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The Turning Of Our Bones
Cat: ROCKACT 136S. Rel: 23 Oct 20
  1. The Turning Of Our Bones (5:03)
  2. The Jumper (2:33)
Review: When Arab Strap shared 'The Turning Of Our Bones' late-summer, their first track in 15 years, it was a welcome return for the alt-indie-slowcore electronic pair. Another lyrical mix of beautiful poetry and bloody-nosed prose, it confirmed that while much has happened since we last heard from the duo they still seem on-point, so this return can only be a good thing.

Here presented on 7", if you've not dived into the title track let's just say it has the dark moodiness of a nighttime drive through the dilapidation of a pre-gentrification British city in the rain, sinister intent, and the hook of a Leonard Cohen in 'Everybody Knows' mode, albeit here forsaking dramatic string stabs for a chilling and hypnotic guitar chord, while putting a powerful synth bass to good, dancefloor friendly use. 'The Jumper', on the flip, ain't bad either.
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Norma Jean
Cat: DAP 1134. Rel: 22 Oct 20
  1. Norma Jean (3:37)
  2. Norma Jean (instrumental) (3:37)
Review: Iconic modern soul label Daptone does a fine job of capturing the rawness of old with each and every vital 7" they put out. Now they introduce another fantastic voice to the world in the form of Napoleon Demps. A Flint Michigan native raised on classic soul sounds, he is an accomplished vocalist himself these days and has long been a fan of this label. He lay down this first single last year in Penrose Recorders in Riverside, California and the results are stunning: 'Norma Jean' is funky and groovy with plenty of vocal nuance and a heart swelling sound that soars next to sweeping strings and crisp wooden hits.
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Fo Sho
Fo Sho (7")
Cat: CLMN 199. Rel: 23 Oct 20
  1. Fo Sho (4:12)
  2. Inner City Blues (3:47)
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Wheels Turning
Cat: TR 729. Rel: 01 Oct 20
  1. Wheels Turning (4:05)
  2. Wheels Turning (instrumental) (4:14)
Review: Over the years Timmion's in-house band, Cold Diamond & Mink, has provided richly funky, soulful and formidably fuzzy musical backing for a dizzying array of American and European vocalists and, on rare occasions, jazz soloists. For their latest venture, the revivalist combo has reunited with "Nordic Americana and neo-folk" twosome Pratt & Moody (Tuomo Prattala and Markus Nordenstreng), for the first time since 2018's Words, Words, Words. As you might expect, 'Wheels Turning' is a heartfelt, slow-motion affair, with the duo's impassioned blue-eyed soul vocals rising above glistening guitars and a relaxed, laidback beat. The beauty of Cold Diamond and Mink's backing track can be savoured in full on the flipside instrumental take.
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Wire Magazine: November 2020 Issue #441
Cat: 794011 Rel: 19 Oct 20 • View all Magazine
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Greatest Ever R&B & Hip Hop
Cat: 405053 8624243. Rel: 23 Oct 20
Hip Hop/R&B
  1. Notorious BIG - "Hypnotize"
  2. Lil' Kim - "Not Tonight" (feat Da Brat & Left Eye & Missy Misdemeanor Elliott & Angie Martinez)
  3. Busta Rhymes - "Woo Hah!! Got You All In Check"
  4. Brandy & Monica - "The Boy Is Mine"
  5. Nicole - "Make It Hot" (feat Missy Elliot & Mocha)
  6. En Vogue - "Don't Let Go (Love)"
  7. The Braxtons - "So Many Ways"
  8. Snow - "Informer"
  9. Jade - "Don't Walk Away"
  10. Keith Sweat - "I Want Her"
  11. Michel'le - "No More Lies"
  12. Pretty Ricky - "Grind With Me"
  13. Changing Faces - "GHETTOUT"
  14. Bizarre & D12 - "Nuthin' At All"
  15. RZA - "Grits"
  16. Lupe Fiasco - "The Show Goes On"
  17. Wookie - "The Hype" (feat Eliza Doolittle)
  18. Shola Ama - "You Might Need Somebody"
  19. Shalamar - "There It Is"
  20. Total - "Can't You See" (feat The Notorious BIG)
  21. Lil'Mo - "4 Ever" (feat Fabolous)
  22. Jaheim - "Just In Case"
  23. Tamia - "So Into You"
  24. Al B Sure! - "Nite & Day"
  25. Ironik - "Stay With Me"
  26. Mark Morrison - "Trippin'"
  27. Nico & Vinz - "Am I Wrong"
  28. Beverley Knight - "Flavour Of The Old School"
  29. The Nextmen - "Round Of Applause" (feat Dynamite Mc)
  30. Roots Manuva - "Witness (1 Hope)"
  31. De La Soul - "Much More" (feat Yummy)
  32. Ruthless Rap Assassins - "And It Wasn't A Dream"
  33. Ty - "Wait A Minute"
  34. Bizarre - "Rockstar"
  35. DELS - "Capsize" (feat Joe Goddard & Roots Manuva)
  36. The Nextmen - "The Drop" (feat Joe Dukie)
  37. Positive Force - "We Got The Funk"
  38. Speech Debelle - "The Key"
  39. The Streets - "Don't Mug Yourself"
  40. Oxide & Neutrino - "Bound 4 Da Reload (Casualty)"
  41. Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five - "The Message"
  42. The Sugarhill Gang - "Rapper's Delight"
  43. Jungle Brothers - "Doin' Our Own Dang"
  44. Biz Markie - "Just A Friend"
  45. Del The Funky Homosapien - "Mistadobalina"
  46. Pete Rock & CL Smooth - "They Reminisce Over You"
  47. De La Soul - "Shopping Bags (She Got From You)"
  48. Melle Mel & Duke Bootee - "Message II (Survival)"
  49. Quad City DJ's - "C'mon N' Ride It (The Train)"
  50. Doug Lazy - "Let It Roll"
  51. MC Lyte - "Cold Rock A Party"
  52. Ol' Dirty Bastard - "Shimmy Shimmy Ya"
  53. Nate Dogg - "I Got Love"
  54. RZA - "We Pop"
  55. Ice T - "6 'N The Mornin'"
  56. Grandmaster Melle Mel & The Furious Five - "Pump Me Up"
  57. The Sugarhill Gang - "The Downbeat"
  58. City Limits & The Mutant Rockers - "Keep It On"
  59. Roots Manuva - "Strange Behaviour"
  60. Flo Rida - "Low" (feat T-Pain)
  61. Chaka Khan - "I Feel For You"
  62. Grandmaster Flash & Melle Mel - "White Lines (Don't Do It)"
  63. The Sugarhill Gang - "Apache (Jump On It)"
  64. BOB - "So Good"
  65. Cee Lo Green - "It's OK"
  66. Glamma Kid - "Taboo" (feat Shola Ama)
  67. Rob N Raz - "Got To Get" (feat Leila K)
  68. Daddy's Groove & Little Nancy - "It's Not Right, But It's Okay"
  69. Tweet - "Boogie 2Nite"
  70. Shalamar - "Make That Move"
  71. Anita Baker - "Sweet Love"
  72. Midnight Star - "Midas Touch"
  73. Chic - "Everybody Dance"
  74. Carrie Lucas - "Dance With You"
  75. The Whispers - "And The Beat Goes On"
  76. The Sequence - "And You Know That"
  77. Collage - "Young Girls"
  78. The Deele - "Body Talk"
  79. Donae'o - "I"
  80. Bill Wolfer - "Papa Was A Rollin' Stone"
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It Could Happen To You
It Could Happen To You (heavyweight audiophile vinyl LP)
Cat: VNL 12226LP. Rel: 01 Jan 90
  1. Do It The Hard Way (2:58)
  2. I'm Old Fashioned (5:03)
  3. You're Driving Me Crazy (2:53)
  4. It Could Happen To You (2:51)
  5. My Heart Stood Still (3:29)
  6. The More I See You (3:03)
  7. Everything Happens To Me (5:03)
  8. Dancing On The Ceiling (3:07)
  9. How Long Has It Been Going On? (4:09)
  10. Old Devil Moon (2:57)
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Cinnamon Behind The Wheel
Cat: TP 015. Rel: 23 Oct 20
  1. Phantasy Rewind 7C (4:30)
  2. Sicko (Dub Of Doom) (4:49)
  3. Ho Ken Waa (5:01)
  4. Expired Lotion August 29th (6:40)
  5. Break N' Whistle (10:43)
  6. Cryptic 808 (4:51)
  7. Chloroplastic (5:24)
  8. Emu Hardcore (5:33)
  9. Then The Rain (Breaks Megamix) (4:43)
  10. Great Smokies Dub (4:49)
  11. Track 11 (6:01)
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Thor Adjustable Speaker Pole
Cat: 793750 Rel: 21 Oct 20 • View all Speaker stands, pads & mounts
Adjustable speaker pole
Notes: Standard 35mm fitment

Height adjustable: 800-1340mm

Maximum load: 25kg
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Thor Microphone Stand Carry Bag With Handles
Thor Microphone Stand Carry Bag With Handles (microphone stand carry bag)
Cat: 793754 Rel: 22 Oct 20 • View all Microphone accessories
Microphone carry bag
Notes: Zip-up carry bag with handle for music stand

Dimensions: 580 x 390 x 120m

Hard wearing nylon material.
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Tiptop Audio Stackcable 30cm Mini Jack Patch Cable (red)
Cat: 595787 Rel: 19 Jan 16 • View all Audiokabel
Stackable patch cable
Notes: The TipTop Audio Stackcables allow you to stack your cables to give you complex signal flows with greater visibility
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The Man With The Red Face
Cat: F 119/1370119130. Rel: 21 Sep 00
Funky/Club House
  1. The Man With The Red Face (original mix)
  2. The Man With The Red Face (Svek remix)
  3. The Man With The Red Face (Funk D Void remix)
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Saxophone Colossus
Saxophone Colossus (heavyweight vinyl LP)
Cat: VNL 12224LP. Rel: 12 Jan 16
  1. St. Thomas (6:39)
  2. You Don't Know What Love Is (6:28)
  3. Strode Rode (5:14)
  4. Moritat (9:55)
  5. Blue (11:11)
Gespielt von: Juno Recommends Jazz
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Chameleon Parts 1 & 2
Chameleon Parts 1 & 2 (7" Nachpressung)
Cat: SC 704. Rel: 28 Sep 20
  1. Chameleon (part 1) (2:31)
  2. Chameleon (part 2) (3:19)
Review: Italian pianist and composer Paolo first came to light during the acid jazz explosion in the early 90s. Largely overlooked by his UK counterparts, his Trio's albums Do It and Ombre are both well worthy investments for any funk fans. As is "Chameleon". Delivered in two parts, both jams are tighter than a bouncer's crotch squeeze and about a million times funkier. "Part 2" pips it for a highlight thank to its leniency towards sultry wig out territory. Lovely stuff.
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Tiptop Audio Stackcable 70cm Patch Cable (blue)
Cat: 595789 Rel: 19 Jan 16 • View all Audiokabel
Stackable patch cable
Notes: The TipTop Audio Stackcables allow you to stack your cables to give you complex signal flows with greater visibility
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Tiptop Audio Stackcable 20cm Patch Cable (green)
Cat: 595783 Rel: 19 Jan 16 • View all Audiokabel
Stackable patch cable
Notes: The TipTop Audio Stackcables allow you to stack your cables to give you complex signal flows with greater visibility
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 7 in stock $5.92
Tiptop Audio Stackcable 50cm Patch Cable (yellow)
Cat: 595788 Rel: 19 Jan 16 • View all Audiokabel
Stackable patch cable
Notes: The TipTop Audio Stackcables allow you to stack your cables to give you complex signal flows with greater visibility
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 8 in stock $5.92
10 Years Of Jaunt: Sea
10 Years Of Jaunt: Sea (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: JR 007.1. Rel: 11 Dec 17
Deep House
  1. Hiver - "Itria"
  2. Artefakt - "Wanderings"
  3. Hinode - "Vision"
  4. Region - "Cosmic"
Review: Jaunt Records' 10 year celebrations are spanning a series of 12"s that feature a broad spectrum of artists searching for the ultimate deep techno fix. The four contenders that occupy this Sea release all have their own agenda, but they sit together perfectly. Hiver weaves illustrious pads in between nimble electro drums and bubbling acid bass, while Artefakt creates eerie, fractured acid meanderings to send a shiver down your spine. Hinode does some deft break choppage to create a dreamy trip for the up all night crew, and then Region rolls the record out on an emotive tip while keeping the rhythm section pumped up for the floor.
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Flat Beat
Flat Beat (12")
Cat: F104. Rel: 20 Mar 99
Minimal/Tech House
  1. Flat Beat
  2. Monday Massacre
  3. Sick Dog Try To Speak
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Sliver (7")
Cat: WEAD 70073. Rel: 01 Jan 90
  1. Sliver
  2. Dive
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Alien Felines From Beyond The Galaxy
Cat: ZPROD 017VN7. Rel: 16 Oct 20
  1. Alien Felines From Beyond The Galaxy (5:54)
  2. Ekows (6:52)
Review: Afro-funk combo Supergombo previously impressed with a pair of sweltering albums, but it's been three years since their last essential audio missive. This return to action is therefore more than welcome. They're in fine form too, with brilliantly named A-side 'Alien Felines From Beyond The Galaxy' offering an excitable and smile-inducing fusion of spacey, far-sighted Moog synthesizer solos and the Lyon-based band's usual horn-fired, Afrobeat-inspired grooves. Flipside 'Flows' draws on Ghanaian Highlife influences as well as Fela Kuti and Tony Allen, with glistening Ebo Taylor style guitars, snaking sax solos and fiery horn motifs rising above another insatiably infectious groove. It's good to have them back!
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Acc Sees Anti Static Vinyl Record Cleaning Cloth (single)
Cat: 329213 Rel: 24 Sep 08 • View all Schallplatten-Reinigung
Anti-static record cleaning cloth
Notes: This 28.5cm x 21cm anti-static record cleaning cloth is ideal for taking care of your record collection. Soft brushed micro-fibre, lint free, designed to clean vinyl, CD's and DVD's. Removes dust, grease and static effectively with or without fluid.
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Omnitronic Aluminium Puck Single Centre Piece 45 Adapter (silver)
Cat: 653012 Rel: 09 Jun 17 • View all 45 adapters
45 RPM 7" centre hole spindle adapter
Notes: Center-piece for singles - aluminium silver.
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Nagaoka TS561/3 Antistatic CD Inner Sleeves For Use With Japanese Paper Sleeve CDs (pack of 20)
Notes: These inner sleeves for CDs are perfect for storing them in LP-styled CD version covers.

The clear plastic sleeves are similar to the ones you get in Japanese paper sleeve packages. They're great for using if you lose your sleeves from any of those, or if you've bought LP-styled CD packages from other outlets and want something to protect the CD inside. Antistatic, and very well constructed.
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Crispy Bacon (Jeff Mills remix)
Cat: 137005 5138. Rel: 15 Aug 16
  1. Crispy Bacon (original mix) (5:41)
  2. Crispy Bacon (Jeff Mills Solid Sleep mix) (5:22)
Review: There's been much debate over the years about whose version of this seminal track was in fact the best. Laurent Garnier's 1997 classic "Crispy Bacon" gets a vinyl re-issue and it still stands the test of time. You can just imagine how innovative and futuristic this adrenalised peak time weapon sounded like in the mid-nineties. On the flip, the equally legendary Jeff Mills delivers his take on the track, keeping in mind that this is one of only a handful he's ever done. There's relentless and punishing cyclicality on offer here; the sharply resonating loops, that brutally overdriven 808 kick.. it's one of those secret weapons that never leaves the bag of the best techno DJs. Choose your side, but either way it's a definitely a classic!
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Doepfer Male 6.3mm Jack To 3.5mm Mini Jack Adapter Cable (1.5m long)
Cat: 757329 Rel: 28 Nov 19 • View all Audiokabel
Adapter cable for modular systems
Notes: - 6.3 mm jack male mono to 3.5 mm jack male mono
- Length: 1.5 metres
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Closer To The Spirit
Closer To The Spirit (silver vinyl 7")
Cat: 451047. Rel: 06 Jul 17
  1. Closer To The Spirit (part 1 - vocal) (3:30)
  2. Closer To The Spirit (part 2 - instrumental) (3:32)
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Tangible Waves AE Modular 6 x Patchwires (grey, 25cm)
Cat: 719705 Rel: 02 Sep 19 • View all Synth module accessories
Pack of 6 patch wires
Notes: A set of 6 grey patchwires for AE modular; with a length of 25cm. The cable has a soft, flexible silicone insulation, with a gold plated pin.
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 More than 10 in stock $5.92
Tangible Waves AE Modular 6 x Patchwires (red, 40cm)
Cat: 719706 Rel: 02 Sep 19 • View all Synth module accessories
Pack of 6 patch wires
Notes: A set of 6 red patchwires for AE modular; with a length of 40cm. The cable has a soft, flexible silicone insulation, with a gold plated pin.
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 5 in stock $6.19
Balance Over Symmetry
Cat: NHS 399CD. Rel: 29 Sep 20
Drum And Bass
  1. So Close
  2. Life Of A DJ (feat Demolition Man)
  3. Outta Orda
  4. Save Me From Myself
  5. Endless Dreaming (feat Bulgarian Goddess)
  6. Automatic
  7. Consciousness
  8. Moonshine
  9. Odyssey (feat Evil B)
  10. Keep On Dancing
  11. Make Me Feel
  12. Natty Love (feat Sweetie Irie)
  13. Pyramidz
  14. Journey To Outer Space
  15. Life Of A DJ (feat Demolition Man - Rockers mix)
Review: On his first album for Hospital Records - and third solo set in total - Rouen Wilkins AKA Voltage has created a more widescreen musical vision than anything he's previously releases. Balance Over Symmetry begins with a sparkling, synth-heavy tribute to mid-80s NYC freestyle ('So Close'), and ends with a weighty, dubstep style collaboration with Demolition Man ('The Life of a DJ (Rockers Mix)'); in between, the fast-rising producer breathlessly rushes between typically heavy and ear-catching, club-focussed drum & bass jams, revivalist ragga-jungle workouts (Sweet Irie hook-up 'Natty Love'), stunningly atmospheric ambient interludes (see the spacey 'Consciousness'), immersive experimental D&B ('Moonshine'), and up-beat synth-wave goodness ('Endless Dreaming', with Belgian Goddess). It's an impressive achievement all told, and an album that's well worth checking out.
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10 Years Of Jaunt: Air
10 Years Of Jaunt: Air (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: JR 007.3. Rel: 11 Dec 17
  1. Kaelan - "Meandering Rivers"
  2. J.C. - "The Jaunt Track"
  3. Basic Soul Unit - "Escape Velocity"
  4. Blackhall & Bookless - "Spirit"
Review: Jaunt Records is celebrating 10 years of active service in fine style with this series of various artist 12"s. The Air installment features four beat scientists presenting diverse musings on deep diving techno, kicking off with the hypnotic, cyclical "Meandering Rivers" by Kaelan. JC meanwhile spices things up with the breakbeat roughness of "The Jaunt Track" before Basic Soul Unit lays the smack down with the bruising broken techno of "Escape Velocity". Blackhall & Bookless finish the EP off with the big room dub-out of "Spirit", a churning beast of a techno track that still maintains the meditative qualities of the other tracks.
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Affection (7")
Cat: SP 002. Rel: 27 Oct 17
  1. Affection (5:10)
  2. Keep On Loving You (3:53)
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Gold (3xCD)
Cat: CRIMCD 684.
coming soon $7.01
Let Love Enter
Cat: ATH 051. Rel: 07 Dec 17
  1. Let Love Enter (2:55)
  2. Come To Me (3:33)
Review: Incredible late night smoochy stuff right here from one of the most decorated bassists of all time. A major figure in the bands of Miles Davis and Stevie Wonder, Henderson was also a killer solo artist amassing eight artist albums between 76-86. This AOTN "45 showcases his true breadth as "Let Love Enter" lilts on a soft bossa with rising horns, velvet backing vocals and an unabashed come-to-bed message. "Come To Me" gets even deeper under the sheets with as he goes toe-to-toe, cheek-to-cheek with Rena Scott with smoking results.
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 in stock $5.38
Horace Silver & The Jazz Messengers
Horace Silver & The Jazz Messengers (heavyweight vinyl LP)
Cat: VNL 12227LP. Rel: 09 Dec 15
  1. Room 608 (5:21)
  2. Creepin' In (7:27)
  3. Stop Time (4:06)
  4. To Whom It May Concern (5:11)
  5. Hippy (5:23)
  6. The Preacher (4:19)
  7. Hankerin' (5:18)
  8. Doodlin' (6:47)
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Kiwanuka (CD)
Cat: 779527 5. Rel: 01 Nov 19
  1. You Ain't The Problem
  2. Rolling
  3. I've Been Dazed
  4. Piano Joint (This Kind Of Love) (intro)
  5. Piano Joint (This Kind Of Love)
  6. Another Human Being (interlude)
  7. Living In Denial
  8. Hero
  9. Hard To Say Goodbye
  10. Final Days
  11. Loving The People (interlude)
  12. Solid Ground
  13. Light
Review: London singer-songwriter Michael Kiwanuka builds on the success of his first two albums by drafting in Danger Mouse and Inflo to produce the beats that house his hugely expressive voice. That voice is of course front and centre - and whether delivering tender moments of intimacy or more breezy soul, it is always wrought with tension and emotion, slow burning and buttery smooth. The production feels timeless yet contemporary whether offering gauzy, guitar laden textures "Hero" or soaring pop ("Final Days") and makes this an album that touches on all forms of soul with equal originality.
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 in stock $6.19
Warm Leatherette
Cat: MUTE 1. Rel: 10 Oct 13
  1. TVOD
  2. Warm Leatherette
 in stock $5.66
Back Into Your Heart
Back Into Your Heart (7" + poster)
Cat: MEL 010. Rel: 06 Apr 18
  1. Back Into Your Heart (3:49)
  2. Dance, Dance, Dance (3:26)
Review: Sam Shepherd's Melodies International imprint has barely put a foot wrong to date, serving up a string of must-have reissues. Predictably, the label's latest offering - a facsimile reissue of a thoroughly obscure but in-demand disco 7" from 1979 - is another belter. A-side "Back Into Your Heart" is particularly potent, offering a rich, cheery and pleasingly fuzzy dance through horn-heavy disco-funk pastures, with a loved-up lead vocal joined by cascading strings, intergalactic synth solos and energy-packed drums. Turn to the flip for "Dance, Dance, Dance", an urgent chunk of funk-fuelled disco-rock that's almost as essential as the majestic A-side.
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 in stock $5.92
Tiptop Audio Stackcable 90cm Patch Cable (black)
Cat: 595790 Rel: 19 Jan 16 • View all Audiokabel
Stackable patch cable
Notes: The TipTop Audio Stackcables allow you to stack your cables to give you complex signal flows with greater visibility
Read more
 More than 10 in stock $5.92
4ms 10 Pin Multi Power Cable
4ms 10 Pin Multi Power Cable (Eurorack power cable)
Cat: 711993 Rel: 12 Dec 18 • View all Synth module accessories
Flexible power cable for Eurorack modules
Notes: 10-conductor ribbon cable with three 10-pin connectors and a 16-pin connector on one end (20" total length), for connecting more than 2 modules in a Pod.
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 9 in stock $5.92
The Best Of Suede: Beautiful Ones 1992-2018
Cat: EDSL 0073. Rel: 02 Oct 20
  1. The Drowners
  2. To The Birds
  3. My Insatiable One
  4. Metal Mickey
  5. Animal Nitrate
  6. So Young
  7. Pantomime Horse
  8. Stay Together
  9. My Dark Star
  10. We Are The The Pigs
  11. Killing Of A Flashboy
  12. Heroine
  13. The Wild Ones
  14. New Generation
  15. The Asphalt World
  16. Still Life
  17. Trash
  18. Europe Is Our Playground
  19. Filmstar
  20. By The Sea
  21. She
  22. Beautiful Ones
  23. Saturday Night
  24. She's In Fashion
  25. Everything Will Flow
  26. Can't Get Enough
  27. Indian Strings
  28. It Starts & Ends With You
  29. For The Strangers
  30. Sometimes I Feel I'll Float Away
  31. Outsiders
  32. Life Is Golden
  33. The Invisible
  34. Flytipping
 in stock $6.19
Kolour Ltd 10's Vol 8
Cat: KLRLTD 10S008. Rel: 20 Dec 17
Deep House
  1. Them & Us (5:55)
  2. Peasant Dance (5:52)
Review: Detroit/Houston based Kolour have had some pretty credible names feature on their new 10 inch series this year, such as Eddic C, Napoleon, Frank Booker and Lady Blacktronika. Now it is over to the Belarus based disco DJ Funkyjaws who serves up two irresistible jams on Vol 8 of the series. On the A side, we have the soulful and life affirming African boogie of "Them & Us". We have not heard the original but it sounds pretty seamless to us: a respectful edit indeed. On the flip, we have one seriously mad boogie-down jam in the form of "Peasant Dance" which is a truly exotic affair from god knows where! Accordions, wah-wah guitar and some super string arrangements clash wonderfully. This may sound like an unholy mixture but this is exactly the kind of disco deviance that truly floats our boat! The Grodno based producer last appeared for the label on Kolour LTD 22 a couple of years back, and in the meantime has also appeared for the likes of Shadeleaf Music and Austrian imprint Pusic.
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 in stock $5.04
Ratio (Deconstructed Mixes)
Cat: FPL 03V. Rel: 20 Oct 17
Deep House
  1. Ratio (part II Organ) (19:02)
  2. Ratio (part II dub) (7:37)
 in stock $6.45
The Most Beautiful Girl In The World
Cat: BR 72514-1. Rel: 01 Jan 90
Hip Hop/R&B
  1. Track 1
  2. Track 2
  3. Track 3
  4. Track 4
 in stock $5.66
Police In Helicopter (Riddim)
Cat: JG 040. Rel: 01 Jan 90
Roots/Lovers Rock
  1. Police In Helicopter
  2. Police In Helicopter (version)
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This Time
This Time (7")
Cat: AOE 026. Rel: 22 Jun 17
  1. This Time (2:51)
  2. Don't Let Yourself Get Carried Away (2:41)
Review: Athens Of The North triumph once again with two incredible slices of crossover, feel good soul from the early 70s. Douglas & Lonero enjoyed a good vein of major form on Columbia for a while, including a live album Live At Charley Brown's, but this 1975-released RCA 45 has been the most collectable (with OG copies of the double-sided pressing fetching over 500 pounds sterling in the past) Fully remastered from the original tapes, this is the clearest, sharpest and sweatiest Douglas & Lonero have ever sounded.
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I Want You Back
Cat: BGPS 049. Rel: 24 Mar 16
  1. Harold Mabern - "I Want You Back" (5:24)
  2. Funk Inc - "Sister Janie" (5:14)
Review: Tennessee's legendary jazz pianist, Harold Mabern, is surely one of the kings of the mighty Prestige label, and his material helped bridge the gap between jazz and funk back in the 1970s, alongside the likes of Idris Muhammad, The Jimmy Castor Bunch and all those geniuses. "I Want You Back" is a stone-cold classic and contains one of the most hummable trumpet lines ever, and if you hear closely it's been reworked and sampled by none other than the King of pop when he was only a little one. Funk Inc's sublime "Sister Janie" resides on the flip, a more lo-fi funk bullett for the diggers, and complete with a dusty organ!
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Cat: RUG 254. Rel: 13 Apr 07
  1. Brianstorm
  2. Temptation Greets You Like Your Naughty Friend
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Sennheiser HD25 Headphones Replacement Headband Foam Padding (sold singly)
Cat: 387442 Rel: 30 Mar 10 • View all Headphones parts
Replacement headband foam padding for the Sennheiser HD 25, a pair is required as these headphones feature a split headband
Notes: Spare padding for HD25 headband from Sennheiser. It should be noted that two are required as the headband on this model is split.
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