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Rebuilt EP
Rebuilt EP (12")
Cat: XL 922T. Rel: 08 Jun 18
  1. Rebuilt (5:25)
  2. Pillars (3:25)
  3. Flash React (4:29)
  4. Tuff Cookie (5:42)
Gespielt von: Juno Recommends Bass
 in stock $16.91
Deep Into The Cut
Cat: WCEC 012. Rel: 09 Feb 16
  1. She Destroys (5:33)
  2. Rotation (6:15)
  3. Temptation (7:30)
  4. I Told You Not To Stop (5:36)
  5. Burn Baby Burn (7:04)
  6. Now That's Funky (5:15)
  7. Harmony (5:32)
  8. Celestial VSU (3:58)
  9. Open Your Eyes (7:27)
  10. The Prosecuted (5:51)
  11. The Escape (2:45)
Review: Paul Purgas (Emptyset) re-issues seminal, Detroit industrial-rock album from 1989 featuring none other than techno legend Jeff Mills with original and continuous member Anthony Srock. Sharing similarities to other Midwest cross-over groups of the time such as Ministry/Revolting Cocks, My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult and of course Nine Inch Nails. The foundations of Jeff Mills' influential sound can definitely be heard on tracks such as the peak time onslaught of "Rotation", "I Told You Not To Stop" (particularly of his work with Underground Resistance) or "Open Your Eyes" but there's also the jacking acid of nearby Chicago on "Now That's Funky" and pretty standard time capsules in the form of "Harmony" or "The Prosecuted" with their synth funk basslines and clanging/metallic percussion sequences (think Skinny Puppy/Frontline Assembly) crossing over into proto-techno in perfect harmony. Definitely a Motor City zeitgeist and one for the books.
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Gespielt von: Kid Who, Thread London
 in stock $22.17
Quo Vadis
Quo Vadis (12")
Cat: BTL 002. Rel: 13 Aug 20
  1. Quo Vadis (8:49)
  2. Quo Vadis (D Diggler remix) (6:24)
  3. Sparticus (9:09)
 in stock $14.15
Bromley (12") (1 per customer)
Cat: XL 1001T. Rel: 22 Nov 19
  1. Bromley (6:49)
  2. Still Moving (5:03)
Review: When two UK heavyweights like Joy Orbison and Overmono come together, on a label as iconic as XL, you want to hear what they have to say. Their first collaborative outing is a real monster that kicks off with the surging and unrelenting pressure of "Bromley. With its pinging bass, sleek metal surfaces and alien sound effects; this is the beginning of something special. Flipside "Still Moving" is all writhing synths, wub-wub bass and jungle promise that will keep dancers on their toes.
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Gespielt von: Corbi, Mimi
 in stock $21.90
Arla EP
Arla EP (12")
Cat: XLT 762P. Rel: 29 Jul 16
  1. Olchon Flows (1:21)
  2. Lockner Union (3:36)
  3. C-Life (0:58)
  4. Winged (4:23)
  5. Programmer (3:20)
Review: Despite both enjoying successful careers, brothers Truss and Tessela have rarely worked together. It's perhaps for this reason that Arla, the debut EP from their collaborative Overmono project, has been so hotly anticipated. There are plenty of highlights amongst the five tracks - two of which are short-run skits - with the duo offering the right balance between experimental futurism, and good, old-fashioned dancefloor nous. Check, for example, the drowsy, undulating synth refrains and dense, tribal-influenced drums of "Lockner Union", the near-symphonic "Winged" - where stretched-out strings and mournful pads are underpinned by a stucatto rhythm - and the restless, rhythmic ambience of impressive closer "Programmer".
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 in stock $15.52
Arla III
Arla III (clear vinyl 12")
Cat: XL 887T. Rel: 01 Dec 17
  1. Inulin (4:32)
  2. Phase Magenta (6:07)
  3. Pom (5:03)
  4. Harp Open (2:17)
 in stock $15.52
Higher State Of Consciousness (Adana Twins remixes)
Higher State Of Consciousness (Adana Twins remixes) (limited luminous vinyl 12") (1 per customer)
Cat: WGVINYL 063. Rel: 25 Sep 19
  1. Higher State Of Consciousness (Adana Twins remix One) (8:20)
  2. Higher State Of Consciousness (Adana Twins remix Two) (7:00)
Review: Following up Hamburg duo Adana Twins' super re-work of Patrice Baumel's "Roar" that dropped on Watergate last year, this fresh reinterpretation of American legend Josh Wink's 1995 classic "Higher State Of Consciousness" confirms the duo's golden touch on the remix front. Considered by many to be the quintessential acid techno anthem, the Hanseatic heroes impresses with a clever rework on "Remix One" which utilises the "French Kiss" style tempo slowdown, before reaching an epic escalation point with which is bound to cause mayhem on the dancefloor. Flip over for another strong remix where the duo injects a pounding modern techno groove for maximum speaker dynamics.
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Gespielt von: Alexis Le-Tan
 in stock $26.33
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Back In Stock: Techno
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