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Eight Weeks: Rock (All)

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Rock (All)

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On My Way (CD single)
Cat: US 12. Rel: 18 May 20
  1. On My Way
  2. Little Song
  3. City Spring
  4. Gunman
  5. One Last Time
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Cat: 776586 7. Rel: 26 May 20
  1. The 1975
  2. People
  3. The End (Music For Cars)
  4. Frail State Of Mind
  5. Streaming
  6. The Birthday Party
  7. Yeah I Know
  8. Then Because She Goes
  9. Jesus Christ 2005 God Bless America
  10. Roadkill
  11. Me & You Together Song
  12. I Think There's Something You Should Know
  13. Nothing Revealed/Everything Denied
  14. Tonight (I Wish I Was Your Boy)
  15. Shiny Collarbone
  16. If You're Too Shy (Let Me Know)
  17. Playing On My Mind
  18. Having No Head
  19. What Should I Say
  20. Bagsy Not In Net
  21. Don't Worry
  22. Guys
Review: There's certainly plenty to talk about here. British chart-topping and stadium-filling enigmas The 1975 return to prove you really can't predict what the troupe will do next, delivering what would be their most divisive and explorative album if it weren't for the fact they command so much loyalty from fans you could be forgiven for thinking dark forces were at play. 'Notes On A Conditional Form' is easily the furthest we've wandered from the formative years of a band that cut teeth doing teen-punk covers, and it's hard not to notice the subtle theme here. From 'Having No Head', which rides on a sharp house groove, through the garage breaks of 'Yeah I Know', low slung dub of 'Shiny Collarbone' and the shoegaze of 'Streaming', it plays out like a celebration of the breadth and diversity of UK pop culture.
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Cat: CLE 16770. Rel: 24 Apr 20
  1. Don't Wanna Know
  2. Shoot
  3. Psycho Man
  4. Monkey
  5. Crazy Tuesday World
  6. Don't Start A Fight
  7. I Hate It All
  8. Lifeline
  9. Addicted
  10. My Dad Trashed My Submarine
  11. The Mighnight Express
  12. Doctor Nick
  13. Timebomb
  14. Statue
  15. The Pit & The Pentagon
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Cat: CCAS 73. Rel: 17 Apr 20
  1. Our
  2. Only
  3. Sin
  4. Was
  5. Giving
  6. Them
  7. Names
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Cat: HPSCD 115. Rel: 27 Apr 20
  1. Them!
  2. Tree Of Woe
  3. Tusks Of Doom
  4. Jack The Riffer
  5. Under Acid Hoof
 in stock $11.30
  1. Dark Star Blues
  2. Hello Good Child
  3. The Beautiful Blue Ecstasy
  4. La Novia - Black Summer Song (bonus track)
Review: In the grand scheme of 'we might need to explain a bit about this one', Acid Mothers Temple rank pretty high in so far as band names go. The Japanese psychedelic outfit make no secret of their penchant for mind-melting concepts and otherworldly themes i just check the artwork here for further evidence i and have long since had a reputation for backing that passion up with seriously adventurous sonics. In the case of 'Reverse of Rebirth Reprise' those expecting cosmic futurism might want to prepare themselves for a shock, though. The crew are instead piloting this vessel straight into far earthier environments, effectively reminding everyone that acid folk was, is and always will be a thing if you look hard enough. Aided no end by the addition of vocalist Jyonson Tsu, this is one to really get immersed in.
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Cat: SL 038CD. Rel: 05 Jun 20
  1. AM Gold
  2. Mind Eraser
  3. Domino
  4. Forever
  5. Captain
  6. Never Going Home Again
  7. St Dyphna
  8. Far From Home
  9. A Road To Nowhere
  10. These Old Roses
  11. In The Splinters
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Hirudin (CD)
Cat: WIGCD 440. Rel: 01 May 20
  1. Anywayz
  2. All I Wanted
  3. How Did You Know?
  4. Your Family
  5. Risk It
  6. Interlude I
  7. It's Amazing
  8. Mountain Baby
  9. I Am Not Waiting
  10. Interlude II
  11. Messiah
Review: There's a playfulness running through Austra's third album which makes the themes behind the record seem even more troubling - toxic relationships, and the negative behavioural pattern we associate with them. The false facade of fine that covers a much darker reality, which could also explain the stark moodiness evident in sections and songs, with the contrast almost jarring. From the chart dance of opener 'Anywayz' or 'I Am Not Waiting', the surrealism of Annie Lennox meeting Immaculate-era Madonna B-side 'All I Wanted', to 'Risk It''s jaunty electronica, the epic mountaintop-siren number 'It's Amazing', the spectacularly crystalline chorals on closing number 'Messiah' and 'Mountain Baby' bridging the gap with its nursery rhyme into icy downtempo formula. 'HiRUDiN' is a broad showcase of style and desire to explore new ideas, fare like this is few and far between.
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Cat: OLF 005CD. Rel: 22 May 20
  1. Banana Skin Shoes
  2. Is This A Dream?
  3. I Just Wanna Wish You Happiness
  4. I'm Not Sure What It Is
  5. Tony Wilson Said
  6. You & Me Against The World
  7. I Need Someone To Trust
  8. Note To Self
  9. Colours
  10. Funny Time Of Year
  11. Fly On The Wall
  12. Never Change
  13. Appletree Boulevard
  14. I'll Do My Best
Review: Damon Gough's millennial-era massiveness was never going to be easy to maintain. Such was the strength of his first record, preceding singles, that score to British smash hit movie 'About A Boy' and LP three, 'Have You Fed The Fish?', the Manchester maestro could have hung up his yarns then and retired comfortably. He didn't, and gradually moved towards 2010's 'It's What I'm Thinking Pt.1 - Photographing Snowflakes', a far more introverted work you needed to spend time with. So a return to the release schedule after the subsequent hiatus, perhaps presumed retired, was never going to be predictable. Take it from us, though, 'Banana Skin Shoes' is another Badly Drawn Boy album and a career landmark for more reasons than a comeback. Lyrically never more confident - even forsaking subtle metaphor for brazen emotions at times - and instrumentally innovative, intriguing hooks and curveballs abound, it could be his best to date.
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Cat: BELLA 1019CD. Rel: 24 Apr 20
  1. I Only Drink When I'm Drunk
  2. Ghosthunting
  3. Back To Work
  4. Cemetery Lifestyle
  5. I Want To Be In The Mafia
  6. Shortly After Takeoff
  7. Arm Around Your Sadness
  8. Born To Cruise
  9. Angelo
Review: Genuine honesty is pretty rare in music today - even when artists claim to bare their soul it's often calculated. For Brian Christinzio, AKA BC Camplight, though, nothing could be further from the truth. His work is aurally exploratory and adventurous, and he makes no secret of real feelings, even if those feelings risk making the audience feel a little uncomfortable. Take the intro to 'Ghosthunting' here - the man in question delivers a pseudo-standup route discussing his mental health issues. It makes how enjoyable the track is, and the album overall, somewhat jarring. This is clearly a work of some personal struggle. Nevertheless, enjoy we must as it's pretty near perfect. Beautiful electronica, dark synth wave stuff, and commanding, No.1-friendly pop with real bite. Overlook at your peril.
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Cat: DASH 064CD. Rel: 22 May 20
  1. Mr Experience
  2. Moving Up
  3. Second Dinner
  4. Reach Out
  5. Girl Of My Dreams
  6. Negroni Summer
  7. One Night In Paradise
  8. Take A Trip
  9. You Don't Need Love
  10. Waterfall (Love Scene)
Review: Donny Benet is many things to many people - but everyone agrees you want him at the party, where he's likely to be the last one standing. Glossy, over-produced 80s pastiche disco pop is always going to be divisive, but despite the overbearing commercial feel here the Australian curio is one of the most honest and real artists out there. Real enough to include a karaoke DVD with his first album. The balding and mustachioed synth master is on fine excellent here, although the context is different to previous outings. Made in hotel room isolation at a time when a world tour was postponed due to a global pandemic, it encapsulates the need for optimism and fun at a time when nobody really knows where the planet, or modern society, will be in 12 months. Indulgent, open and smooth beats to take the blues away.
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Dear Life (CD)
Cat: TMR 650C. Rel: 24 Apr 20
  1. I Can If You Want Me To
  2. Good To Be Alive
  3. Half A Boy (Half A Man)
  4. Richest Man
  5. Dear Life
  6. Baby's Eyes
  7. Freak Out
  8. Evil Eyes
  9. I'm In Lost
  10. I Quit
  11. Who's Gonna Love You?
Review: Fans of The Raconteurs should be incredibly grateful at Brendan Benson's latest solo effort. Seemingly channeling some of the erratic chaos we associate with bandmate Jack White, while still not forgetting that the pair worked well together because Benson offered a tamer counterpoint, 'Dear Life' is his farthest-reaching, most experimental effort to date. It stops short of jarring and alienating anyone, though. Songs such as 'Baby's Eyes' are as universally accessible as rock gets, 'Good To Be Alive' introduces electronic synth elements to create a pop smash hit in the making, complete with sing-along chorus, while 'Half A Boy (& Half A Man)' plays with tougher but no less inviting guitar work. Elsewhere, though, the brakes come off on the frantic 'Freak Out', and downtrodden Americana mixes with funk to define 'Evil Eyes'. Hardly par for the course.
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Cat: HPS 129. Rel: 15 Apr 20
  1. Jungle In The Sound
  2. Mary (You're Such A Lady)
  3. Jesus Was A Bluesman
  4. Cleaning Out The Ashtray
  5. Duke Of Dynamite
  6. Shitkickin' Now
  7. Stardust & Diamond Eyes
  8. Been So Long
 in stock $12.87
  1. Lion One
  2. Dr Special
  3. Punk Rock Guilt
  4. This Place (Just Ain't Our Place)
  5. Shocked By The Static
  6. Born To Rock
  7. Plant Your Seed
  8. Locked & Loaded
 in stock $11.30
  1. Dirty Bird
  2. The Future Rock (We Got It)
  3. Radio Mecca
  4. Little World
  5. Blowin' Up Shop
  6. Good Time Bonnie
  7. Porto
  8. Somewhere Some Woman
 in stock $11.30
Cat: 114858 2. Rel: 30 Apr 20
  1. War Pigs
  2. Neon Knights
  3. NIB
  4. Children Of The Sea
  5. Sweet Leaf
  6. Black Sabbath
  7. Heaven & Hell
  8. Iron Man
  9. Paranoid
 in stock $12.87
Cat: SMCD 972. Rel: 06 Apr 20
  1. Supertzar Introduction
  2. War Pigs
  3. Neon Knights
  4. NIB
  5. Children Of The Sea
  6. Sweet Leaf
  7. Black Sabbath
  8. Heaven & Hell
  9. Iron Man
  10. Band Jam
  11. Die Young
  12. Paranoid
  13. Children Of The Grave
 in stock $10.25
  1. Slave Species Of The Gods
  2. The Giza Power Plant
  3. Inner Paths (To Outer Space)
  4. Awakening: From The Dream Of Existence/To The Multidimensional Nature Of Our Reality/(Mirror Of The Soul)
 in stock $14.70
High (2xCD)
Cat: BLUECD 004. Rel: 03 Jun 20
  1. The Days Of Our Lives (CD 1)
  2. I Would Never
  3. Broken Loves
  4. Because Of Toledo
  5. She Saw The World
  6. High
  7. Soul Boy
  8. Everybody Else
  9. Stay Close
  10. Wasted (CD 2)
  11. The Days Of Our Lives (remix)
  12. She Saw The World (remix)
  13. I
  14. Big Tiwn
  15. Here Come The Bluebirds
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Glue (CD)
Cat: PNE 2732. Rel: 01 May 20
  1. Everything Is Ordinary
  2. 1's & 0's
  3. Plasticine Dreams
  4. Terrible Love
  5. On A High Ledge
  6. Only1
  7. You, Me & The Class War
  8. Playing God
  9. Brand New Kids
  10. Ratking
  11. Stuck In The Mud
  12. Liquid
  13. Monolith
 in stock $11.30
Cat: CLE 1611. Rel: 14 Apr 20
  1. Vindicta
  2. Satana Tarantula
  3. Fire
  4. Hell
  5. Hellhounds
  6. Mariachi D La Muerte
  7. Come By My Side
  8. Fight Or Die
  9. C'mon Lets Do It All Night
  10. Swing It
  11. Lonely Wednesday
  12. Electric Avenue
 in stock $16.81
Cat: BELLA 1006CD. Rel: 22 May 20
  1. Empathy For The Devil
  2. Sweetheart Mercury
  3. Comme D'Habitude
  4. Sweet Old Sorry Me
  5. The Warhol Me
  6. Lucky Creatures
  7. The Mall
  8. Timothy
  9. Only Took A Year
  10. I Got This
  11. Undertow
  12. Laurie
Review: When Charlatans frontman Tim Burgess dropped 'Empathy For The Devil' back in February it burst onto playlists like the scorching sunshine it sounds like. A jaunty, carefree slice of summer pop, complete with proclamations of "What will be will be", it marked the return of a Britpop hero who is one of the era's most talented, likeable and consistent - his work after those heady days has remained highly original and varied. Those looking for more of the same on this, his fourth solo album, will be pleased to know it's hardly lacking in good vibes. 'Sweetheart Mercury' follows the aforementioned single and album opener, and it's equally sublime and bouncy. In fact, anyone looking for something subdued must wait for 'Undertow' and its piano and vocal build, which is still a track of strength rather than vulnerability. Packing a powerful punch while never failing to explore new ideas, it's exquisite, timeless and essential.
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Jazzhound (CD)
Cat: IL 2070CD. Rel: 14 Apr 20
  1. Phantom Eyes
  2. Denial, You Win Again
  3. Rise & Shine
  4. Fade Away Gently
  5. Dirty Apartment
  6. Bebop
  7. Blind Passenger
  8. Velour
  9. Infinite Tenderness
  10. Jazzhound
 in stock $13.40
Cat: LORD 266. Rel: 15 Apr 20
  1. The Tribe
  2. Tempelhof
  3. Massaker
  4. Hunter Song
  5. Bohem
 in stock $10.50
  1. Arrival
  2. Too Many Gods
  3. Stop
  4. Last Man Standing
  5. Mr Heartache
  6. Unfinished Symphony
  7. Schoolyard Fantasy
  8. Greatest Story Never Told
  9. Only In Vegas
  10. Man In The Moon
  11. Five Minute Celebrity
  12. Velvet Horizon
  13. Scandalous
  14. How Does It Feel (feat Danny Bowes)
  15. Greatest Story Never Told (orchestral mix)
  16. Too Many Gods (Recorded live At Newcastle City Hall December 2017)
  17. Greatest Story Never Told (Recorded live At Newcastle City Hall December 2017)
  18. Five Minute Celebrity (Recorded live At Newcastle City Hall December 2017)
  19. Schoolyard Fantasy (instrumental)
  20. Mr Heartache (original Mick Wilson demo)
  21. No Regrets
 in stock $11.83
Cat: DAIS 147CD. Rel: 29 May 20
  1. It's Over
  2. Toxic Eye
  3. Complainer
  4. Nites Like This
  5. St Angela Merici
  6. Sweet Candy
  7. Shatter
  8. Eat The Frog
  9. Happy To Be Bad
  10. Gathering Swans
Review: It's difficult to know exactly which slice of this hyper-Romantic delight to fall head over heels with most. The second full length record from Utah's greatest ode to mid-80s Cure glitters its way from one glorious swoon to the next, making it easy to forget what year it is, let alone the day. Opening on 'It's Over', a track packed with punching drums and gliding chord refrains, while the sound may be more than familiar authenticity is key here. 'Nites Like This', 'Shatter' and the closing title track sound genuinely wounded, or at least come with a sense of reflecting on old injuries. 'Complainer' launches from the starting blocks with an abandon that belies its lyrical sincerity. 'Sweet Candy' introduces subtle elements of surreal rock worthy of a Lynchian parable.
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! low stock $11.30
Cat: RR 4949828. Rel: 22 May 20
  1. Roger Ebert
  2. Don't Bring No Ladder
  3. Forever Just Beyond
  4. The Stuff Of Us
  5. Sorry Charlie
  6. Easy
  7. Emily
  8. The True Shape Of Your Heart
  9. Ballad Of Eef Barzelay
  10. Denial
  11. Some Ghost
 in stock $11.83
Cat: ADAY 063. Rel: 08 May 20
  1. Overture
  2. (I Just) Died In Your Arms
  3. I've Been In Love Before
  4. Everything But My Pride
  5. One For The Mockingbird
  6. No Problem Child
  7. The Broadcast
  8. Any Colour
  9. Climb Aboard
  10. Berlin In Winter
  11. (I Just) Died In Your Arms (reprise)
 in stock $10.50
Cat: CLE 1718. Rel: 24 Apr 20
  1. It Is So Strange
  2. One Night
  3. Lonely Blue Boy
  4. First In Line
  5. Baby Let's Play House
  6. Love Me
  7. Pocket Full Of Rainbows
  8. Fever
  9. When It Rains It Really Pours
  10. Always On My Mind
  11. Loving Arms
  12. Like A Baby
  13. Girl Of My Best Friend
  14. Young & Beautiful
 in stock $16.55
London To Vegas (limited 4xCD + 2xDVD + book in slip-case)
Cat: 854766. Rel: 02 Jun 20
  1. Intro
  2. Women
  3. Rocket
  4. Animal
  5. Love Bites
  6. Pour Some Sugar On Me
  7. Armageddon It
  8. Gods Of War
  9. Don´t Shoot Shotgun
  10. Run Riot
  11. Hysteria
  12. Excitable
  13. Love & Affection
  14. Wasted
  15. When Love & Hate Collide
  16. Let´s Get Rocked
  17. Rock Of Ages
  18. Photograph
  19. Die Hard The Hunter
  20. Animal
  21. Excitable
  22. Foolin'
  23. Too Late For Love
  24. Billy's Got A Gun
  25. Slang
  26. Promises
  27. Paper Sun
  28. Let It Go
  29. Mirror, Mirror (Look Into My Eyes)
  30. Bringin´ On The Heartbreak
  31. Switch 625
  32. Let Me Be The One
  33. We Belong
  34. Have You Ever Needed Someone So Bad
  35. Two Steps Behind
  36. Now
  37. Rocket
  38. Let's Get Rocked
  39. Hysteria
  40. Love Bites
  41. Armageddon It
  42. Pour Some Sugar On Me
  43. Let's Go
  44. Action
  45. Rock Of Ages
  46. Photograph
 in stock $44.11
Cat: FKR 1092. Rel: 01 May 20
  1. Thriving
  2. Who Are You?
  3. Night Terrors
  4. Priority Mail
  5. Broken Body
  6. Makeout (interlude)
  7. Flash Flood
  8. Worth The Wait
  9. Stare Into The Sun
  10. Night Terrors (reprise)
 in stock $10.50
Melee (CD)
Cat: TCRW 3234. Rel: 22 May 20
  1. Kawasaki Backflip
  2. Bueno
  3. Prom Hell
  4. Fox
  5. Headfirst
  6. Hotlines
  7. Wartortle
  8. Wrist
  9. Cannonball
  10. Ender
 in stock $10.50
Cat: 277512. Rel: 29 Apr 20
  1. The Regulator
  2. The Longing
  3. Apropos Of Nothing
  4. Dusting Off The Rust
  5. The Slowest Rendition
Review: If you've ever even heard of US alternative indie rockers The Dream Syndicate then chances are you've read the kind of reviews these guys garner. Few critics have penned anything like a criticism, lauding the troupe for originality and also inherent talent, and this latest LP will do little to threaten that prestige. It's a real epic, with most tracks well over the seven-minute mark, and some running far beyond twenty. The songwriting again reveals Steve Wynn to be one of our most precious living artists, and stylistically it feels as though the band have finally found a middle ground where varied influences aren't just allowed to co-exist, they actually create something innovative and - dare it be said - new. Melding prog, European avant-garde, blues and electronic jazz, it's not that you can't find anything that sounds like this, but you'll definitely struggle.
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 in stock $9.72
Cat: FBN 244. Rel: 16 Apr 20
  1. Love No More
  2. Pol In G
  3. Opera I
  4. People's Pleasure Park
  5. Red Square
  6. Finding The Sea
  7. Otis
  8. William B
  9. They Work Everyday
  10. Opera II
  11. Homage To Catalonia
  12. Requiem Again
  13. My Country
  14. Otis (live)
  15. English Landscape Tradition (live)
  16. Finding The Sea (live)
  17. Bordeaux (live)
  18. Opera II (demo)
  19. Finding The Sea I
  20. PPP (demo)
  21. Juan Montero Sketch I
  22. Sample Tune
  23. Finding The Sea II
  24. Juan Montero Sketch II
  25. William B (demo)
  26. Sketches On Stratocaster
  27. Dry
  28. Paradise Passage Road
  29. Les Preger's Tune
  30. Buddhist Prayer
  31. Misere
  32. Real Drums - Real Drummer
  33. Pathway
  34. Rob Grey's Elegy
  35. Shirt No 7
  36. For Steven Patrick
 in stock $13.40
Cat: NW 6486CD. Rel: 22 May 20
  1. Heaven Ain't Goin' Nowhere
  2. Union, God & Country
  3. Devil Put The Coal In The Grounds
  4. John Henry Was A Steel Drivin' Man
  5. Time Is Never On Our Side
  6. It's About Blood
  7. If I Could See Your Face Again (feat Eleanor Whitmore)
  8. Black Lung
  9. Fastest Man Alive
  10. The Mine
 in stock $11.03
Flight (CD)
Cat: IL 2065CD. Rel: 22 May 20
  1. Carry
  2. Glassy
  3. Alive
  4. Colors
  5. Stressy
  6. Room
  7. Leader
  8. Gem
  9. Harlow
  10. Dumb
  11. How
  12. Detroit
  13. Peace
 in stock $13.65
Cat: 869217. Rel: 17 Apr 20
  1. Puttin' On The Ritz
  2. Empires
  3. Magnificent (She Says)
  4. Salome Maloney
  5. Newborn
  6. Great Expectations (intro)
  7. Great Expectations
  8. A Choice Of Three Drinks
  9. Seven Veils
  10. Scattered Black & Whites
  11. Weightless (intro)
  12. Weightless
  13. Grounds For Divorce (intro)
  14. Grounds For Divorce
Review: If there's a place in Manchester that really deserves to host the recording of a live album it must be The Ritz. The old theatre-cum-dance hall-cum-venue guarantees an atmosphere every time, but especially when the outfit on stage are among the biggest to come from the city. As such the odds are on for this artefact of a night out in northern England being worthy of your attention. With acoustic renditions dominating, the collection is remarkably intimate considering both the size of the venue and the stereotypically soaring and commanding sound of Elbow themselves. Tracks still seem to glide and fly overhead, only in a more personal way. Interludes are marked by Guy Garvey's famed ability to interact with attentive crowds, while the noise of that crowd invades choruses and verses alike, saying everything there is to say about bond between fans and players.
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 in stock $9.57
Cat: WBRCD 0. Rel: 04 Jun 20
  1. The Soul Feeder
  2. The Idle Glance
  3. Lost & Found Souls
 in stock $14.70
Habits (CD)
Cat: HRR 332CD. Rel: 24 Apr 20
  1. Wake.Repeat (intro)
  2. Sails
  3. Faceless
  4. Exit The Soul
  5. The Fall Chorus
  6. Bird
  7. Wasted
  8. Broken Nails
 in stock $12.34
Cat: POB 050CD. Rel: 22 May 20
  1. Nowhere Time
  2. Sleeping Me Awake
  3. Leopards Lay Down
  4. Moon Tempering
  5. Rendlesham Way
  6. Late Jim's Lament
  7. Carousel
  8. Go Easy On October
  9. Ever-Roving Eye
  10. Much Master
 in stock $11.83
  1. The Great Unknown
  2. Crossing The Rubicon
  3. The Dreamer's Hotel
  4. Waltzing Off The Face Of The Earth (I Crescendo)
  5. Modern Living
  6. Apocaholics Anonymous (Main Theme In B Minor)
  7. The Pressure's On
  8. Reprise 3
  9. TINA
  10. Elegy For Extinction
  11. Marionettes (I The Discovery Of Strings)
  12. Marionettes (II The Ascent)
  13. Satelites
  14. The King
  15. Waltzing Off The Face Of The Earth (II Piangevole)
Review: Enter Shikari will always be considered one of the great crossover electronic-punk-metal outfits, marrying elements of rave with mosh pit mentalities, smashing genres to pieces under the ferocity and weight of cacophonous noises and frenetic tempos. You'll be delighted to know that 'Nothing Is True' represents the band at a creative high point, and with just as much muscular might to back up those ideas. 'Modern Living' is a shouty, lunging, head-nodding and fist-bumping pop-hop-grunge workout. 'The Great Unknown' is a desperate call to arms, and anxious and angsty explosion of sound. 'Crossing The Rubicon' gives more than a soft nod to the likes of M83. 'Waltzing Off The Face Of The Earth II' is a sublime slice of ambience. What more do you need to know?
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 in stock $9.24
Earth (CD)
Cat: 836346. Rel: 17 Apr 20
  1. Shangri La
  2. Brasil
  3. Deep Days
  4. Long Time Coming
  5. Mass
  6. Banksters
  7. Sail On
  8. Olympik
  9. Cloak Of The Night
Review: In many ways, the debut solo album from Ed O'Brien could have sounded like anything - the Radiohead guitarist has been involved in plenty of sonic experimentations with that outfit, while comrade in arms Thom Yorke has managed to triumph both on the indie rock and electronic club music circuits, elements that could easily have found their way onto this record. The truth is 'Earth' doesn't really sound like Radiohead, or most contemporary electronic permutations. You could almost argue there is an air of nostalgia running through the release, certainly 'Shangri-La' feels that way, shades of Madchester and the great indie-dance crossover days are more than audible. From there we have lo-fi pop edginess ('Banksters'), the sweet and innocent acoustic job 'Long Time Coming', and the breathy, loose, broken and floaty 'Olympik'. In short, it grooves, grows, ebbs and flows in a way that shows a true master at work.
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  1. From The Other Side
  2. Future Mantra
  3. World Cries Out
  4. Elysian
  5. Persia Dub
  6. Strange Day
  7. Zenith
  8. Cyclic
  9. Juggernaut
  10. Devotee
  11. Juggernaut (Rap version)
  12. Close Your Eyes
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1980-83 (4xCD box set)
Cat: CDPUNKBOX 160. Rel: 29 Apr 20
  1. Punks Not Dead
  2. Mucky Pup
  3. Cop Cars
  4. Free Flight
  5. Army Life (part 2)
  6. Blown To Bits
  7. Sex & Violence
  8. SPG
  9. Royalty
  10. Dole Q
  11. Exploited Barmy Army
  12. Ripper
  13. Out Of Control
  14. Son Of A Copper
  15. I Believe In Anarchy
  16. Jimmy Boyle
  17. Daily News
  18. Disorder
  19. Alternative (remix)
  20. USA
  21. Rapist
  22. Troops Of Tomorrow
  23. UK 82
  24. Sid Vicious Was Innocent
  25. War
  26. They Won't Stop
  27. So Tragic
  28. Germs
  29. Let's Start A War (Said Maggie One Day)
  30. Insanity
  31. Safe Below
  32. Eye Of The Vulture
  33. Should We Can't We
  34. Rival Leaders (remix)
  35. God Saved The Queen
  36. Psycho
  37. Kidology
  38. False Hopes
  39. Another Day To Go Nowhere
  40. Wankers
  41. Army Life
  42. Fuck The Mods
  43. Crashed Out
  44. Exploited Barmy Army
  45. I Believe In Anarchy
  46. What You Gonna Do
  47. Dogs Of War
  48. Blown To Bits (live)
  49. Dead Cities
  50. Hitlers In The Charts Again
  51. Class War
  52. Spg (live)
  53. Cop Cars (live)
  54. Attack
  55. Alternative (radio edit)
  56. YOP
  57. Computers Don't Blunder
  58. Addiction
  59. Troops Of Tomorrow (radio edit)
  60. Rival Leaders
  61. Army Style
  62. Singalongabushell
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Reformation Post TLC (4xCD box set)
Cat: CDEXRED 800. Rel: 21 May 20
  1. Over! Over!
  2. Reformation!
  3. Fall Sound
  4. White Line Fever
  5. Insult Song
  6. My Door Is Never
  7. Coach & Horse
  8. The Usher
  9. The Wright Stuff
  10. Scenario
  11. Das Boat
  12. The Bad Stuff
  13. Systematic Abuse
  14. Outro
  15. Reformation! (Uncut)
  16. Over Over (Rough mix)
  17. My Door Is Never (Rough mix)
  18. Reformation! (edit)
  19. Insult Song (vinyl mix version)
  20. Reformation! (vinyl mix version)
  21. The Wright Stuff (vinyl mix version)
  22. Das Boat (vinyl mix version)
  23. Fall Sound (alternate version)
  24. Onto Insanity (Rough mix)
  25. Song 2/3 With Tape Of Tour Manager (Early Rough mix)
  26. The Boss (Early Rough mix)
  27. 60's Wack (Early Rough mix)
  28. The Vine (Early Rough mix)
  29. Blonde (Early Rough mix)
  30. Over! Over! (Early Rough mix)
  31. Reformation! (Early Rough mix)
  32. Get Out (Early Rough mix)
  33. Scenerico (Early Rough mix)
  34. Wed 2 (Early Rough mix)
  35. Systematic Abuse (Early Rough mix)
  36. The Right Stuff (Early Rough mix)
  37. Senior Twilight Stock Replacer (live At Hammersmith Palais 2007)
  38. Pacifying Joint (live At Hammersmith Palais 2007)
  39. Fall Sound (live At Hammersmith Palais 2007)
  40. Over! Over! (live At Hammersmith Palais 2007)
  41. Theme From Sparta Fc (live At Hammersmith Palais 2007)
  42. Hungry Freaks, Daddy (live At Hammersmith Palais 2007)
  43. Wrong Place, Right Time (live At Hammersmith Palais 2007)
  44. My Door Is Never (live At Hammersmith Palais 2007)
  45. The Wright Stuff (live At Hammersmith Palais 2007)
  46. White Lightning (live At Hammersmith Palais 2007)
  47. Blindness (live At Hammersmith Palais 2007)
  48. Reformation! (live At Hammersmith Palais 2007)
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Cat: DRL 170. Rel: 18 May 20
  1. Endless Summer
  2. Flower
  3. I'm Not Sorry
  4. Thin In The Skin
  5. Up In Flames
  6. Kentucky
  7. Original Disconnect
  8. Afraid
  9. An Akward Lullaby
  10. Remember
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Cat: AC 181CD. Rel: 15 May 20
  1. Azad
  2. U & Me
  3. Money Can't Buy
  4. Let's Start Again
  5. Purple & Brown
  6. The Kids Are Having None Of It
  7. Holding It Down
  8. Motherfucker
  9. Golden
  10. Everywhere
  11. U Kin B The Sun
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Cat: 836946. Rel: 04 May 20
  1. Do You Read Me
  2. Moonchild
  3. Bought & Sold
  4. Calling Card
  5. Secret Agent
  6. Tattoo'd Lady
  7. A Million Miles Away
  8. I Take What I Want
  9. Walk On Hot Coals
  10. Out On The Western Plain
  11. Barley & Grape Rag
  12. Pistol Slapper Blues
  13. Too Much Alcohol
  14. Going To My Hometown
  15. Edged In Blue
  16. Jack Knife Beat
  17. Souped Up Ford
  18. Bullfrog Blues
  19. Used To Be
  20. Country Mile
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Cat: PIASR 1135CDX. Rel: 01 May 20
  1. Breaking Cover
  2. Concrete Pony
  3. Humana Second Hand
  4. Black Dog Got Silver Eyes
  5. Rats In A Sack
  6. This Trainwreck Of A Life
  7. Nowhere To Hide Now
  8. When Mouths Collide
  9. I Grow Tired But Dare Not Fall Asleep
  10. Social Lacerations
Review: In many ways the bare truths spoken-sung by world-weary MC and producer Ghostpoet may not be the best thing to land late-April 2020. His fifth long form offers up more anxious calls to arms, this time on issues including far right politics and passports, painting a particularly bleak picture of the world at a time when we are already struggling to stay positive. But then perhaps that's why we really do need the lackadaisical lyrical delivery, pared back scores and melancholic moodiness of this two-time Mercury nominee. Still willing to explore themes that are often uncomfortable and regularly personal, still making heavy beats that sound deceptively easygoing, and still creating an atmosphere that's somewhere between dark UK hip hop and menacingly hypnotic trip hop. Here's proof the formula is still a breeding ground for boxfresh tunes.
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Split (CD)
Cat: FIRECD 508. Rel: 22 May 20
  1. Split (part 1)
  2. Split (part 2)
  3. Split (part 3)
  4. Split (part 4)
  5. Cherry Red
  6. A Year In The Life
  7. Junkman
  8. Groundhog
  9. Split (part 1 - instrumental)
  10. Split (part 2 - take 3)
  11. Split (Unlisted take with Overdubbed Guitar)
  12. Cherry Red (take 6)
  13. A Year In The Life (instrumental)
  14. Split (part 3 - No intro)
  15. Split (part 4 - instrumental)
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