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Jambu E Os Miticos Sons Da Amazonia
Jambu E Os Miticos Sons Da Amazonia (gatefold 2xLP + MP3 download code + 24 page booklet)
Cat: AALP 088. Rel: 21 Jun 19
Rosvaldo Ja Chegou? (intro) (0:30)
Pinduca - "Vamos Farrear" (3:07)
Os Muiraquitans - "A Misturada" (3:02)
Os Quentes De Terra Alta - "Praia Do Algodoal" (3:21)
Pinduca - "Pai Xango" (3:36)
Janjao - "Meu Barquinho" (3:13)
Messias Holanda - "O Galo Canta, O Macaco Assovia" (3:33)
Vieira E Seu Conjunto - "Lambada Da Baleia" (2:55)
Verequete E O Conjunto Uirapuru - "Mambo Assanhado" (3:25)
O Conjunto De Orlando Pereira - "Carimbo Para Yemanja" (2:19)
Pinduca - "Coco Da Bahia" (3:06)
Messias Holanda - "Carimbo Da Pimienta" (2:29)
Verequete E O Conjunto Uirapuru - "Da Garrafa Uma Pinga" (3:11)
O Conjunto De Orlando Pereira - "Maruda" (2:00)
Magalhaes E Sua Guitarra - "Xango" (3:20)
Vieira E Seu Conjunto - "Melo Do Bode" (3:45)
Grupo Da Pesada - "Voa Andorinha" (2:43)
Grupo Da Pesada - "Lundun Da Yaya" (3:15)
Mestre Cupijo E Seu Ritmo - "Despedida" (4:09)
Review: Analog Africa's latest must-have release focuses on the little-known musical culture of the Para state on Northern Brazil, and specifically the port city of Belem. Since the 1960s the city's musicians have been serving up unique and exciting new styles that draw as much on West African, Cuban and Caribbean music as they do the rhythms and instrumentation of the Amazonian tribes based nearby. It's these kinds of unique and exuberant fusions - think heavy bass, bouncy ska-style rhythms, punchy Afro-Cuban horns, densely layered drums, celebratory vocals and tropical guitars - that make "Jambu E Os Miticos Sons Da Amazonia" such an essential listen. Context is provided via the included 24-page booklet, whose extensive liner notes track the development of Para's unique musical culture.
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Tags: Brazilian | Ska | Cumbia | Afro Cuban
 in stock $24.12
Down In The Basement
Cat: SNDW 12029. Rel: 16 Mar 18
Down In The Basement (5:04)
The Opposite (3:15)
Continue The Fun (Space version) (4:40)
Tuto Bay (3:32)
Review: After two 45s on Les Disques Bongo Joe, Dutch Afrofunk space cadets make their debut on Soundway with their first full EP. Hurling all their roots and inspirations into a heady, bewitching brew of west African, Columbian, Caribbean, Latin and all-round cosmic fusion, the results are four slabs of world funk gold. "Down In The Basement" updates highlife styles with a salubrious big-bottomed disco twist, "The Opposite" ups the tempo with a little more cumbia charm while "Continue The Fun" adds a dub mentality to the mix as we're chugged to oblivion with heads down introspection. Finally "Tuto Bay" closes somewhere on a Cuban beach with rum-warmed harmonies. Beautiful.
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 in stock $13.48
Rio Arriba
Rio Arriba (2xLP)
Cat: ZZKLP 17. Rel: 09 Apr 11
Jose Larralde - "Quimey Neuquen" (Chancha Via Circuito remix)
Chancha Via Circuito - "Cumbion De Las Aves"
Miriam Garcia & Alicia Solans - "Pintar El Sol" (Chancha Via Circuito remix)
Chancha Via Circuito - "Rio Arriba"
Chancha Via Circuito - "Prima"
Chancha Via Circuito - "La Revancha De Chancha" (feat Fauna)
Chancha Via Circuito - "Puente"
Chancha Via Circuito - "Deportes"
Figura - "Ze Bula" (Chancha Via Circuito remix)
Chancha Via Circuito - "Amelia"
Tremor - "Caracol" (Chancha feat Wenceslada remix)
Chancha Via Circuito - "Hipopotamo" (bonus track)
Tags: Latin | Cumbia
 in stock $22.57
The Mauskovic Dance Band
Cat: SNDWLP 130. Rel: 24 May 19
Drinks By The Sea (3:42)
Space Drum Machine (4:17)
Same Heads (3:32)
Dance Place Garage (5:37)
Alto In Vacanza (4:19)
Late Night People (4:07)
Percussione & Spazio Sounds (2:33)
It's The Wrong Goodie (5:43)
 in stock $17.11
Xango (7")
Cat: BRZ 45084. Rel: 26 Mar 21
Magalhaes - "Xango" (3:21)
Os Panteras - "Lambada Pauleira" (2:42)
Review: The previous instalment in Mr Bongo's ongoing Brazil 45s series offered up two sought-after cuts from Di Melo's 1975 self-titled debut album. This volume takes a slightly different approach, instead delivering killer cuts from two different artists, both of whom hail from the North of Brazil. On side A you'll find Magalhaes' 1986 gem 'Xangos', a cheery and energetic Lambada workout rich in jangling guitars, shuffling percussion, ear-catching vocals and restless bass. On the reverse Os Panteros takes over with 1987 jam 'Lambada Pauleira', a quirky chunk of Lambada full of fuzzy synths, infectious percussion and lo-fi guitar licks. The cut was famously re-edited some time back by Joutro Mondo, though this original version is - in our opinion - far superior.
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Tags: MPB | Brazilian | Cumbia
 in stock $9.07
Resurrection Los
Resurrection Los (limited gatefold heavyweight vinyl LP + poster + MP3 download code)
Cat: AADE 07. Rel: 29 Sep 17
Resurrection Los (6:54)
Beton Sala (5:28)
Miss Ya Ntem (4:44)
Mindzuk Ya Enyin (5:44)
Bezimbi (4:02)
Mbembe Ndoman (5:23)
 in stock $22.57
Enjoy Your Self EP 2
Cat: EESS 006. Rel: 21 Nov 22
Ground - "Utau Narukoyuri" (5:28)
Akio Nagase - "Arauma" (Kobato dub) (5:00)
Jose Finagandara, Juan Diego Lllescas & Ground - "Something Sign" (5:39)
Akira Arasawa With KUN & FRANKY-CH - "Yunnan" (8:18)
Review: Especial Specials has joined forces with Osaka-based imprint Chillmountain Recordings to offer up another Enjoy Your Self EP. This one once again showcases the talents on its roster with label head Ground kicking off with a beatdown meets trance sound on "Utau Narukoyuri'. After that slow burner come tribal percussive sounds from 'Arauma' (Kobato Dub), sunny cumbia on 'Something Sign' and a meandering Balearic journey from Akira Arasawa With KUN & FRANKY-CH that is brought to life with new age flute sounds, bird calls, jungle drips and folkloric strings. A fantastic EP, then.
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Gespielt von: Manu Archeo, Piers Harrison
 in stock $10.37
The Movers Vol 1: 1970-1976
The Movers Vol 1: 1970-1976 (gatefold 180 gram vinyl LP)
Cat: AALP 095. Rel: 05 Aug 22
Give Five Or More (2:33)
Tau Special (2:50)
Soweto Inn (3:13)
Soul Crazy (2:34)
Kudala Sithandana (2:54)
Oupa Is Back (3:37)
Balele (3:11)
Hot Coffee (2:33)
Gig Soul Party (2:56)
Ku-Ku-Chi (2:30)
2nd Avenue (2:35)
Phukeng Special (2:33)
Six Mabone (2:41)
Plenty Time (2:31)
Review: Initially discovered by the label via cassette tapes picked up in Jo'burg's Kohinoor store back in 1995, The Movers feature on the 35th in Germany's Analog Africa's series of band spotlights. As its title suggests, this captures the band's work across the lion's share of the 70s, and tracks like 'Hot Coffee' and '2nd Avenue' are irresistibly, instantly groovy, but also a fascinating sonic crossroads where African jit music meets the funk and soul of the US and the funkier end of the guitar music coming out of the UK and Europe at the same time. All executed In the most natural, free flowing, as well, which makes this package even harder to resist.
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Tags: African | Afro Funk | Cumbia
 in stock $26.19
The Bariba Sound 1970-1976
Cat: AALP 071. Rel: 04 May 12
Bariba Soul - "Gandigui"
Bariba Soul - "Wegne Nda M Banda"
Pachanga Fon - "Me Ton Le Gbe"
Afro Beat Bariba - "Abakpe"
Pop Bariba - "Guessi-Guere-Guessi"
Folklore Dendi - "Sembe Sembe Boudou"
Afro Beat Bariba - "A Na Gan Garo Ka Nam"
Pachanga Dendi - "Bori Yo Se Mon Baani"
Folklore Dendi - "Aske"
Folklore Bariba - "Ko Guere"
Vodoun Hounwato Minon Dou Gbandja
Cavacha Dendi - "Abere Klouklou"
Afro Beat Dendi - "Dadon Gabou Yo Sa Be No 2"
Soul Dendi - "Hanoubian Gabou"
Boucher Dendi - "Binin Hounnin"
Cavacha Bariba - "Adiza Claire"
 in stock $22.82
La Locura De Machuca: Barranquilla Colombia 1975-1980
La Locura De Machuca: Barranquilla Colombia 1975-1980 (gatefold 2xLP + booklet + MP3 download code)
Cat: AALP 090. Rel: 16 Oct 20
Samba Negra - "Eberebijara" (3:28)
King Somalie - "Monkey´s Dance" (3:31)
El Grupo Folclorico - "Tamba" (3:18)
Los Viajeros Siderales - "El Campanero" (2:58)
Rio Latino - "Ayu" (3:05)
Anibal Velasquez - "La Mazamorra Del Diablo" (3:12)
La Francachela - "Mosquita Muerta" (3:07)
El Grupo Folclorico - "Juipiti" (2:25)
King Somalie - "Le Mongui" (3:22)
El Grupo Folclorico - "El Tornillito" (2:30)
Samba Negra - "Long Life Africa" (4:38)
La Banda Africana - "Te Clavo La Mano" (3:01)
Myrian Makenwa - "El Platano" (3:31)
El Grupo Folclorico - "Tucutru" (3:06)
Grupo Bola Roja - "Caracol" (3:27)
El Grupo D'Abelard - "A Otro Perro Con Ese Hueso" (3:25)
Conjunto Barbacoa - "Wabali" (3:16)
Review: German label Analog Africa has long been documenting the more niche musical sounds, scenes and styles of the world. La Locura De Machuca: Barranquilla - Colombia 1975-1980 is in fact their 30th such compilation and tells the story of the South American country's unique Discos Machuca label. It came about after one man's bizarre odyssey into Colombia's coastal music, and across 17 tracks and two slabs of wax it offers up brilliantly raw, rhythmic and percussive music that sounds like little else. It's authentic and aged yet utterly futuristic and brims with character and vitality that transport you to a different world.
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Tags: African | Latin | Afro Funk | Cumbia | Colombian
 in stock $28.53
La Colegiala
Cat: SPEC 1664. Rel: 01 Jan 90
La Colegiala
I Want You
You Are A Danger
 in stock $20.49
La Inconforme
Cat: MAS 045. Rel: 30 Jan 23
La Inconforme (3:08)
Oye Como Va (3:26)
Review: This one has got an unlikely anthem written all over it from the Los Disco Duro. It features a pair of covers and the weird and wonderful A-side jam 'La Inconforme' is a steamy samba shuffler but with plenty of digital production touches and a roboticized vocal that is sure to hook in any sort of dance floor. After that newer opener which is well known in sonidero circles, comes the Tito Puente composition 'Oye Como Va' which has been popularised by Carlos Santa amongst others. It is another hot Latin American vibe packed with retro-futurism.
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Tags: Latin | Salsa | Cumbia
 in stock $16.85
Cumbia Kiki
Cumbia Kiki (coloured vinyl 7")
Cat: MAS 031. Rel: 18 Nov 19
Cumbia Kiki (4:19)
Trankilo Bobby (3:35)
Gespielt von: Galletas Calientes
Tags: Latin | Cumbia
 in stock $16.85
Ecuatoriana: El Universo Paralelo De Polibio Mayorga 1969-1981
Cat: AALP 097. Rel: 07 Apr 23
Junior Y Su Equipo - "America India" (2:55)
Eduardo Morales Y Su Requinto - "Muevase Vecina" (2:10)
Polibio Mayorga - "Panuelo De Seda" (2:15)
Polibio Y Su Vibrafono - "Altas Horas" (2:11)
Los Locos Del Ritmo - "Llorona" (2:40)
Alcibiades Y Su Banda - "Haciendo Bomba" (2:39)
Olmedo Torres Y Polibio Mayorga - "Mi Paisa" (2:52)
Polibio Mayorga Y Su Conjunto - "Culebrita Dormida" (2:58)
Orti, Mayorga Y Chiriboga - "Munequita Blanca" (2:37)
Olmedo Torres Y Polibio Mayorga - "Unita Mas" (2:20)
Alcibiades Y Su Banda - "Bomba De Pobres" (2:30)
Olmedo Torres Y Los Gatos - "Don Alfoncito" (2:13)
Polibio Mayorga - "Ferrocarril" (2:45)
Orti, Mayorga Y Chiriboga - "Di Que Me Amas" (2:43)
Conjunto La Jorga - "La Perra Vida" (2:23)
Polibio Mayorga Y Su Conjunto - "Cumbia Totorana" (2:41)
Review: Analog Africa is back with another of its eye-opening and mind-altering trips into musical wonderment here as the 20+ year-old label digs deep into the Andean city of Quito. It's the Ecuadorian capital and home to the music which makes up this vital collection and which owes so much to Polibio Mayorga. He spent much of his musical career trying to - and succeeding in - modernise the ancient rhythms of his region, namely Huaynito, Sanjuanito and Albazo. He did so with cutting-edge - at the time - electronic equipment and a trusty Moog and the result of his effort was that he is now regarded as a pioneer of tropical psychedelia. Dig in deep to hear how that happened across these superb 16 sounds.
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Tags: Latin | Cumbia
 in stock $27.99
Cat: MAS 046. Rel: 04 Jul 23
Macarena (3:20)
Musica Chiquita (2:57)
Review: Los Disco Duro are all about offering up "analogue synthesizer interpretations of Latin classics" and have been doing so now for almost a decade, most often on the Disco Bas label in the US. Their reworks and reimaginations know no stylistic bounds as price here with an intergalactic-sounding take on kiddie-disco fav 'Macarena.' The vocals are reusing through a talk box, the vamping chords and drums are fat the synths pixelated. 'Musica Chiquita' is then a fresh deep house cut with starry eyed synths and planning bas that is, frankly, brilliant.
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Tags: Cumbia | Latin House
 in stock $16.85
Cumbia Dimension
Cumbia Dimension (coloured vinyl 7")
Cat: MAS 036. Rel: 01 Mar 21
Cumbia Dimension (3:44)
Tu Selva (4:05)
Review: Mexican duo Isidro Cuevas and Willy Cabanas first joined forces a year or two back on a fiery two-tracker for psychedelic, 21st century cumbia specialists Discos Mas. Here they return to the Oakland, California-based label with two more slabs of mind-melting goodness. A-side 'Cumbia Dimension' brilliantly joins the dots between cumbia, reggaeton and dub, adding spacing synths and auto-tune heavy vocals to deep bass, jaunty riffs and cumbia beats. Flipside 'Tu Selva' explores similar sonic territory, albeit via a deeper, warmer and woozier sound, with far more extensive lead vocals.
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Tags: Latin | Cumbia | Dub Reggae
 in stock $16.85
Color De Tropico Vol 2
Cat: ELPALMASLP 10. Rel: 25 Apr 22
Los Kings - "Empecemos (Let's Start)" (3:03)
Las Cuatro Monedas - "Buena Suerte" (3:30)
Nelson Y Sus Estrellas - "Maria La Bella" (3:11)
Mario Y Sus Diamantes - "Santo Domingo" (2:41)
Orquesta La Playa - "Negro Soy" (3:32)
Anselmo Y Su Conjunto - "Seis Pajueliao" (2:41)
La Retreta Mayor - "Liquido Elemento" (2:49)
Grupo Almendra - "Tutti Frutti" (3:37)
Review: Late last year, El Palmas Music dropped Color De Tropico, a terrific collection of vintage Venezuelan music that showcased far-sighted fusions of cumbia, salsa, and numerous American and European styles (jazz, rock, soul and so on). This speedy follow-up covers similar sonic ground and is every bit as essential as its predecessor. Highlights abound from start to finish, but our picks include the rocking, organ-laced psyche-cumbia of Los Kings' 'Empecemos (Let's Start)', the Venezuelan reggae-soul of 'Buena Suerta' by Las Cuatro Monedas, the percussion-and-synths brilliance of Mario Y Sus Diamentes' 'Santo Domingo' and the plucked guitars and infectious rhythms of Anselmo Y Su Conjunto's 'Seis Pajueliao'. The latter is a bona fide tropical treat!
Read more
Tags: Salsa | Latin Jazz | Latin Funk | Cumbia
 in stock $27.48
Kalk Gidelim
Cat: GBSI 148. Rel: 09 Aug 23
Kalk Gidelim (Chris Bruining remix) (3:17)
Su Siziyor (Jasper Verhulst & Chris Bruining remix) (4:10)
 in stock $13.48
Cumbia Kairo
Cat: MAS 042. Rel: 24 Jan 22
Cumbia Kairo (3:48)
La Cumbia Primero De Mayo (4:33)
Tags: Latin | Cumbia
 in stock $12.71
90 Degrees Of Shade: Hot Jump Up Island Sounds From The Caribbean Volume 1
Cat: SJRLP 2901. Rel: 04 Nov 14
The Eloise Trio - "Come To The Caribbean"
Cachao Y Su Ritmo Caliente - "Trombon Criollo"
Duke Of Iron - "Bambouche"
Lucho Azcarraga Y Su Conjunto - "Tamboritos Panamenos"
Alfredito - "Timbales"
King Scratch - "Christmas Time In Nassau"
Guy Du Rosier Orchestra - "Panono M'Tombe"
Noro Morales Orchestra - "Mississippi Mambo"
Peanuts Taylor - "Nassau Blues"
Katherine Dunham Ensemble - "Nago"
Hubert Porter & The Jamaican Calypsonians - "Rum & Coconut Water"
The Bay Street Boys - "Donkey Wants Water"
Guy Du Rosier Orchestra - "Anatole"
Sonny Burke & His Orchestra - "West Indies"
Dioris Valladares & His Conjunto Tipico - "Los Dos Merengues"
Julio Gutierrez - "Theme For Conga"
Hubert Porter & The Jamaica Calypso Funmakers - "Mary's Lamb"
 in stock $27.74
Baila Mi Pregon
Baila Mi Pregon (7" + sticker)
Cat: MAS 043. Rel: 15 Aug 22
Baila Mi Pregon (3:39)
Sleepwalk (3:18)
Tags: Latin | Cumbia
 in stock $16.85
Cat: MRI 131. Rel: 01 Oct 21
Chambacu (3:52)
Puya Tropicana (2:11)
Soy La Cumbia (2:39)
Festival En Guarare (2:35)
Eco De Tambores (2:55)
Carino Lindo (2:11)
Me Quiebro Me Desbarato (2:20)
Me Siento Desbaratar (3:17)
El Vaquero (2:42)
Los Polleras (3:04)
Mompoxina (3:13)
Lamento De Siren (2:31)
Tags: Latin | Cumbia
 in stock $22.31
Psyche (LP)
Cat: FLIES 59. Rel: 18 May 23
Cumbia Mahare
Review: Not to be confused with 80s synth-poppers or an early Carl Craig alias, Psyche is in fact a crack team of players from Naples who have been active for some two decades. In more recent times you might have heard Marcello Giannini, Andrea De Fazio and Paolo Petrella playing as part of Nu Genea's touring band, but after their first tour in 2018 they formed this project as a means of exploring a more minimal, flowing approach to playing their chosen instruments. If Psyche is in some ways a back to basics record, it's also a showcase for their incredible talent at weaving gently psychedelic grooves from simple ingredients. The sound has a perfect treatment, with plenty of reverb and analogue warmth in the mix, all the better to savour the laconic instrumental pieces the band perform.
Read more
 in stock $27.48
Carruseles (remastered)
Carruseles (remastered) (180 gram vinyl LP + insert)
Cat: VAMPI 282. Rel: 02 Jun 23
Raspodia Del Chinito (3:08)
Carruseles (3:28)
Zaire Pop (3:34)
Me Voy De La Vida (3:43)
Salsa Con Tabaco (5:03)
Negra Suramuya (3:03)
Banana De Queso (3:16)
Baila Felipe (3:46)
Negua (2:51)
Ponchito De Colores (2:41)
Mi Sonsito (3:13)
 in stock $26.96
Color De Tropico Vol 3
Cat: ELPALMASLP 18. Rel: 26 May 22
Un Dos Tres Y Fuera - "Aquella Noche" (3:59)
Principe Y Su Sexteto - "San De Manique" (2:46)
The Pets - "El Entierro De Un Hombre Rico Que Murio De Hambre" (3:06)
Los Pajaros - "Shake It, Baby" (2:42)
Los Terricolas - "Mi Bella Ilusion" (3:32)
Grupo Baquedanu's - "Toma Cinco" (3:18)
Los Megatones De Lucho - "Yo Se Que Tu" (2:52)
Junior Squad - "Siempre Para Ti" (2:03)
Johnny Sedes - "Guarare" (2:48)
Geminis 5 - "Tus 16 Anos" (1:57)
 in stock $27.48
Cat: PEACE 45010EP. Rel: 19 Mar 21
Buyepongo - "Cantarito" (45 mix) (4:10)
Quitapenas - "Inspiracion" (45 mix) (3:14)
Gespielt von: Galletas Calientes
Tags: Latin | Cumbia | Mexican
 in stock $12.19
Living High In The Brass Empire
Living High In The Brass Empire (limited orange iris vinyl LP + MP3 download code)
Cat: ATS 12002LPC1. Rel: 29 Jun 23
Super (4:05)
Ob Joint (4:28)
Les Munequitos (3:13)
Off Grid (4:38)
Never Knew (3:13)
Cumbia Divina (3:33)
Zaire (4:30)
Empire (3:52)
Strike (4:49)
Review: Living High in the Brass Empire is Mitchum Yacoub's latest showcase in personal stylings of tropical funk, afrobeat, cumbia, and soul; a musical patchwork threaded by a heavy, hypnotic rhythm section and powerfully vibrant horn lines. What sounds like a 12-piece ensemble was actually mostly recorded and performed by Yacoub at his home in San Diego, featuring a few close friends from local groups Sure Fire Soul Ensemble and Boostive. You'll hear rhythms from Colombia; folkloric Cuban percussion; interlocking grooves a la Fela Kuti; a 70s r&b influence and something ineffably brilliant gluing it all together.
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Tags: Afrobeat | Afro Funk | Cumbia
 in stock $27.48
Bush Lark Ritual
Cat: FTN 011. Rel: 15 Dec 22
Bush Lark Ritual (3:34)
Laughing Dove Dance (3:39)
Gespielt von: Manu Archeo
Tags: African | Cumbia | Dub Techno
 in stock $14.00
La Estrella
Cat: WONDERLP 59. Rel: 08 Dec 22
Dandeleon (3:25)
Cometa (feat Femina) (4:55)
Amor En Silencio (feat Lido Pimienta) (3:57)
La Rosa China (3:34)
El Pavo Real (feat Meridian Brothers) (3:27)
Ese Peso (feat Las Anez) (3:45)
Vedanta (3:42)
El Arbol Y El Hacha (feat Moninja) (4:13)
Ouh Lord Ouh Dios (feat Manu Ranks) (4:33)
Monolina (2:57)
Aguacero (feat Maria Jose Montijo) (3:17)
Tags: Cumbia
 in stock $22.57
Cumbia Mahare
Cat: FLIES 4548. Rel: 13 Apr 23
Cumbia Mahare (3:44)
Ophis (4:32)
Review: We really have a soft spot for the Four Flies late out of Italy. Their mix of world, Latin, library, jazz and plenty of other cultured in-between sounds always brings a smile to our face and dancers to our dance floors. This new 7" takes the form of a second single to be taken from Psyche's (aka Naples collective Marcello Giannini, Andrea De Fazio and Paolo Petrella) debut long player which is due in May. It's a compelling cut that offers a rich exploration of rhythm and the movements of an imaginary ritual dance. Synths and drums, guitar and bass and percussion all interplay delightfully.
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 in stock $16.59
El Saleroso
El Saleroso (yellow vinyl 7" in spot-varnished sleeve)
Cat: BR 0052/TLCH 003. Rel: 16 Sep 22
El Saleroso (3:55)
Proteus (3:21)
Review: The Son Rompe Pera band is made up of the Gama brothers and is known for having reinvented the traditional Mexican Marimba sound with their own perspective and energy. As such it is now a contemporary genre in their hands and hot on the heels of their last 7" on Barbes comes this follow-up with plenty of carnival overtones. 'El Saleroso' is a slow and swaggering tune with rich layers of percussion and stunning melodies all topped off with a Spanish vocal. 'Proteus' has more contemporary synths next to the traditional instrumentation and overflows with colours and cultural charm.
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Tags: Latin | Cumbia
 in stock $19.70
La Mujer Serpiente
La Mujer Serpiente (limited 7")
Cat: WONDER 228. Rel: 11 Jan 24
La Mujer Serpiente (3:55)
Selam (4:01)
Review: Earthtones have got a new albumin the way and this is the very first and very tasty teaser single from it. This one is actually a collaboration with longtime friend and co-producer Oliwa and it has a stunning lead vocal that is full pf passion and heart ache and comes from Colombian-Canadian talent Lido Pimienta. The drums are slow, heavy and cumbia influenced extra bass synths, keys, guitars and drums all making it feel contemporary as well as traditional. We're told "the vision of this track is one of upliftment of womxn and femmes everywhere."
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Gespielt von: Voodoocuts
Tags: Cumbia
 in stock $12.97
Cumbia Descarga
Cat: JS12S 130. Rel: 09 Nov 23
Cumbia Descarga
Cumbia Descarga (Akio Nagase Acid dub mix)
Ragga Cumbia
Ragga Cumbia (Akio Nagase Cumbiacid remix)
Review: Whatever the rest of the world can do, Japan often does it better, no matter how unlikely the subject. And once again here we have evidence that is true as Japan-based cumbia artist Real Thing returns with two fresh new gems as good as any you could find coming out of South America. Real Thing has been a DJ and producer in Osaka for the last 20-plus years and has dropped music on the likes of Emotional Especial. The two tunes he serves up here and fiery and heavily percussive rhythms with wild synth lines woven in, while Akio Nagase adds two even more wild and wonderful acid remixes.
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Tags: Japanese | Cumbia
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El Grito
Cat: MER 6BA2RI1/3. Rel: 16 Dec 21
Fugitivo (4:59)
Amigo Publico (4:05)
Dia Maldito! (5:17)
Guaton Feliz (4:47)
Chikilin (5:05)
Grito Animal (feat Pacheco Terror) (4:06)
Quien Es? (3:23)
Polleromax (4:49)
Tags: Latin | Cumbia
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Neon Colonialismo
Neon Colonialismo (LP + MP3 download code)
Cat: CRAM 316LP. Rel: 10 Nov 22
Bem Vindo (feat DJ Satelite) (4:26)
Hmmm (feat Bonga) (2:44)
Bom Bom (feat Mayra Andrade) (5:50)
Ah! (feat Pote) (3:21)
Farramenta (feat Nastio Mosquito) (3:42)
Sr Mandao (feat Ikonoklasta, Octa Push & DJ Dolores) (3:13)
Tem Dor (Africa De Itamaraca) (feat Lia De Itamaraca & DJ Dolores) (5:23)
Sou Eu! (feat Joao Morgado) (2:55)
Batida Botto (feat Botto Trindade & Pedro Da Linha) (3:36)
Electrico (feat Branko) (3:12)
Review: Batida aka Pedro CoqueNao is an Angolan-born, Lisbon-raised artist whose new album Neon Colonialismo is his first under his own artistic alias since 2014. It takes its name from his well-regarded radio show on Worldwide FM and has been teased by lead single 'Bom Bom' which he says is his most personal to date. It talks about leaving a dark place and aiming for individual and social good and was recorded with renowned Cape Verdean singer Mayra Andrade. The rest of the album builds on subjects like equity and dignity and plenty of dance floor ready international grooves.
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Baile De San Juan
Cat: TX 02. Rel: 29 Feb 24
Baile De San Juan (4:21)
Que Siga La Farra (4:13)
Review: Ricardo Suntaxi's wonderful 'Baile De San Juan' perfectly encapsulates the vibrant spirit of traditional Latin rhythms. With plenty of pulsing drum machine beats and dazzlingly infectious melodies, Suntaxi blends elements of salsa, merengue, and cumbia to create a truly dynamite dancefloor anthem. The track cannot fail to transport you to the lively streets of San Juan where the music fills the air during festive celebrations. 'Que Siga La Farra' on the flip has more of a dub feel but is still pack with vivid and vibrant melody that is a testament to Suntaxi's talent for infusing contemporary flair into classic Latin sounds and will ensure a lively atmosphere wherever it's played.
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Tags: Latin | Cumbia
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Paz En La Tierra
Paz En La Tierra (LP + MP3 download code)
Cat: BJR 070LP. Rel: 14 Jan 22
En Teusaquillo Te Pueden Partir La Cara (4:11)
Mi Primo El Boxeador (4:30)
Pensando En Mi Morena (3:46)
La Conquista De Otros Planetas (3:35)
La Secta (3:47)
El Profesionalismo Es Importante (6:26)
Paz En La Tierra (3:40)
La Tocata De Ivan El Terrible (4:59)
La Pesadilla (4:00)
El Hombre De Alma Traicionada (3:07)
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Chicha Popular: Love & Social Political Songs From Discos Horoscopo 1977-1987 (remastered)
Chicha Popular: Love & Social Political Songs From Discos Horoscopo 1977-1987 (remastered) (limited gatefold 2xLP + booklet + MP3 download code with obi-strip)
Cat: RUP 021. Rel: 03 Feb 22
Chacalon Y La Nueva Crema - "Poco A Poco" (3:46)
Pintura Roja - "La Ciega" (3:27)
Los Shapis - "Borrachito Borrachon" (2:52)
La Mermelada - "Solitario De Amor" (3:29)
Grupo Halley - "Quisiera" (3:32)
Los Ovnis - "Corazon Herido" (4:24)
Los Shapis - "Mi Tallercito" (3:27)
Grupo Maravilla - "Arrepentida" (3:19)
Pintura Roja - "Lloraras" (3:24)
Chacalon Y La Nueva Crema - "Por Ella La Botella" (3:32)
Los Orientales De Paramonga - "Que Soledad" (2:50)
Pepito Y Su Grupo Mazamorra - "La Contestacion A Gaviota" (3:24)
Pintura Roja - "Yo Soy La Cumbia" (3:19)
Los Shapis - "El Serranito" (3:22)
Los Destellos - "Palomita De Barro" (3:03)
Grupo Alegria - "Clase Social" (3:38)
Chacal'n Y La Nueva Crema - "Soy Provinciano" (3:32)
Los Ovnis - "Gregorio" (3:59)
Grupo Maravilla - "Recordando A Natacha" (3:17)
Pintura Roja - "Navidad Sin Mama" (3:28)
La Mermelada - "Mambo De Machahuay" (3:18)
Los Orientales De Paramonga - "Pobre Cada Dia Mas Pobre" (3:11)
Los Ecos - "Cholo Men" (3:55)
Grupo Celeste - "Hombre Del Ri'o" (3:18)
Tags: Latin | Cumbia | Caribbean
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Asi Es Con Salsa! (reissue)
Asi Es Con Salsa! (reissue) (180 gram vinyl LP + insert)
Cat: VAMPI 209. Rel: 27 Feb 23
Guadalupe No Va (4:47)
La Vieron Llorar (2:24)
Salsa Mona (4:35)
No Pago Na' (2:37)
Salsa Machucada (2:48)
El Descarao (2:19)
Salsa Jala-Jala (5:19)
Descarga Jala-Jala (5:22)
Sonia Quiere Un Son (2:28)
Salsa Loca (5:46)
Review: This album has never been reissued before which is something of a crime: it is heavy duty NYC salsa served up with a tropical Colombian 'CosteNo' filter. Each tune brims with vitality and skilled musicianship as trombone, accordion and deep bass are all layered up and led by rebel accordionist Alfredo Gutierrez. This is a copy of the original tracklist but with the addition of three hot new bounces cuts and some liner notes. Noted singer Lucho Perez of Sonora Dinamita fame is the final addition and brings extra flare to each of these irresistible jams.
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Tags: Latin | Salsa | Cumbia | Colombian
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Que Es Contigo
Cat: NYCT 7086. Rel: 26 Oct 23
Que Es Contigo (3:55)
Lo Vivido Fue Importante (3:08)
Tags: Latin | Cumbia | Colombian
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Pase Lo Que Pase
Cat: ELPALMAS 16. Rel: 07 Jan 22
La Numero Uno (4:05)
La Brisa (3:26)
Librame De Todo Mal (3:31)
Hoy No Morire (3:31)
Cumbia Fantasia (4:54)
Mientras Unos Mueren (3:44)
Contigo (3:33)
Ojos De Bosque (3:53)
El Dia Que Te Vayas (3:30)
Pase Lo Que Pase (3:03)
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Cumbias Y Boogaloos (reissue)
Cat: VAMPILP 268. Rel: 16 Nov 22
La Cebolla (2:17)
Mr Trumpet Man (3:17)
El Diri Bop (3:04)
A Que Tu No Sabes (2:43)
Felipon (2:39)
Pata Pata Pelada (3:13)
La Contamanina (2:38)
Plaza De Toros (2:45)
La Ciguena (2:26)
Dale U (2:35)
Tags: Latin | Boogaloo | Cumbia
 in stock $25.93
En Lancha Pal Futuro
Cat: ELPALMASLP 14. Rel: 16 Dec 21
Al Lao' Del Rio (3:33)
Guajira Espacial (3:44)
Chevere Cumbe (2:58)
Donde Esta Mi Gente (3:15)
Contra Viento Y Marea (3:24)
Sigo Llorando (3:27)
Pobre Humanidad (3:57)
En Lancha Pal Futuro (3:45)
Brilllo Y Figura Hasta La Sepultura (3:38)
Voy Contento (4:22)
Tags: Latin | Salsa | Cumbia
 in stock $27.48
Por Que No Me Quieres
Por Que No Me Quieres (7" limited to 300 copies)
Cat: RB7 002. Rel: 01 Jun 22
Por Que No Me Quieres (3:29)
Por Que Eres Mujer (3:23)
Tags: Latin | Cumbia
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Salsa Con Monte
Salsa Con Monte (180 gram vinyl LP)
Cat: VAMPI 184. Rel: 27 Sep 18
Viramundo (2:49)
Se Apago (3:55)
Manue (2:59)
San Patricio (2:44)
Que Vida Llevo (2:41)
Cartagena Y Barranquilla (2:26)
La Rumba Se Acabo (3:57)
Salsa Con Monte (2:51)
Olaya (2:57)
La Vara Santa (2:32)
Rosy (2:27)
Me Enganaste (2:50)
La Casa Del Jabonero (2:41)
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Strata (purple vinyl LP)
Cat: WONDERLP 63P. Rel: 02 Nov 23
Floating Islands (4:54)
Cenizas De Agua (feat Nita) (4:04)
Gentle Breeze (3:37)
Brujeria (feat Li Saumet (Bomba Estereo)) (3:42)
Pianuco (3:30)
Timini (4:35)
Alarma De Emergencia (3:43)
Llanto De Los Cerezos (4:24)
Ley De Origen (feat Minuk) (3:57)
Review: El Buho's fifth studio album may be his most personal yet. Strata draws from Robin's attempts to grapple with the tension of experiencing happiness, joy and gratitude in our daily lives with loved ones or through sharing music, while the world falls apart around us. This dynamic of trying to live in the moment and enjoy the privileged life we have, yet in the back of your mind there is an overwhelming sense of dread that the world will never be the same and, as climate change really starts to hit home, there are incredibly difficult times ahead. It is about our attempts to find a place of peace, balance and fulfillment between these powerful strata above and below us.
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Tags: Cumbia | French
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De Borondo
Cat: ELPALMASLP 32. Rel: 01 Jun 23
Cuando Llegue La Ley (2:56)
Somos Los Hijos Del Sol (3:41)
Mi Burrita (3:05)
Salto Palante (3:28)
Review: La Jungla is a fresh project charting many fusions of Latin music and electronica. Blending cumbia, zouk salsa and reggae with more digitally-oriented styles from dembow to dub, this is a remarkably curious EP on the fronts of both experimentation and locale. Endlessly groovy but equally odd, the likes of 'Salto Palante' hear rap-sung vocals about spirituality and jubilance, exclaimed against the backdrop of acid bass plods and controlled instrumental cacophony.
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Tags: Latin | Cumbia | Latin House
 in stock $27.48
Gladys Palmera: Compiled By Andy Grey
Gladys Palmera: Compiled By Andy Grey (heavyweight white vinyl LP + insert)
Cat: RGP 002. Rel: 11 Jul 22
Raul Monsalve Y Los Forajidos - "La Carcaja" (4:51)
Pahua - "Caramelo" (3:18)
Zuaraz - "La Canicula" (3:04)
Las Mijas - "Se Va, Se Va" (4:25)
Arema Arega - "I Saw You In The Wind" (4:29)
Setenta - "El Bad Boy" (3:32)
Acid Coco - "Yo Bailo Sola" (5:17)
Lucio Feuillet - "Distraidos" (4:31)
El Dragon Criollo - "La Numero Uno" (4:05)
La Perla - "Bruja" (RGP live Sessions) (2:55)
Review: Andy Grey is the music maestro behind this excellently compiled and high energy selection of alternative and modern Latin music. It is big on lovely rhythms and percussive sounds across 10 tunes that are as steamy and tropcial as they come. It all makes for a fun and versatile collection that brims with spontaneity and is as good to listen to as it is to dance to. Represented are Venezuelan Raul Monsalve and Los Forajidos, Mexican Pahua, Cuban Arema Arega, the Colombian proposals of Las Mijas y Lucio Feuillet and artists from the likes of Madrid, Paris and Berlin.
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Tags: Latin disco | Latin | Cumbia
 in stock $20.23
Sabroso Go Go
Sabroso Go Go (limited LP + insert)
Cat: MR 440. Rel: 02 Jun 23
Carlos Picklin - "La Charanga Del Espacio" (2:30)
Tito Chicoma - "Cumbia A Go Go" (2:11)
Choche Merida - "El Rock De Los Chinos" (2:22)
Benny Del Solar, Melochita, Ita Branda - "Rumba Espanola" (2:14)
Lucho Macedo - "Rock & Roll Mambo" (2:10)
Nallye Fernandez - "Batijugando" (3:00)
Nelson Ferreyra - "Twist En Guaracha" (2:58)
Los Kintos - "Kintos Boogaloo" (2:39)
Patty Pastel - "Computador Electronico" (2:51)
Luciano Luciani - "A Bailar Bump" (2:36)
Willy Marambio - "Trompeta A Go Go" (2:37)
Los Vikingos - "Go Go En Patines" (2:20)
Edgar Zamudio - "Dia De Pago" (1:58)
Lucha Macedo - "El Maestro Del Rock & Roll" (3:32)
Tags: Latin | Salsa | Boogaloo | Cumbia
! low stock $21.01
Wganda Kenya Kammpala Grupo
Wganda Kenya Kammpala Grupo (180 gram vinyl LP + insert)
Cat: VAMPILP 285. Rel: 16 Jun 23
El Gallo Africano (7:40)
La Yuca Raya (3:24)
Caimito (4:18)
King Kong (3:49)
La Riphyta (3:15)
La Trompeta Loca (7:30)
El Nativo (3:10)
Chao Amor (2:45)
El Testamento (2:56)
 in stock $25.68
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