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Bestsellers: Roots/Lovers Rock

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Be Thankful
Be Thankful (7") (1 per customer)
Cat: ROOTS 27. Rel: 27 Apr 20
  1. Bunny Clarke - "Be Thankful" (3:32)
  2. The Upsetters - "Dub In The Back Seat" (3:23)
Gespielt von: Osmose
 in stock $12.88
Stand Up
  1. Eric Donaldson & The Keystones - "Stand Up" (3:35)
  2. The Upsetters - "Dub Fu Ya Right" (3:37)
 in stock $11.78
Roots From The Congo
Roots From The Congo (gatefold LP) (1 per customer)
Cat: ROOTS 18. Rel: 27 Mar 20
  1. African Roots (5:16)
  2. Bad Food (3:55)
  3. Moto Ya Motema (7:40)
  4. Mengieb (6:55)
  5. Nakoya (5:43)
  6. Guipimbu Gienu (5:44)
Review: In 1979, dub legend Lee 'Scratch' Perry "adopted" a pair of musicians from Zaire who had been left stranded on Jamaica, put them together with his regular session players in the Black Ark studio he later burned down in a fit of psychosis, and recorded an album, "Roots From The Congo". As this fine reissue proves, the resultant music - a vibrant mix of Perry's particular brand of dub reggae and soukous music - was magical and unlike almost anything that had come before. For some reason it was only ever released on small labels in France and Belgium at the time, meaning that original copies are extremely hard to find. This reissue, then, is long overdue. Do yourself a favour and snap them up before they all disappear.
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 in stock $26.86
What A Man Sow
  1. Winston McAnuff - "What A Man Sow" (4:38)
  2. Fatman Riddim Section - "What A Man Dub" (3:39)
Review: Dub heads will be keen to cop this hard to find, long out of print Winston McAnuff tune 'What A Man Sow.' This is its first time on 7". Only 500 have been pressed and it comes with a full colour sleeve as well as a tasty dub on the flip from Fatman Riddim Section. The main attraction though is the a-side, with its impassion vocals crying out up top and bearing plenty of raw and honest soul. Shakers and swaggering dub, reverberating bass and acoustic guitar riffs all colour in the airwaves in warm and welcoming ways.
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 in stock $12.60
Hypocrites & Parasites
  1. Winston McAnuff - "Hypocrites & Parasites" (3:18)
  2. Fatman Riddim Section - "Stabbed Yu In De Back" (3:23)
 in stock $12.88
Long Long Time
Long Long Time (7") (1 per customer)
Cat: ROOTS 24. Rel: 27 Apr 20
  1. Winston Heywood - "Long Long Time" (3:19)
  2. The Upsetters - "Long Time Dub" (3:50)
 in stock $12.05
Fear (limited 7")
Cat: ROOTS 15. Rel: 08 Jun 20
  1. Fear (4:13)
  2. Fear Dub (3:43)
Review: Winston McAnuff linked with the Black Kush Band to lay down the red hot rhythm that is "Fear" in 1979. In the early 2000s, they got together once more to re-record it and now it gets a special, limited edition 7" release of its own for the first time ever. It's a real roots classic with bird-call like flutes and natty trumpet stabs, tangled acoustic guitar riffs and plump drums. On the flip, there's a slowed down, spaced out and trippy dub version that allows the gnarly bass to really shine though and take the track into a different mood.
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 in stock $12.60
Freedom (7")
Cat: ROOTS 23. Rel: 09 Dec 19
  1. Earl Sixteen - "Freedom" (2:45)
  2. The Upsetters - "Freedom" (dub) (2:45)
Review: This is some essential original roots reggae from all the way back in 1977. Recorded by Earl (Sixteen) Daley, Lee "Scratch" Perry, Steely, Albert Malawi and Dalton Browne at the legendary Black Ark studios and now reissued by Belgian connoisseurs Roots Vibration, "Freedom" is a real stepper; sweet guitar licks and vocal work with drums and bass piled up on top of one another in perfect harmony. If you're after something deeper, flipover for the "Dub" version provided by The Upsetters. Timeless.
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 in stock $13.98
Captive (7")
Cat: ROOTS 21. Rel: 09 Dec 19
  1. Lee Perry - "Captive" (4:13)
  2. The Upsetters - "Dub Cap" (3:43)
Review: Roots Vibration keep up their tireless dub reissue work with another dig into the untouchable back catalogue of the one and only Lee "Scratch" Perry. Back to 1978, this is a slab of gold that was first recorded in the revered Black Ark studios the dub don owned before burning it down in a stoned and paranoid state. "Captive" finds him musing inwardly on the continual enslavement of black people in the West, calling for mental and spiritual liberation. The Upsetters once again dub it out on the flip side in excellent fashion.
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 in stock $11.23
Brother Noah
Cat: ROOTS 22. Rel: 09 Dec 19
  1. The Shadows - "Brother Noah" (3:06)
  2. The Upsetters - "Noah Dub" (2:55)
 in stock $14.24
In My Country
Cat: ROOTS 034EP. Rel: 17 Apr 20
  1. In My Country (3:53)
  2. In My Country (Melodica version) (3:36)
Gespielt von: Juno Recommends Dub
 in stock $12.05
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Bestsellers: Roots/Lovers Rock
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