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Tags: 90s Garage

Products tagged as 90s Garage
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More Dub Essentials Part 2
Cat: DTR 018. Rel: 08 Mar 22
UK Garage
Man Needed (6:22)
Together (4:45)
Allnighter (6:49)
Bonus Drums & Bass (3:02)
 in stock $15.34
Tree House Rhythms
Tree House Rhythms (heavyweight vinyl 12")
Cat: EM 001. Rel: 22 May 23
Deep House
Love Is What You Need (6:21)
I Got You (5:03)
Let It Go (5:44)
Riding On A Cloud (4:52)
Review: Endangered Musique kicks off with a high-quality reissue of an EP that deep house heads will either already know or soon grow to love. It was written by Jose Chinga in 1994 and is an alias of an artist better known as Brothers' Vibe aka Tony Rodriguez. The opening tune 'Love Is What You Need' is also the most well-known - it's US garage with low-slung drums and grainy pad work with a simple but effective vocal. 'I Got You' picks up the pace with shuffling drums and a grinding lead before the warm 90s house sounds come to the fore again on 'Let It Go' and 'Riding On A Cloud'. Lovely stuff.

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 in stock $15.09
Closer Than Close
Cat: DEMSING 001. Rel: 28 Apr 23
Funky/Club House
Closer Than Close (3:46)
Closer Than Close (Mentor club mix) (7:31)
Closer Than Close (Tuff Jams Even Closer) (7:01)
Closer Than Close (Frankie Classic club mix) (10:20)
Review: Rosie Gaines will also be synonymous with her smash hit single 'Closer Than Close' (also the name of her fifth album) which now gets reissued by the Demon Record Singles Club. Gaines actually started her career back in 1985 when she perfumed and recorded with The Curtis Ohlson Band but it was when she was a member of Prince & The New Power Generation that she really got noticed. Her Closer Than Close album came in 1995 and soon after she was dropped by Motown, but a remix of the title track a year so so later arrived in club land on bootleg and sold over eight million copies around the world.
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 in stock $17.46
Deep Dub Essentials Part 3
Cat: DTR 019. Rel: 30 Aug 23
UK Garage
The Heaven Track
Touch The After World
Realm Of The B Line
Just A Vibe
Review: Digital Tape Recordings kick out another vital 12" on wax here, this time with a third part of their on going and excellent Deep Dub Essentials series. 24HR Experience is at the helm here with a quartet of house and garage collisions that bring the good times. 'The Heaven Track' is a classic US garage cut with stiff snares and low slung drums, and 'Touch The After World' is just as deep and warm. 'Just A Vibe' is the highlight at the end - nice New Jersey drum with warming organ stabs and a carefree groove that effortlessly sweeps you up off your feet.
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Gespielt von: Paul Starey
 in stock $15.34
Behind The Groove Present: Victor Simonelli The Early Years Vol 2
Cat: UNKWNLTD 002. Rel: 24 May 23
Deep House
NY's Finest - "Do You Feel Me" (club mix) (7:11)
Groove Committee - "Dirty Games" (club mix) (8:57)
Street Players Vol 1 - "Make It Thru The Night" (7:38)
Sound Of One - "I Know A Place" (118 BPM mix) (7:21)
Inner Faith - "I've Been Changed" (club mix) (7:32)
International Connection - "I Can't Help Myself" (previously unreleased instrumental mix) (7:26)
Review: Victor Simonelli's house music legacy is assured - he more than made his mark on the genre back in the 90s with plenty of iconic cuts and legendary DJ sets and now that is all being highlighted by this ongoing multi-part series from Unknwn. The comprehensive collection looks at the early years here with some of his top mixes including those that have not previously been released. There is an in-depth almost hour-long audio and written interview between BTG founder Alex Rose and Victor to go with this release that is well worth finding.
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 in stock $34.66
Dub Essentials Part 1
Cat: DTR 017. Rel: 29 Nov 22
UK Garage
Feelings Mutual (6:57)
Deeper (5am mix) (5:46)
Scatter (6:01)
Mantra (4:42)
Gone Loopy (3:13)
Review: Digital Tape Recordings take it al the way back to 1994 here with the timeless early garage sounds of Dub Essentials Part 1 from 24Hour Experience. It captures the essence of UKG at the time and was first released on the definitive Nice N Ripe label. It has a range of sounds from the soothing depths and soulful samples of 'Feeling's Mutual' to the more clipped and bouncy 'Deeper (5am mix)'. 'Scatter' then layer sup jumbled perc and US house styles with rich organ chords and 'Mantra' again keeps it deep and rather sleazy with some filthy bass. Last of all is the slinky sound of 'Gone Loopy' to round out a classic.
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Gespielt von: Paul Starey
 in stock $15.34
Nothing Is Lost Vol 2: The Easy Street Dubs
Cat: WOLFNIL 002. Rel: 08 Jul 20
Deep House
Sleeque - "One For The Money" (dub) (4:41)
Paradise Girls - "Holding Back" (Paul Back dubmental mix II) (7:37)
Alexander Hope - "Let The Music Take You" (The Klub Head dub) (6:37)
System VIII - "Underground" (Untouched dub) (5:56)
 in stock $13.23
Veneno Pa Tu Piel
Veneno Pa Tu Piel (12" + insert)
Cat: DE 308. Rel: 04 Jul 23
Funky/Club House
Veneno Pa Tu Piel (Xtended version) (4:31)
Veneno Pa Tu Piel (single version) (4:01)
Rap De La Veneno (House mix) (5:15)
Rap De La Veneno (Digo dub mix) (3:43)
Review: Veneno is the most beloved transgender TV star in Spain and now she arrives on the equally revered Dark Entries label as part of Madrid Pride on June 30th. Cristina Ortiz was a sex worker when she was discovered by the TV program "Este Noche Cruzamos el Mississippi." She became a regular on it with a great sense of wit and a unique way of relaying stories about her work on the streets. Her career in music started in 1996 and has seen her serve up big Eurobeat tunes like 'Veneno Pa Tu Piel' and house cuts such as 'El Rap De La Veneno'. Two mixes of both of those hit tunes are presented here and are enduring gay anthems that will light up any party.
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 in stock $15.09
Club Lonely (remixes)
Cat: XSS 688580. Rel: 01 Jan 90
Funky/Club House
Cub Lonely (I'm On The Guest List mix) (6:56)
Cub Lonely (Not On The List instrumental mix) (3:56)
Cub Lonely (DJ Pierre's Afro club mix) (6:53)
Cub Lonely (Bellbottoms & Platforms mix) (5:06)
Cub Lonely (Radically Lonely mix) (4:26)
Review: Chicago house great Lil Louis really nailed it when he wrote 'Cub Lonely' back in 1992 with his group The World. It was taken from their album A Journey With The Lonely and has lead vocals by Joi Cardwell that helped it become an instant club smash. All these years later it always gets a big reaction on the floor which is why it has now been reissued by Epic complete with a series of remixes. The I'm On The Guest List mix is the one with the wonky sax lines and steamy vocals, the instrumental is paired back and more club-ready then DJ Pierre's Afro club mix bringing some big and freewheeling synth energy. The Bellbottoms & Platforms mix is a subtle tweak and then the most raw of the lot is the Radically Lonely mix to close down.
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Gespielt von: Paul Starey, Rafa Santos
 in stock $14.02
Behind The Groove Present Victor Simonelli The Early Years Vol 1
Cat: UNKWNLTD 001. Rel: 09 May 23
Deep House
Cloud 9 - "Do You Want Me Baby" (club mix) (8:07)
Instant Exposure - "Wanna Be With You" (club mix) (9:41)
Raiana Paige - "You're My Only Man" (TMvs Underground mix) (6:44)
Solution - "Feels So Right" (7:26)
Sixth Sense - "Don't You Feel It" (club mix) (7:11)
Did It All For Love (Victor & Glenn dub) (7:02)
Review: Unknwn kick off a multi-part double pack series here that serves a deserving light on the work of New York artist Victor Simonelli, who is famous for working with Afrika Bambaataa to help mix the epic 'Planet Rock'. As both a DJ and a producer he made a huge mark on the genre back in the 90s and it is that period which is in focus here. This is a real collectors' piece from the Behind The Groove crew that's packed with vital cuts from the rare mixes of Rain Page and EZ-AL to Cloud 9's 'Do You Want Me' via Solution's 'Feel So Right', all of which provide undoubted proof that he was a man on fire back in those golden early days.
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Gespielt von: Paul Starey
 in stock $36.25
Too Late
Too Late (12")
Cat: SOUTH 011. Rel: 19 Sep 23
UK Garage
Too Late (Deep vocal mix) (6:43)
Too Late (Underground dub) (7:00)
Review: Trying to find an original of this is a fool's errand that only results in disappointment when you eventually find a copy and discover it will cost you over L100. But happily, this repress makes it available to all old-school garage lovers. It's a real classic from MAD Productions aka MJ Cole and Darryl B. The silky smooth and deep drums power the groove onwards while the queen that is Carroll Thompson provides a soulful vocal up top. On the flip is the highly sought underground dub of 'Too Late' which is just as essential.
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Gespielt von: Paul Starey
 in stock $15.61
Tomorrow People (25th Anniversary Special Edition)
Cat: WS 007RE. Rel: 26 Jan 24
Deep House
Tomorrow People (main mix) (8:02)
Tomorrow People (bonus beats) (2:56)
Tomorrow People (Teflon dub) (6:29)
Tomorrow People (6:34)
Review: Second time around for Teflon Dons' legendary 1999 collaboration with soul sensation Gregory Porter, who at the time was a virtually unknown artist whose greatest commercial successes were still some years off. The EP begins with the 'Main Mix', a blend of Kenny Dope style broken deep house beats, sumptuous chords, garage-house bass and slick lead vocals from Porter, before we're treated to a 'Bonus Beats' version that wraps spacey synths around the Dons' hot-stepping drums. Over on the flip, the Teflon Dons reach for weighty sub bass, reverb-laden vocal snippets and oceans-deep chords on a superb dancefloor dub, before the 'Original Mix' - a warmer, sunnier and more soulful vocal deep house excursion - rounds off a must-have reissue.
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 in stock $20.64
Spend The Night
Cat: FULLC 003. Rel: 14 May 24
UK Garage
Spend The Night (H-Man dub) (7:16)
Spend The Night (Archie Hamilton remix) (6:34)
Spend The Night (VIP dub) (6:07)
Spend The Night (Disco edit) (5:37)
Review: The Full Circle label is building up a fine head of steam early on and this third EP is a throwback garage classic. It's a re-release of a cult gem from Danny J Lewis with the steamy vocals of Danielle Gaga. 'Spend the Night' has it all - the hooky and soulful vocal, the dry percussive drums, the infectious swing and the lush chords. As well as the H-Man dub, there are other versions including one from tech house tian Archie Hamilton, a super smooth VIP dub and a Disco Edit that layers in some cosmic arps and leaves the great original vocal intact.
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Gespielt von: Paul Starey
 in stock $15.34
1 2 Luv
1 2 Luv (12")
Cat: DTR 024. Rel: 23 Apr 24
Deep House
1 2 Luv (6:19)
Sampler (6:04)
Groovement (5:47)
Dubment (5:15)
Review: First released on Nice & Ripe in 1994 when it was produced by early UK house and garage dons Grant Nelson, Si Firmin, and David Thackeray, this track has been remastered for the first time. The reissue comes on Digital Tape Recordings and sounds as good as ever, especially given the current revival of original garage. Reminiscent of their iconic 24hr Experience and GOD releases, it opens with the gritty and low slung sounds of '1 2 Luv', features the more thumping 'Sampler', diva vocal cries of 'Groovement' and stripped back version 'Dubment'.
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Gespielt von: Paul Starey
 in stock $16.41
Franky EP (reissue)
Cat: MI 71002. Rel: 21 Nov 23
Deep House
Runaway (7:10)
Stand Up (5:18)
Heart Vibe (5:26)
Drur Soul (6:02)
Review: Marco Funari released his Franky E.P. Vol. 2 back in 1991 in the Music Institute label and it is now residues following last year's Ciao Lee Tong banger. These are all direct to dancefloor and raw house jams with plenty of proud analogue textures and no nonsense grooves. 'Stand Up' is a standout with its steamy vocals stitched into the bristling drums while 'Heart Vibe' sinks into a deeper groove with prominent 90s basslines taking centre stage. There is more all out emption in 'Drur Soul' with its diva cries and steamy emotional intensity while 'Runaway' is a percussive thumper.
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 in stock $17.73
A Love From Tokyo 1991-2003
Cat: SOV 021. Rel: 14 Sep 23
Deep House
Crazy Love
Call You Back
Little Bit Of Our Love
Samba De Howa Howa
Love Luv Rendez-vous
(Earth In) Blue
Dancing On Mars
Super Love
Love Me One More Time
 in stock $29.38
You're Mine
You're Mine (limited 12")
Cat: LOCKEDLTD 17. Rel: 13 Dec 22
UK Garage
Suburban Lick - "You're Mine" (5:37)
David Howard - "U & I" (feat Jay Palmer) (7:03)
 in stock $18.26
Let's Dance Vol 5
Cat: FJMEDITS 05. Rel: 29 Jul 24
Share The Night
Big Chief
Let's Do It Right
Acid Fantasies
Review: Funkyjaws Music has decided to offer up its first solo EP here having decided to make the previous four volumes of its Let's Dance series various artists collections. JKriv gets the nod here and doesn't disappoint. First up is the leggy mid-tempo disco of 'Share The Night' with its chattery Chicago house style drums and rasping bass. 'Big Chief' is a brilliant mid-tempo jumble of percussion, toms, hits, grinding bass and lazy kicks and 'Let's Do It Right' then takes off on nice clean piano house grooves full of uplifting joy. 'Acid Fantasies' closes out a truly varied EP with a more raw and direct acid house jacker.
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