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When The Heat Comes Down
Cat: JAL 286V. Rel: 27 Sep 18
Hip Hop/R&B
  1. When The Heat Comes Down (feat ASM) (3:14)
  2. Big Bad Woman (3:13)
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Steal The Show
Cat: JAL 280CD. Rel: 18 Oct 18
  1. Fade Away (feat Andy Cooper)
  2. Can't Keep Working This Hard
  3. When The Heat Comes Down (feat ASM)
  4. Dance Now
  5. Big Bad Woman
  6. Steal The Show (feat Andy Cooper)
  7. Let's Drive (feat Izo FitzRoy)
  8. Keep It Moving (feat Skunkadelic)
  9. No Look Pass Bop (feat Uncle Frank)
  10. I Don't Know (feat Andy Cooper)
  11. Countdown (feat Dr Syntax)
  12. Run It Back (feat Andy Cooper)
  13. Samba Fox
Review: Boom: three years, three albums. No biggie for Bristol duo The Allergies, Jalapeno's biggest success story since Kraak & Smaak. Each album shows them getting deeper into the groove, creeping away from the cheeky samples and sculpting their own pedigree funk originals. With Ugly Ducking Andy Cooper onside through the mix from the wild ride vibing "Fade Away" to the white knuckle lyrical fire of "Run It Back", there's a real band feeling to the whole album as familiar voices thread throughout the jams... including that of UK hip hop legend Dr Syntax.
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Gespielt von: The Allergies
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Say The Word
Say The Word (gatefold orange vinyl 2xLP + insert)
Cat: JAL 350V. Rel: 16 Jul 20
  1. Hit Me One Time (feat Andy Cooper) (3:08)
  2. Let Them Know (feat The Cuban Brothers) (3:44)
  3. Say The Word (feat Andy Cooper & Marietta Smith) (3:30)
  4. Felony (3:11)
  5. Take My Love (feat Marietta Smith) (3:55)
  6. I Just Got That Feeling (feat Andy Cooper) (4:18)
  7. Every Trick In The Book (3:11)
  8. Get Yourself Some (2:58)
  9. Rile 'Em Up (feat Andy Cooper & Marietta Smith) (3:26)
  10. Hot Sensation (feat Dynamite MC) (3:28)
  11. I'm On It (feat Dr Syntax & Skunkadelic) (3:15)
  12. Take Me Back (feat Mr Woodnote) (3:22)
  13. It Feels So Good (feat Marietta Smith) (4:19)
Review: Even by their usual high standards, the Allergies new LP - their fourth in total - is a particularly kaleidoscopic, party-starting affair. It sees the popular Bristol duo join forces with a series of guest vocals and MCs, most notably regular rapper Andy Cooper and cheeky scene veterans the Cuban Brothers, to deliver a series of funk-fuelled workouts that variously mix and match elements of hip-hop, mambo, stomping Northern Soul, deep funk, jazz and horn-heavy 1970s soul. While the samples of old are still present, it's the tightness and weightiness of the live instruments and strong vocals that make "Say The Word" such a terrific listen. In our opinion it's their strongest collection of work to date, and that's saying something. Bravo!
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 in stock $22.03
Lean On You
Cat: JAL 352V. Rel: 22 Apr 21
  1. Lean On You (feat Dynamite MC) (2:54)
  2. Working On Me (3:21)
Review: Times may change and life may evolve, but the Allergies will always be unashamed party-starters whose records are both pleasingly heavy and instantly accessible. By now, you shouldn't need further proof og their skills in this department, but if you do, the Bristol combo's latest "45" is a lesson is dancefloor-igniting goodness. 'Lean on You' is a live and funk-fuelled as you'd expect, with distinctive flash-fried funk-rock guitar riffs, bustling, interestingly slung breakbeats and a fine lead vocal from Dynamite MC. Over on the flip, 'Working on Me' is a more bluesy, cut-and-paste funk breaks number that's guaranteed to get feet moving out on the dancefloor.

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Move On Baby
Cat: JAL 354V. Rel: 17 Jun 21
  1. Move On Baby (3:12)
  2. Are You Ready (feat Andy Cooper & Marietta Smith) (3:15)
Review: Jalapeno Records is one of UK's funkiest dance labels and is has been for ages. Bristol beatmakers The Allergies are just as funky and always serve up a massive dose of sunshine on their Latin flecked sounds. The opener here is 'Move On Baby' and is one of the best tunes the pair have ever laid down. Its packed with great samples, a high speed 60s spy theme rhythm and vintage rhythm 'n' blues vocals over energetic drum breaks. It is a textbook offering form this duo with all the big hooks and horns you need to carry you to the next level. B-side banger 'Are You Ready' is a stomping soul sessions with huge vocal work from Miss Marietta Smith.
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 in stock $15.34
Promised Land
Cat: JAL 356CD. Rel: 30 Sep 21
  1. Lean On You (feat Dynamite MC)
  2. Love Somebody
  3. Promised Land
  4. New Thing
  5. Utility Man (feat Andy Cooper)
  6. Move On Baby
  7. Going To The Party (feat Lyrics Born)
  8. Are You Ready (feat Andy Cooper & Marietta Smith)
  9. Working On Me
  10. Jumping Off
  11. The Beat
  12. Up Down Left Right (feat Andy Cooper & Marietta Smith)
  13. You
 in stock $10.32
Love Somebody
Cat: JAL 355V. Rel: 02 Sep 21
  1. Love Somebody (2:51)
  2. Promised Land (3:22)
Review: The JalapeNo label never fails to serve up the sort of hot and spicy funk sounds that electrify dance floors. It is UK beatmakers The Allergies who take care of this one with fire-in-the-hole future classics that pack powerful punches with their famous signature sound. First up is the vintage funk of 'Love Somebody' with its big and beefy breaks and vintage sounds. On the flipside is 'Promised Land' which is the title track from the forthcoming album. It's a big and bulky breakbeat smasher that will get the feet tapping and the fists pumping.
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 in stock $16.45
Going To The Party
Cat: FJAL 366. Rel: 13 Jan 22
  1. Going To The Party (feat Lyrics Born - extended 45 mix) (3:56)
  2. Utility Man (feat Andy Cooper) (3:27)
Review: UK beatmakers The Allergies are absolute Jalapeno mainstays who always serve up suitably sizzling and funky sounds. Following on form their last album Promised Land here back in September 2021, two of the singles from it now get pressed up to 7". The a-side is an extended version of 'Going To The Party' (feat Lyrics Born) with big drum breaks, live vocals and an atmospheric back and forth with super sized horns. 'Utility Man' (feat Andy Cooper) is a deeper, smoother cut with some mega slick vocal rhythms and lovely double bass sounds to get you bumping.
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 in stock $15.90
Entropy (CD)
Cat: JAL 351CD. Rel: 20 May 21
  1. Dahlias
  2. Cherry Blossom
  3. Slumber (feat Dontmesswithjuan)
  4. Apparition
  5. Between Love & Happiness (feat Muhsinah)
  6. Butterfly House
  7. Entropy
  8. Left Behind (feat Lalin St Juste)
  9. Rose Tint
  10. These Hands (part 2)
 in stock $9.48
Radio Trip
Cat: JAL 376V. Rel: 04 Feb 22
  1. Computers Singing
  2. Computers Singing (Markey Funk - Alfomega remix)
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Come Back Breaker
Cat: JAL 338V. Rel: 12 Nov 20
  1. Come Back Breaker (3:44)
  2. Beats Working (2:45)
  3. Drums Working (bonus Beat) (0:50)
Review: Dr Rubberfunk's sound has become more reliant on organic instrumentation over the years, but at heart he's still a turntablist with a love of Steinski and Coldcut style cut-and-paste productions. So while his recent My Life in 45 album was a kaleidoscopic musical smorgasbord of sounds, this follow-up single is a much more back-to-basics banger tailor-made for excitable DJs and even more excited breakdancers. 'Come Back Breaker' is a rolling, fun-fuelled number in which a plethora of quirky spoken word snippets and cut-up, energy-packed drum-breaks vie for attention with warm bass and guitar sounds seemingly lifted from old funk and soul jams. He continues this approach on the more jazz-funk influenced workout 'Beats Working', before showcasing his sweaty breaks on the short, DJ-friendly rhythm track 'Drums Working'.
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My Life At 45 Part 3
Cat: JAL 312V. Rel: 03 Oct 19
  1. A Matter Of Time (feat Izo FitzRoy) (4:34)
  2. Slim's Mood (3:41)
  3. Moody Drums (1:25)
Review: Dr Rubberfunk (AKA long-serving DJ/producer Simon Ward) may have reached the start of middle age, but he's showing no signs of succumbing to a typical "midlife crisis". In fact, his recent releases have been among the strongest of his career to date. The third part of his ongoing "My Life At 45" series is another belter, with opener "A Matter of Time" - featuring talented, fast-rising vocalist Izo FitzRoy - being a particularly strong exercise in revivalist 1960s soul. Elsewhere across the EP, "Slim's Mood" is a fine chunk of hazy rhythm and blues featuring some awesome, Peter Green style jazz guitar solos, while closing cut "Moody Drums" is a chunky beats track tailor-made for funk and hip-hop DJs who like to get busy in the mix.
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 in stock $9.21
My Life At 45 Part 4
Cat: JAL 320V. Rel: 09 Jan 20
  1. Boom! (feat John Turrell) (3:29)
  2. Drummin' In (bonus Beat) (1:16)
  3. Steppin' In (4:59)
 in stock $9.21
Part Time Millionaire
Cat: JAL 282V. Rel: 14 Mar 19
  1. Right On Top (1:38)
  2. Invisible (feat Laura Vane) (3:34)
  3. It Just Goes (feat Sarah Scott) (5:26)
  4. 15 000 Words (feat Elliott Cole) (4:07)
  5. Part Time Millionaire (2:42)
  6. Who's Got Me (feat Laura Vane) (3:54)
  7. Two Steps (feat Elliott Cole) (3:28)
  8. Take Your Money (3:25)
  9. Ex-Factor (feat Laura Vane) (4:12)
  10. Some Day (feat Izo FitzRoy) (4:03)
  11. The Wheel (feat Laura Vane) (4:20)
Review: With a long line of Tru Thoughts documents in his back cat going back to the mid-2000s, and a damn fine comeback on Lack of Afro's label a few years back, Flevans delivers his third album on the mighty Jalapeno. The perfect playground for his wide-armed hook-laden musical funk, and home to his prominent band members Elliott Cole and Izo FitzRoy, it's a match made in groove heaven. The sleazy prowls of "Two Steps", the delicious jazz funk of "Part Time Millionaire", the gilded feel good soul of "15,000 Words" and the straight up shape cutter "Invisible" are just some of the on-point highlights. And that's before we even get to the smouldering Lauryn Hill cover "Ex Factor". Part time millionaire, full time musical brilliance.
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 in stock $13.67
On The One
On The One (limited 7")
Cat: JAL 363V. Rel: 04 Nov 21
  1. On The One (feat Mr Auden Allen & Renegade Brass Band) (3:25)
  2. Nagu (3:37)
Review: Rising star Sam Redmore has a debut album on the way. That will be one to look out for in 2022, but first he's treating us to a handful of teaser singles. The latest, 'On The One', is genuinely special. Built around a skittish, Tony Allen style drum-beat and complimentary horns from the fantastic Renegade Jazz Brass Band, it's a 21st century update of the Fela Kuti Afrobeat sound topped off with rapped lead vocals from Mr Auden Allen. He continues the party-starting vibe on flipside 'Nagu', a genuinely heavy, full throttle fusion of Afrobeat and house laden with swooping strings, sun-bright funk guitar licks and weighty bass. It isn't quite as cultured as the A-side, but it's still a rock-solid peak-time bomb.
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 in stock $13.67
Ruthless Day
Cat: JAL 263V. Rel: 29 Mar 18
  1. Dust (4:25)
  2. Hero (feat Eric Boss) (4:34)
  3. Scared Of Something (3:32)
  4. Love Song (4:21)
  5. Sweet Memories (3:34)
  6. Around Again (2:46)
  7. STAY (feat Eric Boss) (3:41)
  8. Ruthless Day (4:23)
  9. Hey Romeo (3:03)
  10. Twelve (3:44)
  11. Amen (1:52)
Review: Having dazzled us with "Dust", Jalapeno's latest soulgirl delivers the label's first artist album of the year. Armed with a disarming vocal edge that cuts over a range of musical styles, there's a fresh sense of fire to Smith throughout. Whether it's the six string sleaze of "Sweet Memories", the spiralling harmony-heavy psychedelic soul of the title track or the dubbed-out contemporary funk of "Scared Of Something", Gizelle has her flow, energy and presence on lock. A remarkable debut LP.
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 in stock $13.67
Cat: JAL 347CD. Rel: 27 May 21
  1. Agony Road
  2. Superstar
  3. Better Remember (They're Controlling You)
  4. Maybe Baby (Lovin' You Was Never Ideal)
  5. The Girl Who Cried Slow
  6. King Of The Mountain
  7. Three Tiny Seeds
  8. Miss World (Less Is More)
  9. Riot Cars
 in stock $10.32
Revealing (LP + insert + MP3 download code)
Cat: JAL 347V. Rel: 27 May 21
  1. Agony Road (4:17)
  2. Superstar (3:50)
  3. Better Remember (They're Controlling You) (5:36)
  4. Maybe Baby (Lovin' You Was Never Ideal) (4:39)
  5. The Girl Who Cried Slow (5:30)
  6. King Of The Mountain (5:31)
  7. Three Tiny Seeds (3:55)
  8. Miss World (Less Is More) (5:11)
  9. Riot Cars (3:36)
Review: Manchester born and raised artist Gizelle Smith's third album once again sees her evolve, change and progress her skills and sounds. The singer has a newfound freedom, it seems, on Revelations, as she goes beyond the borders of funk and soul into new realms. The album is influenced by the sad loss of the artist's father in 2019. That prompted a creative reset that has resulting in new fusion of funk and r&b with elements of pop and rock all sitting well with her restrained yet candid vocals. This is the sound of a true artist revealing new layers to her self and her sound.
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 in stock $15.77
I Feel Alive
Cat: JAL 277V. Rel: 21 Jun 18
  1. I Feel Alive (3:14)
  2. Mr Hyde (4:44)
Review: Anticipation for the northern duo's fifth album Mount Pleasant continues to rise as the Jalapeno funksters drop another cheeky doublet ahead of the release. Two sides, two very distinct vibes: "I Feel Alive" tips a wee nod at their label mates Kraak & Smaak with its fluttering space disco elements and hip-strutting beats while "Mr Hyde" takes us up a notch with a sweaty northern soul twist. Bring on the album.
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 in stock $5.86
Stratos Bleu
Stratos Bleu (gatefold blue vinyl LP + MP3 download code)
Cat: JAL 340V. Rel: 19 Jun 20
  1. Do It (4:26)
  2. It Ain't Working (5:36)
  3. Elgin Towers (4:30)
  4. This Time (5:03)
  5. Never Wanted You More (4:26)
  6. Still Don't Know (5:08)
  7. EP (4:05)
  8. It's You (5:20)
  9. Talk About Nothing (3:55)
  10. Fade Away (4:37)
  11. The Northern Coal Experience (0:30)
Review: Modern day funkateers and stomping soul boys Smoove and Turrell can always be relied upon to deliver the party-starting goods. Even so, new album "Stratos Bleu" - their sixth studio set in total - may well be their strongest and most well-rounded set to date. Interestingly, this time round they've infused their usual breakbeat-driven funk and soul sound with a range of distinctly 1980s musical influences, including audible nods to boogie, electro, early Chicago house, Loose Ends, Soul II Soul and deep synth-pop. As a result, it's a hugely colourful and vibrant set, with Turrell's honeyed voice sounding particularly fresh atop Smoove's more electronic-sounding backing tracks.
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 in stock $18.40
Elgin Towers (Hot Toddy remixes)
Elgin Towers (Hot Toddy remixes) (12" limited to 300 copies)
Cat: JAL 331V. Rel: 03 Sep 20
  1. Elgin Towers (Hot Toddy remix) (5:25)
  2. Elgin Towers (4:32)
  3. Elgin Towers (Hot Toddy dub) (7:02)
Review: Jalapeno's main men, so-called Northern Funk proponents and Gateshead mainstays Smoove & Turrell serve up another of their mini classics with "Elgin Towers." It's a busy and bustling track that blends house, disco, funk and soul into one full flavour and high impact tune for the peak of the night. The much more tender and seductive Hot Toddy remix is low slung and funk-fuelled, while the dub is upbeat and rousing but with a little more space in the mix for the vocals to really hit home. This is another fine offering from these UK treasures, then.
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Gespielt von: The Allergies, Smoove
 in stock $10.60
Cat: JAL 85V. Rel: 03 Jun 21
  1. Beggarman (4:22)
  2. Higher (3:43)
Review: Newcastle upon Tyne's Smoove & Turrell originally released their sweltering soul power anthem 'Beggerman' which appeared on the Antique Soul album. The track is now getting a vinyl reissue 12 years later, thanks to JalapeNo Records. On the flip, you have got another classic from their back catalogue in the form of 'Higher' taken from the Eccentric Audio album and it is arguably their most slept on track, or, what they would probably best describe themselves as "North East Ghetto Soul".
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 in stock $16.45
If It Ain't Funky Back It Up
Cat: JAL 268V. Rel: 21 Jul 21
  1. If It Ain't Funky Back It Up (part 1) (2:34)
  2. If It Ain't Funky Back It Up (part 2) (2:43)
Review: Following his brazenly funky comeback last year, Danny Bennett's Soopasoul projects springs back into action for 2018 with another superlative hoedown. Slippery guitars, peaky horns and a tightly coiled break are wrapped up tightly by warm soul vocal that packs a clear message we should all live our lives by: if the situation doesn't meet expected funk requirements, it's best reversed out of view until it does meet the criteria. With funk proportions of such scale it needs two parts, there's no question of whether this 45" needs backing up or not. (It definitely doesn't.)
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 in stock $13.67
Twin Stix
Twin Stix (white vinyl LP + MP3 download code)
Cat: JAL 74V. Rel: 28 Oct 21
  1. My Place (3:52)
  2. Hot & Cold (feat Dionne Charles) (3:38)
  3. Brand Nu (4:32)
  4. Lookin' For Freddie (3:13)
  5. Soopasoul Theme (3:10)
  6. Swing Down (4:41)
  7. Ya Lookin' Tight (4:00)
  8. It's Just Begun (4:13)
  9. Do Me Wrong (feat Sitzka) (3:25)
  10. Twin Stix (3:46)
  11. Hustlin' (3:30)
  12. A Wild Mad Beat (4:10)
 in stock $23.14
A Wild Mad Beat
Cat: JAL 359V. Rel: 23 Sep 21
  1. A Wild Mad Beat (4:10)
  2. Swing Down (4:42)
Review: In recent years, Soopasoul has spent much of his time delivering funk-fuelled mash-ups and reworks under the Soopastole Edits alias. Here he returns to his roots, offering a pair of funk-fuelled cut-and-paste outings that should delight B-boys and B-girls the world over. The real killer is A-side 'A Wild Mad Beat', a hard funking affair in which a relentless bassline and crunchy, JB's style funk breaks are peppered with squally sax lines, hard-wired guitar licks, dreamy chords and jazzy flourishes. The producer makes use of his regular backing band on flipside 'Swing Down', an up-tempo funk-soul number marked out by delightful female lead vocals, punchy sax sounds and an undeniably restless groove.
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 in stock $14.78
Broken Toys
Cat: JAL 269V. Rel: 22 Aug 19
  1. Broken Toys (3:53)
  2. Broken Toys (Percapella) (3:56)
Review: If you're in the mood for something that sounds like a 21st century update of the Jackson Five's "ABC", step this way. It comes courtesy of The Tribe Of Good, a quartet whose funk-fuelled exploits have previously been released by Ultra Records. "Broken Toys" is very Jackson Five-esque, with what sounds like a young male vocalist singing "MJ" style over crunchy drum breaks, heavy horns, cheery guitars and headline-grabbing piano motifs. It's ear catching and addictive, with the accompanying flipside "Percapella" providing light-touch, bongo-driven percussion, vocals and some suitably trippy effects. It's certainly a handy DJ tool.
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 in stock $9.76
Jalapeno Records: Two Decades Of Funk Fire
Cat: JAL 2020CD. Rel: 26 Nov 20
  1. Smoove & Turrell - "Slow Down"
  2. Kraak & Smaak - "Squeeze Me" (feat Ben Westbeech)
  3. Aldo Vanucci - "You're All Show" (feat Kylie Auldist)
  4. The Allergies - "Felony"
  5. Gizelle Smith - "STAY" (feat Eric Boss)
  6. Featurecast - "Evil Eye" (feat Greg Blackman)
  7. Ephemerals - "You Made Us Change"
  8. Dr Rubberfunk - "Northern Comfort" (feat John Turrell)
  9. Basement Freaks - "Hit The Flame" (7 Inch edit)
  10. Skeewiff - "Soul Bossanova" (7 Inch edit)
  11. Soopasoul - "If It Ain't Funky Back It Up" (part 1)
  12. Izo FitzRoy - "I Want Magic" (Dimitri From Paris radio edit)
  13. Kraak & Smaak - "Money In The Bag" (K&S remix)
  14. The Allergies - "Rock Rock" (feat Andy Cooper)
  15. Smoove & Turrell - "You Could've Been A Lady"
  16. Skeewiff - "Triumph Stag"
  17. Alexia Coley - "Drive Me Wild"
  18. Ikon - "The Dove"
  19. Radio Trip - "Hashish" (feat Boom Pam)
  20. The Beekeepers - "Apiculture"
Gespielt von: Smoove
 in stock $6.97
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