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MOAR Schallplatten & CDs

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The SP1200 Vault
The SP1200 Vault (translucent vinyl LP)
Cat: TVLP 25. Rel: 19 Jan 23
Hip Hop/R&B
Floppy 01 (2:03)
Floppy 02 (1:30)
Floppy 03 (1:31)
Floppy 04 (1:46)
Floppy 05 (1:26)
Floppy 06 (1:09)
Floppy 07 (1:47)
Floppy 08 (2:17)
Floppy 09 (1:33)
Floppy 10 (1:37)
Floppy 11 (2:07)
Floppy 12 (1:32)
Floppy 13 (1:41)
Floppy 14 (1:44)
Floppy 15 (1:42)
Floppy 16 (1:34)
Floppy 17 (1:36)
Floppy 18 (1:55)
Floppy 19 (2:03)
Floppy 20 (1:30)
Floppy 21 (1:51)
Floppy 22 (1:38)
Bonus Drum Kits (0:15)
Review: Moar is a French Beatmaker who'se made beats since 1995, opting for a 'traditional vibe' of digging & sampling wax, complemented with all-in-one sets using an MPC or SP. Of course, tradition is one of the few ways we stay grounded to our roots; artists like Moar ensure that we don't go insane with experimentation and tradition-breaking. That being said, this beat collection from 2002-2006 is remarkably experimental in sound, showing that Moar's 'trad' ideology is more focused on the process rather than the end result. A diggers' delight, for the few turntablists out there still keeping the tradition alive.
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 in stock $17.64
Back To The Boom Bap
Back To The Boom Bap (red marbled vinyl LP)
Cat: TVLP 24C. Rel: 07 Dec 22
Hip Hop/R&B
My Pen My Mic (with LS Brigandes & Raashan Ahmad) (4:13)
Destroying The Track (with Sadat vs & El Da Sensei - remix) (3:42)
Taylor Made (with Guilty Simpson - Moar remix) (2:43)
LOVE (with Raashan Ahmad) (3:38)
Gone (with Dizraeli) (3:38)
Hot Style (with Insight & Ls Brigandes) (3:52)
Make That Change (with Emcee G Roc Gayle - remix) (2:51)
LOVE (with Aima The Dreamer) (3:56)
Seasons Change (with Raashan Ahmad - remix) (4:10)
Party People (with Rita J) (4:07)
Review: Those who've followed the career of French producer Moar will confirm that his hip-hop productions have always been rooted in "boom-bap", that head-nodding, toe-tapping variation of East Coast rap music that first rose to prominence during the style's "golden era" of the late '80s and early '90s. It makes sense, then, that his latest full-length is a celebration of his love of the style which draws on cuts and collaborations made (and sometimes released digitally) at various points over the course of his 16-year career. It's a highly enjoyable set all told, with plenty of killer cuts, jazzy instrumentals and vocal workouts that benefit greatly from the contributions of such rap talents as Guilty Simpson, Aima The Dreamer, Disraeli and Raashan Ahmed.
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 in stock $21.80
Funky Party
Funky Party (limited hand-stamped 7")
Cat: 45 LJ. Rel: 12 Jul 22
J (4:37)
JJ (4:31)
Review: 45 Loves is a label based in Condom, France that specialises in very limited DJ tools on vinyl 7'. Its next release comes from Jerome Potin aka Moar; producer, remixer, DJ and A&R at the Trad Vibe label from Nantes, who serves up some low-slung grooves on the Funky Party two-tracker. On side A, you've got the late-night boogie-down vibe of 'J', and the long hot sexy summer nights continue over on the flip with the funked-up vocal disco house heater 'JJ'.
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Gespielt von: Juno Recommends Disco
 in stock $16.36
H/HH (hand-stamped 7")
Cat: 45 LH. Rel: 03 May 22
H (4:25)
HH (3:52)
Review: When it comes to crafting party-starting joints featuring classic hip-hop and R&B vocals, few producers can match the output of Gallic rework fiend Jerome Potin AKA Moar. He's in prime form on this ultra-limited "45" too. A-side 'H' crafts a rolling, 4/4 hip-hop tempo beats out of some classic disco licks and then adds Ol' Dirty Bastard and Kelis' vocals from one of the biggest hip-hop hits of 1999. It's a simple idea, brilliantly executed. Flipside 'HH' is equally as funky and accessible, with cut-up edit effects, rubbery slap-bass sounds, jangling acoustic guitar chords, warming synths and the lead vocal from a much-loved R&B jam. Tons of fun!
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Tags: Disco Funk
 in stock $15.05
Party Rap
Party Rap (limited hand-stamped 7")
Cat: 45L G. Rel: 07 Apr 21
Hip Hop/R&B
G (4:36)
GG (4:24)
Review: The 45 Loves crew brings more prime dance floor heat here with a double hip hop single that drips with classic references. The first side, 'G', has boss rhymes from a pair of MCs and some lush backing vocals that add the velvet, while big trumpets and deep cut beats provide the groove. On the flip, things get more sweet and laid back, with a rolling beat riding up and down beneath nice Rhodes chords, lush strings and smooth female flow that cannot fail to bring the good times.
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 in stock $13.75
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