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ZYX Germany




Hardstyle 2020

VARIOUS - Hardstyle 2020


Hardstyle 2020

Format: unmixed 2xCD
Katalog: ZYX 830012
Veröffentlicht: 10 Mar 20
Genre: Hardstyle
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Seite 1
1. Ran-D & Psyko Punk - "Not An Addict" (feat K S Choice - radio edit)
2. Jebroer, DJ Paul Elstak & Dr Phunk - "Soldaat" (radio edit)
3. Scooter - "Devil S Symphony" (Harris & Ford remix)
4. Code Black & Darren Styles - "Sparks" (radio edit)
5. Sickddellz - "The Story Of A Hero" (feat The Golden Army - radio edit)
6. Bass Modulators - "Survive" (feat Bram Boender - radio edit)
7. Section 1 - "Rave N Rage" (DD edit)
8. Menshee - "So Real" (feat Nicole Tyler - Relecto edit)
9. Nacho - "Crash & Down" (radio edit)
10. Giorno - "Remember" (Technikore remix)
11. Djanson - "Together Again" (feat Freaky Noize - radio edit)
12. Art Frequency - "Victory" (radio edit)
13. Toneshifterz & Sickddellz - "Party Animal" (feat MC DL - radio edit)
14. Wildfyre - "Planetary Destruction" (radio edit)
15. Van Edelsteyn - "James Brown Is Dead" (Flip Capella & F-Cape remix edit)
16. Phatt-B - "Party" (feat Eileen Jamie - radio edit)
17. Chillymouse - "Neverending Story" (Henk Boss Hardstyle remix)
18. Vinai X Harris & Ford - "Break The Beat" (radio edit)
19. Brennan Heart & Galactixx - "Partyfreak" (radio edit)
20. Ziggy X - "The Boom" (feat Killer MC - radio edit)
Seite 2
1. Brennan Heart - "Won T Hold Me Down (Gravity)" (feat Trevor Guthrie - radio edit)
2. Concept Art - "We Are Here" (radio edit)
3. Galactixx & Aztech - "Time To Shine" (feat Mc Dash - radio edit)
4. Frobe - "Hymn" (radio edit)
5. The Pitcher & Noisecontrollers - "Shut Up" (Jay Reeve remix)
6. Aquagen - "More Than This" (Hardstyle edit)
7. Future Wave - "We Are Electric" (Hardstyle edit)
8. Aftershock - "Heroes Of The Night" (radio edit)
9. Rocco - "Collide" (feat Miles Arnell - radio edit)
10. Xense - "Welcome To My World" (radio edit)
11. Miranda - "Vamos A La Playa" (Harris & Ford remix)
12. Zerox - "Life" (radio edit)
13. Angemi & Shei - "Atlantis" (radio edit)
14. Coone & TNT - "Pump Up The Jam" (feat Technotronic - radio edit)
15. Purple Haze - "Bergen" (Frontliner remix)
16. KC & The Sunshine Band & Tony Moran - "Give Me Some More (Aye Yai Yai)" (feat Nile Rodgers - DJ Thera remix)
17. Emphasis & Razzle - "Stronger Together" (radio edit)
18. KWS - "Please Don T Go" (Henk Boss Hardstyle remix)
19. W&W X Armin Van Buuren - "Ready To Rave" (Bass Modulators remix)
20. Final Form - "Gods Of Earth" (radio edit)
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in stock $18.39
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