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Back Catalogue: UK Hardcore

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Cat: INFTY 029. Rel: 17 Aug 06
  1. Jump, Jump A Little Higher (Gammer mix)
  2. Jump, Jump A Little Higher (Reese mix)
Review: A rippin' piece of hardcore choonage with Raverbaby superstars Breeze (aka Breeze and Styles) with MC Storm (Hardcore Heaven/Slammin Vinyl) plus two stompin' mixes from Gammer (Essential Platinum) and new comer Reese from the USA. Featured on "Clubland X-treme Hardcore 2" which attained Number 1 position on the Compilation Charts (UK). Breeze (aka Breeze and Styles), the UK Top 10 Charter with numerous releases and hits to his name, teams up with MC Storm, an MC that performs at nearly all hardcore events.
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Cat: AUDIO 001. Rel: 29 Nov 06
  1. D Tune vs DJ Yves - "Synthetic Sequence" (feat MC Jay - DJ Norman & D'Carrera remix)
  2. D Tune vs DJ Yves - "Synthetic Sequence" (feat MC Jay - original mix)
  3. D Tune/Scott Marten - "Chapter 2"
  4. Dr Rude/D Tune - "DumDum"
Review: The first massive release on audio knowledge! These tracks are already played by all the major jocks at Sensation, Decibel, Defqon1 and many.
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  1. Dougal & Gammer - "Heaven On Earth" (feat Jenna - Technikal vocal remix)
  2. Andy Whitby & Matt Lee - "Mindblowing"
Review: Dougal & Gammer are a massive name in hardcore, headlining all the biggest raves and mixing albums like "Bonkers" and "Helter Skelter United In Hardcore". Production wizard Alf "Technikal" Bamford super charges vocal driven hardcore anthem "Heaven On Earth" into a high energy hard dance bomb. The original is featured on "Bonkers" albums and has been supported by all massive DJs and played at all the biggest raves. Technikal, now a Frantic DJ, has been producing the cream of hard dance music for the last few years including the massive remix of Stu Allan's "A Feeling" which is now signed to one of the biggest record labels in the world. On the flip Andy Whitby joins forces with Matt Lee (aka Gammer) on his debut release as a hard dance producer. The result is literally "Mindblowing". Massive rolling basslines, stomping kicks and cut-throat riffs just waiting to be unleashed for dance floor mayhem. When Mixmag labeled Andy Whitby "The Saviour of Hard House" they weren't wrong. His brand of high energy, full vocal, big riffs, plus energetic basslines alongside his incredible DJ Mixing prowess has made him a legend in the scene, regularly headlining events. Andy is also riding the wave of huge publicity having recently mixed two Frantic Euphoria albums for Ministry of Sound which both sold in excess of 50,000 copies.
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Cat: TF 005. Rel: 26 Sep 07
  1. Enzyme & Malice - "No More Tears"
  2. Mulder - "Devil Inside"
Review: The 2Fresh label owners are arguably the most sought after producers in the scene. Here they hit us with what has to be the biggest tune of the year! "No More Tears" combines heartfelt female vocals with uplifting piano breakdowns, catchy riffs and d&b basslines to create a track that has "anthem, anthem and anthem!!" written all over it. Enzyme & Malice can do no wrong.
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  1. Enzyme - "Screwface"
  2. Mouse Crew - "DOA"
  3. Vinyl Junkie & Darkus - "Our Turf"
  4. Nervous - "Back & Forth"
Review: Launched mid-2005, Hardcore Projektz has gone from strength to strength and is now recognised as one of the biggest and most successful labels catering to the darker side of hardcore breaks. Enzyme, one of the scene's leading producers, tears up the A1 with "Screwface" - a brilliantly hard and dark production which perfectly captures the essence of what this hardcore label is all about! Using the vocal from the 80's classic "Warriors" and featuring a wonderfully rich and warm bassline, "Our Turf" has been produced by leading hardcore breaks producers Vinyl Junkie and Darkus.
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New Era EP (12")
Cat: TOR 005. Rel: 26 Sep 07
  1. Malice & Reckless - "Life On Mars"
  2. Prove Correct - "Friday The 13th"
Review: Tornado Record step up their game with their strongest and best sounding release yet! Reckless makes his first appearance on 12" alongside Malice and both hit us with the anthemic "Life On Mars" - a track that perfectly sums up the very essence of rave. This combines old skool breakbeats with uplifting piano's, dark drum & bass basslines and powerful female vocals. On the flip Prove Correct brings "Friday The 13th", a superb tune that features gorgeous strings and female vocals.
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On & On (12")
Cat: FIREWALL 001. Rel: 20 Oct 06
  1. Malice - "On & On"
  2. Running Man - "Blackboard Jungle"
  3. Amnexiac - "Go!"
  4. Darkus vs The Phantom - "4 Elements"
Review: Malice - 'On & On': One of the biggest names in the scene, and co-owner of 2 Fresh Records, Malice has a unique style that has become his trademark. Rolling beats with intricate feels and super fast lyrics combine with a warped bass line to keep this track tearing along. Old skool stabs and slick synths, build up to create a solid slab of liquid hardcore. Running Man - 'Blackboard Jungle': Unsocial Audio's number one drum and bass producer has been making big waves in the hardcore breaks scene. Pounding breakbeats build, whilst reggae lyrics and dubbed out piano's create a soul soothing ambience that carry this tune to the break. A truly dark bassline and fierce amen combine on the drop, to make 'Blackboard Jungle' a dance floor slammer! Amnexiac - 'Go!': Spain's number one hardcore breaks producers are on form for this white knuckle ride. The main vocal is complimented by hard edged drum programming and heavy synth leads that become even more intense in the breakdown. Funky, rolling breaks and hefty sub-bass pull together with the synth to create a very new sound on the drop. Darkus vs The Phantom - '4 Elements': Hardcore Projektz main man, and a pioneer in the scene, Darkus, teams up with The Phantom. Tumbling beats kick the track off, with faint synths and fx to make rolling intro. An old skool rift on the breakdown, creates dark hands in the air moment, and rolls through the drop getting phatter on its way. The 4 elements vocals on the second drop separate the track nicely, and introduce more of a reggae feel to the second half.
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Cat: BB 067. Rel: 09 Dec 06
  1. Take A Chance (Brisk & Vagabond remix)
  2. Take A Chance (original mix)
Review: Widely acclaimed as one of the UK's hot new hardcore microphone controllers, the man they call Keyes delivers his debut release for Blatant Beats in fine style.
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So High (hand-stamped 12")
Cat: MILLIE 001. Rel: 01 May 19
  1. So High (6:36)
  2. Back II Reality (6:16)
Review: For those of a certain age, listening to this white label outing from debutants Millie may result in giddy flashbacks or serious pangs of nostalgia. You see, Millie's inspirations mainly revolve around jungle-era hardcore, a time when sped-up breakbeats, pitched-up chipmunk vocal samples and hammered out piano riffs were all the rage. There's a certainly a rushing "back to '94" feel about A-side "So High", where "Let Me Be Your Fantasy" style piano riffs, bonkers synth stabs and a variety of cheeky vocal samples ride a galloping, high-octane breakbeat. "Back II Reality" works with similar inspirations, peppering another bombastic breakbeat with razor-sharp rave samples, rumbling sub-bass and choice snippets from Soul II Soul's most celebrated tune. Dennis Sulta will love it.
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Athema (12")
Cat: RIVET 202. Rel: 22 Apr 04
  1. Nebula II - "Athema"
  2. Manix - "I Can't Stand It"
Review: New to Cargo, taking a trip back in time, 'Athema', this double-a-side release from mid-2007 is the first
in the long series of limited re-issues of some of the biggest old-school tracks in the Reinforced catalogue.
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Flowing Free (12'')
Cat: BB 063. Rel: 22 Oct 06
  1. Flowing Free
  2. Realm Of XTC
Review: Just when you thought it was safe to enter the dance floor, Vagabond attacks with yet another awesome double header on the uber-cool Blatant Beats imprint. With typically tight production, "Flowing Free" offers a slammin vocal based number loaded with cool raps, riffs and melodies - all underpinned with rock solid beats. "Realm Of XTC" adopts an instrumental flavour making great use of killer riffs, synths, acid and a massive rap and breaks work out mid way through featuring MC Casper. This has been kicking the dance floor to bits with early support from the key players.
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  1. Visa - "007"
  2. Andy Whitby & Matt Lee - "Everybody's Free" (Stu Allan remix)
  3. Nukleuz Kollective - "Listen To Your Heart" (Sparky Remix)
  4. King Ace - "Put Your Hands Up For Hardcore"
Review: Nukleuz are on a role with the release of their massive "Hardcore Nation" album series with Warner Music. The "Hardcore EP" series is now renowned for releasing the biggest records in one great value package - offering 4 full club tracks on 1 vinyl. A strong hardcore fanbase has been developed through the series - as seen from 12" sales of previous Hardcore EPs. Stu Allan mixed CDs on both "Hardcore Nation 1 & 2" - which have now sold in excess of 50,000 CDs each. Stu also hosted the legendary Key 103 radio show which was the only dedicated hardcore show on FM radio, and also more recently on his hugely popular Pure Dance Radio show broadcast on Sky Digital and over Internet. Stu Allan's massive "A Feeling" record has just been signed to one of the world's biggest major record labels. Visa takes on the mighty James Bond 007 theme - and as expected of the original hardcore masters - adds the unique 'main-room' style twist. Frantic Resident and HTID favourite Andy Whitby teams up with Gammer (aka Matt Lee) to drop their own heavy hitting version of Rozalla's "Everybody's Free" with Stu Allan providing the remix. The Nukleuz Kollective team up with production power house Sparky to create an instant-hands-in-the-air anthem remix of DHT's "Listen To Your Heart". King Ace drops their call-to-arms track, asking everyone on the dancefloor to "Put Your Hands Up For Hardcore".
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Cat: BB 065. Rel: 17 Nov 06
  1. Looking Down (Brisk & Vagabond remix)
  2. Track 2 (DJ Kurt remix)
Review: Ben Xtreme and MC Ortie deliver their awesome debut for Blatant Beats, with serious dance floor consequences. Having already featured on the huge "Hardcore Heaven 3" compilation, DJ Kurt injects a healthy helping of Scouse Hardcore in his own unique style. Label mates Brisk & Vagabond crank up the tempo and turn up the heat with a scorching rendition complete with mid point hardstyle trickery. Whatever your flavour, this vocal anthem has been ramming the raves across the nation and beyond.
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Back Catalogue: UK Hardcore
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