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New releases last four weeks: Reggae

Reggae vinyl released in the last four weeks
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24 Hour Roadside Resistance (reissue)
24 Hour Roadside Resistance (reissue) (limited red & black splattered vinyl LP + insert)
Cat: HR 69171. Rel: 05 Jul 24
24 Hour Roadside Resistance (1:56)
Dinkas When I Close My Eyes (1:39)
Pestilent Existence (2:16)
Committing The Truth (1:56)
Nothing To Lose (2:13)
I Think You Think Too Much (2:14)
The Next Song (3:18)
Ugly Desires (1:45)
Killing The Truth (2:44)
Policeman (4:22)
I'm Weak Inside (2:29)
Stuck In A Rut (1:34)
The Excuse (2:36)
The Source Of Strontium 90 (2:32)
 in stock $29.88
Black Sun
Cat: ARLP. Rel: 16 Jul 24
Black Sun (4:22)
Black (dub) (4:23)
Great Work (3:43)
Great (dub) (3:41)
Soul Of The World (4:02)
Soul Of The (dub) (4:02)
Middle Pillar (3:56)
Middle (dub) (3:56)
Fire Water (4:03)
Fire (dub) (3:50)
 in stock $24.49
Love Making
Cat: GS 2451. Rel: 24 Jun 24
Ansel Meditation - "Love Making" (4:20)
Ansel Meditation - "Love Making" (dub) (3:58)
Michael Black - "Take Good Care" (3:01)
Michael Black - "Take Good Care" (dub) (1:51)
 in stock $14.80
The Return Of The Aquabats! (30th Anniversary Edition)
The Return Of The Aquabats! (30th Anniversary Edition) (limited gatefold "playdough" purple vinyl LP (indie exclusive))
Cat: GLPY 151326.1. Rel: 12 Jul 24
Playdough (3:41)
Martian Girl (3:45)
Ska Robot Army (2:12)
Idiot Box (2:12)
Pinch & Roll (4:23)
Tarantula (3:43)
Marshmallow Man (2:58)
Aquabat March (3:14)
CD Repo Man (7:03)
It's Crazy, Man! (0:24)
 in stock $32.02
The Return Of The Aquabats! (30th Anniversary Edition)
Cat: GPY 6.1. Rel: 03 Jul 24
Playdough (3:41)
Martian Girl (3:41)
Ska Robot Army (2:07)
Idiot Box (2:11)
Pinch & Roll (4:19)
Tarantula (3:40)
Marshmallow Man (2:55)
Aquabat March (3:14)
CD Repo Man (3:06)
It's Crazy, Man! (3:46)
 in stock $26.38
The Fury Of The Aquabats! (30th Anniversary Edition)
Cat: GPY 7.1. Rel: 03 Jul 24
Super Rad! (3:01)
Red Sweater! (3:24)
Magic Chicken! (3:40)
Fight Song! (1:12)
Cat With 2 Heads! (2:54)
The Story Of Nothing! (2:55)
Captain Hampton & The Midget Pirates! (4:00)
Martian Girl! (bonus track) (2:45)
Attacked By Snakes! (5:00)
Idiot Box! (bonus track) (1:59)
Powdered Milk Man! (2:59)
My Skateboard! (2:44)
Phantasma Del Mar! (3:10)
Lobster Bucket! (2:44)
Theme Song! (1:51)
Playdough! (bonus track) (4:11)
 in stock $36.87
Mass Hysteria
Mass Hysteria (orange vinyl LP)
Cat: JUMP 190LPORANGE. Rel: 18 Jul 24
Going Nowhere Fast (2:16)
Reality Check (3:03)
At Least My Dog Thinks I'm Cool (2:44)
Bat Shit Crazy (3:00)
Anti-Social Media (3:11)
Along For The Ride (3:01)
Pick Me Up (2:36)
Reach For The Sky (3:34)
Mass Hysteria (3:22)
Back To The Beginning (3:19)
 in stock $27.98
That Girl
Cat: DD 701. Rel: 15 Jul 24
That Girl (2:46)
That Girl (version) (3:31)
Review: Keeling Beckford's 'That Girl' is a fantastic early eighties vocal track by the esteemed producer and singer. It is set to Max Romeo's brilliant mid-seventies rhythm 'Stop Picking On Me' and now gets pressed up to 7" courtesy of DD and Studio 16. The original version is as blissed out as you can imagine with lazy drums and chords under the sweet and storytelling vocals. The version is longer and has more emphasis on the dubby low ends. Each copy is housed in a sturdy, company-printed sleeve making it a nice authentic wedge of roots.
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 in stock $10.50
Cat: FTR 061. Rel: 02 Jul 24
Benjammin - "Warmonger" (4:06)
The 18th Parallel - "Dubmonger" (4:07)
! low stock $12.38
Let The Teardrops Fall
Cat: RR 7001. Rel: 23 Jul 24
Let The Teardrops Fall (3:45)
Let It Go Dub (3:47)
Review: Ken Boothe was the featured vocalist on the Inna Da Yard album The Soul of Jamaica back in 2017. Despite begin a relatively new record, it has all the authenticity and sonic hallmarks of a long-lost 70s classic. Now the best tunes from the album are pressed up to its own 7" by Reload. 'Let The Teardrops Fall' opens with a vocal doused in reverb and some shiny metal synth lines with a hypnotic harmonica taking the lead. 'Let It Go Dub' then gets all stoned and laidback with bottomless dub depths sinking you in deep.
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 in stock $12.91
What If
What If (12")
Cat: BS 006. Rel: 08 Jul 24
What If (mix 1) (3:08)
What If (mix 2) (2:53)
What If (mix 3) (3:10)
Searching Balance (mix 1) (3:48)
Searching Balance (mix 2) (3:48)
Searching Balance (mix 3) (3:49)
 in stock $14.80
Redemption Dub
Redemption Dub (limited LP)
Cat: ARLP 004. Rel: 22 Jul 24
Track 1 (3:15)
Track 2 (3:15)
Track 3 (3:48)
Track 4 (3:51)
Track 5 (3:17)
Track 6 (2:55)
Track 7 (2:56)
Track 8 (2:52)
! low stock $29.34
Planet INI
Cat: UNFOLD 001. Rel: 18 Jul 24
Planet I-N-I (4:20)
Night Out (feat Roger Robinson) (3:55)
Review: Polish label Moonshine Recordings kicks off a new series that is helmed for the first time by Bukkha. It's a potent two tracker that opens with 'Planet I-N-I' which is a heavily dubbed out cut with bottomless subs and ice cold hits, tons of reverb and ricochetting sounds as well as some dub-wise vocals that drift in and out to heady effect. On the flip side is 'Night Out' (feat Roger Robinson), another smooth, serene and hypnotic dub techno cut marbled with static and vinyl crackle as well as some pensive words from Robinson. Both of these need to be heard as loud as can be for maximum impact.
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 in stock $12.91
Nice One
Nice One (algae blue & green marbled LP + insert)
Cat: LP 31332. Rel: 01 Jul 24
Asinine Aesthetic (2:28)
Call Your Bluff (0:35)
Excuse Me Miss (2:30)
Not Ur Baby (5:32)
Stay (3:34)
Call Your Bluff (Catfite version) (2:18)
Not Ur Baby (Catfite version) (2:26)
Creepin (2:48)
Bad Influence (3:01)
TV Screen Beauty Queen (3:01)
Bidi Bidi Bom Bom (3:28)
Lipstick Lines (2:22)
Doom Influence (Catfite version) (4:54)
Stay (Catlite version) (3:23)
 in stock $23.42
Nyabinghi & Dandelion
Nyabinghi & Dandelion (gatefold 2xLP)
Cat: NR 013. Rel: 18 Jul 24
Mr Officer (LP1: Nyabinghi) (5:33)
Nyabinghi (3:19)
Afrodub (3:50)
Light Blue (4:14)
Bui (6:29)
Jardin Invisible (9:15)
Love Of My Life (3:48)
Cada Vez Que Escucho (1:31)
Tell Me (radio edit) (2:19)
Tell Me (3:43)
Samasthitih (LP2: Dandelion) (2:24)
Hustling (4:04)
Mad Fan (3:52)
Movie Star (3:41)
Need You (5:19)
Khaliji (3:59)
We Are One (3:34)
El Templo Del Pinon (4:47)
Dandelion (4:37)
I Am Rebel (3:39)
Soy (1:58)
 in stock $33.37
Reggae In Wonderland: The Splash Singles Collection 1969-1971
Cat: DB2CD 144. Rel: 11 Jul 24
Bruce Ruffin - "Long About Now"
Lloyd Robinson - "Real Real"
Lloyd Charmers & The Soul Stirrers - "Come See About Me"
Tommy Cowan - "House In Session"
Lloyd Robinson - "They Got To Move"
Lloys Charmers - "Why Baby Why"
Karl Bryan - "Hot Shot"
Lloyd Robinson - "Trouble Trouble"
The Jokers - "Last Laugh"
The Charmers - "The Sweeter She Is"
Bobby Davis - "Doggone Right"
Lloyd Charmers - "Sindy"
Bob Andy - "Since I Lost My Baby"
Lloyd Charmers - "Colour Him Father"
Bobby Davis - "Going In Circles"
Lloyd & Dave - "Black Power"
Bob Andy - "Baby I Need Your Loving"
Lloyd Charmers - "Birth Control"
Lloyd & Hortense - "I'm Gone"
The Charmers - "I Can't Get Next To You"
Busty Brown - "I Love You Madly"
Bongo Tony - "Love I Madly"
Lloyd Charmers - "All Kinds Of Everything"
Lloyd Charmers - "California Dreaming"
Lester Williams - "Reggae In Wonderland"
Dave Barker - "Just My Imagination" (take 2)
Lloyd Charmers - "Oh Me Oh My"
Dave Barker - "What Should I Do"
Lloyd Charmers - "Going In Circles"
U Roy Junior - "Cool & Easy"
Lloyd Charmers - "One Woman"
The Charmers - "I've Gotta Get A Message To You"
Bongo Tony - "Ever Strong"
Lloyd Charmers - "Skinhead Train"
Dave Barker - "Life Of A Millionaire"
The Marvels - "Rock Steady"
Lloys Charmers - "Travelling On"
Dave Barker - "Summertime"
Bongo Tony - "Humpty Dumpty"
Lloyd Charmers - "One Big Unhappy Family" (part 1)
Lloyd Charmers - "One Big Unhappy Family" (part 2)
Lloyd Charmers - "Harry's Mood"
The Marvels - "Be My Baby"
Roy Shirley - "The Great Roy Shirley"
Lloyd Charmers - "Shaft"
Lloyd & BB - "Africa Is Paradise"
Owen Gray - "Owen Gray's Greatest Hits" (part 1)
Owen Gray - "Owen Gray's Grreatest Hits" (part 2)
Lloyd Charmers - "The End"
Dave Barker - "Just My Imagination" (take 1)
 in stock $13.99
New Life
New Life (yellow vinyl 12")
Cat: DS 05. Rel: 28 Jun 24
New Life (3:42)
New Life (dub) (3:43)
New Life (Dubplate mix) (3:43)
Shaka The Great (3:37)
Shaka The Great (dub) (3:40)
Shaka The Great (Dubplate mix) (3:42)
Review: The mighty Chazbo is behind this heavyweight new 12" on It come son bright yellow wax and opes with 'New Life' which is a classic and tough stepper with tumbling bass notes, wet hits and endless reverb all making it a plump, inviting, fat as you like dub sound. The dub version is even more fleshy and dropping wet and a Dubplate mix adds more subtle, melon twisting studio desk trickery. 'Shaka The Great' keeps the vibes flowing in the flip and gets the same two mixes to make for a broad and brilliant package.
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 in stock $16.69
Ahayah Love
Cat: GMRLP 001. Rel: 10 Jul 24
Sammy Sweet Clarke - "Nah Terry" (3:47)
Sammy Sweet Clarke - "Shower Me With Love" (2:25)
Sammy Sweet Clarke - "Nottingham Town" (3:19)
Sammy Sweet Clarke - "Ahayah Live" (2:34)
Julie Jones - "You Broke My Heart" (3:25)
Corporal Robbie - "Life Worth Living" (4:24)
Julie Jones - "Give Thanks" (3:09)
Mia La Shae - "Paradise" (3:26)
Mags Prince - "Better Days" (3:14)
Tez Fa Syion - "Atmosphere" (3:50)
 in stock $26.65
Run Joe
Run Joe (7")
Cat: TIEU 035. Rel: 28 Jun 24
Stranger Cole - "Run Joe" (with Baba Brooks Band) (2:28)
Bongo Man Byfield - "Bongo Man" (with Tommy McCook & The Skatalites) (3:11)
 in stock $15.88
Mr Satisfaction 1966-1976 Vol 1 (remastered)
Cat: PRPLP 060. Rel: 10 Jul 24
Baby I Love You (2:45)
Satisfaction (1:44)
Get Together (2:20)
Make It Great (2:37)
Dr Rodney (2:13)
Don't Do Wrong (2:24)
True Love (with The Wailers) (2:45)
Picture On The Wall (with The Wailers) (2:51)
Hard To Handle (2:39)
Cloud Nine (with The Wailers) (3:07)
Rastaman Power (3:12)
Bumpity Road (2:59)
Burnin' Fire (3:59)
 in stock $24.75
Soundsystems At Notting Hill Carnival 1984-1988
Cat: DEATH 079. Rel: 18 Jul 24
Side A (27:31)
Side B (27:27)
Review: The brilliant Death Is Not The End has always done a great job of digging into niche scenes and serving up great albums that document them. Here the label presents a mixtape-style collection featuring live recordings from London's Notting Hill Carnival, spanning 1984 to 1988. Originally aired on NTS Radio in August 2018, this release marks a milestone in their 10th-anniversary series and it now comes on cassette. Highlights include sounds from renowned systems like Jamdown Rockers, Saxon, Java Nuclear Power, Killerwatt Turbotronic, Stereograph, Sir Coxsone, and Volcano Express. The audio, meticulously curated by the Who Cork The Dance crew, features contributions from Jayman, Ruff House, Keimo, Omar, Gee Wizz and Jah Humble.
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 in stock $14.53
All Bad Boy & All Good Girl: Manchester Street Soul Soundtapes 1988-1996
Cat: DEATH 032LP. Rel: 04 Jul 24
Track 1 (27:22)
Track 2 (28:37)
Review: All Bad Boy & All Good Girl is a fascinating mixtape, first released in 2022, documenting the few and rare radio broadcasts that propagated a now-elusive, but decade-long, Mancunian form of street soul. Lasting from at least the mid-1980s to the mid 1990s, this exciting ream of 'extracts', here on the vinyl version coming as a playlist of nine, transports us right back to this scratchy, no-holds-barred chuggers' sound. Featuring DIY cassette recordings of bands such as Broadway, Stereo Dan and Soul Control playing live at dances and blues parties in south & central Manchester from 1988 through to 1996, Death Is Not The End do a stellar job as ever of compiling the most exquisite forgotten tracks in the style, as though they'd been beamed into the present through a trans-temporal airwave. Packed with the radio phase distortion, hiss, vocal and SFX interjections, dub sirens and delay-outs, this is much more than just a functional soulful soundclash.
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 in stock $20.45
Intensified (remastered)
Cat: BLP 004. Rel: 08 Jul 24
Ah It Mek (2:22)
Too Much Too Soon (2:39)
Coconut Water (3:28)
Sweet Music (2:31)
My Lonely World (3:18)
Rude Boy Train (2:17)
Poor Me Israelites (2:46)
It Is Not Easy (2:13)
Intensified (2:43)
Nincompoop (2:11)
Tips Of My Fingers (3:28)
Wiseman (2:14)
Review: Desmond Dekker and the Aces really shine on their rocksteady and early reggae album Intensified. Following their acclaimed 'Action!' album, this release boasts major hits like 'Poor Me Israelites' and 'Ah It Mek', which dominated charts in the late 60s and early/mid 70s in the UK and US. The album also features the lively 'Sweet Music', highlighting Dekker's impeccable vocal harmonies. With tracks like 'Rude Boy Train', Dekker presaged the 'rude boy' phenomenon that has since become a cornerstone of reggae music. 'Intensified' encapsulates Dekker at his peak and delivering irresistible rhythms and infectious harmonies that define his enduring appeal.
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 in stock $29.61
Happiness Is Priceless
Happiness Is Priceless (grey marbled vinyl LP)
Cat: MED 0116. Rel: 16 Jul 24
Rise Up (3:43)
Happiness Is Priceless (3:34)
Laugh About It (3:57)
Kiss & Sell (4:21)
Hiding My Car (3:49)
Affluenza (3:35)
Make My Life (4:09)
Go To School & Play (4:36)
Jo Po Wants To Know (3:23)
Everything In Time (3:35)
 in stock $19.92
The Destructors Club Meets Scientist
Hill Of Bones (3:19)
Divide & Rule (2:32)
Orphans Of The Storm (2:51)
Divide & Rule (Scientist version) (2:30)
Orphans (Scientist version - dub) (2:49)
Hill Of Bones (Scientist version) (3:10)
 in stock $30.14
Dancehall Scenario
Dancehall Scenario (limited 7")
Cat: MC 005. Rel: 19 Jul 24
Dancehall Scenario (4:21)
Bashment Buddy (4:50)
 in stock $16.69
Best Dressed Chicken In Town
Cat: KMPL 001. Rel: 19 Jul 24
Best Dressed Chicken In Town (2:44)
Just The Other Day (3:06)
Poison Flour (2:37)
Gimme Mi Gun (3:01)
I Killed The Barber (3:15)
Unitone Skank (3:32)
Can't Conquer Natty Dreadlocks (3:21)
Ride On (2:44)
Plead I Cause (2:37)
I Shall Fear No Evil (2:20)
 in stock $24.49
Kush (7")
Cat: KUSH. Rel: 24 Jun 24
Kush Riddim
 in stock $16.69
Che (7")
Cat: PSS 164. Rel: 02 Jul 24
Che (3:24)
Che (version) (3:24)
 in stock $12.38
African People: HIM Speech
Cat: PRTL 7087. Rel: 26 Jun 24
African People - HIM Speech (3:47)
African (dub) (3:43)
Review: Earl 16, renowned for collaborations with reggae icons like Lee Perry and Augustus Pablo, delivers a standout slice of early 90s digital roots here on the crucial Partial label. Originally featured exclusively on his 1992 album Boss Man (or, as it was known on the CD release, "Roots Man"), this track showcases Earl's distinctive production prowess. 'African People - HIM Speech' pairs conscious lyrics with a sleek digi dub vibe and future atmosphere. For this reason, Earl 16's influence extends through the reggae universe thanks to partnerships with Mikey Dread, Leftfield, and Dreadzone, all of which help to cement his legacy in the genre.
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 in stock $14.53
Burning (7")
Cat: MJM 7929. Rel: 23 Jul 24
El Indio - "Burning" (4:22)
ADF - "Amarach" (4:08)
! low stock $12.91
Ain't That Loving You
Cat: TIEU 032. Rel: 28 Jun 24
Alton Ellis - "Ain't That Loving You" (2:48)
Alton Ellis & U Roy - "Ain't That Loving You" (feat Tommy McCook & The Supersonics) (2:39)
 in stock $15.88
Cool Down Lord
Cat: RF 373. Rel: 15 Jul 24
Emotions - "Cool Down Lord" (2:23)
Hippy Boys - "Skinheads Don't Fear" (2:26)
 in stock $13.99
Life Is Free
Cat: BLM 7003. Rel: 28 Jun 24
Life Is Free (3:43)
Version (3:43)
 in stock $12.38
Fjorden Baby!
Cat: OPPLETT 003. Rel: 03 Jul 24
Intro (5:36)
Nike Air (2:32)
Karoline (2:24)
Step Ut (5:00)
Animalsk (3:00)
Anorektisk Utopi (3:07)
Husker Du (4:53)
Pes (3:46)
Radio (2:28)
Balladen Om Mary Jane (3:35)
 in stock $18.83
Sax In Dub
Cat: VPR 1525.2. Rel: 16 Jul 24
Above Rockers
Too Much Question
Belafonte Ghost
Follow Me To Dub Land (feat Bongo Herman)
Not Jazz Just Rockazz
Jack The Reaper
Blue Nile
Blind Spot
Bullet Train (dub)
Take That (dub)
Sterling Lester
Smoking In The Rain
One Two Dub/One Two Chant
Harvest In The Winter
Nah Fi Get We Roots
Russian Attack
 in stock $26.65
Temple In Man
Cat: TARLP 001. Rel: 24 Jun 24
Days Gone Past (4:32)
Once Again (3:12)
Temple In Man (3:39)
Prayer (4:15)
Revolute (4:28)
Until War (4:22)
Word Sound Power (3:50)
When Jah Speak (3:57)
 in stock $24.49
Temple In Dub
Cat: TARLP 002. Rel: 24 Jun 24
Days Gone (dub) (4:33)
Dub Again (3:31)
Temple In Dub (3:24)
Prayer (dub) (4:28)
Revolution (dub) (4:21)
War (dub) (4:17)
Power (dub) (3:47)
Jah (dub) (4:33)
 in stock $24.49
Be The One
Cat: RF 410. Rel: 16 Jul 24
Heptones - "Be The One" (3:26)
Joe Gibbs & The Professionals - "The Road Is Rough" (2:58)
Review: When reggae vocalists The Heptones joined legendary producer Joe Gibbs, they collaborated with the Now Generation band to create the incredible track 'Hypocrites.' This truly lovely song stands out as one of The Heptones' finest works while also being a standout reggae classic. The track captures a powerful message and features Leroy's heartfelt performance over lovely organ work and catchy ridders. This notable period in The Heptones' career was preserved on two exceptional albums released by Joe Gibbs, including Heptones and Friends which is well worth finding for a showcase of their impressive work from the era.
Read more
 in stock $13.99
Ain't That Bad
Cat: RF 427. Rel: 16 Jul 24
Heptones - "Ain't That Bad" (with The Supersonics) (2:33)
Tommy McCook & The Supersonics - "Ska Jam" (2:51)
Review: For those truly in the know, rocksteady didn't begin with the legendary producer Coxsone Dodd. If you need any evidence then check out this tidy 7" which presses up a couple of tunes from before his era really began. Originally released in the mid-sixties on Caltone, it is an early jam from The Heptones who were already showing their class by this point. 'Ain't That Bad' is a bright cut with some captivating vocal harmonies as well as majestic horn leads and grooves that recall early ska. On the flipside that comes more to life with Tommy McCook's storming 'Ska Jam'.
Read more
 in stock $13.99
Antenna (heavyweight vinyl LP + insert)
Cat: RUSS 004. Rel: 05 Jul 24
Atone Alone (6:32)
Longtime Land (8:52)
Testi-money (5:28)
A Call To Arms (4:14)
Direct Action (5:14)
Spotless (5:32)
A Change Of Worlds (3:27)
 in stock $18.83
Inity (7")
Cat: BBHF 008. Rel: 28 Jun 24
I Man Cruz - "Inity" (3:41)
Lone Ark Riddim Force - "Inity" (3:41)
 in stock $12.38
Musically Speaking
Cat: EVM 39. Rel: 19 Jul 24
Long Road Home (feat Mermans Mosengo) (4:03)
Man Feel It (4:00)
The Capitol (4:01)
Let It Go (4:02)
Reality Check (3:49)
Leggo Beast (3:42)
Sweet Caroline (4:02)
Feel Like (3:56)
Higher (3:57)
Collie Man (4:05)
 in stock $22.59
Kheper Wax
Kheper Wax (2xLP)
Cat: TVLP 27. Rel: 24 Jun 24
Far Eye (dub)
Giblraltar (dub)
Kamilya (dub)
Mental Prison (dub)
Cucarachachacha (dub)
Atlandide (dub)
Bomba (dub)
Tao (dub)
Harp (dub)
Tropical (dub)
Salomon (dub)
Joint Venture (dub)
 in stock $39.83
Dub Horizon
Cat: ISS 097. Rel: 12 Jul 24
Dub Horizon (3:35)
Dub Horizon II (3:34)
 in stock $11.83
More Peace
Cat: ISS 096. Rel: 12 Jul 24
More Peace (3:36)
More Dub (3:37)
 in stock $11.83
Zulu Dance
Cat: ISS 095. Rel: 12 Jul 24
Zulu Dance (3:30)
Zulu Dub (3:31)
 in stock $11.83
Blood Red
Cat: MBX 198. Rel: 08 Jul 24
Blood Red (4:03)
Well Pleased (4:50)
Review: The Inn House Crew, featuring Studio One veteran Vin Gordon, delivers two captivating reggae instrumentals here. On 'Blood Red,' they revisit the Gladiators' classic 'Bongo Red Riddim,' enriched by Gordon's melodious trombone reminiscent of the Rolling Stones' 'Satisfaction.' The lineup is stellar: Sly Dunbar on drums, Michael Megahbass Fletcher on bass, Robbie Lyn on keys, Vin Gordon on trombone, and Johan Dub Natty on guitar. Recorded at Kingston's iconic Tuff Gong Studios, these tracks are essential listens, showcasing a blend of seasoned talent and timeless reggae vibes.
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 in stock $10.23
Going Downtown
Cat: NIAAD 1004. Rel: 10 Jul 24
Going Downtown (9:32)
Motherless Child (6:18)
 in stock $19.92
Zebulon's Return
Cat: IC 008. Rel: 02 Jul 24
Zebulon's Return (dub Organiser mix 1) (4:25)
Zebulon's Return (dub Organiser mix 2) (4:24)
Simeon's Ascent (Gil Cang Tuff Scout mix 1) (4:20)
Simeon's Ascent (Gil Cang Tuff Scout mix 2) (4:35)
Review: Pure and unsalted soul food from Ital Counsellor Allstars, delivering their latest sonic stew in the form of a fresh four-track 12" of only the most mouth-watering, appetising dub organics. Non GMO and all homegrown, the troupe first offer up a prime crop on the establishing obverse side, with 'Zebulon's Return' pairing fantastically lowpassed flute melodies with otherwise rackety steel drums and percs; that inimitable choon-assembler known as Dub Organiser does an impressive job at evincing contrast here. Then comes 'Simeon's Ascent', which retells the apostolic history of the Jerusalem man through warm reams of synth, fill-laden spring verbs and cathectic collieries.
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