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New releases last two weeks: Disco/Nu-Disco

Disco/Nu-Disco vinyl released in the last two weeks
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Supermarkt Remixes
Cat: KLR 063. Rel: 10 Jun 24
Supermarkt (Prins Thomas Diskomiks) (6:57)
Supermarkt (Ost & Kjex remix) (6:13)
Supermarkt (Ana Helder remix) (4:48)
Supermarkt (Mijo remix) (6:05)
Supermarkt (dirty Acid mix) (6:42)
Supermarkt (Amount remix) (6:42)
Supermarkt (original mix) (5:24)
Review: Berlin producer Acud follows up 2023's Matjesfilet and Verbrennungsmotor with another multi-mix remix single, 'Supermarkt'. Flexing the network with a lead remix by none other than Prins Thomas - followed by versions from Ost & Kjex, Ana Helder, Dirty Acid, Mijo, and two from Amount - this remix EP makes for a comprehensive take on just how many times a track can be reinterpreted. Straying from the original's downtempo disco whimsies and supermarket-tannoy ready basslines, each producer lends their own deconstructed flair to the original, best of which in our view has to be Amount's retakes, which seize the opportunity to create something almost entirely new and singular from the stems.
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Tags: Nu Disco
 in stock $14.27
GARIES 001 (hand-stamped 12")
Cat: GARIES 001. Rel: 17 Jun 24
AR - "Comin' Apart At The Edit" (10:04)
BS - "More BS" (6:40)
Review: There can be no questions about the intention of the Garries label given its name - to make music for the more out there moment son the dance floor. And the first Ep certainly lives up to that with a pair of weird and wonderful jams by mysterious artists who go only by, we assume, their initials. AR's 'Comin' Apart At The Edit' is a cosmic world of slow motion rhythm and live drums with warped efforts and whirring synth sounds that all take you into another dimension. BS's 'More BS' is a mix of astral synths squelch and slow motion chug with a soft-rock vocal bring plenty of emotional impact up top before some prog licks ring out to add further unusualness.
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 in stock $16.39
Different Kind Of Life (Massimiliano Pagliara remixes)
Cat: ASHRR 04. Rel: 17 Jun 24
Different Kind Of Life (Massimiliano Pagliara remix) (8:09)
Different Kind Of Life (Massimiliano Pagliara dub) (6:23)
Different Kind Of Life (ASHRR Soundsystem version) (6:34)
Review: The LA-based ASHRR outfit is back with more of their superbly warm and soul-infused sounds here with 'Different Kind of Life'. Their own ASHRR Soundsystem version of the original is a gloriously upbeat and funky bit of space disco with lavish synth lines and chugging drums that lock you in. Berlin electronic mainstay Massimiliano Pagliara, who has landed on the likes of Ostgut Ton, Cocktail d'Amore and more, then brings his own two remixes. The first has some nice indie vocals and dazzling chord work, while the second is a deep dub that pairs things back. All three of these are swaggering and uplifting disco cuts with a difference.
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 in stock $15.33
Ain't Shocka
Cat: CS 009. Rel: 24 Jun 24
Ain't Shocka (4:19)
Shocka King (4:02)
Review: Nicholas Bicycle aka Nick Bike hops on some fine rhythms once more here for the Chosen Spokes label. As always he deals only in pure gold and this time he reworks a classic 80s gem into two different versions. Already well road-tested by the likes of DJ Marky in Brazil to great results, this 7" is pure bait for summer sessions. 'Ain't Shocka' is the first version with chattery claps and plenty of the original vocals and melodies left in place over funk drums. 'Shocka King' gives it a much brighter make over with melodies shipped in from another 80s disco gem by Evelyn "Champagne" King to make it even more irresistible.
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 in stock $15.59
Rhythm's Got Soul
Rhythm's Got Soul (limited clear splattered vinyl 7")
Cat: HMAD 705 CLEAR. Rel: 14 Jun 24
Rhythm's Got Soul (Lose Control) (4:11)
Rhythm's Hot (Afro instrumental) (4:13)
Review: 'Rhythm's Got Soul' is the highly anticipated collab record between singer-songwriter Asabi Goodman and producer/arranger Geoff Boardman aka. Blunted Stylus. A testament to the enduring efficacy the mixture of belter vocals and powerhouse production, 'Rhythm's Got Soul (Lose Control)' and its contrapuntal 'Afro Instrumental' make for raunchy, impudent soul-dance divinations, with booming kicks n' claps, felt-out breaks, and longing harmonies making up their effusive bulk. The B is particularly great, making use of spare components and one-off vocal injunctions to "come and dance with me."
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Tags: Jazz Funk
 in stock $17.71
Rhythm's Got Soul
Cat: HMAD 705 BLACK. Rel: 14 Jun 24
Rhythm's Got Soul (Lose Control) (4:11)
Rhythm's Hot (Afro instrumental) (4:13)
Review: Rhythm's Got Soul is a sonic trip back to the fever-pitched disco era, where Asabi Goodman's powerhouse vocals and Geoff Boardman's dynamic production converge to create an electrifying dancefloor experience. Bursting through the stratosphere with all frequencies blazing, the track treats listeners to pitched horns, filtered drums, and sultry vocals, reinforced by Andrew 'Bigfoot' Leslie's everlasting bass. Momentum builds with Dave VHS's rhythm guitar and vamp keys, accompanied by hectic percussion, culminating in a groove that's both syncopated and loose, thanks to the MPC4000 sample treatment by The Soulicitors. On the flip side, 'Rhythm's Hot' (Afro Instrumental) takes listeners on an Afrocentric trip, with a relentlessly persuasive percussion groove reminiscent of Midnight Marauders chords. Well-timed transitions spread smooth like butter, weaving elements like A Taste Of Honey basslines into an instrumental strut that builds to a disco-fever crescendo. It's a monster cut that keeps the energy high and the dancefloor moving. Asabi Goodman's vocal versatility, effortlessly shifting from sweet and soulful to commanding and powerful, adds depth and emotion to each track, while Geoff Boardman's production shines through, blending samples and live instrumentation into a resonating dynamic disco experience. 'Rhythm's Got Soul' is a standout collaboration that begs to be checked out.
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Tags: Jazz Funk
 in stock $17.71
No Be Today
No Be Today (gatefold 2xLP)
Cat: BAC 012. Rel: 18 Jun 24
No Be Today (5:16)
I No Dey Play (6:19)
Ose (4:02)
Sonayon (5:54)
Mifon (4:14)
Ipade (4:52)
Miselou (6:14)
Meji Meji (5:42)
Debiteur Insolvable (4:13)
Ajanaku (6:17)
Ariya Tide (4:43)
Robojiyan (4:30)
Review: Medellin-based American Bosq - a renowned musical fusionist with a passion for all things tropical - has been working with Benin-based Nigerian guitarist/vocalist Kaleta on and off for 12 years, with the pair delivering a series of sensational singles. No Be Today is the duo's first collaborative full length, with previous singles being joined by previously unheard cuts across two slabs of wax. As you'd expect given their previous work, much of the music joins the dots between various Afro-Latin styles and similarly vintage Black American dance music genres such as disco, funk and soul. It's an effervescent and effortlessly brilliant set all told, with highlights including pitched-down Afro-funk number 'Ose', glorious Afro-disco number 'Sonayon', Afrobeat update 'Ipade' and scorching Latin dancefloor workout 'Miselou'.
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 in stock $34.36
I'm Caught Up (In A One Night Love Affair)
Cat: QTZJM 003. Rel: 18 Jun 24
I'm Caught Up (In A One Night Love Affair) (John Morales M+M main mix) (8:06)
I'm Caught Up (In A One Night Love Affair) (John Morales M+M mix edit) (4:16)
I'm Caught Up (In A One Night Love Affair) (John Morales M+M Classic club) (7:59)
I'm Caught Up (In A One Night Love Affair) (John Morales M+M instrumental mix) (7:50)
Review: Inner Life's 'I'm Caught Up (In A One Night Love Affair)' released in 1979 is a quintessential disco anthem that captures the exuberance and allure of the era. Jocelyn Brown's powerful vocals deliver a story of fleeting romance, seamlessly intertwining with lush orchestrations and a driving rhythm section that still get people up and dancing all these decades on. The track's infectious groove, memorable hooks, and lavish production epitomise the magic of late-70s dancefloors which is it why it is such a staple in both nostalgic disco sets and modern dance compilations. This reissue offers up four different versions by the great remix king John Morales.
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 in stock $15.59
Mama Calling
Mama Calling (translucent orange vinyl 12")
Cat: AFTNEV 005O. Rel: 24 Jun 24
Mama Calling (7:31)
Mama Calling (Tedd Patterson remix) (8:21)
Review: Kiko Navarro kicks off 2024 with his Afroterraneo label's first release, presenting a fresh rendition of 'Mama Calling', his enduring collaboration with Buika. Originally released in 2004, the track was revitalised during preparations for a November 2023 live show, becoming a standout performance. Retaining its signature horn stabs, this updated version injects new energy into the vibrant, life-affirming anthem. With a remix by Tedd Patterson included, the release promises to ignite dancefloors well into the New Year, offering a perfect blend of nostalgia and contemporary flair.
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 in stock $22.47
Mama Calling
Cat: AFTNEV 005. Rel: 24 Jun 24
Mama Calling (7:30)
Mama Calling (Tedd Patterson remix) (8:24)
 in stock $20.35
Call Of The Abyss
Cat: DSG 003. Rel: 24 Jun 24
Voices From The Abyss (6:49)
Stalactites (feat Valentin Henning) (5:54)
Perpetual (6:08)
Perpetual (Zee Mon remix) (6:34)
Stalactites (feat Valentin Henning - Damon Jee remix) (6:22)
Stalactites (feat Valentin Henning - Zakmina remix) (5:12)
 in stock $17.45
Stronger (limited white vinyl 7")
Cat: SSCR 2024003WHITE. Rel: 25 Jun 24
Stronger (main) (4:19)
Stronger (dub) (4:35)
 in stock $16.66
Tonight (white vinyl 7" limited to 75 copies)
Cat: SSCR 2024 004 WHITE. Rel: 12 Jun 24
Tonight (vocal) (4:53)
Tonight (dub) (5:54)
Review: Cool Million's 'Tonight' arrives here on a special limited edition white vinyl. Featuring the legendary Glenn Jones it's a lush blend of 80s soul and funk infused with a modern twist. Jones's soulful vocals glide effortlessly over sleek lyrics, harmonising perfectly with Cool Million's infectious groove. The track radiates nostalgic 80s smoothness but never sounds kitsch and that shows the duo's fusion of retro influences with modern production has stood the test of time. A slow-motion dub on the flip makes this a great little weapon.
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 in stock $16.66
Without Your Love
Without Your Love (limited white vinyl 7")
Cat: SSCR 2024005WHITE. Rel: 25 Jun 24
Without Your Love (vocal) (4:28)
Without Your Love (dub) (4:28)
 in stock $16.66
My Life
My Life (limited white vinyl 7")
Cat: SSCR 2024002WHITE. Rel: 25 Jun 24
My Life (main) (3:45)
My Life (dub) (4:34)
 in stock $16.66
Get Ready EP
Get Ready EP (limited numbered 12" Nachpressung)
Cat: DISCO 010. Rel: 25 Jun 24
Turn Me Loose (feat CC) (4:31)
Get Ready (Delfonic rework) (5:14)
Funny Bones (Delfonic rework) (5:24)
Cycles (Delfonic edit) (5:17)
Review: Delfonic returns with his signature edit-styled dancefloor gems in the Get Ready EP on Disco Disco records. This four-track offering, geared towards disco and nu-disco enthusiasts, promises a fun dancefloor experience with each. On Side-1, 'Turn Me Loose' (feat. CC) starts things off with its upbeat, high-energy fusion of disco and house influences. The title track, 'Get Ready' (Delfonic rework), follows suit with infectious rhythms and irresistible grooves. On Side-2, 'Funny Bones' (Delfonic rework) delivers primetime disco vibes, perfect for igniting the dancefloor with its dynamic energy. Closing the EP is 'Cycles' (Delfonic edit), a funk-infused journey into early disco that oozes with undeniable disco goodness. Delfonic's Get Ready EP is a diverse yet cohesive selection of tracks that are sure to excite funk, disco and filtered house fans.
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 in stock $16.39
Let If Flow
Let If Flow (12" Nachpressung)
Cat: MS 529. Rel: 24 Jun 24
Let If Flow (extended mix) (10:35)
Let If Flow (DD edit) (8:52)
Let If Flow (bonus beats) (2:34)
Review: The renowned Disco Dandies have made a triumphant return, emerging from their creative haven at the Old Course of the St. Andrews Golf Club. Following the success of their previous chart-topping hit, 'Inside Your Love' (2 People), they present their latest offering, a rework of the Miami T.K. Disco classic by Tamiko Jones, 'Let It Flow.' Theirs is a weightier disco retake, sterilizing the original's untamed swing with a phat 4x4 undertow. Both the A and the B offer different-length versions of the new edit, for both the long and short DJs out there.
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 in stock $17.45
Roots & Culture/Possibelle
Cat: SCRULSD 004. Rel: 10 Jun 24
Roots & Culture (4:20)
Possibelle (4:15)
Review: DJ Cat comes through on Scruniversal here as the young label continues to go from strength to strength early in its existence. This time he serves up some re-edits and reworks of old and rare records from Scru's friends' collections. Up first is 'Roots & Culture' which is a languid funk workout with Prince style vocals bring some libidinous vibes up top while sci-fi synths and raw claps and perc all flesh out the groove. 'Possibelle' then cuts loose on a much more laid back and steamy summer vibe with the sort of chords that have you laying back in the park and staring up at a cloudless sky.
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Gespielt von: Voodoocuts
 in stock $12.16
Parallel Visions I
Cat: SYNQ 3000. Rel: 12 Jun 24
DJ Gus - "Toxic Dementor" (6:54)
Lis Sarroca - "Solstice" (6:54)
Voodoos & Taboos - "Press One" (5:43)
Cosmic JD - "Soft R@ve" (6:08)
Review: You might have caught onto German label Synq with their release of John Dimas' Rave Wave back in 2020, and now the label finally kicks back into action with a various artists release which widens the scope of the label. DJ Gus leads the way on the A-side with 'Toxic Dementor', a throbbing workout taking cues from Italo and Hi-NRG while retaining the cool demeanour of a modern day club track. Lis Sarroca throws down a dreamy electro beat on 'Solstice' and Voodoos & Taboos brings the heat to 'Press One' before Cosmic JD cleans up with the trancified wig-out 'Soft R@ve'.
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Gespielt von: Evan Michael
! low stock $17.45
Universal Language
Universal Language (limited 180 gram vinyl 2xLP)
Cat: ZZZV 24006. Rel: 13 Jun 24
Un Buen Sueno (feat Carmen Cano) (6:23)
N'Goni (feat Mikkel Nordso & Anders Pomsaing) (6:14)
Aire (feat Antonio Jimenez Munoz) (6:16)
Golden Hour (feat Jade PraiZe) (7:07)
Dance First Think Later (feat Paul Powell) (5:51)
Island In The Sun (feat Santino Surfers) (6:39)
Soul Free (feat Chilani, Walther & Olio) (5:11)
Harmonized (feat Mathias Heise) (3:54)
Let Me Show You (5:57)
Faz Favor (feat Rodrigo Sha & Pere Navarro) (5:55)
Universal Language (feat Mathias Heise) (6:43)
Anta Lika (feat Reinhard Vanbergen) (6:20)
Noche De Primavera (feat Troels Hammer & Rodrigo Sha) (6:53)
Review: Perhaps a universal language is something we can never achieve, or at least, stories such as the Tower of Babel suggest. But temporary simulacra of such fancies may be aspired to, not to mention sick Balearic records calling for them. Here Ibiza mainstays DJ Pippi and Willie Graff team up for a swell full-length record, displaying an ingenious shared ear for the combo of live instrumentation, sampling and club-ready mixing. Some 12 tracks escort us through the duo's manifold styles, honed over the course of 17 years and modulated with subtle layers of eloquent instrumentation and effervescent synths.
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 in stock $33.83
Devoilez Vous
Cat: LENG 068. Rel: 21 Jun 24
Devoilez-Vous (T-Kutt's Am-Fm club mix) (8:02)
Devoilez-Vous (dub) (7:56)
Island Boogie (Mudd remix) (6:01)
La Cassette (dub instrumental) (9:25)
Review: Andy Meecham's forthcoming ninth album as the Emperor Machine, Island Boogie, is a genuine treat - a wonderfully colourful and effects-laden trip into what the former Bizarre Inc and Chicken Lips man calls 'electronic cosmic disco-boogie'. To get us all in the Mood, Leng have served up this EP of dubs and remixes. In the latter category you'll find a superb, piano solo-laden proto-house rework of 'Devoilez-Vous' by fellow Stafford act T Kutt, and a typically warm, languid Balearic disco interpretation of 'Island Boogie' by Leng co-founder Mudd. Meecham delivers two wonderfully skeletal, wayward and trippy instrumental dubs, lightly transforming 'Devoilez-Vous' and 'La Cassette' in turn. In a word: essential.
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Gespielt von: Lexx, Manu Archeo, DJ ROCCA
 in stock $15.85
The Raw & The Cooked (remastered)
Cat: LMS 1725156. Rel: 20 Jun 24
She Drives Me Crazy
Good Thing
I'm Not The Man I Used To Be
I'm Not Satisfied
Tell Me What
Don't Look Back
It's OK (It's Alright)
Don't Let It Get You Down
As Hard As It Is
Ever Fallen In Love
 in stock $20.62
Histoire D'1 Soir (Bye Bye Les Galeres)
Cat: BBQ 004R. Rel: 24 Jun 24
Histoire D'1 Soir (Bye Bye Les Galeres) (4:31)
Histoire D'1 Soir (Bye Bye Les Galeres) (Disco mix) (6:32)
Histoire D'1 Soir (Bye Bye Les Galeres) (Blutch edit) (5:37)
Histoire D'1 Soir (Bye Bye Les Galeres) (instrumental) (3:57)
Histoire D'1 Soir (Bye Bye Les Galeres) (Choeur & acappella) (1:19)
! low stock $17.97
Fallin EP
Fallin EP (12")
Cat: MFV 001. Rel: 17 Jun 24
Surprise Me! (3:24)
The Times We Spent Together (3:27)
Alone In The Crowd (4:10)
Boomerang (with Virag Keszthelyi) (3:53)
Fallin (with Jaidene Veda) (3:52)
When (7:22)
Review: From P60 is an alias of Zoltan Nagy who this year marks the significant milestone of a quarter of a century in the music game and he celebrates by launching his new label Midnight Fashion Chill with his 'Fallin' EP. Over the years, Nagy has done it all from deep house to Balearic to lounge and downtempo and here brings that touch of class to six superbly soothing sounds that fuse all that and more. The opener is pure horizontal bliss, 'The Times We Spent Together' is a slow-motion daydream, 'Fallin' (with Jaidene Veda) is pure soul-soothing magic and 'When' is a gently lilting ambient soundscape crafted to perfection.
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Gespielt von: From P60
 in stock $14.54
Movin' On (reissue)
Cat: 00337 A BLACK. Rel: 10 Jun 24
Movin' On (4:35)
Movin' On (4:35)
Review: G. D. & The Big J's 'Movin' On' is a primo funk, disco and boogie melange that has been heating up global dance floors ever since it was first released in 1980. It is a much sought-after jam which, if you can even find an original copy, will cost you upwards of three figures. 'Movie On' is seamless and smooth, a brilliant and vibrant mix of busy guitar riffs, and claps and upbeat drums that come with a lively vocal that says to the heavens with effortless soul. It sounds like basically the same tune is included on both sides you so never have to worry about this one wearing out - which it could well do given how often you will be playing it.
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 in stock $14.54
Morogoro (12")
Cat: SW 007. Rel: 17 Jun 24
Papa Bel (6:01)
Tanda (6:45)
Rewild (6:28)
Guado Loop (6:22)
Review: Gledd brings a great mix of funk, disco, Afro and plenty of extra special magic to this hot new 12" on Saint Wax. It opens with 'Papa Bel' which is a steamy cut with florid melodic leads and tribal percussion. 'Tanda' then brings wailing vocals and more organic and jumbled grooves that ooze summer heat. The Afro rhythms continue through 'Rewild' which has a lively broken beat that rides stiff drums and last of all is the most intense of the lot - 'Guado Loop' is heavily layered with drums and perc, vocals, congas and background chants that will get any dancefloor in a sweat.
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Gespielt von: Elado, LEGO EDIT
 in stock $14.27
Submerge Me (feat Gilb'r remix)
Cat: BSBF 706. Rel: 10 Jun 24
Submerge Me (original version) (5:50)
Submerge Me (Gilb'r remix) (6:19)
Review: Belgian DJ and producer Gratts have joined forces with London-based vocalist Mr. Beale to follow up on to success of their well-received 'Sun Circles' release last year. Here, on the sublime 'Submerge Me', they are in fine form once more with a brooding sound that features the uniquely mesmerising mantras of Beale and plenty of raw, compelling and percussive grooves that full lock you in and get you going. Versatile Records' own Gilb'r then steps up on the flip and manages to take things even deeper with some fine liquid dub excursions to complete a top 7"
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 in stock $13.22
Vol 3
Vol 3 (12")
Cat: GWEDITS 03. Rel: 18 Jun 24
Mighty Cloud (7:32)
Turnaround (7:57)
Review: GW Edits returns with Volume 3, offering two electrifying tracks that breathe new life into disco classics. 'Mighty Cloud' kicks off with a disco rhythm and a heavy stomping house beat, enhanced by a captivating flute melody that adds a touch of funk and soul. Next up is 'Turnaround,' a remix of the iconic disco anthem 'Turn the Beat Around.' Greg Wilson's expert touch transforms this timeless track into a modern dancefloor gem, ensuring its place as a staple for both old-school disco lovers and contemporary club-goers. Teaming up with Che Wilson, GW Edits delivers another stellar release that promises to keep the dancefloor pumping all night long.
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 in stock $15.59
Lucky Fellow (reissue)
Lucky Fellow (reissue) (7" Nachpressung)
Cat: AJX 440S. Rel: 18 Jun 24
Lucky Fellow (Disco Freaks edit) (3:47)
Don't It Make You Feel Good (2:55)
! low stock $11.10
Give My Love
Cat: DR 0008. Rel: 25 Jun 24
Give My Love (L'Amour Disco remix) (5:00)
Give My Love (DJ Spen rework) (5:00)
Review: Give My Love by In Dat Groove & Lee Wilson is an infectious late-night jam with soft calypso vibe to it and the DJ Spen Rework elevates with soulful house flair, adding a depth and groove that's irresistible for dancefloors. The L'Amour Disco mix rounds out the package, paying homage to classic r&b, disco and house sounds with a polished nod to the 80s. Both versions offer a unique flavour, making this release a stunning collection that caters to diverse musical tastes. Whether you're in the mood for tropical warmth, soulful beats, or nostalgic disco, 'Give My Love' delivers beautifully.
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 in stock $14.54
Always Be True
Cat: JM 10013. Rel: 10 Jun 24
Always Be True (4:23)
House Party (5:49)
One (6:02)
Sugar & Spice (6:51)
Review: J & M Music Co US welcomes LeBaron James for another standout four-tracker that brings raw house and smooth disco together on one EP. Up first is 'Always Be True' is a deceptively simple sound that brings straight-up dancefloor beats with hooky pads. 'House Party' then has more heavy kicks and wild percussive patterns to liven up any party and 'One' then brings a more cool and laid-back disco groove that has a slick modern twist. Last but not least is 'Sugar And Spice' which brings a touch of sophisticated and chic instrumental vibes. It's a fourth different sound on a versatile EP.
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 in stock $12.68
Everything Is Here
Everything Is Here (gatefold 2xLP)
Cat: RM 087LP. Rel: 24 Jun 24
Space Odyssey (3:39)
Against The Odds (2:22)
Lush (feat Tkay Maidza) (3:33)
Be Easy (feat Magi Merlin) (3:34)
Mars (feat Kurtis Wells) (3:16)
Gaspard's Dream (3:34)
Blurry (6:25)
Quest (Real Love) (feat Pote) (3:21)
Interface (2:29)
Too Much Of The Same Things (feat Kurtis Wells) (4:16)
Closer To The Source (Signals) (3:38)
No Escape (feat Barney Bones) (3:27)
Sunseeker (feat The Code) (2:56)
Left In The Air (3:23)
Music For The End (2:46)
 in stock $33.31
Lovin Cup
Lovin Cup (LP + insert limited to 300 copies)
Cat: EPSL 001. Rel: 17 Jun 24
Don't You Run From Me (4:17)
The Answer (3:06)
Love Is The Reason (7:04)
Lovin Cup (4:57)
I'm For You (5:36)
Feel It (4:19)
What It Is (4:24)
Speak The Truth (5:28)
Review: The first release from the all new Epsilon label is Loving Cup, an album from Keys & Friends that features eight of their incredible and previously unreleased soul songs from the mid-70s. These have all been sourced directly from a master tape that was unearthed in the CEO and Founder of Music Of The Sea Inc, Eddie Caldwell's vault. The group was assembled by the famously talented Southside Chicago songwriter William A. Keyes and some included here were tracks first penned for artists like Sly Johnson, Little Johnny Taylor, and Joyce Faison. Now available on vinyl for the first time, these high-quality recordings capture the essence of 70s soul and disco with some upbeat delights next to rueful downbeat beauties.
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 in stock $34.36
Kookoo Sampler Vol 1
Cat: KOOK 1064. Rel: 25 Jun 24
Mark Knight & Armand Van Helden - "Don't Abuse It" (extended) (5:47)
Cloud One - "Disco Juice" (Fabrikate rework) (4:47)
Full Intention - "Sky;s The Limit" (6:37)
Ewan McVicar - "Plain Outta Luck" (5:59)
 in stock $15.59
Pulsar (gatefold blue vinyl LP + booklet in spot-varnished sleeve (indie exclusive))
Cat: IDOLLPLTDB 141. Rel: 13 Jun 24
Cosmogonie (3:02)
Amour Ex Machina (3:46)
Me Da Igual (3:20)
Love From The Other Side (4:06)
Danza Marilu (feat Fabiana Martone) (3:50)
Any Way (feat Maggie Rogers) (5:11)
Deja Vue (3:55)
Girl! (3:54)
Sweet & Sublime (feat Erick The Architect) (4:46)
Pulsar (4:12)
Review: L'Imperatrice's upcoming album Pulsar promises to be a vibrant fusion of funk, disco, pop, and house music, enriched with influences from French house and Italo-disco. The Parisian group show their versatility by incorporating elements of hip-hop, kosmische, and pop into their sonic palette, featuring guest vocalists such as Maggie Rogers, Erick the Architect, and Fabiana Martone, Pulsar promises to deliver a dynamic listening experience. With their infectious energy and innovative sound, L'Imperatrice continues to fascinate audiences, making Pulsar an eagerly anticipated addition to their discography.
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Pulsar (gatefold tangerine vinyl LP + poster in spot-varnished sleeve (indie exclusive))
Cat: MCQM 40LPC. Rel: 10 Jun 24
Cosmogonie (3:02)
Amour Ex Machina (3:46)
Me Da Igual (3:20)
Love From The Other Side (4:06)
Danza Marilu (feat Fabiana Martone) (3:50)
Any Way (feat Maggie Rogers) (5:11)
Deja Vue (3:55)
Girl! (3:54)
Sweet & Sublime (feat Erick The Architect) (4:46)
Pulsar (4:12)
Review: L'Imperatrice's upcoming album Pulsar promises to be a vibrant fusion of funk, disco, pop, and house music, enriched with influences from French house and Italo-disco. The Parisian group show their versatility by incorporating elements of hip-hop, kosmische, and pop into their sonic palette, featuring guest vocalists such as Maggie Rogers, Erick the Architect, and Fabiana Martone, Pulsar promises to deliver a dynamic listening experience. With their infectious energy and innovative sound, L'Imperatrice continues to fascinate audiences, making Pulsar an eagerly anticipated addition to their discography.
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Pulsar (limited gatefold LP + booklet + insert in spot-varnished sleeve)
Cat: QLIMA 040V. Rel: 13 Jun 24
Cosmogonie (3:02)
Amour Ex Machina (3:46)
Me Da Igual (3:20)
Love From The Other Side (4:06)
Danza Marilu (feat Fabiana Martone) (3:50)
Any Way (feat Maggie Rogers) (5:11)
Deja Vue (3:55)
Girl! (3:54)
Sweet & Sublime (feat Erick The Architect) (4:46)
Pulsar (4:12)
Review: L'Imperatrice's upcoming album Pulsar promises to be a vibrant fusion of funk, disco, pop, and house music, enriched with influences from French house and Italo-disco. The Parisian group show their versatility by incorporating elements of hip-hop, kosmische, and pop into their sonic palette, featuring guest vocalists such as Maggie Rogers, Erick the Architect, and Fabiana Martone, Pulsar promises to deliver a dynamic listening experience. With their infectious energy and innovative sound, L'Imperatrice continues to fascinate audiences, making Pulsar an eagerly anticipated addition to their discography.
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Aliens From Above
Aliens From Above (7" limited to 250 copies)
Cat: RITR 101. Rel: 20 Jun 24
Aliens From Above (4:09)
Dub From Above (4:05)
Review: Love's Command have been "riding the rocket of Brit funk" ever since day one says ROCit who now serves up a pair of new cuts from them. This record is designed to spread love and pace and it does that with feel-good vibes from the off. 'Aliens From Above' is an out-there funk sound with tight, quick drumming, plenty of neat guitar riffs and a cosmic feel from the lush synths. Add in vocoder vocals and you have a trip to outer space that you will never want to end. Flip it over and you get a more dubbed-out version that is no less of an adventure.
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Love To The World (reissue)
Cat: SP 12515. Rel: 21 Jun 24
Love To The World (LP version) (4:51)
Love To The World (Joey Negro Mizell Magic mix) (8:36)
Review: 'Love To The World', a sumptuously opulent and heavily orchestrated disco-soul number, transformed the fortunes of L.T.D - and their freshly appointed lead vocalist, Jeffrey Osborne - on its initial release in 1976. Here the full-length version of the track gets the reissue treatment for the first time in a while, with the band's gorgeous original mix (produced by none other than Larry and Fonce Mizzell) being backed by a fresh rub by house master turned disco king Dave Lee. The Z Records founder makes the most of the band's original vocals and instrumentation (admittedly with the addition of splashes of reverb and delay) on a seemingly re-constructed 'Mizzell Magic Mix' that brilliantly stretches out the cut by stripping back the orchestration and other musical elements at key points. It's a genuinely brilliant rework.
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A Promise In The Cold Night
Cat: BAP 198. Rel: 17 Jun 24
Ritmo Electronico (6:27)
Tanzen (feat Alex Vincent) (6:46)
Synthesised Emotion (5:43)
Sphere Of Light (5:04)
Review: LVCA and Otis channel the sounds of their homeland into a brooding mix of addictive lines and vocoder fire in 'Ritmo Electronico'. The track opens with a steel-edged snare driving smeared synths through a neon-stained cityscape, with robotic lyrics adding menace to the scene. 'Tanzen' pulls listeners deeper into A Promise In The Cold Night, featuring Alex Vincent's glitchy words, bright burbling bars, and a clean clap that light the way. The album's true coldness emerges with 'Synthesised Emotion,' where stabbing keys and a haze of hi-hats create a smoky, electrical atmosphere. This haze thickens in 'Sphere Of Light,' as aquatic tones and static distortion blend with ghostly vocals, encapsulating listeners in a fog of bending bodies and forms. LVCA and Otis have crafted an album that is perfect for those seeking a dark, electronic escape.
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Tags: Hi-NRG | Nu Disco
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Come On
Come On (limited white blue & red splattered vinyl 12")
Cat: MAXI 112612. Rel: 12 Jun 24
Come On
My Best (instrumental)
Come On (Flemming Dalum remix)
Come On (Flemming Dalum Special remix)
Review: Effusive, full-bodied Italo disco from Maurice Yesterday and reissued by ZYX; 'Come On' sounds like it could've been released yesterday and yet this reissue still retains all of the character of its original 1986 pressing. The Italian DJ's sole single emerged shortly after his affectionate nicknaming by a fellow Maurizio, producer Maurizio Sangineto; 'Maurice Yesterday' is a translation of the artist Maurizio's surname Ieri. 'Come On' and its inverse side 'My Best' are as clean but electric as the best in Italo disco can possibly get.
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Gypsy Woman
Cat: GCV 7006. Rel: 11 Jun 24
Montefiori Cocktail - "Gypsy Woman" (Micky More & Andy Tee 7" remix) (4:47)
Jestofunk - "Special Love" (feat Jocelyn Brown - Micky More & Andy Tee 7" Jazz remix) (4:59)
Review: Micky More & Andy Tee's remixes of 'Gypsy Woman' and 'Special Love' by Montefiori Cocktail and Jestofunk respectively are jazz-infused delights that bring new life to these classic tracks. On the A-side, 'Gypsy Woman' exudes Latin disco flair, with infectious rhythms, a stunning horn section and uplifting strings that create an irresistible dancefloor vibe. Meanwhile, the flip features the iconic vocals of Jocelyn Brown on 'Special Love,' seamlessly blending disco and house elements for a soulful and energetic experience. The live instrumentation, including bass and horns, adds depth and authenticity to both remixes, enhancing their appeal to DJs and listeners alike. These remixes are sure to light up any dancefloor with their timeless appeal.
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The Blackout Night
The Blackout Night (180 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: GAMM 181. Rel: 20 Jun 24
The Blackout Night (9:01)
The Blackout Night (reprise) (6:34)
Review: GAMM makes a triumphant return with Moplen's grand disco rework, 'The Blackout Night,' a testament to the vibrant sound of urban New York City circa 1977. Presented in a full-colour 12" vintage sleeve and labels, both the music and artwork exude authentic disco vibes. The main extended version and the reprise mix (dub version) are drenched in lush strings, soulful vocals, and a pulsating disco backbeat. It's a track tailor-made for DJs and dancers alike, delivering a timeless groove that pays homage to the golden era of disco while igniting dancefloors with infectious energy.
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! low stock $16.91
Melodie (limited white vinyl 7")
Cat: SSCR 2024006WHITE. Rel: 25 Jun 24
Melodie (Rob Hardt vocal mix) (4:44)
Melodie (Rob Hardt dub mix) (4:43)
 in stock $16.66
I'm Gonna Dance
Cat: 801999 1891650. Rel: 13 Jun 24
I'm Gonna Dance (mix extended) (6:20)
I'm Gonna Dance (radio edit) (3:38)
Crimson & Lover (Re:mark vs Harroway Souvenir dance mix) (4:58)
I'm Gonna Dance (Roberto Turatti remix) (4:18)
I'm Gonna Dance (Italoconnection extended remix) (5:52)
I'm Gonna Dance (Italoconnection radio edit) (3:41)
 in stock $20.09
MYOKEN 001 (limited 12")
Cat: MYOKEN 001. Rel: 25 Jun 24
Roll (7:23)
Fire (4:35)
Review: MYOKEN's self-titled release on their own label brings a fresh take on Adele's classics, blending Disco and Nu-Disco elements. Side-1 features 'Roll,' a high-energy, pumping electro house track that transforms Adele's original into a dance floor stormer. The infectious beats and driving rhythm make it a standout. Side 2's 'Fire' offers a low bubbling, darker cover of 'Set Fire to the Rain,' giving the track a more intense vibe. The brooding basslines and atmospheric production add depth, making it a great balance to the first side. MYOKEN's reinterpretations breathe new life into these well-known songs, perfect for dance fans.
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Ambo (12")
Cat: DMR 003. Rel: 17 Jun 24
The Venetian Girl (Marisa) (5:52)
Up (6:44)
Review: Paul Older is the man behind the Disco Mind Records and after something of a short break, he and it are back with a bang. These two superb cuts are the result of him going on a deep digging record trip and unearthing two marvelous old gems that have been expertly restored for modern dance floors without losing any of the grit and realness that makes old tunes so appealing. 'The Venetian Girl (Marisa)' comes on strong with huge horns and big Philly percussion that reminds immediately of the legendary Studio 54 and then 'Up' is a big-time party pumper with funky elements to get the floor going.
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Tobago (remixes)
Tobago (remixes) (12'' Nachpressung)
Cat: DS M 006. Rel: 10 Jun 24
Tobago (original 12" vocal) (4:58)
Tobago (Miro Piano Paradise) (5:59)
Tobago (original 12" instrumental) (5:01)
Tobago (Bolas & Dama dub) (5:06)
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Zur + Zora
Zur + Zora (limited CD)
Cat: EVERLANDYU 007008CD. Rel: 20 Jun 24
Prepad (4:06)
Svetski Osmeh (3:51)
Daj Mi Sansu (4:15)
Progesio Sam (4:48)
Djuskaj (3:17)
Kupatilo Je Shvatilo (3:06)
Meterology (5:46)
Otisli Smo (3:38)
Zguzvala Si Snove (3:28)
Perlica (4:04)
Pozar U Glavi (4:55)
Usamljenik Na Dnu Kosmosa (5:35)
Mi Smo Uvek Bili Samo Drugovi (4:23)
Zajedno Srecni (4:56)
U Ludnici (5:13)
Zajedno Srecni (instrumental) (3:04)
 in stock $14.79
Follow Me (reissue)
Cat: SC 7700. Rel: 18 Jun 24
Follow Me (3:41)
E=MC2 (3:29)
Review: An original of this is so hard to find that even on the most prominent second hand market site out there it hasn't been traded for more than a decade and a half. And it is certainly you now want to cop if you know what's up: Phase II's a-side delight 'Follow Me' is an adventurous synthed-out peak time boogie jam with spiritual levels of vocal magic. On the flip is a slightly more psychedelic disco stomper with freaky pads and wispy melodies over fast paced drum funk.
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