francisco" (De Gama edit)
MB Edit - "Got The Feeling" (De Gama edit)
Review: Samosa Records makes a big stride into 2024 with their first offering of the year in the form of the intriguingly named (Re)-Funk+Head EP. Crafted by De Gama himself, all four tracks have undergone careful selection and re-editing. The A-Side kicks off with Dirtyelements & Drunkdrivers' hypnotic club anthem 'Keep It Coming', a blend of bass, keys, and vocals that seductively engage the senses. De Gama follows with 'Some More', a flute-infused funk bomb that ignites primal urges. On the B-Side, Paul Older's 'Sax Francisco' serves up a tropical sorbet of a tune, while MB Edit's 'Got The Feeling' delivers a relentless disco journey. '(Re)-Funk+Head' really embodies Samosa's commitment to pushing things on.
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! low stock $14.26
Disco Records #6
Cat: DISCO 6. Rel: 03 Apr 24
The Mind Blower Finally Got His Mind Blown (5:46)
You Got Me Hung Up (5:51)
Blow You Out Tonight (4:42)
Gigolette (4:54)
Review: French outfit Disco Records - whose name is a masterclass in SEO - returns for four new disco edits, this time housed in a deep purple sleeve. On the A, we hear nominally unchanged, but sonically-tampered-with, versions of Billy Frasier's 'The Mind Blower...' and King Tutt's 'You Got Me Hung Up'. The B-side, meanwhile, flaunts two further excellent cuts reworking The Hippolytes and Ozone, the latter of which is a particularly intoxicating slice of laserific, finger-licking boogie.
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Gespielt von: LEGO EDIT
 in stock $15.03
Home Is Where The Edit Is (reissue)
Home Is Where The Edit Is (reissue) (clear vinyl 7" limited to 200 copies)
Cat: SSR 222CLEAR. Rel: 05 Apr 24
Home Is Where The Edit Is (4:02)
Home Is Where The Dub Is (3:59)
 in stock $13.23
Double Trouble (remixes)
Cat: DLYPSO 020. Rel: 16 Apr 24
Bayrou (4:41)
Cope (Francois K Mantra mix) (9:27)
Bayrou (Lindstrom remix) (6:39)
Cope (7:02)
Review: Dombrance is back with a typically vibrant new EP on Discolypso that features two fresh tracks and remixes from luminaries Francois K and Lindstrom. Once referred to as a 'French Jarvis Cocker with a bushy moustache and flares,' Dombrance is a musical maverick who dropped his debut album last year and performed globally from Glastonbury to Downtown LA. On this one, 'Bayrou' and 'Cope' draw inspiration from politicians, delivering timeless electronic disco vibes with sugary chords and pulsating synths, then Francois K transforms 'Cope' into a psychedelic journey, while Lindstrom's remix of 'Bayrou' conjures images of a David Lynch pool party. It's peak disco fun.
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 in stock $15.29
Out To Get You
Cat: BSTX 098. Rel: 22 Mar 24
Out To Get You (7:48)
Out To Get You (Massimo Berardi edit) (5:36)
Out To Get You (radio version) (3:48)
Review: Best Record has secured the rights to this 12" vinyl reissue of Fascination 'Out to Get You', which is dedicated to Giancarlo Meo, the esteemed producer behind Easy Going and other iconic acts. This release, curated by Claudio Casalini, pays homage to Italy's vibrant disco era and blends elements of disco, soul, and funk. The original comes as three different and equally captivating versions, including a re-edit by DJ Massimo Berardi who injects plenty of contemporary flair while preserving the essence of the original tracks. With its fusion of retro charm and modern energy, this reissue offers a nostalgic yet danceable vibe and is primed and ready to for igniting dance floors worldwide once again.
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Tags: Disco Funk
 in stock $19.19
Experience (CD with obi-strip)
Cat: UVSL 2157. Rel: 11 Apr 24
Feel My Body
Making Love (For The Very First Time With You)
Take A Chance On Me
Don't Expose Your Thing
Your Love Is Heavy
Prove It To Me
You're Gonna Walk Out On Me
It's Got To Be That Way
 in stock $9.32
Body Heat
Body Heat (limited yellow vinyl 12")
Cat: MAXI 112512. Rel: 12 Apr 24
Body Heat (vocal) (6:29)
Body Heat (instrumental) (6:27)
Body Heat (Flemming Dalum remix) (6:43)
Body Heat (DJ Tin Tin remix) (6:53)
Review: A real doozy of an early Italo, proto-darkwave heater from Fred Ventura-led Fokewulf 190, bound to illicit dancefloor devastation any darn time of year. Straddling the boundary between the more uptempo chapters of Italo and the more austere permutations of synth pop, Fokewulf's timeless anthem lends itself well to DJ Tin Tin and Flemming Dalum's respectful but gently modernised remixes. If anything though, they cast the original in a more innovative light, with its sparse, classy drive.
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Gespielt von: DJ ROCCA
 in stock $18.40
Love Has Found You
Cat: BSTX 099. Rel: 22 Mar 24
Love Has Found You (4:39)
Nightime Lady (5:47)
Review: Best Records has got some superb reissues dropping right now, just in time for summer, and Mike Francis's brilliantly Balearic soul cut from 1982 is next up. This effortlessly heartwarming vocal track was produced by Paul and Peter Micioni and emerged from the Italo Disco scene in Italy on the heels of a former big hit with the Metropole group. However, on this project, he worked under a new stage name but didn't lose any of his creative edge. 'Love Has Found You' is impossibly laidback and lovely with its carefree melodies and 'Nighttime Lady' is a mid-tempo slow burner with funky low ends and a nice playful vocal full of love.
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The Other Side
Cat: EDGE 024. Rel: 20 Mar 24
The Other Side (feat Adriano Prestel) (4:22)
Out Of Luck (feat Adriano Prestel - DJ Friction remix) (5:36)
The Other Side (feat Adriano Prestel - Marian Tone '85 rework) (4:35)
Interlude I (0:44)
The Other Side (instrumental) (4:21)
Out Of Luck (DJ Friction remix - instrumental) (5:41)
Out Of Luck (Soundrays mix - instrumental) (4:36)
Interlude II (0:21)
Review: The Outer Edge rounds off their series reworking tracks from the archive of lesser-known German 80s outfit Ghia. This time round, they're offering re-imaginations of an instrumental synth-funk track first featured on last year's Don't Look LP, 'Message From The Other Side'. This time round, the band has recruited vocalist Adrian Prestel and re-imagined it as colourful and authentic synth-number simply titled 'The Other Side'. As well as a solid instrumental take, we're also treated to a superb Marian Tone take which blends bits of the 1985 demo with elements of the 2023 re-recording. Elsewhere, there are also three takes on previous single 'Out of Luck': squelchy and crunchy neo-boogie vocal and instrumental versions courtesy of DJ Friction (the disco one, not the d&b producer of the same name) and a more low-slung, dub disco style instrumental revision by Soundrays.
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Edge Of The Night
Edge Of The Night (hand-stamped 1-sided 12")
Cat: IM 012. Rel: 11 Apr 24
Edge Of The Night (9:22)
Review: We always feel that a one-sided 12" is a real sign that an artist are label are hugely happy with what they are seeing up. And Adam Goldstone has every right to feel that way frankly as his 'Edge of the Night' is a classic deep house sermon that will bring plenty of emotions to the fore when it is dropped, either in the dead of night or just as the sun is coming up one morning, much like a tune such as Ron & Chez's 'Morning Factory'. The smoky vocals are well-treated, the smeared pads bring the soul and the drums and cuddly and warm. Perfect.

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Cat: RR 08V. Rel: 27 Mar 24
Mesmerized (Giovanni Damico remix) (5:11)
Mesmerized (5:03)
Mesmerized (Daniel T remix) (4:41)
What It Takes (4:59)
What It Takes (Rayko vs WVP Boogie dub) (6:21)
What It Takes (bonus beats) (3:09)
Review: Ritual Release, the California-based imprint established by Woolfy vs Projections, have long kept tight-lipped about the identities of synth boogie revivalists Guruku. We have no idea (we suspect it's them, but could be wrong), but we do know that the act's latest EP is superb. There are two original tracks on offer, both featuring vocalist Rojai: the Dam Funk-meets-Dayton brilliance of 'Mesmerized' and the dreamier, sunnier, 80s synth-soul-inspired excellence of 'What It Takes'. Both come accompanied by tasty remixes. Giovanni Damico re-imagines 'Mesmerized' as a thickset electrofunk-goes-jazz-funk workout, while Daniel T stretches out and lightly dubs out the same song in a nu-disco style. Rayko and Woolfy vs Projections join forces on a dubby and club-friendly nu-disco revision of 'What It Takes', before we treated to a dancefloor dubs style 'Bonus Beats' mix.
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RDY 54
RDY 54 (12")
Cat: RDY 54. Rel: 15 Apr 24
I Have A Dream (6:15)
Dub Love (6:59)
Hot Hands (6:14)
Acid (5:11)
Review: It's hard to imagine how different club culture would be without Ron Hardy, the legendary American pioneer who set out the blueprint for how DJs should play. His own edits often formed plenty of the backbone of his sets back in the 70s and for many years the RDY label has been serving up some of his most reliable and go-to records. This 54th installment is a tasteful four-tracker that draws on house, gospel, disco and soul. 'I Have A Dream' kicks off with some raw Chicago jack, 'Dub Love' is a stripped-back sound full of menace and 'Hot Hands' gets busy with textural claps and screwy acid getting ever more wild. 'Acid' shuts down with mid-tempo drums full of rawness.
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La Commedia
Cat: RM 2132. Rel: 02 Apr 24
Il Profeta (3:35)
La Terra (3:03)
La Notte (3:58)
L'Alieno (4:13)
I Buchi Neri (4:01)
La Prima Volta (2:37)
L'Abitudine (3:12)
La Verita (3:47)
Lo Smeraldo Sotto Zero (3:35)
Il Mare (5:06)
Review: The arrival of Il Quadro di Troisi could not have been more ironic. Anything but new faces on the music scene, the Italian electronic partnership of Eva Geist and Donato Dozzy debuted as the reality of living in a pandemic really began to hit home - November 2020. A month that usually calls for their brand of dark, Ital-disco-cold-synth stuff was void of the situations you'd want to hear it in. No parties, no clubs, no concerts - not even an opportunity to stick it on when getting ready to do something. Nevertheless, we've more than made up for it now, and having grown incredibly close betwixt that waking nightmare and today's chaos, the arrival of a new LP is an enticing prospect. As the notes explain, "everything changes, all things evolve, nothing stays the same... La Commedia marks the band's embrace of a more traditional song form, shaped by a very personal and distinctive musical style. The distinguishing elements of Il Quadro di Troisi's music meld into a unique mix that is both seductive and eerie, elegant and earthy, contemporary and timeless."
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Gespielt von: Manu Archeo
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La Commedia
Cat: RM 213. Rel: 05 Apr 24
Il Profeta
La Terra
La Notte
I Buchi Neri
La Prima Volta
La Verita
Lo Smeraldo Sotto Zero
Il Mare
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Cat: XXX 014RMX. Rel: 28 Mar 24
Ace (Gerd Janson Special dance remix) (6:59)
Psycho (Kiara Scuro & Tech Support remix) (6:30)
Vice II (Eagles & Butterflies remix) (6:15)
Hypnosis (SHMLSS remix) (6:10)
Gespielt von: Jac The Disco
Tags: Hi-NRG | EBM
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Illusion EP
Cat: JAVI 001. Rel: 22 Mar 24
Medway To Old Ford (5:05)
Eyelash (Electro mix) (5:07)
Future Drive (5:46)
Shifting Reality (6:04)
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Lo Fi Hip Hop Instrumentals
Cat: GSC45 42. Rel: 11 Apr 24
Revert (2:30)
Sequoia (2:44)
Trek (2:29)
Wait Up (2:35)
Sloan (1:10)
Review: Son of Todd Osborn (Soundmurderer/Ghostly) Kaito Ian makes a hugely impressing first outing on the Galaxy Sound Co label with a series of lo-fi hip-hop beat-strumentals that cannot fail to get your head nodding. He is a dedicated music lover and skater with a deep knowledge of his craft and that shows here with some refined sounds starting with the soul drenched 'Revert', then on to the warped angelic vocal samples of 'Sequoia' and the percussive jumbled and scratching of 'Trek'. 'Wait Up' is another excellently blissed out joint and 'Sloan' is a sunny, laid back, lazy vibe to close down a superb EP.
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Io Tu Il Loro
Cat: TIM 189LP. Rel: 21 Mar 24
Highway High (5:20)
Getting Down To Adria (5:05)
Never Going Easy (5:45)
When You Leave (4:38)
Try (4:01)
Bay Of Love (4:18)
Io Sempre Di Tu (5:35)
Better Do (4:33)
You Gave It All (4:42)
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Io Tu Il Loro
Cat: TIM 189CD. Rel: 11 Apr 24
Highway High
Getting Down To Adria
Never Going Easy
When You Leave
Bay Of Love
Io Sempre Di Tu
Better Do
You Gave It All
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Future Pasts
Future Pasts (red vinyl LP + MP3 download code)
Cat: ROCLP 012R. Rel: 04 Apr 24
Blue G (feat Nongoma) (8:13)
Future Pasts (feat Nongoma) (6:51)
Yese Yese (feat Sir Frank Karikari) (5:40)
That Good Thing (instrumental) (5:25)
Count Your Blessings (feat Nongoma) (8:16)
Cover Up The Bruises (feat Nongoma) (6:24)
Le Secret (feat Kitio Batola) (5:53)
How We Got Here (instrumental) (6:41)
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Maggiore 800
Cat: SPR 00004. Rel: 15 Apr 24
Intro (1:13)
Uberraschung (4:32)
Maggiore 800 (4:45)
B Leclerc (2:43)
Omari (6:10)
Minore (6:10)
400 (3:33)
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U Need Me
Cat: CBLL 045. Rel: 16 Apr 24
U Need Me (vocal) (4:44)
U Need Me (instrumental - feat Todd Del Giudice) (4:56)
Review: The blistering, one-of-a-kind West Coast disco-funk record 'U Need Me' by LA Propinquity surfaces as part of a new body of historic productions initially intended for compilation on a full-length LP. For reasons undisclosed, this never happened; instead, Italian sonic exhumers Cannonball Records have been afforded the privilege of reissuing these tracks across a series of 7"s themselves. Hardly and criminially under-recognised in their day, the L.A. Propinquity were nonetheless composed of the angelic city's finest, with drummer James Gadson forming a prominent part. A blast from the 1970s, 'U Need Me' is a beaming slice of unrequited longing, set to delicious funk tones that are as maximized as they are unstrained.
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