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Bestsellers: Roots/Lovers Rock

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When Jah Shall Come
Cat: PSLP 106. Rel: 17 Dec 20
  1. Tommy McCook - "Tommy's Vibes " (4:04)
  2. Johnny Clarke - "No Babylon Shall Escape In This Time " (3:54)
  3. Jah Smile - "Ethiopian Rock " (2:18)
  4. Lennox Brown & Sheila Rickards - "Jamaican Fruit Of African Roots " (3:00)
  5. Ronnie Davis - "Every Knee Shall Bow " (4:12)
  6. Cornell Campbell - "King Tubby's vs Arrows Dubplate " (2:57)
  7. Al Campbell - "One Room Shack " (3:15)
  8. John Forbes - "War Zone " (3:21)
  9. Linval Thompson - "Look How Long Nyabinghi Calling You " (3:26)
  10. Tinga Stewart - "Can't Be A Hypocrite " (4:10)
  11. The Aggrovators - "Bell Road Rock " (3:41)
  12. Cornell Campbell - "Keep On Running " (3:17)
  13. U-Roy - "The Right To Live " (3:05)
  14. Al Campbell - "Wicked A Go Feel It " (3:10)
  15. Tommy McCook - "Joe Frazier " (3:41)
  16. Johnny Clarke & Horace Andy - "No Man Is An Island " (3:50)
  17. Linval Thompson - "Go Jah Jah Pickney " (3:16)
  18. Johnny Clarke - "Better Collie " (2:26)
  19. Bobby Ellis & Val Bennett - "The Arabian Sound Of Reggae " (3:16)
  20. Cornell Campbell - "Bunny Lee & King Tubby's Dubplate Special " (3:36)
Review: "Me used to record every day in the 70s. Sometimes 7 days a week, day and night inna the studio." The words of Bunny Lee there, who built up a hugely impressive discography not only in terms of its size, but also its quality. This new double LP collects together all the rare and unreleased cuts from his archives which will make it feel like you're right there with him in one of his legendary recording sessions. All the legends are present and correct, too, with Linval Thompson, Jony Clarke, Jah Smile and plenty more coming up with real gold.
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Black Is Beautiful
Cat: LKS 091. Rel: 14 Jan 21
  1. Chronixx - "Black Is Beautiful" (feat Sampa The Great - remix) (3:36)
  2. Raiza Biza - "Trouble" (feat Oddisee & Zenyth) (4:39)
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Rasta Have The Handle
Cat: 005464 5969376. Rel: 10 Dec 20
  1. Hugh Mundell - "Rasta Have The Handle" (4:09)
  2. Roots Radics - "Dangerous Match Two" (3:08)
Review: Hugh Mundell with the Roots Radics is a fine combination. Here, a reissue of one of the legendary duo's best moments takes you straight to a heady dub sound from 1982 on this crucial 7". It features an authorised version backed by a World Cup winning Scientist dub and all produced by Henry 'Junjo' Lawes, and recorded at the iconic Channel One. The slow motion dub is plump and earthy, with little guitar riffs and lead harmonica doing their thing up top. Perfection.
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 in stock $9.71
Back A Yard
Cat: 005464 5706827. Rel: 13 Jan 21
  1. Down In Trench Town
  2. This Is The Time
  3. In The House Of Jah
  4. No Chalice Malice
  5. Invisible Wall
  6. Shark Attack (feat Alborosie)
  7. Stay Calm
  8. No Money No Love
  9. All About You
  10. Eyes On You
  11. Look What's Happening
Review: With history stretching right back to the late 1960s, including spells recording for both Bob Marley's Tuff Gong label and Channel 1, Wailing Souls are one of Jamaica's most stored reggae outfits. The link to Marley and his Wailers band is key, because the influence of both is obvious on new album Back a Yard, the veteran duo's first full-length for nearly four years. What's on offer is high quality roots reggae with a few subtle twists (think interesting instrumental choices and occasional forays into more dub-wise territory), with Winston "Pipe" Matthew's soulful lead vocals soaring above brilliant backing tracks produced by Alborosie with the assistance of a very impressive roll-call of guest musicians.
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 in stock $11.42
We Must Unite
We Must Unite (limited 180 gram audiophile orange vinyl LP + booklet)
Cat: MOVLP 2724C. Rel: 05 Nov 20
  1. Come Closer My Love (3:19)
  2. Show Me Your Company (4:18)
  3. We Must Unite (3:51)
  4. The Intelligence Of Her Mind (3:26)
  5. They Can't Stop Us Now (2:56)
  6. Love Is A Key (3:23)
  7. My Mission Is Impossible (4:26)
  8. Time Is Important To Me (3:28)
  9. I'm Trying On (2:50)
  10. Rising The Strength Of Jah (3:39)
Review: By the time they joined forces with Linval Thompson in 1982, Kingston combo the Viceroys had already recorded with some of Jamaica's top producers, including Clement "Sir Coxsone" Dodd, Lee 'Scratch' Perry, and Sly & Robbie. Given this pedigree, it's great testament to Thompson that he helped them create their single most impressive album, the Trojan Records-released We Must Unite. Featuring an evocative mixture of solo and group harmony vocals, the album delivers a string of superbly soulful dub-influenced roots reggae cuts that genuinely sound better with every successive listen. It might not be a particularly celebrated album, but as this timely reissue proves, it's certainly a very good one.
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Ekundayo (limited translucent red vinyl LP)
Cat: BCR 091LPC2. Rel: 13 Nov 20
  1. Awkward (3:07)
  2. Champion (2:56)
  3. White Light (3:23)
  4. Don't Blame NY (2:41)
  5. Cold & Clear (3:18)
  6. Angel Dust (3:51)
  7. Fight (3:00)
  8. Vixit (3:34)
  9. Ugly Truth (2:34)
  10. Young In Love (3:35)
  11. She Hates This Life (4:00)
  12. Where Do I Start? (1:53)
  13. Paper Tiger (1:17)
Review: Nine years after first working together on The Dynamic Set's 'When Will They Learn' single, Liam Bailey and Big Crown boss Leon Michaels have finally recorded an album together. While that song was a retro reggae-soul treat, Ekundayo builds on the Nottingham singer-songwriter's penchant for recording lo-fi soul, in which his evocative and effortlessly soulful vocals rise above fuzzy, often homemade backing tracks that variously mix and match elements of roots reggae, digi-dub, dancehall, classic '70s soul and folk (see the 'Redemption Song'-esque 'Vixit'). The result is a vibrant, colourful and highly entertaining set that could well push Bailey's career to even higher heights.
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None A Jah Jah Children (reissue)
Cat: 005464 5969079. Rel: 10 Dec 20
  1. None A Jah Jah Children (4:15)
  2. Jah Glory (4:00)
Review: The cult 'None A Jah Jah Children' is a true Rastafarian anthem that has here been rightfully restored to its former glory in 7" single form. Its form the minds of Ras Michael & The Sons Of Negus and is an intoxicating midnight raver featuring traditional Nyabinghi drumming and chanting. Both speak to a primal sense of soul and cannot fail to make a big impact on you. The original dub version is also served up intact on the B-side as well.
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Ice Cream Love
Cat: 005464 5969475. Rel: 27 Nov 20
  1. Johnny Osbourne - "Ice Cream Love" (3:24)
  2. Roots Radics - "Extra Time One" (2:45)
Review: Produced by Henry 'Junjo' Lawes and mixed by Scientist, 'Ice Cream Love' first slipped out it in its native Jamaica way back in 1980. The typically languid, weighty and dub flecked cut is built around a tweaked, replayed version of Coxsone Dodd's legendary 'He Prayed' riddim (a groove that has been used on countless reggae records before and since). Osbourne's lead vocal is typically relaxed and quietly soulful, while the involvement of Scientist on mixing desk duties guarantees more bass-weight and subtle dub inflections than your average roots number. Turn to the flip for a more spaced-out instrumental dub version based around the same riddim recording, with more effects-laden magic from Scientist.
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Carry Me Home: A Reggae Tribute To Gil Scott Heron & Brian Jackson
Cat: MH 005. Rel: 11 Nov 20
  1. Home Is Where The Hatred Is (feat Puma Ptah) (4:05)
  2. Rivers Of My Fathers (feat Addis Pablo, Puma Ptah) (4:43)
  3. Peace Go With You Brother (As-salaam-alaikum) (feat Puma Ptah) (4:04)
  4. It's Your World (feat Puma Ptah) (3:31)
  5. Who'll Pay Reparations On My Soul? (feat Mustafa Akbar, Puma Ptah) (4:26)
  6. Song Of The Wind (feat Puma Ptah) (4:15)
  7. Must Be Something (feat Brian Jackson, Puma Ptah) (3:48)
  8. A Toast To The People (feat Raheem Devaughn) (4:44)
  9. The Revolution Will Not Be Televised (feat Kenyatta Hill, Mateo Monk) (4:25)
  10. Cane (feat Puma Ptah) (4:19)
  11. Revolution Disguised As Change (feat Mustafa Akbar, Puma Ptah) (3:42)
  12. Winter In America (feat Brian Jackson, Puma Ptah) (7:01)
  13. Home Is Where The Hatred Is Dub (I Grade dub mix) (4:32)
  14. Rivers Of My Fathers Dub (I Grade dub mix) (6:08)
Review: Hailing from Washington D.C, The Archives are a contemporary reggae band with a social conscience and a love of the ground-breaking proto-rap soul of the late, great Gil Scot-Heron and his musical collaborator Brian Jackson. It makes sense then, that their debut album focuses on Scot-Heron and Jackson's work, brilliantly re-inventing such classics as 'Home is Where The Hatred Is', 'The Revolution Will Not Be Televised', 'It's Your World' and 'Revolution Disguised as Change' as soulful, 1970s style reggae songs. It's a simple idea, but one that works wonderfully well, with the band's core line-up being joined by a revolving cast of guest musicians whose contributions often offer nods towards Scot-Heron and Jackson's jazz roots. One of the most surprising and inspired covers albums we've heard in some time.
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Mojo Rocksteady Beat
Cat: SJRCD 173. Rel: 24 Jan 08
  1. Less Problem
  2. Rockfort Rock
  3. Funky
  4. Ten To Ten
  5. Jamaica Underground
  6. Real Rock
  7. Reggae Time
  8. In Cold Blood
  9. Heavy Rock
  10. Great Mu Ga Ru Ga
  11. Park View
  12. Ironside
  13. Mojo Rocksteady
  14. Scorcia
  15. Drum Song
  16. Summertime
  17. Straight Flush
  18. Jamaica Bag
Review: 'Mojo Rocksteady Beat' is the new compilation of classic recordings from The Sound Dimenison, the funkiest group in the history of Reggae.
The Sound Dimension have recorded some of the most important songs in Reggae music; songs such as 'Real Rock', 'Drum Song', 'Heavy Rock',
'Rockfort Rock', and 'In Cold Blood' - all classic songs that have become the 'foundation' of Reggae music, endlessly versioned and re-versioned
by Jamaican artists since the time they were first recorded.
As the in-house band at Studio One in the late 1960s, The Sound Dimension also played alongside everyone from The Heptones, and Alton Ellis,
to Ken Boothe, Marcia Griffiths and more. Similar to their US counterparts, The Funk Brothers at Motown, and Booker T and The MGs at Stax,
The Sound Dimension recorded, on a daily basis, incredibly catchy and funky tunes matched by a seamless musicality.
Featuring musicians of the calibre of Ernest Ranglin, Jackie Mittoo, Eric Frater, Leroy Sibbles, Don Drummond Jnr, Deadley Headley and more,
the Sound Dimension existed from around 1967 to 1970 and all the recordings featured here were originally released during this period. For a band
with a fluid line-up, they had an amazingly consistent sound, laying down classic rhythms for the singers of the day at Studio One as well as stretching
out with their own recordings. Check out the amazing trombone of Vin Gordon, rightly re-named 'Don Drummond Jnr' by Sir Coxsone, honouring both
the musical abilities of the young Gordon, and that of his forerunner in the Skatalites and ex-Alpha Boys teacher. His sparring partner on horns would
usually be Deadly Headley Bennett.
The Sound Dimension featured a unique combination of musicians from different backgrounds, such as those from the original jazz big bands on the
island or players from the north coast hotel music circuit; listen to 'Park View' and hear the two unique styles of Eric 'Rickenbacker' Frater, with his
fuzz-box lead guitar, dueling with the jazz virtuosity of fellow guitarist Ernest Ranglin. After Jackie Mittoo officially emigrated to Canada in 1968
(although often continuing to return for sessions), keyboard duties were also supplied by the equally funky Richard Ace or Robbie Lyn, all against the
rhythmic bass-lines of the Heptones' own Leroy Sibbles.
None of this can explain the importance of this music. The melodies to their classic songs are a thousand times better known than the musicians who
originally created them. Played and re-played by every house band for every producer on the island, these iconic rhythms became the basis for dancehall
and laid the foundations for the future of Jamaican music. This album can be seen as a companion to the earlier Sound Dimension release 'Jamaica Soul
Shake' and together these two albums make a unique and definitive document of a seriously important set of recordings.
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Work Up A Sweat (reissue)
Cat: DEMREC 752. Rel: 22 Jul 20
  1. Lets Talk (3:29)
  2. Work Up A Sweat (2:52)
  3. Closer (3:15)
  4. Got To Come Back (3:43)
  5. Lead Me (3:26)
  6. Tell Me Why (3:38)
  7. Love Me Tonight (3:38)
  8. Deportee (3:35)
  9. I Miss You (3:40)
  10. One Off Affair (3:44)
Review: "Work Up A Sweat" was Gregory Isaac's 1994 opus, and it showcased the laidback style he had become so well known and loved for. Often described as the 'ultimate rude boy Reggae star', his own African Museum label originally put this one out with coproduction credits going to his wife June. Big cuts like "Got to Come Back" and "Lead Me" feature, with plenty of metallic leads, acoustic riffs and deep cut bas sounds all helping colour the airwaves and sink you into the vibes. This is a first ever vinyl reissue and it comes on 140g vinyl for extra heft.
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Realize (reissue)
Cat: 005464 5968973. Rel: 10 Dec 20
  1. Ritchie McDonald & Glen Brown - "Realize" (3:53)
  2. Tommy McCook - "Determination Skank" (3:40)
Review: This 7" packs two heavyweight punches. First up Glenn Brown and Ritchie Mcdonald's 'Realize' is a deep roots nugget and an immortal jam that really hits a sweet spot. The loose drums, stoned vocals and swaggering bass are dusty reggae perfection that immediately take you to warmer climates. On the back side, 'Determination Skank' is a horn heavy dub that gets you banging your chest and losing to the skies. This is a limited, one-time press so it won't be around for long - dub heads will need to act fast.

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 in stock $9.71
The Contagious Riddim
  1. Ras Ranger - "Bun Di Devil" (3:26)
  2. The Inn House Crew - "The Contagious Riddim" (3:02)
  3. AJ Franklin - "Solomon" (3:17)
  4. Winston Reedy - "Hip Hip Hooray" (3:14)
Review: Producer Lewis M continues to make the most of his connections with the Inn House Crew, an all-star studio band made up of various veteran Jamaican reggae musicians. Here he presents an EP of "versions" built around the Inn House Crew's 'Contagious Riddim', which is included in a slightly spruced-up form - complete with additional solos and brighter mixing - as the A2 cut. Toaster Ras Ranger is the first to do his thing over the riddim, delivering nearly non-stop flows in his native patois, before AJ Franklin displays the riddim's versatility by turning in a soulful roots number ('Solomon'). Best of all, though, is Winston Reedy's effortlessly warming and soulful version, 'Hip-Hop Hooray'.
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 in stock $9.13
Bad Bad Bad
Bad Bad Bad (unmixed CD)
Cat: 005464 5422826. Rel: 27 Nov 20
  1. Abyssinians - "Tenayistillin Wandimae"
  2. Sylford Walker - "I Can't Understand"
  3. Bonnie Gayle - "I Can't Change My Skin"
  4. Pablo Moses - "We Should Be In Angola"
  5. In Crowd - "Tacko"
  6. In Crowd - "Milk & Honey"
  7. Azul - "Bitter Sweet"
  8. Lizzard - "Satta I"
  9. Bonnie Gayle - "Mellow Up Yourself"
  10. Junior Murvin - "Give Me Your Love"
  11. I Roy - "Flying High"
  12. In Crowd - "Mango Walk"
  13. Jam Now Generation - "Peacemaker"
  14. Dennis Brown - "Lovelight"
  15. Marcia Griffiths & Nigger Kojak - "Untrue Love/Come Inna Dis"
Review: Although not as celebrated as some of his Jamaican peers, Clive "Azul" Hunte was responsible for producing some of the finest roots reggae to emerge from the island in the 1970s and '80s. Bad Bad Bad is therefore an essential retrospective, which much of the material focusing on his golden period between 1973 and '76. While there are some impressive cuts from big names present - see Junior Murvin's slow-motion reggae-soul cover of Curtis Mayfield's 'Give Me Your Love', the skanking weightiness of I-Roy's 'Flying High' and the classical reggae sweetness of Dennis Brown's 'Love Light' - much of the best material comes from lesser-celebrated artists such as the In Crowd, Pablo Moses, Bonny Gayle and Jam Now Generation. In a word: essential.
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 in stock $13.14
Love Bombs
Cat: JUMP 166. Rel: 19 Jan 21
  1. Say E For Evil (6:21)
  2. Strictly For Cash (4:50)
  3. One Upper (5:51)
  4. Kittens (Conspiracy dub) (5:00)
  5. The State Of Things (part II) (5:28)
  6. Grinding Work Fuck (4:10)
  7. Surveilance Tech (4:03)
  8. Love Bombs (5:38)
  9. Suburb View Dub (4:12)
Review: Some four years after their last full-length outing, the outfit formerly known as the Brooklyn Attractors returns to action with another vibrant selection of revivalist rocksteady, roots reggae and ska jams. Rich in chunky, bass-heavy rhythms, snaking horn solos and intricate percussion arrangements - for proof, check the Cuban-influenced excellence of opener 'Say E For Evil' - Love Bombs somehow manages to sound fresh despite its self-consciously vintage vibe. Our picks of a very strong bunch include the jazz-flecked deep ska skank of 'One Upper', the Melodica-splashed dubbiness of 'The State of Things (Part II)', and the Tex-Mex-by-way-of-Kingston cheeriness of 'Love Bombs'.
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 in stock $22.57
Ghetto Stays On The Mind
  1. Ghetto Stays In The Mind (5:07)
  2. Ghetto Dub (5:08)
Review: Impact/Onlyroots are non-stop in December with a whole heap of vital 7"s dropping and covering some fine dub and reggae territory in the process. This is another fine reissue that sets its sights on a classic 1972 roots reggae roller than first came from Impact Records with superb production by Sonia Pottinger. 'Ghetto Stays In The Mind' is a classic with dreamy harmonica leads and a rumbling rhythm section that brims with detail and character. The flip side is a dub that is just as great.
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 in stock $10.57
Knock Out! (reissue)
Knock Out! (reissue) (limited 180 gram audiophile vinyl LP)
Cat: MOVLP 2332. Rel: 05 Nov 20
  1. Careless Ethiopians (4:20)
  2. Never Get Weary (4:19)
  3. Revival Time (3:54)
  4. Spend The Weekend (4:26)
  5. Two Time (3:46)
  6. Beautiful Woman (3:55)
  7. I Know We Can Make It (4:24)
  8. Missing You (6:01)
  9. Will You Be Kind (5:08)
Review: There was a significant outpouring of grief when the death of Frederick 'Toots' Hibbert was announced in September. It was evidence of the ongoing love affair that many in the UK have with the music of Toots & The Maytals, a band who had been serving up ska and reggae records - and performing them live in Britain - since the late 1960s. The good news is that Hibbert lives on through his music, and 1981 album Knock Out - here reissued on vinyl - is one of he and his band's best. Breezy, warm and quietly soulful, the album boasts such as memorable songs as 'Revival Time', the synth-sporting 'Spend The Weekend', the loved-up 'Beautiful Woman' and the jaunty, Clavinet-heavy 'I Know We Can Make It'.
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 in stock $28.29
Pave The Way (reissue)
Pave The Way (reissue) (180 gram audiophile vinyl LP)
Cat: MOVLP 2336. Rel: 15 Oct 19
  1. Proverbs Extractions (4:47)
  2. It's A Trick (4:49)
  3. Pave The Way (4:28)
  4. Dig On (5:51)
  5. Africa Is For Me (4:03)
  6. A Step Before Hell (3:27)
  7. Last Straw (3:47)
  8. I See It Everyday (3:24)
  9. Sister (5:03)
Review: It was in churches in the late sixties that Pablo Moses first started performing and a decade later he was putting out his own releases and making an immediate impact on the dub world. "Pave The Way" was his third full length album and was produced, recorded then mixed by the hands of the revered Geoffrey Chung of Jamaican Dynamic Sounds. Our picks of the bunch include album highlight "Africa Is For Me", the shuffling "A Step Before Hell" and superbly hazy "I See It Everyday".
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 in stock $21.14
Who No Waan Come (reissue)
Cat: 060181 1105115. Rel: 06 Sep 19
  1. Wailing Souls - "Who No Waan Come" (6:06)
  2. Al Campbell - "Unfaithful Children" (4:32)
Review: The seemingly bottomless Greensleeves vaults turn up more gold here with two prime cuts - Wailing Souls' "Who No Waan Come" and Al Campbell's "Unfaithful Children" - that are treated to a first new pressing since 1981. "Who No Waan Come" is silky and sedentary as they come, with kick drums just about managing to propel things along beneath gorgeous doo-wop harmonies. The Linval Thompson produced "Unfaithful Children", however, is a more driven affair with authentic roots. Psyched-out effects, endless reverb and hits that ricochet around, making it a widescreen dub that draws you in and takes you along for the ride.
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 in stock $12.56
Ekundayo (LP)
Cat: BCR 091LP. Rel: 13 Nov 20
  1. Awkward (3:07)
  2. Champion (2:56)
  3. White Light (3:23)
  4. Don't Blame NY (2:41)
  5. Cold & Clear (3:18)
  6. Angel Dust (3:51)
  7. Fight (3:00)
  8. Vixit (3:34)
  9. Ugly Truth (2:34)
  10. Young In Love (3:35)
  11. She Hates This Life (4:00)
  12. Where Do I Start? (1:53)
  13. Paper Tiger (1:17)
Review: We're big fans of London vocalist Liam Bailey here at Juno HQ. He's turned out some timeless 7"s in the last few years and so this full length work is long overdue. Ekundayo translates from the West African Yoruba dialect as 'sorrow becomes joy' which is a perfect sentiment for the qualities of his own voice. Form experimental sounding openers to classic reggae via roots material, downtempo lullabies and fresh and contemporary R&B, it covers a wide range but is all tied together by his buttery smooth vocals. The record was recorded with long time mentor Leon Michels.
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 in stock $19.14
Ganja Socks
Cat: NUP 063. Rel: 30 Aug 19
  1. Ganja Socks (3:47)
  2. Ganja Socks (version) (3:47)
Review: Long running dub dons Nice Up! unveil a brand new talent on their latest: that man is Escape Roots, a Glaswegian producer and Mungo's HiFi's Walk n Skank resident who calls upon vocalist Dandelion to muse on the many different joys of ganga. Riding on classic dancehall rhythms with hooky guitar riffs and tumbling claps, Dandelion touches on toothpaste, butter, soap and the titular Ganga Socks. It's tongue in cheek, head in the clouds stuff that will have you skanking for days. For those who like it more stripped back, flipside "Version" is where it's at.
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 in stock $7.43
Jacqueline (reissue)
Cat: 005464 5964975. Rel: 06 Dec 19
  1. Hugh Mundell - "Jacqueline" (3:10)
  2. Roots Radics - "Dangerous Match Three" (3:05)
Review: Henry "Junjo" Lawes produced "Jacqueline" by Hugh Mundell back in 1982 and now it's re-issued on 7" single, backed with the Roots Radics dub mix by Scientist. The original is a spaced out riddim with plenty of smart studio trickery fleshing out the heady atmospheres. The lazy drums and horns are slowly but surely absorbing and the vocals full of love. The flipside is even more sparse, allowing ear head room and inviting you right into the mix. Tasty stuff all round, and definitely one to add to the collection before it disappears again.
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 in stock $8.86
Royal Soldier
Cat: 005464 5264228. Rel: 30 Aug 19
  1. On The Move
  2. Brighter Day
  3. Marijuana (feat Damian 'Jr Gong' Marley)
  4. Telephone Love
  5. Magic (feat Tory Lanez)
  6. Risk It All (feat Phyllisia Ross)
  7. Pretty Face
  8. Work It Out (feat Melanie Fiona)
  9. Eyes On Your Body (feat Dru, Sketch Carey & Alx)
  10. Only You (feat Mya)
  11. Don't Walk Away
  12. Royal Soldier
  13. Life Is Real (feat Popcaan & Padrino)
  14. Street Kings (feat Yami Bolo, Junior Reid & Capleton)
Review: Jamaica's Royal Soldier is the king of contemporary lovers rock and his new album Jah Cure deals with, as the title suggests, modern life as a soldier, as well as issues of love and consciousness. Across the 14 tracks, his forlorn croonings are complimented by guest spots from heavyweights like Damian Marley on the ganga ode that is "Marijuana", Tory Lanez on dancehall cut "Magic" and Popcaan & Padrino on "Life Is Real", a crisp bit of Caribbean trap. Elsewhere, classic roots bleeds into modern day r&b to make for a genre-crossing work that will earn the man behind it plenty of plaudits, as well as new fans.
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 in stock $12.29
Frontin (7")
Cat: STIX 003. Rel: 17 Oct 07
  1. Frontin
  2. My Adidas
Review: With "Frontin & My Adidas" Taggy Matcher returns with another soul/rap/reggae mash-up. This time round it's Pharell's "Frontin" acappella dropped over a deep dub beat - all the way to Kingston. On the flip side they feature a rocksteady version of a true hip-hop/electro classic! "My Adidas" is a great reworking of the RUN DMC tune, with a dub-like rhythm to it and a really classic sound overall. Stix present these two top-notch party pieces.
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 in stock $8.28
Molue (hand-numbered 1-sided 12" limited to 300 copies + MP3 download code)
Cat: JAMWAXMAXI 23. Rel: 11 Dec 19
  1. Molue (7:05)
$29.14 SAVE 30%
 in stock $20.40
Tom Drunk
Tom Drunk (7")
Cat: TIS 076. Rel: 22 Sep 10
  1. U Roy - "Tom Drunk"
  2. Nora Dean - "Angie La La"
 in stock $9.43
Cat: W 107CD. Rel: 23 Sep 05
  1. Bob Lives On
  2. Stop The Fuss
  3. Love Him
  4. Good Will Survive
  5. Take It Easy
  6. Eating Mess
  7. Musical Episode
  8. Live In The City
  9. Live In Unity
  10. Lonely Woman
Review: Appearing originally on the Solid Groove label out of Croydon in South London, 'Exclusively' is sometimes misconstrued as the UK issue of 'Dance Hall Style'. The tracks from both were recorded at the same sessions - with Bullwackies joined at the controls by Junior Delahaye and Prince Douglas and issued close together in 1982-83. Half of 'Exclusively' non-exclusively versions four tracks from the Stateside release - three are re-titled - and also 'Eating Mess', which appeared on the first pressing of 'Dance Hall Style', though unlisted on the sleeve. The mixes are all different (and without dubs). Five further specials include the funky 'Musical Episode', a superior Bob Marley tribute, and a version of 'Rougher Yet'. It's all vintage Wackies, and spun out of Horace's all-time greatest album - unmissable.
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Jah Son Invasion
Jah Son Invasion (unmixed CD)
Cat: W 2384CD. Rel: 29 Oct 03
  1. Bobby Sarkie - "Over And Over"
  2. Barrington Spence - "Rockers Time"
  3. Joy Card - "Black Girl"
  4. Jerry Harris - "Spreading All Over"
  5. Tyrone Evans - "Whenever I'm Happy"
  6. Jah Skerta - "I Who Have Nothing"
  7. Azul - "Pipe Piper"
  8. Ras Makonnen - "Jah Is My Only Guide"
  9. Auxumite - "New Sensation"
  10. Sugar Minnott - "Sometime Girl"
Review: Around 1980, London-based Bullwackies fan Ed Brennan circulated amongst his friends a homemade cassette of his own favourite Wackies productions. In turn, Lloyd Barnes made his own selection from this Pirate's Choice - adding several debut cuts, but retaining Ed's title and much of his artwork (omitting the barcode which he had snipped from a can of drink!). Like the Coxsone re-appropriation, this makes for a superlative compilation. Lloyd Barnes trumps Ed Brennan throughout, kicking off with a killer one-off rhythm from the vaults, featuring Bobby Sarkie of The Immortals, before teaming Joy Card's 'Black Girl' (originally on 12") with a previously unreleased singjay version by Barrington Spence. Other highlights include Clive Hunt's reading of Wayne Jarrett's 'Darling Your Eyes', Joe 'No Equal Rights In A Babylon', Auxumite's 'Interpretation Of New Sensation' (by Wackies songwriting regular Andrew McCalla), and Sugar Minott singing beautifully over an exclusive horns mix of his 'Sometime Girl' 12". "From over 150 singles and 20 albums these 10 extracts are showing you the quality and range of Jah reggae music", as the cover puts it. Another master-class from Bullwackies country.
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Lost Identity
Lost Identity (hand-stamped 7")
Cat: MBX 141. Rel: 11 Dec 19
  1. Ras Ranger - "Lost Identity" (4:00)
  2. Ras Ranger & AJ Franklin - "Ten To One" (4:03)
Review: Room In The Sky round out another year of leading the dub scene with a classically tinged 7" from Ras Ranger and AJ Franklin. "Lost Identity" sees the former perform some fine lyrical dexterity with his tightly woven rhymes and authentic Jamaican patois. They twist and turn over the analogue guitar and tumbling toms, warm bass and reggae goodness. Flip over for "Ten To One" and sink into its gentle rolling grooves and sunny lead sax.
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Cool Nah Man
Cool Nah Man (hand-stamped 7")
Cat: MBX 142. Rel: 11 Dec 19
  1. Cool Nah Man (3:42)
  2. Cool Nah Man (instrumental) (3:47)
Review: New school dub warriors Juliaiasiah & Salute link up for another devastating dub that comes right and ready from the off. The mid tempo drums in "Cool Nah Man" rumble up and down with contemporary chords that do a fine job of lighting up the beats with a modern edge. The low slung bass does its dirty work way down below, with a sweet vocal line riding away up top. On the flipside is the more stripped back and heady dub, though the drums and that ace lead sax still do plenty of damage.
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Roots From The Congo
Roots From The Congo (gatefold LP) (1 per customer)
Cat: ROOTS 18. Rel: 27 Mar 20
  1. African Roots (5:16)
  2. Bad Food (3:55)
  3. Moto Ya Motema (7:40)
  4. Mengieb (6:55)
  5. Nakoya (5:43)
  6. Guipimbu Gienu (5:44)
Review: In 1979, dub legend Lee 'Scratch' Perry "adopted" a pair of musicians from Zaire who had been left stranded on Jamaica, put them together with his regular session players in the Black Ark studio he later burned down in a fit of psychosis, and recorded an album, "Roots From The Congo". As this fine reissue proves, the resultant music - a vibrant mix of Perry's particular brand of dub reggae and soukous music - was magical and unlike almost anything that had come before. For some reason it was only ever released on small labels in France and Belgium at the time, meaning that original copies are extremely hard to find. This reissue, then, is long overdue. Do yourself a favour and snap them up before they all disappear.
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The Face Covering Riddim
  1. Barry Issacs - "Mask Up"
  2. Winston Reedy - "Hit The Road Jack Medley"
  3. David Jahson - "Giving Praises"
  4. Fish & The Inn House Crew - "Masked Up Piano"
  5. The Inn House Crew - "The Face Covering Riddim"
  6. The Inn House Crew - "Masked" (dub)
  7. The Inn House Crew - "Masked" (dub)
  8. The Inn House Crew - "Masked" (dub)
  9. The Inn House Crew - "Masked" (dub)
Review: Producer Lewis M and all-star reggae studio band The Inn House Crew have enjoyed a very successful 2020, delivering a swathe of must-check releases in their distinctive roots-reggae style. They're at it again here, offering up an EP of vocal and dub cuts inspired by the current global pandemic and based on the Inn House Crew's superb 'The Face Covering Riddim'. Barry Isaac sets the tone with a soulful plea for mask-wearing compliance ('Mask Up'), before regular collaborator Winston Ready re-purposes some of the lyrics from 'Hit The Road Jack' and David Janson delivers a more traditional Rastafari interpretation on 'Give Praise'. Elsewhere, pianist Fish delivers some evocative solos on 'Masked Up Piano', while Lewis M and Ben bell deliver a quartet of weighty 'Masked' dubs.
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Naw Go A Them Burial
  1. Prince Allah - "Naw Go A Them Burial" (3:06)
  2. Joe Gibbs & The Professionals - "Six Foot SIx" (3:13)
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Jah Guide
Jah Guide (heavyweight vinyl 12")
Cat: JFR 1267. Rel: 08 Oct 19
  1. Naggo Morris - "Jah Guide" (7:26)
  2. The Observer - "Give Her My Love" (6:24)
Review: London's Jah Fingers present former Heptones singer Naggo Morris and producer Niney The Observer on this latest one. The A side houses the gentle roots and lovers rock combo of "Jah Guide": a steamy, earthy, humid cut that pairs great rim shots with the aloof vocal work of Morris. Flip over for a busier cut by The Observer. "Give Her My Love" features a lead line that rings out with naive charm, taut drum hits and prickly percussion that will keep your limbs moving. A two sided gem.
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  1. Peter Abdul & The Abeng Musical Box - "Inflation" (2:55)
  2. Russ D In Front Room Studio - "Inflation" (Dubwise) (2:57)
Review: Italian label Dig This Way serves up a third sizzling offering, this time featuring Nigerian singer Peter Abdul. He does his heart aching work over a solid rhythm from Abeng's Musical Box and the results are steeped in romance and yearning. A flip side dub from Russ Disciple is also well worth checking for its smart effects and fathom deep bass. Abdul is a relative unknown but for his 1984 album Get Down With Me, which head in a more boogie and funk direction. Regardless, this is a tasty dub, make no mistake.
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Make Up Your Mind
  1. Make Up Your Mind (3:44)
  2. Road Of Life (4:01)
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Jah Give I Love
Cat: TUF 180. Rel: 26 May 20
  1. Jah Give I Love (9:26)
  2. Jerusalem (7:19)
Review: Originally recorded in 1981 but first issued on 12" in 1981, Prince Alla's "Jah Give I Love" remains one of the most potent roots reggae club cuts of the disco era. This Tuff Scout reissue wisely offers up the full extended mix rather than the radio edit, and that's a wise move: while Alla's vocals and the sweet song itself are superb, it's the dancefloor dub style production and weighty groove showcased in the second half of the ten-minute track that really pushes it towards "classic" status. Over on the flip you'll find the similarly lengthy "Jerusalem"; this, too, progresses from a quietly soulful roots reggae number into a dubbed-out dancefloor heater over the course of eight essential minutes.
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Look At The Time
Cat: TUF 177. Rel: 04 Nov 19
  1. Look At The Time (3:51)
  2. Time (3:50)
Review: Something of a mini holy grail for reggae and roots lovers is this much sought after offering from Carlton Stephenson that was originally released on Ethnic Fight subsidiary "Reggae" label. The origin date is unknown but this reissued version comes from the original Half Moon master tape that was produced by Larry Lawrence. Heavyweight vocal roots all dusty and authentic on this one, with sparse production making it all the more alluring and unique. The instrumental is filled with some slick studio trickery to round out a vital 7".
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Meets The Naram Rhythm Section
  1. Yardie Skanking (3:08)
  2. Champion Of The Music (3:19)
  3. She's Gone Away (3:17)
  4. Rebel In Disguise (3:03)
  5. Party Next Door (4:13)
  6. School Dem (2:59)
  7. Bobby Was A Gangster (3:07)
  8. Sick & Tired Of The Killing (2:58)
  9. Jealous Woman (3:11)
  10. Dread In America (3:32)
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You I Love
  1. Johnny Clarke - "You I Love" (3:17)
  2. Ring Craft Posse - "You I Love" (version) (2:51)
Review: Mister Tipsy's next dub diamond is an old treasure from Johnny Clarke, who put out "You I Love" in 1986 at the height of the roots and reggae and dub crossover. The rhythm is by Tyrone Evans from his tune "How Sweet It Is" and here gets repacked with fresh words from Clarke. It's a breezy, romantic tune with claps you soon went on to hear in early house music. The flip is a super deep cut jam, with cavernous and pillow bass and endless echo to die for. Add in the loopy lead which melts to nothing over and over again and you have a real classic.
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Set Me Free (reissue)
Set Me Free (reissue) (limited 7")
Cat: YD 4. Rel: 10 Dec 20
  1. Set Me Free (3:38)
  2. Set Me Free (version) (3:38)
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Miracle Of Love (warehouse find)
  1. Devon Russell - "Miracle Of Love" (3:55)
  2. High Times Players - "Miracle Of Love" (version) (4:18)
Review: Even in this internet age where you can find out pretty much anything about anyone, Devon Barrant Russell's story remains much of a mystery. Bits of info are known about his life and recording career, but there are also huge gaps. What we do know is that he worked with High Times Players in 1984 on a full length, but then never again according to discogs. Despite that, this tune isn't on that album, so who knows where and when it was recorded. It's a warehouse find from a recent stock take and fuses a sentimental soul sound with blissful 80s reggae, R&B and roots vibes. It's a lovely little tune, too.
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Give Thanks
  1. Benjammin - "Give Thanks" (3:37)
  2. Armel Courree, Pascal Bouvier & Corentin Lehembre - "Ethio Roots Theme" (3:40)
  3. Lone Ark - "Give Thanks" (dub) (3:29)
  4. Hoarang - "Ethio Roots Theme" (Binghi version) (3:45)
Review: The Montpellier-based crew behind new roots reggae label Samuel have a slightly different take on the sound than some of their contemporaries, with some of the tracks on this fine, compilation style debut EP drawing inspiration from other musical styles. So while Benjamin's vocal opener "Give Thanks" is a deliciously chunky slab of soulful reggae rich in hazy organs and dub style bass, Armel Courree, Pascal Bouvier and Corentin Lehembre's "Ethio Roots Theme" brilliant combines dub-wise reggae rhythms with duelling horn solos more akin to Ethio-jazz. The crew's global influences come the fore on the flip, where Lone Ark dubs out "Give Thanks" - with some subtle nods towards Turkish psych-funk, and Hoarang turns "Ethio Roots Theme" into a Binghi percussion workout with added hazy horns.
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Tweeter Box Presents King Culture Vol 3: Vintage Horns
Tweeter Box Presents King Culture Vol 3: Vintage Horns (12" picture disc limited to 250 copies)
Cat: WE 001. Rel: 02 Nov 20
  1. Roots Wanda - "Mount Zion" (Discomix) (7:05)
  2. Satta Roots & Stamma Ranks - "Jahjah World" (2:14)
  3. Roots Wanda - "Solomone" (Discomix) (6:26)
  4. Dubplate Cut 4 (3:29)
Review: With their Tweeter Box series of limited-edition EPs, Purple Audio is doing a great job in gathering together obscure vocal reggae and dub cuts from the late 1970s and '80s. There's naturally much to set the pulse racing on this third volume. Up first is the seven-minute 'Disco Mix' of 'Mount Zion' by Roots Wanda (otherwise known as Roots Wonder), a little-known slab of near perfect roots reggae brilliance that was first released on Canadian imprint Big Head way back in 1978. You'll find the other track from that sought-after 12", the deeper and slightly more dub-wise, 'Solomone', over on side B. As you'd expect, the vibrant picture disc also includes alternative dub and vocal versions based on the same superb riddims.
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On A Stand
On A Stand (12")
Cat: CO 12009. Rel: 20 Oct 20
  1. On A Stand (3:51)
  2. Stand Dub (3:51)
  3. Raw Dub (3:48)
  4. Channel One Riddim Section (3:49)
Review: The mighty Channel One Soundsystem enlists a cult UK vocalist in Sis Nya for this new heat recorded at Jamtone studios. The original is a nice mid-tempo affair with plenty of height in the drums an accompanying chord riffs that add weight and warmth. A much more spaced out 'Stand Dub' is a heady vibe from the off and 'Raw Dub' takes things in a more dry but equally cavernous direction with nice steppy drums. 'Channel One Riddim Section' then fuses all of the above into something perfectly enticing.
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African Blood Defender
Cat: UM 07. Rel: 28 Oct 20
  1. Guux - "Afrikan Blood Defender" (3:38)
  2. Guux - "Afrikan Dub Defender" (3:33)
  3. Guux - "Afrikan Raw Defender" (3:15)
  4. Guux & Junior Dread - "This Road" (3:05)
  5. Guux & Junior Dread - "Dub Road" (2:57)
  6. Guux & Junior Dread - "Raw Road" (3:03)
Review: There's a lot to like about this expansive EP from lyricist/vocalist Guux and producer Mr Ites. Guux naturally takes centre stage on vocal opener 'African Blood Defender', a jaunty and attractive number in which stirring synth strings and jangling piano stabs rise above a sturdy riddim. Mr Ites delivers two heavier, echo-laden dub revisions, with the weighty-but-melodious 'Afrikan Raw Defender' being our pick of the pair. Over on the flip, legendary Jamaican toaster Junior Dread lends a hand on 'This Road', which is then stripped-back and beefed up for the dance by Mr Ites on the equally impressive 'Dub Road' and 'Raw Road' versions.
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This Is The Way
Cat: BAT 004. Rel: 17 Nov 20
  1. Marcus I - "Back Up" (3:45)
  2. Marcus I - "What You Have Done" (2:13)
  3. I Fi - "Love Jamaica" (4:17)
  4. Jolly Joesph - "My Heart Is Broken" (3:55)
  5. Yilili (4:58)
Review: The latest release from French dub and reggae stable BAT Records comes courtesy of returning heroes Pinnacle Sound, whose recent digital-only album SEED sounded like a long-lost Jamaican album from the mid 1970s. It's a similar story this time round. 'Back Up' and 'What Have You Done', featuring lead vocals from Marcus I, sound like Black Ark period Lee 'Scratch' Perry productions for Errol Walker, with weary, soulful vocals riding dusty, bass-heavy riddims. Toaster IF-I does his thing over a very similar riddim on 'Love Jamaica', too. Over on side B, you'll find a jollier and cheerier roots reggae vibe on Jolly Joseph's 'My Heart is Broken', while instrumental closing cut 'Yilli' is a slow, steady, dub-wise instrumental rich in jazzy guitars and meandering organ solos.
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Too Much War
Cat: DSR 6151. Rel: 27 Jul 20
  1. Too Much War (3:45)
  2. Too Much War (version) (3:27)
Review: Will there ever be a time when the refrain of "Too Much War" won't be true? We can but hope. In the meantime, we can enjoy this impassioned anthem from 1978, recorded by George Hunter and Melvin Trusty as The Ovations. It's a meaningful cry to stop the war with a serious message but an easy to love rhythm and smooth groove that stays with you long after it has stopped playing. The version is tweaked with more noodling bass and spaced out effects for extra heady appeal. Of all this outfit's numerous singles, this one is the most perfect and prescient.
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Southern Africa
  1. Melford Jackson - "Southern Africa" (3:36)
  2. Family Man & Youth Professional - "Southern Version" (version) (3:51)
Review: More than 40 years after its initial release, Afrik revisit the blissed out reggae of Melford Jackson's one and only hit, "Southern Africa". At its heart is some fantastic chord work, which trills and shimmers above the rumbling drums and jangling little guitar riffs. The flip finds Jamaican reggae bass player Family Man link with Youth Professional Band for the enchantingly aimless and wandering "Southern Version", in which it is so easy, and so enjoyable, to get lost in on a lazy afternoon.
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Words Of The Prophet
Words Of The Prophet (hand-stamped 12")
Cat: SHEM 004. Rel: 19 May 20
  1. Words Of The Prophet (4:47)
  2. Prophets Dub (4:47)
  3. The Earth Is The Lords (4:29)
  4. Lords Dub (4:23)
Review: During the mid-to-late 1990s, UK reggae artist Mackating released a string of roots and dub-focused albums and EPs, many of which were mixed by Nick Manasseh. "Words Of The Prophet", which here gets the reissue treatment, was one of those singles. In its original form, the 1997 cut is a fine chunk of sunny, summery UK roots reggae rich in soulful vocals, hazy guitars and spring-fresh flute solos. Manasseh's "Prophets Dub" version is heavy and spaced out, too, making it a superb alternate version. Over on the flip you'll find the female fronted "The Earth Is The Lords", a more dub-fired vocal number rich in echoing chords and gentle melodies, plus the weighty, riddim-centric "Lords Dub".
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