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Suchergebnisse: Dance Music

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EEE 009
EEE 009 (hand-stamped 1-sided heavyweight vinyl 12")
Cat: EEE 009. Rel: 13 Oct 20
Minimal/Tech House
  1. Track 1 (7:18)
Review: The EEE series may utilise a very simple blueprint - each single-sided, one-track release combines tasty, 21st century tech-house grooves with vocal lifts and instrumental samples from a classic cut - but so far, the publicity-shy producer behind it has yet to put a foot wrong. This ninth instalment in the ongoing series is every bit as alluring as its predecessors, in part because the headline-grabbing Nina Simone vocal samples are used sparingly and dropped into the mix for maximum impact. They mainly appear within the melodious, smile-inducing breakdown, before making way for a return to the track's chunky, seemingly squeezable tech-house groove and sweet, glassy-eyed lead lines. On paper it shouldn't work, but it really does, making this another must-check EEE release.
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Gespielt von: Rich NxT, PBR Streetgang
 in stock $12.22
Oops! I Did It Again: Remixes & B Sides (Record Store Day 2020)
Oops! I Did It Again: Remixes & B Sides (Record Store Day 2020) (limited blue vinyl 12") (1 per customer)
Cat: 194397 27511. Rel: 16 Oct 20
  1. Oops! I Did It Again (Ospina Deep club mix) (6:02)
  2. Lucky (Jason Nevins mixshow edit) (5:52)
  3. Stronger (Mac Quayle club mix) (7:52)
  4. Don't Let Me Be The Last To Know (Hex Hector radio mix) (4:04)
  5. You Got It All (4:08)
  6. Girl In The Mirror (3:36)
  7. Heart (2:59)
  8. Walk On By (3:31)
Review: Britney Spears is currently embroiled in some tough legal battles with her father - her life is a far cry from the pop superstar who broke through in the late 90s. But the music she made back then still bangs, especially when remixed by a selection of names such as those found on this special Record Store Day 2020 collection. It also features lesser known B-sides as well as big room house reworks from Mac Quayle, hi-NRG bangers from Hex Hector and plenty more besides.
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 in stock $26.60
Dave Lee Presents 30 Years Of Z Records EP 4
  1. Joey Negro Vs Horse Meat Disco - "Candidate For Love" (Joey Negro Disco Blend) (6:42)
  2. Mistura - "Smile" (feat Kendra Cash - Joey Negro club mix) (7:20)
  3. Letta Mbulu - "Kilimanjaro" (The Revenge edit) (5:49)
  4. Joey Negro Presents The Sunburst Band - "The Secret Life Of Us" (The Reflex Revision) (7:13)
Review: Z Records founder Dave Lee continues to celebrate 30 years of his iconic house and disco label with an ongoing series of various artist EPs. The fourth instalment is another belter opened up by the boss himself in Disco Blend form. He serves up libidinous synths and steamy vocals that get you on your toes and then sinks into a smooth and seductive deep house mould for his remix of Mistura's 'Smile. On the flip, disco don The Revenge works his magic on a lush afro disco cut and then comes a The Reflex version of The Secret Life Of Us which has big strings and a tight rhythm section all bringing the sunshine.
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Gespielt von: LEGO EDIT
 in stock $11.67
Acid Bhangra Rarities & Re Edits
Acid Bhangra Rarities & Re Edits (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: SPICE 2. Rel: 12 Oct 20
Deep House
  1. Acid Agah (original 1994 dubplate mix)
  2. Rani (edit)
  3. Nachdi Drums (edit)
  4. Balle Shava (edit)
Review: The Masaala label are laying claim to a unique curio from the '90s here, unearthing the forgotten sounds of Cutmaster Singh from Leicester. This unsung DJ legend was amongst those trying to fuse acid house and bhangra, and on this 12" we're treated to a selection of edits that do a mighty fine job of crossing the cultural divide to bring the infectious energy of Indian music into a dancefloor context. First up is a dubplate from 1994 titled 'Acid Agah', which rides a bubbling 303 and resplendent strings to create a jaw-dropping showpiece. 'Rani' is steeped in bashy '80s drums and more of that lysergic throbbing, offset by a stunning female vocal, while 'Nachdi Drums' unsurprisingly leans in hard on percussion to whip up a frenetic energy that is as much techno as it is bhangra. 'Balle Shava' takes things back to a kind of new beat freakiness which will appeal to old-skool diggers looking for something spicy in their sets.
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 in stock $9.22
Everything Is Fine (Chuggy mix)
Everything Is Fine (Chuggy mix) (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: ERC 106. Rel: 12 Oct 20
  1. Everything Is Fine (3:18)
  2. Everything Dub (3:25)
  3. Everything Is Fine (Chuggy Discomix) (7:23)
Review: To close the 3 EP reissue series of Neville King and Lee Laing's King & City label, the all female group Charisma are presented with their summer infused Lovers cut, Everything Is Fine.

Three Lewisham friends, Angela Richardson on lead vocals, with Geselle and Janie backing, were active from 1982 to 1990, but are really remembered for the early recordings made with Neville King. Their debut, Everything Is Fine rides the Lovers sound at its peak. Written with One Blood's Lloyd Robinson, with the rest of band of Robinson brothers providing the rhythm section, this is pure South London sound system music.

Recorded again at TMC (Tooting Music Centre) Recording Studios - working alongside the likes of Dillinger, Tradition and New Musik - Everything Is Fine rides a beautiful soul reggae rhythm as Trevor (Drums) and Lloyd (Bass) Robinson set the foundations, while One Blood provide the Dub mix.

A true love's lament, a song of hope, serenity and pure vibes. Label head Chuggy slides behind the mixing desk for an extended Discomix that stretches, loops and dubs the vocal and dub back forth, to close a glimpse at this uniquely British phenomenon, taking reggae closer to it's heart and soul.
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 in stock $11.93
Now That I Have You (Record Store Day 2020)
Cat: TMG 9111P. Rel: 13 Oct 20
  1. Now That I Have You (original Soundtrack '81 version) (5:33)
  2. Now That I Have You (original Soundtrack '86 Hip Kik version) (4:54)
  3. Stay With Me (original Soundtrack '81 version) (2:51)
  4. Now That I Have You (original '86 Hip Kik instrumental version) (4:52)
Review: 'Now That I Have You' is simply one of the sweetest and most effortlessly lovely songs in the Tommy McGee canon. The artist himself certainly thought so, because he recorded it a number of times during the 1980s. This essential reissue boasts all of the best versions, starting with the brilliantly produced and performed 1981 original version, which we firmly believe to be one of the greatest cosmic soul tracks of all time. Arguably even better though is the 'Hip-Kik' version from 1986, a jauntier and more rubbery-sounding affair that replaces much of the instrumentation with drum machines and synthesizer sounds. The EP also boasts an instrumental version of this killer re-make nestled on the flip, along with a more laidback 1981 recording, 'Stay With Me'.
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 in stock $11.93
Back To Life (Zepherin Saint remixes)
Back To Life (Zepherin Saint remixes) (limited green vinyl 12")
Cat: FDR 13LTD. Rel: 16 Oct 20
  1. Back To Life (Zepherin Saint mix) (10:30)
  2. Back To Life (Zepherin Saint radio edit) (5:02)
  3. Back To Life (Zepherin Saint vocal mix) (7:04)
  4. Back To Life (Zepherin Saint club edit) (8:23)
 in stock $13.85
Various Vol 3 (Deep88/Derek Carr mixes)
Cat: CHUB 003. Rel: 12 Oct 20
Deep House
  1. Vincent Floyd - "Meditation" (6:28)
  2. Vincent Floyd - "Meditation" (Deep88 remix) (6:55)
  3. Brad P - "Time Machine" (6:35)
  4. Brad P - "Time Machine" (Derek Carr remix) (6:59)
Review: Chubby's third volume of split EP goodness welcomes two seasoned veterans of the deep to spin some yarns, with a couple of equally sagely remixers on board too. Vincent Floyd takes up the A side with the beautifully lilting house haze of "Meditation". Deep88 takes the original and gives it a more forthright set of drums - a more visceral jack for those who love the mellow moods but want some bite for the floor. Brad P's "Time Machine" is a typically refined trip into the undergrowth with gorgeous techno synth lines flitting around a warm and easygoing groove made all the sweeter by a little broken beat kink.
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 in stock $10.85
Viole{n}t (hand-numbered maroon vinyl 12" in spray-painted sleeve limited to 200 copies (comes in different coloured sleeves, we cannot guarantee which colour you will receive)) (1 per customer)
Cat: KIMOCHI 44. Rel: 12 Oct 20
  1. Herbperp
  2. InCOMPlete To 90s Hrdcr Supreme
  3. THX Liars FlyASSes
  4. TswifBIGDATA-ghost
  5. ATomTake JAZZ Haunt
  6. ROAch ROAd 0.1 X-LOOSE
Review: Wayfaring sound explorer Sw. is best known for his stellar stints on SUED, Acido and Apollo (often alongside Svn) but he's also got firm roots in the illustrious world of Kimochi. Area's oddball label is a perfect fit for Sw.'s roaming, inquisitive approach, where scuffed sound design exploration sits alongside subdued garage and red-lining electronica faces off with melancholic '80s hauntology. For the bold DJs, there are certainly potential bangers folded into the mysterious fabric of this record, but as with all things Kimochi the overall mood looks past functional dance music while celebrating many of its tropes.
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 in stock $17.36
Classics 4
Classics 4 (12" Nachpressung)
Cat: KMPN 004. Rel: 13 Oct 20
  1. Agboju Logun (5:01)
  2. Nosi Zole (5:31)
  3. Pitie (feat Gozar) (4:56)
  4. Elephant Dance (6:34)
 in stock $10.59
Rollover Edit Service Vol 5
Cat: ROLL 005. Rel: 13 Oct 20
  1. Enzo (Lele Sacchi rework) (5:56)
  2. Giorgia (Jack Torsani edit) (5:56)
  3. Espresso (Nathan Joy edit) (10:08)
  4. The Duke Arrives (Pyramiden rework) (6:13)
Review: The Rollover Edit series from Anything Goes reaches volume number 5 with four more fantastic reworks that cover plenty of ground. Lele Sacchi serves up a a folk and Americana tinged version of 'Enzo' that is new age and organic. Jack Torsani takes 'Giorgia' into disco territory with big choruses and crashing hits all forming a strident groove while 'Espresso' delivers a direct caffeine hit in rolling disco form. The best might be saved for last, though, because 'The Duke Arrives (Pyramiden rework)' is a high speed police chase with funky bass and bristling grooves that are alive with great samples.

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! low stock $10.32
Still Life Remixes
Still Life Remixes (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: INSTINCT 12. Rel: 12 Oct 20
UK Garage
  1. Can't Run Away From Yourself (Holloway remix) (5:27)
  2. Can't Run Away From Yourself (Holloway dub) (5:24)
  3. Badman (0113 remix) (5:47)
  4. Can't Run Away From Yourself (Desert Sound Colony remix) (5:56)
Review: The garage heat continues to fly out of Instinct as Burnski's 2-step-tinted alias gets some serious remix treatment. Holloway takes control on the A side with a remix and dub of 'Can't Run Away From Yourself' that ups the ante in intricate beat craft while maintaining a rolling moody atmosphere and a walloping serving of wobbly bass. 0113 tackles 'Badman' and has fun flinging the core elements around the mix with gleeful abandon, making an utterly rude dancehall wrecker in the process. Desert Sound Colony steps up on the B2 to create a distinctive, breakstep-leaning version of 'Can't Run Away From Yourself' that will get bodies jumping and jiving all over the shop.
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Gespielt von: Subb-an, INSTINCT
 in stock $9.22
To Feel Alive
To Feel Alive (red vinyl 12")
Cat: 0732589.
Hip Hop/R&B
coming soon $21.17
Tease (12")
Cat: HOTC 161.
Funky/Club House
  1. Tease (feat Kyozo)
  2. Smack
coming soon $10.59
Live My Life
Cat: REKIDS 166.
  1. Live My Life
  2. Live My Life (Nic Fanciulli remix)
coming soon $10.32
Testify (remix)
Cat: DFTD 602R.
Deep House
  1. Testify (Mousse T Funky Shizzle extended remix)
  2. Testify (KDA extended remix)
  3. Testify (Danny Krivit edit)
  4. Testify (Alan Dixon extended remix)
coming soon $11.40
Stop Ou Encore (reissue)
Cat: GR 1271.
  1. Stop Ou Encore (extended vocal)
  2. Stop Ou Encore (instrumental)
Gespielt von: Manu•Archeo
coming soon TBA
Shape Shifter EP
Cat: DSR/E 11.
  1. Synapse
  2. Fractal
  3. Shape Shifter
  4. Novelty
coming soon $10.59
Secrets (12")
Cat: CRM 242.
Deep House
  1. Secrets (feat Pablo Rita)
  2. Secrets (feat Pablo Rita - Dennis Cruz remix)
  3. Moons Of Gaza (Moons Of Gaza)
coming soon $10.59
Re Passages
Cat: HYR 7228.
  1. Martinica Feelings (Whodamanny Reinterpretation)
  2. Africa Addio (Jazz N Palms remix)
  3. The Zoist (A Vision Of Panorama remix)
  4. Chiaia Sunset (My Friend Dario remix)
coming soon TBA
Sooner Than Later EP
Sooner Than Later EP (180 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: HEIST 050.
Deep House
  1. All For Me
  2. The Best Is Yet To Come
  3. The Funk That Stunk
coming soon $10.85
Congalizer EP
Cat: SMS 019.
  1. Congalizer
  2. Heaven...
  3. La Rapina
  4. No Worries (feat Dr Disco)
coming soon TBA
Eminent Sleaze (Record Store Day 2020)
coming soon $17.10
Resurrection EP
Cat: VISIO 036.
Deep House
  1. Resurrect My Feeling
  2. Escape (dub)
  3. Escape
coming soon $11.93
Stab By Stab
Cat: INT 045.
Deep House
  1. Stab By Stab
  2. Europe
  3. Catwalk
  4. Europe (Prins Thomas Diskomiks)
coming soon $10.85
DE:10.07 (180 gram pink vinyl 12")
Cat: ASGDE 026C.
  1. Spacetime Continuum - "Only One Sky" (6:02)
  2. Scanner - "Mothlit" (6:42)
  3. Ross 154 - "Eath To Our Freinds" (8:03)
  4. Leo Anibaldi - "Crion" (5:10)
coming soon $12.22
Tribes Of The Metronome
Cat: DB 240.
Minimal/Tech House
  1. Tribes Of The Metronome
  2. About You
coming soon $10.32
Church Of Madness
Cat: FBR 077.
Deep House
  1. Church Of Madness
  2. Deja Vu
  3. Church Of Madness (Gnork Ezoteric Breakdance remix)
  4. Running Amore
Gespielt von: Evan Michael
coming soon $11.40
Cat: BSR 031.
  1. Hornet's Web
  2. Ultraparallel
  3. Seventh Limb
  4. Sublunary
coming soon $11.12
Attenuator (12")
Cat: PLE 654026.
Deep House
  1. Attenuator (Carl Craig version)
  2. Attenuator (Moritz Von Oswald dub)
coming soon $11.93
LaSalle EP
  1. LaSalle
  2. Godin
  3. Boards Of Verdun
  4. LaSalle (Rhythm track)
  5. Isolation
Gespielt von: Evan Michael
coming soon $11.67
Landline Boogie (You Ishihara Techno Mix)
  1. Landline Boogie (You Ishihara Techno mix)
  2. Otemoyan (remix)
  3. Boku No Toudai (remix)
coming soon $26.60
I Was Born This Way
Cat: WEBMG 07RX.
  1. I Was Born This Way (Moplen dub #1)
  2. I Was Born This Way (Moplen dub #2)
coming soon $11.40
Side Notes
Side Notes (12")
Cat: SHR 06.
Deep House
  1. Get Rite
  2. Body Language
  3. Free Thought
  4. Trysheen
Gespielt von: Evan Michael
coming soon TBA
Remixes EP
Remixes EP (12")
Cat: RM 075.
  1. Rey (Gerd Janson dance mix)
  2. Wildflowers (feat Panama - You Man remix)
  3. Mayans (Zombies In Miami remix)
  4. Mouvement (Lauer remix)
  5. Techno Disco (Kendal remix)
  6. Make It Happen (Amtrac remix)
coming soon $12.22
Cat: TLP 003.
  1. Pasta Libre
  2. Fly With The Wind
  3. Ka Ta Da
  4. Pasta Libre 2
  5. Congo Bongo Y Timbal
  6. Lilly
coming soon $16.01
XXX 011
XXX 011 (12")
Cat: XXX 011.
  1. Navigator
  2. Draai (feat Dreems)
  3. Allgegenwaertig
  4. ABCD
  5. Plaza
  6. Plaza (Nick Berlin New Beat mix)
coming soon $13.01
Mutual Autopsy
Mutual Autopsy (12" + MP3 download code)
Cat: VOI 022.
  1. Hassle Free
  2. Shutting Up
  3. Yellow Wave
  4. In The Dish
coming soon $10.85
PI10 (180 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: PE 10.
  1. Track 1
  2. Track 2
  3. Track 3
  4. Track 4
coming soon $10.85
Bonzai Channel One
Bonzai Channel One (1-sided screen-printed 12")
Cat: BV 2020014.
Funky/Club House
  1. Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike - "Bonzai Channel One" (vs Backjackers)
  2. Thunderball - "Bonzai Channel One"
coming soon $24.15
Cambios EP
Cambios EP (12")
Cat: CC 07.
Minimal/Tech House
  1. Track 1
  2. Track 2
  3. Track 3
  4. Track 4
coming soon $14.38
Waterside Dubs EP
Waterside Dubs EP (hand-stamped 12" limited to 300 copies)
Cat: OUT 008.
  1. Viislamp (dub)
  2. Viimsi
  3. Nocturnal (dub)
coming soon $9.76
Lean On Me
Lean On Me (limited 12")
Cat: FAN 896.
coming soon $17.10
Cat: LTDBLBL 008.
Deep House
  1. Scales (intro)
  2. Kindness
  3. Marnix
  4. Never Alone
  5. Chb Pimpin'
  6. Quomo (outro)
coming soon TBA
Varsam Court Remix EP
Cat: LL 1224.
Minimal/Tech House
  1. Can I Speak (Mathias Schober remix)
  2. Flickering Fire (Tunnelvisions remix)
  3. Stages (Switchdance remix)
  4. Eleven (Alexander Inggs remix)
coming soon $10.59
VWV 004
VWV 004 (12")
Cat: VWV 004.
Deep House
  1. Track 1
  2. Track 2
coming soon $13.01
Atlantic River Drive
Cat: MWB 013.
  1. Atlantic River Drive
  2. Where Are We Going?
  3. Where Are You Going? (SMBD Earthy mix)
  4. Where Are You Going? (SMBD People dub)
Gespielt von: AfroBase (Radio Chart)
coming soon $13.01
Turn It On
Turn It On (limited 12")
Cat: UTTER 42.
  1. Turn It On
  2. Turn It On (dub)
  3. Love Games
  4. "43"
Gespielt von: PHANTOM ISLAND
coming soon $14.93
By The Sword
Dirty Dubstep/Trap/Grime
  1. By The Sword
  2. Heavens Rejects Refix
coming soon $10.04
Sub Surface
Cat: SDBANU 1203.
  1. Soothing Female Voice
  2. Pousmousse
  3. Opalescent
  4. Pine Crest
  5. If You See Kay
coming soon $18.44
Artikel 1 bis 50 von 14,796 auf Seite 1 von 296 anzeigen
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