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Coming Soon: Deep House

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Inside Of You
Cat: SSS 003. Rel: 21 Oct 19
  1. Inside Of You
  2. Honest
  3. Innocent Soul (Paul Johnson dancefloor dub)
coming soon $10.19
Dorisk Ordning
Cat: FA 012. Rel: 21 Oct 19
  1. Loggia
  2. Campo Santo
  3. Dorisk Ordning
  4. Dubbad Dougong
coming soon $15.28
05A1 (Cassy & Bambounou remixes)
  1. ITJ05B1 (Cassy remix)
  2. ITJ05B1 (Bambounou remix)
coming soon $10.19
Spoit (180 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: MGM 07.
  1. Spoit
  2. Mount Castle
  3. Tiger
  4. Touch
Review: Yuzo Iwata has made one prior appearance to date on Pluie/Noire in 2018. This EP for Malin Genie's label finds him exploring further deep cover plains of expression through the medium of experimental house and techno, leading in with the rippling textures and haunting piano refrain of "Spoit." The delicate gamelan chimes of "Mount Castle" that follow collide with rugged drum machine beats and artful sonic interference, while "Tiger" fuses jagged off-centre beats with gnarled acid lines and fluttering melodies lingering in the middle distance. "Touch" seals the deal on this highly distinctive EP with a writhing, organic mass of sound design strapped to a forthright four to the floor stomp.
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coming soon TBA
Machines of Loving Grace
Machines of Loving Grace (180 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: ISM 011.
  1. Machines Of Loving Grace
  2. Neptune 4
  3. Sebastopol Rd
  4. Fragment 7
Review: Inner Shift Music is proud to welcome back Jacksonville aka Chris Lyth, who was last seen on the label with the successful Fragments EP. Machines of Loving Grace is aptly named with four stunning tracks we have come to expect from studio maestro Jacksonville. The title track Machines of Loving Grace pulls no punches and takes you on a captivating voyage with its unique blend of vocal lines, chords, bassline, broken beats and percussive sounds. This is followed by Nepune 4; a cosmic spacey hypnotic track with acid lines and a harder 4/4 beat. On side B the track Sebastopol Rd has a gorgeous depth with its warm chords and vocal line over a deep house rhythm that takes you on a mesmerising journey. The EP finishes with a nod to Jacksonville's first EP on the Inner Shift label with Fragment 7, this track has a more ethereal feel with subliminal synthesised pads interweaving over a vibrant dance beat.
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coming soon TBA
Psy Lance EP
Psy Lance EP (limited 12")
Cat: TAPEHISS 002.
  1. Psy Lance
  2. Bazz
  3. Preacha Bonus
Review: It's been a while since Zolta Pal last used the Jaffa Surfa alias. In fact, his last outing under the pseudonym dropped three years ago on Houseworx (the US garage-flavoured Pimpin' EP). This three-tracker happily finds him in fine form, delivering a more tech-tinged trio of aquatic deep house cuts. There's naturally plenty to enjoy, from the subterranean shuffle and liquid melodies of "Bazz" and heavy percussive bump of "Psy Lance" - all thickset, multi-tracked drums, calming pads and fizzing electronics - to the beatless bliss of "Preacha Bonus", which - unsurprisingly given the title - features a deep south preacher chatting over heady ambient chords.
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coming soon $11.26
Ti Chuong (remix)
Cat: MBRV 007. Rel: 01 Nov 19
  1. Ti Chuong (Musumeci Supernatural remix)
  2. Ti Chuong (Musumeci Body & Soul remix)
  3. Ti Chuong (Auntie Flo remix)
coming soon $11.53
Revenge Of The Wasp EP
Revenge Of The Wasp EP (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: BMVMT 001. Rel: 16 Dec 19
  1. Revenge Of The Wasp
  2. Life Grooves
  3. Break Mode
  4. Break Mode (Voigtmann remix)
Review: In comes the debut release from Robert James' Body Movement label. Inspired by his party of the same name, Rob takes charge of the label's first EP with three brand new cuts that showcase his deep appreciation of electronic music, plus a remix from underground hero Voigtmann. 'Revenge Of The Wasp' kicks things off, channeling mid-nineties electro techno a la Drexciya, with Rob crafting a mesmerising journey into the cosmos. 'Life Grooves' is a party starter, with its pumping beats and booming bassline progressing into dreamy techno atmospherics. On the flip we have the aptly-titled 'Break Mode' with its insistent break loop supporting soft, swirling pads, solemn bass and a mysterious vocal clip. Lastly, Voigtmann's remix of 'Break Mode' softens the overall feel of the track, cultivating a smoother, more laid back aura.
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coming soon TBA
Critical EP
Cat: OMK 001. Rel: 25 Oct 19
  1. Critical
  2. Critical (Voigtmann remix)
  3. Journey
  4. Axis
Gespielt von: Fede Lng
coming soon $13.14
Drumz Of Africa
  1. Javonntte - "Track 1" (feat James Duncan)
  2. DJ Romain - "NYC" (feat James Duncan)
coming soon TBA
Open Exchange Vol 1: 
Motor City To Erotic City
  1. Javonntte - "Say It"
  2. Javonntte - "Tears"
  3. Javonntte - "Acid House"
  4. Lowry Boys - "Minneapolis Funk"
  5. Lowry Boys - "Shag Carpets"
  6. Lowry Boys - "Pure Uncut Acapella"
Review: This next release in the Exchange line we teamed up with Minneapolis label Open Sound to bring you something very special. For years, Minneapolis and Detroit have had a very special connection. We decided to bring two artists to tell a tale of the two cities. Three amazing tracks from Detroit's house maestro Javonntte (Traxx Underground, Quintessentials, Lets Play House, Defected) and two tracks from Minneapolis's own Lowry boys (aka Aaron Bliss of Havens & Hart and Open Sound's ACG) with a special little DJ tool thrown in for fun! To top it off we pulled in the genius himself to mix down and remaster the tracks Mr. Kevin Gorman aka Adesse Versions at Versions Mastering for that extra umff!
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coming soon TBA
I Feel It
I Feel It (12")
Cat: TCR 005. Rel: 15 Nov 19
  1. I Feel It
  2. Roger Morzini
  3. Holy
  4. Fatline R
coming soon $11.26
Fluerella EP
Cat: AM 002. Rel: 08 Nov 19
  1. Fluerella
  2. Fluerella (Tom VR mix)
  3. Fluerella (Ex-Terrestrial mix)
  4. Fluerella (Urulu Liquid Earth mix)
coming soon $10.19
Terulo Killer
Cat: PHO 004. Rel: 25 Oct 19
  1. Terulo Killer
  2. Silla Electrica (Slow Jungle mix)
  3. Asylum Laugh
  4. Aedes Aegypti
coming soon $12.86
Lovers (12")
Cat: GVR 1235.
  1. Lovers (radio mix)
  2. Lovers (Director cut)
  3. Mystery Of Love (feat Jimi Tenor & Mujuice - live)
  4. Tiger Punch (Gadzhi extended mix)
coming soon $13.93
Spaced Out
Spaced Out (12")
Cat: NTYG 005.
  1. Flying Mushroom
  2. Hog Callin’ House
  3. Blue
  4. Suenos Perdidos
coming soon $11.78
Related Concepts
Cat: RTS 002. Rel: 25 Oct 19
  1. Believe (Magnolia mix)
  2. Face Time
  3. Believe (Stallion mix)
  4. Cemetry Revisited
coming soon $9.92
NFRV 004
NFRV 004 (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: NFRV 004.
  1. The Journey Men - "Feelings"
  2. Local Options - "Makin’ Moves"
  3. Saison - "A Good Thang"
  4. Cpen - "Jus Music"
Review: No Fuss's 4th release offers some top talent from across the globe. A1 starts with London's The Journey Men who create a deep, driving, moody track with a touch of soul. A2 see's Chicago's Local Options with their trade mark sound of Jackin Deep House. On the flip B1 is Saison's "A Good Thang". A feel good Deep House number with guitar, vocals, live keys, driving beats and bumpy bass. B2 sees the likes of veteran producer Cpen. Chris offers a classy joint that mixes the elements of Jazz, UK Garage & Deep House.
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coming soon TBA
24 Carrot #1
Cat: 24C 01. Rel: 08 Nov 19
  1. Junktion - "The Search"
  2. Fouk - "That's Pretty Vague"
  3. Fouk - "Paahdy"
coming soon $11.26
312 Rock
312 Rock (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: GYC 003.
  1. 312 Rock
  2. We Got Next
Review: 313 ROCK is a combination of old school house with Soul samples from the 70s and the 80s revisited with today's sound and club grooves... Composed by K Alexis, the EP offer a cosmic voyage with bassline and strings.AMore thanA« Aa good dance track »Athis is a sampling Orchestra Art piece.ADJ and producer K Alexis is one of Chicago's true heroes and cited by many as a pioneer in the city's sound with many of its releases regarded as classics.AHe has also worked with Larry Heard & Robert Owens, Dave Angel, Tjen Tjen, Felix Da Housecat and Will Smith.. He is now part of the family!
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coming soon TBA
Brighter (12")
Cat: ESC 005. Rel: 08 Nov 19
  1. Brighter
  2. Darker
coming soon $11.53
Ripperton Presents Zendama Part One
  1. Matt Karmil - "Just For Me"
  2. Lord Of The Isles - "Luminous Black Emerald"
  3. Jackmate - "Rerun" (feat Nik Reiff - Jackmates Special Interest dub)
  4. Ripperton - "Indian Tree"
coming soon $10.71
Supergau Part 1
Supergau Part 1 (12" limited to 70 copies)
Cat: LOTR 020A. Rel: 15 Nov 19
  1. Alex Kassian - "Chopstick Romance"
  2. Daniela La Luz - "Warszawa"
  3. Etbonz - "Something To Dream About"
  4. Fantastic Man - "I Love You Baby"
coming soon $14.48
Valencia & You EP
  1. Feel Free
  2. I Desire You
  3. 1992
  4. Girl
coming soon $12.06
Aesthetic 05
Aesthetic 05 (140 gram vinyl 12")
  1. Us01
  2. Heads Down
  3. Dream State
  4. Locker
Review: After a huge ep on pleasure zone, kepler drops 4 killers on aesthetic.

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coming soon TBA
F/G (12")
Cat: KETIOV 005. Rel: 22 Nov 19
  1. Number One
  2. Loca
  3. Another Mindset
  4. Lasai
  5. Tu I Teraz
coming soon $9.64
Ghost Trance
  1. David Kochs - "Ghost Trance"
  2. David Kochs - "End Scene"
  3. Dominik Marz - "Release"
  4. Dominik Marz - "Forever"
Gespielt von: Benjamin Fröhlich
coming soon $10.46
Pleasure Centre
  1. Pleasure Centre
  2. In Plain Sight (feat IVAR)
  3. Soul Liberator (feat Sanguita)
  4. Don't Want This To Be Over (feat Satchmode)
  5. Sommeron (feat Imugi)
  6. Twilight (feat Izo FitzRoy)
  7. Echo Park
  8. Same Blood (feat The Palms)
  9. Say The Word (feat Nic Hanson)
  10. 24HR Fling (feat Wolfgang Valbrun)
  11. Sweet Time (feat Izo FitzRoy)
  12. Guilty Discomforts (feat Wolfgang Valbrun)
  13. Out In The Daylight (feat Gavin Turek)
  14. I Think (feat Berenice Van Leer)
  15. Naked (feat IVAR & Berenice Van Leer)
Review: Since debuting in the early 2000s, Dutch trio Kraak & Smaak have established themselves as one of Europe's premier purveyors of eclectic, funk-fuelled dancefloor positivity. It's little surprise then to find that their new album "Pleasure Centre" - their sixth studio set in total - is another joyous romp. This time round, they've drawn more influence from West Coast style blue-eyed soul and yacht rock while continuing to offer nods towards boogie, P-funk, synth-pop, '80s soul, jazz-funk and Rotary Connection (see the superb "Twilght", with vocals by rising star Izo FitzRoy). It's a wonderfully warm and attractive blend, with the result being a superb collection of dancefloor cuts and heady downtempo numbers that all adds up to their best album to date.
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coming soon $8.85
Edits By Mr K
Cat: DFTD 584. Rel: 01 Nov 19
  1. The Vision - "Heaven" (feat Andreya Triana - Danny Krivit edit)
  2. The Dangerfeel Newbies - "What Am I Here For?" (original NDATL vocal - Danny Krivit edit)
coming soon $11.26
Landing On Mars
Landing On Mars (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: CS 020. Rel: 23 Dec 19
  1. Landing On Mars
  2. Olympus
  3. Pulverise
  4. Bump Strasse
Review: Krywald & Farrer drop 4 on Constant Sound for there 20th release.
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Gespielt von: Burnski
coming soon TBA
Plastinka #4
  1. KSKY - "Patchouly Indonesiano"
  2. Marco Lazovic - "Melange"
  3. Street Choice - "Roots"
  4. Buzz Compass - "Make A Baby"
Gespielt von: Vincent Inc
coming soon $13.14
Deeper Wrestling
Deeper Wrestling (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: AE 10LTD. Rel: 18 Nov 19
  1. Anton Kubikov - "When Is Deep"
  2. Ohm & Octal Industries - "Aureola"
  3. Thor - "Who Stole My Yacht"
  4. SCSI9 - "Aetherius"
Review: Next in store for the prestigious Icelandic label AE Recordings is a collaboration between well-known Icelandic & Russian artists. The Moscow legend Anton Kubikov delivers a beautiful & haunting minimal techno track, bound to encapsulate the essence of Russian winter - while SCSI-9 offers a dubby and a hypnotic techno anthem. The Icelandic regulars of the label bring their goods to the table. The ever-intriguing collaboration of Ohm & Octal Industries never ceases to disappoint - and their contribution is an intriguing atmospheric deep house track, ideal for home-listening as well for the late-night rooms. The Thule Records label boss Thor offers a musical equivalent of a megafauna with his track - heavy hitting dub chords, mindbending delays & that little extra magic that we all love from the Icelandic god of thunder. Essential for the record bag!

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Gespielt von: Vincent Inc
coming soon TBA
Homesick #7
Homesick #7 (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: HMSK 007.
  1. Strata (Jonathan Kusuma rework)
  2. Why (Jonathan Kusuma rework)
Review: The Hong Kong based Homesick team are back with their yearly release of quality reworks that has made the label sought after since their first release back in 2014. For the 7th opus they've worked with Indonesian artist Jonathan Kusuma (Previously on Cocktail D'Amore and I'm a Cliche) for two reworks that have been thoroughly tried on Asia's dance floors for the past two years.
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coming soon TBA
Ultra Loisir
Cat: PN 011. Rel: 19 Oct 19
  1. High Def
  2. Les 9000 Couteaux
  3. Raf's Baggies
  4. World Wide Weeb
  5. Pouvoir Magique
coming soon TBA
La Chevre 002
Cat: CHE 002. Rel: 29 Nov 19
  1. BF
  2. ND
coming soon $12.60
Let It Fall
Cat: WW 018. Rel: 29 Nov 19
  1. Let It Fall (DJ Spinna Galactic Soul remix)
  2. Let It Fall
coming soon $14.74
More Than Friends EP
More Than Friends EP (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: LIH 038. Rel: 23 Dec 19
  1. More Than Friends
  2. More Than Friends (Marcel Vogel & Tim Jules remix)
  3. Take You Away
Review: Lets Not Pretend is the impressive debut release of croatian producer Laseech featuring the soulful vocal talents of Detroits Javonntte. Including a remix by Lumberjacks boss Marcel Vogel & Tim Jules.
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Gespielt von: PBR STREETGANG
coming soon TBA
Secret Edits & Fixes
Secret Edits & Fixes (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: ADV 7.
  1. Pressure Cooker
  2. The Revolution
Review: Two Labelle edits, enhanced and locked down for modern dancefloors.
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coming soon TBA
Doctor (12")
Cat: CRM 227. Rel: 01 Nov 19
  1. Doctor
  2. Doctor (Nuition remix)
coming soon $10.46
Liberdade (12")
Cat: CM 001V. Rel: 01 Nov 19
  1. Liberdade (Ricardo Villalobos Nao Ficar Com Deus remix)
  2. Liberdade (original vocal version)
coming soon $12.33
Barefoot Agna Serra Venerdi
Cat: DOLLYDUBS 8. Rel: 04 Nov 19
  1. Maseo Flex (Agna mix)
  2. Maseo Flex (Broken mix)
  3. Metapontum Riviera
  4. Pedro De Bilbao
Gespielt von: Wes Baggaley, Steffi
coming soon $10.71
Touch Tone
Touch Tone (12")
Cat: MH 024.
  1. Touch Tone
  2. Boys Cry
  3. Fruits
  4. Gravity
coming soon $10.46
Livin In Shadows
  1. Lolita's Bright Side
  2. Instrumental
  3. Club 120 Re-Edit
  4. Red's Favorite Dub
coming soon $13.40
Not Seeing Is A Flower EP
Cat: ASTRO 04. Rel: 08 Nov 19
  1. Glyphic
  2. Not Seeing Is A Flower
  3. Boketto
coming soon $11.26
Elements (12")
Cat: SI 102. Rel: 25 Oct 19
  1. Spark
  2. A Perfect Place
  3. Not Here
coming soon $10.19
  1. Lastochka
  2. Avanjeni
  3. Miloe More
  4. Rododendron
  5. Anyway Sweetest
coming soon $9.64
Costa Del Hackney
Cat: CH 007. Rel: 21 Oct 19
  1. Costa Del Hackney
  2. H.O.Y
  3. In The Back
coming soon $10.71
Thank U Mas
  1. Thank U Mas
  2. Way It B
  3. Who Got It
  4. Dun Wan
coming soon $10.99
Recurrence EP
Cat: OSCV 007. Rel: 18 Nov 19
  1. Cooper 1973
  2. Complexity
  3. Recurrence
  4. Tranquil
coming soon $9.92
Kill Me
  1. Kill Me
  2. Black Park
coming soon $9.11
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Coming Soon: Deep House