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Tags: Tribal House

Products tagged as Tribal House
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Analogue Stories Vol 2
Analogue Stories Vol 2 (dookie brown vinyl 12")
Cat: PHONOGRAMME 38. Rel: 01 Dec 23
Deep House
Ancient Technology
How U Do It
Review: Prescription and Guidance mainstay Abacus has already done enough to assure his eternal legacy in the story of deep house. But thankfully he is still turning out superbly deep sounds that are as profound and emotive as they are heady and escapist. Here he is back on Phonogramme with 'Analogue Stories Vol. 2' which comes on a unique semi-transparent 12'' vinyl. The beats are warm and humid, thickly coated with a diffuse synth hue as the rooted drums roll on smoothly. 'How U Do It' is out pick - a musical odyssey with layers of instrumentation, piano and percussion all topped off with a Moodyman vocal sample.
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 in stock $16.64
Private Society Vol 1
Private Society Vol 1 (hand-stamped 12")
Cat: PRIVATESOCIETY 01. Rel: 29 Mar 21
Deep House
Journey On (6:44)
More To Be Done (5:02)
Looking At The Sky (11:28)
Review: This the first in a series of limited Private Society vinyl releases, with special and exclusive songs by American artist Fred Peterkin. The spiritual life music of 'Journey On' is in the vein of his other known Black Jazz Consortium alias, followed by the deep and soulful broken beat of 'More To Be Done'. On the flip, it's all about the 12 minute long, glassy-eyed and bittersweet epic 'Looking At The Sky', awash in syncopated tribal rhythms, gorgeous female vocals and a rich tapestry of ethereal pads. On Private Society Vol 1, the New York turned Berlin resident continues to push further into his own sound, craft and mind.
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 in stock $15.31
Private Society Vol 2
Private Society Vol 2 (hand-stamped 12" + insert)
Cat: PRIVATESOCIETY 02. Rel: 27 Aug 21
Deep House
On The Beach (reprise) (3:15)
On The Beach (10:13)
Mystical Sunshine (Fred P Reshape) (8:04)
Mystical Sunshine (Fred P Tribal dub version) (5:32)
Review: Private Society is the new, limited run, vinyl only, hand stamped white label series from the one and only master of the deep, Fred P. The American has been operating in this mode for many years but always finds great new territory, as he does again here. 'On The Beach' is a downbeat cut with jazzy cymbals and the sort of lush pads and heavenly vibes the artist is best known for. A short reprise is provided for jobbing DJs while the flip features two versions of 'Mystical Sunshine.' One is a colourful and synth laced jam and the other is heavier and more dubbed out.
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 in stock $15.31
Moblack Sampler Vol 2
Cat: MBRV 002. Rel: 01 Nov 17
Deep House
Mabiisi - "Baakoya" (Armonica remix) (7:40)
Stones & Bones - "Amahloni" (feat Toshi - Manoo remix) (8:47)
Moon Rocket & MoBlack - "Gafara" (Afro main mix) (6:53)
Jackson Brainwave - "Hear The Drum" (7:52)
 in stock $16.37
Cat: RNT 45007. Rel: 12 Jan 21
Emancipacao (5:05)
50 Anos Em 5 (4:37)
Review: Diogo Strausz has previously released on Razor-N-Tape as part of the duo Balako but now steps up as a solo artist to kick off the label's 2021. A Sao Paulista now living in Paris, he brings plenty of musicality to the slick 7", firstly with 'Emancipacao,' which is awash with melancholic keys and rich bass but also plenty of fantastic leads from both synths and sax. It's splashy and splashy and colourful disco. '50 Anos Em 5' then gets playful and funky with a Latin twist as the salsa beats an squelchy bass all make you want to spin on your heels.
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 in stock $12.14
Momma's Groove
Cat: GR 1267. Rel: 22 Sep 20
Funky/Club House
Momma's Groove (7:42)
Momma's Groove (Jimpster Hip Replacement mix) (7:36)
Review: The latest must-check missive from deep house reissue specialists Groovin' takes us back to 2007 and one of the most infectious, insatiable cuts in Osunlade's sprawling back catalogue. First featured on his Strictly Rhythm-released album "Elements Beyond", "Momma's Groove" features Osunlade adding his own evocative spoken word vocals to a low-down deep house groover crafted from disco-funk style bass, flanged guitar licks, jazzy sax solos and typically tribal drums. Over on side B there's a chance to Jimpster's "Hip Replacement Mix", which transforms Osunlade's killer cut into a rolling slab of immersive deep house haziness perfectly suited to heads-down peak-time plays.
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 in stock $13.20
Interactive (The Louie Vega remixes)
Cat: REB 124. Rel: 29 Jun 21
Funky/Club House
Interactive (Louie Vega remix) (6:51)
Interactive (Honeycomb Keyapella mix) (5:12)
Interactive (Louie Vega Expansions NYC instrumental) (6:51)
Interactive (Honeycomb beats) (5:24)
 in stock $12.66
Emancipacao Extended
Emancipacao Extended (180 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: RNTR 042. Rel: 11 Jan 22
Emancipacao (Ron Trent remix) (9:15)
Emancipacao (extended mix) (7:47)
50 Anos Em 5 (extended mix) (7:07)
Review: Diego Strausz's first outing on Razor N Tape, a seven-inch single released in January 2021, was a thrillingly vibrant and hard-to-pigeonhole affair, with the Brazilian joining the dots between Batacuda, Brazilian disco, boogie and deep jazz-funk. This belated follow-up features superb, never-before-heard extended versions of those two tracks: the Azymuth-esque drums-synths-and-percussion explosion that is 'Emancipacao' and '50 Anos Em 5', a TB-303 acid-sporting slab of Latin jazz-fusion with bonus spacey synths. Perhaps the package's most notable moment though is Ron Trent's inspired remix of the title track, which in typical fashion sees the legendary deep house producer add extra layers of musicality, sun-kissed positivity and plenty of killer house-not-house beats.
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 in stock $16.37
Spaces & Places Part 3
Cat: MAP 007. Rel: 03 Feb 17
Deep House
Berlin Nights (11:12)
Mississippi Mud (10:17)
 in stock $14.78
Soca Electric
Cat: NR 002. Rel: 12 Mar 20
Deep House
Soca Electric (7:20)
The Edge (5:54)
Future Travels (7:23)
Review: After a break of almost two years, Trindadian Deep has decided to re-activate the Native Rebel Music label he founded in 2018. Like its predecessor, "Soca Electric" boasts three tracks of intricately detailed, emotion-rich deep house full of nods towards Caribbean and African musical culture. We highly recommend the luscious and beach-warm title track, where steel pan melodies, fluid synthesizer solos and life-affirming chords stretch out above a percussion-laden, Ron Trent style deep house groove. That said, we've also got a lot of love for the similarly sun-kissed, synth bass-sporting "The Edge" and the more heavily electronic deep house lusciousness of "Future Travels". In fact, all three tracks are glorious.
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 in stock $15.05
Last Forever
Cat: SWAMP 012. Rel: 01 Aug 11
Last Forever
Heaven Sent
Review: It's been at least a hot minute since the last heavyweight release from Swamp 81 dropped (and they don't get much heavier than a double pack of body music from Boddika). The wait has totally been worth it as Funkbias sees UKG legend Zed Bias team up with Rinse FM's excellently named Funk Butcher for two drops of typically forward thinking music. "Last Forever" burst uneasily out of the rumbling groove that opens the track into masterful concoction of vocal affectations, burning synth beams, snapping tribal drums and trademark Zed Bias bass. "Heaven Sent" does indeed begin like it was sent from above with gentle piano melodies lulling you in before being engulfed by a heavily pressurised flex of 808s and more crafty vocal dicing. The interplay between the soft and harsh elements is quite brilliant. Those who like a fine example of cover art will go weak at the knees over the Will Bankhead embossed design too.
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 in stock $6.32
Joy Universal
Joy Universal (double 12")
Cat: NER 25920. Rel: 31 Jan 23
Deep House
Joy Universal (feat Two Soul Fusion - long version) (9:55)
Igobolo (Feelin' Love) (feat Joaquin 'Joe' Clausell - Sacred Rhythm Tones Full version) (12:48)
Igobolo (Feelin' Love) (feat Joaquin 'Joe' Clausell - Expansions NYC dub) (5:32)
Joy Universal (feat Two Soul Fusion - Axel Tosca Piano Solo demo Ruff) (6:26)
Joy Universal (feat Two Soul Fusion - Joy beats) (5:47)
Igobolo (Feelin' Love) (feat Joaquin 'Joe' Clausell - Joe & Louie Mood dub) (6:19)
Review: The Master at Work that is Louie Vega has been a music-making machine all his life but in recent years has continued to reach new heights with various different projects. Here he is back on regular label Nervous with various different versions of his tunes 'Joy Universal' and 'Igobolo.' 'Joy Universal' (feat Two Soul Fusion) is classic Vega - soulful house music awash with Latin influences, loose-limbed percussion and funky basslines. And that template is tweaked over the ensuing tunes, with glorious pianos, jazzy grooves and tropical rhythms all making for a fine EP.
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 in stock $29.56
Cat: YSL 001. Rel: 05 Apr 19
Minimal/Tech House
SaintLaurentYSL (feat Lil Baby - The Martinez Brothers re-edit) (6:08)
Backyard Boogie (NYC mix) (5:29)
 in stock $9.49
Toolroom Sampler Vol 5
Cat: TOOL 1150. Rel: 20 Jun 23
Deep House
Mark Knight & Crusy - "Daddy Shhh" (6:06)
Huxley - "All I Need" (5:25)
Essel - "Lennon" (5:17)
Leftwing: Kody, James Hurr & I Jah - "Music Is The Medication" (4:58)
Review: The mighty and unmovable Toolroom offers up a snapshot of where it is at right now with a fifth volume of its Sampler series. The boss himself Mark Knight kicks off with a collaborative tune with Crusy: 'Daddy Shhh' is loopy, tribal, full flavour tech with jumbled drums and lots of buffed metal. Huxley's 'All I Need' is one of the UK producers warm house sounds, a smart vocal brings a sense of pain over simple but effective beats. Essel's 'Lennon' then brings peak time energy with strobe-lit synth sequences and churning drums, and Leftwing: Kody, James Hurr & I Jah shut down with 'Music Is The Medication', a muscular bumper with dub-wise vocals.
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 in stock $15.31
Vega Records: 5 Pack Unreleased IV
Cat: VRADE 23. Rel: 05 Dec 23
Deep House
Leroy Burgess - "Nothing Stays The Same" (Two Soul Fusion remix) (13:25)
Tony Touch - "Apaga La Laz" (Pablo Fierro Afro Latino remix) (6:37)
Leroy Burgess - "Nothing Stays The Same" (Two Soul Fusion dub) (6:54)
Two Soul Fusion - "Lovin'" (Two Soul Fusion dub) (14:17)
Louie Vega & Johnny Dangerous - "You Are A Star" (7:22)
Bebe Winans - "Let's Go Champ" (Two Soul Fusion Piano dub) (8:17)
Elements Of Life - "Let Us Shine" (feat Josh Milan - Louie Vega mix) (5:09)
Louie Vega - "Where I Wanna Be" (demo) (7:19)
Louie Vega - "Swayin'" (feat Axel Tosca - demo) (9:44)
Two Soul Fusion - "Brazillian Soul Fusion" (8:29)
Professor - "Unobenga Vs Sermon Of The Drums" (feat Ndu Shezi & Thebe vs Luis radio, Pietro Nicosia - Ken Terry rework) (7:48)
Elements Of Life - "Dusk On The Beach" (demo) (7:08)
Review: Louie Vega remains a towering presence in house music 30+ years after making his early mark. As a solo artist, he deals in soulful, Latin-tinged and musical house sounds that are lavish in arrangement and often made with real instrumentals. The Vega boss now serves up a bumper collection of previously unreleased tunes across no fewer than ten sides of vinyl. There are collaborations, remixes, demos, dubs and reworks along the way and the range in impressive - from deep and triable joints to shuffling samba sounds and back again, this is a vital collection from a real house master.
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 in stock $65.74
Alistera (12")
Cat: MYS 018. Rel: 18 Sep 23
Deep House
Journeys (5:23)
Alistera (6:53)
Funk Break Beat (5:58)
Kebaya (4:26)
Review: London label Mysticisms knows how to dig out some truly lush house grooves whether that's in the form of unreleased house meets IDM, classic reissues or debuts from new school artists. N-GYNN falls into that latter camp having started to make waves on the likes of Hamam House Pleasure Club and his Superlux Records label. He explores a dreamy and cuddly house world here with rolling analogue drums, wispy new-age percussion and whimsical cosmic melodies that all make for otherworldly grooves. 'Journeys' has the feeling of an ancient ritual in the sky, 'Alistera' is a kaleidoscope of colour and 'Kebaya' has a more earthy Afro feel. 'Funk Break Beat' closes with a jumbled groove peppered with dial tones, string loops and bulbous acid.
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 in stock $13.72
Mami Wata: Sacred Rhythm & Cosmic Arts Remixes
Cat: BE 681SLP2. Rel: 04 Aug 23
Broken Beat/Nu Jazz/Nu Soul
Mami Wata (Joaquin Sacred Rhythm version) (14:04)
Mami Wata (extended album version) (12:11)
Mami Wata (Joaquin House dub) (5:49)
Mami Wata (Joaquin Sacred Arts Story version) (16:40)
Mami Wata (Joaquin Deep dub) (6:02)
Mami Wata (Joaquin Cosmic Arts Future instrumental) (9:24)
Review: This new Brian Jackson package 'Miami Wata' brings together traditional African sounds and modern Latin house music in a captivating fashion. Jackson's rendition of a traditional African song draws on the sacred lands of the Dogan in Mali and the rich rhythms of Ghana, paying tribute to all the different African cultures that have made for such a diverse tapestry of world music. The original comes with serval remixes, dubs and cosmic reworks from the one and only Body & Soul man Joe Claussell who takes it into all new but equally spiritual realms. It makes for an epic double 12" from BBE.
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 in stock $31.41
The Journey Collection
Cat: SG 001LP. Rel: 15 Dec 22
Deep House
The Journey (9:45)
Moog Sensation (7:45)
Riddum (6:30)
Room To Breath (13:25)
Lights Out (8:12)
Old Skool (6:31)
Review: "The Journey Collection" is an amazing double pack from Scott Grooves that includes "The Journey". This is Detroit House music at its best. This is a very limited repress (after the obscure first pressing which was sold out on the day it was released and never re-pressed). For the fans of Omar S, Theo Parrish, Moodymann, Glenn Underground, Ron Trent etc.
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 in stock $30.36
Peripheral Vision
Cat: GVMV 005. Rel: 01 Mar 22
Deep House
Deep Into My Sleep (6:57)
Put Your Hands Together (Sean Retro Jackin mix) (7:16)
Into You (feat Dawn Williams) (5:32)
Pause (feat Syl Messi) (4:36)
Peripheral Vision (feat Nickel Slick) (5:06)
 in stock $12.66
Time To Let Go (Louie Vega remix)
Cat: VR 212. Rel: 24 May 22
Deep House
Time To Let Go (Expansions NYC remix) (8:14)
Time To Let Go (Two Soul Fusion Afro House instrumental mix) (8:35)
Time To Let Go (beats) (8:34)
Time To Let Go (Two Soul Fusion Afro House mix) (8:11)
Time To Let Go (Expansions NYC remix instrumental) (4:05)
Review: Last summer, veteran singer/songwriter Mike Lindup dropped 'Time To Let Go', a delicious fusion of synth-pop, Afro-pop and dreamy soul that was set to feature on his long-promised follow-up to 1990 album Changes. Now Masters at Work man Louie Vega has got his hands on it and delivered a suite of fresh, club-ready reworks. Vega's EP-opening 'Expressions NYC Mix' does a great job in wrapping Lindup's original vocals, fluid pianos, chords and squelchy synth-bass around a snappy house groove, subtly re-framing it for peak-time floors. The 'Two Soul Afro House Fusion' mix is arguably even better, with Vega adding layers of delicious instrumentation to a Tony Allen-inspired Afro-house beat. Throw in a couple of instrumentals and a handy 'Beats' version and you have an excellent package.

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 in stock $25.61
Incandescent EP
Cat: AGM 003. Rel: 09 Jan 23
Deep House
Through My Eyes (5:27)
Mesmerizing Blue (6:25)
Sticks (5:32)
Review: Chad Pulley makes his first solo appearance on John Beltran's All Good Music label, although keener eyed spotters will know that Pulley and Beltran previously collaborated on a track under the Bel-Pull Productions moniker. He steps up to the task ably, slipping into All Good style comfortably with the calm and melodic, gracefully coasting techno of 'Through My Eyes', before the flip side reveals the wistful 'Mesmerizing Blue', where pianos and synths call and respond over exotic rhythms. 'Sticks' completes the set, slightly harder and funkier than its two predecessors but again with an emphasis on musicality, off kilter danceability and originality. On this showing, a name to watch.
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 in stock $10.04
Foliage Records Vinyl Sampler 2
Cat: 505603 2372078. Rel: 07 Sep 23
Deep House
Thakzin & Ray T - "Don't Let Me See" (Jimpster remix) (6:48)
Richard Earnshaw Presents Inner Spirit - "Addicted" (feat Kholi - vocal mix) (5:37)
Glass Slipper - "Unification Vibration" (Atjazz main mix) (6:32)
Diephuis - "Listen To This Drum" (feat Ursula Rucker - Turbojazz & Sean McCabe remix) (7:03)
Review: Reel People Music's latest Foliage Records sampler, the second so far, is another magnificent celebration of the deeper and more spiritual end of the house music spectrum. Freerange label boss and deep house don Jimpster opens up with a shimming and warm remix of Thakzin & Ray T's 'Don't Let Me See.' Atjazz also shows off his signature sound and deftness of design with his remix of Glass Slipper's 'Unification Vibration' and Turbojazz & Sean McCabe remix Diephuis's' 'Listen To This Drum' (feat Ursula Rucker) into a steamy house jam for cosy back room sessions. A rich EP for those who like their disco house musical.
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 in stock $14.26
Discotecas 004
Cat: DISCOT 004. Rel: 30 Jan 24
Deep House
Heavy Dub (7:03)
IFA (6:36)
Review: Discotecas keep it catchy with another firey missive that delves deep into disco, funk and Afro. 'Heavy Dub' opens up with loose-limbed grooves that come with horn stabs and plenty of percussion, then 'LFA' gets a little deeper. Here the drums stay low and the mood is more menacing. The groove is detailed with just as many hots and toms, with diffuse chord stabs adding some warming soul and hints of Moodymann cool. As the grover unfolds it gets ever more funky and party starting with some great spoken words finishing it in style.
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 in stock $16.37
Nu Age
Nu Age (12")
Cat: TR 0007. Rel: 29 Jul 21
Deep House
Stay (main Nu-Age mix) (8:10)
Set It Off (Nu-Age mix) (7:08)
A Winters Night (dub mix) (7:33)
The World Order (7:33)
Review: The fertile South African house scene keeps on giving rise to brand new goodness. Token is a label whose mission it is to bring such sounds to the wider world and this second EP is another winner. 'Stay' immediately gets you dreaming of warm climates and gorgeous sunsets before 'Set It' picks up the pace but keeps the pads warm and fuzzy and the bass elastic and deep. There is spiritual vocal faire on the cosy 'A Winters Night' and a melodic masterclass on 'The World Order' that is steeped in US house tradition but brings something fresh.
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Gespielt von: Kai "KZR" Alce
 in stock $19.54
Drums Ov Sage 2 (Edits & Dubs 2016-2023)
Cat: EESS 010. Rel: 22 Apr 24
Deep House
Jungle Gym
Peter Power - "Adamo Waro" (Dreems Horn dub)
Zulu For Who
Ground & Kabamix - "2099" (Dreems Acid dub)
Simonas & Gustavas - "Undubbed" (Dreems Redub)
Review: Especial Specials always deal in releases with a story often as interesting as the music itself. This time out they enlist DJ and producer Dreems for a fine collection of limited-edition 12"s. Angus Gruzman aka Dreems is the man behind the vital Multi Culti label and has dropped his own wares on the likes of Kompakt, Pinchy & Friends and Futureboogie but somehow remains rather in the shadows. This deep dive into his vaults should change that - these are edits and dubs that come doused in psychedelia as they trip through several genres. There is off-kilter dub, melon-twisting dub, intensely percussive and tribal dub, and more besides across the five fantastic tracks.
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Gespielt von: LEGO EDIT
 in stock $15.05
Source Of House
Source Of House (double 12")
Cat: NER 25854. Rel: 15 Nov 22
Deep House
Good Morning (6:19)
Falling (6:38)
Hamballla (feat Toshi) (6:44)
Angeke (feat Soul Jay) (7:20)
Hotel Cali (6:11)
Blalmam (6:40)
Miss U (5:35)
Track 38 (6:04)
Review: It's hard to over emphasise the role Timmy Regisford has played in the evolution of the New York house sound. The records he made with the late Boyd Jarvis in the mid 1980s paved the way for what became known as 'garage-house', and in the decades since he's released countless classic cuts and full-length excursions. On Source of House, he offers his take on Afro-house, combining authentic vocals, percussion and instrumentation with electronic rhythms, sun-splashed synth sounds, immersive chords and tech-tinged basslines. It's a brilliantly produced collection all told, with the multiple highlights including the summery deep house bounce of 'Good Morning', the auto-tune-sporting Afro-house-futurism of 'Angeke', the string-laden, Afro-disco-tinged 'Blalmam', and the warm, emotion-rich 'Track 38'.
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 in stock $36.17
Nigeria/African Spirits Remixes
Cat: SCEP 510. Rel: 07 Oct 22
Broken Beat/Nu Jazz/Nu Soul
Nigeria (Tall Black Guy Boogie Love remix - feat Broken Keys) (4:05)
Nigeria (Tall Black Guy Boogie Love remix - instrumental version) (4:05)
African Spirits (Andres extended remix) (5:33)
Review: Nicola Conte is one of the central figures in the Schema story, and his nu jazz and broken beat partnership with Gianluca Petrella has yielded some golden music in recent years. Nigeria originally came out in 2018, and then last year popped up on the duo's People Need People LP, but now it's getting a proper remix treatment which sees Tall Black Guy twisting the track out as a heady disco house roller for sundown moments when you need a little jazzy flair in the proceedings. That version comes in vocal and instrumental versions, and then the mighty Andres steps up for one of his simmering groove escapades as he delivers an extended remix of 'African Spirits'.
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 in stock $15.31
A Lifetime In Dance Music
Cat: SSMEK LP1V. Rel: 01 Nov 22
Deep House
Depeche Mode - "Wrong" (Frankie Bromantic club mix) (8:18)
Eric Kupper - "Rock To The Beat" (8:59)
Degrees Of Motion - "Shine On" (original extended LP mix) (7:15)
Fuminori Kagajo - "The Blue" (feat Jaidene Veda - Eric Kupper remix) (7:18)
Diana Ross - "The Boss" (Eric Kupper remix) (7:20)
Danism + Train - "Ndisole" (feat Toshi - Eric Kupper remix) (7:16)
Solu Music - "Fade" (feat Kimblee - Eric Kupper remix) (9:19)
Eric Kupper Presents K-Scope - "Electrikiss" (8:50)
Review: While not as celebrated as many of those he has worked with over the years (most notably his late friend Frankie Knuckles), Eric Kupper has built up a mighty discography, with untold production, remix and engineering credits to his name. A Lifetime in Dance Music celebrates this, picking out eight highlights (with more to come on subsequent volumes) from the New York house great's long and successful career. There's plenty to set the pulse racing throughout, from a fine revision of Depeche Mode's 'Wrong' and the classics organ-and-piano-heavy US garage flex of Degrees of Motion's 'Shine On', to a soaring house makeover of Diana Ross disco classic 'The Boss', a delicious tribal house take on Fuminori Kagajo's 'The Blue', and the immersive, loved-up deep house lusciousness of 'Electrikiss', a cut originally released under his occasional K-Scope alias.
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 in stock $30.62
In Your Arms
Cat: HYS 060T. Rel: 22 Dec 20
Funky/Club House
In Your Arms (Eric Kupper Afro dub re-edit remaster) (8:00)
In Your Arms (Eric Kupper Afro vocal mix remaster) (8:44)
 in stock $13.20
Moblack Sampler Vol 6
Cat: MBRV 019. Rel: 22 Feb 22
Deep House
KingSfiso - "Ilanga" (feat Mbuso Khoza - Manoo remix) (9:35)
Sound's Good Inc - "Masen'hamba" (David Morales Red Zone mix) (6:07)
FNX Omar - "Ghomari" (feat Said Rifai) (6:36)
Re You & Soheil - "Mapawani" (main version) (7:33)
Review: After kicking off the year with the stellar MoBlack Gold Vol. 2 VA, Mimmo Falcone's label does it again with a crucial cluster of spiritually charged, Afro-rooted house jams from on-point producers. This 12" kicks off with Manoo's remix of KingSfiso, creating a delicate, melancholic trip out of 'Ilanga' with Mbuso Khoza's vocals front and centre. David Moralez gets seriously deep into the groove with his Red Zone mix of Sound's Good Inc's 'Masen'hamba'. FNX Omar offer up a brooding cut driven by organic tones on 'Ghomari', and Re You & Soheil bring a more electronic palette to bear on their own Afro-house throwdown, 'Mapawani'.
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 in stock $13.20
Crush On The Beachside (feat K15 remix)
Cat: SCP 002. Rel: 02 Oct 23
Deep House
Crush On The Beachside (6:31)
Shattered (5:10)
Crush On The Beachside (K15 remix) (7:00)
Cracking (5:50)
Review: New Digital Fidelity has been making sweet moves recently with a debut on the lauded Moods & Grovers label out of Detroit followed up by a single on his own Scopic Records. Now he brings his class to Crush On The Beachside and again shows off his love of Detroit house vibes. Opener 'Crush On The Beachside' is raw and intense with humid chords and jacked-up drums, then 'Shattered' brings more loose and jumbled beatdown grooves and 'Crush On The Beachside' (K15 remix) is then bubbly, jazzy and cuddly. 'Cracking' rounds out with more rich chord work and bristling drum funk.
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 in stock $12.94
Culture Bandit
Cat: ARC 230SD2V. Rel: 28 Nov 23
Deep House
Culture Bandit (5:10)
Culture Bandit (Atjazz remix) (5:45)
Culture Bandit (Yoruba Soul mix) (6:13)
Review: Edinburgh-based Peacey had a little help from label boss Martin 'Atjazz' Iveson and the latter's old pal Clyde on debut single 'Hold Me Back'. He's gone solo on 'Culture Bandit', which like its predecessor is a taster for Peacey's forthcoming debut album. In its original form (side A), the track blurs the boundaries between 21st century Afro-house, the liquid, melody-driven fluidity of Atjazz's early works, the spoken word-sporting mid-2000s nu-jazz of Ursula Rucker (an effect heightened by Vanessa Hidary's brilliant beat poetry) and the dancefloor spirituality of Osunlade. It's fitting, then, that the latter delivers a typically percussive, musically rich and tech-tinged Yoruba Soul remix, with Martin Iveson delivering a typically fluid, deep and tactile Atjazz revision.
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Sacude remixes)
Sacude remixes) (double 12")
Cat: VR 210. Rel: 27 Jan 22
Sacude (Louie Vega Brooklyn mix) (6:57)
Sacude (Manoo Touch mix) (9:52)
Sacude (Oscar G 305 remix) (5:15)
Sacude (Oscar G 305 dub) (5:13)
Sacude (Tony Touch remix) (5:15)
Sacude (Louie Vega Bronx mix) (7:07)
Review: The unstoppable and irrepressible Louie Vega has commissioned a bunch of remixes of Tony Touch's 'Sacude' for his own Vega label. The man himself opens things up with a Brooklyn mix that is heavy on raw beats, percussion and Latin rhythm. Manoos goes for something a little more smooth and shuffling, while Oscar G's 305 remix is a deep, elastic groove with eerie synth work. He also serves up a dub, Tony Touch reworks his own original into something full of fire and a dark Louie Vega Bronx mix closes out the package.
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Dream Drums
Cat: ADR 003. Rel: 11 Oct 22
Deep House
Dream Drums (Joseki remix) (6:34)
Dream Drums (Eric Kupper & LRX remix) (5:52)
Dream Drums (Roberto Rodriguez remix) (7:11)
Dream Drums (Marc Cotterell remix) (7:15)
Review: Frederick Jorio is a mainstay of tribal house's long and winding legacy, with classics as Lectroluv reaching back to the early 90s. 'Dream Drums' was originally tucked away as a B2 on an Eightball 12" in 1993, and went on to become something of an underground hit for those in the know. Now Afternoon Delight are revisiting the track with some high grade remixes which stay true to the heads-down club heat of the original. Joeski leans in on a moody, percussive rhythm section version while Eric Kupper and LRX slip in some on-point DX7 bass and seductive arps. Roberto Rodriguez whips up a gleaming Detroit-styled version, and then Marc Cotterell fires off a typically sprightly garage house anthem to get the crowd out of their heads and back into the room.
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Poco A Gogo
Cat: RISQUEE 012. Rel: 29 Mar 07
Minimal/Tech House
Review: It is with immense joy that we present for the first time on Musique Risquée the Montreal/Argentinean duo Chic Miniature, composed of Ernesto Ferreyra and Gabriel Coutu-Dumont. They bring their EP, "Poco-A-Gogo". As their alias so aptly reveals, Chic Miniature fabricates intricately sculpted little gems, finely crafted works that unravel like finely woven lace. Their delicate structures and warm spellbinding melodies trigger rich imagery while fervently rousing the desire to groove. "Chanchita" plunges us directly into an electropical jungle where fractured voice and percussion bustle around an elegant succession of elements woven into a slow progression both organic and sexy. An aural oasis. The warm and sensuous piece, "Kimono", will leave no trace of indifference. The magnificent and obscure quasi-mystical Latin melodies, the unmistakable signature of Chic Miniature, reveal an immense sensitivity and sensuality. All is strung together by a solid rhythmic structure that will surely move your feet before the information even reaches your brain. "Kimono" invites us on an expedition through the furrows of certain unknown sombre terrains, such as an unmarked seductive mirage at the heart of a dessert where anything can transpire. A classic.
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Vente Pa Ca
Cat: WW 217. Rel: 12 Oct 23
Vente Pa Ca (feat Jimena Angel, Jah Sazzah & Poirier) (4:34)
Vente Pa Ca (feat Jimena Angel, Jah Sazzah & Poirier - Poirier remix) (3:47)
Review: This is a global single with a great story that starts with an afro-funk groove made by Italian Jah Sazzah. He wanted a vocal for it so turned to Nickodemus who handed his own touches and then sent it Grammy-nominated Colombian vocalist Jimena Angel. The result is a vibrant Afro tune with vivid melodies. Remixer Poirier is a legend in Latin music circles. The Montreal man has formerly been associated with Ninja Tune and is synonymous with lots of classy remixes and fresh takes on a modern Afro-Caribbean sound. This is another one that reworks the ring into a more bouncy and infectious sound with gorgeous vocals and a clean arrangement that allows the drums and perc to shine.
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Treasure EP 5
Cat: TREASURE 005. Rel: 16 Jan 24
Funky/Club House
Pearls (5:54)
Makes Me Wonder (6:16)
Review: The French feel-good maestros over at Treasure dig up another pair of gems from the vaults. This time F.R delivers two more killer reworks of certified classic cuts, each of which will hear you requisition the dancefloor, be that the opening cinematic trip-hop-jazz-house smoothings of 'Pearls' or the ensuing tribal spaces and wobbly washes of 'Makes Me Wonder'.
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Mueve (12" in spot-varnished sleeve)
Cat: HOTC 201. Rel: 31 Jan 23
Minimal/Tech House
Andruss & Umberto Pagliaroli - "Mueve" (feat El Apache Ness) (6:21)
Andruss - "Agachalo" (feat Fatboi) (5:27)
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Jogo Novo
Jogo Novo (12")
Cat: OCH 243. Rel: 31 Jul 23
Deep House
Transition Deep (Coflo remix) (10:59)
Menina (Coflo mix) (10:27)
Feels Like (club Fusion mix) (7:07)
Review: There are plenty of rich influences in this EP from Coflo - from the Latin percussion to the jazzy melodies, the tribal drums sounds to the lush depths of the drums. That makes it the sort of EP that that is perfectly suited to the warmer months, to bar parties, sundown sessions and dancing outdoors under the hot sun. 'Transition Deep' (Coflo remix) kicks off with the gentle patter of percussion and flute melodies that life your soul. 'Menina' (Coflo's mix) has more of an Afro feel to it and 'Feels Like' (club Fusion mix) is a lively one with big chords plenty of cosmic guitar lines.
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Sove Yo (Save Them)
Cat: SRM 234. Rel: 03 Jun 24
Deep House
Sove Yo (Save Them) (Vokal mix)
Sove Yo (Save Them) (Duke & Jephte Cosmic mix)
Sove Yo (Save Them) (Duke & Jephte Electronic version)
Sove Yo (Save Them) (Duke & Jephte Rhythms)
Review: Sacred Rhythm is up there with some of the scene's most tasteful and spiritual deep house labels and if anyone doubts that then all they need to do is dial into this new one from Jephte Guillaume featuring Duke Guillaume. 'Sove Yo (Save Them)' (Vokal mix) opens up and is an immersive blend of jazzy sax notes and soulful pads, percussive, organic house and deep basslines. The Duke & Jephte Cosmic mix sets off to the stars with a more widescreen feel and the Duke & Jephte Electronic version picks things up with more shimmering pads and lively perc. The most bare-bones version is the Duke & Jephte Rhythms mix to close down with.
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Tempistica Mistica
Cat: AFTNEV 003. Rel: 05 Oct 23
Deep House
N'Fumbei (7:52)
Esanah (6:59)
N'Fumbeats (6:17)
Review: Afroterraneo Music founder Kiko Navarro steps up for his label next release, but not before enlisting the help of friends and fellow Balearic and house dons DJ Pippi and Willie Graff. Their classy Tempistica Mistica EP offers up a pair of richly percussive and Afro-Latin tinged house cuts that are primed and ready for deployment on the most cultured dance floors. 'N'Fumbei' is a warming shuffler that echoes the work of Fred P, 'Esanah' is more heavy and percussive with its weighty kicks making a lasting mark. 'N'Fumbeats' closes down with a fat, bouncy rhythm brought to life with loose and organic perc.
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Solstice III
Solstice III (LP in die-cut sleeve)
Cat: MC 068. Rel: 02 Aug 23
Minimal/Tech House
Mytron - "Shisha House" (5:27)
Ayala - "Abra Magia" (feat Abrao) (5:14)
Jamie Paton - "Sub Ritual" (5:55)
Xanga - "Coca Leaf" (feat Zebulon) (4:24)
Kunturi - "Eclosion" (6:00)
Future Island - "Wide Music" (II) (4:58)
Aiku - "Fried Acid" (5:16)
Balam - "Caravana" (2:58)
Review: Set your phasers to chug - Multi Culti are back with a new compilation which follows their astrologically charged series from 2021's Multi Culti Solstice II. As ever, the Canadian label deals a strong line in globally-informed dance music with cheekiness in its bones and an inherent spirituality, faithfully upheld by their assembled disciples. Across the eight tracks there are many highlights, but a few for us include Jamie Paton's sinewy 90s dub house workout 'Sub Ritual' and Kunturi's rhythmically-elevated ritualistic acid joint, 'Eclosion'. Strap in for another wild ride far and wide with the most adventurous label in town.
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003 (limited 12")
Cat: PAM 003. Rel: 24 Oct 23
Deep House
Tango De La Boca (5:45)
A Pavement In Palma (5:24)
Deep In The Forest Something Stared (7:24)
It's 5am Somewhere (4:44)
Review: The fledgling Pamela label hits release number three with Anthony Teasdale the man charged with taking us on a sonic trip. He kicks off with a gorgeous cut that pairs breezy grooves with flamboyant keys that sound like they come from a theatrical moment in a play. It is a super symphony that sweeps you off your feet while 'A Pavement In Palma' is a humid and sundown gem, 'Deep In The Forest Something Stared' is layered ups with retro-future synths from a band like ELO and 'It's 5am Somewhere' then has more slick kick to it, but no less a majestic sense of melody which seems to be Teaseale's calling card.
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Let It Go
Let It Go (12")
Cat: MAKINEP 013. Rel: 22 May 24
Deep House
Maqman & Joseph Junior - "Let It Go" (GU aka CVO remix) (7:45)
Maqman & Joseph Junior - "Let It Go" (GU aka CVO instrumental) (7:45)
Trinidadian Deep - "Jump & Move" (7:18)
Trinidadian Deep - "Hola Mamita" (6:15)
Review: The Makin Moves label hits relate number 13 which is unlucky for some but is another doozy deep house outing for them. It's a split EP that features Maqman & Joseph Junior's 'Let It Go' tune served up in two versions by Chicago house legend Glenn Underground. First off he brings warm synth smears and lush strings to the original which is a soulful gem, and then he strips out the vocal for a magical instrumental. On the flipside is Trinidadian Deep's 'Jump & Move', a blissed-out late-night house sound with lush instrumentation and spiritual pads. 'Hola Mamita' shuts down with shimmering pads and percussive broken beats for classy party vibes.
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Sonando Contigo (remixes)
Sonando Contigo (remixes) (translucent lilac vinyl 12")
Cat: AFTNEV 002. Rel: 03 Aug 23
Deep House
Sonando Contigo (Manoo remix) (8:47)
Sonando Contigo (Momo Khani & Meindel remix) (6:46)
Sonando Contigo (Manoo dub) (8:47)
Review: Third time around for one of Kiko Navarro's most popular tracks, 2007 Balearic house classic 'Sonado Contigo'. Two of the three new reworks on offer come from Manoo, who first offers up a Flamenco guitar (and percussion)-sporting take that does a great job in showcasing the luscious, Spanish language vocals of Concha Buika, before returning on the B-side with a thrillingly percussive, Osunlade-influenced 'dub' that makes merry with Afro-house drums, deep bass, and selected snippets of Buika's sultry singing. The final mix comes from Momo Khani and Meindel, who deliver a wonderfully thickset and progressively more dreamy deep house rework peppered with Afro-house melodies and immersive pads.
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Oasi Nella Giungla
Cat: RLV 4504. Rel: 08 Jun 23
Dengue Dengue Dengue - "Oasi Nella Giungla" (4:21)
Giuliano Sorgini - "Oasi Nella Giungla" (2:51)
Review: Library musician Giuliano Sorgini originally wrote music for films, TV and documentaries, and between 1974 and 1976 he laid the foundations for this jungly rhythmic opus. Then in 1975, meandering through a series of animal calls and wild forested textures, a series of entrancing rhythmic pieces emerged from the dark. The collectors' favourite Africa Oscura is now reissued via Four Flies, and is the impeccable album from which these two choice, mix-worthy cuts come.
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I Promise
I Promise (limited 12")
Cat: YSD 141. Rel: 27 Nov 23
Deep House
I Promise (8:16)
I Promise (Beats) (5:52)
Venus Risings (3:42)
Review: Johnny Malek is a Detroit-based fashion designer-turned-producer who makes a strident arrival on Yoruba with this EP of gospel-infused deep house. It's a potent approach which chimes perfectly with Osunlade's esteemed label, reportedly prefacing a larger project to come. There is an abundance of Afro house drums on 'I Promise', an anthem in the making with a vocal which will lodge itself in the hearts and minds of any assembled throng it's faced with. 'Venus Rising' maintains the vibe, confirming Malek's arrival as an artist to keep tabs on in the new wave of deep house artists.
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Nucleus Scene 1
Cat: YSD 116. Rel: 09 Dec 22
Deep House
Nucleus Scene 1 (7:38)
Nucleus Scene 1 (feat Miles Bonny - Yoruba Soul mix) (7:40)
Nucleus Scene 1 (Cee Elassaad remix) (8:05)
Nucleus Scene 1 (feat Miles Bonny - Yoruba Soul Suite) (7:42)
Review: American Anthony Nicholson is one of the underground's most noxiously outspoken characters, especially during his days with the Dope Jams record store where he would right diss notes on 12"s and LPs he didn't like. Thankfully his own work is up to scratch and now the veteran becomes part of the Yoruba family. 'Nucleus Scene1' is his contribution - a signature deep house cut laced with real soul, jazzy chords and life-affirming melodies in a vibrant arrangement. The Yoruba Soul Mix gets even more soulful and mind-expanding with its funky guitar riffs and then Cee ElAssaad brings the Afro house vibes with some extra piano. Great stuff.

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Moblack Sampler Vol 7
Cat: MBRV 022. Rel: 03 May 23
Deep House
Emmanuel Jal - "Rahama" (Armonica remix vocal) (6:39)
Zakes Bantwini - "Amanga" (feat Nana Atta - Europe edit) (7:43)
Mowgan - "O Pa Mi Titi Deabe" (feat Jah Baba - Armonica remix) (7:08)
Yass & FNX Omar - "Fema" (6:15)
Review: Four cruel and bewitching dances are conjured on this split EP from MoBlack Records, the chart-topping Afro house label whose music has found itself on the well-used USBs of the likes of Dixon, Black Coffee and Ame. Immediately, one can hear the incipient threads of kwaito and amapiano on this shared vinyl slab, as traditional verbed-out Afro-style vocals hear neat processing along modern EDM production. Expository dreamers like 'Rahamah' segue calmly into headier and doomier cuts like 'Amanga' and 'O Pa Mi Titi Deabe'. All are replete with rare African call-and-response vocal samples lifted from evidently obscure sources.
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The Snake Charmer EP
Cat: CRM 300. Rel: 27 Oct 23
Deep House
Snake Charmer (6:25)
Dennis Cruz & Damian Lazarus - "Revolution" (feat DJ Holographic) (6:42)
Time Out (5:37)
Dennis Cruz & Ian Ludvig - "Pain Away" (5:47)
Review: Dennis Cruz is a tune making machine. The Spaniard turns out plenty of house and tech variations on several notable labels and always manages to find a little freshness with each one. Here he is on Damian Lazarus-owned Crosstown Rebels with a couple of solo cuts but also two collaborations. Opener 'Snake Charmer' has a lead flute moody that will do just that over steamy jungle house beats while 'Time Out' is a stripped back house sound deiced by its huge diva vocals. The collabs are firstly 'Revolution' (feat DJ Holographic) with Lazarus himself, which is a slinky and liquid tech house sound for the dead of night, then a minimal and dark roller with Ian Ludvig.
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