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Back Catalogue: UK Hardcore

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Cat: SNKR 008. Rel: 15 Nov 16
  1. Limit Of Paradise (5:16)
  2. Snake Charmer (6:27)
  3. Gone Too Soon (5:55)
  4. Zero Fifteen (6:20)
Review: Rave legends 2 Bad Mice return with their first release since 2004 and suddenly the world doesn't feel like quite such a bleak place. Naturally we're treated to the full spectrum from running man, heads-down rolling breaks ("Snake Charmer") to the absolute, unabashed piano heaven and hands-in-the-air euphoria of the title track. With the classic loose drum rolls and dubby subs of "Zero Fifteen" and the stretched out drum trippery of "Limit Of Paradise" completing the set, it's a welcome (and highly timely) return for one of rave music's most influential collectives.
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Cat: BRSSCL 011. Rel: 12 Feb 07
  1. 2 Dark Troupers - "I Wanna Be Your Lover"
  2. Techno Bros - "We Are Techno Bros"
Review: Two more classics from the vaults of Basement Records. DJ Mayhem (aka Martin Ikin) was the main man behind "I Wanna Be Your Lover". This drum & bass, amen-inspired tune carries a heavy bassline and typical Basement acid techno style stabs. Techno Bros (aka DJ Loftgroover and Jack Smooth) got together in 1991 and worked on this first collaboration "We Are Techno Bros". The track devastated the dancefloors when it was first issued. A funky as f**k acid hook, pulverising bass and some scary FX all make this a storming classic.
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Cat: DTD 004. Rel: 26 Aug 06
  1. Heal My Soul (original mix)
  2. Heal My Soul (Kevin Energy remix)
Review: Dusk Till Dawn once again drops another slab of infectious vocal hardcore madness, with new signing The Acolyte making a devastating debut with "Heal My Soul" featuring the lush vocals of Amy. Dusk Till Dawn is the hot, new upfront vocal hardcore record label from Electronica Exposed. Each Dusk Till Dawn release has a big name remix by the likes of Cube::Hard, Sy & Unknown, Billy "Daniel" Bunter & CLSM, Kevin Energy and Hujib. The original guarantees hands in the air with its energetic beat and large synth leads. On the flip, Kevin Energy delivers his first ever remix for Dusk Till Dawn which features bouncy hoover sections and epic trance riffs.
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Cat: DTD 005. Rel: 10 Nov 06
  1. Draw To You (original mix)
  2. Draw To You (Cube hard remix)
Review: Dusk Till Dawn returns with another fresh slice of vocal hardcore madness. Each Dusk Till Dawn release has a big name remix by the likes of Cube::Hard, Sy & Unknown, Billy "Daniel" Bunter & CLSM, Kevin Energy, Hujib, DJ Stormtrooper amongst others. The Acolyte is a young and exciting producer from Sydney, Australia and has a mountain of productions released and forthcoming on the likes of Relentless Vinyl, Executive, Electronic, Electroplates, MasterWax, RFU, Addictive Vinyl, Pitched Up and many more. Cube::Hard is the hottest producer in hardcore right now working with the likes of CLSM and Kevin Energy! Recently his tracks have featured massively on the "Bonkers" and "Hardcore Heaven" albums. Forthcoming 2006 releases on Dusk Till Dawn include tracks from The Acolyte, Petrol Heads, Sean Apollo, Fraud & Ionosphere and Fracus.
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Cat: LAB 002. Rel: 08 Sep 06
  1. Piece Of Heaven (Alex K's Klubbed Up remix)
  2. Piece Of Heaven (Dougal & Gammer remix)
  3. Piece Of Heaven (extended mix)
Review: Direct from the continent, Lab Recordings brings you the next European dance smash of the year. From the same stable as Cascada's "Everytime We Touch" - comes the large German dance hit "Piece Of Heaven". Hardcore favourites Dougal & Gammer turn out a quality hardcore remix which is receiving heavy support on the vibrant hardcore scene. Australian legend Alex K delivers an up-tempo main set stormer in his usual "Klubbed Up" fashion. Heavily Supported on Ministry Of Sound's "Big Tunes" tours and AATW "Clubland Tours" across Europe.
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Aye Aye (12")
Cat: KFA 033. Rel: 10 Aug 06
  1. Alk ED - "Ay Aye"
  2. Idealz - "Idealz Anthem" (remixed)
  3. Radiophonic Oddity - "She's So Fine"
  4. Luna C & Bexxie - "Mindrider"
Review: Ever-present in the early to mid nineties and as the die hard fans know well, they haven't actually gone anywhere. Luna-C and his label stable have been constantly releasing music ever since then. Here are two brand new releases for you to get your hands on. To give you an explanation of what's on the wax, it's not that far from what they were releasing back in the day. The old skool feel remains, but the tempo has gone up a bit. Some of the tracks on the EP would even fit into the new hardcore breakz category. Knite Force has some serious die hard fans out there, don't forget to help them get hold of their fix.
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A Feeling (12")
Cat: 0693 FNUK. Rel: 31 Mar 06
  1. A Feeling (Technikal dub)
  2. A Feeling (DJ Seduction 2006 vocal remix)
  3. A Feeling (Nick Rowland remix)
  4. A Feeling (Visa 2006 Hardcore remix)
Review: Galloping Euro-NRG for fans of the All Around The World and Almighty label stuff! Though producer Stu Allen made his mark in hard house through his Nukleuz label releases, this is a different animal in terms of style and substance It s a glorious, galloping, full-vocal NRG anthem with an incredible melody, big synths and a sexy-as-hell blue-eyed male vocal. The club mix is first rate male vocal Euro-NRG while the Elemental remix aims for a bigger, new millennium vocal trance sound. The Nick Rowland remix has the most crossover potential, with a great Robbins/Ultra label kind of appeal Additional bonus mixes are frenetic hardstyle and breakbeat turns aimed at Allen's Nukleuz fan base.
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  1. AMS & Kevin Energy - "Go Insane"
  2. Nemesis & Stormtrooper - "Powercore"
  3. Nemesis & Stormtrooper - "Powercore" (AMS remix)
Review: This is featured on "Bonkers 15" and has had raves jumping and pumping the world over. Caned to bits by Brisk, Marc Smith and Bunter, "Go Insane" is the first Switched On collaboration between scene legend Kevin Energy and label boss AMS. A massive rave friendly cut, "Go Insane" manages to cram in bouncy bass grooves, twisted synths, uplifting riffage, manic stomping squelch-out sections and a killer drop that takes ravers totally by surprise. On the flip, TNC's Stormtrooper takes on Next Generation artist Nemesis for a studio battle that results in the heavyweight "Powercore". Massive, fun, uplifting and with more than a touch of the classic Evolution sound, plus a thumping head-twisting gabba section.
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Cat: TNC 016. Rel: 14 Oct 06
  1. Hardcore Rush
  2. Chicken Lips
Review: Two brand new uplifting monsters form TNC. Label boss Robbie Long teams up with TNC resident AMS for the A side "Hardcore Rush". This track has been going down a storm with its huge piano line, catchy vocals and retro stab section. This track has it all. The rocking' "Chicken Lips" on the flip side see new production outfit Smith & Western deliver the goods with this bounce-fest. Both tracks appear on the brand new Warner/Nukleuz compilation "Hardcore Nation 3", and are going strong in the raves. Typical feel-good fun rave from the TNC stable.
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Cat: THC 001. Rel: 20 Sep 06
  1. Feel The Power (Supreme & Sunset Regime remix)
  2. Feel The Power (Dougal & Gammer remix)
Review: Newly formed Hardcore stable THC Records present this massive anthem from Audiolush, featuring remixes from hardcore champions Dougal & Gammer and Supreme & Sunset Regime. THC has become the label to watch over the last few months, since their launch at Fusion's 15th Birthday event, the brand has already become an iconic household name. Both Dougal and Supreme have pioneered hardcore since its early beginnings and were the central influences behind its legendary status. Audiolush have been responsible for a number one remix with LMC's "Take Me To The Clouds Above." Pre-sell interest in this track is phenomenal, with reservations being made for the tune before it was even pressed and of course Dougal & Gammer are now considered as hardcore vinyl-selling gold. With rotation in clubs from the inhabitants of the entire Fusion roster, airplay at every major hardcore event both here and abroad, TV plays, radio play, THC's hotly anticipated first single has become a landmark release for the label; it's the launch of this summer's most wanted hardcore release. The track has been featured in part upon compilations, such as "Hardcore Heaven 3" and has been further licensed to two more albums from Ministry Of Sound.
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Crazy Club (12")
Cat: HPZ 09. Rel: 22 Sep 06
  1. Austin - "Crazy Club"
  2. Darklis - "Feel The Impact"
Review: This one's a big'un folks!! Featuring two killer tracks from the legendary Austin and Darkus. 'Crazy Club' has been cained by pretty much every hardcore breaks DJ worth their weight in salt, and gets a tremendous reaction whenever it's dropped. Hands-in-the-air's piano sections combined with uplifting female vocals and a driving bassline makes this a definite winner. 'Feel The Impact' is one of Darkus's most energetic tunes with a real old skool feel, but still maintaining the hardcore breaks philosophy of pushing things forwards with high levels of production backed with fresh ideas and sounds - there's plenty going on in this track that'll keep you hooked from start to finish!
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Sex On Fire (1-sided 10")
Cat: BAKED 006. Rel: 11 May 11
  1. Sex On Fire
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Cat: WYHSX 046. Rel: 07 Mar 17
  1. Ganstress (6:52)
  2. Deep Jungle (6:31)
  3. Jungle Levels (6:06)
  4. (808) Bass Boom (5:09)
  5. Stick'em Up (5:32)
  6. Born To Roll (6:07)
  7. Forcefield (6:39)
  8. Mother Earth (5:47)
Review: Holy grail material. The long-awaited repress of Bay B Kane's rare "Survival Techniques" album-sized EP. Brimming with raw, fresh foundational jungle, every track is a stone cold classic. The drunken warbles and matched drum pitches of "Jungle Levels", the sprightly skanks and metallic funk textures of "Stick'em Up" and the ricochet snares and cavernous dubspace of "Born To Roll" are just three of eight murderation sensations on here.
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Cat: SUBBASE 027R. Rel: 10 May 17
  1. The Dark Stranger (Origin Unknown mix) (5:31)
  2. Real Hardcore (Johnny Jungle remix) (7:08)
  3. The Dark Stranger (Johnny Jungle remix) (6:08)
Review: Released in 1993 at the height of jungle's emergence as a fully-fledged dancefloor movement, Origin Unknown's remix of Boogie Times Tribe's "The Dark Stranger" remains a must-have for anyone interested in the development of home-grown British dance music. If you're unaware of its rumbling bass, spooky vocal samples, punchy breaks and foreboding builds, you should check it post-hast; it's undeniably one of the best records of the early jungle period. On this timely reissue, it's backed by two remixes by Johnny Jungle: a spacey, loose and atmospheric rework of "Real Hardcore", and a solid version of "The Dark Stranger" which doesn't quite hit the heights of Origin Unknown's brilliant A-side revision.
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Gespielt von: Soul Intent
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Razor/Predators (180 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: HILEVRECS 001. Rel: 15 Oct 18
  1. Razor
  2. Predators
Review: Bristol-based badman Borai has been quietly issuing some of the city's most immense club wreckers for many years now, sometimes in partnership with October, and sometimes flying solo (as on the crucial Anybody From London for Hotline Recordings). Here he's inaugurating Higher Level with some absolute dance slayers, kicking off with the mammoth pitched-down drum funk and gut-wrenching bass of "Razor" before switching stance for the dreamier but no less rowdy "Predators." Both cuts are a masterclass in classic breakbeat science, delivering the foundational UK sound with panache that sets these weapons far apart from the rest of the pack.
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Cat: INFTY 029. Rel: 17 Aug 06
  1. Jump, Jump A Little Higher (Gammer mix)
  2. Jump, Jump A Little Higher (Reese mix)
Review: A rippin' piece of hardcore choonage with Raverbaby superstars Breeze (aka Breeze and Styles) with MC Storm (Hardcore Heaven/Slammin Vinyl) plus two stompin' mixes from Gammer (Essential Platinum) and new comer Reese from the USA. Featured on "Clubland X-treme Hardcore 2" which attained Number 1 position on the Compilation Charts (UK). Breeze (aka Breeze and Styles), the UK Top 10 Charter with numerous releases and hits to his name, teams up with MC Storm, an MC that performs at nearly all hardcore events.
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Cat: NG 063. Rel: 17 Nov 06
  1. I've Got A Feeling
  2. I've Got A Feeling (Dougal & Gammer remix)
Review: The massive late 90s anthem is back. With features on "Hardcore Heaven 3" amongst a number of other high profile compilations, this is a must for any discerning hardcore DJs box. Next Generation head honchos Brisk & Ham let rip with their uber cool 2006 update, complete with resung vocals, heavy weight bass, slamming kicks, infectious riffs and cheeky acid lines - all of which guarantee a sea of hands with each play. If that's not enough to wet your pallet then check out the Essential Platinum duo Dougal & Gammer, who deliver an upbeat big room, peak time banger that has been destroying dance floors across the globe.
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Hit The Deck (12" promo)
Cat: NG 061. Rel: 18 Aug 06
  1. Hit The Deck
  2. DJ Ham (remix)
Review: "Next Generation" is one of the most successful hardcore labels in the world, and continues to take hardcore to another level with mixed styles and amazing artwork. Having done the rounds for a number of months on limited CD promos, "Hit The Deck" has been receiving solid reactions from those in the know for some time. You can expect the usual high octane B&V production: loaded with striking vocals from the talented Tess, elevating pianos, euphoric synths, infectious riffs and a somewhat chunky hardstyle mid section. "Next Generation" partner in crime, DJ Ham, unloads a somewhat banging remix on the flip with a meticulous reworking. Expect clinical production, superb old skool infused bass 'n' breaks sections and a cool, twisted take on the lead melody.
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Cat: PLUS 31. Rel: 17 Aug 06
  1. Wakey Wakey
  2. Sanctified
Review: "Wakey Wakey" very cheekily uses the samples from a well known soft drink advertisement, and has received lots of comments about this track from clubbers and DJ's alike, asking what it is and when it's out. Scott Brown is one of the UK hardcore scene's leading figure heads and won the "2005 Best Produced Title" and "2003 Best DJ" at the Hardcore Heaven Awards. Evolution Plus, the more experimental evil twin sister of Evolution, is another one of Scott's projects and the label has been setting the trends in the hardcore scene since day one.
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Cat: EV 85. Rel: 05 May 06
  1. What You Gonna Do
  2. I'll Get You
Review: Scott Brown's "What You Gonna Do" is amazing hard kicking Dutch gabba/UK happy hardcore.
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Cat: EVOLVE 006. Rel: 26 Aug 06
  1. Gang Bang Society (remix)
  2. Blue Anthem (remix)
Review: Scott Brown is one of the UK Hardcore scene's leading figure heads and won the 2005 Best Producer title at the Hardcore Heaven Awards. He has finally introduced his new sub-label of Evolution called 'Evolved'. This label will feature all brand new remixes of Scott Brown tracks or guest remixers. Both tracks featured on this 12" were big MP3 sellers direct from the label and have been released on vinyl due to public demand.
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Cat: GAFATONFRONT 01. Rel: 29 Oct 05
  1. Weasel Busters - "Roukin Drole"
  2. Weasel Busters - "Wieselmauster"
  3. Vinka - "Display"
  4. Vinka - "Bomb Worse"
Review: Repress!! Weasel as toy as usual, and Vinka in the tribe blues. A nice contrast.
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Cat: TWISTA 029. Rel: 01 Sep 10
  1. Casacda - "Can't Get Enough"
  2. Dan Winter - "Don't Stop Push It Now" (Square E remix)
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Cat: QSHLTD 010. Rel: 14 Dec 06
  1. Clsm - "Free Your Mind" (Darren Styles remix)
  2. Sy & Unknown - "Make It Bounce" (Joey Riot & DJ Kurt remix)
Review: The a-side is a remix of one of Quosh Records' biggest vocal anthems by hardcore legend Darren Styles. The flip side is a wicked remix by the two hottest up-and-coming hardcore artists in the scene today: DJ Kurt and Joey Riot.
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Cat: AUDIO 001. Rel: 29 Nov 06
  1. D Tune vs DJ Yves - "Synthetic Sequence" (feat MC Jay - DJ Norman & D'Carrera remix)
  2. D Tune vs DJ Yves - "Synthetic Sequence" (feat MC Jay - original mix)
  3. D Tune/Scott Marten - "Chapter 2"
  4. Dr Rude/D Tune - "DumDum"
Review: The first massive release on audio knowledge! These tracks are already played by all the major jocks at Sensation, Decibel, Defqon1 and many.
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Cat: HPZ 006. Rel: 26 May 06
  1. Darkus - "Stray Missile"
  2. Darkus - "Up 'N Smoke"
  3. Vinyl Junkie & Darkus - "Pacemaker"
Review: We're in for a treat with the sixth Hardcore Projektz release. This has two killer tracks from Darkus and a third collaboration with Vinyl Junkie. "Stray Missile" is a big rave tune that's enjoyed immense success with its energetic (and slightly crazy!) stab patterns and forward thinking production. "Up in Smoke" is surely one for the herbalists, with its deep basslines, old skool stabs and ganja vocals. Finally "Pacemaker" is a monster of a tune with the perfect combination of warm basslines and brilliant piano breakdown. What else would you expect though, coming from two pioneers of the scene?
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In Da Club (12'' promo)
Cat: BB 062. Rel: 10 Oct 06
  1. In Da Club
  2. Time To Reload
Review: DJ Ham cruises in with another cool two tracker for Blatant Beats. The long awaited "In Da Club" is finally here with it's high octane fusion of old skool infused piano, twisted stabs, rolling bass and lush female vox. The track has been breaking down doors for the last few months. "Time To Reload" offers an energetic trip to the darkside with cool, atmospheric synth work, neat rap vox, energetic arrangement and typically polished Ham production. Another superb release from Ham with support from all the key suspects.
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Cat: BB 064. Rel: 03 Nov 06
  1. Clubheads (Bang The Drum)
  2. That's What I Like
Review: DJ Ham continues his hardcore assault on the global hardcore dance floor. He delivers the seasonal hardcore fireworks as he feeds you two big, fat juicy bangers. With rocket fuelled beats, heat increasing acid and futuristic, elevating synth riffs, "Clubheads" has been receiving unanimous accolades from the scene's finest players no matter what the genre.
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out of stock $5.56
Cat: EER 002. Rel: 17 Aug 06
  1. Raise Ya Hands (original mix)
  2. Raise Ya Hands (Sy & Unknown remix)
Review: After the success of its first release, Electrik Euphoria is back with a proper vocal stomper from DJ Robbo, featuring Becky from the now infamous Geos Crew. An awesome remix from Quosh Records world famous remixers Sy & Unknown who had huge success with "Makin Me Wanna Dance" and "See The Light." The original mix is featured on the "Hardcore Heaven" series and the remix is on the latest "Bonkers" compilation.
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out of stock $5.56
Cat: MAXIMP 027. Rel: 07 Dec 06
  1. All Around The World
  2. Cross The Fader (Joey Riot remix)
Review: Another solo release from DJ Seduction, featuring the amazing vocal talents of Alison Wade. The track is uplifting and melodic from start to finish. On the flip Joey Riot's Remix of "Cross The Fader" finally gets its long awaited release.
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Phatt Bwoy (12")
Cat: TNC 017. Rel: 15 Sep 06
  1. Phatt Bwoy
  2. Bass Keeps Pumpin'
Review: Hotly tipped for big things, Thin N Crispy's brightest star DJ Stormtrooper drops his biggest solo release to date. Labels Manager, Robbie Long instantly snapped up "Phatt Bwoy" for his recent "Hardcore Nation 3" mix, and since then it's been going down a storm in rave land. This track is oozes uber phatt rave from every orifice. Flip this little baby over to find "Bass Keeps Pumpin". This track is a typical DJ Stormtrooper banger which should keep the more underground Thin N Crispy fans happy with its infectious riffs, euphoric breakdown, tough percussion bed and awesome slow down section. DJ Stormtrooper is on fire at the moment and is set to do very well at the 2006 Hardcore Awards for Best Breakthrough Act.
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Cat: UGLY 002. Rel: 19 Oct 06
  1. Playing With Knives (Playing With Wives mix)
  2. Playing With Knives (Knife Swap mix)
Review: This was one of the largest old school tracks ever, but before I go on I must again big up the concept and art work for it is second to none and makes anyone that looks at it laugh their bollocks off! Anyway, this is a quality remix of the massive Playing With Knives featuring a lovely picture of that dirty bird from the hilarious program Wife Swap.
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Cat: EPP 065. Rel: 21 Dec 10
  1. Save A Life
  2. Ghost Train
out of stock $7.07
Cat: MAXIMP 025. Rel: 15 Sep 06
  1. Rhythm Master
  2. Drop It
Review: A strong release from two of the biggest artists in the scene. "Rhythm Master" is featured on "Hardcore Nation 3" and "Drop It" was featured on "Hardcore Nation 2", proving this compilation is full of storming tracks.
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out of stock $5.05
  1. Dougal & Gammer - "Heaven On Earth" (feat Jenna - Technikal vocal remix)
  2. Andy Whitby & Matt Lee - "Mindblowing"
Review: Dougal & Gammer are a massive name in hardcore, headlining all the biggest raves and mixing albums like "Bonkers" and "Helter Skelter United In Hardcore". Production wizard Alf "Technikal" Bamford super charges vocal driven hardcore anthem "Heaven On Earth" into a high energy hard dance bomb. The original is featured on "Bonkers" albums and has been supported by all massive DJs and played at all the biggest raves. Technikal, now a Frantic DJ, has been producing the cream of hard dance music for the last few years including the massive remix of Stu Allan's "A Feeling" which is now signed to one of the biggest record labels in the world. On the flip Andy Whitby joins forces with Matt Lee (aka Gammer) on his debut release as a hard dance producer. The result is literally "Mindblowing". Massive rolling basslines, stomping kicks and cut-throat riffs just waiting to be unleashed for dance floor mayhem. When Mixmag labeled Andy Whitby "The Saviour of Hard House" they weren't wrong. His brand of high energy, full vocal, big riffs, plus energetic basslines alongside his incredible DJ Mixing prowess has made him a legend in the scene, regularly headlining events. Andy is also riding the wave of huge publicity having recently mixed two Frantic Euphoria albums for Ministry of Sound which both sold in excess of 50,000 copies.
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Cat: RLNT 026. Rel: 06 Oct 06
  1. EFM 7 - "Raver Raver Raver"
  2. S3RL - "Transformers"
  3. DJ Bullet - "Are You Serious"
Review: With Relentless Vinyl anything 'massive' goes. Ravey hardcore imprint from the Nu Energy Collective keeps it coming with another kick ass EP showcasing talent that is fresh, future and present. Having previously enjoyed releases from Scott Brown, Breeze & Styles and CLSM, Relentless turns to some new breed talent with "Transformers" by SR3L. Kicking things off, this is an epic, surging hardcore monster with a sample from a certain well known cartoon series. Continuing with new breed flava, EFM-7's awesome "Raver Raver Raver" is well known from its appearance on "Hardcore Heaven 3" and the DJ sets of Kevin Energy - a massively infectious and unique rave anthem with a huge vocal hook and chimes that stick in the brain like glue. Finishing things off, DJ Bullet delivers a fun party track that makes this three track EP a must have for any upcoming hardcore DJ - something for everyone.
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out of stock $5.05
Cat: FORZE 28. Rel: 13 May 03
  1. Fear Of Death
  2. Hardcore Worldwide
  3. Pussy Ass Punks
  4. Pumps Up The Bass
  5. DIE
Review: "Fear Of Death", by Elite Forces, is excellent Dutch mainstyle gabba/happy hardcore.
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out of stock $8.08
Cat: TF 005. Rel: 26 Sep 07
  1. Enzyme & Malice - "No More Tears"
  2. Mulder - "Devil Inside"
Review: The 2Fresh label owners are arguably the most sought after producers in the scene. Here they hit us with what has to be the biggest tune of the year! "No More Tears" combines heartfelt female vocals with uplifting piano breakdowns, catchy riffs and d&b basslines to create a track that has "anthem, anthem and anthem!!" written all over it. Enzyme & Malice can do no wrong.
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out of stock $6.06
  1. Enzyme - "Screwface"
  2. Mouse Crew - "DOA"
  3. Vinyl Junkie & Darkus - "Our Turf"
  4. Nervous - "Back & Forth"
Review: Launched mid-2005, Hardcore Projektz has gone from strength to strength and is now recognised as one of the biggest and most successful labels catering to the darker side of hardcore breaks. Enzyme, one of the scene's leading producers, tears up the A1 with "Screwface" - a brilliantly hard and dark production which perfectly captures the essence of what this hardcore label is all about! Using the vocal from the 80's classic "Warriors" and featuring a wonderfully rich and warm bassline, "Our Turf" has been produced by leading hardcore breaks producers Vinyl Junkie and Darkus.
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Music (12" )
Cat: FD 015. Rel: 17 Aug 06
  1. Music (Kevin Energy remix)
  2. Music (Ethos remix)
Review: Ethos' Future Dance label delivers another double header of pure rave rushin' mayhem. Taking on the label's classic "Music" release, ravers' favourite Kevin Energy drops down with a full on frenzy of party hoovers, bouncy rave stabs and soaring riffs. Kevin Energy's stormin' remix of "Music" appears on recent "Bonkers 16" CD (Resist Records). Ethos updates his own anthem with a retro piano rush meets modern hardcore track. Something a bit more bouncy and ravey than what's he often known for, Kevin's remix has been a massive favourite of Sharkey, Brisk, Kutski and CLSM.
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Watch Out (12")
Cat: FD 016. Rel: 06 Oct 06
  1. Watch Out
  2. Party People
Review: Future Dance - picking up album licenses to "Hardcore Nation", "Bonkers" and "Hardcore Heaven" CD's - Ethos' resurrected label has proved on of the most popular around with its bouncy party hardcore sound. Robbie Long, Brisk, Kevin Energy, Billy Bunter and Sharkey are all massive supporters of its sound. Having caused major waves with their "Nosebleed" remix and the awesome "Played N Made", Ethos & Thin N Crispy's Stormtrooper unite once again with two pure party bangers. Not a million miles from Ham's recent party sound, "Watch Out" is an absolute demon of rushin' synths and crazy hardcore energy. While "Party People" has been smashing things for Robbie Long, Kevin Energy and Sharkey at raves across the globe. Future Dance continues to gain supporters thanks to its pure party sound and fresh slant on modern hardcore - keep an eye out for the next EP from the one and only Arkitech.
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Cat: NG 062. Rel: 06 Oct 06
  1. Playing Games
  2. Holding Out
Review: Euphoria does it again with yet another summertime slammer for the masses. Already huge "Take Me Back" has been blowing up the floors across the globe on limited promotion, and is set to do more damage with the full commercial release next month. Not content with one vocal anthem, "Don't Hold Back" gives you another peak time platter which, again, is smashing up the floors in fine style. Truly wicked stuff here from this year's most prolific hardcore producer and another solid addition to the ever expanding Next Generation catalogue.
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Cat: BB 075. Rel: 24 Oct 07
  1. Restore My Heart
  2. Hardcore Intensity
Review: Euphoria's 'Restore My Heart' features lush female vocals, catchy lyrics, infectious hook,
jaw dropping riffs and plenty of banging beats to drive it along. Out on Blatant Beats.
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Myor Massiv 01 (hand-stamped 12")
Cat: MYORMASSIV 01. Rel: 30 Oct 15
  1. FFF - "Superhero Can't Trust" (7:01)
  2. FFF - "Free Your Soul" (7:00)
  3. Coco Bryce - "Deeper & Deeper" (6:34)
  4. Coco Bryce - "Runnin" (6:32)
Review: Myor launch a brand new sister imprint Myor Massiv, and they're doing it in raucous ragamuffin style with double Dutch frontage; FFF ticks both sides of 1992 with the skank-soaked proto jungle era gem "Superhero Can't Trust" while the piano-pimping "Free Your Soul" reminds us of the happier side of hardcore. Flip for two equally heady bone shakers from Coco Bryce; "Deeper and Deeper" is all about the choppy amens and Good Looking pads while "Runnin'" dips a little lower in the tempo to pay homage to the original hardcore sound complete with pitched up vocals and GBH-level mentasms. What a way to launch a new label!
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Cat: JM 001. Rel: 08 Oct 07
  1. The Masterplan
  2. My Feelings
Review: The premier release on Junki Munki Records features two enormous tracks from The Flashback Project. "The Masterplan" features an explosion of huge bass, beats and pianos, as well some exceptional original vocals. This tune is sure to keep the attention of the dancefloor. "My Feelings" is another storming tune, featuring a lush mellow breakdown, promptly followed by one of the most euphoric themes to hit the streets in a long, long time!
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Touch Ya Body (12" promo)
Cat: MAXIMP 024. Rel: 04 Aug 06
  1. Touch Ya Body (Joey Riot remix)
  2. Just Gotta Dance (Stormtrooper remix)
Review: This is the second release from the Flyin & Sparky duo on Maximum Impact. Both tracks receive awesome remixes from the likes of Joey Riot and Stormtrooper. Both tracks have featured on two massive compilation albums - "Hardcore Heaven" ("Touch Ya Body") and "Hardcore Nation" ("Just Gotta Dance").
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Angels (12")
Cat: QSH 078. Rel: 17 Nov 06
  1. Footprintz - "Angels" (Sy & Unknown remix)
  2. Sy & Unknown - "Hardcore Ride"
Review: Quosh Records - the legendary UK hardcore label - was voted 2nd 'Most Popular Label' at last year's hardcore awards. Sy has been the 'Hardcore DJ of the Year' for the past 2 years in succession, evidently one of the most popular hardcore DJs worldwide. Unknown - Sy's long time producing buddy has pioneered the modern bouncy sound, now being booked at every major event because of his producing talents. A Side has a massive bouncy vocal anthem from new artist Footprintz, and is already featured to huge acclaim on "Bonkers 16" (Hixxy Mix). B Side is a return to the more diverse Quosh bouncy sound - completely original rap vocals, uplifting mid section, and tough-as-nails bass-driven main sections.
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Cat: QSHLTD 009. Rel: 13 Oct 06
  1. Force & Styles - "Pacific Sun" (Sy & Unknown remix)
  2. Sy & Unknown - "Product Of The Devil 2006"
Review: Quosh Records, created in 1994 by DJs Sy & Unknown, is a legendary UK Hardcore label, and one of the most popular. Now boasting over 90 releases, the label has gone from strength to strength, and it's material always features on every major Hardcore compilation. Originally only made as an exclusive album track, Quosh have secured the rights to release it. A side is Sy & Unknown's remix of the monstrous Force & Styles classic, "Pacific Sun" (aka Lullaby) which originally was not going to be released. The B-side is a remix of one Sy & Unknown's most memorable tracks from 2003, "Product Of The Devil", reworked in modern bouncy style, true dancefloor detonation.
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Cat: CLANS 001. Rel: 28 Oct 06
  1. Braveheart 2006 (original 2006 mix)
  2. Braveheart 2006 (Alternate Drop mix)
Review: Return of the Clans is a huge follow up label to the infamous Joining of the Clans. JOTC released huge anthems including "Mysterious Times", "You Are Beautiful" and exclusive tracks from Hixxy and UFO. JOTC is also responsible for the original "Braveheart" release, which went on to sell over 9000 copies worldwide. Finally the Joining Of The Clans version of "Braveheart" gets a huge update by Frantic and Gammer. This remix has all the influence of the original but is massively improved with today's hardcore production.
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Cat: NG 065. Rel: 09 Dec 06
  1. A New Feeling (Let It Shine)
  2. A New Feeling
Review: Originally an instrumental track, Gammer has teamed up with Cat Knight to deliver a highly original and anthemic vocal version. This has found its way to the front of all the big guns' record box's.
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