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Cat: MRBCD 205. Rel: 18 Jun 19
  1. It's High Life
  2. Walking Down The Street
  3. 'Cause I Love You
  4. Cut Your Coat
  5. Adwoa
  6. Simigwa
  7. Franfranta
Review: Initially released in South Africa in 1982, Gyedu-Blay Ambolley's sophomore set is now regarded as a boogie-era Highlife classic. Here issued on CD for the very first time via Mr Bongo, the album features the Ghanaian star brilliantly joining the dots between driving disco-funk, jazz-funk, intoxicating slow jams, calypso, dub reggae and his beloved highlife. Highlights come thick and fast throughout, with standouts including heavy percussion jam "Simigwa", the boogie-dub skank of "Adwoa", the down-low grooves of "Walking Down The Street" and the killer disco highlife anthem "It's High Life". Simply essential.
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Daughters Of The Sky (limited CD)
Cat: UTR 114CD. Rel: 18 Jun 19
  1. Diamond Springs
  2. Weeping Idols
  3. Daughters Of The Sky
  4. Memories All At Once
  5. Off-World Colony
  6. East Of The Sun/West Of The Moon
  7. The Deku Tree
  8. Under Larches
  9. A World Is Born
  10. Tenebrae
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Cat: SB 029CD. Rel: 21 Jun 19
  1. Under The Night
  2. Sunshine Sometimes
  3. When You're Gone
  4. One More Time
  5. Dizzy
  6. Bird
  7. Bird Gone Wild
  8. Hummingbird
  9. Matters Of The Heart
  10. Echo Park
  11. Reprise
  12. Tall Man
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Balance (CD)
Cat: OA 222164. Rel: 20 Jun 19
  1. BX12 (part 1)
  2. April
  3. Wheels
  4. Santiago
  5. Merri Creek
  6. Window Shopping
  7. The Trip
  8. Fala Baixino
  9. Bye-ya
  10. BX12 (part 2)
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Schlagenheim (CD + poster)
Cat: RT 0073CD. Rel: 21 Jun 19
  1. 953
  2. Speedway
  3. Reggae
  4. Near DT, MI
  5. Western
  6. Of Schlagenhein
  7. Bmbmbm
  8. Years Ago
  9. Ducter
Review: The best thing since the Klaxons or Bloc Party have arrived. black midi! The student art rock band are bringing a new youthful energy and slight of malice back to the arena of post-indie inspired alternative guitar and synth music. They make this overtly known from the start with the supercharged opener that is "953", introducing an album that is said to have laid down eight of the record's nine tracks in just five days. Drums are fast and skittering, rhythms are dancey and guitars keep it Madchester jangley. "Speedway" (is that a wry Prodigy reference?) is among the album's highlights alongside the punk-funky "bmbmbm" and the short but trippy "Years Ago". With a 100 per cent backing by UK music institution Rough Trade: meet this generation's newest sensation.
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Cat: ATO 0500CD. Rel: 21 Jun 19
  1. Black Moon Rising
  2. Colors
  3. Know You Better
  4. Fire
  5. OCT 33
  6. Stay Gold
  7. Old Man
  8. Confines
  9. Touch The Sky
  10. Sweet Conversation
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Cat: PICI 0022CD. Rel: 21 Jun 19
  1. Pavement & The Boot
  2. I'm A Living Sickness
  3. Meditation
  4. Don't Sell You Mind
  5. Addicted To The Day
  6. I'm Higher Than I'm Down
  7. Painted Air
  8. Optical Sound
  9. The Third Eye
  10. Love Is A Wave
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Hommages (CD)
Cat: TWI 027CD. Rel: 18 Jun 19
  1. My First Homage
  2. The English Mail-coach
  3. The Vespertine Park
  4. Hi-tremolo
  5. Out Of Zaleski's Gazebo
  6. Danse Dieppoise
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Chill Out Experience (unmixed 2xCD box)
Cat: 336586 2. Rel: 21 Jun 19
  1. Michael E - "Mallorcan Soul"
  2. Jean-marie Riachi - "Je N'ai Pas Change"
  3. Ufuk Akyildiz - "Istanbul" (feat Nino Varon & Zeynep Doruk)
  4. Carlos Campos & Jean-marc Challe - "Utopia De Los Andes"
  5. Wind To All - "Molodka" (Marat Taturas Other Thing remix)
  6. Bert Kaempfert - "Strangers In The Night" (Meets De-phazz)
  7. Jacob Gurevitsch - "Motivo Loco"
  8. Deep Dive Corp, Mashti & Hush Forever - "Monday Morning"
  9. Prodoxo - "Soft Departure"
  10. Chris Le Blanc - "Offshore Serenade" (feat Susanna Rozsa)
  11. Steen Thottrup - "Cala Contigo"
  12. Maya Fadeeva - "Save A Little Love For Me"
  13. Blackloud - "Insider"
  14. Parallels & Joe Finch - "The Smooth Gardens"
  15. Birds Of Mind - "Lluvia Leve"
  16. Stepan Konicek & Wojciech Kilar - "Vocalise"
  17. Marga Sol - "Coco Tango"
  18. Professor - "Sabali"
  19. Dole & Kom, Seth Schwarz - "Darjeeling Train"
  20. Funkermonk - "Sermon Alvaro" (Suarez remix)
  21. DJ Khaikhan & Dest - "Mihrap" (Laroz Camel Rider remix)
  22. Amentia - "Sintra"
  23. Bakean - "Oud" (feat Velizar A)
  24. Jeangu Macrooy - "Aisa" (FNX Omar remix)
  25. Bart & Baker - "Atlantida" (EIDO)
  26. Jean-marc Calle & Carlos Campos - "Kroma Sweet"
  27. Jamie Lewis, Nikos Diamantopoulos - "Wish I Didn't Miss You" (feat Billie Brown)
  28. Nyaruach - "Gatluak" (Hyenah dub)
  29. Mozkai - "Sophia"
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Cat: WSD 65CD. Rel: 21 Jun 19
  1. Nightngale
  2. Roses (feat VV)
  3. Hello Stranger
  4. I'm Still Here
  5. River's Edge
  6. The Hollywood Sign
  7. Local Hero
  8. Morning Sun
  9. You Can Help Me
  10. Scattered Leaves
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Cat: EB 136. Rel: 18 Jun 19
  1. I'm No Robot
  2. I'm No Robot (dub)
  3. Babylon The Bandit
  4. Babylon The Bandit (dub)
  5. Fly Me To The Moon
  6. Fly Me To The Moon (dub)
  7. Jah Jah See Dem A Come
  8. Jah Jah See Dem A Come (dub)
  9. Hypocrite
  10. Hypocrite (dub)
  11. Malcolm X
  12. Malcolm X (dub)
  13. I & I Know (feat Mackeehan, Voicemail & Cedric Myton From The Congos)
  14. I & I Know (dub)
  15. In My Space (feat Mackeehan, Voicemail & Cedric Myton From The Congos - dub - Lexicon mix)
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Slavic Spirits (limited CD + book in slipcase)
Cat: AR 009CDLTD. Rel: 18 Jun 19
  1. Ciemnosc/The Darkness
  2. Leszy/Woodland Spirit
  3. Poludnica/The Noon Witch
  4. Sleza (Mgla)/Sleza (The Fog)
  5. Sleza/Sleza
  6. Przywitanie Slonca (Rytual)/Sun Worship (The Rite)
  7. Przywitanie Slonca/Sun Worship
 in stock $18.26
Cat: AR 009CDX. Rel: 18 Jun 19
  1. Ciemnosc/The Darkness
  2. Leszy/Woodland Spirit
  3. Poludnica/The Noon Witch
  4. Sleza (Mgla)/Sleza (The Fog)
  5. Sleza/Sleza
  6. Przywitanie Slonca (Rytual)/Sun Worship (The Rite)
  7. Przywitanie Slonca/Sun Worship
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30 Years Of Rage (unmixed 2xCD)
Cat: RAGECD 1. Rel: 21 Jun 19
  1. Leftfield - "Not Forgotten" (dub mix)
  2. Lennie De Ice - "We Are IE"
  3. Zero B - "Lock Up" (2012 Remaster)
  4. Wots My Code - "Dubplate"
  5. Foul Play - "Being With You"
  6. Fallout - "The Morning After" (Sunrise mix)
  7. Rhythim Is Rhythim - "Emanon"
  8. Cybersonik - "Technarchy"
  9. Frankie Bones - "Just As Long As I Got You"
  10. Ecstasy Club - "Jesus Loves The Acid"
  11. Nightmares On Wax - "Aftermath"
  12. Juno - "Soul Thunder"
  13. 33 1/3 Queen - "Searchin'"
  14. Q-Project - "Champion Sound" (Alliance remix)
  15. Tronikhouse - "Straight Outta Hell" (Hellbound mix)
  16. Yennek - "Serena X" (Innerzone mix)
  17. Richie Rich - "Salsa House"
  18. Debbie Malone - "Rescue Me" (club mix)
  19. Neon - "Don't Mess With This Beat" (instrumental mix)
  20. The Future Sound Of London - "Papua New Guinea"
  21. De-Lite - "Wild Times" (Mayday mix)
  22. D-Mob - "That's The Way Of The World" (feat Cathy Dennis)
  23. Top Buzz - "Living In Darkness"
  24. Brainkillers - "Screwface"
  25. Tic Tac Toe - "Ephemerol"
  26. Ability II - "Pressure Dub"
  27. Awesome 3 - "Don't Go"
Review: To mark the passing of three decades since they became resident DJs at weekly club night Rage, Fabio and Grooverider have put together this killer collection of tunes that not only rocked the party, but also laid the foundations for the jungle revolution that followed. It's a fine collection, with the veteran D&B duo serving up deep early progressive house (Leftfield), weighty bleep and bass (Ability II's peerless "Pressure Dub" and Juno's "Soul Thunder"), breakbeat-driven hardcore smashers (Zero B, Frankie Bones), early jungle (Wots My Code, Foul Play), slamming techno (Rhythim Is Rhythim, Cybersonik), UK acid house (Ecstasy Club) and rush-inducing rave anthems (Awesome 3, Lennie De Ice). A nostalgic trip down memory lone that boasts just as many underground selections as it does chart-bothering classics.
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Cat: MIND 297. Rel: 18 Jun 19
  1. Embolism
  2. Parasite Paradise
  3. Empyrean
  4. Syringe Relation
  5. Funeral Dirge
  6. Within Cells Interlinked
  7. Love
  8. The Sceptic
  9. Depression Deity
  10. Tunnel Vision
  11. Futile Attempts
  12. Warning Signs
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Cat: TRUCD 364. Rel: 19 Jun 19
Dirty Dubstep/Trap/Grime
  1. Level (feat Irah)
  2. Deal Wid
  3. Boss (feat Frisco)
  4. Cool Nuh
  5. Deadly
  6. Welcome To London
  7. Cash Flow
  8. One Question
  9. News At Ten (feat Irah)
  10. Coldest
  11. Weed Soak
 in stock $9.00
Cat: JMANCD 112. Rel: 20 Jun 19
  1. Weedhopper
  2. March Of The Goober Woobers
  3. 47 Tears
  4. Jig
  5. Halyards
  6. Cumulo Nimbus
Review: Jazzman's dusty-fingered diggers recently did a deal to reissue some of the "holy grail" albums released by Austin-based Fable Records in small numbers back in the early 1970s. Forty Seven Times Its Own Weight's "Cumulo Nimbus" is the first of these. It's a pleasingly warm and evocative set of tracks from the one-album combo that offers an enjoyable and cutting edge fusion of hard-wired jazz-funk, post-modal fusion, horizontal slow jams and low-slung goodness that pairs free-jazz style solos and spiritual grooves with just the right amount of funk-fuelled instrumentation (see "Jig"). The set includes both dancefloor-friendly and laid-back fare, with the jaunty title somehow managing to tick both boxes at once.
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Cat: SBR 3030CD. Rel: 21 Jun 19
  1. Plantasia
  2. Symphony For A Spider Plant
  3. Baby's Tears Blues
  4. Ode To An African Violet
  5. Concerto For Philodendron & Pothos
  6. Rhapsody In Green
  7. Swingin' Spathiphyllums
  8. You Don't Have To Walk A Begonia
  9. Mellow Mood For Maidenhair
  10. Music To Soothe The Savage Snake Plant
Review: Canadian composer Mort Garson enjoyed an eclectic career, though in electronic music circles he's most celebrated for a string of experimental electronic albums he produced using early Moog synthesizers. "Mother Earth's Plantasia" is a bizarre but brilliant beast: a 1976 set that was designed to be played to plants to help them grow (really) and was given away free at a Los Angeles garden store. As this first ever reissue proves it remains a dizzyingly far-sighted set. Sometimes symphonic, occasionally spacey and always intoxicating, much of the material is far quirkier than contemporaneous synthesizer-fired sets. Highlights include the pulsing ambient spaciousness of "Ode To An African Violet", the twinkling, cascading beauty of "Rhapsody In Green" and the jaunty cheeriness of "You Don't Have To Walk a Begonia".
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Cat: MOCCD 13748. Rel: 18 Jun 19
  1. Heavy Love
  2. Midnight Train (feat Jonny Lang - Ed Cherney mix)
  3. I Got A Problem
  4. I Need You Tonight
  5. Saturday Night Fish Fry
  6. Had A Bad Night
  7. Are You Lonely For Me Baby
  8. I Just Want To Make Love To You
  9. Did Somebody Make A Fool Out Of You
  10. When The Time Is Right
  11. Let Me Show You
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Keepsake (CD)
Cat: HVNLP 170CD. Rel: 21 Jun 19
  1. Not That Kind
  2. Without A Blush
  3. Her Own Heart
  4. Obsessed
  5. Unwanted Guest
  6. Secret
  7. Kiss The Stars
  8. Stay With Me
  9. When I Get Out
  10. Keep
Review: Harriette "Hatchie" Pilbeam has been in the incubator of London label Heavenly for roughly two years now, with the label slowly establishing the artist before this debut with a slick run of 7" singles and promo material. Colliding breathy synth pop with reverb-drench folk, a touch of trip hop and good old-fashioned indie, Keepsake presents the debut opus from an emerging talent that's helping define what Shoegaze can be for 2019. Highlights include the Enya-like "Secret" and the melancholic two step beats of "Stay With Me". With touches of Boards Of Canada to be found in Hatchie's music too, there's a deep musical brain behind these beats and it should not be slept on. Check. It. Out.
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Work (CD)
Cat: 405053 8503319. Rel: 21 Jun 19
  1. Epton On Broadway (part 1)
  2. Epton On Broadway (part 2)
  3. Anxious
  4. Heaven Knows What
  5. Nicky Buckingham
  6. Do This
  7. One For Pete
  8. My Happy House
  9. Soon
  10. Heaven Forbid
  11. Slow Burn
  12. Escape From Los Angeles
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Cat: WIGCD 375. Rel: 21 Jun 19
  1. Melody Of Love
  2. Spell
  3. Bath Full Of Ecstasy
  4. Echo
  5. Hungry Child
  6. Positive
  7. Why Does My Mind
  8. Clear Blue Skies
  9. No God
Review: Hot Chip are back! The coolest dudes since Devo return like a monkey with a miniature cymbal with their seventh full length album. With vocoding effects layered over the sweet tone of Alexis Taylor's voice referencing all matter of contemporary and retro-active pop and trance sensibilities, this album once again sees Hot Chip at the front of pioneering, friendly and avant garde pop music. Produced by the late Philippe Zdar (one half of Cassius) - also responsible for applying award winning touches to albums by Phoenix and Cat Power, Domino is calling the record "a celebration of joy but recognises the struggle it can take to get to that point of happiness". Our tips: album opener "Melody Of Love" and the '80s trance-pop that is "Hungry Child".
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Cat: LVR 00649. Rel: 21 Jun 19
Hip Hop/R&B
  1. Koruna & Lime
  2. Jawbreaker (feat Rico Nasty & Pro Teens)
  3. GTFU (feat Jpegmafia & Cakes Da Killa)
  4. QWERTY (interlude)
  5. Jailbreak The Tesla (feat Amine)
  6. Gravy N' Biscuits
  7. Rap Song Tutorial
  8. Wax On (feat Freddie Gibbs)
  9. What A Year It's Been
  10. Hello?!
  11. Best Spot In The House
  12. New Hawaii (feat DRAM, Tony Valour & Dylan Brady)
  13. Three Man Weave
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Cat: FC 107CD. Rel: 21 Jun 19
Psych/Garage Rock
  1. Master & Servants
  2. I'm In Trance (feat Goatman)
  3. Motherfucker Core
  4. If You Will Fall
  5. God Is A Rover
  6. Archontes Take Control (feat Amy Denio)
 in stock $9.26
Cat: CDRAD 476. Rel: 21 Jun 19
  1. We Are The Last Poets
  2. For The Millions
  3. AM Project
  4. Heartbeat
  5. If We Only Knew
  6. Young Love
  7. Black Rage
  8. Soul Reflection
  9. Don't Know What I'd Do
  10. Personal Things
  11. Love
  12. Juju JIMI
  13. Rain Of Terror
  14. Toxic Times
Review: Last year, civil rights era proto-hip-hop group The Last Poets marked their 50th anniversary with their first album in 20 years. 12 months on they return with "Transcending Toxic Times", an expansive double album that sees the pioneering prototype rap group take aim at America's ills in the same incendiary, hard-hitting fashion that once provided inspiration for Public Enemy and many other early hip-hop pioneers. Musically, it's rich, warm and varied, with the involvement of avant-jazz bassist Jamaldeen Tacuma ensuring a heady mix of jazz, hip-hop, jazz-funk, soul, folk and art-rock grooves. In other words, it's a triumph.
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 in stock $16.93
Cat: YEP 2651CD. Rel: 18 Jun 19
  1. Game Of Thrones
  2. Medley: Dancing With The Stars/Sex & The City
  3. The Fishin' Hole (Theme From The Andy Griffith Show)
  4. Ashokan Farewell (Theme From Ken Burns' The Civil War)
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Cat: EVERLAND 026CD. Rel: 18 Jun 19
  1. Intro
  2. Patti Duke Hustle
  3. Wiggle On Up
  4. Trying To Get Out Of Here
  5. It's Gonna Be Alright
  6. Lady Of My Life
 in stock $15.35
Dusk To Dawn Part I-III (3xCD box set)
Cat: TE 1001123CD. Rel: 21 Jun 19
Minimal/Tech House
  1. Intro
  2. Dusk To Dawn (feat Lune - acoustic version)
  3. Lovisa
  4. Vivid Imaginations
  5. Hedonism MC Robyn
  6. Tears Of Illuminations (Vox)
  7. Track 7
  8. Magic Trick (feat Axel Boman)
  9. Dusk To Dawn (feat Lune)
  10. Dusk To Dawn (feat Lune - original extended)
  11. Time Lapse (feat Noomi)
  12. Acid Samba (feat Noomi)
  13. Pleiades
  14. Balearic Moonwalk (feat Kleerup)
  15. Reflections Of Light
  16. Empyrean
  17. Pharmakon
  18. Indecision
  19. Thoth
  20. Alderamin (feat Anne Marie Almedal)
  21. Memento Mori
  22. Twilight
  23. Dark Observer
  24. Solitude
  25. Tugendhat (outro)
Review: Having not released an album since starting his recording career almost a decade ago, Mr Tophat clearly thinks he has some catching up to do. His debut full-length is something of an epic, charting an imaginary journey from dusk to dawn inspired by a month the Swedish producer spent living in Ibiza. The first disc (part one) starts sun-kissed, soft-focus and Balearic, before the Swede launches into a series of percussive and punchy, club-ready cuts. He ups the intensity on the more vocal-heavy second disc - look out for a great hook-up with Axel Boman - before he replicates the slow creep of sunrise via a third disc full to bursting with starry ambience, tactile Balearic beats and the odd juddering dancefloor workout.
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 in stock $17.21
Cat: MRBCD 195. Rel: 18 Jun 19
  1. Take Five
  2. Mogamigawa Funauta
  3. The Positive & The Negative
  4. And I Love Her
  5. The House Of The Rising Sun
  6. Do You Know The Way To San Jose
  7. Soul Bamboo
  8. Call Me
  9. Scarborouge Fair
 in stock $8.74
Cat: BBE 497ACD. Rel: 21 Jun 19
  1. Zeal Anata
  2. Nnata Na Aso Uso
  3. Eluem Asaba
  4. Zaelinjo Nnoa (Welcome)
  5. Zeal Eze Opi (Trumpet King)
  6. Egwu Olili
 in stock $11.64
Cat: MOCCD 13780. Rel: 18 Jun 19
Hip Hop/R&B
  1. Intro
  2. Ghetto Musick
  3. Unhappy
  4. Bowtie
  5. The Way You Move
  6. The Rooster
  7. Rust (feat Killer Mike)
  8. War
  9. Church
  10. Bamboo (interlude)
  11. Tomb Of The Boom
  12. E-Mac
  13. Knowing
  14. Flip Flop Rock (feat Killer Mike & Jay-Z)
  15. Interlude
  16. Reset (feat Khujo Goodie & Cee-Lo)
  17. D-Boi (interlude)
  18. Last Call
  19. Bowtie (Postlude)
  20. The Love Below (intro)
  21. Love Hater
  22. God (interlude)
  23. Happy Valentine's Day
  24. Spread
  25. Where Are My Panties?
  26. Prototype
  27. She Lives In My Lap (feat Rosario Dawson)
  28. Hey Ya!
  29. Roses
  30. Good Day, Good Sir
  31. Behold, A Lady
  32. Pink & Blue
  33. Love Is War
  34. She's Alive
  35. Dracula's Wedding (feat Kelis)
  36. The Letter
  37. My Favorite Things
  38. Take Off Your Cool (feat Norah Jones)
  39. Vibrate
 in stock $11.91
Philos (CD)
Cat: GBCD 077. Rel: 18 Jun 19
  1. Arrival
  2. Thunder Shower
  3. Easy (Poem & Read By Dima El Sayed)
  4. Pause
  5. Philos
  6. Walker: In Seoul
  7. When I Think Of Her
  8. On Water
Review: For the latest exotic outing on their Tak:til offshoot, Germany's World Music inspired Glitterbeat crew has turned to South Korean fusionist Park Jiha, an artist whose occasional releases combine traditional instruments with contemporary electronics and production techniques. There's plenty to enjoy from start to finish, from the exotic, mind-altering string motifs and intoxicating aural textures of opener "Arrival", to the fuzzy sunset bliss of "Thunder Shower", delicate piano motifs and reverb-heavy plucked strings of "Philos" and the slow melodic bob and swirling field recordings of "Walker: In Seoul". Best of all, though, is the childlike wonder of bittersweet standout cut "When I Think Of Her", in which Jiha's improvised vocals play a starring role.
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 in stock $10.32
Cat: IL 2061CD. Rel: 21 Jun 19
  1. My Friend Sean
  2. Mystery Sedan
  3. Floorboards
  4. Lady Dancer
  5. Applecheeks
  6. Do Me Dirty (Charlie)
  7. Mr Sunday
  8. All The Birds
  9. If It Didn't Hurt
  10. Sticking Around
  11. Loose Change
  12. Track 12
  13. Track 13
 in stock $10.58
Obey (CD + MP3 download code)
Cat: LLY 035CD. Rel: 18 Jun 19
  1. Obey
  2. Ceremony
  3. Neuromancer
  4. Street Spirit
  5. Tria Prima II
 in stock $10.58
Cat: TMR 600CD. Rel: 21 Jun 19
  1. Bored & Razed
  2. Help Me Stranger
  3. Only Child
  4. Don't Bother Me
  5. Shine The Light On Me
  6. Somedays (I Don't Feel Like Trying)
  7. Hey Gyp (Dig The Slowness)
  8. Sunday Driver
  9. Sunday Driver
  10. Live A Lie
  11. What's Yours Is Mine
  12. Thoughts & Prayers
Review: After years of what has seemingly been live record after live record - (not to mention their debut Broken Boy Soldiers album haunting our Juno offices for nearly a decade) Jack White's inspired troupe are back with a bang - exploding with Help Us Stranger. Think the amplified epicness of The Who. The album twists and turns through telephone amplified blues ("Help Me Stranger"), the dandy piano ballads in "Shine The Light On Me" to the rolling, western, country drums of "Hey Gyp (Dig The Slowness)". Regardless of the tracks, this album teems with an energy that rock music has not felt for some time and there's no denying the future classic that this will become. Rock on The Raconteurs!
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 in stock $10.06
Cat: RPMCD 007. Rel: 18 Jun 19
  1. Don't Stop The Music (feat Angie Stone - Art Of Tones Modern Disco mix)
  2. Joyous (Matt Cooper Outside Deep Joyous mix)
  3. Can We Pretend (feat Tom Momrelle - Tall Black Guy Samba mix)
  4. I'm In Love (feat Navasha Dya - BusCrates remix)
  5. Twilight (Atjazz Love Soul remix)
  6. Keep It Up (feat Anthony David - DJ Spinna Galactic Funk remix)
  7. Joyous (Yoruba Soul mix)
  8. Always There (feat Sharlene Hector - Scott Diaz Funk Excursion)
  9. Thinking About Your Love (feat Omar - Da Brownie remix)
  10. I Need Your Lovin' (feat LaSharVu - Mousse T remix)
  11. I Want To Thank You (feat Mica Paris - Sebb Junior remix)
  12. Can't Fake The Feeling (feat Navasha Daya - John Morales M+M main mix)
  13. Buttercup (feat Tony Momrelle - Terry Hunter main club mix)
Review: Given that Reel People's "Retroflection" album saw them re-imagining classic soul, disco and boogie songs, it seems fitting that the follow-up features other producers giving their slant on the band's covers. Amongst the most ear-catching and revelatory revisions are a thickset, dubbed-out boogie remix of Pleasure cover "Joyous" by Matt Cooper, a slow and seductive revision of "I'm In Love" by BusCrates and Atjazz's deep jazz version of "Twilight". There are plenty of other reworks to set the pulse racing throughout, too, with our favourites including DJ Spinna's deep hip-hop soul mix of "Keep It Up", a bouncy piano house take on "I Want To Thank You" by Sebb Junior and a classic disco-house fix of "Can't Fake The Feeling" by original NYC disco mixer John Morales.
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Cat: 190759 38922. Rel: 21 Jun 19
  1. Late Night Prelude
  2. Late Night Feelings (feat Lykke Li)
  3. Find U Again (feat Camila Cabello)
  4. Pieces Of Us (feat King Princess)
  5. Knock Knock Knock (feat YEBBA)
  6. Don't Leave Me Lonely (feat YEBBA)
  7. When U Went Away (feat YEBBA)
  8. Truth (feat Alicia Keys & The Last Artful, Dodgr)
  9. Nothing Breaks Like A Heart (feat Miley Cyrus)
  10. True Blue (feat Angel Olsen)
  11. Why Hide (feat Diana Gordon)
  12. 2 AM (feat Lykke Li)
  13. Spinning (feat Ilsey)
 in stock $10.32
Cat: CDGRON 207. Rel: 21 Jun 19
  1. Katzenmusik 1
  2. Katzenmusik 2
  3. Katzenmusik 3
  4. Katzenmusik 4
  5. Katzenmusik 5
  6. Katzenmusik 6
  7. Katzenmusik 7
  8. Katzenmusik 8
  9. Katzenmusik 9
  10. Katzenmusik 10
  11. Katzenmusik 11
  12. Katzenmusik 12
 in stock $10.58
Cat: CDGRON 208. Rel: 21 Jun 19
  1. Silberstreif
  2. Elfenbein
  3. Erlkönig
  4. Fortuna
  5. Klangkorper
  6. Hohe Luft
  7. Fernwarme
 in stock $10.58
Cat: CDGRON 205. Rel: 21 Jun 19
  1. Flammende Herzen
  2. Zyklodrom
  3. Karussell
  4. Feuerland
  5. Zeni
 in stock $10.58
Cat: CDGRON 206. Rel: 21 Jun 19
  1. Sonnenrad
  2. Blauer Regen
  3. Stromlinien
  4. Sterntaler
  5. Fontana Di Luna
  6. Orchestrion
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Cat: TWCD 1038. Rel: 20 Jun 19
Roots/Lovers Rock
  1. Changing Places
  2. Homeward Chariot
  3. Peace On Earth
  4. Old Broomm
  5. Creation Daily B Lues
  6. Explotation
  7. Hard Sweat
  8. Glory Hallelujah
  9. Tears Of A Man
  10. Roots Vibration
  11. Kwanfel
  12. Repatriation
  13. Commandment
  14. Gish - Abbai
  15. Ghetto Lawyer
  16. Gambillo
 in stock $10.58
Re Sort (CD)
Cat: MITSUKO 001CD. Rel: 18 Jun 19
  1. Pause
  2. A Caminho Do Mar
  3. Revans
  4. La Cathedrale Engloutie
  5. Traces
  6. Lines
  7. Fold Air
  8. Etude: Diagonal
  9. Rayuela (III)
  10. Satelite Towers
Review: First released in limited quantities back in 2003, "Re.sort" is the sole Sora album by Japanese electronic experimentalist Takeshi Kurosawa. It's considered by some to be a lost classic of Japanese electronica, so it's great to see it getting a second life. It's a cut-and-paste affair, with abstract electronics, becalmed field recordings, track fragments, ambient chord sequences, glitch-hop beats and momentary melodic refrains combining to create an awesome audio patchwork. While it makes most sense when considered as a whole, there are still individual moments of brilliance to be found throughout. These include the woozy bliss of "La Cathedrale Engloutie", the slipped jazz-electronica of "Traces" and the sun-bright cheeriness of closing cut "Satelite Towers".
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Cat: HUBROCD 2616. Rel: 18 Jun 19
  1. Prelude To The Haze Of Sleeplessness
  2. Orange Drops
  3. Reality Box
  4. Stranded At Red Ice Desert. Remember You Loved Ones (In Memory Of My Dear Mother)
  5. Turbulence
  6. Skyrocket Hotel
  7. Nitro Valley
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Cat: EVERLAND 017CD. Rel: 18 Jun 19
  1. Star From The Sky
  2. Heart & Soul
  3. Take A Chance
  4. Universal Funk Affair
  5. Desire
  6. Take Some Time
  7. Crazy Feelin'
  8. Searchin'
 in stock $15.35
Cat: JMANCD 114. Rel: 20 Jun 19
  1. False Paradise
  2. Catharsis
  3. Quicksand
  4. Grandfather Clock
  5. Flow
  6. Run (bonus track)
  7. Getting Going
  8. Funky Little Home
  9. Da Ba O
  10. I've Got A Plan
Review: For the 30th volume in the label's ongoing "holy grail" series of rare jazz reissues, Jazzman has once again mined the vaults of obscure Texan label Fable Records. Starcrost was a short-lived six-piece whose members included trumpeter Mike Mordecai, the man who founded Fable in part to get the band's music onto wax. Their self-titled 1975 debut album has long been a favorite of crate-digging jazz-funk and soul-jazz heads, so this reissue is long overdue. It features a mixture of sweet and soulful vocal numbers, solo-rich instrumental workouts and heady cuts that throw suitably spiritual influences to the band's fizzing, funk-fuelled take on mid '70s jazz.
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 in stock $10.32
Cat: 720952 9. Rel: 21 Jun 19
  1. Blue Flashing Light
  2. The Fear
  3. Writing To Reach You
  4. Good Feeling
  5. U16 Girls
  6. As You Are
  7. Why Does It Always Rain On Me?
  8. Coming Around
  9. All I Want To Do Is Rock
  10. Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah
  11. Good Day To Die
  12. More Than Us
  13. Driftwood
  14. Slide Show
  15. Turn
  16. Happy
 in stock $11.64
Cat: 720919 0. Rel: 21 Jun 19
  1. Writing To Reach You
  2. The Fear
  3. As You Are
  4. Driftwood
  5. The Last Laugh Of The Laughter
  6. Turn
  7. Why Does It Always Rain On Me?
  8. Luv
  9. She's So Strange
  10. Slide Show
  11. Green Behind The Ears (B Sides)
  12. Only Molly Knows
  13. Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah
  14. High As A Kite
  15. Be My Baby
  16. Where Is The Love
  17. Village Man
  18. Driftwood (live)
  19. The Urge For Going
  20. Slide Show (live)
  21. River
  22. Days Of Our Lives
  23. We Are Monkeys
  24. Baby One More Time (In Session)
  25. Coming Around
  26. Just The Faces Change
  27. The Connection
  28. Rock 'N' (Salad) Roll
  29. The Weight
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Cat: PROINC 002CD. Rel: 21 Jun 19
  1. Once
  2. Talk
  3. Satisfaction Guaranteed (feat Mokoomba)
  4. So Many People
  5. Think
  6. Nice To See You (feat Open Mike Eagle)
  7. Break
  8. Dirty Air
  9. Satellite
  10. Already Gone
Review: From humble beginnings for Parisian label Kitsune back in 2010, the sub-pop of Two Door Cinema Club has reached great heights thanks to their albums Beacon, Gameshow and most of all, their debut, Tourist History. Now with False Alarm, Alex Trimble's vocals continue to collide in sweet harmony with the band's contemporary arrangement of synths, acoustic drums and undertones of tropical instrumentation - bear in mind that TDCC never stray too far from the poppy realms of disco either. Highlights include the radical '80s charm of "Satisfaction Guaranteed" (think Sting or Hall & Oates) to "Satellite" and the oddly, stylisticly French ballad that is "Break". Good times roll!
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Cat: RANDB 056. Rel: 21 Jun 19
  1. Leroy Carr - "Blues Before Sunrise"
  2. Big Joe Turner - "Wee Baby Blues"
  3. Walter Brown - "Confessin' The Blues"
  4. Muddy Waters - "I Can't Be Satisfied"
  5. Jimmy Reed - "Honest I Do"
  6. Muddy Waters - "I Want To Be Loved"
  7. Jimmy Reed - "Ain't That Loving You Baby"
  8. Muddy Waters - "I Just Make Love To You"
  9. Bo Diddley - "Diddley Daddy"
  10. Chuck Berry - "Roll Over Beethoven"
  11. Boogaloo & His Gallant Crew - "Cops & Robbers"
  12. Bo Diddley - "Pretty Thing"
  13. The Crickets - "Not Fade Away"
  14. Hank Snow - "I'm Moving On"
  15. Nat King Cole - "Route 66"
  16. Will Bradley - "Down The Road Apiece"
  17. Tampa Red - "Don't Lie To Me"
  18. Big Big Broonzy - "Tell Me Baby"
  19. Jazz Gillum - "Key To The Highway"
  20. Slim Harpo - "I'm A King Bee"
  21. Chuck Berry - "Around & Around"
  22. Bo Diddley - "Mona"
  23. Dale Hawkins - "Susie Q"
  24. Chuck Berry - "Carol"
  25. Gene Allison - "You Can Make It If You Try"
  26. Elvis Presley - "I'm Left, You're Right, She's Gone"
  27. Chuck Berry - "Beautiful Delilah"
  28. Bo Diddley - "Bo Diddley"
  29. Billy Boy Arnold - "I Ain't Got You"
  30. Elmore James - "Dust My Blues"
  31. Chuck Berry - "Little Queenie"
  32. Jimmy Reed - "Big Boss Man"
  33. Muddy Waters - "Look What You've Done"
  34. Bo Diddley - "Hey Bo Diddley"
  35. Chuck Berry - "Memphis"
  36. Eddie Taylor - "Bad Boy"
  37. Jimmy Reed - "Bright Lights, Big City"
  38. The Coasters - "I'm A Hog For You"
  39. Chuck Berry - "Bye Bye Johnny"
  40. Bo Diddley - "I Know (I'm Alright)"
  41. Bobby 'Blue' Bland - "Don't Want No Woman"
  42. Jimmy Reed - "Close Together"
  43. Muddy Waters - "Soon Forgotten"
  44. Chuck Berry - "Back In The USA"
  45. The Coasters - "Poison Ivy"
  46. Ritchie Valens - "La Bamba"
  47. Barrett Strong - "Money"
  48. The Shadows - "Apache"
  49. Bo Diddley - "Crackin' Up"
  50. Chuck Berry - "Come On"
  51. Aaron Neville - "Over You"
  52. Bo Diddley - "Road Runner"
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