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Safari (Lexx mix)
Cat: ERC 097. Rel: 20 Jul 20
  1. Safari (3:56)
  2. Safari (Lexx Discomix) (7:38)
Review: Emotional Rescue return to the work of Noel Williams as King Sporty. The Miami-based Jamaican made some seminal, stunning music that presaged the increasing importance of synthesisers in disco and dance music overall. This time the label have decided to give a regal airing to a cut previously only available squeezed onto the Deep Reggae Roots LP. "Safari" is a heady brew that keeps a necessary skank in the groove while channeling the nagging funk of The Meters and heading somewhere exotic. At just under four minutes, it's the kind of jam that warrants an extended treatment, and who better to do a respectful job than Lexx, who more than doubles the run time of the track on the B side.

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Harder (7")
Cat: AJX 497S. Rel: 05 Aug 20
  1. Harder (3:37)
  2. Harder (dub) (3:18)
Review: Reggae veteran Nick Manasseh, and David Hill formerly of the Ballistic Brothers, here make a welcome return to Acid Jazz for a first new offering since their 1998 album Shining. The results have already been getting high praise from reggae don David Rodigan and and radio tastemaker Giles Peterson, and the single is a hard-hitting one with nice fluid, silky guitar from Ernest Ranglin riding up top. This comes on the heels of Soul Revivers digital debut "Harder" which got plenty of plaudits, and is just as essential.
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MM 002
MM 002 (180 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: MM 002. Rel: 06 Nov 17
  1. Research
  2. Can Maneras
  3. Serate Cosmiche
Review: Following on from the impressive opening statement from Modern Manners, the second installment from the hitherto unknown outfit sees the sonic remit reaching out to other influences while retaining that poised lounge attitude that made the first record so instantly endearing. "Research" is a dub track in essence, sporting ample space in the mix, the odd conga roll and sparse chords calling out into a field of reverb and delay. "Can Maneras" is a more shuffling kind of smooth jazz that aligns with the classy licks of St Germain and the like. "Serate Cosmiche" finishes the EP off on a melancholic tip that puts the synths at the front of the mix for the first time.
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Time Is Rocksteady Tight
Time Is Rocksteady Tight (7" limited to 200 copies)
Cat: OGR 797. Rel: 06 Aug 20
  1. Time Is Rocksteady Tight (feat PK Brown - take 2) (3:41)
  2. Rocksteady Lockdown (2:35)
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Funky President Edits Vol 7
Funky President Edits Vol 7 (7") (1 per customer)
Cat: JRC 7007. Rel: 30 Apr 20
  1. Flight #2 (4:03)
  2. Greddy Foot (3:19)
Review: Nearly five years after the first seven-inch appeared, the seventh volume in J Rocc's on-point "Funky President Edits" series lands. As with the tracks contained on previous volumes, the showcased cuts have long been staples in his DJ sets and should be considered "tried and tested bombs". First up on side A is "Flight #2", a shuffling, ear-pleasing affair that combines jangling elements from a semi-acoustic Afro-Soul cut with borrowed chorus vocals and languid, laidback percussion. "Greddy Foot", on the other hand, is a low-slung funk bomb -a slightly dubbed-out revision of a James Brown original with additional vocal samples from other Godfather of Soul workouts.
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I Have Been Waiting For You (DJ Duckcomb mix)
Cat: ERC 082. Rel: 15 Jul 19
  1. I Have Been Waiting For You (vocal) (3:46)
  2. I Have Been Waiting For You (version) (3:37)
  3. I Have Been Waiting For You (DJ Duckcomb Digimix) (7:19)
Review: Emotional Rescue serve up a balmy curveball cut perfect for the summer months. Glen Ricks "I've Been Waiting For You" was originally released back in 1983 on the highly collectible Seraff label and recently reissued by the label (ERC081). Here, as an accompanying release to that boogie version is a 1990 digital rework for the Xterminator label. With a distinctive swung riddim and smoothly incorporated dubbed out chords, Ricks' vocal channels the most soulful Jamaican deliveries, sealing the deal on this evergreen jam that sounds great in original and version forms. DJ Duckcomb steps up with a tender "Digimix" that retains the dusty crunch of the original with just a little extra bite in the beats.
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Poor & Humble
Cat: 060181 1105214. Rel: 14 Aug 20
  1. Wayne Wade - "Poor & Humble" (5:12)
  2. Bunny Lie Lie - "Babylonian" (4:52)
Review: Standby for an extended version of Wayne Wade's roots anthem "Poor And Humble" on this new 12" from Greensleeves. It was recorded initially in 1981 at the iconic Channel One and mixed by Hopeton "Scientist" Brown at King Tubby's studio. It has a fat riddim that trainspotters will recognise from dub classic "Space Invaders", and one with sci-fi effects and echo that draws you in endlessly. On the flip is another majestic track, also from 1981, this time a fantastic extended cut of "Babylonian" by the somewhat rather underrated vocalist Bunny Lie Lie.
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Drifting Forwards EP
Drifting Forwards EP (140 gram vinyl 12" + insert & sticker)
Cat: WSR LF3. Rel: 27 Jul 20
  1. IZ 200 (6:09)
  2. Drifting Forwards (4:37)
  3. C Rota (6:45)
  4. Mondo (6:18)
Review: Well Street continues to be a hotbed of innovation in the cloudy climes of contemporary UK techno, with label mainstay Loop LF returning for his third EP. The record opens in subliminal style with the restrained, heavy-stepping sideswipe of "IZ 200" before melting into "Drifting Forwards," a richly dubbed-out dreamscape of clicking and popping percussion and sparkly chord drops with a purposeful swagger around the rhythm section. The B side kicks off with the nervy minimalist techno abstraction of "C Rota", where sound design plays a vital role alongside cyclical rhythms in creating a truly transcendent yet strikingly sparse sound. "Mondo" closes proceedings with one of the more forthright tunes on the record, following a strident if still proudly leftfield groove that captures a little '90s downtempo funk and gives it a cosmic, hi-def refit.
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For The Love Of You
For The Love Of You (gatefold 2xLP Nachpressung) (1 per customer)
Cat: AOTNLP 031. Rel: 13 Jul 20
  1. Peter Huntingdale - "Rocking You Eternally" (3:40)
  2. Christine Lewin - "Juicy Fruit" (3:56)
  3. Pure Silk - "Don't Let Love Get You Down" (4:24)
  4. Al Charles - "Outstanding" (5:51)
  5. Karen Dixon - "I Want To Be Free" (6:06)
  6. George Posse - "Touch A Four Leaf Clover" (feat Toyin Adekale) (4:24)
  7. Misses Misty - "Mellow Mellow Ride On" (8:39)
  8. Trevor Hartley - "The Look In Your Eyes" (4:48)
  9. Family Love - "Do Me Baby" (5:20)
  10. Michael Prophet - "Body Fusion" (3:43)
  11. Michael Gordon - "What You Won't Do For Love" (4:52)
  12. Simplicity - "For The Love Of You" (5:35)
Review: Edinburgh's Athens Of The North label is endlessly flawless and this time around they pull together the special lovers rock covers they put out at the end of last year onto a superbly strong 12 track compilation. It arrives just in time for the warmer months and has been curated by Sam Don and overseen by label boss Euan Fryer. Standouts include Christine Lewin's lush take on the heavily sampled "Juicy Fruit" while the lo-fi bliss of Al Charles's "Outstanding" is another one to swell the heart and sooth the soul. For more sentimental moments check Family Love's "Do Me Baby." Overall, though, this is a must buy.
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Nuh Skin Up
Cat: 060181 1102619. Rel: 14 Aug 20
  1. Nuh Skin Up (7:23)
  2. Felt We Felt The Strain (6:36)
Review: Keith Hudson's Nuh Skin Up is the dub companion to his 1979 vocal album, From One Extreme to Another, and is often talked about in hugely hushed tones. It is well removed from what you might expect of a record record in Jamaican during that time and two lead cuts for it are presented here. Swampy, earthy dub is the order of the day on "Nuh-uh Skin Up" with wiry synths extended off into space. It's futuristic still today, and the flip is an even slower, more spaced out dub with tape hiss, distant pad and gently riffs all taking you to another head space entirely.
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Good Good Things
Good Good Things (gatefold 2xLP + insert)
Cat: HS 207VL. Rel: 03 Aug 20
  1. Menina Mulher Da Pele Preta (2:46)
  2. Feel The Cold (3:37)
  3. Bingi (3:29)
  4. Barcelona (3:15)
  5. Sunday In The Club (3:29)
  6. Canasta (3:18)
  7. Paseo (4:20)
  8. Fly High (3:12)
  9. Pais Azucar (3:56)
  10. Tengo Fe (3:15)
  11. Mo' Dinero (2:53)
  12. Atras Desse Ceu (3:32)
  13. Antiguas (4:02)
Review: 10 years after his cult album "Bad Bad Things", this lovely bad boy, somewhat softened, returns to his first eclectic and varied loves with "Good Good Things".
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Pumping In
Cat: HSRSS 004. Rel: 15 Jul 20
  1. Pumping In (2:31)
  2. Knock On Wood (2:37)
Review: For the latest volume in their ongoing "Reggae Cut Loud" series of seven-inch singles, Harlem Shuffle Records have gathered together two suitably rare gems from the undisputed king of rocksteady, Alton Ellis, neither of which have previously featured on a "45". A-side "Pumping In", an early rocksteady treat, is rich in R&B style guitar riffs, warm bass and an echo-laden vocal from Ellis. It was recorded in 1970 but for one reason or another only surfaced a few years ago. Flipside "Knock On Wood", a cover of the Eddie Floyd soul favourite, was recorded a number of times by Ellis; this version is the superior 1972 Joe Gibbs take, which boasts some superb Hammond organ sounds and a defiantly dub-wise reggae riddim. It's absolutely essential.
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Tune Up Ska
Tune Up Ska (7" limited to 200 copies)
Cat: OGR 796. Rel: 21 Jul 20
  1. Tune Up Ska (3:17)
  2. Time Is Ska Tight (alternate take) (3:54)
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Clint Eastwood
Clint Eastwood (LP + insert)
Cat: PSP 1014. Rel: 31 Jul 20
  1. Return Of The Ugly (3:14)
  2. For A Few Dollars More (2:11)
  3. Prisoner Of Love (2:28)
  4. Day Acid (2:54)
  5. Rightful Ruler (2:27)
  6. Clint Eastwood (3:43)
  7. Taste Of Killing (2:49)
  8. Selassie (2:58)
  9. What Is This (2:40)
  10. Ain't No Love (2:22)
  11. My Mob (1:58)
  12. I've Caught You (3:12)
 in stock $25.08
Valley Of Jehoshaphat (Red Hot)
Cat: 054645 967976. Rel: 24 Jul 20
  1. Valley Of Jehoshaphat (Red Hot) (3:38)
  2. Di Dub Dance (dub mix) (3:20)
Review: Richie Spice is a contemporary roots artist with a fine sound and growing fan base. He latest is a fine return with classic roots producer Clive Hunt on the buttons and helping to bring some history to his sounds. This one is a re-make of a Max Romeo hit that reasserts Spice's place atop the modern day pile. "Valley Of Jehoshaphat (Red Hot)" is just that, with expansive vocals and a widescreen dub riddim, while "Di Dub Dance" (dub mix) provide more direct thrills. This offering is also another preview of a full length album that roots mainstay Clive has in the pipeline for this year.
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Rapture (12")
Cat: 198759 19541. Rel: 14 Jan 20
  1. Throne (2:39)
  2. Blazin (feat Jane MacGizmo) (3:19)
  3. Raggamuffin (3:17)
  4. Rapture (3:02)
  5. Toast (3:05)
 in stock $15.55
Illuminated Audio (remastered)
Illuminated Audio (remastered) (heavyweight vinyl 2xLP)
Cat: TIME 003. Rel: 25 Feb 20
  1. Abay (8:40)
  2. Tew Ante Sew (6:33)
  3. Mengedegna (5:42)
  4. Kahn (6:56)
  5. Sew Argen (9:06)
  6. Nafeken (8:36)
  7. Abet Wubet (6:51)
  8. Guramayle (5:04)
  9. Gud Fella (7:18)
  10. Guramayle (Slight Return) (0:51)
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Redmo Reworks
Cat: FTR 001. Rel: 05 Sep 14
  1. Bob Marley - "Is This Love" (Redmo acoustic takedown)
  2. Redmo - "Sadi Soul"
Review: Sam Redmore has quietly been doing his thing in hometown Birmingham for some time, crafting soul-soaked re-edits, bootleg remixes and mash-ups that tend towards the tasteful end of the spectrum. Having previously built up a solid fan base via his own Bandcamp page, he's finally made it onto wax. The two cuts featured here are amongst his best. The A-side revision of Bob Marley's "Is This Love" is particularly potent. It strips out the drums, thus emphasizing the genuine sweetness of Marley's original. Flip for "Sadi Soul", an upbeat, headnodding rework of a vibraphone and double bass-laced jazz-funk jam with added hip-hop swing.
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Marcus Garvey
Marcus Garvey (180 gram vinyl LP + MP3 download code)
Cat: 535147 3. Rel: 02 Aug 14
  1. Marcus Garvey
  2. Slavery Days
  3. The Invasion
  4. Live Good
  5. Give Me
  6. Old Marcus Garvey
  7. Tradition
  8. Jordon River
  9. Red Gold & Green
  10. Resting Place
 in stock $18.28
Funky Kingston (reissue)
Funky Kingston (reissue) (180 gram audiophile vinyl LP)
Cat: MOVLP 2327. Rel: 11 Jun 19
  1. Sit Right Down (4:37)
  2. Pomps & Pride (4:28)
  3. Louie, Louie (5:45)
  4. I Can't Believe (3:30)
  5. Redemption Song (4:05)
  6. Daddy's Home (5:45)
  7. Funky Kingston (4:55)
  8. It Was Written Down (3:34)
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Collected (limited numbered gatefold 180 gram audiophile clear vinyl 2xLP)
Cat: MOVLP 1814T. Rel: 14 Jul 20
  1. Tyler (5:51)
  2. Burden Of Shame (6:29)
  3. I Think It's Going To Rain Today (3:41)
  4. Food For Thought (4:09)
  5. Don't Do The Crime (4:17)
  6. One In Ten (4:33)
  7. Sardonicus (4:31)
  8. Please Don't Make Me Cry (3:23)
  9. Cherry Oh Baby (3:19)
  10. Red Red Wine (3:01)
  11. If It Happens Again (3:42)
  12. Don't Slow Down (4:31)
  13. I Got You Babe (feat Chrissie Hynde) (3:07)
  14. Don't Break My Heart (3:44)
  15. Sing Our Own Song (3:51)
  16. Rat In Mi Kitchen (3:03)
  17. All I Want To Do (5:26)
  18. Maybe Tomorrow (3:22)
  19. Afrika Bambaataa & Family - "Reckless" (feat UB40) (3:53)
  20. Breakfast In Bed (feat Chrissie Hynde) (3:14)
  21. Homely Girl (3:21)
  22. Kingston Town (3:44)
  23. Robert Palmer - "I'll Be Your Baby Tonight" (feat UB40) (3:24)
  24. Tears From My Eyes (3:45)
  25. Here I Am (Come & Take Me) (4:17)
  26. (I Can't Help) Falling In Love With You (3:26)
Review: It was right back in 1980 that UB40 secured their first big hit with "food For Thought." In the years following they became a hugely popular dub outfit and this new Music on Vinyl release captures all their various different musical phases across double 180 gram audiophile transparent vinyl with a four page booklet adding plenty of context and backstory. All the band's biggest hits are included such as "Red Red Wine", "Food For Thought", "One In Ten", "Cherry Oh Baby" and more, as well as duets with Chrissie Hynde, Afrika Bambaataa and Robert Palmer.
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 in stock $26.46
Reggae Power
Reggae Power (limited numbered 180 gram orange vinyl LP)
Cat: MOVLP 2719C. Rel: 05 Aug 20
  1. Women Capture Man (2:24)
  2. Everything Crash (2:35)
  3. What A Fire (2:41)
  4. Losing You (3:02)
  5. Robert F Kennedy (2:04)
  6. Well Red (2:46)
  7. Hong Kong Flu (2:19)
  8. Gun Man (2:05)
  9. One (3:38)
  10. Feel The Spirit (2:27)
  11. Dollar Of Soul (2:52)
! low stock $18.82
Maverick A Strike
Maverick A Strike (limited 180 gram audiophile vinyl LP)
Cat: MOVLP 1050. Rel: 04 Apr 14
  1. Ultra Stimulation
  2. It's Great When We're Together
  3. Sunday Shining
  4. Even After All
  5. Ride On & Turn The People On
  6. The Way Of The Explosive
  7. Your Love Gets Sweeter
  8. Surpreme I Preme
  9. Sweet & Loving Man
  10. Red Rolled & Seen
  11. Falling
  12. I Need A Lover
  13. Maverick A Strike
 in stock $21.81
Cloak & Dagger
Cloak & Dagger (limited numbered 180 gram orange vinyl LP)
Cat: MOVLP 2649C. Rel: 31 Jul 20
  1. Cloak & Dagger (3:46)
  2. Hail Stone (2:39)
  3. Musical Transplant (4:37)
  4. Liquid Serenade (3:11)
  5. Retail Love (3:13)
  6. Creation (2:46)
  7. Iron Claw (2:20)
  8. Rude Walking (2:51)
  9. Cave Man Skank (2:30)
  10. Pe We Special (2:10)
  11. Sunshine Rock (2:19)
  12. Wakey Wakey (2:16)
 in stock $18.82
Legend: The Best Of Bob Marley & The Wailers
  1. Is This Love
  2. No Woman No Cry
  3. Could You Be Loved
  4. Three Little Birds
  5. Buffalo Soldier
  6. Get Up Stand Up
  7. Stir It Up
  8. One Love/People Get Ready
  9. I Shot The Sheriff
  10. Waiting In Vain
  11. Redemption Song
  12. Satisfy My Soul
  13. Exodus
  14. Jamming
 in stock $17.19
Major Lazer Essentials
Major Lazer Essentials (limited gatefold hand-numbered coloured vinyl 3xLP (side 6 etched) + 2xCD + poster)
Cat: BEC 5543846. Rel: 01 Feb 19
  1. Blow That Smoke (feat Tove Lo) (3:44)
  2. Lean On (feat MO & DJ Snake) (2:58)
  3. Cold Water (feat Justin Bieber & MO) (3:06)
  4. Light It Up (feat Nyla & Fuse ODG - remix) (2:47)
  5. Know No Better (feat Travis Scott/Camila Cabello & Quavo) (3:46)
  6. Sua Cara (feat Anitta & Pabllo Vittar) (2:48)
  7. Watch Out For This (Bumaye) (feat Busy Signal/The Flexican & FS Green) (4:30)
  8. Powerful (feat Ellie Goulding & Tarrus Riley) (3:25)
  9. Pon De Floor (feat Vybz Kartel) (3:35)
  10. Hold The Line (feat Mr Lex & Santigold) (3:43)
  11. Keep It Goin' Louder (feat Nina Sky & Ricky Blaze) (3:48)
  12. All My Love (feat Ariana Grande & Machel Montano - remix) (3:49)
  13. Original Don (feat The partysquad - Flosstradamus remix) (3:55)
  14. Get Free (feat Amber Coffman) (4:51)
  15. Run Up (feat PARTYNEXTDOOR & Nicki Minaj) (3:25)
  16. Jah No Partial (feat Flux Pavillion) (4:15)
  17. Be Together (feat Wild Belle) (3:51)
  18. Bubble Butt (feat Bruno Mars/Tyga & Mystic) (3:48)
  19. Jet Blue Jet (feat Leftside/GTA/Razz & Biggy) (3:20)
  20. Come On To Me (feat Sean Paul) (3:36)
  21. Boom (feat MOTi/TY Dolla $ign/Wizkid & Kranium) (3:08)
  22. Orkant/Balance Pon It (feat Babes Wodumo & Taranchyla) (4:39)
  23. Loyal (feat Kizz Daniel & Kranium) (3:07)
  24. All My Life (feat Burna Boy) (2:56)
  25. Tied Up (feat Mr Eazi/RAYE & Jake Gosling) (3:10)
  26. Blow That Smoke (feat Tove Lo)
  27. Lean On (feat MO & DJ Snake)
  28. Cold Water (feat Justin Bieber & MO)
  29. Light It Up (feat Nyla & Fuse ODG - remix)
  30. Know No Better (feat Travis Scott/Camila Cabello & Quavo)
  31. Sua Cara (feat Anitta & Pabllo Vittar)
  32. Watch Out For This (Bumaye) (feat Busy Signal/The Flexican & FS Green)
  33. Powerful (feat Ellie Goulding & Tarrus Riley)
  34. Pon De Floor (feat Vybz Kartel)
  35. Hold The Line (feat Mr Lex & Santigold)
  36. Keep It Goin' Louder (feat Nina Sky & Ricky Blaze)
  37. All My Love (feat Ariana Grande & Machel Montano - remix)
  38. Original Don (feat The partysquad - Flosstradamus remix)
  39. Get Free (feat Amber Coffman)
  40. Run Up (feat PARTYNEXTDOOR & Nicki Minaj)
  41. Jah No Partial (feat Flux Pavillion)
  42. Be Together (feat Wild Belle)
  43. Bubble Butt (feat Bruno Mars/Tyga & Mystic)
  44. Jet Blue Jet (feat Leftside/GTA/Razz & Biggy)
  45. Come On To Me (feat Sean Paul)
  46. Boom (feat MOTi/TY Dolla $ign/Wizkid & Kranium)
  47. Orkant/Balance Pon It (feat Babes Wodumo & Taranchyla)
  48. Loyal (feat Kizz Daniel & Kranium)
  49. All My Life (feat Burna Boy)
  50. Tied Up (feat Mr Eazi/RAYE & Jake Gosling)
 in stock $30.28
Shark Attack
Cat: 054645 707572. Rel: 31 Jul 20
  1. Wailing Souls - "Shark Attack" (feat Alborosie) (3:40)
  2. Alborosie - "Shark Attack" (dub) (3:38)
Review: The Wailing Souls are a big part of the classic roots reggae cannon. They heavily featured on the Greensleeves catalogue and now return with new single "Shark Attack." European reggae artist Alborosie is featured on this re-make of what was initially a big hit in 1992. It is a taster of the group's soon to come full length, which is their first recorded work in Jamaica since the 80s, their first LP on the label since the same key period in their history, and the first material they have had produced by label associate Alborosie.
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 in stock $7.63
Cream (7")
Cat: STIX 023. Rel: 29 Apr 11
  1. Mato vs Wu Tang - "Cream"
  2. Mato vs Naughty By Nature - "Clap Your Hands"
 in stock $7.91
Also Sprach Zarathustra
Cat: STIX 050. Rel: 19 Jun 20
  1. Also Sprach Zarathustra (3:03)
  2. Maiden Voyage (3:37)
 in stock $10.09
Conquering Lion
  1. Conquering Lion (3:27)
  2. Conquering Lion (version) (3:08)
Review: Vivian Jackson's "Conquering Lion" is a bona fide roots classic often thought as of a cornerstone of the genre. It is superbly spiritual music from a higher plane that will uplift your soul whilst also awakening your brain. It features harmonies supplied by The Ralph Brothers with keys that are always there, nagging away in beautiful fashion. As well as the full vocal on the a-side, Kind Tubby steps up for a huge dub on the flip that encourages you to utterly let go and one which dub techno fans will know has been reworked by Steve O'Sullivan to Miller effect .
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! low stock $9.54
Private Worlds
Private Worlds (12" + hand-numbered insert limited to 300 copies)
Cat: BYR 015. Rel: 31 May 19
  1. Syn (4:16)
  2. Hefele (3:10)
  3. Phocidae (4:35)
  4. PKD (4:31)
 in stock $7.91
Dub Side Of The Moon: Special Anniversary Edition
  1. Speak To Me
  2. Breathe: In The Air (feat Sluggy Ranks)
  3. On The Run
  4. Time (feat Corey Harris & Ranking Joe)
  5. The Great Gig In The Sky (feat Kirsty Rock)
  6. Money (feat Gary "Nesta" Pine & Dollarman)
  7. US & Them (feat Frankie Paul)
  8. Any Colour You Like
  9. Brain Damage (feat DR Israel)
  10. Eclipse (feat The Meditations)
 in stock $15.55
Deep Space
Deep Space (limited green vinyl 7")
Cat: MD 014. Rel: 03 Oct 19
  1. Deep Space (3:57)
  2. Deep Dub (3:54)
Review: Music Mania and Indica Dubs are presenting a trio of colour 7" vinyl that celebrate the work of pioneering UK dub outfit The Disciples. They came together in 1986 and went on to make a big impact on the scene, most often producing exclusively for Jah Shaka. Some of their unrelated material has been unearth for this series, though, and "Deep Space" is a playful cut that tempts you to follow it with hypnotic chord vamps and a meandering bassline. The slippery drums are irresistible in the echo drenched "Deep Dub" on the flip which is arguably even more inviting.
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Gespielt von: Jane FItz
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You Have It (Extended)
  1. Barrington Levy - "You Have It" (6:28)
  2. GG's All Stars - "You Have A Dub" (4:39)
Review: Legendary dancehall and reggae artist Barrington Levy started out with a fine run of albums in his early years, and then switched to serving up a steady and solid stream of singles. Some of the most famous ones include "Even Tide Fire a Disaster" and "I'm Not in Love", as well as "You Have It" which is presented here as a nice extended version. It features a pained vocal over a fat and dumpy groove with some tropical percussion and warming chords to help oil the mood. GG's All Stars step up on the flip with a version that is heavy and lazy in all the right ways.
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Play On Mr Music: Black Ark Days
Play On Mr Music: Black Ark Days (LP + poster) (1 per customer)
Cat: RSUPLP 001. Rel: 12 Jun 20
  1. Upsetter Revue - "Play On Mr Music" (feat The Heptones & The Congos & Junior Murvin) (6:50)
  2. Carlton Jackson - "History" (Dub Plate mix) (3:22)
  3. The Silvertones - "Rejoice Jah Jah Children" (Dub Plate mix) (3:45)
  4. Jimmy Riley - "Give Me A Love" (2:12)
  5. The Upsetters - "Give Me A Dub" (2:17)
  6. Lee Perry - "Soul Fire" (3:55)
  7. Sam Carty - "Milte Hi Akhen Aka Bird In Hand" (Full vocal version) (3:53)
  8. Mystic I - "One More River To Cross" (3:09)
  9. The Upsetters - "One More Dub To Cross" (3:18)
  10. Junior Murvin - "People Get Ready" (3:23)
  11. The Upsetters - "People Get Ready Dub" (3:18)
  12. The Silvertones - "Feel All Right" (2:40)
Review: Barely a week goes by without a new release that has Lee "Scratch" Perry's name on it somewhere. This one from Rock A Shaka in Japan brings together all the best bits from the famous Black Arc studio and features big names like The Upsetters, Junior Murvin, The Silvertones, and Perry himself. There's a laidback air of sun kissed Caribbean grooves from top to bottom, with various Dubpate Mixes, full vocal versions and dubs adding up to a feel good collection of loved-up riddims that will slide their way into your affections.
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Dear Friend
Cat: AS 2020. Rel: 03 Jul 20
  1. Dear Friend (vocal mix) (4:03)
  2. Dear Dub (dub mix) (3:43)
  3. Dear Friend (feat King David Horns - Trombone mix) (3:23)
  4. Dear Friend (feat Ras Divarius - Violin mix) (3:32)
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Riot In The Streets
  1. Benjammin - "Riot In The Streets" (3:18)
  2. Thompson Sound - "Riot In Dub" (3:10)
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Man From Yard
Cat: TRSRE 1. Rel: 16 Jun 20
  1. Man From Yard (4:08)
  2. Man From Yard (version) (3:55)
Review: Top Ranking Sound is stepping up with a repress of a tune that gets lots of people talking online. How old really is it, is it really worth more than the L1000 people ask for it? You can decide for yourself now - it sure does have a slightly early 80s production style, with the clavichord, keyboard and timbale all hinting at that. It's fresh and crisp, with a natty riddim and some heartfelt vocals up top carrying it away on a breeze. The version is gold, too, with the stuttering kicks and meandering leads all sounding perfectly escapist.
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SYSTM 032 (12")
Cat: SYSTM 032. Rel: 08 Jul 20
  1. Music Mission (feat Galas) (4:48)
  2. World Struggle (Ambient dub) (3:06)
  3. World Struggle (feat Danny Coxson) (4:44)
Review: Italy's Babe Roots crew show off their silky dub techno credentials here with a couple of immersive new singles. "Music Mission" (feat Galas) is a bottomless cut with warped bass rumbles and endless echo overlaid by a classic reggae vocal from Galas. "World Struggle" (Ambient dub) casts you free from the dance floor with its floating chords full of grainy greyness and cloudy tension. The EP highlight might be "World Struggle" (feat Danny Coxson), a heavyweight, slow motion dub with earth shattering kicks and a deeply buried low end oscillation that's detailed with thunder claps and a soulful Danny Coxson musing on struggle up top.
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Kaya (180 gram vinyl LP + MP3 download code)
Cat: 602547 276261. Rel: 25 Sep 15
  1. Easy Skanking (2:54)
  2. Kaya (3:13)
  3. Is This Love (3:48)
  4. Sun Is Shining (4:56)
  5. Satisfy My Soul (4:25)
  6. She's Gone (2:24)
  7. Misty Morning (3:30)
  8. Crisis (3:52)
  9. Running Away (4:14)
  10. Time Will Tell (3:28)
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Legend (picture disc LP)
Cat: 539114 8. Rel: 24 Jul 20
  1. Is This Love (3:48)
  2. No Woman No Cry (7:04)
  3. Could You Be Loved (3:53)
  4. Three Little Birds (2:58)
  5. Buffalo Soldier (4:16)
  6. Get Up Stand Up (3:14)
  7. Stir It Up (5:31)
  8. One Love/People Get Ready (2:47)
  9. I Shot The Sheriff (4:40)
  10. Waiting In Vain (4:04)
  11. Redemption Song (3:50)
  12. Satisfy My Soul (4:19)
  13. Exodus (7:33)
  14. Jamming (3:39)
Review: The legend of Bob Marley lives on and is as strong as ever every time a new germination comes along and connects with his universal messages of peace, love and understanding. The man with a million hits of course had the eternal support of The Wailers to help him spread his good vibes and Legend is an album that shows this off best. This special edition picture disc is a real collectors edition and comes with all the standards - "Could You Be Loved", "I Shot The Sheriff", "Buffalo Soldier" and many more.
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Massive Attack vs Mad Professor Part II (Mezzanine Remix Tapes '98)
Cat: 081378 5. Rel: 20 Sep 19
  1. Metal Banshee (Mad Professor mix 1) (5:51)
  2. Angel (Angel Dust) (6:03)
  3. Teardrop (Mazaruni dub 1) (6:06)
  4. Inertia Creeps (Floating On dubwise) (6:03)
  5. Risingson (Setting Sun dub 2) (4:54)
  6. Exchange (Mountain Steppers dub) (5:45)
  7. Wire (Leaping dub) (5:16)
  8. Group Four (Security Forces dub) (8:07)
Review: Way back in 1998 when Massive Attack's career-defining "Mezzanine" was first released, legendary dub technician Mad Professor cooked up some radical reworking. They now get their first official release alongside dubs of two tracks that never actually made it onto the album - Metal Banshee: a dub version of "Superpredators" which was a cover of Siouxsie and the Banshees' "Metal Postcard", and "Wire", which was actually recorded for the film "Welcome to Sarajevo". Wild effects, plenty of knob twiddling and oodles of reverb define this freaky late night collection and mark another essential release in the catalogue of the already legendary Mad Professor.
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The Skatalite (reissue)
The Skatalite (reissue) (limited numbered 180 gram audiophile orange vinyl LP)
Cat: MOVLP 2650C. Rel: 31 Mar 20
  1. Yard Broom (3:15)
  2. Carry Go Bring Come (2:45)
  3. Twelve Minutes To Go (3:07)
  4. Magic (2:36)
  5. Strolling In (2:25)
  6. Dan De Lion (2:08)
  7. Apanga (3:01)
  8. Eastern Standard Time (3:15)
  9. Rough & Tough (3:00)
  10. Musical Store Room (2:22)
  11. When You Call My Name (3:28)
  12. River Bank (2:57)
Review: Released in 1969 four years after the band split up (a break that resulted in the formation of two of Jamaican music's most storied studio 'house bands', Tommy Cook & The Supersonics and Rolando Alphonso and the Studio One Orchestra), "The Skatalite" gathers together some of the most potent and best known "sides" recorded by The Skatalites with producer Arthur 'Duke' Reid. Here reissued by Music On Vinyl, it's as strong a collection of early/peak-era Ska music as you're likely to find. In it you can hear the influences from rhythm and blues and jazz that went into forming the Ska sound, as well as the progression towards a more "skanking" sound that would lay the foundations of rocksteady and ultimately reggae.
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Battle Of Armagideon:Millionaire Liquidator
Battle Of Armagideon:Millionaire Liquidator (180 gram audiophile vinyl LP)
Cat: MOVLP 2525. Rel: 05 Jun 20
  1. Introducing Myself (4:19)
  2. Drum Song (4:43)
  3. Grooving (4:39)
  4. All Things Are Possible (2:33)
  5. Show Me That River (5:06)
  6. I Am A Madman (5:49)
  7. The Joker (3:34)
  8. Happy Birthday (5:10)
  9. Sexy Lady (3:11)
  10. Time Marches On (4:22)
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Jezebel (reissue)
Jezebel (reissue) (180 gram audiophile vinyl LP)
Cat: MOVLP 2470. Rel: 24 Sep 19
  1. Natty Take Over (5:02)
  2. Dip & Fall Back (3:15)
  3. What You Don't Know (3:14)
  4. Other Land (3:39)
  5. Precious Morning (2:55)
  6. Prophecy (3:08)
  7. Fire (3:37)
  8. Babylon Children (3:15)
  9. Spotlight (3:07)
  10. Carry Go Bring Come (6:08)
Review: Jamaican ska vocalist Justin Hines was one of the many popular jewels on Duke Reid's Treasure Isle label. He often worked with the Dominoes backing singers and their first album, reissued here by Music On Vinyl, was reportedly a firm favourite of Bob Marley. Pure roots at its finest and straight from the mid-seventies, this is feel good music that brims with warmth and earthy vibes. It's a celebration of dreadlock culture, the beauty of the Jamaican motherland and a fine reflection of the horizontal pace of life out in the Caribbean.
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Night Food (reissue)
Night Food (reissue) (180 gram audiophile vinyl LP + insert)
Cat: MOVLP 2469. Rel: 11 Oct 19
  1. Country Boy (2:50)
  2. I've Got The Handle (2:56)
  3. Sweet Talkin' (2:31)
  4. Book Of Rules (3:30)
  5. Mama Say (3:09)
  6. Deceivers (2:59)
  7. Love Won't Come Easy (2:52)
  8. Fatty Fatty (3:30)
  9. Baby I Need Your Lovin' (3:36)
  10. In The Groove (2:39)
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Sings The Wailers (reissue)
Sings The Wailers (reissue) (180 gram audiophile vinyl LP)
Cat: MOVLP 2356. Rel: 04 Feb 20
  1. Dancing Shoes (3:47)
  2. Mellow Mood (3:51)
  3. Dreamland (2:43)
  4. Keep On Moving (4:10)
  5. Hypocrite (2:53)
  6. I'm The Toughest (2:43)
  7. Rule This Land (4:01)
  8. Burial (4:00)
  9. I Stand Predominate (2:56)
  10. Walk The Proud Land (3:55)
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For The Love Of Money
For The Love Of Money (7") (1 per customer)
Cat: MRB 7133. Rel: 31 Jan 18
  1. For The Love Of Money (4:05)
  2. For The Love Of Money (disco dub) (4:14)
Review: Disco Dub Band's "For The Love of Money", a one-off collaboration between producer Davitt Sigerson and reggae musician Mike Dorane, has long been considered something of a classic by those who like their disco to come with a big dose of dub-wise flavour. Here the instrumental O'Jays cover, which originally appeared on the Movers label in 1976, is given the remix treatment by long-time fans Mr Bongo. The superb A-side, in which Dorane's instrumental talents take centre stage, naturally comes accompanied by the frequently played Dub interpretation, a typically wild and bass-heavy affair that sounds like it was mixed "live" in one take in true Lee Perry/King Tubby style. If it's not already in your collection, it should be.
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Trouble Maker
Trouble Maker (limited 12")
Cat: SJR 43012. Rel: 08 May 20
  1. Trouble Maker (4:01)
  2. Run My People (2:18)
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Studio One Classics
Studio One Classics (2xLP + insert)
Cat: SJRLP 96. Rel: 06 Aug 04
  1. The Skatalites - "El Pussy Cat Ska"
  2. Carlton & The Shoes - "Love Me Forever"
  3. Sound Dimension - "Rockfort Rock"
  4. Johnny Osbourne - "Sing Jah Style (aka Sing-Jah Stylee)"
  5. Heptones - "Pretty Looks Isn't All"
  6. Slim Smith - "Rougher Yet"
  7. Lone Ranger - "Automatic"
  8. Horace Andy - "Fever"
  9. Prince Jazzbo - "Back To School"
  10. The Wailers - "Simmer Down"
  11. Burning Spear - "Rocking Time"
  12. Alton Ellis - "I'm Just A Guy"
  13. Sugar Minott - "Oh Mr DC"
  14. Jennifer Lara - "Consider Me"
  15. Don Drummond - "Confucious"
  16. Michigan & Smiley - "Rub A Dub Style"
  17. Sound Dimension - "Full Up"
  18. Dennis Brown - "No Man Is An Island"
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